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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 12:00am-12:46am CET

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on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. this is news live from berlin the european union is placing its bets on vaccine pos for its e.u. leaders have agreed on the need for coronavirus fox nation certificates german chancellor angela merkel says to documents could be ready in time for e.u. citizens to take their summer holidays also coming up. thousands of armenians take to the streets after their prime minister accuses the military of attempting
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a coup and some rallying in his defense but many others demanding the prime minister resign. and is a dog walpurga employed by pop star lady gaga has been shot and 2 of her french bulldogs stolen in a brazen attack in los angeles. on pablo foley s welcome to the program european union leaders have faced struggles in managing the coronavirus crisis with the slow rollout of vaccinations putting increasing pressure on them there are also divisions over certain members imposing border restrictions but they have agreed now on the need for vaccine certificates which they hope can lead to a lifting of travel barriers that will aid tourism this summer member states could
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start issuing e.u. vaccine certificates in 3 months. with slow backs a nation's coronavirus variance border chaos and summer holidays at risk there was no shortage of talking points at this virtual e.u. summit during a 4 hour video call leaders try to find a united way forward in the fight against the pandemic the pressure is intense concerns can't just be waved to side with the e.u. lagging behind them vaccination numbers and new variants spreading rapidly across the continent the b. 117 is by now in all member states but one. the south african variant is in 14 member states and the brazilian variant in 7 so there's a lot of challenges ahead of us apart from ramping up vaccine manufacturing and easing production bottlenecks the e.u. will put more energy into detecting these more contagious and dangerous mutations through a dedicated program. with the spring on its way to resume has made it back to the
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agenda greek prime minister tuchis was one of the 1st leaders to call for an e.u. wide vaccination certificate in the new tempted to ease travel restrictions and save the summer holiday season that's something all leaders could get behind but how and when exactly this vaccine passport could be rolled out is uncertain. we expected to be done by summer i am not a programmer so i cannot make any guarantees like i cannot guarantee vaccine deliveries but the political requirements are to reach this goal within the next few months. but for the moment member states have agreed that tourism and all non-essential travel is not an option. or near we spoke to our correspondent matters in brussels and i asked him about the key points upon which e.u. leaders have a great group body on one page when it comes to the fact that it was the e.u.
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together that ordered all these vaccines their want to greece that was a good idea the 2nd thing then is that everybody agrees that they now need to get ready for a huge amount of vaccines coming in the 2nd quarter of the year so that the national rollout is more smoothly that it has been so far and certainly as you have mentioned the digital of vaccination passports that have been basically agreed on however the french president for instance made clear in his press conference after this summit that there will be no special rights connected and then it was the head of the european commission was it off on the line who specified that this is a political question and it's not clear it is clear that the the passes will come but it's not clear what they will actually be used for so another debate on the sky on the horizon. well let's turn now to some of the other stories making news this hour hundreds of police officers conduct early morning raids in the surrounding region targeting
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a band is in the midst group officers raided apartments allegedly linked to members of the group which officials say advocates attacks on civilians and promotes the so-called islamic state. a german man has been charged with spying for russia the german parliament prosecutors say the suspect worked for a company contracted to check out electrical equipment for the bundestag allegedly provided the floorplan to the russian secret service case is likely to heighten existing tensions between berlin and moscow. former u.s. president donald trump's tax records are now in the hands of a new york prosecutor they're part of a criminal investigation into whether trump lied to get favorable loan terms and tax benefits the information one to be made public the u.s. supreme court ruled against trump's efforts to keep his taxes secret. thousands of protesters supporting the military regime have been out on the streets
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of myanmar there's been a number of reports of clashes with 2 demonstrators the u.k. has announced further sanctions against the military regime as police continue to forcibly break up the regime protests. in armenia months of political tensions are reaching a tipping point on thursday thousands attended rallies in the capital after prime minister he called pasha nion accused the military of an attempted to many turned out to support him but many others called for his resignation the prime minister has been a divisive figure more so following armenia's defeat in a conflict with azerbaijan last year. and embattled leader holding on to power for now. armenia's top generals called on prime minister nicole pushing on to resign on thursday following months of protests but this time his supporters of
