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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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today my destination is like the former east german city where the peaceful revolution began in the autumn of 1989. all started here. with the so-called monthly demonstrations. this sculpture the democracy belt is a reminder of those events. tens of thousands took to the streets the fall of the berlin wall followed and communist east germany was history. the city of lights each took its future into its own hands extensive renovation
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work building projects and large investments followed. 30 years after the peaceful revolution lights it has become a pretty exciting city everything seems possible here so it's just the right time for a trip into the city's past and present. we visit one of the creative hot spots of light that. we take a walk through a possibility with your relief. and we sure have yours video with holiday greetings from japan. st nicholas church is the symbol of the peaceful revolution of 1989.
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a church that has always been closer to the people but to those who were empowered it dates back to the 12th century and was donated by citizens. in 1980 s. this church was the only place where the people of life could speak openly about the conditions in east germany. open for everybody that's the motto of st nicholas church starting in 1902 people were invited to peace prayers and then fall of 1909 thousands gathered here 1st they took part in discussions and then everybody went out into the streets to demonstrate against the east german regime. an exhibition in the church tells the story of the peace prayers east german citizens called for
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a dialogue but the regime refused to listen anger and frustration drew that peace prayers played a major role in keeping the people calm the demonstrators carried their peaceful protest out of the church and into the city this pillar reminds us of that. if you want to know more about what was going on in life that your bets time or recommended tour of the places related to the peaceful revolution and where does it start of course right here next to st nicholas church. the meeting point to st nicholas church. city guide karen shows tourists the focal points of the events of autumn $989.00 she knows what she's talking about because she took part in them when they demonstrations. during the 1980 s. the monday prayers drew more and more people who no longer agreed with the social
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developments in this part of germany the communist east. in order to understand what happened back then the group heads for the form of contemporary history. it provides a comprehensive picture of the division and me unification of germany. the origins of the s.c.d. the ruling east german communist party. daily life and how the state owned enterprises operated. the fall of the berlin wall in 1909 and open the way to freedom it also meant the loss of a homeland earning the identity topics the foreign consciously focuses upon. as we know if there's any more this is why it isn't called a museum but a forum. we wish to initiate discussion about this it's
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a great deficit that we don't talk to each other instead everyone has their own cliches and prejudices. east and west have to talk to one another north and south rich and poor. this house is meant to serve as an example for that. is an open invitation to visit us here and engage in conversation with the. political. will the monday demonstrations began in 1989 nobody could know this was the beginning of the end of the east german regime. filming the events was dangerous. current scheuer leads the way to a place where 2 activists fill in the legally. is that from your take this reform church is the exact spot where the 1st foot each of our monday demonstration was shot. lord. the filament tyria was done secretly 100 to a western journalist. so this journalist smuggled this
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little real from east to west in his underwear and he succeeded. in that is you know. there were fears that the secret police. for starters he would discover everything. its headquarters were called the round corner. today it's a museum and a memorial. it provides a chilling insight into how the stars he operated an old listening device used to eavesdrop on town hall style and machine for opening letters. eyewitnesses guide people through the exhibition it's not a multimedia show or an interactive museum everything looks just like it didn't back down when dusty intention. for them and in fact pushed on the not according to textbooks and research this exhibition shouldn't work at all we should have
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a single visitor especially young people would run away screaming but just the opposite is the case of. the star as he was responsible for monitoring and repressing the east german citizens on of course the splats current showing recalls that the revolution was largely a peaceful one. in their fleetness evillest so revolution without a single death we can be so happy and grateful we had the chance to experience it so where else did anything like that take place and so was. in memory of this a story corps some of 89 leipzig celebrates a light festival every year in october 9th and then once again augustus plots looks like it did back then. before the fall of communism lights it used to be great rundown and many houses
