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measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the cause of structural monday to friday on w. the biden ministration is releasing a cia report on the 2018 murder of saudi dissident journalist jamal khashoggi it's expected to blame the saudi crown prince for ordering the murder another country would be facing possible sanctions from the u.s. demands for better human rights but saudi arabia is the biggest buyer of u.s. weapons in the world u.s. president joe biden is expected to call the saudis to discuss this report we understand the crown prince will not be on the line instead his father the king will take the call i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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the president's intention as is the intention of this government is to. recalibrate our engagement with saudi arabia this one time this accomplish has nothing to do with this issue and the president is taking a fresh approach to how he engages with foreign leaders around the world this was his wealth creation and that means he was not told that this was individuals exceeding that so that he and he will speak out when there are concerns he has about human rights abuses is. also coming up former u.s. president donald trump once declared that so-called islamic state had been defeated and he ordered u.s. troops to leave northern syria assuming the kurds would take care of the peace but the kurds say there is no peace isis is making sure of them that. every day they
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find 2 or 3 dead bodies here people who have been kidnapped or killed and tossed aside or it will go. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the complicated relationship between the united states and saudi arabia sometimes less. complicate it sometimes more tonight it's definitely more and that has everything to do with what u.s. intelligence says 'd it has found versus what the soldi crown prince says is true the biden administration is declassifying a report on the murder of jamal khashoggi because he was a saudi dissident and a washington post columnist his criticisms of the royal family and its brutal rule were no secret according to the cia a saudi man murdered his shogi inside the saudi consulate back in 2018 on the orders of the saudi crown prince after initially denying involvement saudi arabia
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changed its story and admitted to the killing but it blamed rogue agents to this day the official saudi position has never included the crown prince the unspoken message here the prince knew and did nothing what if anything will the u.s. do once the report becomes public this is what his press secretary told reporters. and of course our administration is focused on recalibrating the relationship as we've talked about it here previously and certainly there are areas where we will express concerns and leave open the option of accountability there are also areas where we will continue to work with saudi arabia i've given the threats they face in the region you know there's a lot to discuss here tonight and to do that i'm joined by kenneth roth director of human rights watch in new york city and from washington d.c. i'm joined by middle east analyst try to parse the of the quincy institute for responsible strict state craft to both of you welcome let me start by asking you
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both what you expect the biden administration to do with this declassified report try to start with you. well what the biden is trace in is doing is that they're following the u.s. law that congress mandated this early iran of its front because tradition essentially ignored it so as a 1st step in explanation they're following the law what they're saying though is that this is going to be part of a larger rethinking of the relationship with saudi arabia and i think in many ways that would be tremendously welcome because this has been a very unhealthy relationship for quite some time the question is by starting off with this report is it an indicative of the idea that we are now personalizing the problem as if it is m.v.s. alone and that is responsible for this on have the relationship if that is the case i think it would be a mistake because this is an unhealthy relationship long before m.b.'s and to this stage he certainly has not made it better he's made it much worse but it would be
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highly problematic if this begins and ends with n.b.s. rather than looking at that entire spectrum of problems between the 2 countries and the imbalance that exists that has unfortunately led to a scenario which the saudis ensure that they have a green light to do almost whatever they want with impunity given the you see this will there be anything more than just lip service being given to improving human rights. well 1st let me say i may differ a bit with trita and then you know yes there are a range of problems between the united states and saudi arabia but m.b.'s the saudi crown prince is a big part of the problem you know he is we're going to learn like the the one who ordered the murder he was the one who started the war in yemen in terms of you know bombing yemeni civilians and causing or contributing greatly to of the world's probably most acute humanitarian crisis she's the one who has been at the same time he supposedly reforming locking up the various people who call for reform who dare
