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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 2:00am-2:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the european union is placing its bets on vaccine passports e.u. leaders have agreed on the need for coronavirus vaccination certificates german chancellor angela merkel says the documents could be ready in time for you citizens to take their summer holidays also coming up. thousands of armenians take to the streets after their prime minister accuses the military of attempting a coup some rallying in his defense but many others demanding the prime minister resign. and the dog will occur in croydon by pop star lady gaga has
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been shot and 2 of her french bulldogs stolen in a brazen attack in los angeles. i'm only as welcome to the program european union leaders have faced struggles and managing the coronavirus crisis with the slow rollout of vaccinations putting increasing pressure on them there are also divisions over certain members imposing border restrictions but they have agreed on the need for vaccine certificates which they hope can lead to a lifting of travel barriers that will aid tourism this summer member states could start issuing e.u. vaccine certificates within 3 months. with slovaks a nation's coronavirus variance border chaos and summer holidays at risk there was
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no shortage of talking points at this virtual e.u. summit during a 4 hour video call leaders try to find a united way forward in the fight against the pandemic the pressure is intense concerns can't just be waved to side with the e.u. lagging behind on vaccination numbers and new variants spreading rapidly across the continent the b. 117 is by now in all member states but one. the south african variant is in 14 member states and the brazilian variant in 7 so there's a lot of challenges ahead of us apart from ramping up vaccine manufacturing and easing production bottlenecks the e.u. will put more energy into detecting these more contagious and dangerous mutations through a dedicated program with the spring on its way to resume has made it back to the agenda greek prime minister to talk it was one of the 1st leaders to call for an e.u.
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wide vaccination certificate in the new tempted to ease travel restrictions and save the summer holiday season that's something old leaders could get behind but how and when exactly this vaccine passport could be rolled out is uncertain the other we expected to be done by summer i am not a programmer so i cannot make any guarantees like i cannot guarantee vaccine deliveries but the political requirements are to reach this goal within the next few months. but for the moment member states have agreed that tourism and all non-essential travel is not an option. well earlier we spoke to our correspondent in brussels and i asked him about the key points on which e.u. leaders have agreed everybody on one page when it comes to the fact that it was the e.u. together that ordered all these vaccines their want to greece that was a good idea the 2nd thing then is that everybody agrees that they now need to get
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ready for a huge amount of vaccines coming in the 2nd quarter of the year so that the national rollout is more smoothly that it has been so far and certainly as you have mentioned the digital of vaccination passports that have been basically agreed on however the french president for instance made clear in his press conference after this summit that there will be no special rights connected and then it was the head of the european commission it was off on the line who specified that this is a political question and it's not clear it is clear that the the passes will come but it's not clear what they will actually be used for so another debate on the sky on the horizon. well secular can i would some other developments in the pandemic brazil's death toll from covert 1000 has topped a quarter of a 1000000 people and the country is now in the midst of a devastating 2nd wave us regulators are allowing the biotech pfizer vaccine to be shipped and stored at less frigid temperatures which should ease its distribution
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and just published study from the vaccine rollout in israel indicates that the biotech pfizer vaccine works as well in the real world as it did in technical trials 94 percent effective after 2 shots. well in armenia months of political tensions are reaching a tipping point on thursday thousands attended rallies in the capital yerevan after prime minister nicola accused the military of an attempted coup many turned out to support him but many others called for his resignation the prime minister has been a divisive figure more so following armenia's defeat in a conflict with azerbaijan last year. an impact leader holding on to power for now armenia's top generals called on prime minister nicole push to resign on thursday following months of protests but this time his supporters
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a come out in force stepping in front of the crowd in the capital you're of pushing and denounce the army's move as an attempted coup. keep guard all the army must do its job. the army cannot look back the army cannot interfere in political processes the army must a by only the people and the political power chosen by the people. you're feeling like i'm just trying to jam. with the opposition also took to the streets in numbers. they pressed home the generals demand. that was a war that we lost shamefully and the prime minister who was responsible for that has not left his post and since that day the public it's been demanding his resignation. pushing younes troubles stem from last year's war without over the region of
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nagorno-karabakh. in weeks of fighting armenia lost control of large parts of the disputed region of azerbaijan and turrets really linking up the exclave to armenia thousands of armenians had to flee their homes and the army suffered heavy casualties. crushing defeat feels the anger on the streets of europe where the protesters have set up for the long haul. now violence near sunset boulevard in los angeles where a pop star's dog walker has been shot and the dog stolen the prized french bulldogs belong to singer and actor lady gaga and police say the dog walker tried to fight off the 2 gunmen involved in the south now lady gaga is offering a big reward to get her to ask spike. gunned down in hollywood when taking the dogs for a walk the victim is reportedly
