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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think really be making progress when we all accept the used to be of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on w. . the stool and policy is of prime minister mon khan has actually done that by 4 buck a song you know the public's not buying off for a very long time when wagner saw his nor corruption scandal in the fall put out if you have to go is there a parallel justice system in your country in the next 6 months you would see the number of missing persons really busy do you think it's a 6 up to bill to intimidate the press i see no problem with the freedom of expression opposition parties in pakistan have been putting the pressure on prime
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minister imraan khan in a series of recent mass protests they say he's a puppet of the military and has mismanaged the economy as inflation spiral there's also concern about the state of human rights and press freedom my guest this week from islamabad is follow watch chattery pakistani minister for science and technology what has his government the chief who is calling the shots in pakistan. mr fowler chattery welcome to conflict zone thank you for having me it's half way through your government's charm and there is rising anger at high inflation and poor economic prospects the opposition has united they say that your prime minister imran khan that he is incapable and that he is merely a puppet of the military is he. well frankly all the positions meant
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in the same line it's just a non-serious argument i believe. this 2 years of prime minister non-con has actually done that died for baucus on the time when the whole world is actually struggling with the cold lead buckets on is probably the only conclude that has shown remarkable i would say that we have achieved the success that nor the country could have even imagined that by this onward we have we have successfully. we have maintained economic stability. and anything that you can imagine you know the best case scenario that you can attribute to any country in the baucus on is a is for that and that's the word has actually acknowledged by the sun for the uk but mr minister i'd like to ask you because let's look at the seriousness of the argument in fact let's look at the management of the pandemic on march 22nd the
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prime minister told the nation that the government would not institute a sweeping lockdown less than 24 hours later the military announced that the army would oversee a shutdown and they have been orchestrating the response ever since so who's calling the shots. and that's that's actually not true the 1st goal ridiculous and focus on the going to 6 february i think bugs on was was i would say among the very nations that initiated. steps to secure its borders and ports in the 2nd week we actually based all over protocols at the airports the word started of to believe sic in the. refereeing there was no concept of a complete block known in pakistan and prime minister there's a strict guard from day one and that is the reason that in pakistan we never would had complete lockdown we only had partially lockdowns and actually very well
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managed lockdowns. military is part of the government and we are actually the policies of the government have the full support of the army so pakistani prime minister called the short and pakistan army sports mr minister you know there are members former members of the military who don't agree with that assessment in fact and i just like to turn to the statements of a retired general who says the government in fact left a big gap in its handling of the coronavirus the army has tried to fill that gap there was no choice so in other words he's saying the handling of the coronavirus crisis one of one of the greatest challenges of the past decades and the civilian government could not rise to meet it who said this this is a retired general who was quoted by the financial times on april 25th 2020 but. i'm retired and unsolicited and looking on the condition of anonymity. look now
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this you see obviously a sort of big list to them and so all business any oil any retired general is just like any other citizen or baucus on we don't know his political affiliation but forget about what border guard and you want to see is the question is that what are the results we have we stand to be turning the producers or not the fact is a buck is on is it has been appreciated by everyone on the board had and so it's not it's relevant who said what so you have to see the consequences and result what he says and by this unproved success and i have to give credit to the prime minister's policies and certainly me pretty supported by the son prime ministers because part of the government let's move from the coronavirus crisis to the management of pakistan's economy was started a little bit earlier that the economy was doing very well but you know the assessment of the world bank is that you had double digit inflation last year they
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also say that your economic prospects for this current year remain below potential tens of billions of dollars right now are being invested in the major infrastructure project the china pakistan economic or dorsey pak it's happening on your soil it's supposed to spur economic growth last year you installed a former military general to oversee it could you not find anyone in your civilian government to handle it. frankly ones are doing most of their diagnosis as much a civilian as any other civilian and actually the human resource. we've found the best that. has served in the army but fact of the matter is that he is one of the most competent officers to handle this he knows pro and cons of this project he has so long time and we would like anyone would like you know someone with hands on experience to handle such projects and that's why he was selected so secondly there