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to criticize the government this is a big part of the problem so i wouldn't minimize that now the big question is you know what are they going to do about what the by the ministry that it is and obviously releasing this report is is step one it is a step toward the truth you know the idea that these were rogue agents off doing a lark on their own that just doesn't pass the laugh test you know this is a how they've been simon is a control freak she does not delegate it is serious operations like this so clearly there's going to be high level responsibility there at minimum you know what even the trumpet ministration did was to impose targeted sanctions that is asset freezes and travel bans on the other members who took part in this brutal murder what about the guy who ordered it that's the least they should do but also they should clearly be pushing for some kind of more formal accountability whether prosecution or or some effort to hold m.p.'s personally responsible what do you say to that what
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about the possibility of personal sanctions against the crown prince is that even realistic. it certainly is realistic and i actually don't think there is that much disagreement between me and ken in the sense of recognizing clearly the tremendous part of the problem that and yes it is but at the same time it wasn't as if this saudis were some sort of a human rights heaven before m.p.'s and to to stage is not as if the saudi government tree m.v.s. was not spreading what hobbies and which was the core ideology that gave birth to al-qaeda and isis along my point is that there's a deeper problem here and while it is obviously natural and important to take these initial steps it's important to focus on and yes i hope that that focus does not end up becoming at the expense of the broader problem that exists between the united states and saudi arabia or to the conduct of the saudi government because it's not just and yes even though he clearly has a very very significant part of it can we know that president biden wants the saudi
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kingdom to moderate its own extremism are you seeing evidence of this happening in the country other than the the opening of movie theaters and letting women drive cars. well i do think that there is an effort by the government to to reign in some of the hobbies to unity be less beholden to them as a source of legitimacy and that is why they've been pursuing these social reforms but it's a very limited kind of social reform it's a reform that basically you know depends on the benevolence of the dictator and as we've seen this is not the most benevolent kind of guys so you know people like flu the women's rights activists who who did nothing more than seek the right to drive ultimately their right that was given but mohammed in someone wanted to give that himself he didn't want to be subject to pressure you know so that's the nature of the so-called reform it's entirely top down and while they're going to maybe
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opening up movie theaters and getting within a bit more liberties they are completely shutting down civil society independent critics anything that might look like activism you know to the point that critics like the shoji get murdered so this is what we're dealing with and i agree with rita that this is a it is a profound problem here and it's not going to be enough to just say ok we're not going to deal with the crown prince you know we'll deal with his he's quite much when i get older father who i think the real questions as to whether he really is leading the country at this stage they're going to find some way to address really the cancer that saudi arabia has represented in the region as well as for its people well i mean we understand is this phone call that supposed to take place between biden and the king is going to take place without the ground prints and you know as good as one day the u.s. will have to deal with the crown prince because he will one day be the king so is the biden ministration almost kicking the can down the road here. to some extent
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but at the same time it is a very important signal and it's it's a way to really make clear how this satisfy the united states is with a lot of the things that the crown prince has done and let's not forget it's not just the war and yemen it's the blockade against qatar one thing that oftentimes is forgotten at that you know the crown prince kid now i'm not i want to emphasize kidnapped the prime minister of lebanon i mean how often does that happen in and international politics so without a doubt that there's a need to be able to do this and if if it is a nation that is not part of the phone call you know that is perhaps one way but again this is much much more than that is needed and my hope is that it will be a significant reaching could not to push us saudi relationship into a bad relationship i don't think that's in the interest of the united states but it is a bad relationship right now it is an unhealthy relationship right now and part of the problem is that the united states essentially has signaled that they have the saudis have a green light to do almost anything that the u.s.