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a friend of lady gaga named ryan fisher he's expected to recover from the gunshot wounds. the. assault occurred resulting in the shooting. of the dog walker and the vehicle was last seen leaving the scene or ground in the neighborhood potentially related to. it is not yet known if this was a targeted attack since buildout theft has become increasingly common they are often sold for thousands of dollars lady gaga is currently in rome shooting and maybe she's known to be highly protective of her dogs and is offering half a $1000000.00 for the safe return of her pets no questions asked according to her representative. well for more on this i have from los angeles we're joined by entertainment reporter jessica usera hi jessica welcome to the program what more do
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we know about what happened to lady gaga as dogs and the dog walker. thank you so much yes i'm terrible news came out last night when lady friend and dog walker was out walking her 3 french bulldog there and it out being 2 men that came and attacked her friend as well as the 3 bull dogs they ended up shooting her friend who is ryan fisher shot him and then he ended up selling it 2 of the french bulldogs one of the dogs was able to get away but. are now with the gunman as of right now so it's very terrible news to hear from lady gaga and certainly is now we've being very much focused on the dogs of course and you mentioned a little bit there about the dog walker he's seriously injured but what more do we know about him. yes orion fisher is one of lady gaga is dear friends she trusted
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him fully with her dogs and there is a video that was released of him walking the dogs when the shot happened and he's now in the hospital making a good recovery he's doing pretty well as of right now he's expected to make a full recovery but prayers are being sent out to him as a break now. in lady gaga wants to pay half a $1000000.00 to get the dogs back it's a significant amount of money of course now what kind of reaction is that getting yes. yes so half a 1000000 is a ton of money people don't know as of right now if the gunmen were after the dogs for the amount of money that french bulldogs can go for they can go for 10 $1000.00 there are french bulldogs that can go for $100000.00 even so as a very you know these these dogs are lady gaga skates they're everything to her so she's willing to do whatever she can do and all of her fans are very understanding . i'm sure they are now jessica what are the police doing and what's being said about at the possibility of the dogs being returned soon and of course safe and
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well to lady gaga so right now l.a.p.d. is on the case all they know is that there were 2 men dressed in all black they ended up going northbound after the shooting bay were in a white said don it's expected to be a nissan altima or a nissan sentra but they don't know the exact car as of right now but they're still working very hard on the case they have one of their best groups on the case as of right now. just to go lose arrow in los angeles thanks for out of date. a former olympic women's gymnastics coach in the united states with ties to the team's disgraced doctor has killed himself just hours after being charged with sexual assault human trafficking and other crimes john getter coached the women's national team to
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a gold medal in the 2012 games but on thursday the state of michigan filed to 24 charges against him that could have carried years in prison if he was to be convicted the doctor the team's doctor laurie nasir had previously been convicted of the sexual abuse of leads in a case that rocked the united states and global sports formula one team red bull racing debuted their new car on the track on wednesday as they prepared for the season opener in bahrain next month of britain's silverstone circuit the team's drivers were the 1st to try out the new car red bull are ending for their 1st title since 2013 and hope the new car will take max 1st up to his 1st title after 4 straight championships one by lewis hamilton of resales. a painting by dutch artist vincent hall is to be shown to the public for the 1st time after spending more than a century in
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a private collection the late 19th century artwork will go on display for a month before being sold off it's expected to fetch millions it's titled a street scene in moma it's part of a theory is produced between 19861988 when living in paris with his brother taylor. the work is one of the artists very few that have not yet landed in a museum. this work by vincent van gogh is a real re discovery in the sense that although he has been listed in the catalogs devoted to the artist it has never appeared on the market since it was acquired by a french family more than a century ago. the painting depicts a couple's romantic stroll in the streets of. at the time the heli parries a neighborhood was becoming home to another ray of international artists attracted
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by its bohemian vibe and cheap rent including himself. yes it's a very interesting testimony of what my math looked like at the end of the 19th century when it was still very bucolic we can see the mills of the moon and that i get a place of leisure very appreciated by parisians at the time you know. the painting will go on display in amsterdam hong kong and paris before being sold off to a new home auction house saw the piece estimates its value between 5 and 8000000 heroes. finally to a stranger as modern version of a woolly mammoth this is the sheep that rescuers have christened by rock a ram with a woody code weighing in at around 35 kilograms he was discovered in a remote forest north of melbourne it's believed he survived the years in the wild but by the time he was discovered he could barely see straight due to all that hair
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of course and animal sanctuary has now taken a man clean them up and iraq now has a new lease on life. and watching the news live from berlin coming up next is our film documentary on a massive chinese development project i mean the rest of the team take care and. can you hear me now oh yes we don't need you and if i lost 2 years jasmine thomas now we'll bring you on glassman and you've never had to have surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves. up to 2 people who follow along the way maurice and critics alike join us from echols life stops.
