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tv   Sri Lanka  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2021 3:15pm-4:01pm CET

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the health care workers we have managed to secure some doses of the johnson and johnson in that scene and those will start to be all about within the next week or 2 so it we haven't really impacted that much on our initial starting date what we have impacted is our scale that we now have to take a more prudent approach to scale up while we scaling up the johnson and johnson vaccine we will in parallel also be doing so with the esters senator to assess its efficiency against hospitalization. or saline abdul karim south africa's leading infectious diseases specialist now let's take a look at some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic british authorities say it is likely that people will need booster shots of the covered 1000 vaccine and then subsequent annual vaccinations and just like flu shots south korea has launched a testing program for pet cats and dogs after it 1st reported covered 19 after its
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1st covered 19 case in a kit and a test will be limited to pet showing symptoms that have been exposed to someone who's tested positive in the united states has passed 27000000 cases the highest in the world president biden has warned that it will be difficult to vaccinate 3 quarters of the population and to achieve herd immunity by the end of the summer of the united nations is warning people in the war torn ethiopian region of teague right are facing a desperate fight for survival much of the health services collapse with medicines looted aid agencies say that out of 40 hospitals only 11 a fully functioning if you declare victory over rebels in the region 2 months ago but the full extent of the devastation left by the fighting is only now emerging. this refugee camp in ethiopia in the south of tikrit i finally get a delivery of aid from the un since the war started 3 months ago access to food has become a problem for millions of people. satellite images repeal and other problem 2
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of the refugee camps in the north and no longer fit for human habitation. it appears these camps are not collateral damage of the ongoing conflicts but that they were destroyed on purpose and. if true that would be a severe violation of international law says the un refugee agency around $10000.00 people from these camps have no place to sleep some have to drink water out of puddles or a tree bark human rights organizations are reporting atrocious crimes against civilians the warring parties blame each other a quick end to the armed conflict is not in sight the tikker a people's liberation front is easing to relent tactics. they withdrew to the hills. and they have been then engaged in a series of attacks all. trucks all call voice
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the international community is worried ethiopia has been vital in the fight against terrorism and its economy was thought to be on the up. much of central northern europe is in the grip of extreme winter weather the storm dubbed the beast from the east is back and temperatures have plunged. transport services are facing widespread disruption the flooding has hit southwest france belgium and germany are struggling with high winds deep snow and icy conditions. a blanket of snow and icy temperatures in berlin the city hadn't experienced such a wintry weather conditions in years temperatures dropped below minus 10 degrees as the snow piled up on the city's streets icy wind blew snow went all directions the weather caused some disruption to transport in the city. some urban train lines are experiencing delays and it can be hard to drive or walk on the streets because of
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snow and ice but the real storm and the real disruptions are happening elsewhere in germany. up to 30 centimeters of snow fell in some areas of the country with gusts of winds blowing snow meters high into the air. railway services were suspended across parts of central and northern germany with trains and able to travel between frankfurt berlin and him. road traffic was also disrupted with trucks and cars getting stuck on snow filled highways in central germany. we have at least 30 centimeters of snow here the winter road clearance services are working nonstop but due to the extremely heavy snowfall we have absolutely no chance of keeping the highway clear. the weather isn't expected to get warmer any time
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soon while snow should start falling temperatures will dip even lower made colder by a freezing wind next week should finally bring some respite from the cold. chilling detail that correspondent you know hasa out on balance a snowy streets welcome back mina how's it looking. it is very cold but i must say by linda is also extremely pretty in the snow and currently it's about minus 9 degrees here where i am we've got about 5 centimeters of snow on the ground and as the report said it's been a while so the last time belin saw a proper winter with a few consecutive days of snowfall was in 2010 so it is not something that you see every day having said all this of course it's something that does disrupt traffic the report mentioned that as well some of the regional train lines are still interrupted and then there's a speed limit can you believe that on the local out only allowed to drive 60
