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tv   Colonia Dignidad  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2021 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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which is sharing accurate information with the american people meanwhile vice president come about how our us took up a post in the senate swearing in new members georgia with the new law make is the senate is now split 5050 between democrats and republicans harris's vote would tip the scales there meaning the democrats now have control of both houses of congress and the power to push forward with president biden's agenda. let's go to our washington correspondent now stefan simons who's standing by for us hi stefan we saw joe biden working through a stack of executive orders there tell us more about the changes that he made on his 1st day in office. now there was a record that was a record for a president to sign 17 executive orders memorandum or directive he did it nobody else had it before 17 on the 1st day on the ration day and they were all very significant as pointed out in the piece this was not just rolling back the policies
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of dollars from this was treading and destroying this doll trump's legacy basically starting with the border wall as you know president already said always said mexico will pay for it then that didn't happen so he had takes pay is paying for it what did joe biden do he halted all payments for building more wall paris climate a court he's going back to this the united states is not leaving the w.h.o. those are very very significant significant executives or order this is also significant not just as a signal for inside the united states where this country is going because you flip to basically the direction of the united states on a dime or with a penned if you like it is also of course signal something to the rest of the world where the united states is heading now. with a new sheriff in town and with a new boss with a new president of the united states joe biden well this will be his 1st full day
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in office and we know that the pen demick really will be a focus tell us more about that. right today is all about the current penn demick and how the battle at the nist ration will actually just happen is quite a stack of paper and i did have a chance to read through it. release the national strategy to come back to battle the pandemic here the current of our spend i make remember we have over 400000 people here now we had the 2nd deadliest single day in the united states with 4229 people dying on tuesday alone now and some cable news networks now reporting in breaking news that sources out of the by demonstration that there is actually no plan trump determined ministration adult child left behind for the distribution of make scenes that is a problem the vaccination program is behind anyway here in the united states the
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governor of new york complained that he has to wait 8 months to get a vaccine because he's 63 years old but there's such a lock up such as stag of people older than him and coming before him so he has to waited months for a vaccine and so on so vaccination p.p. easy money to the for the authorities local authorities and states to actually combat and trace the virus that's what's going to be on the biden. joe biden's agenda today and stuff and we know that after 4 turbulent years of the trump administration joe biden is saying he wants to unite the country how big of a challenge is that. i can't i can't even i can find a word for how big this challenge is going is going to be for joe biden i'm not saying that the united states was not divided before donald trump did his best in 4 years too and trends the divisions in the united states in this society between people and as well as in politics everything was combat and and destruction
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so to speak and to go from back to go back from this this takes time this is going to take a major effort by this administration by the president and where was secretary who will be sworn in at some point in approved by the by the senate. to to really change the system to change society to change how we act with each other and what we expect from each other our washington correspondent stefan simons reporting for us thank you very much. well as we heard there joe biden says battling climate change is a top priority of his men administration let's get some perspective on that now with max tilly he's the deputy head of the climate services department at the world meteorological organization and he's joining us from geneva max good to have you on the show it was expected and announced but still when you saw joe biden signing
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that executive order to rejoin the paris accord tell us what went through your head . really. personally i was very encouraged this is this is clearly an important step and it's symbolic you know to sign it but at the same time. are you concerned that president biden might not follow through on some of the promises that he has made in terms of battling climate change. i think that as you know like many people i will watch his inauguration address and you know use some very personal language and his expressing his commitment for what he was going to try to do on these priorities that he mentioned including tackling climate change so i certainly was convinced that he has every intention of doing so
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the difficulties will be in the climate change issue is not so easy to solve my organization tracks the global temperature and the number of other p. indicators that tell us the state of the climate system in 2020 the global average temperature was 1.2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels and those of you that follow the paris agreement would know that the ambition of the paris agreement is to keep the temperature to between 1.5 and 2 degrees above industrial levels and you see that it 1.2 degrees warmest tied to chile with among the 3 warmest years on record we're already getting close to the lower limit and putting the brakes on this warming trend is going to require very very broad based on actions across wide swaths of society and the economy so would you say back at the paris climate accord might already be out of date. the accord
