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the present day hoax is. going to who's behind the. menu structure a new current source may 3rd on d w. this is e w news live from her lead india records a new surge included 19 cases authorities hope just off the new wave by pushing for more vaccinations many states say there is not enough vaccine to go around. also coming up the battle to succeed angela merkel it's tough to mend declare bids to
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leave the conservatives in germany selection and in the going to say don't mind snatch a late winner to secure a 3 functional coins in their relegation battle against cologne. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. india has recorded a new surge in coded 19 inspections daily cases have topped 168000 pushing india past brazil to become the world's 2nd worst hit country authorities are hoping to curb the spread by imposing new restrictions and trying to persuade more people to get vaccinated but many states are also complaining of a vaccine shortage. an indian festival unlike any other. the cause for celebration is quite different. this medical college
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is taking part in a so-called vaccination festival a 4 day program to accelerate the national roll out. i'm visiting all the vaccination centers in my area and congratulating the people being vaccinated and the health workers including doctors nurses paramedics and everyone involved in the vaccination drive we are doing this to encourage vaccination but what i want to make it in india is a vaccine drive had been relatively successful but a recent shortage of doses forced some vaccinations and says to close. prevention measures vary across india lockdowns are in force in many areas including maharashtra the hardest hit state. only go i don't think a lockdown shows the failure and incompetence of the local government logjams are not a solution to anything businesses have been suffering for over a year now i have a business myself and can tell you how much i've lost. with new infections
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skyrocketing and deaths rising steadily many are all too happy to get jobs. it's hoped the vaccine festival could make it safer for the crowds who still turn out in huge numbers to india's famous religious festivals. and for more of the story let's bring in. michelle what could the stacks nation festival achieve especially considering the dramatic surge in new cases in the country. well planet x. and you. are not new to india or you will be you know if you've got a speaker to dine out do was participate in the attic above the back seat because even though in your has recorded and. given a smaller fraction. and you still falling behind on a dogs it have reported instances over back as didn't seem not enough people are doing now so this is of course an attack by decrying the do you lose his pocket of
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being too awesome you didn't join a set list of spite and to go unnoticed by johnny knowledge vaccinations however old costumes are deporting shortages and unfortunately have been 10 p.r. directives stronger than actually covered yet about how exactly they broke down to these shortages what is out of the state of my russia just. gives this is one of the state which also said that even in driving out there and other than that summation the michel what is being done to get this case is under control but it is not in the national director of. each steve this coming up with its own set you shouldn't and metal depending heavily what kind of soldiers there see the state of mind that i just mentioned for example which has the lid considered a complete lockdown because they are watching looking almost $60000.00 users in guest orders so it is just yesterday for example on the other hand we have
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a statement denny eccentric will not consider not done it is imposed multiple measures late night 24 hour 24 hour vaccination drives as well as just actions on bars and restaurants and any kind of market gatherings because these new venue devised ask users keep searching given all those challenges that you think you've highlighted there how high is the optimism that these measures can indeed be effective. well it's not on you to look to your behavior and just see. this is not think that national government has pointed out you need to eat but once again even my obstructions are really down on the other hand we have. to meet i'm not religious and to that that is i believe i now with thousands gather and or do get books coming out that many of these people who don't last that a next shoot going on in the states as we speak and what these mothers were massive
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political jackies including the ones headed by i did actually walk in the park you don't that walk you keep whining there is so much we want to be still finding out how why did you quit i don't don't see the guy from vaccination she's not doing better because of the source but again soon quiet talk to predict what the numbers continue to try and sneak maybe because people are not picking up at all she's the mission in delhi thank you. let's get a check of some other developments in the pandemic china's top disease control official says that the country is formally considering mixing coded 19 vaccines to offer greater protection against corona virus that is after data showed china's domestically produced vaccines were of less effective than some alternatives australia has scrapped its target of inoculating the adult population by october health authorities said that the astra zeneca vaccine should no longer be given to people under the age of 50 and health workers in the united states have broken
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a new record by inoculating 4600000 people in one day officials say that more than 72000000 people have been fully vaccinated. let's have a look at some other stories making headlines around the world israeli public media have cited intelligence sources as saying that the spy agency mossad carried out a cyber attack at the all rania nuclear facility hit by a blackout on sunday iran has blamed terrorism for the incident ukrainian production restarted a day earlier at the plant in defiance of a shaky international agreement. protests have broken out in the u.s. state of minnesota after police fatally shot a black man relatives have identified him as 20 year old to write the state governor says that he is closely monitoring the situation tensions are high in the state as the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd takes place. the center right candidate in ecuador's presidential elections
