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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2021 8:30am-9:01am CET

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china is promising its partners rich. but in europe there's a warning never accept money from the superpower we become dependent on it china is going to. start feb 19th on d w. one . january has blown by on the pundits league a transfer window closed with a crash teams of praying fresh faces can lend
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a helping hand while others will take improvements wherever they can get them. catch a world cup win a semi to derek and bring much needed stability but a happy when does he get return was never really on the cards as how to host the leading by and. fellow strugglers shellcode were also busy shoppers striving squadron misto fi straight into the fire against like sage but the leak 2nd best side went particularly perturbed by shell because newcomers once again flexing their attacking muscles. laid the fuse and also brought in reinforcements in january though their established stalls did just as much heavy lifting in their explosive dismantling of stuttgart on. match day 20 with funky fashions. new faces. stormy weather and goals good bill. let's get started with hats and.
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there's never a quite minute catherine bell in this week they signed the world cup winner to help them in the battle against the drop. have to hope sami can direct can provide much needed leadership. he's a big name with a big career. with some question marks as will he was last full match for previous club eventis was in september 2019. so it was no surprise to those who have followed his recent career that could be arrested this match on the bench where he watched his new club create the 1st chance in a feisty 1st top performance play went back and forth and by never really managed to gain the upper hand. but 11 minutes in the guest were
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awarded a golden opportunity a penalty. of the matter for robert levin dusky who hadn't missed from the spot in 2 years until now. well perry but when he asked on live until she's run of 16 consecutive converted penalties screeching to a halt. the fact that bind would take the lead just 10 minutes later had more to do with luck than anything else. kingsley kimonos harmless shot was we could lead afflicted by nicholas stock leaving our stein helpless. by and headed into the break with the slimmest of leads. to tierra isn't the only new signing in berlin left wing and the money ever donya chime on to his head to divert into. didn't the improve
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their attacking play. the serbia international is online from a limp say and looks like he could really help his new club. by and meanwhile struggled not only did live in dusky missy's penalty this was his 1st goal this game in 9 matches while berlin left their biggest chance for the 2nd half of the 89th minute ts couldn't yet came agonizingly close but no cigar. had to could and should have done more in this match but it wasn't meant to be one of the final score. line claims of the 3 points they came for and then wanted to get out of building asap but were hitting for the feet for club world cup in doha and had a plane to catch but the snow slowed them down hurling has an overnight flight ban and bans plane missed the cut off point by 3 minutes.
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the team spent the night on the tarmac and arrived in his shop very late saturday afternoon. packed in a few chores and let's not forget half as could erupt he came on with 10 minutes to spare and one incident to show for it he got a yellow card for complaining but he also told his teammates a thing or 2 about attitude there's no longer any missing with half. of my experience after have them i have to push them we are not in a situation so i try to give them confidence and by the most important i am on the pitch to to show my skill to show my quality is because those in the know i see that he is really match fit which is different than in training and he can really play and then there's not much to say. grogan if you don't see that could hear a side building a fire. when they lost 6 matches and we'll hope they do come as quick quickly and
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have to up the only club to place their survival hopes on a world cup winner i've. drawn most awfully returns to germany for his blood in this league. he's a former world champion with germany of course and brings plenty of much needed top level experience to his new team and for shellcode right now beating the drop looks easier than winning the world cup. and the new signing from also wasted no time making an impact his immediate mission was to ensure that it would not be plain sailing for lights h mr duffy had been unable to join a single training session due to coronavirus quarantine but was clearly not asked of practice the tackling front. and for a while at least he and his team mates managed to keep the visitors in check.
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but going forward the hosts only threatened the lights gold just once in the 1st half and even that was all for a mishap from north. and it's strike a mark root felt unlucky there there was worse to come a shout because danger man had to be subbed off with the slight injury. and while things were already looking bad for shocker. he headed light into the lead given far too much space by was stuffy the man brought in to shore up the shock of defense. by at least shall come ascot elvin still looked sort of upbeat but in the 2nd half mr feel looked out of form and off the pace as 2nd place let's say she really took control. of what. they gave a footballing lesson in the 70 certain. in it and no nonsense but super slick move
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seals by skipper marcel sub it so. was this was mr face 1st day in his native bundesliga but here he wasn't feeling that if anything was looking increasingly lost. towards the end something resembling a chance for shall come but there was no way either was stuffy or anyone else was ever going to beat paycheck lushly to this free kick. like say fed better with that set pieces. with 3 minutes left of billy oban made its rain heading in from a corner. no chance for famine and none for shall come either. it was hardly a dream to have you for one man. it's in for 30 or glorious artistic this month. we're going to 0 don't feel it from israel so as
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a central defender you need to lead and organize the team from the back side i found that difficult today because you don't have much time to think on the pitch and there are a couple of names i haven't quite memorized yet. but they're a great bunch of lads so i'm not giving them any blame for this kind of a. car full of mom. again stuffy will not want to memorize. one match that was certainly less one sided was the buying dopy between get back and collect which featured on match day here at. 6 o'clock the judge. said. that she would stock. the $0.06 a gallon. very
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happy. this is the building. of the country feels great we knew would be tough here at club but we believed in ourselves we had to stay tight in we were ruthless in the end follow your guy. is a wonderful kid i can tell you as a coach it's a joy to have players like him in your squad there devoted into everything for the team. in the bunch after their on a country. now it's time for the compact and more from. the performance.
