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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2021 1:30am-2:01am CET

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china is promising huge partners rich. but it broke there's a morning program for exceptional news from good superpower we become dependent on the. chinese gateway to. start feb 19th on d w. o . one. january has flown by and the fund is a good transfer window closed with a crash teams of praying fresh faces can lend
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a helping hand while others will take improvements wherever they can get them to. catch a world cup winner's time he could direct them bring much needed stability but a happy one does lead to return was never really on the cards as how to host the leading bayani. fellow strugglers shellcode were also busy shoppers striving squadron misto fi straight into the fire against light switch but the leak 2nd best side went particularly perturbed by shell because newcomers once again flexing their attacking muscles. leave the queues and also brought in reinforcements in january though their established stars did just as much heavy lifting in their explosive dismantling of stuttgart to. match a 20 with funky fashions. new faces. stormy weather and golds a little. yes downstage with hats and. there's
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never a quite minute catherine bell in this week they signed the world cup winner to help them in the battle against the draw. have to hope sami can direct can provide much needed leadership. is a big name with a big dream a lot but some question marks as will the rest last full match for the previous club eventis was in september 2019. so it was no surprise to those who have followed his recent career that could be arrested this match on the bench where he watched his new club create the 1st chance in a feisty 1st top performance play went back and forth and by never really managed to gain the upper hand. but 11 minutes in the guest were
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awarded a golden opportunity opinions. on the matter for robert levin dusky who hadn't missed from the spot in 2 years until now. well perry but will be asked on 11 belsky's run of 16 consecutive converted penalties screeching to a halt. the fact that biden would take the lead just 10 minutes later had more to do with luck than anything else. kingsley kimonos harmless shot was we could lead afflicted by nicholas stock leaving our stein. open . by and headed into the break with the slimmest of leads. to deraa isn't the only new signing in berlin left wing and the money ever gone yet she came on to his hat to debate and. instantly improved their
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attacking play. the serbia international is on loan from a limb pique my say and looks like he could really help his new club. by and meanwhile struggled not only did live in dusty missy's penalty this was his 1st goal this game in 9 matches while berlin left their biggest chance for the 2nd half of the 89th minute. came agonizingly close but most ago. had to could and should have done more in this match but it wasn't meant to be one of the old the final score. line claim to the 3 points they came for and then wanted to get out of the building asap but waiting for the faith the club world cup in joe hockey and had a plane to catch but the snow that slowed them down the lane has an overnight flight ban and barnes plane missed the cut off point by 3 minutes.
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the team spent the night on the tarmac and arrived in to top their week by saturday afternoon. back to 900 shores and let's not forget had his kid here he came on with 10 minutes to spare and one incident to show for it he got a yellow card for complaining but he also told he's team mates a thing or 2 about attitude there's no longer any missing with half. of my experience after have them i have to push them we are not the names the situation is so i try to give them confidence and by the most important i am on the pitch to . show my skill to show mike what it is because those in the one i see that he is really match fit which is different than in training and he can really play and then there's not much to say. grogan if you don't see that could be your a side build enough. failed when they lost 6 matches and will hope they newcomers
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quickly and have to up the only club to place their survival hopes on a world cup winner. in the stuff he returns to germany for his book in this league. he's a former world champion with germany of course and brings plenty of much needed top level experience to his new team and for shellcode right now beating the drop looks easier than winning the world cup. and the new signing from also wasted no time making an impact his immediate mission was to ensure that it would not be plain sailing for light stage stuff he had been unable to join a single training session gita coronavirus quarantine it was clearly not a test of practice of the tackling front. and for a while at least he and his team mates managed to keep the visitors in check.
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but going forward the hosts only threaten the lights a goal just once in the 1st half and even that was after a mishap from noting ricky aly and if striker mark root felt unlucky there there was worse to come a shout because danger man had to be subbed off with the slight injury. and while things were already looking bad for shall. be headed light into the lead given far too much space by the stuffy the man brought in to shore up the shock a defense. 5 at least shall come ascot elvin still looked sort of upbeat but in the 2nd half missed all feel looked out of form and off the pace at 2nd place let's see who really took control. of the group. they gave a footballing lesson in the 73rd. minutes and no nonsense but super slick move by
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stiff the muscle sabates up to now i this was mr face 1st day in his native bundesliga but here he wasn't feeling that if anything was looking increasingly last. towards the end something resembling a chance for a shocker but there was no way either was stuffy or anyone else was ever going to beat paycheck lush each of this free kick. like say fed better with that set pieces . with 3 minutes left of billy oban made it strange hedging it from a corner. and then chance for famine and none for shall come either. it was hardly a dream dead view for one man. it's in fact that your club is artistic doesn't do much of. organising i don't feel it from israel so as
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a central defender you need to lead and organize the team from the back. i found that difficult today because you don't have much time to think on the pitch and there are a couple of names i haven't quite memorized yet. but there are a great bunch of lads so i'm not giving them any blame this time for. a car full of mom. again stuffy will not want to memorize. one match that was certainly less one sided was the rhine dobby between that best and cologne which featured on a match day here at. the job. that is a. the
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building. feels great we knew would be tough here at club but we believed in ourselves we had to stay tight in we were ruthless in the end follow your work. is a wonderful kid i can tell you as a coach it's a joy to have players like him in your squad they're devoted into everything for the team. and there are no country. for the compact and more from the. performance.