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as you mentioned about the economy you see we inherited. condamine that was in shambles. was literally at the brink of bankruptcy and we started initiated oversteps from that very moment today a pox on the economy was far better. then at the time when we actually in the mood all day by the sons of rupees dibble by the pakistan has turned to the i would say the biggest step of prime minister non-con is that he has actually germinated the industry in pakistan for it years box on export has touched the highest by this on. the highest at the moment we are nor we are not putting money to stabilize their dollar but it being we are actually the money is stable and mr minister i think let's turn now to $1.00 of iran coms big promises
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when he came into office and that is to stamp out corruption on the anti corruption agency the national accountability appear on the an a b. has arrested around a dozen politicians from the opposition since then how many have been arrested from your party why would anyone who would have been arrested from my party it was all of no iraqi an interest in the. record if there is any you should point out who should be arrested from the party. well let me tell you what the supreme court of your country thinks about your handling and how you're approaching the anti corruption campaign and a stinging decision last year the supreme court said that the anti corruption body the national accounts ability bureau is selectively applying its laws on individuals when it detained 2 opposition politicians for 15 months without credible charge your top bar association goes one step further to say it's a tool for arm twisting of political opponents. so how can you say that the anti
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corruption campaign is legitimate with such a stance on it like that ok so now i would like to explain this in a bit to you know you see this whole national accountability bureau the anti corruption institution we have not the government has not appointed even. a lot of stuff in this whole organization from its german from the german of the knob to the very lowest get it each and every one is appointed i don't buy the pm and then be there in a law should he or she had called on abbas either his nominee as a prime minister or them but despite being so the whole institution of the law itself was actually passed by a pm i learned in 1000 men to salman then people's party did indeed the whole organisation is actually established by either because party or pm and then all the kids says they are charged with not not by us each and every case they are
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facing are actually fired either by peoples party gives pm island or pm and that is peoples party so it is a witch hunting all investigations of this case these cases were actually complete even before prime minister took over 3rd leap did is the evidence against them is not all the evidence will you will you know pick up someone and force him to make a statement each and every is busy on extra documentary evidence for example the leader of the opposition shahbaz sharif is behind the bars and it is an evidence of $41.00 volumes against him each and every money he transferred outside to money laundering has been accounted for so does not think. it's just fashionable to sit to criticize you know the process for accountability but fact of the matter is that every pakistani citizen nor there how their plundered pakistan every every one nor
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the. look if there is. maybe you can give this impression to the foreign media. did is a return thing but in fact the word is every progress on the most of all of this is our business on the matter well it's not just the foreign media we have to say mr minister that the european commission assessment of pakistan also raised red flags that there are very few cases of ruling party ministers and politicians that have been pursued since the $29000.00 elections amnesty international also points out that the crackdown has actually increased since the opposition united this this past fall they have called on you to cease using the national accountability bureau to detain critics of the government where is the accountability mr minister. frankly suggesting that it is important that the people in the government should also be arrested for mood is a is is i don't think there's any point in doubt and this quote an incident in
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modern i would see if there is any case against any government official they should bring before the court order before the knob and sure the evidence is only making a political statement does not qualify as rest of a person that i also appreciate about mr miss mr minister then let me ask you about one particular case i'd like to talk about one very exposed person who is seen as affiliated with your government that is retired lieutenant general austin bought a bomb we spoke about him earlier he was appointed head of the c pac authority he's been accused of not declaring his family's assets properly as you know. so this is the person who you trust to manage your major infrastructure project. but what was i think you should against him the allegation is what i believe you should against him the allegation is that he didn't properly file his wife wife's assets the allegation is that he built businesses his family built businesses in multiple countries around the world worth tens of millions of dollars and the big
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question is you know you're trusting him to have this infrastructure project at the very least it doesn't not warrant having him stand aside while you marry an investigation to avoid any appearance of impropriety that is what the opposition has called for them actually against him is. going to be 7 years of his brother. in the united states of america they've built companies they build companies enrich his wife shared about 13 or 15 percent of you know the shares belonging to his wife so i'm able to understand that if this bill if this whole empire is built on corruption and they're true in the united states of america. and if he has transferred money to united search for america from here and of money laundering as usual under the new money laundering
