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the food. place. business d.w. news live from berlin a die level for nato what to do about turkey collaborating with russia at nato headquarters defense ministers are faced with one of their own turkey suddenly patrolling northern syria together with a nato of 1st street russia and the alliance and doing this major test of its unity also coming up. the european union fumin rights prize goes to get harmed by his work defending china's wego minority speeches daughter who says the family hasn't
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seen him since he was put in prison 2 years ago our family members were no longer able to visit her and we don't know if we still had a problem that's been present when we don't even know it's still alive. and more than 4 decades after his death he's a hero for some in spain for others he's a haunting figure the remains of former dictator francisco franco next umed relocated and remarried easier than laying to rest the legacy of franco for good. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us at nato headquarters they have a problem with one of their own defense ministers have been discussing turkey's actions in northern syria in the last 2 weeks in a highly unusual event turkey a nato member is now closely can. liberating in syria with
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a nato rival russia moscow and ankara have joined forces to drive kurdish fighters out of northern syria until recently the region was controlled by the kurds who were backed by the us president trump withdrew american troops that decision cleared the way for the turks to move in. to. moscow is the new puppet master in syria russia's defense minister talks with the head of a kurdish militia there and it's clear who's giving the orders. that's the reality facing nato defense ministers scrambling to catch up with the political reality of post-war syria and more to the point the west's role there. there are different views. on the allies as stated in the meeting also views which are publicly no it was a strong support for a political shoot solution a strong. support for stronger international engagement german defense minister and
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a crack from karrenbauer proposed an international force to police a secure zone but she only had a few details for a moment to look like u.s. defense secretary marc asper might support have an idea i think it's fine that because it's something that we've been calling on our european partners to do for quite some time is to step up and do more so while i would be supportive of that sacrifice of support of what we don't intend on contribute ground forces or i think that operation the europeans had questions about the details and the timing of the pope was what we are not against an international security zone in principle but the situation on the ground has changed now that turkey and russia have reached an agreement those. in the past the germans have often been slow to suggest involvement in such matters but the foreign minister said she had proposed it to the turks the city so often that they showed themselves as very own. when in our
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bilateral talks this could take place with the involvement of the international community and turkey would be open to talks about that. but when talking to the large a group of ministers should only offered a couple of sentences on her idea sources said she said that was enough into the discussion process has been kicked off it'll be a long process and a difficult one but the 1st steps were very encouraging. and germany's defense minister is still looking for support in brussels the nato allies turkey and the u.s. are pulling in different directions. d.w. correspondent terry scholz was at that summit she sent us this appraisal of how the german defense minister's proposal had gone down among the nato colleagues. nato allies were eagerly awaiting more details from german defense minister on a great hour on her proposal to set up an international monitoring mission in
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northern syria in the eventuality that a safe zone is set up there but i'm told that the minister did not go into much detail even inside the meeting after all she hasn't even been able to get the german government behind this concept so it's pretty difficult to go out and campaign for it another obstacle would be that germany wants a united nations mandate for any such presence and that of course would require russia's approval at the security council in new york russia rejected this idea out of hand so it's pretty difficult to see if and how this initiative could move forward even with the cautious welcome it got from nato and from individual governments secretary-general u.n. stolzenberg summed up the syria session by saying there are different views among allies on what should happen next in northern syria but he said everyone does want to move forward and they're all hoping for a political solution. teri schultz reporting from brussels now to some of the other stories making news around the world bolivia's president evo morales has declared
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himself winner of the country's presidential elections official results gave him a lead of more than 10 points enough to win outright his main rival has led days of protests claiming the count was rigged. u.s. democratic and republican lawmakers have been paying tribute to the late in life commons whose body is lying in state in the u.s. capital the much loved representative served in the house for 23 years leading democrat cummings was a central figure in efforts to impeach president donald trump. wildfires in california have forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes the area is also experiencing power blackouts utility companies are preparing for a massive shutdown this weekend amid fears high winds could knock down power lines and thereby worse in the fire emergency. tens of thousands of demands have again taken to the the streets of the capital to protest against the
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president's bead bid to seek a 3rd term president of the country's mandate is due to end in december 2020 but he's hoping to change the constitution to allow himself to allow him to continue in office. if i'm totally a jailed member of china's weak a minority has been honored with this year's sachar of prize the award is given out by the european union and pays tribute to defenders of human rights he has worked for more than 20 years to improve the rights of the weakest in china but he's now jailed as part of beijing's crackdown against the group which has seen more than a 1000000 weekers locked up in internment camps the european parliament said he deserved the award for his attempts to promote dialogue with china and majority. earlier we spoke with. the daughter of tortie in washington d.c. she told us what that prize meant for her and her family i would say this profile