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of. cologne fans were busy with the fireworks before their team had even a running back for the hotly away to drying dehlvi although only the diehards would have bet on them winning. the full unbeaten in 8 surely cologne could not mancow rosenstein most stick. it was certainly no disappointment among those looking for a feisty delving got the captain lush tindall picked up a booking off to this intervention on elvis rex which i. found seconds later rex the child left his opponents standing. as the hosts to delete. the show did take a deflection but cologne was complaining. that they were on the receiving end of a similar twist of fate when florian knowing how st let's. see
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my whole know downs have it covered the world needs you with a double defection. from one old. most of the action that followed was more of the less savory variety. but it was got back who served up the game to colognes liking. thanks to stephanie lined up putting the winning gold on the plate for rex but chinese. city won and it's dull be bragging rights. gladsome appeared confused on seeing the new jerseys borne by his new club spot the pandemic monts were as always sporting a multicolored tribute to the carnival season. and it was party time indeed as they
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earned a penalty against when your. car in an easy work had the ball past and negotiate a bit. but a stamp on the foot meant a spot. mike said previously put away 29 penalties in succession. cuts a surge. it turned out to be the winner. might be cancelled but in mind the win wasn't. one trash truck on the scene of the moment and they didn't exactly as they say a lead against the. 5th hostage with yet. frank then took their fish off the pedal and each seat hoffenheim says the last 15
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sweeps through their ranks for the equalizer. pick chinup frank let's thank a customer with a slow response to evans indy car and the visitors came friends. and it was close to each again delivering straight to the head of andre silva. frankfurt steam on as they dream of a top full finish. felt it was really hard but germany's cold snap their match against braman was postponed it's now set to go ahead. most good looking out already in said spot. and against alex bug my mess with the magic as the bulls started with the same trusted team full 4 games in a row. only the gladness winning
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formula is based on the 2nd best defense in the bundesliga. with statistically the best shortstop around their current steals with a 73 percent safe rate and that coupled with a highly effective attack and those quick counters took their toll against our blog . about the cost with his 14th of the season. and wheedle but his is also good for a goal that's his 4th of the campaign not bad for a defender. to nail as to easy for the wolves. it's not often you see christians strike happy surely dortmund hadn't stumbled. yet of sorts away so i got off to a. smashing the ball walked. back freiburg we're
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determined to get something out of this 700 game in the bone this week. and went ahead just after the restart button. and 7 minutes into the 2nd half your need to fancy his chances against martin hit. the basement go it might have a goalie problem of course you have to think about why was there a shot and when you see realised he was the holding that position very easy lee with one with one skill the 2 players been out of the game and then the shot and the position of the shot was very unlucky and i think it was a goal that we could have stopped. but that. still doesn't explain the feat even if 16 year old yourself from the cocos managed to pull one back. christian's life over the moon having finally taken dortmund at the 17th attempt
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a beautiful day for him a. good game. to look for things into what meant is that pool full body becomes his fault mine is still useful game going in mind for the d.m. usually banksia. plans of finding that steve and then are just struggling to finish them for one season and possibly going to my mates on the table to deal with a shock from pulling everything out it off the players that was his life for the food sitting talking to do amends for a change to the champions league inconsistency good health crisis the. nefesh really annoying to be standing here and talking about the same things over and over again we have no choice but to stay positive work hard and always be ready to put in the extra mile he doesn't prefer from the 1st minute to 14 because of the
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poor chap said she it's hard to prove a point when you keep releasing maybe it really is a problem with this team saturday we'll keep an eye on it's. going to move for. a good living fusion visit was one with keeping your eye on primarily thanks to the hosts coming off 3 straight defeats including a cup exit to minnows they were not made for most of. the stick got crossed and the chalet kept them at by minutes in live accusing unrelenting pressure paid off. i must work for. the for the 1st attempts but karin de mir by improvised finish was nothing to sneeze at either. one will. live accuse and was stringing together passes at leisure as if to. dimia but again
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with the 2nd. half an hour gone and the stuttgart keeper not just mad about getting not made but also and he's a different defense in fact the deficit could have been fucked right up by the break. but after half time his side showed why they'd known for their lethal attacking 3. 5 minutes into the 2nd half and substitute such a collided she pulled off a cheeky chip to put stuttgart back in the game. even if not for long. because shortly afterwards the same stuttgart showed their meekness at the back. the obvious gain ran riot in the box to set up. that was where the queues and stood the visitors made it look like target practice leverkusen work at least hitting the target again and their stride it was the
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obvious 2nd assist of the game. and his 3rd wasn't long coming. pinpoint cross to florrie invents and it was goal number 4 for live accuser for the season from a 17 year old one to keep. the strip got back once again looked like statues and one guy really wasn't enjoying it. for a go leverkusen was making it a nightmare afternoon for him and even had the luxury of bringing in 2 new recruits to spend jeremy frimpong signed from celtic. and struggled to morrow. driving from list to city. studio did manage to get the guns firing up front again. but the next nicely taken gullah began to make it for true.