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were derelict bet's hard to imagine today one man who witnessed and accompanied this transformation is i now call me by. the most. what was life like water for in 1909 especially the inner city area what that there do to the people as you can imagine the leipzig of the 1980 s. as a city that had fallen into the depths of despair. after 20 to 30 years of hardly any renovation many of the buildings were in a desolate state and that affected people. people that had close links to leipsic for many centuries so it was painful for them to see the city center in particular to case so badly. for a few and then my opinion this per condition of leipsic spilled ings was an important factor in triggering the 1st protests in the autumn of 1989 that
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eventually led to the peaceful revolution can be done you know. of this place is one of the most important ones chronicling the developments of recent years and decades. brought along a little book that illustrates the transformation of this very same corner building . this one here that exactly this is part of what we call the tri fuel him which was heavily damaged during the 2nd world war. here you see the situation of the early ninety's after the war damage and 40 years of east german rule north had been stabilized to make it safe then in the 1990 s. the entire complex was restored. in no other german city can you find so many fine
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buildings from the 19th century that has been a trade fair location since the middle ages. and makes a 1000000 the 1st breath of life a trade for a privilege in 4097. lites he took advantage of that and centuries later with a brilliant idea the city became leading trade for a location in the world. yuval annoyer missing a brand new trade show was created here the sample fair until 895 when it was 1st held trade fairs the world over took the form of trading fairs all the merchandise was brought to the fairgrounds and offered for sale with the just real revolution conditions changed sellers looked around for a new kind of fare from then on the sample fare was the type that dominated the world's trade fairs only one sample product was presented buyers made a contract and it was delivered and this invention then conquered the world in 117
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the double m. trademark was copyrighted. but in top of. the double entry has become a trademark for light seat. in the city center treat for buildings were constructed during the 19th century the best known and most famous is the made love. and the legislators went even further to develop the structure for the sample fares known as fare palaces starting around 1900 over 2 dozen of them popped up around central park many of them in the form of passages. in the bottom floors of the displays to stay on the upper floors the actual fair spaces were conceived as one way layouts like an ikea one if you would about you you know the visitors are brought up to one floor and the fair organizers have to make sure they don't get away. with it is what they have to go all the way around and once they're satisfied
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just like an ikea today they go on to the next floor. out of office so this one way layout became the model for the sample fair palaces of light 6 inner city thought about through the system as opposed to no shot from the ups and. officer. the media you can find the old trade exchange it is as beautiful as a palace and here you can also find an old acquaintance you want both gone for he studied in life and he was thrilled with a life in an elegant cosmopolitan city. tokyo lies some 9000 kilometers east and bet's where our weekly bureau video comes from simona sent us holiday rethinks from japan thank you very much and here's your video.
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now i am on my way through to the hip blocks it's district on my p.c. swiss side. until germany's reunification block fits within this trail area. the fall of the wall that brought the end of industrial production here but the workshops remain they attract people with ideas who need the space in freedom to experiment. the best and most famous example is the constant screaming mill within a short time it's taken over as the heart of the flight sistar it seems. today flocks. it's a popular residential district it was a rough diamond course that was disappearing more and more.
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the vest back was once a valve factory today it's an open location for anybody with a project to make it a reality from the bicycle repair shop to the theater group. creative people like on the hot water for example restores lamps tables and chairs all objects with an industrial past. and his designs make something new out of field. i was so i can honestly and i think we make lamps from old industrial material. things we find like cogwheels fittings everything that has been left in abundant workshops and stores and interesting things that appeal to us. and we use them to make lamps how to convey your. point mr pickton.