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has claimed victory veteran banker guillermo laso won over 50 percent of the runoff vote he campaigned for open markets and foreign investment as a way to restart the economy which has been hit hard by the peg topic. it's a dual for angela merkel's mantle at the head of the conservative take it's germans go to the polls this autumn to elect a new government and after 16 years as chancellor angela merkel is not running again now her christian democratic union party and its bavarian sister party the christian social union are close to deciding who will replace merkel as the conservative candidate for chancellor and these 2 politicians are running has already succeeded merkel in one respect she is the christian democrats party leader and also the state for mayor of north rhine-westphalia. his close ally of angela merkel marcus soda has also put his head in for the job he is the bavarian state
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premier and leader of the bavarian christian social union service national profile has grown during the pandemic both say that they are ready to take on the top job. we've announced that we're ready to stand this candidates for the chance of the ship. and we've agreed it should be a good process. as we set off towards the shed gold involving both parties and of course together with the parliamentary group. but this. was a suitable and both of us are ready it's important that we show respect to one another i can say 1st off regardless of how the final decision turns out we work together very very well and bring in the deputy political correspondent melinda kramer linda how will this decision be made now. it will be made by the leadership
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of the chancellor's christian democratic party they will be meeting here in berlin today we could have an answer there he soon and at the latest within the next 10 days and mr serjeant has said it's absolutely in their hands if they want him he's ready to take on the leadership at the chancellor of candidacy now the noteworthy thing here is that within the party leadership this is where mr lasher has the bulk of his support within the party's parliamentary group and within the population at large there are many who would prefer mr sirgo but the party leadership appears to be a somewhat concerned about a possible shift in the balance of power toward bavaria and as you noted in your introduction mr souter is the head of the sister party of the c.d.u. there he and christian social union and these are 2 sisters who have
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a long standing rival for the so mr blessitt said he's pretty sure the leadership will choose him and who the polls favor many opinion polls show that within the general population there is a very strong margin of support for mr surtur there given the c.s.u. leader 54 percent in the latest poll at the beginning of april said they would prefer him as opposed to just 19 percent for mr lasher. ok we know meantime lusha has been positioning himself as being the most committed of the 2 upholding merkel's legacy how far will bad strategy go for him you think. in some ways that potential strength is exactly what also can become his weakness for germans who are frustrated with the indecisive leadership during the pandemic including coming from him he has changed course numerous times mr server definitely
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looks like the better candidate he has shown very decisive leadership in the area to some degree this is also a generation gap mr surtur is considerably younger in many ways he looks more innovative as well as being more decisive and he's been looking very positively at cooperation with the green party in the green party is doing very well in the polls nationally so for all of those reasons mr sort of for many people would appear to be the bolder choice i did time when germany is struggling whereas mr nash it represents continuity with the middle of the road reading my the course is the chancellor and it looks like there are a lot of people who are tired of that direction if you look at the national polls you see that it's a cd you is definitely struggling it has been losing support melinda crane in berlin thank you. now in the bundesliga minds boosted their survival chances with a late victory against cologne the 32 win continues their climb up the table but
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the result means the end of the road for cologne's coach he's been fired with the team stuck in the relegation zone. marcus gives those cologne hadn't won in 7 games the home coach would have feared the worst when mind scored with their 1st shot on goal john paul boy put the finishing touches on a neat move. close one handed the way back into the game on half time penalty the verdict on 3 tutors equaliser just rewards for cologne's efforts that domination continued in the 2nd half the free kicks finding its way to earlier skeery headed to host since who deserved to lead. the football can be a cruel game when you're fighting for survival cologne barely had time to enjoy that goal as mine hit back with a sucker punch. but devastating council rounded off by kareem only see.
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the visitors had found their way and it was another break down the left that won the game in injury time to. play andre pereiro the mind's hero poking his shots past emotionless t.-mo former. heartbreak for the hosts who seems not to believe what they were seeing but the reality came quickly after the game bestow given the sack with cologne in big big trouble. meantime bottom of the table shout are earned their 2nd victory of the season as they beat out one nil the only goal came after just 4 minutes when say that sardar took advantage of some sloppy goalkeeping said i was celebrating his 24th birthday it was felt his 1st win in 13 games but they're still in hot water.
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a quick reminder of our top story india has recorded a new surge in co the 1000 cases authorities. hoping to stop the new wave by pushing for more vaccinations many states say there is not enough vaccine to go wrapped. up next on the world stories of the week in the reports i'm sorry kelly in berlanti q. so much for joining us here on take care of. people in trucks injured when trying to free the city center on more and more refugees are being turned away at the ford. family ties to syria. today's critical moment in history look at this demonstrators claim to be extreme ground 0000 in. the.
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whole world in which moves on through.

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