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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 2:30am-3:01am CET

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serbia's been in excess in talks with the e.u. since 2014 but its ambitions of joining the bloc are still just distant according to the talk show host this disillusionment has spurred the government to look around for other partners we are more or she doesn't get is your chinese have builders the bridges and roads that the europeans weren't interested. for as the chinese have come like a gift from heaven. if they gave us loads. but also did most of the work. force. and while the e.u. keeps up its demands for a host of reforms china's loans come with no strings attached its message democracy isn't a prerequisite for economic growth. was a rogue schism that china invests much more in many other european countries and nato members than serbia chinese goods are coming in via ports in the north sea.
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book and russia. they all live from him bones from china. but its own peers that the countries that profit from chinese goods are worried about competition when the southern route is finished usually rock and when goods can also be imported through the greek quarter or sort of beer via serbia italy. that you want some sense even a competition choice made by chinese investment is dangerous it's the opposite. that's the view shared by the serbian government who says it has a friendship but still with china since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 cooperation has expanded even more. but despite that the european union remains serbia's biggest financial backer serbia is on the fence
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trying to maximize its gains from both sides. when chinese aid arrived in serbia during the pandemic raging but on as much political spin as possible. between the lines the message was clear china's success in combating the virus reflected the strengths of the chinese system. what it failed to mention was that the e.u. had paid to transport the aid from china to serbia. all that. they as always our governments emphasis was on the chinese eat they really went overboard. and to the aid from the european union only got mentioned in passing and i reckon that only happened because of public pressure and pressure from the e.u. itself through most of the obvious to most this and that obscure. 50
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kilometers from belgrade the belgrade budapest line passes close by a nature conservation area. environmentalist markel you bitch is a regular visitor to the wetlands where he comes to spot species of rare birds. plants are important busy for many areas and all of the reason is. of the water because you know all the newbies and making all on the. level of water is changing so if that lands it out to exist and then it gets higher it will make a big problems for the local cities and villages that are needed in their new. you bitch works for the granny nature conservation group on the banks of the danube. he
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takes local kids on excursions to the wetlands to teach them about biological diversity and the importance of nature. he's worried about what the railway lines construction will mean for the area. and a lot of. plant will be destroyed by putting ground and sand for the construction of the rally station. and all the birds and leaving the living structure and plants what their real needs to find some other place where they can live and biggest tickle logical problems that their early station makes. lives and works in. a town of around $8000.00 right on the danube river.
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but soon the town will be separated from the river by the track. then people will have to take an underpass to reach the danube. several local started a petition but they couldn't influence the planning that was already underway for the railway line you. all. the plans had been signed off on without any local input or democratic participation process. trains probably would be better the railway would be there would be better but to be honest i don't see the full potential of construction is for the local people. who have nothing for it.
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but will because of the metastases have already spread it happened very quickly. as we went to the don't to together but she told us my father should stay in hospital overnight so that i could examine the findings. for the moment when i came back the next morning i could already see he wasn't doing well at all but the bush was for me he died just 30 days later because metta static cancer spreads really fast and get into the bloodstream really fast she. got on star yak lost his father to lung cancer and 2016. if you talk to people and. you'll hear similar stories over and over again. for a long time gorham story arc thought he and his family were the exception. is their noses from if we were surprised because we thought it was
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a mistake he never had any complaints he was never saying it will all of who we were shocked what we knew what was happening with the neighbors open and you could hear them groaning and gasping for air the gruesome of which would go creates one of the most horrible diseases there is a tree. you have to find to bring both. because we've always thought of it contrary groceries or canada. was full of it. it's all saints' day and people are mourning their dead. few cities in europe have worse air quality than the bosnian city of luck. during the winter months especially particulates matter and sulphur dioxide levels exceed limits for weeks
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at a time. the poor air quality is making people sick but only a few actually complain about it. says his mother's death was a wake up call. there's nothing nice here someone is always seeking everyone is being gradually poisoned and dying out only a few people here die a natural death 90 percent of people die of cancer and almost all of them die before their time wherever in their body their most vulnerable that's where the cancer attacks the. air pollution is produced by be a coal and industrial emissions old residential heating systems and decrepit coal fired power plants the bottom line is coal power is that. 60 percent of bosnia's total energy is still produced from coal and there are no
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plans to change than anytime soon. a new coal fired power plant is being built with help from chinese lines. in front of the actual construction site for the future blocks of. bryant. on the right. which is here since 964 roughly. and they claim that the new one is going to replace the old well blocks $3.00 and $4.00 and probably 5. so. we see the trucks working on their so as they call it the preferred 3 phase. which is done by the local companies and they're actually preparing the construction site for the chinese workers dennis just go has campaigned against pollution here for years bosnia-herzegovina us continue to rely. coal angers him as