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itself is. a critically important document and the way the paris agreement is set up that is that countries make nationally determined contributions to trying to achieve that temperature goal and some of the other goals of the agreement and what's what's really critical is. we just saw it happen with the president of the united states and other countries committing their their countries to trying to make those nationally determine contributions on a level that would it sheaves that target now whether that target will be achieved and whether the collective contributions of all the countries will be sufficient to do that that's what we have to see but having the commitments to do it is a key 1st step we'll have to leave it there max tilly from the world meteorological
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organization joining us from geneva thank you for sharing your analysis with us today it's a pleasure. let's get some other headlines now from around the world security forces in mali used tear gas to disperse dozens of demonstrators in the capital bamako on wednesday police also used roadblocks and motorbike convoys to stop people from gathering protesters were rallying against the ongoing presence of the french military france has deployed over 8000 troops in mali since 2013 on an anti terror operation. in china state media has reported that a worker trapped in a gold mine for more than a week has died as rescuers continue efforts to save 21 others still stuck deep underground rescuers have been in contact with 11 of the workers but the fate of the other 10 remains unknown. and at least 4 people have died after an explosion ripped through a building in central madrid one building partially collapsed on the residents of a nearby nursing home were evacuated the city's mayor says initial investigations
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that suggest that a gas leak caused the blast. now twin suicide bombings have ripped through a busy market in central baghdad authorities say more than 20 people have been killed with dozens more injured now according to the interior ministry the 1st suicide bomber rushed into the market claiming to feel sick and then detonated his bomb when people gathered around him the bombings are the 1st in 3 years to target the iraqi capital there was no immediate to claim of responsibility. and let's get the latest on the story now we can speak now to journalist sophia are bahraini in baghdad sophia thanks for joining us what more can you tell us at this point. over 20 people 28 according. to szell's there has also been some to have been 73 wounded the blast happened this one blast happened early
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this morning in a very busy central area of baghdad. and like you mentioned according to the ministry of defense what happened was that one of the bombers. ordered in the passers by who were at the markets claiming to be ill he blew himself up and then the 2nd bomber hit when people were trying to rescue the victims from the 1st bombing again according to the ministry of defense i spoke to their spokesperson this morning and he mentioned that there was actually already information regarding a potential attack from 4 days ago following the arrest of an isis leader in baghdad they knew of it they pursued the attackers unfortunately they were unable to stop them was there any information then sophia about who is behind this attack . so far no one has claimed responsibility
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however. it's all fingers are pointing to isis the minute. a number of officials have alluded to it potentially being isis and the way that the attack was carried out is very much reminiscent of dozens of other attacks that they have carried out over the years in this country. journalists a few have ever only speaking to us from baghdad thank you so much thank you. now german chancellor angela merkel says the country is in a very difficult situation because of the pandemic she says too many people are still dying but that measures to bring down the number of new cases are paying off she also urged germans to take the new variant of the virus seriously or face a 3rd wave of infections. the home business we are dealing with an
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alarmingly high death toll today alone we have again lost over a 1000 people this is terrible these are not just numbers these are people who have died all alone these are families her mourning we have to remind ourselves of this again and again and we also have to struggle with the fact that all our efforts against the virus do not exclude it's danger of. being the fuels we see the danger of the need to strain a little bit clearer and then at the beginning of the year. the mutinous train from britain and ireland which has also been seen in the netherlands in denmark and also in our country. in the news and in the market. but. our political correspondent jared reed is following this story for us hi jared tell us more about what the chancellor a said on the situation. will. it is
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a kind of a mixed picture in this very difficult phase what she described because as you say hospital. people and i say use the rights of these patients are going down and the 7 day in fiction right is also decreasing which is good news because i'm going michael said well you know now the hard work is starting to pay off we can see that but what she is really worried about in this is kind of a theme throughout this entire conference is these variant strains of covert $19.00 that are starting to be seen in germany she is really worried about that and and worried that this could undo all the hard work and her message really is doing everything the government can and the public can to prevent these strains from becoming dominant what she also said is that after the pandemic is over it's going to leave traces on all aspects of life that we won't be able to expect things to
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just go from you know back to what they were immediately after the pandemic as well as yours we know there's been criticism as well of the slow vaccination rollout here in germany what did the chancellor have to say about that. another theme running through the whole press conference is the idea of patience which is something that german leaders have called for time and time again on the german public to be patient and. has the government has been under pressure over the somewhat slow rollout of the vaccines here and uncle americal says that she can understand the impatience but she wants people to stop asking how many vaccines have been ordered and instead focus on the rollout of the vaccine over the next few months because not everyone is able to be vaccinated at once is there going to be enough vaccines in the 1st quarter of the 2nd quarter the 3rd quarter she says yes