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will come to protect them and that is actually fueled saudi recklessness rather than incentivizing them to be more in favor of diplomacy more in favor of actually resolving problems with the neighbors to do we know that the united states is not going to stop arms sales to the soltys if that were to happen that the saudis they would have the russians and the chinese to turn to do you think they would really want to take that option if the had to. well i think it's important to recognize that yes the saudis can buy weapons from other places but the reason why the saudis buy so much american weaponry is because they see it as a way of compelling or forcing the united states to be committed to saudi arabia's security it's an insurance policy as to best next thing to actually having a defense pact that is implicit in these arms things it is not included in any arms sales from russia or from china because they are not going to commit themselves to saudi arabia's security not going to commit that mistake and as
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a result the idea that the saudis would just rush those countries i simply don't buy yes they made by some war weapons from those countries but at the end of the day what is at the core of the u.s. is national security interest here isn't just to sell weapons how can we claim that we're actually seeking stability in the region if we are to a country that is arming these countries to teach we cannot be the number one arm sales for a country and at the same time claim that we're seeking stability in the region and that's a very good points and because me as my final question to you what about the crown prince moving forward he will one day rule the country he and he we know he wants to restore his self crafted image as a reformer and moderniser of saudi arabia is that reality or is it just window dressing for more of the same repressive reality. well obviously step one is you know does he own up to what he did or does he still push this cover story that these were broke gauge ns it will be interesting to see how he responds to the report but you know my sense is that the biden ministration is not entirely
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resigned to the crown prince ultimately succeeding his father in law you know there was a prior problem prince who this one i was stood for how the deniers who is someone the u.s. government is quite comfortable working with there was a long relationship i mean fighting terrorism he's in custody right now you know that's what with mohammed and simon dead is with his rivals but you know there's an element in this to try to just push this crown prince aside and see if another alternative can emerge i don't think that's terribly realistic has this problem prince's been you know very successful at side lighting any conceivable oppositions that ruthlessness that that led to the murder of the shoji but i think that there's an element of wishful thinking in washington that perhaps they won't be stuck with this guy if they can display enough displeasure you know that will take us into the next talk i'm sure we believe by the both of you back to talk about the future with or without the ground friends if saudi arabia can if we're all human rights watch in new york city and try to parse the quincy institute for responsible street speak
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graphed in washington to both of you gentlemen thank you thank you so much. if. former u.s. president came under fire when he declared so-called islamic state defeated and then ordered u.s. troops in syria and iraq to come home the kurdish fighters who had helped the americans were left behind what has happened since should serve as a wake up call to those under the impression that isis is down for the count in northeast syria the kurds are struggling to hold off an ice isis revival isis fighters are regrouping around the town of del is or and in the al who prison camp the kurds say they are facing isis alone and that they have been left to fend for themselves. when abdel-hamid sets off for dinner as all fear travels with him. the 43 year old father depends on his job as a bus driver to support his family but he risks his life on every journey.
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every day they find 2 or 3 dead bodies here people who have been kidnapped killed and tossed aside. islamic state militants have been spreading fear with increasingly frequent attacks on the main road through northeastern syria they strike villages and towns especially at night. money from residents set off bombs and behead people. that. has already attacked us in the village killing residents driving them away they are causing us so much suffering we need help to stop this disaster. but the leaders of the kurdish autonomous region are hopelessly overwhelmed thousands of fighters are said to have taken up residence in the vast desert the kurds lack aircraft and special equipment to track them down allies such