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does the deal with the chinese all it means for bosnians is more bad air thank the new block 7 of those power plant is being funded largely by money from china. china's ex-im bank has put up more than 600000000 euros in loans to the bosnian state i know for a fact that this is something which is going to cost the people of boston has. a lots of money and lots of last. years of flight because if they build it that will continue to work for another 40 years and continue to pull out for another 4 years. while the european commission pushes ahead with its phase out of coal power would be e.u. member bosnia-herzegovina isn't giving up welcome news for china which is also
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using the new silk road project to advance its supposedly clean coal technology. china says the toast was 7 blocks will meet all e.u. standards and to slow the deal with china is being hailed as a success the power plant is the biggest employer here by far. in the negotiations i'm prepared to rephrase of his deal the chinese showed a high level of professionalism a. long 7 isn't than fans to project. present in serbia from long time. the chinese who we were involved with. knew our culture and our country. they were familiar with the economic and social situation here. and i don't know. they assured us that they would be able to carry out these projects and they had reference or. whatever. it might look
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inviting but these waters are awash with highly toxic chemicals they're the waste product of the power plant a few kilometers away. the waste is disposed of in the surrounding environment and left to seep into the groundwater. dennis is just going his team have complained for years that there are no environmental standards when it comes to getting rid of the waste produced by the power plant. that's also the case for the new chinese block under construction. ah it's basically killing people in nature i mean that that's the shortest explanation you can get there are no proper prevention measures for this to prevent this pollution to spread around in the area there are no liners to prevent this water to penetrate and poison the underground water there are no prevention measures once the surface
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dries out in summer the wind just picks up the dust and takes a few into the center of town. disco is saying that the bosnian government signed the deal with the chinese he doesn't hold the chinese investors responsible though he sees his own government as largely to blame if there is a market our politicians are interested in doing building coal and china is the only one providing the lot of willing to give loans for such projects when we had meetings in the chinese embassy let's say 56 years ago. when we asked the same question why why are you providing loans for coal and not for renewables for wind for solar for what they were because they produced everything and the answer was very simple it's your authorities which are asking us loans for this type of technology if they're asked for wind or if that for for for solar we would
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be more than happy to provide that also. dennis just go has invited politicians energy policy experts and concerned citizens to a round table meeting near the power plant the seating. the big question how should the surrounding towns and cities deal with the power plant waste the match the dust for the next 40 years. zila no aza the greenaway seas between those le and the town of luke are terribly polluted by industry but also by private households with their own heating systems and by traffic emissions up are also only we just shouldn't be destroying even more nature in our region by turning it into a dumping site for an issue not just this fellow residents here are no longer
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willing to accept the waste on their doorsteps. or on story arc also hopes to raise the pressure on the politicians and force them to take action. i understand people who work in the energy sector their whole business model rests on block 7 being built. and on doing all of that now that wouldn't be easy. even so dennis just go has managed to get the issue on to the agenda. and the local politicians have agreed to try to find a different disposal site for the power plant waste. site far enough away to spare . i'm clean and i. paging daily is the mayor of lucca bots
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the town right next to toast la. it's election campaign time. they live chan is supporters are cleaning the river. the politician says the new total box 7 guarantees no one need worry they'll have to go without energy. our economy because it is now is very much depends from and the just sector so right now we have existing turmoil power plants which will stop in next 5 years so in order to ensure continuation of angie we need to replace this all blocks with what 7 and what is all sound to me if you come to consider investing in a building or book 7 will rapidly increase and merriment the situation in this area even with same level of energy produced the argument is that a modern coal fired power plant will help protect the environment and the shift away from coal to renewables is just not affordable at the moment for
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bosnia-herzegovina one of europe's poorest countries investment from china means opportunities if you don't mind i will be very open very direct we are thankful to everybody who support or invest here it doesn't matter is it from china or from turkey or any other country and i'm sure most people will be even more happy if you european community come with some other solution better than. china or any other country. lives with his family and book in your district not far from the power plant. right behind his house is an old ashta. there used to be 500 residents here now there are only 100. his are the only children. he'd like to see bosnia phase out coal power more quickly. probably much the museum reasons you our problem is that we're surrounded by waste disposal dumps we live between 2 coal ash
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dumps and a thermal power plant sesame now those in the church richer we're hoping for a change in the government so that the west can have some influence clearly at the moment the government is only acting in its own interests and doesn't care about the people here are very those who are the you would wish to. pushtun sampson. in. the rail corridor that begins at the greek port of high risk and travels via belgrade is meant to end one day in budapest it will become the delivery route for many chinese goods coming to the you. hungary's close ties with china go back decades we've come to me to get a gay charlotte and expert on china and it's promising means taking us through
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budapest's chinatown. from here chinese goods go on to be distributed around europe it's it all started in $1809.00 we're still a socialist country and for some reason hungary and china. reached an agreement about not requiring visas from each other in $1809.00 after dirty and imam's where a massacre. actually another political refugees but many small businessmen left the country and they looked at the map tried to find a country that. they could reach easily and they found out that i'm going to be integrated a visa from them so about a $50000.00 chinese small businessman came to hungary very suddenly. these 50000 around 30000 remain today. since
