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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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this is g w news wire from berlin tonight nato's dilemma what to do about turkey what to do about turkey and russia at nato headquarters defense ministers are faced with one of their own turkey suddenly patrolling northern syria together with a nato adversary russia can the alliance endure this major test of its unity also coming up tonight the european union's human rights prize goes to. for his work defending china's weaker minorities will speak to his daughter who says that the
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family has not seen him since he was put in prison 2 years ago. our family members were no longer able to visit him and we don't know if he still had. we don't even know if he's still alive and that more than 4 decades after his death he is a hero for some he haunts spain for others the remains of former dictator francisco franco are exuding from a state and we've buried a private simmons here but truly burying the past that is proving very difficult. i'm off it's good to have you with us tonight nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss the problem with one of their old turkey it's an unprecedented issue for the. because turkey
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a nato member is closely collaborating in syria with russia a nato adversary that sees the alliance as a threat while still in ankara have joined forces to drive kurdish fighters out of northern syria until recently the region was controlled by the kurds backed by the united states but then washington withdrew its troops 2 weeks ago making way for the turks. aggression patrol winds its way through the syrian town of commission on the border with turkey only weeks ago u.s. forces patrolled here now the guard has changed. russian forces share control of the border with turkish troops and with the syrian army in a buffer zone that's its territory kilometers deep. fascination summit in brussels secretary-general yan stoltenberg welcomed the arrangement the result of a deal between russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart to red
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chip tie up at a lot i'm encouraged by the fact that it also had a sphere have seen a significant reduction in violence in fighting and we have to build on that to work for a political solution all the crisis. in syria hundreds have died and peasants have been displaced since turkey launched its attack on the kurds on october 9th. desires at streets and destruction this is a town of rahsaan under turkish control and after fierce fighting a cease fire has been declared to allow kurdish troops to pull back but fighting still ferret up on thursday. on has not ruled out further military strikes. sure you know a soul just and syrian national army up are trolling the area of operation inch by inch and they are destroying the traps if any of these terrorists come across us
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there is a natural right to crush them as it is already marked and written documents. are yours the president also said he would send syrian refugees in turkey to your up. they panic when i say we'll open the gates to just don't panic when the time comes the gates can be opened to us it's a threat he has made before to silence criticism of turkey's offense of you know the words of a nato member there we'll talk about that i'm joined now by our correspondent in brussels teri schultz terry is covering the nato summit force good evening to you terry so what was it like today when all of the nato defense ministers when they came together was was turkey the black sheep in the room and what about the u.s. was there criticism of what the u.s. did withdrawing its troops from northern syria. well brant i'm told that
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everyone around the room all the allies did criticize turkey did say that they weren't happy with the turkish with the turkish actions but that's something they've said before they were basically repeating criticism that they've all said as individual governments or across town in their european union had but it didn't go further than that and actually i was surprised to hear that that there wasn't a lot of heat in the room and in fact the united states has has come out of this quite well a week ago yes we heard criticism that the u.s. had pulled out its 50 soldiers which you know basically kept the turks from staging this incursion earlier we didn't hear that today. germany has proposed an internationally administered safe zone in northern syria let's take a listen to how the nato secretary general you don't because he described reaction to the german plan today.