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as the us have withdrawn. the kurdish units are the only ones still fighting i-s. that's what we're experiencing here right now and we're suffering because of it. tens of thousands of supporters mostly women and children remain in camp 250 kilometers to the north. after the terror groups defeated $29000.00 they were captured by kurdish fighters since then many have become further radicalized. coming back hopefully you hope it will come back yes where where exactly what makes you think it will come back. victory is near. is now pulling the strings behind the scenes of the campaign smuggling in weapons arming its. following kurdish control of the camp is in danger of slipping away. an islamic state in miniature has practically emerged here the
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religious police patrol the camp if men have non-permitted relationships with women cooperate with the security forces they are executed. in the villages of the province memories of the iowa strain of a fresh in people's minds and heena women were whipped and residents terrorized but even after liberation in 2017 militants struck again and again suleman darwish was targeted for cooperating with the kurds in the local council one night he heard gunshots. my wife was arguing with an armed man in uniform another was 2 meters behind her in between my son was lying dead on the ground they killed him with 5 shots. in january alone so-called islamic state carried out more than 100
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attacks in northeastern syria 40 commuters died recently in an attack on a bus people in the crisis torn region once again fear for their lives. and for more i'd like to bring in justin johnson's she's a political scientist and research fellow at the german institute for global in the area of studies with a focus on the middle east she joins us tonight from the german city of mannheim doesn't it's good to have you here on the day we all remember when former u.s. president declared the defeat of so-called islamic state the kurds of course are telling a different story why are we seeing a resurgence activity. donald trump probably talked about the. territorial defeat of the islamic state but everyone who knows the islamic state and knows the history of islam has them and islamist terrorism in the middle east knows that territoriality is really the
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exception and not the rule. and the ground work and these hit and run operations and road kings through sleeper cells is really the rule here so i says basically doing what they know best what they know back from the days and the 2 thousands from that time and iraqi high down there just continuing this and people should be aware of that and i think. trump and his administration was also aware of that but trump clearly had other interests when he said that in october 2001000 just tell widespread or the activities of all us in syria is there a real threat that they could reemerge as a formidable paul will. oh absolutely absolutely because as i sat working in sleeper cells working secretly especially in the rural areas of iraq. has
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a and off day visit is absolutely does. and also mind you that as was also said in the report that in syria democratic forces that are the only effective on the ground force against isis is greatly overwhelmed with what they have to take care about right now they have to take care of not only a big amount of i.d.p.'s a big amount of isis detainees and as well as a vast territory with 3 you know equipment but they also have to take care of the continuing turkish air strikes in the turkish attacks as well as the attacks by turkish proxies from the syrian national army so course this is overwhelming the kurdish forces and this is enabling more space especially in the rural areas for isis to move when we talk about the kurds and the americans the leftist militias of the kurds doing the frontline fighting against all. those make for very strange allies for the united states at the same time i wonder if the kurdish
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administration is it feasible for is that survival feasible without international backing. well the united states is negotiating with the taliban right now and there was definitely some people in western policy circles that you can think about we have militating the sham so i would not say that foreign policy in most cases is really led by any greater political ideology and also if you look at general leftist history then the question about how much pragmatism is feasible in the leftist foreign policy is really a central quest question so definitely the context in which is this is happening is clearly the context of isis taking over vast territory since 2014 and the us not really having a great alternative right now i mean we have seen what happens with the forces on the ground in iraq and syria and so far the only feasible powers in the last years
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have been the kurdish powers so it's definitely more about half the pendency and pragmatism in. the long run. about. as you say realpolitik is alive and well in that area that's for sure doesn't jobs for the german institute for global and area of studies we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you. well how many of you bike to work i do and the number of people like me has grown by leaps and bounds since the pandemic began just ask the people in the kenyan capital nairobi despite the lack of bike lanes on most roads many are now pedaling to stay healthy and to bypass the city's notorious traffic jay. the daily commute to work is never uneventful for stephen or the ambo weaving his way through nairobi's ever troublesome gridlocks since the cove in 1000 pandemic
