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may also have been used to carry brides to their new homes. you're watching did a 1000000 years live from berlin up next as a documentary about the torture scandal and i will drive president in the process of solitary confinement in guantanamo make sure to stay tuned for that i'm not offering thanks for watching. on you you're not known for years we're going to tell you in how the last 2 years gentlemen starts now and we'll bring you i'm going to matador as you've never tried to surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people and follows her along the way maurice and critics alike join us from eccles lifestyle
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'd. if anybody's attracted an elevator 20 that it's could be a pretty long time right. alone. trapped in over. for 20 minutes not knowing what's going to have to not knowing where you wore suits of sensory deprivation. figure that is your life. 20 minutes i don't know we're not the only guy on the intercom it's nothing i was trying to get you out because i was keeping you. it's your communication. that's existence. do you think a lot more of the belief. 'd
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but it is not in the room it will not end until every terrorist group. has been found. dumped. and defeat. at the can last more than one term. so you know empires in decline resort to torture and i think it gives them the mission of mouse free dominance and control by torturing essentially we blind ourselves but we could in fact create a democratic society which actually has consistently valuable and effective
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techniques to fight terror the fact that we don't is more an expression of our own anxieties and fears. so-called hence the interrogation techniques used by the us officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind and therefore also the body because they are very connected. and leave no physical traces in the next. stream li. destructive practice torture. on of course on those who receive this pain and suffering but also on the side that becomes a society of cruelty what we've done is we've not so much lost the war on torture
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as we've won the war on democracy and that through terrorizing a population over a period of decades said that there's nobody in this country who didn't grow up with some bogeyman some danger 1st it was communism then it was terrorism. we are. obviously. in many facets of what is generally called the cold war. which communist policy is force. but there are no ties as the cia engage in any political activity or any intelligence to everything it was not approved at the highest level.
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there was a concern that emerged the 1st start of the cold war in the late 19th wars that the soviets had fucked the code of human consciousness. that they knew how to apply pressure upon the human mind and break the human mind and it was that that set off this whole pursuit that little to no end to the creation of the cia's doctrine of psychological torture this was a time of for the brainwashing scare they were show trials in eastern europe many hungry in poland which get aroused a lot of vomiting cern in the west because people seemed to be confessing to crimes that they hadn't committed. most importantly was the trial of cardinal mines and skiing and hungary and as he
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was already in after work to quite famous because he was known for having resisted the nazis and their occupation of hunger. and then after the war he became the cardinal in the primitive church. they arrested him they can find him his kids are being an aristocrat he became a kind of target of the regime. and then he was put on trial work publicly for incest to the charges against him and there was this fear in washington that prince of the church i mean it was sort of a man known for his courage under nazi pressure that if he could be broken clearly the soviets were desertion of techniques.
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putting. forth. as mind control far as it starts in the 1950 s. was a project that involved a $1000000000.00 a year. there was a formal creation of british than in american cooperation at the highest levels in order to mobilize the naval scientists of these 3 countries in order to kind of crack the code of consciousness. on voices for medical doctors for cornell university medical school in new york city. they got access. to some of the more classified material on people that us cape from the soviet union now been tortured in the soviet. walls who's a very well known neurologist he had a personal relationship with al dawes the head of the cia and with the human
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ecology fine wolf offered to the cia a sense lay a friends in order to study questions of brainwashing what they discovered. was $11.00 of the 2 foundational techniques in the cia doctrine of psychological torture they discovered. self-inflicted pain if you force a human being to stay in a certain position especially a position that puts a little stress on weight comments or muscles or bones joints it doesn't take very long for the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating but nobody's laying thank you finger on you you are doing it to yourself. that was one of the it's the offer to discover was from. the
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biomedical research. that was arthur thats work it was the chair of the psychology department and the go to university in canada. students volunteered to participate in the study of human behavior under extreme prolactin monotony their hands and arms were slashed fully covered to muffle the sense of it's arse right some to biomass comes from the baron's flight and yet it was impossible for most of these to be used to take it from on in 24 to 48 hours sensory deprivation really is a way of producing dream and not it's a horrible experience getting worse and worse some brossard be talked about cruelty . what they said was that the degree of boredom became intolerable and was. once again said as bad as anything good that the hitler ever done to any of us to his victims as we know from almost any basic medical
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understanding human contact is what makes us human and illness and they will see a person to have a sense of normalcy in their lives and when they are completely isolated from any human contact and often kept in this sensory isolation you will literally easily become severely mentally impaired. became a pit console the cia continued to work for them is really the project water and psychological torture. that project funded another guy mcgill named dr who in camera. was on camera at the alamo in sids. was was close to monstrous.
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kingman for psychotherapy i was just crying crying crying. it was hopeless i didn't know what to expect they said i was going to the psychiatric ward. you bet that on that day cameron that's the one cameron yes i met him and we were always terrified of him why we also fear we all had a fear of him and we didn't want to him to notice us because whatever he did it would never there was a pace and put them the patient was always screaming these are the days and i was a professor ewen cameron was a very famous psychiatry's t.
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was head of the american psychiatric association and the world psychiatric association he was the top of the field at the same time he seemed pretty much willing to do anything and that for the cia to find a doctor who didn't have limits in a nearby capital with lots of patients to work with lost as to his subjects was somebody they were interested in supporting patients would come in. with ordinary and psychological emotional problems they signed their waivers and in lieu of this subject to this bizarre version of extreme sensory deprivation and isolation for for up to a month. one of his favorite things was he had a sort of a football helmet with a tape recorder in it that would play a tape and look up to 500000 times say things like my mother hates me and he
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would let the brain with rogue stench of deprivation and kind of psychological emotional assault well. what's working i mean it's garbage. what he did was he would put people in your man's civil lecture shack and he would give it to the men in full on basis along with what he called sleep fair play his ideal was once you wake the brain clean you could wipe that the sight of the a buried behavior in the bad ideas the ideas that were messing up people's minds and you could program in their ideas. i was 1st hospitalized. i was about 16. 16 half
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the doctors closely into sleep there. and that was it for about 3 weeks in in this sort of a deep sleep but i don't remember getting up to go to the washroom i don't i just remember that the doctor came in occasionally to feed me and that was it and then suddenly after a while there was another place and that came in and it was an older one into slept in the other bed when i started to wake up i saw these patients and these patients were in tube some of them they had earphones and headphones i don't know if they did any of that to me because when i was the 1st 3 weeks i don't know what happened but this was the pattern in. this year's doctrine of psychological torture that the developed through research
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in the death of the 19 fifties and was codified in the khobar counter-intelligence inter-dimensional manual. as to basic techniques on which all the rest of the procedures to run oneness sensory deprivation and the other is self-inflicted pain. the cia trained allied agencies in the techniques so in effect. knowing about dissemination about if used send these techniques to other armies could you take an ordinary individual like a draftee or recruit and make a person become an affective in terror.


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