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the german defense minister she she briefed allies on her thoughts on the way forward. again i think it is broad support for the of a political solution. and also. ways to plotting against international community to support such a political solution. i don't think that i heard stoltenberg addressed the russians who have already dismissed this german proposal did he leave them out intentionally do you think. well i tried to get him to do that i asked a question specifically about whether turkey had expressed its willingness to accept this german proposal and whether it would lead the way in convincing russia also to accept an international presence and he really didn't respond to me in the in the press conference on the topic of russia and it is surprising to hear the
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nato secretary general and other governments basically accept the results of this turkey russian deal because that's going to mean that russian forces are just a few miles from from nato is border and truly they are not comfortable with it but it just doesn't seem like anyone is getting details out of turkey on exactly what that deal means and turkey remains strategically important to nato i guess that's part of the the problem here but it appears to be forging closer ties with russia so what do you think this means to nato and its unity moving forward. it is a problem for nato and u.s. defense secretary mark esper mentioned that specifically in a speech he gave this morning he said that turkey has always been a real reliable ally but it seems to be turning more toward russia and less toward the west and he really urged on korea to change that direction at the same time
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that this isn't completely new for turkey you know it did by a russian missile defense system the 400 instead of a western missile defense system and they blame the west for forcing them into that they said the u.s. didn't want to sell its system and there is some talk that the european union having put a partial arms embargo on turkey is going to do even do to push that even further that they're going to look even more closely at russia as an arm supplier so it's a very complicated situation right now and i think that's why we're not hearing more crystal clear ways forward nobody knows exactly what to do you've got to keep turkey inside nato nato is better off that way the thinking goes and turkey is better off that way so there's really no discussion of of turkey leaving nato or being kicked out but nobody knows exactly how to truly bring it back psychologically politically into the fold of western allies yeah it's a it's a geo political love hate story on guns. in brussels covering the nato summit force thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making
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headlines around the world russian president vladimir putin has hosted the 1st ever russia africa economic for a 2 day summit aimed at expanding moscow's influence on the cot a majority of african leaders attended the meeting where putin promised his guess more military support for their fight against terror he also offered to mediate between ethiopia and egypt in a major water dispute. u.k. prime minister boris johnson wants an early general election on december 12th he says that he will put forward a motion on monday to ask parliament to approve the move on. this comes after m.p.'s refused to fastrack johnson's proposed breck's a deal earlier this week. police in the u.k. say they've secured a warrant to question a truck driver for another 24 hours after the bodies of 39 people were discovered in the back of his truck the man was arrested on suspicion of murder but no charges
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have been filed the victims were all chinese nationals. it's ilham tolly a jailed member of china's weaker minority and has been on or do with this year's a 2nd prize the award is given out by the european union it pays tribute to defenders of human rights tony has worked for more than 20 years to improve the whites of the weavers in china but he is now jailed as part of beijing's crackdown against the group which has seen more than a 1000000 we walked up in internment camps the european parliament says that he deserves the award for his attempts to foster dialogue with china's han the majority of him. or earlier we spoke with his daughter in washington d.c. and she todas what that prize meant to her and her family i would say this
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pearl for what it means safety belt for my family and my father i would hope this award can help him being safe in the presence ins 2700 have not heard anything about my father i don't know if he is mentally doing ok physically doing a i don't know if he's even alive and i hope this award could. push china to release more news about my father and allow family visits and also eventually release my father. well here in germany the attack on the berlin christmas markets back in december 26th scene was the worst act of islamist terrorism ever on german soil the perpetrator on this armory killed 12 people we're now 2 newly publicized suggests that he scoped out other potential targets here in the german capital including chancellor merkel's private residence the terrorist
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analysts taking a selfie in berlin but this isn't just any old street investigated the contents of his cell phone point out an institute located next door politicians are shocked. by the. checking we were annoyed that in the report there was no comment noting that the chancellor's building might have been endangered. in uk and. later amery posed in front of the berlin cathedral and the terrorist made the sign of islamists because the drill is only a few 100 meters from the chancellor's home was the tunisian also scouting out these 2 locations for possible attacks about this the photos unshowered when you look at the photos now you do think that he was planning an attack but hadn't found the right target yet. in the end he chose a different plan and decided to drive a truck into
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a crowded burlington christmas market not investigators think he was also considering another attack using weapons and bombs these newly examined photos suggest that and his amery could have been planning an attack on the german chancellor. will stay here in europe the family of the late spanish dictator francisco franco has attended a burial ceremony for his remains they were removed from the state earlier on thursday it's part of a bid by the spanish government to transform the memorial into a place of national reconciliation hundreds of thousands of political dissidents were killed imprisoned or with missing during the 4 decades of authoritarian rule that rule began following his civil war victory in 1939 but many of his supporters have been critical of the repair. art world there's no i'm joined by my
