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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2021 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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player. plays. player. plays. this is deja vu news live from the lead of course a new surgeon coded 1000 cases authorities hope to soft new a new way by pushing for more vaccinations many states say there is not enough vaccine to go around. also coming up the battle to succeed angela merkel heats up 2 men put themselves forward to become the center right candidate for chancellor in germany's election in september i'm 60 years ago today it was an event that would change the world so be a cost but not if you are
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a doctor and became the 1st human in space we'll ask our russians today feel about his achievement and in the bundesliga minds snatching a late winner to secure 3 crucial points in their relegation battle against a long. time sarah kelly welcome to the program. india has recorded a new surge in coded 19 infections stanley cases have topped 168000 pushing in the past for zille to become the world's 2nd worst hit country now authorities are hoping to curb the spread by imposing new restrictions and trying to persuade more people to get vaccinated but many states are complaining of a vaccine shortage fears are also growing that many are failing to observe rules and social distancing. the banks of the sacred river ganges
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bringing despite india's soaring infection rate millions are expected to attend the coup mayla festival here covert 19 tests are required to enter the area but other precautions are ignored. elections and political rallies are also going ahead mask wearing isn't always enforced. india is holding a so-called vaccination festival a 4 day drive to bring the numbers down. visiting all the vaccination centers in my area and congratulating the people being vaccinated and the health workers including doctors nurses paramedics and everyone involved we are doing this to encourage vaccination but what i want to make it in india is an occupation campaign have been relatively successful but several states
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are reporting vaccine shortages prevention measures across india very lock downs are in force in many areas including maharashtra the hardest hit state it's also home to mum by india's economic powerhouse. don't books i think shows the failure and incompetence of the local government not a solution to anything businesses have been suffering for over a year i have a business myself and can tell you how much i've lost. just like the holy festival india hopes its vaccination festival will attract the population. and for more on the story let's bring in. michelle what could the stacks nation festival achieve especially considering the dramatic surge in new cases in the country. well it's not x. and you. are not new to india or you will figure out if you've got
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a speaker to join out to i was part of. the act of welcome back because even dual in europe has recorded large. events small traction. and music disappointing behind on a good speed have recorded instances of backing as didn't seem not enough the 1st part laying out this is the boston attack by decrying this do you lose his. do i ask you to join a set list of spite and go unnoticed by johnny knowledge vaccinations how it will cost students are divorcing sources and i unfortunately have. stronger national coverage yet about how exactly do going down to these shortages what are the top of the state of my russia just. gives this is one of the state which also suggests that even a dining out there and other than vaccination michelle what is being done to get this case is under control but it is not in the national director. or the each
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steve this coming up with its own set you shouldn't and metal depending heavily what kind of soldiers they're seeing the state of mind that i just mentioned for example which has the lid considered a complete lockdown because they are watching the drink almost 60000 users in guest orders so it is just yesterday for example on the other hand we have a state like denny that sent a good mark incident automatism to measure a late night 24 hour 24 hour vaccination drives as well as just actions on bars and restaurants and any kind of mob gatherings because these new venue devised ask users do you suppose you've given all those challenges that you think you've highlighted there how high is the optimism that these measures can indeed be effective. those aren't who did it will create behavior and the kind she does. this is something that national government has pointed out you need to eat
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but once again even my oldest actions are ruled out on the other hand we have invented a. religious festival that is under way by now with thousands gathered and it already deployed coming out that many of these people are without lost that a national was going on in the states as we speak and with these there's another massive political jackies including those headed by the national party and. so while there is a surge when one's we still finding out how did you quit i don't see the drive through x. nation should start doing that or the cause of the surge but again supply it's hard to predict what the numbers continuing to try and sneak peek will i'm not picking up precautions and i suggest while in delhi thank you. and now for some other developments in the pandemic china's top disease control official says the country is formally considering nixing covert 19 vaccines to offer greater protection
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against the corona virus that's after data showed china's domestically produced vaccines were less effective than some alternatives australia has scrapped its target of unoccupied in the adult population by october health authorities say the astra zeneca vaccine should no longer be given to people under 50 health workers in the united states have broken a new record by inoculating 4600000 people in one day officials say more than 72000000 people have been fully vaccinated. now coronavirus restrictions are being eased further in england today and what prime minister boris johnson is calling a major step toward freedom some people headed for a drink just after midnight as pubs and restaurants reopened for outdoor customers gyms hairdressers libraries and shops can now also open their doors again for the 1st time since england went back into lockdown in early january today's move follows a fast vaccine rollout and falling numbers of corona virus cases and deaths but
