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one story more unique starts february 11th oh and b.t.w. . this is d. w. news live from berlin and it is crunch time for kremlin critic alexina volley the russian anti corruption investigator could be facing up to 3 years in prison depending on the outcome of a court hearing currently underway in moscow police in full riot gear are already rounding up his supporters gathering outside. also coming up to the on mars military titans that split on tower a day after staging
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a coup the army appears to be in full control hundreds of the fishelson activists are being held prisoner former defacto leader aung sang suu chia is calling on her supporters to resist plus portugal's system yours collapses as the number of new cases accelerates germany is one of several nations offering to help the country and put on hold for many especially as the elderly of the clock is ticking but chancellor angela merkel tells germans they have to be patient because vaccines will be in short supply i'm told. i'm sara kelly while come to the program a court hearing is currently underway in moscow to decide if russian opposition leader alexina vali will have to spend the next several years in jail here are the latest pictures of nirvana. in the court room he's been in detention of course for
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violating probation since he returned to russia from germany where he had been recovering from a poison attack that he blamed on prevalent forces now outside of the court dozens of novell new supporters have been detained by police. moscow correspondent emily sure win is standing by outside of that courthouse where the hearing is taking place and emily been the volley case has of course sparked massive anti-government protests and russia in recent days what is the situation there right now. well starting this morning the road some of the roads leading up to the court where now by news hearing is taking place we're close there's a huge police presence out in force around the court as well and we saw a few hours ago around 100 protesters or supporters of i the scene of army had gathered here just across the street from where i'm standing and then they were most of them
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were very quickly detained we've now heard from independent monitors that just under 100 people were detained here in moscow today and of course that comes after mass protests that took place over the weekend where thousands of people took to the streets in moscow and in other cities across russia as well what is now a volley facing in court today emily. well russia's prison service has asked for a suspended sentence that he has for a fraud case that was opened against him in 2013 to be turned into real jail time they say that he broke the conditions of his parole his defense in court has now been arguing that actually he couldn't have checked in with his parole officers at all because he was in germany treated and in
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a coma after having been poisoned as self says by f.s.b. agency agents of the russian security forces and we could today see. getting several years in prison people are talking about it being up to 3 and a half years in prison or perhaps house arrest we'll have to wait and see what the court today decides ok and if that doesn't happen you know he has a lot of supporters out there we've seen them out on the streets as we've mentioned talk with us a little bit about the resolve among those who are supporting him the current opposition movement in russia to the establishment president vladimir putin. there does seem to be almost a new energy among 6 many and the opposition here in russia at least from what i've seen at these protests today at the protests over the weekend and the protests last
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week just now i was speaking to some of the supporters who came out and who just came back here despite the arrests that we've been seeing here and at the nearest metro station as well and one young woman i spoke to said that. he was not afraid to come back to moscow and so she also has a resolve not to be afraid either to come out today despite the mass arrests that we've been seeing of peaceful protesters and i think this these protests over the past few weeks and the support of say no viney are a threat to the kremlin now especially because many of the protesters that i have been speaking to over the last few weeks also been saying you know this is about much more than alex a number actually this is about the accusations of corruption that he's leveled at the ruling elite including at himself and they've been telling me that they want to live in a different country a more democratic country
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a country without corruption and and so it seems that this is about much more than just the the trial going on behind me not only sure when in moscow thank you. the u.n. security council is preparing to meet in an emergency session to discuss the military coup in myanmar governments around the world have condemned to guess today's seizure of power the u.s. is threatening to re-impose sanctions to try and force the generals to stand down now the young marse former defacto leader aung sang suu kyi has been detained hundreds of officials are confined as well inside of government housing compounds. calm amidst the political storm. people in the city of yangon adjusting to a new reality of military rule a state of emergency has been declared for one year. despite calls for resistance
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by former defacto leader aung sang suu kyi residents of me on mars the largest city are hesitant. we've waited for 72 hours but people won't go on the street in protest everyone knows the military has guns and they are used to shooting people i think people will find another way to protest. the war we are very timid and we can't say anything i'm afraid of them. many international leaders have expressed alarm over the coup the u.s. underscored its support for democracy and me on maher also known as burma after saying it was quote taking note of those who stand with the people of burma in this difficult hour. i think it's a message to all countries in the region and countries who you know