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that by september 21 so the very last day of summer that everyone in germany will be able to be offered a vaccine but she is saying that until production capacity increases until more vaccines get approved by the european medicines agency that people are just going to have to be patient but she says she can understand the impatience and jared there's been also some question about nation with other european countries and perhaps a stricter border controls was there any news on that front yeah this is going to be up for discussion today in an online meeting between new leaders what will basically said is that she would rather use states not have to close borders to each other but that germany is prepared to do that closed borders to its neighboring countries if they're not able to get infection numbers under control
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she said it doesn't make sense if one country was tough or in their measures another country wasn't and that would not be a good thing she says that's what she had to say davies jared reed reporting for us thank you. let's check in now on some other developments in the pandemic china plans to imposed a strict code testing requirements requirements during the lunar new year holiday season when millions of people are expected to travel the country is battling the worst wave of new infections since last march the netherlands will ban flights from the u.k. south africa and south america beginning saturday for a month the country is also set to debate a nationwide curfew aimed at curbing infections and australia has recorded a 4th day of 0 cases this comes a day before new rules go into effect recording international visitors to test negative for the virus within 72 hours before departure. when the drive to vaccinate as many people as possible is set to top the agenda of the meeting of
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e.u. leaders today they're also reported to be planning to discuss a proposal to allow you why travel with a coronavirus vaccination card but instead it is marine reports some fear that could be misused. no need for physical distancing partying traveling this is what europe looked like before the pandemic are returning to normal life is what europeans are craving many here hope that getting vaccinated will bring that life back but slow vaccination rollout in many european countries means it will take months before jobs are available to all this raises questions about whether vaccinated people should receive privileges they've been able to travel freely greece's prime minister key acas me to tackle is floated the idea of an e.u. wide vaccination certificate to help restore cross border travel and tourism in his country his fellow party member marius peter accu backs him to france and
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development to say for the people to go forward to proceed forward to nation we have to motivate people adore him to explain to them but it is important finally to create a space in order to protect ourselves in order to protect our way of life the e.u. executive says it will work with the e.u. states on a common approach it's a political and a legal decision what you allow to do with this or to fix it and i think this is something that we will certainly discuss on the cover and european level to have common rules but i think it's also indeed important always to find the right balance for example you can always call a vine either a certificate or and negative coverage test if you did not have access to a vaccination so far opponents fear that attaching rights to vaccination certificate would divide europeans into 2 categories the vaccinated and the non
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vaccinated watchdogs are warning there is a risk better certificate could be misused for example by potential employers. only time the humans which are dealing with. we have to be read the we will use them for certain purposes and only for this purpose the vaccines provide an amount of protection to those that have had them but it's still not clear whether they also prevent people from passing on the virus the fear is that giving people who have been vaccinated the freedom of movement could also pose a threat to those who are not. time for sports now the bundesliga season has reached the halfway mark and are the life safety tip o'neill in berlin one nail in midweek action on wednesday night the only goal came in the 70th minute courtesy of emile forsberg it was the sweetest wingers 3rd of the campaign for her it fired
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in and on stoppable shot of the win gets leipsic in 2nd place while berlin dropped to 6th after losing for the 1st time since early december. from the top duel to the battle at the bottom cologne defeated shall go to take home an important 3 points in their fight to stay in the top flight but they suffered a scare when shaka equalized at the one hour mark through striker matthew hopping that is 5 goals in 3 games for the american but until one restore the lead for cologne late in at a time 21 was the final score. not 2nd on midweek bundesliga results now as we saw leipsic edged out berlin and cologne left to late to beat shaka byron squeezed past alex ferrer freiburg share of the spoils with frankfurt bielefeld downs stood guard and on wednesday leverkusen beat dortmund gladbach edge past bremen often. and vosburgh downed mights. a
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12 year old freestyle footballer from nigeria is already in the guinness book of records for his juggling skills he's now ending to break his own mark and wants to become a professional footballer and he has an unusual style take a look. juggling one ball with your knees is hard enough but nigerian 2 none so ha does it while balancing another ball on his head. he's so good at it that he set a world record 2 years ago. 111 took his in one minute not a single wobble from the ball on his head it looks like it's glued into place he's only 12 and learned his skills from some football greats. nobody. worth my fight on me in punt. on.
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he is now an online sensation videos of his football skills have received thousands of views but not everyone took him seriously. his record changed all that. before well 1st was close enough not to me what. my friends say they want to be. the king of multitasking is not satisfied he is now aiming for another world record 2000 touches all while balancing a ball on his head a career as a professional footballer is his ultimate dream you wouldn't bet against it. that's it for the news but we'll leave you with pictures of the celebrations in washington following the inauguration of joe biden and couple of terrorists.
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he. loves it.
