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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 9:30am-9:46am CET

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there are many reasons. and there are many answers. and there are many stories. on. w. page for minds. it is china as slowest expansion as more than 4 decades but it is economic growth post in this 2 product increased by 2.3 percent last year that as all other major economies are expected to have contracted and that the coronavirus spend them also coming what's next after america 1st us president elect joe biden inherits
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a trade war with china will he lift the tariffs and polls by donald trump and still lantus seals the deal the new car making giant makes its trading debut bringing together 14 different brands. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program no major economy was able to grow last year because of the coronavirus and demick except for china in trying to trying to china only posted a slump in its economy in the 1st quarter making it the sole country in the world to bounce back from its covert $1000.00 losses with in the same year the overall g.d.p. growth stood at 2.3 percent and its economic growth and trying to 21 is expected to outperform 2020 and it could mark the country's fastest economic growth for a decade now backed by these strong economic figures what will relations with the
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united states look like now that a new president is about to take office here is the w.'s to now do a lot of more. what comes next after america 1st 4 years of donald trump have left their mark on the international trading order torn up deals trade wars tit for tat terrorists and it's hardly been a resulting success take the trade war with china washington slap tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese products a record amounts are still being spent on them while american exports have only slightly improved china's trade surplus still skyrocketed to over 75000000000 dollars exports to the u.s. are still growing. know how to deal with china is a shared question for both the e.u. and the u.s. they both want to be present in the chinese market because it's huge but they also want to get china to play by the rules that means respecting intellectual property
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and having the same conditions for european and american companies in china as the other way around and they don't want china to have unchallenged technological dominance in the world they just haven't figured out how to achieve those ends yet together or separately put out a timer multi-lateralism has supposedly floundered china has since become a signatory to the world's largest free trade pact the regional conference of economic partnership involves 15 countries making up close to 30 percent of world trade deal cut as much as 90 percent of the tariffs on imports between its members within 20 years of coming into effect. now it's worth noting that the. was 1st proposed in 2011 and that's quite a long time before the us china trade war even started so it's not as if one percent potato the other but the u.s. and that you should sit up and take note anyway are sad might not mean as much economically right now but it means that these countries have agree on
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a joint economic bench or it is a flora it's a building block. that these countries can and will build up right so it's kind of it's it's it's a stepping stone if you will and that is kind of the part that should for you the e.u. and that should for a the united states the e.u. and the u.s. have a host of issues to deal with before they can repair and eventually strengthen the relationship so that they can counter the outsized ambitions of china which i'm all other ways has cemented its international influence by signing a sweeping free trade deal with its neighbors and beyond i mean that's manageable but it is also of course a special time to live is going to he's inheriting a very. you know dramatic. economic situation the best thing to use there for because of the pad there may going to be 1st and foremost
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a domestic oriented president those who really hope the biden administration is going to are sure in a new era of closer transatlantic trade relations i think they're going to have to be patient for the 1st couple of years. while a golden age is hardly to be found in the time of a pandemic there is a golden opportunity not to return to the system before donald trump but to make it better he won't make trade great again alone with allies help it can be greater than it once. it's all right for more of this let's bring in the sorts on hand in taipei so let's take a look at china's g.d.p. growth in 2000 and 21st 2.3 percent growth despite all the ramifications of the coronavirus where is that growth coming from. or growth is backed by the strict virus contend the measures and stimulus policy the dramatic
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rebound was highlighted by as the next week and a celebration over the last 3 months of 2020 when china's economy grows come to 6.5 percent from a year earlier it has been field by a surprisingly we still an x. force factor corner of ours disruption field the demand for more chinese goods for example like china made face max and other medical supplies and so let's look ahead yes president elect joe biden will be argued on wednesday both sides of a lot riding on this economically what does china expect from the incoming u.s. president of china expects biden will continue to restrict the. development of its technology and definitely to come from beijing on various human rights issues meanwhile it's widely reported in the media that biden
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will create a new post cold indo-pacific coordinator and it will assign kurt can bell a former assistant secretary of state during the obama administration and kurt campbell is not on the matter when it comes to dealing with china china related issues and he has also worked with many u.s. allies in asia pacific region so china can and should expect more challenge from the u.s. and what sort of stance towards the incoming administration can we expect from beijing. well. in the next 4 years for china in the u.s. it's really a competition of winning more friends and from the e.u. china a comprehensive investment agreement to the r. e.c.p.a. involving many asian countries china has tried to prevent the u.s. from joining forces with its allies so the biden stray ssion can expect beijing to
