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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2021 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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we tour of february 19th d.w. . this is d w news live from berlin germany adopt strict measures to stop the spread of coronavirus the country closes its borders with austria and the czech republic after a surge in cases with highly contagious variants we'll hear from our correspondent
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and one of the border checkpoints also on the show shining a light on russia's political crackdown flash mobs hold flashlight protests across russia to show support for all physicians leader allison of all me and others who've been imprisoned there braving icy weather and threats of arrest for hear from our correspondent in moscow. i'm married to evanston thanks for joining me germany has banned travel from parts of neighboring austria and the czech republic the restrictions are aimed at halting the spread of highly contagious variants of the corona virus which have been detected in several border regions the european union has criticized the travel shutdown which also has some businesses worried. little has gotten through this
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checkpoint at the austrian german border since early sunday many drivers were told to turn around commuters from the austrian state of tyrol were sent back unless they work in what has been deemed essential services the same applies at the czech german border in the town of shelving plenty of drivers had to turn tail and even hub and we have also ensured that people can be tested who in theory would be allowed to enter germany but who do not possess the valid results of a covert 1000 test. and people seem understanding on the check side but many are still desperate some are even considering temporarily moving to germany they say poor communication is mostly to blame and if. there's no information we don't know a thing we drive to work tomorrow we have to go into quarantine. and. i'm having a hard time do i belong to the essential services sector will they allow me to
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cross over i don't know. when i think. we need to work and get tough without work if you have a family back home you have to pay for everything there's no plan b. the czech commuters association has criticized by varying officials for not informing czechia about the new rules it called that a lack of respect. minimal to matt but we won't let ourselves be forced to live in germany we're not german citizens we work there and we pay taxes there now the borders are closed again just like they were 30 years ago be at. that was when an iron curtain separated east and west todays reason the pandemic and a battle over case numbers over $1000.00 restrictions in czechoslovakia and parts of austria are much less tight right now than in germany a good many to last in the us we can't allow that these severe measures limits in
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place here turn out to be for nothing the chairman people have been behaving in an exemplary fashion but such cases and situations can seriously endanger things that's why we have border checks and why we're turning people back because i believe that's necessary. nor to be. the german state suppose varia and saxony could issue new guidelines by tuesday exempting some sectors from the travel ban. well for more on the story correspondent barbara vessel joins us now from sharon day which is a small bavarian town on the border with the czech republic good evening to you barbara so describe for us the situation today where you are with all of these new border controls. at this conspicuous route here mariana is in fact one of the made crossing points between the check reaching here behind
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us a lot of workers that work in all the supply industry on the other side on the german side are actually busy and they cross here every day for the whole region has about 90000 checked workers that's a substantial number today it was a sunday so it was of course relatively calm but people were crossing over here and trying to figure out what was happening there was a distinct lack of information would to a company who bakes bread for instance the lady who tried to cross the border be counted as an essential worker or not all this is still very unclear and so people are confused and the check people we talked to today were really confused and and sort of dumbfounded why is this happening to us so we didn't do anything wrong and we had testing every 2nd day in any case because that was already one of the rules
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here but so now this will be completely closed and it will be harsh for the region now barbara the bavarian authorities have rejected the use criticism of the newly introduced border checks what have they been saying. now the european union it's just about 2 weeks ago their leaders decided that they wouldn't do this anymore that they wouldn't do just the border closings overnight and sort of let people in the dike. but what was happening and not talk to each other beforehand and figure out a strategy to make this viable but the bavarian storages have their own head and also it's a free election year of course so we have german elections in the fall and there is a certain amount of grandstanding going on of course the e.u. doesn't like this because this is not the only border region and the economic fallout of course is dire and we don't know how long this will last this can last
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for several weeks in fact. these work really cross purposes and it is not a very happy picture that you see here doing today. barbara vai's own reporting from the german town of standing which is near the czech border thank you so much. to russia now where hundreds of women have turned down for protests in support of union of the wife of jailed russian opposition leader alexei and of all name in moscow the women formed a human chain to show solidarity for and of all the and other women who've become victims of the crackdown since her husband's imprisonment as dusk fell so-called flashlight protests were held across the country and the protests motto love is stronger than fear was displayed from apartment building windows russian authorities have threatened to arrest protesters for defying a ban on demonstrations. all right let's bring in correspondent emily sure