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will be asked to respond or to consider what the appropriate response will be in reaction to the events that happened over the past couple of days in the capital naif hundreds of lawmakers are confined in government housing complexes which are being guarded by soldiers. the military said seizing power was necessary after the government failed to act on claims of election fraud. on facebook the ruling national league for democracy party appealed to the military to free those detained and to honor november's election results which handed the n l d a landslide victory. they were the 2nd democratic elections in myanmar after a transition from decades of military rule now there are fears the country could slide back to its old ways. and for more on that let's bring in felix he is
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a researcher for the asia division at s.w. p. the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the program and thank you for joining us do you see a path out of this political crisis in myanmar. at the moment not really to be honest the coup. has created a new status quo as europe alluded to. the end though the leadership de facto has been detained. this military patrolling this is key areas and key cities at the moment i don't see really a way out i also do not see the military. reacting to international pressure that will come one way or the other the u.n. why the u.s. and other states and organizations are actually i do not see a quick way i don't know why is that i'd like to ask you why you're skeptical about
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the results that international pressure can have in myanmar because you know over the past years we have seen mixed results from the international community on me on maher there was limited action following the crackdown against the hinge of muslims for example in the country and in 2017 is it just because of a lack of consistency with regard to me on maher or is it something else. well i think it's a lot more not causal in the sense that they have i think at least 2 main factors here not just one being surely this inconsistent messaging. they are countries. like china. who are more reserved in persuading other countries into fact this also if you look closely at the aussie on the association of southeast asia. where you can already see a split between countries like malaysia indonesia. who are more forceful when it
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comes and more or. quite a coup and there are other countries for it if you can check the statements by the government but also by the philippines who kind of treated as an internal affair and kind of share a from putting pressure on myanmar so if i sit on this and that's the one factor the other factor is domestic there is a long history of the top of the burmese military being in one way or the other immune to international criticism and and sanctions i mean the country has basically existed as the pariah state for decades and in the in the in the in the in the i. in the sense of many in the military and many conservatives in the country been do we all right with that so it wouldn't surprise me if this mentality and this outlook will also one way or the other determined. the actions and the
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interest of the current military leadership in myanmar felix from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you so much thanks for having me. let's have a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. workers conducting brags the checks on food and animal products at one of northern ireland sports have been taken off duty over concerns for their safety phoebe appeared close to the larne port saying that all staff are targets there's been a rise in tension in recent weeks regs it needs that customs tax have shifted away from the land border with the republic of ireland and into northern ireland's borders. turkish president read to tie affair to one says that he would discuss drafting a new constitution for turkey with his party's allies he criticised the current constitution for containing traces of military influence in 2018 turkey
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transitioned to a presidential system that concentrated power in airlines hands. out of control wildfires have destroyed dozens of homes close to the city of perth in western australia authorities have told many people living in the vicinity to be prepared to fight the blaze as it is now too dangerous for them to leave their properties the coronavirus pandemic is pushing hospitals in portugal to the brink of collapse the country has the highest number of new cases in the world as a new variant of the virus 1st detected in britain spreads out of control now the situation has become so critical that portugal is now asking for urgent help from other european countries a team of doctors and equipment from germany is expected to arrive today this is the 2nd field hospital being built on this university campus and respond with a few updates this time the basketball court is being converted into
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a temporary clinic for 150 covert patients. jawad ok usually runs the university's sports facilities but in recent weeks he has also been working as an emergency. sports facilities they are very flexible and it's very easy to adopt this sport sold to a field hospital modiste called is too cool to incite the human resources foot to running. these kind of. doctors from germany are among those preparing to work at this temporary corona hospital they are part of the medical team from the german military it is said to are rife in parts about on wednesday lispunds largest hospital right across the street from the university campus has been under massive strain for days almost all of portugal's intensive care beds are occupied and there is an acute shortage of equipment the pressure on