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authorities are warning against complacency. for more let's bring in barrett mask who is joining us from london bear get how big is the anticipation right now. it's really a day that a lot of people thought couldn't come soon enough as you have mentioned some people flocked to balls at 12 midnight even in small places up north and minus degrees loyal customers were going to bars because they really waited for the day i speak to a small restaurant here in london and they are booked up that outdoor space is booked up until june so people really are trying to make the most of it had dresses as well booked up for months and months on end because english people have endured a rather long lockdown for 4 really almost since the beginning of the year and this is the sense that there is. to normality which is starting today and the lifting of carbs it only applies in england how about other areas of the
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u.k. . well yes it's a devolved powers to in scotland for example there will be no changes on this day and wales people will be allowed to travel again into wales where there was a travel ban that the english people could not go across the border that is being lifted but all together even in england i have to say that there is a cautious opening for example when it comes to meeting indoors meeting other people indoors privately that still not allowed to people are only allowed to mix outdoors or in shops and public places but for the next opening for the next stage there will be another few weeks almost a month so that the authorities can see what each step what each opening is actually doing with the pandemic in them has had its fair share of opening to the end and seeing for example and last winter
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a huge 2nd wave. of people have. being much more cautious and how would you you know in that context and with that background how would you gauge the mood would you say right now i mean is there a sense among people that this could really be the beginning of the end especially given you know the rate of vaccination or are there concerns to your point that there could be another dramatic wave. i would say it's the hope that this is the beginning off the end but it's really far from a certainty the vaccination has been very successful and people are feeling a bit more secure but there are also many scientists who are warning that this is not a safe place and the world is not a safe place that we see the virus ravaging in other countries and there is a scab that could be new variants that maybe the existing vaccines that we have to employ here in the u.k. would not be effective against sue there is still the caution but still today i
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would say for for many people at least they're celebrating this little victory that there is some normality resuming to the life on the streets in england to get mass in london thank you. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world israeli public media have cited intelligence sources as saying that the spy agency mossad carried out a cyber attack at the iranian nuclear facility hit by a blackout on sunday iran has blamed israel for the incident and vowed revenge uranium production restarted a day earlier at the plant in defiance of a shaky international agreement. protests have broken out in the u.s. state of minnesota after police fatally shot a black man relatives have identified him as 20 year old to want a right the state governor says that he is closely monitoring the situation
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tensions are high in the state as the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd takes place. the center right candidate in ecuador's presidential elections has claimed a victory a veteran banker guillermo laso won over 52 percent of the runoff vote he campaigned for open markets and foreign investment as a way to restart the economy which has been hit hard by the pen demick. to germany now where it is a dual for angela merkel's mantle at the head of the conservative ticket germans go to the polls this autumn to elect a new government and after 16 years this chancellor angela merkel is not running again now her christian democratic union party and its bavarian sister party the christian social union are close to deciding who were placed merkel as the conservative candidate for chancellor and these 2 politicians are running arm in lashins has already succeeded merkel in one respect he is the christian democrats
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party leader and also the state premier of north rhine-westphalia he is a close ally of mark or so of are also wants the job he's the bavarians a premier and leader of the various christian social union soldiers national profile has grown during the pandemic and both men said that they are ready to take on the top jobs families of a career we've announced that we're ready to stand this candidates for the chance of the ship. and we've agreed to should be a good process to ask me set off towards this shan't go will involving both parties and of course together with the parliamentary group. and. fisk if we have established both as a suitable and both of us are ready it's important that we show respect to one another i can say 1st off god regardless of how the final decision turns out you
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can work together very very well and chief political correspondent melinda crane is standing by belinda walk us through how ultimately the candidate will be chosen. it will be chosen ultimately by the leadership of the c.d.u. of the chancellor's christian democrats as mr certain self put it it is the big sister of these 2 conservative sister parties and he said he will respect its decision if they want him to be the candidate candidate then indeed he is glad to do it now the leadership of the c.d.u. is meeting today and we've heard that there will be a decision within the week that apparently is what the leadership wants of what mr soto wants what's noteworthy here is that actually mr nash it has the bulk of his support in this city your leadership group within the parliamentary group of the c.d.u. and within the population at large there are many who would prefer this to search.