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when who observed some of the protests in moscow earlier today hello to emily so these were 2 sets of demonstrations in russia today so we had the women mainly in moscow in solidarity with you and of all the m. and then the flashlight protest in support of her husband alex and of all me elsewhere across the country we know you spoke with some of the protesters today what have they been telling you. well i think both of these protests today were extremely peaceful and they were also almost poetic both of them aimed at showing solidarity and kind of uniting people so i was at the protest today in moscow where women stood in a lie and they held on to one long white ribbon which has become in the last 10 years or so a symbol for opposition protests they were holding flowers they had pinned heart
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shaped pieces of paper to their jackets that bore the name of various political prisoners and they told me that they want change in russia and they as women said one woman said that you know women are that there are new life and they want a new life for russia as well now wait and when it comes to that flashlight protest you mentioned that was actually called by alex enough by a nice team and the point of that i think is you know people go out into their courtyards and shine the light essentially in the sky but the point is that they can see who else in their houses actually support me and who else is opposed to the car and the current man in the kremlin well today of course is valentine's day and the russian interior ministry had warned people against an authorised protest today were police to be seen cracking down on the demonstrators to the same extent as
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we've seen before. surprisingly not despite the warnings that we heard last week and despite the over 10000 arrests that we saw at the last protests. pretty much things today were peaceful and there wasn't much of a police protest even here in the capital moscow we have however last week for example been seeing almost a smear campaign going on against me on state television they've been referring to him as unpatriotic and they've been painting him repeatedly as an agent of the west and russian president vladimir putin also came out at the end of last week and said that he was an agent of the west without naming him personally calling him a blogger once again which is his usual strategy with alex enough not to name him by name but he said that he's trying to sow dissent in russia in
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a difficult time during the pandemic. the fact that the demonstrations this weekend are much smaller on a much smaller scale than previous weekends is this perhaps a sign that these team is changing its tactics. well nobody's team had announced actually after the mass protests that we saw in recent weeks that they were not going to protest again until spring and that they wanted to concentrate on the upcoming duma elections in september where they're running a campaign of strategic voting against the kremlin then they kind of change their mind it seems and we saw these protests today but they made it clear that they wanted to avoid any sort of confrontation with the police and to keep things very peaceful as they said almost everyone has been arrested and they don't want essentially everyone to be behind bars with the upcoming duma campaign especially.
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only sherman reporting from moscow we appreciate it. let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news this hour u.s. president joe biden has urged americans to defend a fragile democracy following the conclusion of donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial trump was acquitted of inciting last month's attack on the u.s. capitol after the senate failed to find the 2 thirds majority needed for a conviction. guinea has declared a new outbreak of ebola with at least 3 people dying in a town near the liberian border it marks the 1st time the disease has emerged in the west african state since it ravaged the country from 2013 to 2016 authorities bola has reached epidemic proportions. nato's mission in afghanistan looks set to continue beyond april of this year despite promises to the taliban that all
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international troops would withdraw by then german news agency d.p.a. is reporting that nato defense ministers will prolong the deployment at their meeting later this week. western embassies in myanmar are urging the military to refrain from violence against demonstrators and civilians this comes as security forces reportedly opened fire on anti coupe protesters in the country's north and armed vehicles were sent into cities on sunday the european union and 13 other countries have condemned the military's treatment of political leaders and to journalists. well me and maher is witnessing some of its biggest protests in more than a decade hundreds of thousands of people have joined the nationwide pro-democracy marches including people from all walks of life like students teachers and lawyers well now the country's footballers are also lending their voices to the protests
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6. these footballers are demanding democracy and they're not just any footballer as they are players from the media and more national team they have taken to the streets to protest the military coup refusing to represent the country under a military government from our current although they 6 know that our overarching are with yours and i go with what i want to only play football on the streets until we get democracy and. we won't play for the national team under the military dictatorship. we are protesting to send that message to. your god we're going to work. to do it. and they're not bluffing pay us gay fans a taste of what football might look like under a military government as the streets replace the stadiums many of the football a say they'd give each of the country has to come for us i don't rightly know you
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know football chaos but we are also citizens of myanmar we know people have relied on each other in this moment people from sports up participating in this revolution the gobble up all we do about it. the players say they'll continue to resist until democracy is restored one thing is certain the government hasn't aust the dressing room. that's the latest on the deadly news this hour omarion i haven't seen thanks for watching. the many polish old love turn out in the world climate. very different story this is my plan for the way from just one week. what's going to really get. we still have time to. i'm going. like this.


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