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parts of god's health system seems to become unbearable ambulances often have to wait for several hours in front of the hospitals before their patients can be added to it and many fear that in the coming days number us live continue to grow. jawad ok it's getting things set up for the stuff off the makeshift clinic he had mobile homes installed for the medics to take breaks during their long exhausting shifts the mobile home project began 2 weeks ago and is already supported by more than 200 volunteers and 50 vehicles. i should i couldn't what work here is pretty emotional last week a doctor knocked on my door and wanted to thank us she said she often desperate i think in addition to a place to sleep the medical stuff sometimes need support 40000 precisely limiting
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it because the volunteers think that solidarity is the one positive thing to have come out of the crisis and the fact that germany and other european countries are now offering help is giving an international dimension to that feeling of solidarity. german chancellor angela merkel has defended the european union sluggish vaccine rollout saying that the e.u. has deliberately avoided rushing emergency approvals speaking after talks with key players involved in germany's vaccine dr she said that there were good reasons for the slower pace and that trust is essential in the delivery process americal also gave more details about when germans can expect to get their shocked does. in 5 the end of the 3rd quarter but at the end of the summer we'll be able to offer every citizen a maxine. that the manufacturers are also told us today that something that
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they can always occurred during production and they also will have no prior experience of things but i think the numbers for the different quarters overall already very relevant. and let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane melinda walk us through the messaging here it sounds like merkel is saying this is a marathon not a sprint. absolutely it was very clear from yesterday's vaccine summit that the supply that that of the vaccine will remain tight for at least another 8 weeks and only begin to ease up in the 2nd quarter of this year and moreover it was very clear that german leaders are looking far beyond this year alone the health minister said that he wants to ensure that adequate stocks of vaccine are in place throughout 2022 as well and the chancellor went even further saying that she could foresee
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a possibility that we might have to keep on vaccinating against code it every year in something resembling the flu vaccine campaign and she said she also wanted to point out that no matter how much vaccine is on hand if mutations occur that in fact render the the current version of the virus not amenable to vaccination then we would have to start all over again so very realistic messaging from the chancellor about this being a long haul absolutely you know and the one thing is the availability of the vaccine the other thing is the willingness actually of the population to to go and take it to go and get the shot walk us through the current climate right now and whether it appears to get to that enough people will want to get it voluntarily in order to achieve that critical herd immunity that's necessary. right so we heard
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the chancellor saying all adults who want to be vaccinated will be able to be vaccinated by the end of the summer but the key word in that sentence is what how many do want to be vaccinated well there most of the most recent polls show that from 63 to 67 percent of adult german say they do want the vaccine and that is a significant increase over mid december where we were looking at more like half the population also medical experts say that they expect to see that number go up as people see their friends and neighbors and family members getting vaccinated and see that the side effects are limited or nonexistent and interestingly enough the willingness to vaccinate correlates quite closely with the levels of trust in the government as a whole so clearly the government viewed this backseat and summit also as a trust building measure to get the information out to people about why it is
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important to get vaccinated one community there specially eager to reach medical workers interestingly enough many of them have said that they would hold back in getting vaccinated until they see how things are working and there's also a lot of discussion here now whether special privileges should be given it to those who do get the vaccine with a pretty large majority of german saying they don't want to see that kind of to class system. chief political correspondent melinda graham breaking it down for us thank you so much. well some support for the idea of issuing a certificate for people who have been vaccinated appears to be emerging they argue that this would allow large sections of the population to return to normal life it could for example also mean that people could start going on holiday again but as
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we've heard from melinda critics fear it could violate laws on data protection and beyond. evan schneider is battling coronavirus the chief administrator arranged independently to develop a digital vaccination certificate in his district of all to think whoever gets vaccinated with 2 jabs can receive it for $3000.00 i think we're the only ones in europe perhaps even in the entire world to have it big companies like oracle or microsoft are still working on it we've already got it from. and this is the all to vaccinate certificate which was developed without any consultation with the various ministry of health on it is your name date of birth address photo name of the vaccine and date of the vaccination to make it more secure and correspond to data protection laws schneider had the various district data processing center take part but that is now on smartphones so that people can prove they've been vaccinated i hope to perhaps travel again which i miss very much and perhaps get a bit more freedom again. the hope of returning to school or to work and also to