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kilometers an hour instead of $100.00 so people are saying the authorities are urging people to be extremely vigilant and careful and of course this condition does have an effect on berlin's many homeless people there's an organization that organizes warming buses for people who don't have a shelter and they say that in the space of 3 hours they received up to 300 phone calls right i what about the rest of the country much worse i'm led to believe. that is true there are some regions that are much more effective where they had to close an airport for example the small one indoor planes were diverted to the much bigger cologne and bon appetit there then on the weekend there was a football match that had to be cancelled again something that you don't see in germany every day and of course there have been some heavy traffic jams and
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including severe injuries of people but of course one thing is also true that penn demick is helping in a bit because more people are working from home schools and kindergartens are still closed so there are not that many people out and about which is making life for the authorities a bit easier so how is the weather looking for the rest of the way should we expect more of this. but lynn is expecting this condition to continue well into tuesday so we are going to have at least another 10 centimeters of snow and the temperatures are going to stay below 0 but that is nothing compared to the record temperatures that so many so in the winter of 7879 where temperatures stayed below minus 20 for a while and we had about 2 metres of snow we're not there yet this is a nice winter for children to enjoy sledging i will let you go back to snowboarding
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then thank you for joining us today ok correspondent. i'm sure the biggest event in american sports quarterback tom brady had a great game as the tampa bay buccaneers beat the kansas city chiefs home field in the super bowl security 7 super bowl title the most of any n.f.l. player gave the city of tampa big reason to posse. even the pandemic couldn't keep these hands off the streets masks and social distancing were nowhere in sight not after the tampa bay buccaneers stomped kansas city $31.00 to $9.00 to win the super bowl the victory exceeded all expectations. the gravy to me that brady just turned and went to see him go in every field but again like i said it's kind of a very nice little box where my whole life i used to go to all gave the big stone
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broke. 'd all my buddies back call him you know he gave them a student you know all the bet against the boxing you can't bet against tom brady that's and you really can't tom brady threw 3 touchdown passes he also seed a record 7th super bowl title and a 5th m.v.p. award but was this championship more special. girl special in there although. it's been amazing year maysan year restocked a good start 7th you would have had a rough stretch where we kind of found her identity and played a lot better football down last december january and just relate proud of all the guys proud of all the coaches after we put in i to understand just how impressive all this is no other player in the n.f.l. has won more than 5 super bowls brady is also the oldest player to win the championship he's 43 but age is just a number and tom brady continues to fly high.
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in but there's plenty of football i'm from far to collect in 3 important points on sunday after completing a 31 win at hoffenheim the coach of the huta has now faced hoffenheim 6 times during his tenure and from 1st on one every time sunday's triumph so i interact extend the sparkling run of form and move up into the champions league places in the german table. with 16 points from a possible 18 this year frankfurt of the in-form team of 2021 every reason then for culture the letter to korea relaxed ahead of his trash with hoffenheim. in the 15th many feel it cost each was sick $3.00 on frankfurt's left flank and the serbian had the back of the net in his sights he blasted his shot past all of about one and into the bottom corner to open the schools. hoffenheim drew level directly after
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the break when either a spare blue kept cool in possession before finding the very same bottom corner with his finish. my but just past the hour mark frank put him back with 2 goals in quick succession. first off a course that free kick was not hit home by defender evan. and 2 minutes later provided another this time setting up on dre silva for the prolific portuguese strikers 17 league goal of the 6. 31 the final score as frankfurt's exceptional run of form continues at the hoops are so right on now up to full in the table. this is d.w. news life still to come on news asia after the u.k. china's state broadcast of its links with the communist party that's what tells you why this was the right decision. but as bad as it will last about story
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in just a moment a state of lose a job in fact at the top of the hour with news of the day.
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these cancer research benefiting from the fight against corona virus doctors in germany are testing out a new vaccine that comes from the same laboratories being used by penn demick researchers it's designed to help the body find chancer cells on its own without any edge approach this vaccine is tailored to the immune system of each patient to morrow to do a. google search team to believe it was 260 s.
