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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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the. travelling and us starts nov 6th on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin and as the international accuses turkey of forcibly returning thousands of syrian refugees human rights group says the refugees are being sent to an area of syria syria where turkey aims to set up a so-called safe zone saying no where in that country is safe for refugees plus last minute scramble to climb australia's most famous rock tourists coming out in
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force hoping to scale the route in the final hours before a band goes into effect that rock is now closed off out of respect for indigenous peoples. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us the united states will be moving troops into eastern syria to help protect the region's oil fields from islamic state and that's according to u.s. defense officials the announcement coming after the decision by president trump to pull american forces out of syria now that pave the way for turkey's assault on kurdish forces there have been close allies a cease fire deal brokered by the u.s. has allowed turkey to create a so-called safe zone along the border which it's now patrolling with russian help . wanna see international says its research backs up the claims that turkey has
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been forcibly returning thousands of syrian refugees across the border the findings suggest that thousands of people were illegally returned before russian and turkish forces and stablished the so-called safe zone that. turkey says that they went back willingly there are 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees living in turkey many of them in camps some 300000 of them have so far returned to syria and turkey plans to resettle a further 1000000. more on this i'm joined now by anna shea amnesties researcher on refugee rights thanks so much for coming in. are the areas where turkey according to reports is forcibly returning syrian refugees in fact safe and how many forced for attorneys are there now. no heart syria is safe for refugees to be hurt returned to the united nations is pretty clear on that the
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people i spoke with who they were sent to a province in northwestern syria and this is absolutely not safe or returns it's an area in which and it's international documented crimes against humanity by syrian forces in may 21000 it's been described as humanitarian nightmare so you know this is not safe in terms of numbers there are no official statistics from the church started as you mentioned they say that 300000 people have returned voluntarily and this international disputes this our research shows that at the very least hundreds of people are being rounded up arbitrarily put on buses handcuffs and sent on buses across the border to work on ok now where do you think this is heading turkey has set up an affective resettlement zone inside northeastern syria do you think that the turkish government will make good on his plans to resettle as acclaimed says it wants to do 1000000 syrian refugees in that safe zone. very difficult the
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same turkey has had longstanding plans to set up this so-called safe zone the timing of this is unclear but international law is perfectly. straightforward on this at this point there is no possibility of any safer turns to syria it's time we did our europe has now closed off its borders to read 3 days of from syria turkey has taken in more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees doesn't turkey deserve some recognition for what they've done for seems to us they absolutely do and that's something that i was here tasha constantly reiterate in our communications with the turkish government we recognize their achievements in sheltering over 3650000 syracuse and 400000 people from other nations so this is an undeniable achievement but this generosity cannot have its ongoing international and national domestic law allegations toward
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this population what are you doing to to get turkey to turn around its position on resettling syrian refugees to northern syria. will be engaged in an advocacy meetings with the turkish government whenever they're willing to meet with us we provided the findings of this report ahead of time to the authorities we also gave in. the efforts with other countries including in the european union to. bring more syrian refugees from turkey to those countries because. other countries apart from turkey only resettled about 330000 syrian refugees from turkey so the point is turkey needs to protect the syrian population within its territory and other countries especially in europe need to bring some of those syrian refugees to safety a machine from amnesty international thank you very much for coming in. let's break it down some of the other stories making news today iraqi police have fired warning
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shots and tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in the capital baghdad demonstrators were marching on government buildings to protest corruption is a renewal of the deadly anti-government demonstrations which took place earlier this month 150 people were killed $3000.00 injured in that crackdown. in indonesia the final report by investigators into last year's crash of a lion air boeing 737 max has been blamed on a combination of design flaws maintenance problems and inadequate training the report said pilots were not told how to react quickly to malfunctions of the jets flight control systems. wildfires in southern california have forced 50000 people from their homes there is also experiencing power outages utility companies are bearing for a massive shutdown over the weekend and it's fears high winds could fan the flames and knock down power lines worsening the situation.