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the principle of the vest back on upper floors you find studios and below there are cool shops with pretty cool outfits. with. a spirit of optimism and creating something new together away from the mainstream that's what the west of life they stand for and that's what the. also stands for it's like a power station of art between conveyor belt boilers you will find exciting art projects. a stage from mass and culture. in
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a former heat and power plant that until 992 supplied like 6 trams with electricity . that's the coolest kraftwerk now the center for contemporary art culture and design in leipzig. under the slogan combine old with new it provides artists with space for experiments. a frequent guest is gian franco young nuzzi of italy a world famous video artist. here both of what's special about leipsic and this place in particular is its history you can sense it when you're in the city or the space you know the industrialization is still visible here in these halls that's inspired me a lot and so with my art i'd like to give something in return. quietly or never or
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on what they thought had left already and it was for both. his installation the giants of the renaissance for example shows the best known works by raphael michel angelo and leonardo da vinci digitalized animated and accompanied by music this form of presentation is known as immersion it's taking the art world by storm and fits in here perfectly. for one leipzig is a changing city one and transformation in upheaval and that is what we focus on here. back in the good order. the building stood empty for nearly 10 years then in 2013 to private enthusiastic bullshit and. david and purpose. projects that combine art technology and science are becoming a trademark of the construct fair. the aim is to get
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younger visitors in particular interested in the art world. the immersion installations remain a central element. of the changing exhibitions not only define the spaces they allow visitors to enter fascinating worlds the possibilities offered when technology and art go hand in hand are impressive. the. secrets lie behind these walls find out an immersive experience and explore the fascinating world cultural heritage sites d.w.
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world heritage 60. likes it is a boom town it is the fastest growing city in germany with currently almost 600000 inhabitants and international and junge city most people here are between 20 and 30 years old. that's also because of the university of new main building was inaugurated in 2012 . the all sambal includes the polynomial the university church its reconstruction closer so wounded the cityscape because the east german leadership blew up its historic pretty sesar building in 1968. the university of lights usually is the 2nd always university in germany it was founded in 1409 new where the old are combined in a fascinating way the university is now
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a tourist attraction. since the fall of the berlin wall the people from my place can travel all over the world for example to south america by the way i like to go there too and now. is going to show you a very special place over there the city of la paz in bolivia. it was like i'm living here from the path taken the day off to show you the fab sights in my city. is there wasn't we're here in the old town on the plus some you find bolivia's political hot our parliament and right next door the presidential palace. at
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3640 meters altitude have the highest seat of government in the world out of it. is that like this is the car you hine from the 16th century it's narrow and cobblestoned in the colonial style much has been preserved from that era and you can find many museums here. what is most of. the country is that's where i live in the pads and i'm used to the hilly streets but tourists run out of breath quickly because of the thin air so i'll let you know what to do about that later. it will be rebuilt 1st i'll show you the plaster san francisco with the basilica what's special about it is the baroque decoration on the church with indigenous elements in the mentos corporal in
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a place. where i can also confirm here we are in what they called the witches market there are all kinds of bizarre things here extracts and talismans goal is that people with evil a look at and this is what helps with altitude sickness coca leaves don't worry they have nothing to do with witchcraft for many locals chew the leaves on make tea from them this is a centuries old remedy even the incas used it to prevent altitude sickness. coming and now i'm going to take a ride since 2014 we've had a cable car system some lines connect the pads with the neighboring city alto it lies at 4150 meters with a little thought it is. the
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result of a cable car brings me from a to b. safely and quickly. google. is on the this is the best view of the path back there is mt imani i hope you like my little 2 hour you're very welcome here then you will see an imprint. from up there from the cloud one bark you get a sensational view of the office just plugs.
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and it's true i cannot imagine a better view. like this is a city on the move with a lot of positive energy it was really fun to discover it to trace its past a little bit and of course to dive into the present as well it's a really cool city by y.c. of next time somewhere else and you're. in.
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the boat. art $21.00 special. words combined into sentences to tell stories words printed to become. open worlds for their readers. storing. about books and bookmakers. next.
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$4.00 or so for one milestone. with the 1500 b.m.w. road automotive history creating a sports sedan that was the jury just a. little driving pleasure lives on it's just like trick and mercedes is leading the charge with a little premier of it's called a tricky q.b. . driving 60 minutes on. to jerusalem. do it yourself or. max you gentle good friends don't miss out on what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild motto w correspondent at the baker john stretches back on line with the rules set by the
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team. cuts. a smattering recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . and really just a right but the things about the wall that make me so angry that i thin ones try and make a difference. literature is able to pass their real problems and it's a way to later suffer for free. we can expect both to solve the world's problems but i think that sensitively does make a good problem solver.


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