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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CET

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time to. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th. this in studio view news to live from berlin germany is hit by treacherous weather as winter begins to bind emergency crews are on standby as extreme weather warnings are issued for several parts of the country snowstorms black ice and plummeting temperatures are expected also coming up. in mere keep up the pressure despite the military's efforts to block internet communication sow's ins of demonstrators
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marching young gone for a 2nd day denouncing the coup that threatens to roll back democratic gains. and american football fans are gearing up for super bowl 55 in florida many are trying to figure out where to watch the game the pandemic is fueling fears that super bowl parties could turn into super spreader events. welcome germany has been hit by heavy snow and ice with disruption to public transport likely to continue into monday the northwestern state of lower saxony had already seen heavy snow but transport police reported that the freeway had not been severely affected as road cleaning crews had kept it drivable but some train
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services have been cancelled the german weather service says some parts of the country could see anything from 15 to 40 centimeters of snow. read over in central germany. shall we say how's it looking where you are this morning. you can say that again michael it's very cold here. and a lot more snow to come and that's really a tale of extreme weather in germany this weekend because while we have very cold temperatures here in the north being brought down by a polar vortex being sent from the octagon at the very same time a low front is sending warm away. 3 southern germany and. kind of where i am at the moment where all of the snow is predicted up to
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40 or even 50 centimeters of snow predicted over the course of the day. apparently and that's led to weather warnings through central and northern germany people are being told to prepare for severe weather this noise storms black. lots of things happening here. so we know that's a lot. but what about disruption how much the structure is the storm expected. well kind of all the normal things you would expect in an extreme weather event like this. how. train services have seen. as a precautionary measure people in me where i am have been told.
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what we know. about clearing streets clearing highways in advance of the cleanup. rest. should all be. a smartly. reports from. demonstrators taking to the streets for a 2nd day in the country's largest city gone to show their resistance military coup
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they did block. security presence many of the protesters wore red in support of the elected leader. who is in detention. protesters are back on the streets of yangon for a 2nd day. thousands marching against the military coup in man maher. and demanding the release of civilian leader and son suchi. reaching for many on line he seized power on monday alleging fraud in a november the 8th election won by aung sun suu cheese national league for democracy the electoral commission dismissed the army's accusations protests against the military coup have also spread to other countries and melbourne australia hundreds of demonstrators expressed their concerns. i dare show you know why is is still that the military knows that we're not gonna stand
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back and let them do whatever they want. and in taiwan hundreds of people came out to show solidarity with protesters in man all. they want in their code we have had more than 30 years of repression from the military government like we don't want to go back to that so we hope the next generation can live in a country like taiwan where everyone enjoys civil rights and who didn't and that's why we're here today will they get it and i like it. and thailand to protest to show their support gathering outside the united nations offices biting candles. and burning pictures of army chief lying. back and man march through cheese and l.d. party urged citizens to support campaigns of civil disobedience by the country's
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medical staff and civil servants. to stop the country from becoming a military dictatorship. this situation wouldn't last long and are 6. yes is about to come but. only. as the u.n. to clamp down on communications it's not clear if civil disobedience will be enough to restore me on last fledgling democracy. highlighting now some other stories making news around the world at this hour. opposition leaders for atlanta to sky a has called on people around the world to demonstrate on sunday against the rule of presidents alexander lukashenko she made her announcement from her exile in the lithuanian capital vilnius. voters in ecuador go to the polls on sunday to choose a new president officials decided to go ahead with the election despite the
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pandemic leftist candidate rouse has pledged to put ecuador back on the path to socialism while conservative says he will create $1000000.00 jobs in one year. there are only a few drugs approved to treat covert 19 but spanish scientists are hopeful that they can add another one to the list the drug pleaded pleaded depp's and has shown promise treating the illness in early trials it comes as infection numbers in spain seem to be stabilizing after the peak of the 3rd coronavirus way. medics working and less hours after the christmas holidays spanish intensive care units are being pushed to the limit yet again at dr mary agnes martins ospital in madrid the situation is tense. it's glad to say that we haven't doubled our resources but practically everything is occupied is that with covert 19 patients.