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like a bunch of the cli because i wanted to see if germany was but maybe the last few years have been quite o'brian brilliant. and learned a lot higher but when it comes to germany as on the whole so was left in the us virgin is perhaps the biggest on the new i'll be a blood i'm going all the way up for it i love to be in the news there are pros in their accounts but when you feed them all together you'll realize that cultures of the noble way of living are you ready to meet the dr and i'm going to be right. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons. there are many cancers. and there are many stories.
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make up your. job made for mines. this is. coming up today for links to the communist. china. is. controlled by the chinese communist china holds the banned ideological prejudice we speak to someone who's experienced 1st hand. plus. out of stores pomander the put on of our friends is forcing children in indian villages out of education as daily survival takes time. and
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a taste of more time to take on the way to rebut join a group of people in target i'm just dying for a fresh start. i'm british welcome to did up the news a show glad you could join us china. has threatened a response after the u.k.'s media watchdog last week banned a chinese television network in the u.k. china a global television network or c g t and for short was asked to stop u.k. or broadcasts due to its links to the chinese communist party acting on a complaint off the u.k.'s media regulator said the links breached the country's editorial control guidelines you might know c.t.m. better bites for my name the state broadcaster c.c.t.v. c g t n was the rebranded name given to c.c.t.v.
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international language channels including english the offical burn did not go down well with the chinese government which responded with these comments. of comments or precede broadcast in the u.k. on political grounds it politicizes issues on a technical level seriously hurts the survival of chinese media and seriously interferes with the normal exchanges between the 2 countries china resolutely opposes this idiot in power if the british side talks about freedom of the press but ignores the facts and interferes in the dissemination of c g t and in the u.k. this is a blatant double standard empirical suppression. and joining me now is peter dahl and he's director of the human rights group a safeguard defenders that filed the complaint but of course that led to see gittins u.k. license being revoked peter welcome what was the complaint that your organization
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had fired and. thanks for having me the complaint filed was exactly one year ago held that c g t n has no editorial independence and they said direct tool of the chinese communist party political party and chinese police and therefore were in violation of the u.k.'s broadcasting law. no a one man been from the chinese foreign ministry called off comms actions court a blatant double standard and political suppression how do you react to that. well there's nothing surprising really about that c g t n like any party or political or state organ in china operates with pretty much total impunity and that's what they're used to when they're held accountable to existing rules such as is happening right now they tend to scream up double standards but in reality of course is the exact opposite here for the 1st time we're seeing that c g t
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n is being held accountable to existing rules that they have show since you ignore for many years which particular rules are you talking about given that you had experience with siege here and why you would in china enter into 16. well the complaints would came out now and the result of course has to do with editorial independence or lack thereof we've also filed a number of complaints concerning force televised confessions something that i personally had experience with that we show illustrates this lack of editorial independence where the chinese media is operating on orders from the chinese police and the political party to make and broadcast these kind of forced televised confessions long before suspects trial and they're often broadcast as a direct foreign policy tool and in my own case and even though i was kept in a secret facility and even the prosecutor was denied access to me as c.c.t.v.