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of the. cologne fans were busy with the fireworks before their team had even a mind to plot back for the hotly away to drying dehlvi although only the diehards would have bet on the winning. the full unbeaten in 8 surely cologne could not mako rose's team stepped down. there was certainly no disappointment among those looking for a feisty dumping got captain lush didn't build picked up a booking off to this intervention on elvis next to china. and seconds later rex the child left his opponent standing. as the hosts who believes. the show did take a deflection but cologne was complaining. that they were on the receiving end of a similar twist of fate when florian knowing how street level of. t.
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mobile one no doubt is having covered the world needs with a double defection of. 10. most of the action the followed was more of the let's say for a variety. but it was got back who served up the game to colognes liking. thanks to stephan line up putting the winning goal on the plate for rex the chinese . say you won and it's dull be bragging rights. gladsome appeared confused on seeing the new jerseys borne by his new club despite the pandemic months were as always sporting the multicolored tributes of the carnival season. and it was party time indeed as the penalty against when you're on
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the limb. in an easy work had the ball passed and negotiate a back. but a stamp on the force meant to spark. might said previously put away 29 penalties in 6 asian. cuts a surgeon. that turned out to be the winner on about might be cancelled but in mind the win wasn't. on trash transplants and that's one of the moments when they didn't exactly as they said at least against the compound. fit with the. prank but then took their fish off the pedal and need to see hoffenheim still ask that this sweep through their ranks for the equaliser.
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chinup frank thank a customer with a clue reinstalling the evans indy car and the visitors came from. and it was close to each again delivering straight to the head of andre silva. frankfurt steam on as they dream of a top full finish. felt was hit hard by germany's cold snap their match against braman was postponed now set to go ahead. most buggy looking up already inserts bonds. and against alex book my mess with the magic as the world started with the same trusted team full full games in a row. all of the gladness winning
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formula is based on the 2nd best defense in the bundesliga. with statistically the best show stuck around there couldn't cast deals with the 73 percent safe rate and that coupled with a highly effective attack and those quick counters took their toll against work. about the cost with his 14th of the season. and wheedle but is also good for a goal that's his for the campaign not bad for an end. to nail as. for the wolves. it's not often you see christians strike happy surely dortmund hadn't stumbled. yet of sorts away so i got off to a jury a start with him smashing the ball off the bar. but freiburg were determined to
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get something out of this 700 game in the bone this week. and the weather here just after the restart. and 7 minutes into the 2nd half your defensiveness chances against marvin hits. you does this mean god might have a goalie problem of course you have to think about why i was there was shot and when you see real last. position very easy lee with one with one skill the 2 players been out of the game and then the shot and the position of the shot was very unlucky and i think it was a goal that we could have stopped. but that. still doesn't explain the feat even if 60 year old yourself from the cocoa managed to pull one back. christian over the moon having finally speaking dortmund at the 17th attempt
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a beautiful day for him a. good. look and see him do it many times is that cool fulminate the french his fault why his still useful game going in my. easy banks your house i'm. finding that i. cannot just struggling to finish them from one season possible until mommy hates on the table to deal with a shock from killing everybody else sometimes it feels like love food sitting talking to dorman's as they chased him into the champions league inconsistency could herald the crisis lead to title nefesh really annoying to be standing here and talking about the same things over and over again we have no choice but to stay positive work hard and always be ready to put in the extra mile to prefer from the
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1st minute to full term because a. good chance it's hard to prove a point when you keep losing maybe it really is a problem with his teams that. will keep an eye on speed. of. good living using vs stuka was one with keeping your eye on primarily thanks to the hosts coming off 3 straight defeats including a cup exit to minnows. they were not amused fantasy. the stick got crossed at the met by minutes in live accusing unrelenting pressure paid off. i must work for misty eyed. the for the 1st attempts but karim to mere buys improvised finish was nothing to sneeze at either. one will. live accuse and was stringing together passes at leisure as if to. dimia but again
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with the 2nd. half an hour gone and the stuttgart keeper not just mad about getting not made but also at his in different defense in fact the deficit could have been far greater by the break. but after half time his side showed why they known for their lethal attacking 3. 5 minutes into the 2nd half and substitute such a collided she pulled off a cheeky chip to put stuttgart back in the game. even if not for long. because shortly afterwards the same stuttgart showed their meekness at the back. the obvious gain ran riot in the box to set up. that was where the queues and stood up the visitors made it look like target practice leverkusen work at least hitting the target again and their stride it was the
