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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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course you can share and discuss w. africa's facebook and other social media platforms. to me and now. this is news from berlin germany is hit by treacherous weather as winter begins to bite emergency crews are deployed as extreme weather causes disruption to traffic in several parts of the country snowstorms black ice and plummeting temperatures are forecast to continue well into monday also coming up protesters are keep up the
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pressure despite the military's efforts to block internet communication thousands of demonstrators marching on gone for a 2nd day denouncing the triptans to roll back democratic gains. and american football fans are gearing up for 55 in florida many are trying to figure out where to watch the game the pandemic is fueling fears that super bowl parties could turn into super spreaders events. greetings. germany has been hit by heavy snow and ice with disruption to public transport likely to continue into monday the northwestern state of lower saxony had already seen heavy snow but transport police reported that the freeway had not been
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severely affected as road cleaning crews had kept a drivable but some train services have been cancelled the german weather service says some parts of the country could see anything from 15 to 40 centimeters of snow . our correspondent jared reed is in hanover in central germany jared almost 40 centimeters of snow possible. where you are. well michel it's very cold very windy there's a lot of snow and there's a lot more snow on the way and that's because of a cold front being pushed down from the octagon at the same time a low front is pushing the warm way into southern germany and so we have a situation where in the north it's very cold and in the south of germany it's warm and temperate temperature different in some cases of up to 20 degrees and where
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these systems meet is kind of where i am right now it's it's very cold very snowy predictions of up to 40 or 50 centimeters of snow over the next day snow could make that as high as one and severe weather warnings across central and northern germany to germany where the authorities warning all of snowstorms lots of snow black ice on the road and ice rain. gerri how much disruption is storm causing across the country. will emergency services have already been very busy we've had reports of over 200 car accidents in. north rhine-westphalia in areas train services have canceled as a precaution with the fear that the snow. affects the track what we're also hearing
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is that here in lower saxony there is a warning. on the roads meaning that roads very slippery. certainly out in force across central and northern germany to clear roads and to help people if you get stuck germans will be waking up with one question which is how long are the disruptions likely to last how long do we have put up with this. well weather also already expect that it will snow throughout the day and continue into monday but that he expects that this particularly bad batch of where the will be over by monday though it is expected to remain very cold throughout the week. interviews jerry reed in hanover thank you jerry.
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reports from here in moore say thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets for 2nd day in the country's largest city young going to show their resistance to last week's military coup they did so in spite of blocked internet access and a heavy security presence many of the protesters wore red in support of the elected leader aung sun suu kyi who is in detention. for testers up back on the streets of yangon for a 2nd day. thousands marching against the military to demand. and demanding the release of civilian leader aung san suu kyi. army chief making out her lying seized power on monday alleging fraud in a november the 8th election won by aung san suu cheese national league for democracy the electoral commission dismissed the army's accusations protests against the military coup have also spread to other countries and melbourne australia hundreds of demonstrators expressed their concerns. i dare
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show you know why this is still that the military knows that we're not gonna stand back and let them do whatever they want. and in taiwan hundreds of people came out to show solidarity with protesters in manhattan on. the 130 we had more than 30 years of repression from the military government like we don't want to go back to that so we hope the next generation can live in a country like taiwan when everyone enjoys civil rights i mean who couldn't and that's why we're here today who will think i think i like it. and thailand to protest to share their support gathering outside the united nations offices my team candles. and burning pictures of army chief law. the. fucking man nazi cheese and l.d.
