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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2021 2:00am-2:15am CET

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w. this is g w news live from berlin gunman killed dozens seeing the sheriff in a region where islamist groups are falling for control to suspected terror attacks coming as results of the country's presidential election show no clear winner triggering a rumble photo next month also coming up. after today's french police shut down on illegal new year's right so 2 and a half 1000 people to fight a virus curfew to attend the event. and the fungus think it is back
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after a short winter break we'll bring you all the highlights from frankfurt's clash with a. yes welcome to the program we start in the west african country of me share where a gunman have killed at least 56 people and wounded 20 the interior minister is calling it a suspected terrorist attack he says the militants targeted 2 villages situated near the border with mali a number of islamist groups are active in both countries under battling for control of the region. earlier i spoke to d.w. correspondent wise interests who's following developments from nigeria he gave us the latest on the attack in neighboring me share. this terrorist attack in new
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jersey with my he is an area that has been witnessing these kinds of attacks for quite a long time if you remember last year 200 nicci rianne i.v. where assassinated by december 10th group that was why the interior minister says it's a suspected terrorist attack it has been happening in the coming from my early days coming in book in a fossil day heat out of iran bach to get a height out. well was that the attack comes just days after a new chair voted in parliamentary and presidential elections can be attacked be connected to that too many people who did see him no connection between what happened and the political situation in the general public but if we look bach if in the just concluded elections where credit's bible koran in some areas will defy that people should not go out on fort
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is to add in now to see it may come out. in the near future act to people who might have group that might come and claim responsibility. ok well d.w. correspondent it was interesting to you for your reporting. iran says it plans to start enriching uranium to a level that would move it a step closer to being able to produce a nuclear weapon the announcement comes almost a year after the u.s. assassinated one of iran's top generals in a drone strike washington accuse custom soleimani of masterminding militant attacks side iran's borders. we were here for the iranian revolutions faithful his death has never truly been have vanished hundreds gathered to honor kasem slow money at a modest graveyard in tehran they say he's death remains on for given it is resulted in yet more anger at the u.s. among. the generation we'll keep following his path
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we will slap israel and the united states and only suppose it's time you have the know that. the elite military force of the money belong to the revolutionary guards staged a military exercise on the anniversary of. the site a disputed island in the country's naval border. missiles flew as the god flee to war in terror and it's ready for war. as we were going with the reciprocal and strong blow to war day of action the enemy takes against us well sure we've shot this time and time again. so the money is mission with strengthening your writing interests abroad with groups like hezbollah in lebanon on a day to have been honoring the dead command. when we left nut house. in
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a ceremony in which they vowed victory would be there as in the name of god and i doubt. the u.s.'s acute saloon money a year ago because of his activities of broad including with hizbullah washington hasn't directly address the anniversary of his death but on monday put out a statement again saying iran is fostering terror abroad. let's take a look at some other international stories now police in norway say the death toll has risen to 4 following a landslide in ask northeast of oslo several people are still missing after the landslide tore into the town early on wednesday it collapsed houses and forced more than $1000.00 people to be taken to safety. u.s. senator ted cruz says he'll be among about a dozen republican senators who will challenge president elect joe biden's victory when electoral college results are tallied in congress next week it's
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a largely symbolic move that has little chance of preventing biden from taking office as india's drug regulator has recommended approving 2 coronavirus vaccines for emergency use one is developed by u.k. based astra zeneca and oxford university while the other is supported by a state run institute the government is preparing the rollout of a nationwide inoculation program. well police in france are investigating who organized an illegal rave in the region of brittany thousands of people attended the spike a nationwide nighttime curfew and resisted police attempts to break up the party for 2 nights france's latest lockdown was eased in the middle of december but bars and restaurants have remained closed french authorities are expecting a sharp rise in coronavirus cases after the festive season. as the
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sun rose on saturday the police moved in hundreds of party goers were aidid in fine for breaching francis coronavirus restrictions. in the cavernous warehouses near the city of grain the party was finally over. police moved in to restore public order. they could upraised surest officers secured the area in an operation the. and largely without incident. we then issued a number of citations to people found to be in file ation of the lol. hours earlier the raid had still been in full swing around 2500 mostly young people had gathered on new year's eve define police efforts to stop the event. could listen to a sion got out of hand very quickly 3 officers were injured and so i made the