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attend cultural events is also spurring on an alliance of high tech companies in the us together with health organizations they're also developing a digital backs a nation passport which the world health organization could possibly use as a model the international air transport association is focused on the needs of passengers 1st and foremost the organization has already been testing out health certificates with airlines using an app passengers can check in and display their covert test results with this hopes to rekindle mass tourism again what we're trying to do is make it so that house news can travel but at the same time making sure to keep our passengers safe and also to ensure that there isn't a spread of them covert across different borders because we will have the passengers test results we in theory could share those details with the government in advance so then the government would be the one who saying yes his passenger it's good to come to my country unlimited travel without going into quarantine the
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european union would like to regulate that itself and its latest even summit the 27 members discussed a proposal by greece other countries like spain iceland and bulgaria are pushing hard for a similar vaccination certificate which would meet the requirements of the tough data protection guidelines. there's no other way around not having at the beginning a uniform system for all 200 nations on this planet however i have my concerns if companies which are well known for other things collect excessive amounts of personal data and are also the ones who would have access to sensitive data about people's health. bunch of a few. could there soon be less rigorous rules for people who've been vaccinated for corona virus than for those who haven't critics fear there might be a vaccination certificate elite with more privileges but that hasn't happened yet. we disinvested 5 more example we don't know whether people who've been vaccinated could still be carriers and as long as we don't know that then
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a vaccination passport or whatever it's called is of no use to us. the bavarian district of outing doesn't want to wait for the e.u. that's why it keeps handing out its own vaccination certificates it wants to be prepared for the day when everything has been cleared up there are now factions for everyone and lockdowns are history. to the us now where much of the east coast is being hammered by a major winter storm causing widespread disruption that is included new york and boston have even suspended their coronavirus vaccination programs as they brace for what could become a record breaking blizzard. authorities started sending out winter storm warnings as the 1st flights began to fall on sunday night public bus and commuter rail services was suspended in many areas across the northeast of the usa thousands of flights were canceled and schools closed meaning disruption for daily life in new york city man bill de blasio said the snow meant the city's fight against kovac 19
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would also have to go on hold. situation obviously the 1st thing to say is that the storm is disrupting our vaccination effort and we need to keep people safe we don't want folks especially seniors going out in unsafe conditions to get vaccinated shortly afterwards new york state governor andrew cuomo declared a state of emergency in the city and denied other counties he warned residents of a tough 2 days ahead if the storm reaches its maximum potential the white out could threaten the previous record snowfall set back in 2016 that storm sold the city pummeled with 70 centimeters of snow. but heavy snowfall and strong winds didn't deter many who were determined to make the most of the winter and conditions on monday. were at central park on
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a drive and a planned it is city until i get too tired have to go home. with officials urging people in the region to stay off the roads and avoid non-essential travel be either in the park or at home it seems right now to be by far the best option. some sports news for you now and on mondays transfer deadline day how to berlin made a big splash by signing 2014 world cup winners and make a direct from given tests of the surprise signing of the day it was. moved from shout to english champions liverpool in a loan deal with an option to buy for a 25000000 euro feet it's the 20 year old's 3rd hole in his many years having previously featured for stuttgart and istanbul. placed him with former arsenal and germany defender shop john stuffy. mind of our top stories. russian opposition leader alexina volley has appeared at
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a court hearing in moscow to decide if a suspended sentence should be converted into jail time police in full riot gear have rounded up more than $100.00 up to supporters gathered outside of all need for jax all charges as politically motivated and. up next it is d.w. business news do stay with us if you can i'm sorry kelly and girl lend make you so much for watching take care. of. the day to come to.
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lola for the wicked. doesn't. work using the word. cancelling. comes through. the commercials. as the year plays of blame game over it sluggish vaccine rollout germany's angela machall says that off good reasons behind the delay will delve into whether or not the problems could have been avoided. with vaccines due to arrive eventually and new case numbers forming will visit the pot.


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