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but live accuse him was simply too good to just with guns defense to force with 6 minutes to go it was left to one of the new guys to wed to live accusing tally. i'm and to the frustration of the stuttgart goalie to mari gray took just 10 minutes on the pitch to open his bundesliga accounts for the highest scoring game of the weekend had a clear winner and a few scrum to wriggle. who didn't get into the into the in fights the 2nd balls were always for leverkusen so this isn't. it's ok if we won. we should have scored more goals it was an intense game. but in the end where we're happy to win because that was the most important of today if you were not successful in the last
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weeks then the win is the most important 5 goals in one outing live accuse and seemed to be back on track while to mari grey made a 1st impression. the best news that the match day came from one of the bundesliga is. to mari grey at premier league winner with leicester to leave the queues and on deadline day a dream downes recently. placed. makes at. during tax. i don't shut down suddenly. i didn't finish my. brain knows good. morning i'm fine i'm simply the morning glory yes public stop or from the wanted
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most important it's a good result for the team. of about the moment but it's a good way to bounce back and hopefully we continue this fall. we had said let's have a look at the results from that statement. the fact there wasn't a single draw this week might have something to do with team slowly switching to nothing much for get closer to being the season. 24 in fact go back considering one match was postponed but say the nicest dose of fun. at number 3 is you want to 10 sinead scream out with a helping hands from muffin the. public schooling. for our.
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right here right. now today costs to life a little chantelle opened the scoring against alex book comes in at number 2. and the number one we have a flying carom demand by. finishing off a nifty sell a move from houston. never. mind time they status as table top of flops they post and frank but just behind mockery we don't mean
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sold themselves before the season. in jeopardy of missing the champions league and for the down. to our in major danger every allegation that you think evident that from safe place to be well as safe as when that make up game against braman catholics weekend's match ups issue to change the table again. by and return to chile germany after the club world cup in qatar i'll have little time to race despite my spiel of filled in on this league action. shall go we'll hope some of the new songs will have time to settle in the whole of i visit and when you're on some a dealing with growing pains of their own. cattle will hope their improved showing will lead to an improved result against their guy. dortmund will be
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looking to be rid of a poor form when my host hoffenheim. but not everyone struggling next week's top match is gearing up to be both spoke against gladbach to change in the peak of the champions league rice. will also be gearing up for more next week. i'm going to.
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get. some of the weapons left from the 1st world war are being clear here this is a white male in germany and most more toxins lie dormant in the soil contaminating the ground. politicians are letting the grass grow over the hog. but that isn't enough. chemical weapons in germany. on t.w.
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. to call. dormant winning if we'll. ever defeat the prime of. their competitors reaping the benefit of. the fight for the top spot is in the soul. should go. to minutes on w. . coal. children. 2 continents. one giant problem and new zealand is in no mood to see the 1st serious. in 5 little features if they feel it's time to think. how will climate change affect us and our children.
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learn. w dot com slash water. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship but just want to shadow and a few newspapers one official information as a journalist i have worked on this train for many cantrips and they have problems are always the same 14 slow motion inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption work on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the fans and the humans and see them why through fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i inquired.
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more. this is. life from the. mean mars army chief defender stripping the civilian government of power and the troop she claims election fraud force military's hand is promising and back to power the international community has condemned the crackdown as police used water cannons on peaceful protesters also coming up. donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial has divided america the sports starts his lawyers condemned the trial of the invasion of the capital as political theater prosecutors dismissed trump.


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