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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 12:45am-1:01am CET

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model or influence for many a dream job of course you've got to look good and have a flair for trends but there's lots of competition it isn't human anymore for the last 2 years there have been virtual influences the models conceived by humans and created on a computer pose with perfect full composed music and sometimes even represent political and social views and they are attracting the major brands and fashion houses because they can work 24 hours a day. great and they can be booked to do several jobs at. real digital models like. the u.k. . from germany are shaking up their fashion and influence.
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i can happen on a volcano i can put them on another planet this is what's fascinating about it. is the creator of artificial start new nori the munich based graphic designer launched the manga style avatar in 28 scene for him it's more than just a digital model you nori has a real biography she's 21 years old and studies in paris she goes shopping meets friends and gets involved in social issues. time was clearly right for your creation you know he is currently the most successful virtual character in europe on instagram fashion houses such as such a remove and tommy hilfiger books a fictional character campaigns. campbell and heidi klum like to hang out with her new nori. otherworldly look it's intentional.
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i think also working with a digital character is something very different very different experience than what you know from the very classical field. artificial digital figures brand ambassadors cameron james wilson also thinks this is where it's at the british fashion photographer and free d. artist from weymouth exclusively broca's avatars with agency digital his 1st creation shoe graham was a worldwide sensation when i 1st. joined just. lots of. image. shoot doesn't have a fictional race you may but she is very successful on the internet together with
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other digital models she appears here social media campaign for the french luxury label. the coronavirus pandemic is increasing demand in the fashion world for alternatives to human beings in 2020 all the designers that whole think the fashion week used to animate models to show off their creations will digital avatars push out the real models and influences most fashion industry analysts don't think so. i think that's an evolution that will continue to exist but i think that after the past year people are also excited to go somewhere and interact with people and see clothes on real people. and our digital friends.
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and it's not only the influences that are fake but the followers too as shown in a new h.b.o. documentary called fake famous because it shows how so many young people want to become influencers 1st a fake online profile inventing a fabulous lifestyle to look cool being photographed in fabricated exotic places for instance then to raise their profile they buy up thousands of make believe followers to which internet of course you. but now something very genuine this we can't believe this fans around the world can watch the world's a little blurry a wonderful documentary about irish showing real insights into how she makes music with her brother finn and also the importance of her parents and her family in general a real family i know as soon as the pandemic started photographer patrick decided
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to document it concentrating on all the extraordinary work being done by health workers his project is called there is glory in prevention the photos are not spectacular but in their own way very moving and show how all our health workers go about their daily business with no thoughts for their own safety their only goal is to save lives. down the road with stuttgart photographer patrick young when the coronavirus pandemic 1st hit he like many others felt powerless and paralyzed. after i would see missionary remember that i quickly realized that something in me was driving me to somehow capture this historical moment i soon became quite dissatisfied with how it was being reported i just couldn't make heads or tails of all the numbers and the endless discussions with experts and i wanted to get to know the people working on the front line in the fight against the virus
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to get to know their fears and concerns but also their day to day work procedures. patrick wanted to make tangible what nurses and doctors do and what covert patients suffer. on because i photographed for a total of 60 days there were very many situations that stayed with me but i was also able to get snow one man in particular then. a 67 year old who had a severe case of covert 19 beginning in early march i photographed him in hospital and then the doctors contacted his relatives and they also thought the project was great so i experience this whole journey felt the fears together with the family and that made a big impression on me. and worked. his images document the effect of the
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pandemic on our everyday lives. thanks to support from that site from the spiegel online reporter community and a state grant the coronavirus report he initially made for stern magazine blossomed into a cross media project and even included an open air exhibition i didn't just want to show corona images in a gallery or in an arts context in a narrow framework i really wanted to go into the city centers working like this but i wanted to reach a broad audience and i think this location here which brings in a diverse audience is absolutely the best place for it. with his often medical topics patrick wants to reach and move people he makes close connections with the subjects of his photographs what do they think about his work. and tennant you don't usually learn much about the patients and the people in the
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background but they're all real people who live their lives and who come into contact with the situation he presents this in a very sensitive a very delicate way. patrick young has portraits confront us with the people who are fighting the pandemic people who deserve more than just the occasional public round of applause. a dire omma can be a miniature scenic painting viewed through a keyhole all a model showcase with 3 dimensional figures a minute just seen through glass the artists have a mice that deals with this latter type trying to create the perfect illusion of reality in miniature we visited in a studio in hamburg to find out more about these special illusions. whimsical surreal and magical scenes make up the diagrams of hamburg artist under
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the hover my stuff her art and her profession involved creating miniature 3 dimensional worlds in a display case. this and i mean i think i remember when i was little i actually wanted to become a space travel are the primatologist of that old deep sea diver that's there through my dreams now i'm lucky enough to have come to die ron and i look and i can make anything i want to reality it may be a very restricted space a little box but i can put anything into it i can conjure up any wealth i link. bondage murtha. before she assembles a diagram or some to have in my store works out her ideas in mood boards and sketches she makes many of the smallest objects herself like these tiny books for instance. she buys some of the figures in shops and customizes the such as these camels.
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and she uses an electric jigsaw to fashion tiny furniture in all colors and sizes from scraps of who are. mine and hope my principle scale is one to 87 that's the size here but i can also use things of different scales they may be much bigger here. smaller but it all comes together that makes these worlds a little crazier and more surreal. however my star studied art in the northern german city of a job as a model builder eventually brought her to the diameters she works on her phantasmagorical display cases for up to 6 months she calls them boxes of illusions . my moment that always comes a moment when i realize ok now everything's right now it's done that's when the
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colors are balanced and all the seams are in place and that little twinkle of humor has to be there the funny little scenes of course the magical moment comes when the light goes on. hamburg's miniature of 1000 museum commissioned her to create a book a different kind of travel guide for the northern german port city with its many well known sites like the hamburg harbor. the ofin harmonix. and the spy shop warehouse district are photos in effect 3 of the tiny figures from the display cases and give them the run of the city. this road again some time i'd like to create a dire all know with much more depth half a meter will remain with lots of space. and i'd like to build one that has real water in it. something like an aquarium. with the or without real water some to hover my stars diana's back in the viewers to take the plunge and
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immerse themselves in tiny worlds of magic and poetry. more stories on arts and culture from around the world on our website dot com slash culture that's all for the day though thanks for watching and join me for one more time tomorrow.
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to the point strong opinions usually clear position international perspectives. temperatures are once again rising between the u.s. and iran. so will the true koch enemies be able to renegotiate the around nuclear deal that trump turned his back on a choice here in st paul will the downward spiral consume you find out on so the point. to the point. being the cuts on d w. it's a valid billions it's a power. it's about the foundation of the move world order. silk road. china wants to use the network of trade routes to expand its influence including europe conflicts are inevitable china's weightier. in 75 minutes on d w. a
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n u. b r fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan that in super you should say nothing is kiss on the children who have always been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new crisis. you know they could be the future as it would be. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. what is different. the islands of the snow. here women are in charge. the archipelago has a matriarchal system for centuries. the rare form of society.
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jim it differently. what do they do with their power. and how sustainable is this culture. that clings over. starts marching on t.w. . this is d w news and these are our top stories european union leaders have agreed on the need for digital coronavirus vaccination certificates german chancellor angela merkel says the documents could be ready in time for europeans to take their summer vacations they you also promised to improve the rate of vaccinations across the $27.00 member bloc. the armenian capital derivation has seen mass rallies with both opponents and so.


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