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regime in the hole in the international and minority regime he can easily be comprehended but the fact of the matter but it is that a position to use such kind of propaganda or loot to malign political opponents when it comes to hard evidence actually has not in mr manning learned this case. you know the public's not buying it the public perception is that corruption in fact is on the rise under your administration according to reporting from transparency international so since they simply aren't terribly confident in these efforts that you're speaking about right now are they. actually. know now coming to transparency international actually i believe i have gone to the board of transparency international and i believe it's a very valid written report and the emphasis is and the point they have raised are actually needs a careful consideration for example there is one point of. pakistan in description index because of the lower judicial system in pakistan and i believe
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they're concerned you know that you've just this is all sort of revenue departments and the police department did need to get together and all this new book out that why. people have you know the kind of they don't have fear from these systems so i believe their response international board is very right on under other hand i would like to point out there is after a very long time and by this there is nor corruption scandal at the all particular the government there is years 5 months of this government not a single scandal for a minister this is very i would say thing in pakistan because this on the country is on there used to be a government of people's party in pm and then they didn't do and hard for him and actually all the minister would have been good for the money mr minister i'd like to move on beyond your anti corruption campaign there's allegations of human rights abuses that have been mounting there's been recent demonstrations from family
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members demanding answers for people forcibly have disappeared a term used for state back abductions is there a parallel justice system in your country where security forces decide who is going to be taken. well frankly progress on has been into a situation where for example united to search of america build this whole gone down a little bit and there was a huge debate and this happened likewise in spain the detention period actually going up to 70 years so there was a drastic measures taken by the by the by the european countries by the america when the minister of terrorism if you crossed all limits and that happened in pakistan as a but no not a melissy back in pakistan you will appreciate the biggest number of missing persons was in previous. from 2 dozen 13 to 18 but didn't one hard for years of
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growth of prime minister montgomery the number has actually declined very visibly declined and i believe that in next 6 months you will see the number of missing persons will be 0 mr minister ok so you say the number of missing people will be 0 tell me because your government and this has been reported has finally decided to expedite a mek mechanism to resolve the issue but you didn't do this on prompted it you. i understand that the islamic high court ruled last month that the prime minister and his cabinet could be held responsible for these forced disappearances so why should anyone trust that action will be swift and concrete and that these families indeed will get answers. election issue awards are we already bringing the law through with missing persons and the people in ward in the missing persons can actually be prosecuted we are taking all the actions paul said look. i think of the situation has improved a lot and the number of missing persons as i said before has declined to
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a very significant this is a pretty significant change you can anyone can actually tell you and i believe that the next few months you will see. mr minister i'd just like to to driver one's attention to something that you have said on the matter publicly in fact you issued a tweet this was in february where you wrote the following these mothers can protest in punjab and yet no one will shoot them after looking at their id cards but what can we do about the sorrow of those mothers whose sons are shot in baluchistan just because they are punjabi just speak about the atrocities everywhere and say you know that the color of punjab blood is red to this tweet was sharply rebuked as rubbing salt in the wounds of these individuals is this how you deal with the grievances and the questions from the citizens of your country. not thought of this there's just so. sweet corona depiction of
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the situation and this is what i'm saying i'm i'm i'm not i'm not denying that this is not my creed but fact of the battle is that punjabi. youngsters believe in the young boys have been killed in baluchistan by the terrorists sported by by a b a laid back by india unfortunately. those go north. you know sons in baluchistan but this is the fact of the matter unfortunately india has created the situation in baluchistan the young jobbies have been killed most of the city and unfortunately the walls of these mothers are still i mean how can you how can you describe the. describe the situational mother was going to go in that situation where his son was actually asked to come out of the bus train there like you are going to face but you won't be as you can carry you appear to be deflecting the blame so i just like to ask you u.n. rights groups they have been calling for action in one particular case and i'd like
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to draw us to it that is the trade case of interest khattak human rights defender formally of amnesty international he was reportedly forcibly disappeared in 2019 or arrested by security forces under the official secrets act the u.n. says he was held incommunicado for 7 months so more than half a year he continues to be deprived of his most basic rights what does that say about the rule of law in your country and wouldn't this be a good opportunity to start with transparency and answer the un's call for an investigation. no 100 percent prime minister is very clear on that if there is any case i don't have more details of the documents and frankly i have no idea i don't know board and the thing about disk is but in all cases prime minister has really kept a good you clearly said that there should be no or without a proper legal course adopted in progress on this one. as i said in bruges on the