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it seems that the c.d.u. leadership is concerned about a shift in the balance of power toward the very and that just shows that that between these 2 sisters there is quite a bit of rivalry and therefore this is by no means a done deal mr lasher himself thinks he has a very good chance is to come out the letter some very interesting dynamics and then of course it's coming at a time when you know the c.d.u. has taken a big dip in the polls tell us in terms of you know looking at the broader public who is writing highest only look at the opinion polls. opinion polls at the beginning of april showed that absolutely it's mr souter who is far and away the more popular candidate in the population at large 54 percent of those surveyed said they would want surgery where it's just 19 percent preferred mr lasher so there is a very good deal of support within
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a larger population and we've seen that in recent state elections where the c.d.u. not fare well in fact last year the vote of the recent green party. lash it has been positioning himself as being the most committed of the 2 to upholding merkel's legacy how far is that strategy going to go for him you think. well some people would consider the strength can also be seen as a weakness he represents a continuity for the c.d.u. a middle of the road pragmatic leader well established there he much in the wind in the mode of the american for self but for all of those who are frustrated particularly with the c.d.u. leadership during the pandemic with the government's handling of the pandemic with the scandal over mass produced within the c.d.u. they will be looking toward new leadership and certainly that is what mr sort of
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represents he's not a great deal younger than mr lasher but he almost looks like a new generation he's more innovative he's older and he has made it very clear that he's interested in working with the greens and as i mentioned they have in fact been gaining in popularity nationally so in many ways mr surrogate the older choice mr lash it the more cautious choice but there are some within the city you who say that if the leadership has the party's interests at heart it will take mr surtur because he is the one who can help the party prevail in september the crane with the view from her lead thank you. you're watching d.w. news still to come 60 years ago today it was an event that changed the world to still be a cause but not during a gun when taking the 1st human in space and in the bundesliga minds of snatching a late winner to secure 3 crucial points in their relegation battle against cologne
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. the vote counting is underway in the central african country of chad following a presidential election on sunday incumbent interest has been in power for 3 decades and is expected to win another 6th term in office some opposition leaders have called for a boycott of the election following what rights groups call a crackdown on dissent in the run up to the poll. very come on the. president to do is to be is one of the wrong redoes enough reka. behavior security he was the 1st to cast their vote it is the 6th election has voted didn't. move the. done. vote. we are going to go home now and then wait for the voters to decide their fate. for you on
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this planet and disappointed. this man says he has voted in 5 elections over the last 30 years on sunday he decided to boycott the poll because he believes he's more to never count is jane funny i have a family and the situation is but if you should thank you but i know they be will be really addicted but he must change this situation if not it will be worse i know he will the 1st round from the bottom of my heart i'm not supporting part a part of the minutes at the end share his frustration members of the opposition and anti-government activist called for the barrel to be boycotted the people of chad generally decided to stay their homes because they're saying that they have been voting for at least 5 times and all of these 5 times there has been no change so there's no point of them going out to vote. at least 7300000
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child ends i vote but in the cup to shoot up this lady is a 1st time voter but she came with a high expectations his vision i want there to be more peace in church he's already peace but we need more than that. we need to show coalition. was in office for 3 decades president they'd be remains a strong partner for the west in the fight against islamic jihad least the top part of the sahara region. but back home he's proprieties diminishing raised into accusing him of crime ging the country into a deep hole but the. encouraging they put is him and the corrupt shook. and golf a dickey matsuyama has become the 1st japanese man to win a major title after claiming victory at the masters matsuyama start of the final