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bolivia's president a former all us has declared himself winner of the country's presidential elections official results narrowly gave him the 10 point lead necessary to win outright his main rival carlos mesa has been leading days of protests claiming the count was rigged the european union's back in calls from elections observers for a runoff vote. all argentina heads to the polls on sunday and the opposition is on course for an election victory over incumbent president. mockery a rapidly worsening economy soaring inflation in a market crash of hand of the left wing alberto fernandez a huge 20 percent lead. was president mauricio marc restriking a winner's pose at his last campaign rally in one as ira's or was there a way that back here we will turn over the page of frustration we will turn around
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the election and we will turn around this country forever but. not create himself has a lot to turn around as his victory in the presidential election looks highly unlikely the man projected to defeat him by a landslide is opposition candidate alberto fernandez he's benefited from the disappointment felt by many arjan tines over mockeries unsuccessful handling of the economy. came to power in 2015 promising market reforms open door trade policies and strong investment but 4 years on the argentine economy is shrinking and annual inflation stands at more than 53 percent in a primary vote in august seen as a dress rehearsal for the election mccrae suffered a shock a landslide defeat fernandez won by a massive 16 percent polls now predict that fernandez will win the presidency out
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right without the need for a 2nd round runoff a win for fernandez would also spell the return of argentina's controversial former president cristina kirchner who is running for vice president she's a polarizing figure a populist who retains a huge following and is viewed as a champion of the poor yet she also faces investigations into fraud and money laundering. economists are predicting that a win for fernandez could exacerbate economic volatility. after the primary vote financial markets were thrown into turmoil and the peso plunged more than 30 percent. and protests say for the worsening economic situation let lawmakers to approve an emergency food aid or last month with neighbors chile and bolivia currently suffering protests and on rest could this election push
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another country in the region into further instability. to lifelong friends have been playing golf together for 15 years now and they've built up a lot of trust along the way the partnership between graham colton and longtime caddies who carpenter is unique colton was born blind carpenter has become his eyes out on the fare worse candy sue carpenter sets up the ball for her blind frayne graham the golfer. gride hurt they've been close for decades or the course he'd be lost without his caddie if you haven't got them to assist you well you know getting all right getting around the golf course you you can ply their phone in the bowl for the longing in the club for you they telling you. if you haven't got trust in your caddy to wise to tone graeme has improved his game since taking up the
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sport with the lion's share of the credit going to his lifelong friend it with that she had history of working to get close to. that history and then we think either in talking about things on the golf course and the hardest thing i take with management blowing golf has been played in all a strong year for over 30 years and is now played in 16 countries but the sport is constantly looking to expand and bring new players to the game we're staying in australia where visitors have been gathering at hulu through the iconic sandstone rock out of the australian desert held sacred by indigenous peoples now many were hoping to scale the rock ahead of a permanent ban on climbing there which has now gone into effect. indigenous australians call tourists at all roo ants there are many a stray lions here right now. they feel it's their right to climb the national
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landmark the holy rock of the local aboriginal people teacher and a hanson and her cousin geoff say the geological feature belongs to all a stray lions. are causing it it can be respectful about it and it's a rock this it might be some areas where you stay away from the search certain areas and it's a wonder of the world it's on them are back at this long ago a strains of european descent named it is rock but for indigenous communities it's always been all grew signs were put up here a few years ago please do not climb but an action film has been made on the rock while people leave their garbage lying around and use the area as an outdoor toilet now the request has become a ban or a lot of this is sacred ground for us the tourists neither understand this nor want to understand it they say this is my rock i say no this is not your rock it's our
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rock. there are 700000 indigenous people in australia and many feel they are disadvantaged in many ways to this day the oddest couple lulu and billy coolly and not against tourist coming to all of you in general but they do want their culture to be respected. in the old days when ruler different people meeting place for the tribes from the tribes from witnesses really coming in. and people coming in and then you have here a minute here long from. the climbing ben has been decided but it is controversial . lindy severn owns a farm and a nearby small motel with a pub she's afraid there will be fewer tourists now as a local business woman she feels her needs were not given enough consideration when the decision was made there ok spain very much caught in all of our lives but as professionally and personally for
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a long time. having one of those activities now removed just changes that at least $35.00 people have died climbing all the rule over the decades but anna hanson and her cousin jeff have made it to the top. packing it in. my view for someone as a compromise where the public can climb up to ice portion i only not as far as the top layer wave going to die and they need that money goes back to the indigenous community but now only buy tools and hawks around all the room will be allowed after all the head of the park's business services wants to show respect for the aboriginal australians beliefs such a significant decision to close a call is very important that they can actually make such a huge decision themselves demonstrate that they actually own the place and that they can make these decisions without listening to what other people think the installation field of lights brightens up all the rue every not but if the path to
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the peak is closed the dock chapter in australia's colonial history can also close . this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us. will be with you again at the top of the hour have a great week. language courses. or. any time. job.


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