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some of the critical patients we work to the maximum every day and that's tiring and still can't infection numbers in spain seem to be stabilizing but there are huge worries that new virus variants will reverse any progress. in madrid stricter measures like only a car fuse and contact restrictions are in place shops and restaurants remain open though in other parts of the country they're shut over all the trend and spain goes towards tougher anti covert measures the country is desperate to avoid implementing another shutdown. and at this new peak there is a glimmer of hope pitted epstein the substance that could help treat code 1000 patients and it is attained from marine organisms in the mediterranean fulfilling to feel they were not as cool as she and readers were going through a field of it works like this on the virus and to sell it needs sort of go to be happy had to copy itself and create new violin articles immediately into the player
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that same does is the disconnect this photo op with a knife and i disconnect in this photocopier it blocks the virus is going through and stops the viral cycle it really should it be get it free now the emotion figure we got. pleated eps in is usually used in the drug applet in it's currently only market to cook cancer treatments in australia in europe it was possible to market an e.u. court reversed that decision not just yet now clinical tests have shown that lead to deaths in 10 reduce the priority of the corona virus in the lungs of mice quite close to 99 percent scientists have also tested the drug on a small group of $45.00 coronavirus patients the similarity positive results. those who need to get all the indications and results that we have at the marathon show us that real possibilities and that our enthusiasm is not based on dreams but on the results of sarah files will experience the stylist. but the scientists
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remain cautious the stupidity steps they're pushing for the next phase of testing the trial to the much be difficult so that 1000 patients that successful detecting could help prevent a severe case of the disease and we need health care with his. other developments now on the ground a virus pandemic early trial data suggest the oxford astra zeneca vaccine will not offer protection from mild or moderate cases caused by the south african b 135 variant of the virus however it will protect recipients from severe. disease a new survey has shown that every 2nd german is against relaxing public health measures in place to combat covert 19 germany's state and federal leaders will decide in the coming days whether to extend the country's nationwide lockdown past the 14th of february and several lower income countries including honduras and bangladesh are buying their own vaccines rather than waiting for the w
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h o's kovacs program kovacs is yet to deliver any vaccines with the 1st shipments to africa scheduled later this month when its leader bottom side shall have suffered another heavy defeat losing 3 nil at home to rb leipsic the visitors needed a win to stop by in munich from running clear at the top of the table and they had little trouble against a shout this side that looks an increasingly safe bet for relegation from the german top flight. it was a bundesliga debut for shoulder and was stuffy who'd been in quarantine all week after joining shaka from austin ill but when took the lead on the stroke of half time through north it was new staffy who hadn't even trained with his new team mates ahead of kickoff who looked at form his hands off approach to marking afforded mckeel a far too much space in the box and the frenchman mate was stuffy paddy. like say
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he needed a win to stop by and sitting 10 points clear at the top and boss it was a bit says streit in the 2nd half more or less sets with the results fine work from i'm telling you no in the build up and a no nonsense finish from the austrian he's for the good goal of the current campaign. in the 87th minute video ban added insult to injury when he is above the rest in the box and heads in it shall his 14th defeat of the season may survival look at less likely while 2nd place lights stay within 7 points of league leaders by and at the top of the table. american football now in super bowl 55 kicks off on sunday in florida between the tampa bay buccaneers and the cancer city chiefs and fans are determined not to let the covert 19 pandemic overshadow the biggest spectacle in u.s. sports. kovi 19 hasn't kept these football fans from getting their taste of super
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bowl 55 in various fan zones in tampa with not enough tickets to go around due to crowd limitations for the game some fans don't even have concrete plans we're not sure what to do we cannot walk deal with more than 10 people we want to watch a game together and polluted i'm not sure what we're going to do but we're going to find a way i can put it we're going to win this game patrick others have reservations about where they might end up on sunday. how are we concerned about our to be honest with you i probably will probably be very picky you know what type of board you're i mean this is probably a nice if not the right situation for me are probably watching it from the hotel room in the. end for those $22000.00 general admission fans lucky enough to have gotten tickets for the super bowl masks of course will be mandatory.
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oh and a reminder of the top story we're following emergency crews in germany are on standby as extreme weather warnings are issued for several parts of the country snowstorms black ice and plummeting temperatures are expected. you are watching d.w. news from berlin up next world stories will have more headlines as always at the top of the hour tell that i'm michael look thanks for watching. on the green. i'm neal and i'm game you know that 70000000 that. killed worldwide so that we can help but it's not just the animals suffering it's the environment on a journey to find ways out of the machine if you want to know how old.


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