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come out in force stepping in front of the crowd in the capital of on pushing and denounce the army's move as an attempted coup. to kick out all the army must do its job the army cannot look back the army cannot interfere in political process is the army must of by only the people and the political power chosen by the people. you're. trying to jam. put the opposition also took to the streets in numbers. they pressed home the generals demand. that was a war that we lost shamefully and the prime minister who was responsible for that has not left his post and since that day the public has been demanding his resignation. pushing younes troubles stem from last year's war without
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a job over the region of nagorno-karabakh. in weeks of fighting armenia lost control of large parts of the disputed region of azerbaijan the turks really linking up the exclave to armenia thousands of armenians had to flee their homes and the army suffered heavy casualties. crushing defeat fuels the anger on the streets of europe where the protesters have set up for the long haul. now to drama in hollywood to french bulldogs belonging to lady gaga have been kidnapped the singer's dog walker was shot by gunman who then made off with the animals police say the man who was walking the dogs near los angeles's famed sunset boulevard is expected to survive his injuries that he is known to be extremely protective of her dogs she's offering half a $1000000.00 to anyone who can return them she's currently in rome shooting a film. well for more on this i have from los angeles we're joined
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by entertainment reporter jessica you sara hi jessica and welcome to the program what more do we know about what happened to lady gaga as dogs and the dog walker. thank you so much yes and terrible news came out last night when lady gaga friend and dog walker was out walking her 3 french bulldog there ended up being 2 men that came and attacked her friend as well as the 3 bulldogs they ended up shooting her friend who is ryan fischer he shot him and then he ended up stealing it 2 of the french bulldogs one of the dogs was able to get away but to salve are now with the gunman as of right now so it's very terrible news here for lady gaga and certain is now we've been very much focused on the dogs of course and you mentioned a little bit there about the dog walker he's seriously injured but well more do we
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know about him. yes so ryan fisher is one of lady gaga is dear friends she trusted him fully with her dogs and there is a video that was released of him walking the dogs when the shot happened and he's now in the hospital making a good recovery he's doing pretty well as of right now he's expected to make a full recovery but prayers are being sent out to him as a break now. in that lady gaga wants to pay half a $1000000.00 to get the dogs back it's a significant amount of money of course now what kind of reaction is that getting. yes so half a 1000000 is a ton of money people don't know as of right now if the gunmen were after the dogs for the amount of money that french bulldogs can go for they can go for 10 $1000.00 there are french bulldogs that can go for $100000.00 even so as a very know of these these dogs are lady gaga skates they're everything to her so she's willing to do whatever she can do and all of her fans are very understanding
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i'm sure they are now jessica what are the police doing and what's being said about the possibility of the dogs being returned soon and of course safe and well to lady gaga so right now l.a.p.d. is on the case all they know is that there were 2 men dressed in all black they ended up going north found after the shooting bay were in a white said don it's expected to be a nissan altima or and he's on central but they don't know the exact car as of right now but they're still working very hard on the case they have one of their best groups on the case as of right now jessica lives there oh in los angeles thanks for out of date thank you so much and if you do have any information on the dogs you can also go to cody and gustave at. the ethics committee of football's governing body fifa has closed
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a bribery case against a german great fans back and bar because a statute of limitations expired statute that was put in place after the investigation was launched the 2016 feet for a probe found that back in by are along with 2 other top german officials broke rules on bribery and corruption during germany's successful bid to host the 2006 world cup all 3 have the 9th and tonight wrongdoing back in barrel won a world cup with west germany as a player and another as coach. and masses perseverance rover has sent its 1st high definition panorama photo from the surface of mars giving us this stunning image of the spot where the rover landed last week perseverance will spend another week at this location before moving on to explore other terrain on the red planet. a dusty landscape extending into the far
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distance the river's job is to survey in an ancient lake bed 45 kilometers wide the scale gives an indication of the size of the boulders these panorama images were stitched together from high resolution close ups of film astronaut leroy chiao says it's more than just vital information. here that helps us characterize of course what the surface is like and we can do you know estimations on when to rhodesian you know you could look at the set of many layers and more detail. offers a lot of benefits in addition to just the stanley beautiful photos. earlier this week mission control released the 1st sounds ever recorded on the red planet. so the gentle whirl that happens in the background that is a noise made by the rover but yes what you did hear 10 seconds in was an actual