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the parent company a journalist was given access to me to record one of these ludicrous confessions with the c.c.t.v. reporter and myself sat with the same paper with prebreathe then answers and question and sort of acted out almost like a theater drama. and of course c.c.t.v. n.c.t. and are well aware of this they're active participant in this quite severe human rights violation of denying someone access to do a fair trial and they then broadcast them on orders of the c.c.p. across europe so this is not only in violation of broadcasting rules but also the european convention on human rights which all the regulatory bodies in europe must and are legally bound to defend briefly peter does all forms actions in the u.k. provide a template for action against the communist party's media negative. it does indeed the most important thing here is not to get c.t.'s off the air they have every
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right to broadcast their propaganda like everyone else but they must be forced to learn that outside of china they do not operate without being held accountable if there are existing rules to apply to show you know as well not just to the rest of us but i do believe this this drastic decision will raise a few eyebrows around europe were cheaper regulation is a lot more lax and the u.k. has a much stronger sort of framework bit of leave it there are the timing but thank you so much for joining us meanwhile a chinese born australian journalist employed by c.g.i. in beijing has been arrested on suspicion of court supplying state secrets overseas chang in a a prominent business on currency gittin was detained by chinese authorities 6 months ago without explanation she emigrated to australia as a child before returning to china and joining the state broadcaster in 2012 she now faces severe punishment be found to have broken china's national security laws
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here's what australia's foreign minister had to say. we have consistently raised strong concerns about her detention regularly at the most senior levels and we continue to seek assurances of her being treated appropriately humanely in courtice with international standards and that will continue to be the case and john his family released a statement saying they're convinced of that innocence they said their respective china judicial process and the authorities to bring this matter court to a swift compassionate and timely conclusion. now like in many other countries covered 19 prevented children in india from attending school for most of last year while some schools have now reopened for many children in india's villages going back isn't an option anymore. i sent them on started apprenticing 6 weeks ago at this furniture shop in
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a village in the tradition the shy 12 year old has been half heartedly listening to instructions. he's clearly not enjoying it. i want to go back to school. meet my friends i don't want to work here. but he doesn't really have an option nor does his younger brother who joined him here a few days ago. bought off following their father's instructions up to him on is out of work himself. with school schools for nearly a year now and due to the court all know iris he has given up hope that education will secure them will be a man says he's only looking out for their future is one way schools are being closed they were studying but they aren't doing anything now we've asked them to work out of just ration so that they can learn something hopefully a livelihood is schools reopened and they leave work to lose out if they stay and
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help to survive there's no advantage in going to school now. the state government has just announced the junior classes are set to resume but a sudden i'll just need to stay here cool to support their family. high school classes resume back in october but children younger than 15 years have hardly studied for the better part of a year. at best the by no way that i'm playing with their friends at worst they are forced into labor or a matador. to the being told that he has widening endlessly about this especially about the 400 children who attended his school his class is much smaller now he just helps his own daughters with their studies. private schools like saudis educated close to hostile children often feel very little money. now his own
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school survival is at stake so that he waived his hundreds of people are approximately bundle monthly fees joining the lock down he still feels that many can't afford to continue sending their children a lot of material mob of most of the children are accompanying their parents to work. i fear 70 percent of them will drop out we try to appeal to the parents to keep educating their kids but they just say if we don't have money how are we supposed to send our children to school. but there were a number. the lack of resources also the without online education todd she says. if parents already can't afford a nominal fee how can they pay for multiple smart phones for all the children at home education has not been a priority in his village he says and a tad been an uphill battle even before the lockdown hit charges he is excited to see the children again soon but he's also realistic he knows that even if just
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a quarter of them show up he can count it as a victory. you can call it the ultimate fresh start dying to be reborn that's what many people in thailand try to experience by taking part in mock funerals and now during the covered. the ceremonies taking on a special significance. laid to rest to avoid an early grave at least that's the hope of these worshippers on the outskirts of bangkok more than $100.00 devotees visit the temple each day to undertake this rebirthing ceremony they hope it will improve their fortunes or at least give them a fresh start. the ceremony aims to make people ponder about death it reminds people that one day we will die so we must be careful about the way we live our lives the big. under the monk's careful instruction the hopefuls lay in
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the coffin facing west and switch sides to symbolize rebirth the 100 bart or 3 year 050 covers the flowers and candles it's a small price they say for a new start for some at least the pressures of life during the pandemic have given the ritual an even greater importance. and i have to admit i'm stressed these days because i'm earning less because of the pandemic. i'm sure everyone here is feeling the same. but that by. happy now i went to see a fortune teller who said my life is threatened this year that it made me feel stressed that's why i'm here today because i want to feel better. i feel like i came back to life became
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a new person i left the bad things from my past in the coffin. to die and be reborn the ultimate 2nd chance. that's it for today there's more now web site. we're back tomorrow at the same time . the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word i would think of nico is in germany to serve food.
