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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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to start for. this is the line from the international criminal court convict. chief of crimes against humanity resistance army commander of. child sexual slavery and faces life in prison also. british broadcasting regulator v folks the license for chinese channel c g
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t and saying the chinese communist party could not. control pitch back by complaining about britain's national debt we'll take you live to london. approach of the fight against cancer time here and scientists use technology from some cope with facts to develop. and. welcome to the program. the international criminal court has convicted a former ugandan rebel commander of war crimes including multiple murders right and systematic forced marriages justices in the hague found that dubnyk ordered the killing and the action of civilians including children is a former commander in the lord's resistance army was found guilty on 60 of 70
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charges will be sentenced later and could face life in prison we'll hear from our correspondents in a moment but 1st we take a look at the many. and how he ended up on trial in the hague you have noticed that this is dominick. because this trial has been years in the making with thousands of witnesses providing testimony us. in was a senior commander in joseph county's lord's resistance army after having been abducted himself by the group in his youth kone founded the group in 1988 amid widespread ethnic fighting in uganda. the group committed rape mutilation torture and murder as it moved across uganda the democratic republic of congo the central african republic as well as south sudan. the international criminal court also heard hours of recordings of commanders ordering atrocities.
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many former child soldiers have been rehabilitated after a childhood from hell. in the half ducted in 1995. when i was still 9 he asked. so i stayed there for 5 years had them come back they picked me from those from my parents and then cut off for 22. maintains has been killed so i sent away from mountains. laura leader joseph coney is still at large but the group is just a shadow of its former self now on grounds trial has been a chance for victims to confront an ongoing trauma the effects of which are still felt today. in your day w. correspondent a wendy basher has been following this story
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a welcome when they talk us through the key points of the verdict in this case which the judge described as exceptionally extensive and complex. as we all know demigod when it was all the kit today by the i.c.c. for war cream and cream against humanity but also for the sakes will cream that include rape forced marriage and full pregnancy we also have to know that you. count crime before due. to quirks and also the complexity of this case is the fact that the me going wait was a checked soldier sort of question is how when when someone who was a victim and it is. early although war and just facts can be very. late in the case the judge say that the fact that he was
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a child soldier it's not that irrelevant because there is no doubt about its responsibility in all act to play against that the got the guard is. and what role did dominick on wins victims play in the trial. this is the 1st time where in a case we have 4000 people bait in the trail as a great team give her the specific city. worker we are doing a city and also have to know that during taking tell you the process community at chili's 20 for a local communities was a practice he basically turned it on the process by your ring barry hewing to screenings of every state of due process. in many many places where the meek own way it was in fault to disclose their backs. on weight and we heard in the
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report that joseph cohen a another kid figure in the last resistance army he's still a loose so how does evaded capture for so long. yet as we all know there is many organization for example invisible children. working and trains in tragedy in. some places still according to the last information you may use more. at the border between sudan and south sudan but no one had afforded more meant in many states the regions and also the international law of the state. trained 2 people underground to find fuel to find him and to bring a. mass in next table entire process but yes joseph kony stint of treatment today and many people for example in your gonna. get brought that situation thank you for that correspondent wendy bashing.
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now to me in ma where of a military judge has cut the country off from facebook days after removing the civilian government the social media app is a popular news source in the country and has been used extensively to coordinate the growing campaign of civil disobedience among those opposing monday's coup which saw the arrest of a lactaid leader. a medical staff who say they're refusing to work for the military government the power grab has sparked international condemnation. and this video of anti coupe protesters in mandalay on thursday was shed on social media it could be one of the last for a while. resistance to the coup had been surging on facebook with calls for civil disobedience the platform was also often used by the now ousted government to make announcements but the new military government's move to block
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facebook and apps including instagram and whatsapp has left many in the dark. yet we have no access to any news no news about mother and son searching i feel so sad it gives me a pain in my chest. blocking facebook means that the freedom of young people is restricted this military care has started costing us our jobs and our education is now in trouble. with soldiers back on the streets of major cities most of the protests have been under the cover of darkness residents in yangon bank parts of the night and honked car hones. among those who have openly shown opposition a medical personnel who have declared they won't work for the military government. i mean you know this government was not elected and verted for by us we don't accept them or work under their command so we have stopped providing services and
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government hospitals instead we will consider providing free medical services through external doctors and in other ways. it comes after the detainment of san suu kyi and of a civilian leaders on monday plunging the southeast asian nation under military rule suchi who has not been seen in public since she was detained is being charged for illegally importing walkie talkies the military has justified its crew by alleging widespread voter fraud during november's election which saw suchi win by a landslide. britain's media watchdog of com has revoked the broadcasting license of china's state owned channel c g t n of com says it is against u.k. broadcasting the chinese communist party to control the channel so you need to hear from studios in london in 2019 and was carried on satellite networks in the u.k.