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call the news per this from our spanish service it's good to see you again so why why is this happening now we're talking about 40 years after his death. there was a fear that. reopened the. off the civil war also if they dictate a ship it actually happened and spain never faced has passed the way other countries might have done like germany for example it was always something that they kind of looked away and it was only in 2007 i mean franco died in 75 and it was only in 2007 that there was a law passed the law. and with law they removed public symbols of the streets of the squares that where so from that it takes a ship so it's a process that has been. a lot of time and actually there were a lot of appeals and bottles. until it finally happened vaccination the francisco
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franco. it gets public money so it exists stream rides and family tried to sell his explanation they actually appealed to the european court of human rights. the all these things are happening it speaks to the fact that not a lot of time really has passed those. really still have supporters yes we've seen that today the spirit of francisco franco is still alive nowadays in spain and what i mean with the spirit we saw today fastest flocks they are legal in spain songs always a people that were supporting him and wanted to pay tribute to him today with fastest . and for all this time for this 40 years 44 years that he was in the valley of the fall and some support us went there to bring flowers to pray to or to dictate or so we're talking about a really polarized society not everybody crazy free to this is this valley where
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his remains were was going to become almost like. they wanted to end now. can we also talk about the start of a new era in spain well the reason franco has happened today is actually only the tip of the iceberg spain has still a lot of work to do to deal with his past we're talking about a country that has around 2015 mass graves more than 100000 actually 100. 120000 victims of the dictatorship disappeared families are still asking for justice asking for recognition international recognition and we're talking about from our generation the grandparents or maybe from the grandparents so it is still something that lives in the families and the society is polarized and they're still waiting for the crimes
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against humanity to be prosecuted by spanish justice we've got about 30 seconds when i ask you in 2 weeks spain is going to have a little general election how will this play into that at all you see yes because not only the society is polarized also the parliament the political fight is a polarized solely the accused the prime minister sansa through use this as an hour at electoral show and the 2 is actually going to probably gain more vote event that actually should be respected so we're talking also about polarized figures to franco pulling politics to the right here he was protos from our spanish service as always thank you thank you well all visitors have just. to scramble you lou that's the iconic sandstone rock in the australian desert held sacred by the indigenous people beginning saturday it will be permanently closed to climbers because of safety risks and its spiritual significance to.
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aborigines called tourists. and. there are many australians here right now. they feel it's their right to climb the national landmark the aborigines holy rock teacher ana hanson and her cousin geoff say the geological future belongs to all australians i think you can be respectful about it and it's a it's a rock basin what are some areas i might where you stay away from assert certain areas and it's a wonder of the world it's almost certain my bucket list long ago australians of european descent named it airs rock but for the aborigines it's always been signs were put up here a couple of years ago please do not climb an action film has been made on the rock people leave their garbage lying around now the request has become
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a ban or what we have read a lot of this is sacred ground for us the tourists neither understand this nor want to understand it they say this is my rock i say no this is not your rock it's our rock or only where. there are 700000 aborigines in australia and many feel their disadvantage to this day. the artist couple lulu and billy cooley are not against tourists coming to the louvre in general but they do want their culture to be respected in the old days one rule it is for her meeting play for the tribes from the tribes from western australia coming in northern territory and terrifying people coming in and that you have here in america a long time ago. the climbing ban has been decided but it's controversial lindy severin owns a farm and a small motel but the pub nearby. she's afraid there will be fewer tourists now as
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a local business woman she feels her needs were not given enough consideration when the decision was made to rub his fame very much part of of our lives by professionally and personally for a long time. having one of those activities now removed just changes that. at least 35 people have died climbing the rock over the decades but on a huntsman and her cousin jeff have made it to the top my view for some wise a compromise where the public can climb up to ice portion highly modest far as the top layer wave going to die and then that money goes back to the indigenous community but now only bike tours and hikes around the rock will be allowed after all the head of the park's visitor services wants to show respect for aborigines rights such a significant decision to close a call is very important that i could actually make such