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why not learn with telling her. to do stuff if it's simple online on your mobile and free. d.w.b. learning course. german made easy. i knew more contagious variant of the corona virus could be behind a more serious 2nd wave in south africa. the 1351 could also be the 1st mutation to be to existing back seen a small study shows the astra zeneca inoculation on the opposite limited protection against mild versions of the buriat and that's the back seen much of africa was banking on. in a moment we'll talk to overall just involved in that astra zeneca study and put
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this into context but 1st let's look at some of the other factors driving case numbers in south africa. down fatigue are also being liked. as the developed world gathers momentum and vaccinating its populations south africa is fighting a coronavirus mutation. that every guy has just come out of its 2nd wave of current affairs and fictions within the last period of 2020 and as a research institute are very concerned that this may or may not be related to the new strain of coronavirus infection which has been found in the country. very interest been associated with a higher bar load in infected people making it more transmissible and leading to sharp spikes in infections. south africa recorded over 15000 covert deaths in the last month and its hospitals were filled to capacity. to. everything so we have had an unexpected strong 2nd wave in south
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africa it came earlier than with anticipated and it was much steeper in terms of numbers there were 2 reasons for this one was we think mass gatherings before the christmas period there were young people getting together but also that we hadn't really controlled the numbers of people for example at funerals so mass gatherings drove this partly but that coincided with the emergence of the new variant which has indeed increased transmission from one person to another so 2 things at the same time. this seems to be confirmed by researchers on the ground. we found the participants particularly in our research they have not been compliant to learn from this and to go into the insurance they would be non-compliant to travelling restrictions particularly across provinces they've also been non-compliant to self isolation after testing positive as well as attending parties
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. adjourns to personal protection measures are also slipping like in my boning an inner city cultural hub in johannesburg. moving was somewhat cool to and i mean changes in the night to drink it and i spoiled it makes the moscowitz so that i had to move the mask but i haven't been thinking towards a singing it's on. the locals are beginning to tire of some of the world's strictest lockdown measures and skepticism is taking hold. there's no koran that. doesn't exist. doesn't exist prison term of mind. while struggling entrepreneurs are taking risks in order to survive would be difficult to adhere to the rules of social distancing and knowing fully so that's
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a bit of a challenge but you know you know i don't want to chase the last little card that i have so i'll do all that i can just to try and keep it keep you know keep the shop open. exactly what role did recently discovered variant is playing in local infection rates remains to be seen. we are not particularly sure about what this puts this coronavirus infection strain will do in terms of the medication and the vaccines we have that's part of. we hoping to have some very exciting information in the next few weeks which will answer some of those questions and give us some more guidance around this particular issue. but until scientists can be sure south africa needs to remain cautious as vaccine rollout has only just begun. let's talk about new variants and the efficacy of vaccines with they're all just penny mostly joins us from the woods university at the national institute for communicable diseases she contributed to the laboratory aspects of this south
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african study on the astra zeneca vaccine penny what's the main takeaway from that study. the main takeaway from the astra zeneca study in south africa is that the vaccine provides little to no if it can see against what we define as mild to moderate disease and that is a setback and that as a result of that finding the south african government has for now suspended the rollout of the esters and scene which was imminent and it's very important to note that that study was limited by the fact that it enrol people who were generally relatively young and for that reason this trial was unable to define whether the astra zeneca vaccine was able to protect from severe disease from the let's not just point of view and from a public health point of view that is the primary aim a vaccination is to protect people from from dying from sars could be to and so that is a major unanswered question with the asters and it could china stage in the meantime though what does it mean for south africa unfortunately it means that we need to we
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need to start looking beyond the astra zeneca vaccine this is something that we have been doing as a country and so that it has been integral involved in testing several other vaccines and we have turned technical trials in this country for the johnson and johnson vaccine the know that extra vaccine and so we are very well placed to understand how effective those specs scenes are and continue will continue to be against both the old parent and so that recur but also importantly against the new variant that has been scrapped. but as for then it has vaccine has also been seen to not be effective among all the people in other countries then we have this problem with the effects on younger people infected with milder cases what's it mean for this actual vaccine and at the end of the day. so it was all that seems we constantly work out the tradeoff between the efficacy and measured as