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hit kenya in march last year the 30 year old has avoided public transport he'd rather take his chances on 2 wheels on the capital's chaotic roads it feels they're . trying to manage the move at this sort of hour's drive us kelis they can push off the road. his commute is 15 kilometers long on roads with no cycle lanes so he has to contend with the unpredictable driving of trucks buses and motorcycles. if i don't show you the benefit of why i'm cycling and what you see safe and healthier for you you want to see the benefit of it like for me pass on every possible story when it started in april until. december last year contributed i had lost 20 cages. in that span just cycling not g.m. not ending not dieting many more nairobi residents have also taken up cycling since
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the pandemic started bicycle sellers report booming business jim karumba said he's been went up by more than half in 2020. 2020 this i compared to 29 to me in terms of sales because you find people wanting to say or more. just to keep fit to. from walk from point a to point to me. mostly since cycling is a sport we wanted to keep fit because people on lock know while cycling is often a more affordable means of travel it can be a dangerous activity in a city like nairobi kenya has national transport authority estimate $69.00 cyclists died in road accidents in the city last year that's prompting calls for more action to protect those on 2 wheels. weirdly. has been good for cycling it has shown policymakers that people want to walk people watch to cycle and they have to
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whether they like it or not they have to find a way of ensuring people can get to that is today sure it's safe and sound it's no longer forcing ourselves to share roads with. motorists we do need a space dedicated specifically for cyclists and focused and there are some changes to note back in 2015 or 30 is committed 20 percent of the road budget to non-motorized transport and today bike lanes are being set up in the city center a sign of hope for a smoother ride in the future. in los angeles today lady ga ga as dog walker was shot and her 2 prized french bulldog kidnapped it happened near the famed sunset boulevard the dog walker we understand is expected to survive his gunshot wounds lady gaga who is known to be extremely protective of her dogs is offering half
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a $1000000.00 to anyone who can help return her pictures. the day's almost all the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at interview news you can follow me bring golf t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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conflicts in opposition parties in pakistan have been upping the pressure on prime minister imraan khan in a series of recent mass protests they say that he is a puppet of the military and has mismanaged the economy as inflation's fire us my guest this week from islamabad is fall watch out on pakistani minister for science and technology what has his government achieved who's calling the shots in pakistan conflict so for. 90 minutes w. a
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a. new. oh. i can't sleep because you know. in the swallow swallow. these low the rules. there's no use in the low low for evil which. doesn't. work using a burglar. who. couldn't sleep. moves.
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss him trying to just through the tax cover and the weekly radio program. if you like and the information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com ford slash science. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word going to conclude the coax in germany to sunshine. coast why not go with him. to suffer in simple our mind on your mobile and for e. t w z e learning course equals freak german made easy.
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this is news live from berlin tonight the european union placing its bets on vaccine passports e.u. leaders today agreed on the need for digital coronavirus vaccination certificates german chancellor angela merkel says the documents could be ready in time for europeans to take their summer vacations also coming up thousands of armenians take to the streets after their prime minister accuses the military of attempting a coup some rallying in his defense but many others demanding the prime minister resign and not a poker face but a sad face the dull ball working for pop star lady gaga has been shot and 2 of her
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french bulldogs stolen in a brazen attack in los angeles. good to have you with us how to get some semblance of normal life back in the midst of this pandemic today european union leaders met to discuss how to better manage the coronavirus crisis the e.u. is under pressure to speed up its vaccination role well there are also divisions over certain members imposing border restrictions others have been pushing for vaccine certificates which they hope could unlock tourism this summer and on that last point there was some progress today members are now hoping to issue e.u. vaccine certificates within 3 months. we have team coverage tonight i want to bring in our correspondent gearboxes he is covering the e.u.