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a huge decision themselves demonstrate that i actually own the place and that i can make these decisions without listening to what other people think. the installation field of lights brightens up every night but if the path to the peak is closed a dark chapter in australia's colonial history will close. well since early september a mystery oil spill has contaminated more than 2000 kilometers of some of brazil's most beautiful beaches critics say the far right presidential uble so novels government has been negligent in handling this crisis the reporter jonathan crane is here now with the men who are on this so what's going on here bring us up to speed on i guess the beaches yeah oil has been more thing up the coast of brazil's northeast for nearly 2 months now more than $200.00 beaches have been affected and it's not just the beaches of course it's where the kind of marine wildlife. even
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the coral reefs feather out at sea as you mentioned the government has been accused of not doing enough that people have taken matters into their own hands quite literally we're seeing lots of videos on social media of people using their bare hands to clean up the oil the allisons of people who have come together and what they do is they basically rolled up the oil in the sand and then they put it into those little plastic bags that now one particular cleanup movement is called coast guard in this is that instagram hates everything 20 beach cleanup teams they've got many 30000 followers on instagram and they basically called the people to donate money for gloves and boots and mouth the cleanup operation can continue that impressive it's a lot of work to do we know where this oil is coming from or who's responsible for it well here's the thing it's all a bit of a mystery brazil's government says it's test of the or was produced in venezuela and it probably came from a ship far out at sea but that is a way that denies any responsibility surprisingly brazil's president jaya both in
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our results have been speaking out about this he went on facebook a few days ago like these facebook to address his supporters. i think we can see a video of that as well surrounded by navy offices in his defense minister now he says this could have been a criminal act designed to sabotage an upcoming oil will soon which is worth tens of billions of dollars to brazil and he's not provided any evidence for that and i think that just sums up the whole situation because the bottom line is nobody really knows where this oil is coming from how long the spill is going to last and even if it's getting better because it keeps seems that washed up on the beaches just as quickly as it's clear so if the president can make accusations it's one thing government and they've been doing something about this they have been doing something 1500 troops are deployed initially to help clean up another 5000 it's been announced this week will also be dispatched brazil's vironment minister has also taken to social media to defend what the government has been doing they've had help from the navy also the state owned oil company petrobras but many people say
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what they've done is too little too late sept prosecutes is saying that the response has been quite silent inefficient and ineffective so some strong words that it was the comparisons being drawn as well with the rain forest situation in the amazon feeds into this perception the government isn't doing enough for the environment and the dirty beaches in brazil who would have thought all right jonathan green thank you very much. polish football clubs equality work has been crowned best grassroots club at the 21000 you wave the grassroots award their work in a tough district of worse all is aimed at making football a more inclusive sport. football for everyone was so club a curious way was founded on a simple premise the priority is not to fight for trophies but rather for inclusion that's what the new way for his grassroots awards here everyone is welcome regardless of gender sexual orientation ethnicity or fitness level.
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to clubs name a curious way translates to bad alternative sports club and the women's team captain hopes their story can inspire others i. find the world to be nice if our team atmosphere and the atmosphere understands it on the field would spread to other clubs so that the mood was nice and courteous and everyone could feel at home cheering on their team here and elsewhere. with the award officially in that hands fans and players can be assured that club bad is doing good work. well this is e.w. news and these are our top stories nato defense ministers are meeting to discuss turkey's incursion into northern syria and on korea's deal to collaborate with
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russia to force kurdish fighters out of the region but the german defense minister's plan to create an internationally enforced security zone has so far received a muted reception. the weaker activists told he has been on with this year's prize for his work defending china's weaker minority beijing's crackdown has seen more than a 1000000 years locked up in internment camps and tony himself sentenced to life separatism the award is the european parliament's top human rights prize for the military and praised his attempts to build bridges with the chinese han majority. the remains of spanish dictator francisco franco have been exuma from a state mostly have been moved to a private family vault the re burial follows the lengthy legal battle between his family and the socialist government which argued franco's grandiose burial site was
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not appropriate in a democratic spain. this is g.w. news from berlin you can always get more news at g.w. dot com. we'll see you later. on. to continue. to.
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contribute. more. to the point of strong opinion it's a clear position from an international perspective. this was supposed to be the decisive way for private banks where now in trial simply even whether the u.k. will leave the e.u. remains unclear now the timetables partly after brussels can westminster ceiling deal the house are topic on to the point join us for. the time next to the detail of the time.
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he takes it personally with a number for people in stories that makes it so special for your wedding. day. g.w. . slick. listen carefully. don't look. to me to be. discovered the. lead.
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subscribe to the documentary. this was supposed to be the decisive week for when and how and possibly even whether the u.k. will leave the e.u. remains unclear after stormy debate a partial victory for boris johnson the majority in parliament approved his withdrawal of the deal in principle but they voted down his timetable now the ball is in brussels court willing to agree to the.


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