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china's new silk beijing's multi 1000000000 dollar vulcan road initiative extending right into europe police and 1st a section from your bad grades to stop us all and 3rd section from. 2 super data or constructed the buyer china railway. china aims to get its goods across europe by train and southeastern and eastern european nations are vital to that strategy that will enable the transportation of goods to western europe via a single rail corridor. for southeastern europe in particular the new
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silk road project beckons with promises of new investments. in these 4 hours that chinese have come like a gift from family in the us. but china brings more than cutting edge technology it's also prepared to invest in older environmentalists harmful processes. to new york cancer is a really horrible disease there's all of us know what we're in for is what is lost or turk usual thanks it's a region torn between its loyalty to europe and the opportunities that china offers . it would be easy to convince our politicians not to get funds from the chinese for such projects if there was a serious attempt off europe to help us in the transition towards the current edition.
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this is no children's mom torry railway. welcome to the exhibition room for the project of hunger is an engineer overseeing the belgrade to budapest route at the china railway headquarters visitors are shown serbia's showcase model. the beijing based engineer has travelled practically all over the world for the new silk road project. for me actually there is no such controversy because i was doing a lot of international projects not only in pakistan i was in in a job to now others in iran while others in argentina political questions are off
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the table or only permitted to ask about the technical side of the project the chinese government vets all communication the aim to tell a success story china can build railroads everywhere including in europe. from engineers perspective this is not a difficult sign it is a reconstruction project it is a reconstruction project so we have. a lot of experience on that so when this railway line is completed the travel time from and you buy a great station to budapest will be shortened into 3 hours. in recent years serbia has blossomed into china's most favored balkan partner. beijing has granted 10000000000 euros worth of loans to serbia more than to any
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other country in the region. but the new silk road project has. created hardly any jobs here even the construction is largely being done by a chinese workforce that's been a typical feature of the belton road initiative. china imports its own builders stationing them in the host country for months at a time just as now in serbia. investment from china began flowing as early as 2011 when the chinese consortium built of poop and bridge across the danube at a cost of 175000000 euros. it became the symbol of sino serbian friendship. most serbs view the flow of cash from china as a good thing even if the money is only borrowed the loans from chinese state banks
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are quick and cheap the construction projects are headed and carried out by chinese firms with even materials and machines made in china. serbia's chamber of commerce says it's still a good deal we need and we need good more than the railways where we can not only have a passenger trains but also good cargo potential. this is it this is you know there's no. milk in the engine though israel is. but marco schottische is also well aware that beijing's chief aim with the rail network is to get goods from china to consumers in the west chinese initiative is especially good in serbia but the infrastructure is about how fast you are able to really proceed with the projects is all complicated for us and for china serbia is part of the or we should serve as geographically there is such it is important. i think the
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most important. aspect of this relation is that we are only waiting for china or disagree to the biggest. market the 500000000 people in the. serbia's friendship with china is a much celebrated one. xi jinping and other high ranking chinese officials are popular guests in serbia as evident during this state visit to belgrade and 2016 so serbia holds an important strategic positions with a visible regional advantage and it will surely play an important role in this this is a big day for all of serbia for all its citizens. over the past decade chinese money has flowed into highways bridges and security technology a serbian copper mines and a steel works have also received chinese funding now the next project is on the
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table belgrade's metro system and the chinese want to build it. serbian opposition politician martinique attempt it is critical of the plans she says there were no public tenders and believes corruption is involved. yes that drastic we were alerted to this was the drastic difference in estimated cost for building the belgrade subway they put on dog a lot of stuff francisco in the initial contract with the french firm almost 10 years ago the quoted cost was 2200000000 euro those. boards then president aleksander church suddenly turned up with a chinese partner and the cost had doubled and that is now they've said it will cost $4.00 on the bill i am euro this week it at that is that is check getting me out of there. the.
