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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2021 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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good news crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continue. this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and the local production. all of reserves or available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to name now. alibaba defies chinese and you trust regulators shares in the group sought after beijing slapped a record fine of the chinese tech giant we talked to our market reporter to find out what keeps investors so upbeat also coming up on about well comes exhibitors to the 1st digital industrial trade fair starting today while munich attracts ideas
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and investment from silicon valley to take a look i type take in germany. and plastic waste everywhere as saddam struggles with a massive pollution problem that stifles be economic growth in the north east african country. but come to do business i want to johnsonville end good to have you with us shares in take john dolly 7 percent in hong kong trading as investors seem to shrug off a record antitrust fine imposed on ali baba by the chinese government regulators had slammed to the tech giant with a $2800000000.00 penalty after a months long probe concluded it had been abusing its dominant market position sanctions come for the sanction comes as beijing cracks down on major chinese take platforms including on the promise payment platform group over allegations of anticompetitive behavior and misuse of consumer data.
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of course we'll have to talk about the market reaction there for that to cross over to chelsea delaney in frankfurt chelsea investors don't seem to be impressed at all by this chinese regulator crackdown here. yes investors very much brushing this record fine off i think there are 2 reasons for that one is that a lot of the signaling ahead of the announcement of this find have been that it could be much bigger so this is equal to about 4 percent of al evolve as revenue chinese regulators couldn't find them up to 10 percent of their annual revenue so they could have been facing a fine at least twice as much as this but the regulator also isn't really calling for a fundamental changes to ali baba's business is they could have forced a larger restructuring so this is not quite as as steep of a fine and penalty as a lot of investors had been expecting but it also does sort of remove this legal and regulatory overhang that had really been weighing on it as shares so now that
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they have handed down this decision investors are happy to sort of move on but would you say the chinese regulators could have slapped a much higher fine on. with the any concessions is changing in any way to comply with beijing. so alibaba is going to be required to sort of submit a plan to china's regulators about how it plans to address these antitrust concerns that already over the past 2 days we've heard from alibaba that they do plan to for one cut some of the fees for a merchants on their platform they also say they plan to invest and new tools and new technology to make their platform are usable for their vendors that they are making investments in the future but this also comes as the chinese e-commerce space is really changing it's becoming much more competitive so in addition to these regulatory concerns alibaba has. a real businesses reason to reform its
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business in rochester today and from foods thank you. it's a major international showcase for the latest in industrial technology the hound of the fair this year the world's largest industrial show focuses on the official intelligence machine learning and robotics now normally the city of hama would be buzzing with guests from around the world but in times of the coronavirus pandemic exhibitors and visitors can only beat in the virtual space. hot over airport would be open but who would even want to visit just to go into quarantine for 10 days especially since nothing is happening at the exhibition center anyway just 2 years ago 200000 people came to hanover for the world's largest industrial show $6000.00 exhibitors showed off their latest innovations this year exhibitors and visitors are staying at home instead of networking digitally on one of the show's platforms . many of our customers are facing major challenges to the lack of train fares no
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personal meetings to initiate partnerships no new customers and no platform where they can see how far the competition actually yes last year the trade show was cancelled entirely this year 1900 exhibitors have agreed to present themselves on the digital platform for feet they pay up to $30000.00 euros for their participation just a very small fraction of what they used to spend on an exhibition stand it doesn't bring in much for the trade show organizers but they're hoping that visitors will be back at the fair in large numbers next year. and while one of the keeps attracting international exhibits this will be its digitally only new nick is developing into a kind of german silicon valley big names from siemens to apple and google based and investing big zaf also thanks to the various 1000000000 euro high take agenda which attracts plenty of qualified professionals and helps to support
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a life the startup scene the intelligent robot arm carefully grips the tomato without crushing it the special thing about this robot is that it sees with the help of cameras it was developed by these of the robotics founders nicholas out and stefan lock blown up in their munich based startup their aim is to make robots for everyday use and to revolutionize the market we can in what our core innovation is camera based sensor technology this means that we can greatly simplify robotic hardware we can build robots that use simple motors and are controlled entirely by software and cameras that would allow us to build very inexpensive robots that could be used on a vacuum cleaner for examples of all the times that some critter. the 2 have their office in munich's vaca and a subsidized start up center for 35 digital startups here they conduct experiments and work on their business models. and if anything it's not just the building in