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she hopes the only way she can. tanya clegg obama supports belorussian activists who want to flee the country. their destination is neighboring lithuania. where they hope for a safe future far away from police violence and state oppression. tsongas on her. next on t.w. . conflict zone between sebastian fully heal in britain klitschko free trade deal
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for the post press t v 00 at least in the u.k. there are some hard realities to deal with why just this week some of the dean in scotland resigned to bali conservative m.p. and vice chairman of the conservative party was boris josue so you can only go with the truth bloody great so many conflicts of. the 60 minutes did a. new . life on earth one of a kind and. gigantic coincidence. that previously the earth. it's just a messy chemistry manager told me. the
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creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like the lottery or. the earth. starts feb 11th w. a very warm welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us today following your dreams and overcoming your fears that's what a turkish woman did she wanted to make it to the top and she succeeded nazli young as is a pioneer and she has to buckle up for her job she is the 1st and only woman in turkey who works this high up together with her male colleagues she cleans the
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windows of skyscrapers in east. traditional patriarchal roles have gotten a boost under islamic conservative president ed a one in turkey many women are oppressed by their husbands most are homemakers and financially dependent on men but in the modern city of east some will one woman is showing how things can be different she hopes to be a role model for other young women who are striving for an emancipated and independence life now her story in is not for people who are afraid of heights. the cleaning team keeps a firm grip on their equipment as they balance along the match. they proceed slowly secured by a steel cable the red rope is assigned to nazli as. she gets into position. the mat under the safety rope keeps it from being damaged by the roof
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sharp edges. her life will be hanging on that rope. at last the actual work can begin. we are 130 meters high up and it's a wonderful feeling. with i feel absolutely free. i feel like i don't depend on anything except these ropes. nazli uses techniques similar to mountaineering she learned these during her training which was both mentally and physically tough but she believed in herself and overcame all the obstacles signals they said it was no use training me that i wouldn't be able to do the job even my friends told me that. up until 5 years ago nazli worked as a receptionist in high rises like this one she'd see the facade cleaners through the windows and admired them one day she plucked up the courage to ask her now boss
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definitely for a job she's the 1st woman on his team. where little they are up to the usual business. proven that women can do this too. it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman that matters is whether you are someone who can take on this risky work or not. to pick up getting shoes work nastily became the 1st woman to break through this glass facade in turkey the view over istanbul from up here is stunning the metropolis some the bosphorus is home to over 15000000 people and 160. 1 new skyscrapers over the past 20 years high rises have transformed the cityscape but every job needs to be taken seriously no matter the height i only feel safe once i'm properly secured about. today she and her team are taking on 35 floors. up here you can't drop anything
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for cleaning at such lofty heights as to be gets has a play she earns over 30 percent more per month than the average for turkey. as a single mother the 35 year old needs the money nestle's daughter darien soup is 11 years old. she's a passionate fence nazli supporter and provides for the training. dead ensues father moved out single parents are rare in turkey only one in 4 turkish women is employed marriage and tradition hold strong in this country. coming your way if you did look at them you know woman is supposed to stay home in the kitchen take care of the children and serve her husband and his family. that's
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what counts as normal and there's no gratitude for it no appreciation. nobody says thanks for cooking today you make up in a song called when she's at work nicely you can shut down till frustrations she appreciates her independent life it isn't always easy but she hopes to set an example and give other turkish women the courage to go their own way. for months the citizens of belarus have been taking to the streets calling for fresh elections and democracy they are accusing the autocratic president lukashenko of rigging last year's vote there is shimon is cracking down on its critics 30000 belarusians have already been arrested opposition leaders are either behind bars or in exile thousands have fled to neighboring lithuania and many more are still trying to escape oppression and persecution in their home country we met one woman
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who has made it her mission to help the protesters find safety in lithuania. the tell you was born in bella reuss but she looked into any of her 20 years no she's taken on the task of helping her countrymen to cross the border and escape the regime of alexander lukashenko and bella groups the people coming to us have to get out really fast like they're running from a fire they don't have anything to eat and no roof over their heads because they're on the run so far we've taken in 210 people that's quite a lot i never would have thought we could do it it's a call comes in from a political activist impellor response from. the border name is alumina she asked natalia for news of her children natalia let her know that lithuanian immigration has approved their entry visas is a huge relief for illumina she thanked the tell you for all her support but yes. i
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don't propose. to tell you has to hurry to pick up the activists children at the border their mother in luna has to go underground simply because she did the victims of police violence she faces criminal charges and the loss of the custody of her children. is barely 30 kilometers from vilnius the border yet delarue says a world apart e.u. member lithuania has opened its border to dissidents and their families in spite of the commune of ira spending most of my beautiful nothing hello i have to pick up refugees from bella roosts my antenna. done he was 6 years old his sister ksenia is 13. there's water if you want something to drink and juice in the back down there. you know it's up to the telia to direct ilona into lithuania again speller. look i love alone is going to try to slip across in her room all she