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decision to withdraw all forces and while this run the risk of letting the situation get even worse is removing police from the scene allow them to pursue a strategy of containment. with the police holding back the party continued for a 2nd night the organizers defended their decision to stage the event. and. i think there was a real desire to come together. most of us are in our twenty's and we feel we're losing our youth in this endemic. and many of us are also struggling against depression. friends has the highest number of covert 1000 cases in western europe to contain the fire of spars and restaurants have been closed and an 8 pm curfew is being extended to many parts of the country. knew the risks but we wanted to come
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together and party the whole world of culture is shut down since the crisis began we had to come and support the organizers. fearing a super spreader event authorized he said urged everyone who attended to self isolate when they get home. 1000 deaths surged here in germany over the past month more than half of all deaths attributed to the virus were recorded. in december chancellor i'm going to medical is due to hold talks on choose day with leaders from germany's 16 states to discuss that lockdown which is set to end on january 10th leaving doctors union says the health system is in desperate need of relief and is urging the years to extend the country's locked up. whereas many countries struggle with their rollout of their coronavirus vaccination programs israel has an ocular rated a higher percentage of its population than any other country in the world more than
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10 percent of its residents have already received the 1st dose of the vaccine could hold lessons for other hotspots trying to contain the spread of 1900. saturdays normally a day of rest in israel but it's had no impact on the country's vaccination campaign and occupation is are taking place at hundreds of centers like this one in tel aviv more than a 1000000 israelis have already received their 1st shot. we were record breakers we brought millions of doses back to israel we're doing this quicker than the rest of the world. netanyahu vaccination efforts are succeeding fanks in part to israel's small size and its centralized health care system the country's not for profit health insurance firms run all their own hospitals patients medical records are also stored centrally making vaccinations easy to organize people are sent appointments by text messages and volunteers have also been stepping up. just came
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to volunteering sheba and is working and he participates seemed to me soon people nurses came out of the departments and said we finished our round there we go into a 2nd row we contributed to the people fees rail so it's this spirit of the people kind of the prime minister is very publicly championed israel's vaccination campaign it's happening during the country's 4th election campaign here number 2 here is the 7th and netanyahu was keen to answer critics who had found fault with his management of the virus local media say israel is paying twice as much as the e.u. for the pfizer vaccine but despite israel's rapid rollout it hasn't slowed new infections which are at a 2 month high. t.m.i. now where the latest victims in the 6 year long war there are 5 women who were killed when a shell exploded at a wedding party in the port city of whole data both the saudi backed government and iran backed rebels blame each other for the attack the conflict has been called
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a forgotten war yet it's left more than 100000 people dead and many more starving. it is just a year and a half old and he is fighting for his life saeed's parents brought him to this hospital in yemen's capital sanaa dozens of starving children arrive every day. but in many cases the doctors are powerless to help. the wonder why they've been however the doctors here aren't being paid we have no medicine for the sick children there's no food for them either even though they're malnourished some of the mothers are really desperate they can't breastfeed their children because they too are starving mobs mutually less than they have surf and that is what all the. 5000000 children in yemen don't have enough to eat the un's figure sure. many have to go to work instead of to school. and their plate is only worsening. the country
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has no been at war since 2015 its economy is in ruins and know yemen is being hit by the coronavirus. charities see this as the world's worst humanitarian crisis the situation in yemen is very serious we are very close to the stage of the clearing of famine in yemen because of the deteriorating food security situation for millions of people across the country. aid workers see some 1500000000 euros are needed to help yemeni survive the winter money is running out as the situation worsens. well to sport now on the bundesliga is back after an unusually short winter break the highlight of saturday's early matches saw frankfurt inflict a 2nd defeat of the season on visitors by or laver cousins is fine early season form is beginning to desert them. in the seventy's going to stick it clashes between these 2 sides mil mil has never been the end result and after just 10
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minutes this peach got their visitors off the mark courtesy of not me my memory. skill luck and ingenuity helping him to his 2nd goal of the season. the lead lost is just 12 minutes as i mean eunice raced clear to calmly put away the equaliser his 1st goal for the french i will fall defending have opened the gap band off to the break live a couzens back line once again local shoddy with daiichi come out as cross finding live accusing defend the everyman tops of he poked it into his own match i rub of the green but enough for frankfurt to claim a deserved to one when i was leaving lose pace in the title race. when leverkusen sloss was leipzig again they travelled to stuttgart knowing that a win would put them top at least until biron play on sunday
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a single goal from leipzig that danielle ono in the 67th minute was the difference between the sides a side footed in after onion nino's cross was deflected the result keeps leipzig firmly in the race for the title as they go for their 1st ever in this league at chuck. europe that i thought this is d. news live from britain see you soon take care. is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong better as a verbal combat doesn't mean you're going to see your yonks like the undisputed champion of tough political talk to try to frighten people it's a fact everybody understands if you enter the conflict zone and join to sebastian.


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