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yes there is a situation unfortunately the catalyst to it is going on back by india. that situation is obviously what is some but actually we are dealing with it mr minister let's talk about freedom of the prosody a censorship has reportedly been on the rise of journalists who paint the military or the governments in a negative light have faced threats human rights watts describes what it calls a climate of fear you were once a journalist former minister of information you think it's acceptable to intimidate the press law does not acceptable in pakistan i believe media is probably one of the most free media the world going to merge and we have been focused on this nor. to the fact that progress on the media is very very powerful. actually many people believe there should be a strong defamation laws which are not here unfortunately but by those on the media . i see no problem if you say in summary expression if you say it's free
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event then please explain to me why respected programs including the b.b.c.'s are 2 language bullets and have pulled out of the country after what has been described a constant interference by channels under pressure from the authorities why journalists have been charges have been brought against them others describe campaigns of online hate to intimidate them reporters without borders has condemned the campaigns they have asked the government to do something about it so where's the action. let all known here do something that politicians feel is the most i feel is the most because you know when i were. everybody i feel for the was. on almost every 2nd day on something and i go to church so most of the dinner mr minister at the bottom line is going to lawrenceville it online hate it's more than just online hate i mean the european commission in its assessment and assessment of pakistan says that the increasing pressure by security forces with the tacit
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approval of the government on those with dissenting views including the media this is what they're reporting about the situation that it comes from you ok so 1st is that i would like to spin the online here do something that every segment of the society feeds and politicians are actually the most well known but now coming to the other. there if you said can you name any journalists who have been actually intimidated by the state and by the agencies is there any source. you can absolutely engine of 2019 t.v. screen suddenly went black during geo news interview with a former president because cable t.v. operators disconnected transmission at the military high command behest that's according to reporters without borders voice of america has also reported periodic blackouts for example. we don't i don't insure there's any blood go in bali is not in boats on the sea. we have about 150 times
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the number of journalists in thousands so i don't see any incident you have been more been able to name one person who has actually been intimidated by the syrians is if there is a personal case of someone like concepts and then mr minister i would say. perhaps you will believe. a justice in the supreme court who recently said in a hearing that the media in the country is not free and of the country is being destroyed in a systemic manner perhaps you will believe that statement and perhaps you can also explain to me why your prime minister has separately cried foul and said that politicians are being targeted with libelous reporting do you expect people to believe that you are really the victims here and frankly if they're judged would have lost the who hold many believe the judiciary is free and how many people how many judges have been appointed on matters i would believe the answer would have
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been seem so it's actually did you should not make such a political statement because it didn't come back to haunt them and it was very unprofessional of a judge to to make such statements and everyone know why he's doing that and what is bad known there's a case against him. obviously he has very few years there why government and others are just re-elected and mr minister another justice on the court or great wealth and justice bok here chimed in when he made that statement he said that judges should ideally avoid such comments but what can be done when the country itself is not in an ideal situation how how long can judges remain silent he said but what is what is your idea for the dancers make political statements. that's that's not for me to decide they're ok thank you very much this is what the ice. political statement minister for our charity thank you so much for joining us on
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conflicts around.
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to the point. the places the clear position of the international perspective such temperatures are once again rising between the u.s. and iran so we'll enemies be able to renegotiate your problem nuclear deal trump turned his back on the choice yes well the downward spiral continue find out all to the point to. the point. the tongue deep. well you.
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ok. the boy. this is deemed to be a news line from berlin the european union is placing its bets on vaccine pos for its e.u. leaders have agreed on the need for coronavirus fox nation certificates german chancellor angela merkel says to documents could be ready in time for e.u. citizens to take their summer holidays also coming up. thousands of armenians take to the streets after their prime minister accuses the military of attempting
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