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party urged citizens to support campaigns of civil disobedience by the country's medical staff and civil servants who were going. to stop the country from becoming a military dictatorship. this situation weren't last long and our success is about to come but no you know it only. as the un to clamp down on communications it's not clear if civil disobedience will be enough to restore me and most fledgling democracy. here's some more of the stories making headlines around the world the company behind the controversial nord stream 2 project has said it is continuing expansion of the gas pipeline which is to run from russia to germany under the baltic sea the pipe laying vessel fortuna has started work despite u.s. sanctions calls are growing for germany to abandon the project over russia's
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jailing of dissident alexina found. in the us authorities say for skiers were killed and 4 others rescued after an avalanche near salt lake city utah on saturday the for survivors were able to dig themselves free and were airlifted to safety their survivors all in their twenty's and thirty's reportedly suffered only minor injuries. there only a few drugs approved to treat covert 19 but spanish scientists are hopeful that they can add another one to the list the drug pleated epson has shown promise treating the illness in early trials it comes as infection numbers in spain seem to be stabilizing after the peak of the 3rd coronavirus wave. medics working and list hours after the christmas holidays spanish intensive care units are being pushed to the limit yet again at dr maria close martine's ospital in madrid the situation is
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tense. like it would ever be scared to say that we haven't doubled our resources but practically everything is occupied is that with covert 19 patients. some of the critical patients we work to the maximum every day and that's tiring and still can't have infection numbers in spain seem to be stabilizing but there are huge worries that new virus variants will reverse and you progress. in madrid stricter measures like only a car fuse and contact restrictions are in place shops and restaurants remain open though in other parts of the country they're shut over all the trend and spain goes towards tougher anti covert measures the country is desperate to avoid implementing another shutdown. and at this new peak there is a glimmer of hope pretty depp seen a substance that could help treat 1000 patients and it is a change from marine organisms in the mediterranean fullfil actually they were not
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as cool as she was going into a field of it works like this on the virus and to sell it needs sort of a go to be happy or to copy itself and create new violin articles immediately into the player depth same does is the disconnect this photo op with a knife will end up disconnecting this photocopier it blocks the virus is going through and stops the viral cycle it really should have. the free not the armature figure we got. pleated epstein is usually used in the drug applet in it's currently only marketed to cancer treatments in australia in europe it was more to market any you court reversed that decision not just yet now clinical tests have shown that the deaths in can reduce the priority of the corona virus in the lungs of mice quite close to 99 percent scientists have also tested the drug on a small group of 45 coronavirus patients the similarity positive results. those who need to get all the indications and results that we have at the moment
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show us that the real possibility is this and that our enthusiasm is not based on dreams but on the results of sarah files or experiments the stylish. but the scientists remain cautious the stupidity steps they're pushing for the next phase of testing the trial to the much difficult code that 19 patients did successful 50 deaths in could help prevent a severe case of the disease and we need health care workers. shifting to american football now super bowl 55 kicks off on sunday in florida between the tampa bay buccaneers and the kansas city chiefs and fans are determined not to let the covert 19 pandemic overshadow the biggest spectacle in u.s. sports. kovi 19 hasn't kept these football fans from getting their taste of super bowl 55 in various fan zones in tampa with not enough tickets to go around due to
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crowd limitations for the game some fans don't even have concrete plans we're not sure what to do we cannot walk deal with more than 2 people we want to watch a game together and camp polluted i'm not sure what we're going to do but we're going to find a way camp and we're going to win this game sorry packer others have reservations about where they might end up on sunday. how we can find a berth to be honest with you our problem will probably be very p.p.o. with 5 aboard. this is probably a nice if not the right situation for me are probably watching it from the hotel room in a barrel and for those 22000 general admission fans lucky enough to have gotten tickets for the super bowl masks of course will be mandatory. oh back in your a bonus league or bottom side shaka have suffered another heavy defeat losing 3 nil
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at home to rb leipzig the visitors needed a win to stop by in munich from running clear at the top of the table and they had little trouble against a shocker side that looks an increasingly safe bet for relegation from the german top flight. it was a good disney good debut for school dr mustafa who'd been in quarantine all week after joining shaka from austin ill but when he lived he took the lead on the stroke of half time through norty mookie les it was no staffy who hadn't even trained with his new team mates ahead of kickoff who looked at form his hands off approach to marking afforded mookie les far too much space in the box and the frenchman made was stuffy pay. lights as needed to win to stop by and sitting 10 points clear at the top and last it was a bit of a strike in the 2nd half more or less sets with the result fine work from i'm telling you no in the build up and a no nonsense finish from the austrian his 4th button is the goal of the current
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campaign. in the 87th minute video ban added insult to injury when he is above the rest in the box and headed in the 3rd shout his 14th defeat of this season makes survival look at the less likely 2nd place like to stay within 7 points of league leaders by and at the top of the table. cologne moved 8 points clear of the automatic drop zone and frustrated their european and ambitions of rivals with a $21.00 win in the boondocks leader's rhine darby visitors cologne have had a rollercoaster few weeks and took an early lead through elvis rex with dry level but it was the cologne player who grabbed his 2nd and the winner in the 2nd half thanks to a defensive mistake a famous story when for cologne to sit 14th with claude stopped and said.
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we've got some breaking news for you at this moment. in india say as many as 150 people are feared dead in india after mali and glacial glacier broke and crashed into a dam we'll have more on that in the next hour you're watching news live from berlin up next our magazine shift living in the digital age will have more headlines again at the top of the hour til then i'm like hello compere in berlin. it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of a new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in cairo there's
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a shot this morning when for accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on.


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