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days plan with a 4 shot lead and his final round score a one over par was just enough to see him home at the famous augusta national course in the bundesliga mights boosted their survival chances with a late victory against cologne the 32 win continues their climb up the table but the result means the end of the road for the team's coach he's been fired with the team stuck in the relegation zone. marcus gives dos cologne had one in 7 games the home coach would have feared the worst when mine scored with their 1st shot on goal john paul but yes put the finishing touches on a neat move. close one handed the way back into the game on half time penalty the verdict on 3 tutors equaliser just rewards for cologne's efforts domination continued in the 2nd half the free kick finding its way to only
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a scary headed to host since we deserved leads. for football can be a cruel game when you're fighting for survival cologne barely had time to enjoy that goal as minds hit back with a sucker punch. but devastating council rounded off by kareem only see. the visitors had found their way and it was another break down the left that won the game in injury time. play andre pereiro the minds hero poking his shots past a motionless team 0 for. heartbreak for the hosts who seems not to believe what they were seeing but the reality came quickly after the game he stole given the sack with cologne in big big trouble. now meantime bottom of the table shocker earned their 2nd victory of the season as
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they beat out spurs one nil the only goal came after just 4 minutes when silat serdar took advantage of some sloppy goalkeeping that happened to be his 24th birthday it was shelters 1st win in 13 games but they're still in hot water. now the us for session drama nomad land one big at the british academy of film and television awards on sunday. you want it to. no matter what. it's for awards including best film festival actor for filmmaker chloe south as best actress for frances mcdormand. phenols revenge comedy promising young women was named best british film all the best actor trophy went to 83 year old anthony hopkins for playing a man with dementia in the father. now russia
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is celebrating 60 years since the cosmonaut yuri gagarin made history as the 1st man in space the city of st petersburg put on a laser show on sunday to mark the anniversary his achievement made him a national hero and handed moscow a victory in its space race with washington and that 1st flight still captures the imagination of russians 6 decades on. the ousting off into the unknown and a place in history. inside the forestall kwan rocket was eureka garren as soviet air force officer. he became the 1st man in space orbiting the earth for 108 minutes and the 1st human to see the planet from the heavens. but i'm watching the forest the rivers the clouds
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by the time get darren objected out of his space capsule and parachuted he was a soviet hero. he was celebrated by people and leaders alike. corralled crammed into moscow's red square to cheer him. 6 decades later homemade tributes skybound. hundreds of space and through z s gathered to launch cardboard and plastic rockets into the air in st petersburg celebrating cosmonaut extend a pantry living memories flooded me across again was part of the ground control team at the launch 60 years ago. who. we had a few sleepless nights before i pulled 12 so on the day we felt anxious to be honest
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i really needed to sleep but i was so tense i couldn't even close my eyes we had to keep working. the mission showcase the soviet union's technological lead 1st into space before the united states. would go with the launch of eureka garren had a colossal propaganda effect. they became so important because suddenly we were cola the united states dollar you. get our and success supercharge the space race i'm cemented the soviet union as a space superpower a position that russia still holds today to the international space station and you and your good performance calls equipment you're watching news still to come on the program plastic waste everywhere sudan struggles with
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a massive pollution problem that stifles economic growth in the north east african country. all that more coming up with monica jones and d.-w. business news i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching.
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