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the infrastructure that you get here you get exchanged with other founders who have similar issues and that's one of the most valuable aspects there is a large network of mentors including large companies which are available here in munich in a variety of ways they're increasingly interested in working with startups to develop the great solutions for tomorrow markets and they can the high tech industry seems to be drawn to bavaria apple has just announced the establishment of its european center for chip design in munich google is hiring 1500 new employees and computer giant i.b.m. opened its development center in munich's high like towers 4 years ago to focus on artificial intelligence. i think we have a lot of advantages we have manufacturing companies here small and medium size companies there are customers and we want to be close to them we really do have world class universities here where we find the top talent precisely in the areas
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we need to take and added to this is by various 1000000000 euro high tech agenda among other things 1000 new professorships are being planned munich's university is the team you and ellen you play an important role in the cooperation with i.t. companies. of course it brings new research ideas and enables our students and junior scientists to work on topics that are really relevant. engineers new stephon look borna had started doing research on their robots i think t.-u. munich and continued in their start up they now build intelligent robots for several companies in germany and here up. sudan stands to receive $400000000.00 from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to fund the country's agricultural production input this year it's money that could do
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a lot of good for farmers there if it wasn't for sudan's real problem and that's plastics pollution. on the streets of khartoum they're everywhere plastic bags from local stores and markets way too many in a country that often doesn't have enough in sudan traders pay a ridiculously low price for the bags for customers there free of charge available nearly everywhere. the plastic bag business run smoothly and users can keep them for a long time and they don't easily break or where. they get the most. plastic bags that are no longer needed are usually thrown into the streets garbage bins are rare garbage collection is sporadic sometimes not coming by for weeks and the consequences are devastating every year an estimated $50000.00 tonnes of plastic waste of all kinds and up in sudan's in chanting landscapes on
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streets in bush is on farmland causing immense damage environmental experts are worried the country is suffocating in garbage this huge amount of this in the environment and a fix for it is going to cut short of soy you know that this makes it degrade the soil and the poor soil and so. it causes the cruising off. production and even the food production for. recycling is still in its infancy here children will sometimes pick up plastic bottles on the streets to earn a few extra cents the bags however are simply left lying around there are just 5 companies in the capital that sort clean and recycle the plastic bottles far too few they're working at full capacity and struggling with all kinds of problems.
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you have got obama and we have the problems with the electricity one day it's on the next day it's not but that's the case all over sudan. actually the solution to the plastic plate is obvious educate people tax plastics strengthen recycling companies everyone can benefit. not lists than $50000000.00 u.s. dollars annually if we could make a proper plastic recycling policy and this is going to solve the environmental of the plastic and it's going to make profit at the allegation for more than 50 cells and poor families and the government however is asleep at the wheel on this problem people and the environment are unnecessarily suffering from the plastic flood. and a single poor neighborhood has 2 new robot residents this year pal which are part of a trial looking at the practicalities of using robots to deliver groceries of good
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heads turning. they could be the future not the carrots but their journey part 10 to the secure weatherproof compartment of a delivery room bought. and set loose on singapore's arbonne environment navigating with the help of a camera 3 d. sensors and a g.p.s. unit once it's arrived a customer unlocks their goods using an. it makes it easier because i don't have to like hate in the way i'm not talking just for myself like for example like the elderly that specially use it because they wouldn't have to carry stuff all the way to their home. i'm a one year pilot aims to reinvent the last mile of the leverage and if being a fairly autonomy korea wasn't enough its inventor says the robot is hygienic. especially during this period everybody is looking at you know. human
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because in the robot itself it has. this infection. like. throughout the trial the robots will be accompanied by a human to avoid any misunderstandings or mishaps until now they've only invited the curiosity of onlookers. and that's your business update here in the us this hour from me and thanks for watching this. story their very own personal 88 the people who survived the catastrophe remembered. and the private footage. never been seen to see. people 26. you. have to
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go. to. work. that matter to lead. but at least many. places. on fire make. for the 1st time anywhere in the world a high ranking syrian officer is on trial in germany and war are was the alleged head of torture for the assad regime in damascus he is charged with murder torture and rape are you it is beat him he'd say and i was beaten if mr and why did not
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like my answer to a question. of the. survivors are also attending the trial and hoping for justice. journalist who know what father is on her way to the higher reaches court in call blinds or the trial has been underway for a year so far she has not missed a day in court if i say i don't know what i will hear and i don't know he will cause. sometimes i'm anxious but on the other hand i know i'm going to him any sad details in this call session. or other court sessions. hole and. does not.


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