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be more and more assertive on the international stage as a world leader and using its mass market and this rich resource to win more friends and pressure those countries that don't agree with them so they're in taipei thank you. it is time now for a look at some of the other business stories making news in south korea the billionaire de facto head of samsung j.y. and levy has been jailed for 2 and a half years on corruption charges this comes after the high court in seoul overturned lee's original suspended sentence because bing insisted the former president park geun pig in $27.00 t.v. . reports say the trump administration has told companies including chip maker intel that it is revoking certain licenses to sell to chinese telecommunications trying while washington sees hallway as a national security threat due to its alleged close ties to the chinese military
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and communist party. frankfurt airport has had its worst year in decades that's after d. and an acknowledged he brought intro to the stance passenger numbers fell by more than 70 percent in 2020 compared to the year before the airport's operator oporto warned it had another difficult year ahead. carmakers he had chrysler and p. as a c.e.o. their long awaited merger on saturday creating still lantus the world's 4th largest auto group the 14 brand all the giant is not only expected to take on industry heavyweights like fox wagon and toyota but also to have deep enough pockets to fund the shift to electric driving. distance of his portfolio in cade's. opel fiat's and sit home cars on which
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a very popular in europe and chrysler has added venerable u.s. brands don't keep into the mix. then you transatlantic were to make a owns 14 grams stand on tissues now the world's 4th biggest co make an offer of oaks mike and toyota on the run no need son mitsubishi alliance. c commerce to bomb is hopes the merger will leverage synergies that will save billions of euros including reducing the many platforms its vehicles around to just a handful by joining forces stand on to sites to make an easy a shift to and train my ability. analysts full cost that the merger could see the closure of underused factories congress to vote as is notorious for tough cost cutting measures the official line however is that all comments will remain open let's get the latest now on this from our markets correspondent chelsea believe me in frankfurt chelsea 1st day on the market for the new auto giant halls of looking
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. well it's been a strong start 1st on the market in the paris exchange where they are listed the stock started up about 3 percent it's also trading higher in milan and is expected to start trading tomorrow in new york so investors clearly cheering this tie up and really it was seen as one of the only options for these 2 automakers which had been really lagging behind other automakers in terms of the shift to electro mobility as well as the growth of the asian markets so this is really seen as their best chance at survival. these sprawling company features a portfolio of not less than 14 brands what are the chances of all of them having a future. well the new company has really been tipped tiptoeing around this issue 14 brands is enormous it's more than volkswagen has involved going to the biggest automaker in the world by the number of cars sold so there is
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a lot of speculation that they will have to close plants that they will have to let go of some workers the company is hoping they'll be able to save about $5000000000.00 euros in total through other cost cutting measures but i think a lot of investors and a lot of analysts are still skeptical that they'll be able to do this without letting workers go in without closing plants but for now they're sticking to this line that that jobs are safe especially here in europe all of giants the land is making its market debut chelsea lamie in frankfurt thank you. and finally chinese state media say 1222 miners trapped for almost a week by an explosion in a gold mine are still alive hundreds of rescuers are working round the clock to bring them to safety of the news came via a nude pushed into a small bottle and sent up a rescue shaft rescue workers have struggled to contact those trapped because the
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blast damaged the communication signals which means mining industry has long been criticized for its lax safety standards. and that wraps up our show if you want more check out our website at d w dot com slash business. for me and the entire team thanks for watching ever self a successful. life on earth. and. a coincidence. what. happened to the bit like winning the lottery. or. starts feb 11th d.w. . imagine how many pushes us right now in the world right now climate change
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different story. faces much less 3 ways from just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to. success. that subscribe like. i. did is wednesday generally but 6 thousands of followers manage to invade the ground something united states capitol in washington d.c. in a matter of about an hour they will completely overwhelm deployed capitol police force . we're following trump supporter. yeah instead of
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capital want to hear it it's really. peter boyd can loose with his parents in mebane north carolina but only temporarily he says whenever time allows one can find peter at the town center off neighboring graham making a stand for donald trump. we meet 43 year old boykin for the 1st time when generally 50 washington on the day before what the president had promised to become a quote wild protest peter was to get a feel for things today while you roams the grounds of capitol hill he's keeping busy live streaming to his followers. so.
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they focus better boy for hash tag go right for hash tag go right.


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