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temperature is a tireless critic of the close ties between serbia and china she says that the backroom deals often come with strings attached and there is little transparency and belgrade's cozying up to china is a strategic mistake serbia's natural allies she says is here a. single house of the new name all the problems i'm sure that no one here has a problem with foreign investment but we do have a problem when the dealings are corrupt as when far more money is spent and should be the one we have no idea of how that money's being spent the chinese firms are all being handled with kid gloves because they're protected under a bilateral 2 state agreement you can't even get into their factories. then he's picked up an estimate that was unique or thought that. the serbian government prefers not to comment on the matter. it seems content to close ranks with china
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especially when there is chance of a photo op. in 2019 chinese police officers took to the streets of central bell. great to go on patrol with their serbian counterparts. a stance of lean meant as a nod to the growing number of chinese visitors to the country it also sends a signal. china is looking out for the security of its smaller allies serbia. to move through that same year thousands of surveillance cameras suddenly turned up in central belgrade they've been supplied by the chinese telecoms giant huawei under an initiative to make the city safe for its 1300000 residents. who. are. being
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observed all the time and not being able to be at least eltham think that something that is affecting personal self development and in this to say it also affects one thing that is since the cameras were installed activists like nevada rusa chapman trying to find out more about the deal with china but belgrade remains silent for reasons of security it says. the city won the round on the slate like a bone this this can go around and it's use for counting the player objects including people and also for facial recognition they all have facial recognition technology embedded. the cameras were installed practically overnight and without any statistical evidence of a rise in crime. of being a ruse it is skeptical. of what is missing in the whole timeline of those hundreds of thousands of cameras is actually a public debate
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a debate on why we need it and why the security sector is of the opinion that we really need it and what is the counter argument so so we never debated when there was no. oh the liberation in the parliament or in the public or amongst the experts or at least. accessible to the public to understand why why we need. the surveillance technology is just one part of serbia's cooperation with while away. the telecoms giant plans to open a regional innovation center in belgrade aimed at promoting digitalisation in the finance education and energy sectors. china is one of those those countries they did not recognize privacy as a core human human rights and the comprehensive of the right of privacy itself is not the same so for that reason this is this is always the question of whether
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whether we share information of such sensitive nature with with such companies needless to say transported they the from. the past the serbian police for an interview and got no reply however they did tell the activist group that the facial recognition function was not in use the binary search and our group have maps more than 1000 cameras this is the one that really puts. the aim is to alert people to the presence of the cameras and although data privacy isn't a hot button issue here it could hinder serbia's attempts to join the e.u. if the cameras are found so finally data protection laws.
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so just why is the friendship between serbia and china held in such high esteem. pro-government journalists. millimeter marriage has a talk show covering national and international issues among them china. and his view of the e.u. is increasingly critical. here prefer that i belong to the generation that dreamt the american dream as a young man i dreamed of joining the european union but i downtown see it happen in my lifetime as. serbia has been in excess in talks with the e.u. since 2014 but its ambitions of joining the bloc are still just distant according to the talk show host this disillusionment has spurred the government to look around for other partners we are more or she doesn't get is your chinese have builders the bridges and roads that the europeans weren't interested. for as the
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chinese have come like a gift from heaven. if they gave us locals. but also did most of the work. force. and while the e.u. keeps up its demands for a host of reforms china's loans come with no strings attached its message democracy isn't a prerequisite for economic growth. was one rogue schism that china invests much more in many other european countries and nato members than serbia chinese goods are coming in via ports in the north sea. book and rotterdam. they all live from him bones from.


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