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award it means safety belt for my family and my father i would hope this award can help him being safe in the prison sentence 2700 have not heard anything about my father i don't know if he is mentally doing ok physically doing ok i don't know if he's even alive and i hope this award could. push china to release more news about my father and allow family visits and also eventually release my father the remains of spanish dictator francisco franco have been examined from a state muslim and moved to a private family vault the rivera all follows a lengthy legal battle between his family and the socialist government which argued franco's grandiose burial site wasn't appropriate in a democratic spain. with 22 family members in attendance and it seemed body of spain's fascist leader was taken from its resting place where it's laying
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for almost 45 years the family had not wanted his remains removed but as he went into the hearse they and other supporters celebrated general franco the man backed by misleading and hitler who ruled spain as an autocrat. long live spain long live franco they chanted the body was then carried by military helicopter to the new burial site a lower key state cemetery outside been dread where francos wife is also buried. there more supporters had gathered to show their allegiance to the dictator some expressed fascist sympathies and offered insults to the interim socialist prime minister pedro sanchez whose government has ordered the move. in a statement sanchez said the relocation of the body was a step towards reconciliation. but in
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this decision puts an end to a moral affront such as the glorification of the figure of a dictator in a public space step has been taken towards reconciliation that can only rest in the democracy and freedom that we all share but the much to various reasons some 32 percent of people in spain do not agree with the decision with some praising the generals grandson who came for the burial and others offering prayers to franco after a bloody civil war that claimed the lives of 500000 people franco still it seems has the power to divide his country even from beyond the grave. visitors have just hours to scramble up the iconic sandstone rock in the australian desert held sacred by of indigenous people from saturday it will be permanently closed to climbers because of safety risks and its spiritual significance
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indigenous australians call tourists at a loser. there are many australians here right now they feel it's their right to climb the national landmark the holy rock of the local aboriginal people teacher and hansen and her cousin geoff say the geological feature belongs to all australians. think you can be respectful about it and it's a rock there's a marker some areas where you stay away from most certain areas and it's a wonder of the world that some of them are back at this long ago australians of european descent named a as rock but for indigenous communities it's always been and the signs were put up here a couple of years ago please do not climb and action film has been made on the rock people leave their garbage lying around and use the area as an outdoor toilet now the request has become
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a ban. this is sacred ground for us the tourists that understand this want to understand it they say this is my rock i say no this is not your rock it's a rock or a little river. there are 700000 indigenous people in australia and many feel they are disadvantaged in many ways to this day the artist couple lulu and billy cooley are not against tourist coming to illumine general but they do want their culture to be respected. for her meeting play for the crowd from the crowds who were coming in. and people coming in and sharing. the climbing ban has been decided but it's controversial lindy severin and her farm and a nearby small motel with the pub she's afraid there will be fewer tourists now as a local business woman she feels her needs were not given enough consideration when
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the decision was made. they're ok spain very much part of all of our lives but as professionally and personally for a long time. having one of those activities now removed just changes that at least $35.00 people have died climbing the rock over the decades and the hansen and her cousin jack have made it to the top. my view for someone is a compromise where the public can climb up to ice portion i only modest 5 hours the top where we're going to die and then that money goes back to the indigenous community but now only bike tools and hikes around the rock will be allowed after all the head of the park's visit to sever says wants to share respect for the people's beliefs such a significant decision to close a call is there important that i could actually make such a huge decision themselves demonstrates that i actually own the place and that i
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can make these decisions without listening to what other people think. the instillation field of light brightens up every night but if the path to the peak is closed a doctor chapter in australia's colonial history. and finally a story which may not be black and white a chinese cafe has come under fire for the dying dogs to look like pandas in a gimmick which went viral on social media the cafes in the chengdu province home to many of china's panda bears the owner of dive 6 charged how dogs to look like pandas and even off of the service to others could face the backlash people saying he was exploiting the dogs. and the reminder of the top story we're following for you techies incursion into northern syria has been discussed at a meeting discussed at a meeting of nato defense ministers the move has drawn criticism from many nato
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allies who say it could reverse the games made against the so-called islamic state jihadists. you're watching news from berlin business news with javier gave asked is coming up next stay with us don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website e.w. dot com thanks for joining the dots. i'm secure in the file you were not tired and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here in the us and you. are you familiar with this . new smugglers who are liars and. what's your story. 'd with numbers and women especially in victims of violence.


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