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obvious 2nd assist of the game. and his 3rd wasn't long coming. pinpoint cross to florian veldts and it was goal number 4 for his and for the season for the 17 year old one to keep. the stuttgart fact once again looked like statues and one guy really wasn't enjoying it. or go live accusing was making of the nightmare afternoon for him and even had the luxury of bringing in 2 new recruits to spend jeremy frimpong signed from celtic. and struggled to mari. drive from list to city. studio did manage to get the guns firing up front again. collided with the next nicely taking goal of the gun to make it fortune. but live accuse him was
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simply too good of st john's defense to force with 6 minutes to go it was left to one of the new guys to wed to live a keys and telling. them to the frustration of the stuttgart goalie to mari great took just 10 minutes on the pitch to open his bundesliga account the highest scoring game of the weekend had a clear winner and a few scrum to break all codes. we didn't get into the into the in fights the 2nd balls were always for leverkusen so this isn't. it's ok if we won. we should have scored more goals it was an intense game. but in the end where we're happy to win because that was the most important of today if you were not successful in the last
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weeks then the witness the most important 5 goals in one hour to live in queues and seemed to be back on track to mari grace made a 1st impression. the best move that the match day came from one of the bundesliga is debutantes. to mari grey at premier league winner with leicester to leave the kids in on deadline day a dream starts recently. that's not. who makes an. perhaps. i don't. agree. but my. brain knows good. morning and frantically for the morning good. stop or for the wanted most important it's
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a good result for the team. to be of about the moment but it's a good way to bounce back and hopefully we continue to still. we had said let's have a look at the results from that stage when. the fact there wasn't a single draw this week might have something to do with team slowly switching to over nothing much as we get closer to the end of the season. 24 in fact go bad considering one match was postponed to say the nicest poll should have a. good number 3 is you want to 10 she needs cream out without helping hands from muffin needs. oh excuse me 7. our. 7
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right maybe. they cost still 9 for a little chant to open the scoring against alex good comes in at that stage. and that number one we have a flowing carom demand by. finishing off a nifty same name is present mr diaz. never fully the. client mining time they state has and table top flops
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a full stroke and frank but just behind michael ware don't mean sold themselves before the season they are in jeopardy of missing the champions league and for the down. i mean major danger of relegation thank you thank heaven for that from say let me be less a feel if and when that make up game against braman next weekend's match ups the shooting change the table and get. by and return to chile germany after the club world cup in qatar will have little time to race despite by still a filled in one displayed action. chalco will hope some of the new signings will have time to sit lean the whole of my visit and when you're on some a dealing with growing kinds of their runs. counter will hope they were improved showing will lead to an improved resulting in stuttgart. dortmund will be looking to be rid of their poor form when i host hoffenheim.
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but not everyone struggling next week's top match is gearing up to be both spoke against klotzbach 2 teams in the thick of the champions league rice. will also be gearing up for next week's.
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operation vaccines our national soul efforts initiating the global fight against her own environment a large industrialized countries have secured the vaccine for themselves while poor countries are being left in d.m.z. how can the vaccine be feeling distributed to the whole world is the hard road out of the pandemic close up. in 30 minutes on d w. h dream or
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a nightmare. that is both. the islands located in the indian ocean boasts of its natural beauty while its inhabitants suffering from exploitation and discrimination and the aftermath of a prolonged civil war. by 3 laga the dark side of paradise. in 75 minutes on d w. children . to come to. one giant problem and when you are in no mood to seem. completely changing the lady fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children.
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more. dot com slash water. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio. if you would like and new information on the program virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science.
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this is the w. news live from berlin protesters in myanmar remain defiant. to be able to close this is it an issue of the business not. just again. tens of thousands take to the streets and anger after a military coup that overthrew on some sort of cheese elected government also coming up donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial starts today while democrats in tournaments.


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