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hungry became the 1st eastern european country to officially sign up to the new silk road initiative in 2911 their numbers have grown further. but traditionally the chinese population here keeps to itself. vision she's family story is a typical 130 years ago his parents came to hungary on business but he grew up back in china 10 years ago he came here himself to work. with. my parents don't live here anymore but some of my other relatives do when i left school and was looking for a job i realised that opportunities outside china were a lot better some of my relatives were already in hungary and so i came here to help them. she feels at home here with the hung guerin's have
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been very open toward him also an important factor and business is good. as a member of the e.u. hungary offers easy access to the rest of europe. how much of that business might involve illegal dealings no one knows for certain. i believe the fact that the government is quite friendly to the chinese immigrants vs the whole policy toward china and chinese people in hungary reflects. a desire to have most war close relations with china and that's why i say is that. going to government is quite on friendly to immigrants a lot. in the public discourse of chinese people living here they do not count as immigrants. indeed victoria orbán rarely passes up an opportunity to publicly do his chinese partners it's no
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accident that it also sends a message to the new hungry has its sights set on the east. beyond crucial to develop this region we need external technologies and financial help. for you for european money alone is no longer enough so we welcome as a sign is by a new world order but china is looking to this region as a place to get involved in development yankee violently under this new world order hungry has decided to profit from china as much as it can. and that despite the fact that most of the money flowing into the country comes from the e.u. . and yet again shell out works for hungary's institute for foreign affairs and trade which also produces analyses or the foreign ministry. i don't think that this is only the one getting government maybe the government is the loudest in the
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region but all of central and eastern europe turned toward china about 10 years ago and we became to depend. and on the rest in turning to the east. these countries try to get some more room to maneuver and they are trying to. decrease their overby pendency on the best. the railway line that the chinese engineers are already working on in belgrade will one day and in budapest. though the project is much vaunted by the hungary government construction still hasn't begun. benedict zale has been a member of the hungary in parliament since 2012 she's
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a vocal critic of prime minister orbán and his government her chief concern is the rule of law in our country and the increasing pivot towards an autocratic china it's very clear that to me all we want to live in a liberal more the liberal democracy here in fingery or one doesn't need say once the war the lever away and the chinese what they can see they do not really see they do it we ask any questions about they were a democracy values or didn't have any expectations about the democratic values the european ties they do have. the e.u. commission has sharply criticized the rail project not least because it initially lacked the public tender required under e.u. rules. hungry finally addressed concerns by giving the project to a joint hunk arion chinese venture. work on the route is estimated to cost
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$1800000000.00 euros 85 percent is loans from china. as it causes us to show you in fact i would be on the champs. joint or. since the modernization of the pounds grade passed around when you visit page program research is going to be of strategic importance for transportation on the new silk route. are you. saying any a nation doesn't need this investment he doesn't need we don't need the railway from budapest to bear great at all it would need this money to their bang theory an already existing river system because it's in the very best shape and the situation is even the very worst because we are very soft with this investment are the chinese lol is pretty big for the hanging ariens and even never. get to the end get back.
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not far from central budapest parent will eventually be the final station on the belgrade put a pass line. it's the only new silk road project that china and hungary are currently working on. all the money that hungary's been hoping to see from china hasn't begun flowing yet. could the chinese be losing interest in central and eastern europe. most of the governments. in this region believe that all the chinese are coming into the barracks full of money and they really invest here and they will be on those roads and railways and everything that we want to use actually has not have found and many countries became disappointed in china but i'm going to steal the stick story that we try to get as much. assistance from china as possible.
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but i would advise them to be more realistic and realize that even door. and is already goods in making you feel that you are a very special partner for them. and bear you baby are not brave you know very significant or in the economy or farm going to be in the end foreseeable future. the belgrade budapest route is planned for completion in 2025 it would be the film and of china's dream the 1st chinese built railway line to finally reach the european union.
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and on the. continent. she helps refugees however she can with clothes food and compassion or hard yasmina who she ditched fears and feed work or in bosnia if she is supporting migrants perseverance here in the freezing cold like yasmina herself along with many fellow volunteers is coming
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under pressure. some concern on your own. in 30 minutes on d w. vaccinations again. it's the pandemic it's a race against time. how does the who could have business with a virus or. who will get the coveted vaccination docents the rich industrial nations already have a plan of what is the situation and africa. made in germany. 90 minutes w. . they were forced into an aimless mess. their bodies jewel.
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the history of the slave trade is africa's history. describes how the greed for power and profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence. this is the journey back into the history of slavery. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on d w. this is d w news and these are our top stories european union leaders have agreed on the need for digital coronavirus vaccination certificates german chancellor angela merkel says documents could be ready in time for europeans to take their summer vacations they you also promised to improve the rate of vaccinations across the $27.00 member
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bloc. the armenian capital dare of on has seen mass rallies with both opponents answer.


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