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summit in brussels for us and our chief political correspondent because look if the she is here in berlin to both of you good evening let me start with you where do we see all member states in agreement when it comes to managing this pandemic front everybody on on one page when it comes to the fact that it was the e.u. together that ordered all these vaccines are going to greece that was a good idea or the 2nd thing them is that everybody agrees that they now need to get ready for a huge amount of vaccines coming in the 2nd quarter of the year so that the national rollout is more of smoothly that it has been so far and certainly as you have mentioned the digital of vaccination passports that have been basically agreed on however the french president for instance made clear in his press conference off of this summit that there will be no special rights connected and then it was the head of the european commission was enough on the line who specified that this is a political question and it's not clear it is clear that the passes will come but
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it's not clear what they will actually be used for so another debate on the sky on the horizon or the skids of you here then from berlin mikhail you've been listening to the president as with the german chancellor angela merkel what were the key points that she lived well she was clearly on the defensive on that key issue of vaccines she once again pointing out that while the united states wasn't allowing any vaccines out it was the e.u. companies based in the european union that were providing vaccines for much of the world now here this kind of exit strategy that kind of opening up through something like this vaccine pos ford is the big agreement of the day she said that should be available within 3 months and then i got the chance to ask her whether that means that everybody will get the go ahead in time for the summer holidays to actually make use of this says have a listen and. we expect to have vaccinations if you can see ready by the some of your eod but i'm not
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a program and i can't guarantee it any more than i can guarantee the vaccines will be delivered on time but as politicians we've set ourselves not target for the coming months i spoke of 3 months and i believe that all e.u. member states are working to achieve it within a limited time frame. consensus shaphan. so you get a sense that the e.u. is still a lot more shy to apply pressure to those companies into really set down some clear rules there at the same time as some kind of silver lining on the horizon she ducked the question i also asked her when there would be sufficient vaccinations here in germany to also think about easing those restrictions for those people who had been vaccinated and i think that's what was the line funded line means that it's up to every individual state what they do with such a passport once it's actually there at least a promise it is in the pipeline it's certain that by the summer it will be
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interesting to see if you have the summer people with vaccination passports going on vacation in other people who are still waiting to be vaccinated do you or what does that mean in terms of the pharmaceutical companies who have told the european union that they will be late in delivering the back scenes that they have promised . well we've already mentioned an export the export found and how that will come into effect and it was enough on the line the head of the commission who made one thing clear everybody agrees that we do not in europe want to see an export ban as we have it in the united states or the u.k. for instance as she made clear but instead we want to export transparency you know and here's she had an interesting fact 95 percent of the vaccines that are being produced in europe leaving europe to the rest of the world are coming from pfizer biotech and she said that this company in particular is playing by the rules fulfilling its contract and that is why they're not so much concerned other
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companies like astra zeneca they're more concerned and they're keeping a close eye on them and it will see what happens between now and the start of the summer that will be key all right thank you to both our correspondents here with mountains in brussels and our chief political editor mckayla governor here in berlin thank you in armenia months of political tensions are reaching a tipping point today thousands attended rallies in the capital yerevan after the prime minister accused the military of an attempted coup many turned out to support the prime minister but many others are calling for his resignation the prime minister has been a divisive figure more so following armenians defeat in a conflict last year with i'm sure by john. an impact leader holding onto power for now. armenia's top generals called on prime minister nicole pushing on to resign on thursday following months of protests but this time his supporters of come out in force stepping in front of the crowd in the capital of on pushing
10:07 pm
and denounce the army's move as an attempted coup. to keep god all the army must do its job the army cannot look back the army cannot interfere in political processes the army must a by only the people and the political power chosen by the people. you feel that that gun is trying to jam i. put the opposition also took to the streets in numbers. they pressed home the generals demand. that was a war that we lost shamefully and the prime minister who was responsible for that has not left his post and since that day the public has been demanding his resignation it was lovely. troubles stem from last year's war without a job over the region of nagorno-karabakh. in weeks of fighting armenia lost