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wind gust on the surface of mars perseverance is the 5th rova nasa has sent to mons just think of the social impact if we find definitive evidence that there was life on mars and that there is you know that really spurs the thoughts that there is life elsewhere in the universe soon evidence of that and other probes as well so just think of the social impact of the discovery like. an inspiration for space explorers of the future. well finally to a straight is modern version of a woolly mammoth this is the sheep that rescuers have christians by rock a ram with a woolly coat weighing in at around 35 kilograms he was discovered in a remote far east north of melbourne it's believed he survived the years in the wild but by the time he was discovered he could barely see straight anymore due to all the hair of course an animal sanctuary has now taken him in clean them up and
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now has a new lease on life. we're watching d.w. news live from berlin coming up next is my colleague christine money go out with the news africa and remember there's more news on the job you talk common of course you can follow us on instagram twitter and of a phony b.s. from me the entire news team here in print thanks for watching season. my 1st boss i was just sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as that in home to write a bicep those isn't. since i recently did them good i wanted to buy cycle off my home but it took me mr one space. finally they gave up and went on buying and by
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saying this but 3 times because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for goods than writing a bible as no i wanted to meet those moving back home who had bones by then 2 things and social goals and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the who and they were either. this is due to previous africa on the program today nigeria's security challenge a series of attacks in the northeast have left schools of civilian stand and many more enjoy it the country is struggling to contain the debut fides of the region we are going to expire why government if it's offing. dad and l g b t community santé in ophrah has been shot down by police be opening up the centers
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for outrage and gonna put many mourning for its closure. last the bicycle pool in nairobi many residents in the city have taken to cycling as a means to commute independent. i'm christine one it's good to have your company northeastern nigeria is reeling from fresh attacks this week that have left scholes of people dead in 3 states bandits burned on houses and killed at least 18 villages and cut down and cut scene as states now these attacks came after 9 children playing on a football field was killed when suspected islamists fired rockets at civilians in my degree in borno state on tuesday evening in all hundreds of people have been
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killed in northern nigeria by criminal gangs carrying out robberies and kidnappings adding to security challenges in nigeria field by communal violence in several states and is not just insurgencies in the north east. it's the worst attack on the city of my degree in over a year. suspected insurgents targeted a residential area using rocket propelled grenades locals say the assault began in the evening just as many were finishing work and went on for hours among the places reported to have been hit are a children's playground and a football pitch. when it was happening my place of work was close by i just saw something red coming and it fell hit many people and it killed many people working on. everybody was distressed and the only possible solution for us is to pray and we were. the governor of the state
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visited the injured in hospital. all of the dead and wounded a civilians. the governor described it as a sad moment for the city. he also said a new approach was needed to try to prevent such attacks in future. to deploy technology. under detect. and informing. councils into the town. for now though it seems the government is unable to give people here the protection they need from attacks by militants. now the attacks come less than a month after president mohamed replaced his long standing military chiefs amid worsening violence in the country earlier i spoke to security analysts have been
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a double and i asked him if the changes in the military would improve the security situation. we do not think the military is this illusion to leave security challenges in one year there are $27.00 ministries departments and agencies within the u.n. security. the military just for. this for the other 2 and it's not good then we're not seeing any significant improvement they are. going to. the root cause and. governance then unfortunately if they. continue and it is talk about that this is a situation because it does appear from the reports that come out of nigeria whether it's an attack that is suspected to be bad or in another part of the country where when bandits attack saying people waiting school children what is
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your sense about what really needs to be dented to get the situation the security situation and the control in nigeria talking about governance major point would be to restore social order. you know continuously being depleted region so any measure that would hell restored order would be instrumental and one of the most important element is. the. efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of criminal justice correctly. just if it's not able to point to. you have a lot of offense is being committed. be important for a lot of reasons corruption is one of the. cup i think your institutions we did the administration of justice system started from the law enforcement agencies should have the capacity to arrest presented itself and the courts and then the courts