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and around the world. they don't it comes when the child chills hill joins us from london welcome charlotte so what sort of service is. its state controlled english language group cost to fill the house being criticize long people here in the u.k. for essentially being a propaganda channel this isn't the 1st time either that it's come into the crosshairs if the u.k. independent regulator ofcom last year it ruled that it was in breach of its regulations over its coverage for example of the hong kong process which i'm sure you remember in 2019 accusing the channel of not being impartial was also found to be in breach of regulations over is airing of the alleged false confession as a u.k. national so this investigation by the regulator ofcom has been ongoing for
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a while but it will of course come as a blow to c g t n which has recently expanded the cost of big offices here in london this is something that will indeed be something of a blow for ok well given that it was essentially a propaganda outlet one wonders why com has left it has only acted now and has that taken so long to reach these findings. well of come said in its statement that it's been investigating the channel for a while it says that all efforts to resolve this situation have now been exhausted and it is for that reason that action has been taken now as you said previously off comes decided so ruled that ultimately the chinese communist party has the ultimate responsibility that china is therefore in breach of u.k.
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law of the regulations allowing it to continue to grow cost so what reaction has there been from beijing. as you might expect there was swift reaction not in direct response to this ruling by of com but instead china came out with its own criticism this time of the u.k. public pool cost of the b.b.c. saying its coverage of covert 19 in china has been biased the keys to the b.b.c. of fake news and demanded an immediate. apology a public apology for that says so there has been a response so far previously china has also issued additional threats to the b.b.c.'s of course regulator here will be watching very closely to see what's and whether there will be further reaction from china thank you for that child at chelsea monger. more of the stories making news
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around the world syrian state media have accused israel of launching missiles struck from the disputed golan heights the briton based syrian observatory for human rights says israel targeted a military post for regime forces and pro iranian militias syria's and here defenses retaliated israel has not confirmed or denied the operation. if all is facing a nationwide strike in protest at the dissolution of parliament at least $77.00 protesters including a former minister were arrested in the capital monday in parliament was dissolved on the 20th of december the direction of the prime minister and united were announced for april and may. canada has designated the proud boys extremist group as a terrorist entity or to assess the group played an important role in the deadly riot in the us capital last month separately the u.s. state department charged 3 members of the organization over their involvement in
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the attack on the capital. trying to court says the government of president emanuel macro must make must take more action on climate change environmentalist took the administration to court for not fulfilling commitments under the paris 2050 climbers accord tribunal found in their favor gave the government 2 months to change its policies. the technology being used in a number of covert 19 vaccines also promises to be a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer as today marks world cancer day will take a closer look at this new approach which uses a new treatment tailor made for each patient called messenger and. customized vaccine created for an individual patients particular tumor affective and with few side effects that's the promise of new technology in the fight against cancer. tumors can slip past the body's defenses for years with camouflage
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so clever that the immune system doesn't notice the invader or it is too weak to keep the cancer cells at bay allowing the tumor to grow on the. typical treatment involves surgery followed by chemotherapy to destroy any leftover cells. the doctor kept change the biology of this disease we know that latent tumor cells can survive inside the body for a long time and they can wake up and start to divide and proliferate again. the messenger r.n.a. vaccine is a totally different approach it's injected into. provides the blueprint for a specific tumor protein once it has the blueprint the body produces its own tumor modules the immune system recognizes them as and produces and.


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