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a single number that we hear in the press and realistically high on how easy it is to to roll that out in a country yesterday because that scene is very cost effective it's very easy to transport and so that that lack of if a casy against mild and moderate disease if offset by potential if it can see it in severe disease is balanced by that important need to be able to achieve coverage and that coverage is very important for achieving what we here call her protection so with esther's any and with all that scene's and there is a constant evaluation of all of the benefits and all of the disadvantages of a vaccine in a particular situation now this is a very it is already making its way around the world how how should other countries be about this variant that's important to understand to 2 things in this area that was that identified 1st inside africa is not going to stay in south africa and viruses do not respect borders and in fact it has already been detected in several
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other countries as your beers are probably aware but i think the 2nd thing to understand is that it's not just the south african variants that is worrying us a similar variant has been detected that arose completely independently in brazil the variant detected in the u.k. has not acquired one of the new tensions that we most concerned about is point for me tension and so it's clear that the virus is independently evolving away from the small sensed of phenotype so more resistant state so it's not simply a matter of being concerned about one variant we have to understand in general how the virus is evolving and many just explain to me why it's me taking to the same pattern. it may take to the same pattern because in general people have a very similar response immune response to that ours so when are you studying somebody in brazil or the u.k. or in so that africa i mean systems tend to behave in a very similar manner and we actually have systems actively target what's called
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receptive binding demand and that happens to be exactly where these mutations are located and the fact that everybody has a very similar response that ours means that the virus we have you study it tends to have a very similar pattern in escaping from from antibodies and this is what viruses do best and this is the cat and mouse game that characterizes all our own infections of humans is an ongoing race between viral evolution and the immune system in this case but the immune response and therefore the arse parts ways are pretty similar or on just any hole thank you very much for being on the show today thanks bill. time now for your questions of the ta science correspondent there. as the sars kovi to virus inevitably continues to mutate could it also mutate to become less deadly. this is complicated but here goes the short answer is yes that could happen and we hope it will but there's no guarantee scientists used to
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believe that pathogens always evolved to grow less deadly because it was thought a deadly disease isn't an effective disease the reasoning was that if a pathogen kills its host especially if it kills that host quickly then it lowers its own chances of being passed on so less deadly more transmissible variants should have an evolutionary advantage right well the problem with that logic is that the reluctance can also be viewed as an advantage because the sicker the host grows the more likely they are to give their pathogen to someone else since they're shedding more of it some so we actually think there's kind of an evolutionary tradeoff between transmissibility and virulence and there are certainly pathogens for instance the birkie loss' bacteria that have been infecting
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humans for thousands of years yet still kill large numbers of people to see what the future might hold for coated 19 therefore scientists have been looking at the other coronaviruses known to infect humans and in particular the 4 that we think have been doing it for quite a while they only cause my old cold like symptoms interestingly that might have less to do with them and more to do with us especially with our children one theory is that repeated exposure to those other. coronaviruses and early childhood might be helping to prevent more severe cases of the sicknesses they could cause later in life the source code too does become endemic background illness in our society then later generations of children will be exposed to it early at an age
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when it rarely makes you seriously ill and that in turn should make subsequent exposures much less dangerous or at least that's the hope. there for us. thanks for watching stay safe and i'll see you again very soon i like . to. be.
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the 1st quote. is cancer research benefiting from the fight against corona virus and doctors in germany are testing out in means die. scene that comes from the same laboratory is being used by pandemic researchers it's designed to help the body fight scenes or cells. with a cutting edge approach this vaccine is tailored to the immune system of each patient tomorrow today. be observing a small until you know. it's
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about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of a new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in kind of there's a shot of the morning whenever except some money from the new superpower will become dependent on the image of the state. the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal to go and that's how the expanding asserting its status and position in the world of. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. one continent
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700000000 people. all with their own personal stories. explored every day life for. what europeans fear and what they hope for. all of europe. long d.w. . you're going to unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to vast land. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness. that matters. made for mines.
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this is the problem. tensions in me and mobs boil over please use war against peaceful protesters and want them to leave will be dispersed by force demonstrators are demanding the return of democracy following last week's military coup also on the program at least 18 dead is more than $118.00 missing in india as a class you have brakes releasing devastating flood waters for rescuers search for dozens of power plant workers trapped in a tunnel. in american.


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