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themselves have a lot. and then the original thought if the preaching of this weakness is that of the wondrous thoughts which showed up a shortage misprision of criminal justice system if they were to point out of the end of a new number to give impunity among especially the political acct of the huge but secured by the manger of either political act of unfortunately allowed this type of impunity where they do it in it's wrong and they're not punished because the right of the meek protection under law to be you've got the lack of accountability to go rogue and no one wanted or at that stops a computer went down the security analyst in a butcher thank you. thank you for the. police and gonna have raided and shut down the office of an l.g. rights group in the capital accra the opening of the santa nost month was followed
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by public outcry with religious groups politicians and anti-gay rights organizations calling on the government to close it down. and spun it as it is standing by in the capitol a crowd to see isaac out what reasons did the police give for closing the facility . so there wasn't really spoken about the marquis except what we know is that the owner of the facility actually called the police and informed them that the facility that i was been in the news for sometime known belongs to him and so he needed to go in and close down. that is where the police got involved so the place i was in spokane we don't know what charges or what reason really close in it down it was on the orders of the owner of the facility. isaac this has been described as a community center and
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a work space what was the the the space intended for. the one i visited a. few days ago the leaders of the same to say that they needed a place where members of the community can come and food free and discuss issues that affect them and seek counseling and 6 all ports that's. meant to be a place where these people within the community come to and 6 supports from the organization where they need to see all the discrimination that were clearly in that deal where facing the community how the congo about them and overcome them it was really a place for them to really fool see and feel wanted because they really didn't have that in their country for many many years now i think what did the at the
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organizers of the center plan to do now. so you are really not available to speak on records except to have said that the remaining resolute members of the community to remain calm. indicate that members of the community. really disappointed in the action of the police and. by this to remain resolute and to continue to push for the rights to be respected. for them to also speak on the. rights respected that is a case now it also made. a record that many of the. community because they don't want to be fearful for their lives and threats from people in a community that's reporting in accra thank you. cycling has taken off in the kenyan capital nairobi cheering the coronavirus
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pandemic as residents seek safer ways to travel to work and cut transport costs out despite the lack of bike lanes on most roads many have taken up pedalling and dutch the city's notorious traffic jams. the daily commute to work is never uneventful for stephen or weaving his way through nairobi's ever troublesome gridlocks since the pandemic hit kenya in march last year the 30 year old has avoided public transport he'd rather take his chances on 2 wheels on the capital's chaotic roads the fear was there. that day was careless and they can push off the road. his commute is 15 kilometers long on roads with no cycle lanes so he has to contend with the unpredictable driving of trucks buses and motorcycles. if i don't show you the benefit of
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why i'm cycling and what you safe and healthy are for you you want to see the benefit of it like for me pos on my vipassana story when it started in april until . december last year. i had lost 20 kids is. in that spot on the cycling nor gym north. nor dieting many more nairobi residents have also taken up cycling since the pandemic started bicycle sellers report booming business jim karumba said he's sales went up by more than half in 2020. 2020. 2292 new terms of sales because you find that people wanted to save more just to keep feeds from walk from point a to point b. . mostly since cycling is a sport we wanted to keep fit because. while cycling is often
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a more affordable means of travel you can be a dangerous activity in a city like nairobi kenya has national transport authority estimates $69.00 cyclists died in broad accidents in the city last year that's prompting calls for more action to protect those on 2 wheels. weirdly. has been good for cycling it has shown policymakers that people who walk people watch to cycle and they have to whether they like it or not they have to find a way of ensuring people can get to their destinations safe and sound it's no longer as forcing ourselves to share roads with. motorists we do need space dedicated specifically for cyclists and for a distance there are some. changes to note back in 2015 or thirty's committed 20 percent of the road budget to non-motorized transport and today bike lanes are being set up in the city center a sign of hope for
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a smoother ride in the future. and that's it for now we feel there's more confidence question africa also on facebook and twitter today will leave you with pictures of people and bicycles across the continent to see if it's a fight. to the point. the country says of the clear position international perspectives. temperatures are once again rising between the u.s. and iran so will the 2 enemies be able to renegotiate the around nuclear deal the donald trump turned his back on the 28 year old will the downward spiral continue
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find out on to the point. to the point. i'm 60 minutes on g.w. . i'm sure going to vote. in support. of. the debris of. an economy firing on all cylinders that's all analysts are describing faster than expected economic growth in the u.s. last quarter but one. street is less than happy our correspondent tells us why. brussels takes about the give the economy the european commission launches a public consultation into the rights of casual workers. someone the chips are down