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wants natalia is a map if she doesn't make it she says she'll follow the route natalia shoot her. 11 or your children will give you strength and you'll make it just pick up the trail like the tigris tell you to get over his phone temporary lodging for some of the bella ricin excels in a hotel in the old town. until 2 days before this the key to it was imprisoned in minsk serving 20 days for taking part in the student strike and since he was released his parents can tighten the telly and followed her advice to bring him into lithuania just in time for the borders are mostly closed. and there's the mind of either the up to the bush and 6 people were not allowed out of the larousse that's how it goes you make all the preparations direct the person as far as the border and you suddenly find out you can't help anymore you feel sorry for these people and what will happen to them is unknown that. anyone who protests against
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who is taking an enormous risk artist students and workers suddenly find themselves in with you in here and homeless. and whatever. what's happening envelops is sick thousands are being tortured and oppressed they're getting a great night people have been killed the brutality is taking on ever more terrifying forms i never thought anything like this could happen but who for the. 2 days later at last ilona calls she made it out of bell roofs and can't wait to talk to her children. i don't know yet. i had no choice but to cross the belarusians border illegally on foot. i was terribly afraid they'd start shooting at me. but i must take it but now that i am safe what i wish for most of all in my life is to hug my children yet. i know it will be easier for
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us here in the thawing nia. playing i won't be harassed here and nobody will make fun of my children and bully them because their mother has different views. here. a vigil does it seems a police brutality is held in front of the bellison embassy in vilnius here natalia meets up with many of the bella received she helped escape and which freedom from oppression and threats prison. me mum would have put it why somebody can't do it any differently i can't go on vacation and close the door on this helping these people here has become my life you understand that everything you've accomplished before your business and all your skills are only there so you can fulfill this task. and i tell you who continue helping courageous activists as long as they need her support until. comes to an end.
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france has a colonial history that's dates back some 300 years and while many french know that some caribbean islands like what are part of the country's territory a few are aware that it was once a french colony but the sentence of slaves that were forced to work on plantations wants to find their place in today's french society photographer cedric is some is calling for an end to racism and discrimination in france and for more respect his message to his fellow citizens don't be ashamed of your heritage but rather embrace it. directs his model to the right spot. like everyone in the photographer's series this woman was born in one of france's overseas territories. says people from these regions still face
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discrimination and racism in france he hopes his work can help openly eyes of those holding on to prejudice against stan the home yak an actress born in french guiana and it is simply a singer from martinique also in the series. showing their presence i want to shine a light. but that what he shows is a bit like black slaves matter but there's less violence in france recruits is also a different. set of like he was born here in guadalupe in the caribbean. he says his native home isn't taken seriously by some french people and gets written off as a tourist destination with inhabitants who are mainly hotel staff. there's little public awareness of the teaches archaeologists and doctors from these regions.
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are lazy hard workers a little fewer intellectually these are the traces of slavery and the black man was an item of merchandise a piece of furniture not capable of thinking. that is what they said we were. sitting on the. france continues to be proud of its capital paris and of its long history full of wealth and power many french kings are buried in the basilica of sound any not far from paris. just by the basilica stands this monument it's a sort of family tree commemorating the many people enslaved during france's colonial past many were known only by number they didn't receive names until after the abolishment of slavery. i'm looking for my ancestor care besley. there she is. she only got her name in 8483 men big we did
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a lot of work to find out how they lived. who are blown up there was a shame at 1st about having ancestors who were slaves. but there were no banter kind of pride because of the courage that they showed during slavery. that's when i was a strength and it guides me and all that i do 'd. don't. look we're. all here many people from the caribbean needed to do this work on the past can to explore the lies of their ancestors away from be a slave to citizens of the french republic this guy had just created a set monument you wouldn't see this interation in the transition. for. the year. but one monument isn't enough for cedric a sham with each of his photos he hopes to draw that little bit more attention to
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french citizens from overseas territories he also posts on social media to show what life on guadalupe really looks like. he's also interviewed his friends just because you have a dream and forgot to loop one moves with a visa my dream is for us to appreciate ourselves as citizens of god look to be proud of our history is that of hiding it. somehow we knew and that's also how cedric you shall see. his time ask he is doing his part to bring people from france's overseas territories into the spotlight so far he finds government officials are falling short of doing that as i fully realize that sit down with caribbean intellectuals something to say and listen to them. stop looking down on the that's what i'd like to tell the government.


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