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control of large parts of the disputed region and of as a beige on the territory linking up the exclave to armenia thousands of armenians had to flee their homes and the army suffered heavy casualties. crushing defeat feels the anger on the streets of the arab where the protesters have set up for the long haul. these are live streams and some of the other stories now that are making headlines this hour thousands of protesters supporting the military regime have been out on the streets in myanmar there been a number of reports of clashes with in tycoon demonstrators the u.k. has announced further sanctions against the military regime as police continue to forcibly break up the anti regime protests. former u.s. president donald trump's tax records are now in the hands of a new york prosecutor they are part of a criminal investigation into whether trump wide to get favorable loan terms in tax benefits information will not be made public trump has been fighting to block any
10:09 pm
sharing of his records the u.s. supreme court ruled against him on that point earlier this week. nasa is perseverance rover has sent its 1st high definition panorama photo and we've got it right here from the surface of mars it gives us this stunning image of the spot where the rover landed last week perseverance will spend another week at this location before moving on to explore other terrain on the red planet. a dusty landscape extending into the fine distance the rivers jump is to survey in an ancient lake bed 45 kilometers wide the scale gives an indication of the size of the boulders these panorama images was stitched together from high resolution close ups. like the film astronaut leroy chiao says it's more than just vital
10:10 pm
information. that helps us characterize of course what the surface is like and we can do you know estimations on when to rhodesian you know you could look at a set of many layers and more details. offers a lot of benefits in addition to just the stanley beautiful photos out earlier this week mission control released the 1st sounds ever recorded on the red planet. so the gentle whirl that happens in the background that is a noise made by the rover but yes what you did hear 10 seconds in was an actual wind gust on the surface of mars perseverance is the 5th row of a nasa has sent to monsters. just think of the social impact if we find it and it evidence that there was life on mars and that there is you know that really spurs the response that there is life elsewhere in the universe ships and other probes as well so just think of the social impact of
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a discovery like. an inspiration for space explorers of the future. or a shooting and dog napping drama in hollywood in an armed robbery 2 french bulldogs belonging to lady ga ga have been kidnapped the singer's dog walker was shot by gunmen who then made off with the pooches police say the dog walker he was walking the dogs near los angeles is fame sunset boulevard is expected to survive his injuries lady gaga is known to be extremely protective of her dogs and she's offering half a 1000000 dollars to anyone who can help return them she's currently in rome shooting a movie star for more now i'm joined by jessica lives their own entertainment reporter in los angeles just good to have you with us what more do we know about what happened to the dogs in the dog walker. yeah thank you terrible news that we found out
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wednesday night when lady gaga has dog walker and friend was out walking her 3 dogs late last night around 9 40 pm out in hollywood turns out a gunman came and we don't know if he was out searching for french bulldogs because they are worth a lot of money that could be worth up to $10000.00 or if he knew that they were lady gaga dogs but he ended up taking 2 of the dogs one of the dogs miss asia was able to escape but. were not able to escape so they're currently with the gunmen friend and does walker is currently in the hospital but he is recovering stable he right now so fingers crossed that he is able to make a full recovery yeah it's good to know that that he is going to survive his gunshot wounds we know lady gaga wants to pay half a $1000000.00 as a reward if she can get the dogs back what kind of reaction are we seeing to that. yeah there's been a little bit of
10:13 pm
a mixed reaction people were hoping to see it more in honor of the friends that is in the hospital but you know these are her best friends they say a dog is a man's best friend and these truly are her best friends so she's willing to do anything and everything to rescue these dogs and i think this reward is definitely going to help with that you know let's talk a little bit of about this dog walker you're right everyone's talking about the pooch is but the dog walker is the one who was shot and injured what more do we know about this person. yes so ryan is one of lady gaga is really good friends right now she is devastated here that he was shot 4 times obviously these are her dogs her babies but this is also one of her really good friends so luckily he is in pretty good condition he was able to make a recovery he's awake right now but we're waiting to hear on whether or not he's able to make a full recovery you know we certainly do wish him the best in the dog walking in
10:14 pm
los angeles county a dangerous job just going to say we're joining us from l.a. errantly just thank you thank you. the ethics committee of football's world governing body fever has dropped a bribery case against france by can by were into other german football officials the committee said the statute of limitations meant that time to pursue the case has run out a fee for investigation found that back in bauer along with sons ego and horst schmidt broke rules on bribery and corruption during germany's successful bid to host the 2006 world cup all 3 have denied any wrongdoing i can buy one a world cup with west germany as a player and another as head coach of the team. here's a reminder that top story we're following for you european union leaders have agreed on the need for digital vaccinations for chickens enabling people to travel in europe despite the coronavirus pandemic german chancellor angela says the documents could be available before the summer. you're watching the news next up to
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business news with my colleague should be right that. what people have to say. to us. that's right still a. reporter every weekend on.


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