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you realize how important they are we take a look at how savvy conductors became the oil of the digital image. this is the business i'm in in berlin so happy you can join us. the u.s. economy grew slightly faster than expected and the 4th quarter with official numbers pegging g.d.p. at 4 point one percent government stimulus help bolster consumer spending and a housing boom also lifted growth in the final quarter of last year but overall amid the pandemic the u.s. economy contracted 3 and a half percent for the full year the biggest drop since world war 2 analysts expect a quick rebound as the vaccine rollout continues. our financial correspondent joins us now from new york yes that data might have been optimistic but wall street is less than thrilled what's going on. well less than thrilled is to
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put it mildly we had quite a cell phone wall street in the thursday session especially technology shares in the form of the now star couples it dropped by more than a suite a half percent but also blue chips off to the record the day prior down by more than 500 points clearly an improving economy is good news overall but that also brings back all those inflation fears you can see that the yield of the 10 year treasury is reaching the highest level in about a year and that is a sign that at least the market for to save it but disciplines are concerned about inflation and just to add one more word to the economic news has d.p. numbers are improving rist still a far cry from where we were a year ago and also if you look at the labor market we got the weekly jobless claims still on a highly elevated level but still those numbers came in better by about 100000
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claims and then expected well rebound as we know is not the same as recovery but there is one market participant that speak on the clear winner for today and that is what more can you tell us. yeah the stock actually is up i believe by 6 or 700 percent in comparison to last year moderna came old was their quarterly results and basically a year ago didn't have a revenue at all now and deposit water then a revenue of about $5570000000.00 and for the full year they expect to actually have a revenue with their we've seen of about $18000000000.00 they might produce $700000000.00 doses this year and then $1400000000.00 doses next year by the way so $18000000000.00 and that's the figure that sees for this year pfizer just
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a couple of weeks ago said they expected to make about $15000000000.00 specific scene but you can't really compare those 2 numbers because when 5 is the gevalt those figures that was just for the so far existing orders but clearly also pfizer and the german partner beyond chip will receive more orders so that number will also go up through the year but overall clearly. making quite some honey it was the recently approved a reccy and that stock was one of the of the year where shining stars on wall street in the thursday session well certainly a lot depends on those vaccines and that was dan's quarter for us in new york thank you very much. now to some of the other global business stories making news twitter is aiming to expand its user base and double its sales to $7500000000.00 by $22031.00 way the social media company wants to boost revenue is to let users charge followers to see posts with exclusive material the feature will be called
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super follows. russia has lowered the domestic price of its sputnik v. coronavirus vaccine by half to just under $10.00 euros trade minister denniston said that ramping up and optimizing production made the price cut possible russian authorities approved a sputnik v. in august before important phase 3 trials were completed. nigeria is losing 200000 barrels a day due to theft and vandalism the managing director of the state run nigerian national petroleum corporation made the carry said more assistance is needed from security forces to stop the theft the stolen oil is valued at $13000000.00 a day money urgently needed in nigeria the country is struggling to meet its financial obligations i made a sharp drop in oil revenue and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. brussels is taking on the gig economy the european commission is launching
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a consultation on how to improve the conditions for people working for tech platforms although they don't call out companies by name the likes of ride sharing apps and food delivery sites are set to come under increased scrutiny. it's long been controversial ride sharing apps like say they drive as a self-employed whereas unions want them to be treated as employees with health benefits and paid time off it's the same for delivery workers and others taking part in the so-called gig economy now the european commission is launching a consultation aimed at improving the conditions for platform workers saying some are getting a raw deal. across europe people who works who platform well they risk to be left without income and they're not always need to pull for national support missions during knockdowns and even those who have work that koreas of the drivers
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well they sometimes have really poor working conditions was normal hour shift or little or no social protection should they fall in and no pension scheme no access to training or skills development as a 1st step to addressing these issues the e.u. is asking trade unions and employee associations for their feedback on what the bloc should do to support good economy workers it's just the 1st stage on the road to new regulation and the platform operators will be watching closely. earlier we spoke to the e.u. commissioner for jobs and social rights nicholas spit and asked him if clamping down on tech platforms could backfire and put people out of work. no i don't think so i am not questioning practical work organisation this is something which is part of the new ways how this economy puncher but on the other hand we have to
