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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2021 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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has been dramatically case. industry as a shadow over the past century has led to assertion artificial illumination so we see that most countries in the world are becoming brighter this is accelerated in recent decades particularly in asian cities all violet dots on this map show new light sources installed in india between 20122016 it's just you know horrible and inaudible it's just so you would you know you can you can just see the orange on a little cross. combined with the illusion this is the view from the u.s. apartment in mumbai he lives in the 7th floor with his family and is literally in the spotlight lights from nearby streets and the stadium shine directly into their apartment flight used to going to lake program sometimes. and the more i used to get this job i don't like you know bright lights coming into my. bedroom and it really to me because i could not. curtains and sleep masts fail to improve
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the situation so in 2018 he complained to the authorities claiming a right to darkness at 1st they ignored him even though studies link i did fish like to eye injuries sleeplessness. and maybe even the pressure some studies of chip workers have indicated that exposure to light at night could increase the risk of breast cancer but why there is a hormone. therapy rain makes called milot own in which mammals is a signal of darkness. when we don't get that hormone produced when we don't produce that hormone because we are exposed to so much later partment or as the shift worker. there in the whole working of this whole biological clock system becomes problematic. sleep digestion and blood pressure are regulated by this biological clock and here 2 of the greatest light inventions of recent decades. come into play
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these screens they're very bright and very efficient and that comes at a price we may not be able to do anything about bright lights outside but the lights we have at home are often literally in our hands. the problem is not only brightness but also color blue light from phone displace screens and any disease is similar to daylight while lights in general can suppress the production of melatonin blue light from screens and at least can do so more strongly that's why experts at harvard recommend not using bright screens or any of the lights for 2 to 3 hours before going to bed or switching to dimmer and warmer shades of light. the light at night doesn't only threaten our health there is a tremendous change because increased brightness at night time is new. this is a bill from the lightness institute of freshwater ecology and inland fisheries in
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berlin she researches the impact of light on ecosystems life is not unusual like half of the. corals birds and many other species of wildlife struggle when it's like at night where it used to be dark freshly hedged turtle struck make their way into the sea but lights near the shore can mislead them they have inland and on artificial light at night contributes to the decline in insect populations one study says the decline amounts 200000000000 every summer in germany alone such light also contributes to a decrease in nocturnal pollination activities a u.k. study found that where there's nighttime lighting trees but earlier and lose their lives later than elsewhere all these various effect on different creatures and plans together affect the environment as a whole so what can we do as individuals that might sound obvious but turn on lights only when and where. and then turn off again. that
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a motion sensor turning on and off or you use lamp shades for instance to block unwanted stray lights use lights with a warmer tone they can be just as efficient and lower the intensity when possible dimming is the magic word here. and entire cities even entire countries can adopt such solutions france for example has banned sky beams and in some places said times when lights in public spaces have to be dimmed or switched off as well as keeping the brightness of lamps and ecological in sensitive areas. i'm a creative people will be amazed this is as you get this you. and you know it needs that need to be. protests from citizens. have signaled they're.
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on the indian ministry of environment to implement laws. one day. light pollution is just one of many environmental problems in urban areas. is another serious issue especially in emerging economies. public transport systems often leave people with no alternative but to travel by car and they end up spending hours stuck in traffic. in 2020 the average car journey took 54 percent longer than it should have ingestion of more than 3 hours instead of 2 city officials have a plan to change. that p.r.
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is already top of the line this logo says this is an electric attention grabbing and visible to everyone there are $500.00 of them and more than any other city in europe. the plan is for all buses in moscow to go electric by 2030. appears to have gone down well with the passengers. drive so smoothly that you can hardly feel anything it's so cold. i think electric buses are a great concept i need a little. recharging only takes a few minutes that's enough to power the buses on $36.00 routes. passengers can charge their cell phones on u.s.b. ports. project director. knows the advantages of the new buses. transforming moscow in terms of ecological public transport this is a new generation of electric busses there is fast dynamic and maneuverable as
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normal buses but they're also ecologically clean and don't make any noise. some residents are mourning the old trolley buses from which only the contact lines remain eventually they'll go to. the bus driver yes kenny mahoney and used to drive a trolley pass to him the new electric buses are a big improvement. from our boys in the past we always had to climb on the roof of the bus and switch out the contact to the connects to the current collector. during rain frost and snow it was a special year at 18 with these buses it's not necessary up to a charging station recharge the battery and off you go but where does this power come from. have a unified energy system and all of the power plants and their electricity to it these can be atomic or wind powered power plants unfortunately we still don't know
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whether a specific you know what i was come from and we don't you know much thought i had a. trial it's also electric power and is expanding rapidly new stations are popping up the breakneck speed some of them in areas the tonto already built up. the transit system follows that amount many russians from poorer regions are moving to moscow which is a rich metropolis with millions of residents the metro is the fastest way to get from a to b. . this is happening at record speed. in 10 years the metro system has almost doubled in size. during this. yes the city has opened $145.00 new metro in the train stations and almost $44.00 more a planned by 2024 plus a 3rd metro bring is being felt. the new stations are state of the art and boast individual designs that even have little luxuries including
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a virtual library stocked with text by russian authors that can be accessed by cell phone. but the expansion of moscow's metro system has also generated criticism. this protest is in opposition to the expansion of the metro system people here are sad to see the green space overtaken by a metro line they believe the restructuring of moscow by its current matt is the wrong way to go they feel the modern moscow including the new metro lines isn't that this view is shared by local politician yes mean fuck me. lost what moscow isn't getting better all more beautiful the city is destroying itself and losing its uniqueness. yasmeen and other opponents say there's no reason for a station where because the district already has enough public transit. beyond that
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they say the metro line is much too shallow and threatens the foundations of old buildings. oh cut those chords and how does that work is not a fast that means without inspections or expert reports we've discovered that expert reports are bought and sold their findings aren't reliable they're just a formality they reports without a real foundation. in european democracies the speed with which moscow's metro was built would be unimaginable. but sure but what about those rushes in all terra tarion regime many decisions can simply be carried out from above without considering public opinion that of course no. things move out more quickly with a state decides in the state does it but it often leads to mistakes when we don't ask the public what they think when they don't understand why they protest. many moscow residents are welcoming the new transit possibilities including call sharing
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moscow has the biggest car sharing feat in europe 6 companies and 26000 cars. with these new sustainable transit options moscow hopes to get the traffic jams and pollution under control. and not fit for this edition of global 3 that is if you have any comments on today's show do e-mail us at global 3000 dot t.w. dot com until next time it's a bottle and take care. of .
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indiana. i am an established resource so it's been a somewhat discredited. but today camp is on to the highs and the family is for example in the valley the tourists are gone fix me. in for him
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all the things that are made from. 30 minutes on d w. with him how to being done because of it as well the highest i know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my harrison in that dangerous part of the theme of the open a beautifully it would. but that one of the would have to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there wasn't going to. want to know their story and for my great stir fried and reliable information for margaret's. it's about billions. it's about
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power. it's about the foundation of a new movie order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network also in europe conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable but in beneforti ever since a chinese investor got involved here our situation has changed because for the for was privatized the work was much better and easier. china is promising us foreigners are rich but in europe there's a sharpness. whoever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on it the commitment of the shaking of the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding concerning of status and position in the world to be fair to the buckboard 1000000 played china's
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gateway to europe short feb 19th on d w. played . to the c.w. news live from berlin and tensions boil over in the on mark police used water cannon against peaceful protesters and warned them to leave or be dispersed by force people are demanding the return of democracy after a military coup. also coming up at least 18 people are dead in northern india.


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