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make sure that people who are working on these platforms of all the platforms that the question that they have health insurance that they are also so she protected that they have an insurance against accidents these are part of our social norm lou social protection systems and we should not build an economy have the 21st century going backwards somewhere in the 19th century before bismarck so i i would not be in favor of that that's why we need some concrete action here so if they're having a hard time buying a play station 5 game console the global semiconductor shortage is probably to belabor a shortfall of the little chips is slowing down major industries now this is something i have taken a special interest in how did chips get so important here is what i learned. you don't buy them directly but trust me you need them so when the silicon chips are
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down what happens well we're finding out. that the auto sector has been hit hard with car companies around the world pulling the brakes on production although they're not the only ones makers of gadgets and popular electronics are feeling it too the chip shortage could be why you're having a hard time finding a p.s. 5 or a flexible. about one trillion chips are made a year that's about $128.00 for every person on the planet. suffice to say the world runs on chips slash semiconductors so why are we coming up short the pandemic changed consumer behaviors we're buying personal computers new phones new tablets x. boxes so we can work from home and to cope with the lockdowns and companies upgrading their physical infrastructure to enable remote work and all these
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purchases are driving up the thing and what chips at the beginning of a pandemic we have estimated economic downturn industries such as the autumn makers they slash the chip purchases and but they calming easy specs sooner than they expected with more demands for cars car makers keep limited him and tory right now out there buying buying buying the coronavirus prices reshape supply and demand chip companies are scrambling and if there is an industry that can't simply quickly ramp up production or ask its clients to do without its products for a while or shift its manufacturing elsewhere rapidly it's the chip in the street so why shouldn't have it spread across countries as the cost of communication has gone down along with you know the cost transportation so this is what largely seen as a good thing to spread the production of said connectors and other high tech components across countries you know kind of based on some sort of plan. but all theories of economics and that by doing so you could reduce the costs are
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production thereby increasing efficiency complex supply chains may stretch around the world but especially asian companies that lead in producing chips taiwan's t.v.'s and he is the world's largest contract manufacturer for semiconductors it seems had to reassure governments like car export reliant germany that it will try to prioritize auto chips but the pandemic has already taught a painful lesson. well coal is also sure the global supply chains are are relatively easily destroyed and many industries i met you probably knew the results and of course should news well redundancy is built on this. and that simply means more sites globally introducing me saying. it's a little country's interests to ensure a dependable supply research and development manufacturing closer to home having
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more and varied suppliers and making the supply chain shorter are going to be key so when the chips are down it's a good time for countries of the world to think about how best to invest to make sure supply chains stay up in the future. fascinating stuff and that's all for me and the business team here in berlin if you want more from us to check out our website at v.w. dot com slash business we're also on facebook and twitter thank you for watching. 2 2 2.
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2 i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that. name benjamin language no not this keeps me and take up much needed to entrap lives and say you want to know their story since their fighting and reliable information for margaret. every day counts for us and for our planet. glued them ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities scream or how can we protect animals and their habitats what to do with all our waste we
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can make a difference by choosing reforestation over a diesel or station recycling over disposable smart new solutions superstrings said in our case for those truly unique and we know that their uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive good my idea is the environmental suits to global 3000 on g.w. and on the. good . influences as the name suggests influential but they've got serious competition now and it's not human also coming up today all dots and culture. a moving photographic documentation of the tireless efforts by health workers since the pandemic a guy. and everything in minutes in chanting whimsical di
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rama's of hamburg. album was. model or influence for many a dream job of course you've got to look good and have a flair for trends but there's lots of competition and it isn't human anymore for the last 2 years there have been virtual influences the models conceived by humans and created on a computer pose with perfect fold composed music and sometimes even represent political and social views and they are attracting the major brands and fashion houses because they can work 24 hours a day. they look great and they can be booked to do several jobs at once but they're not real digital models like you do crime from the u.k. . from germany are shaking up their fashion and influence. and
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the prosperity.


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