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tv   Verruckt nach Meer  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin india records a new surge in covert 1000 cases authorities hope to stop the new way by pushing for more vaccinations but many states say there's not enough vaccine to go around. also coming up iran is fallon's workbench after it uses israel off attacking its key nuclear site causing a power outage on sunday tehran says it knows the identity of the alleged attacker . to travel to succeed uncle michael heats up 2 men put themselves forward to
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become the center right candidate for chancellor in germany's elections in september. and 60 years ago today it was november that change the world soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin became the 1st human in space we asked how russians today feel about the treatment. i'm sumi so much god it's good to have you with us india has recorded a new surge in covert 1000 infections daily cases have talked 168000 pushing india past brazil to become the world's 2nd worst hit country authorities are hoping to slow the spread by imposing new restrictions and trying to persuade more people to get vaccinated but many states are complaining of a vaccine shortage fears are also growing that many are failing to observe rules on social distancing. the banks of the sacred river ganges bringing
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despite india's soaring infection rates millions are expected to attend the festival here kovac 19 tests are required to enter the area but other precautions are ignored. elections and political rallies are also going ahead mask wearing isn't always enforced. india is holding a so-called vaccination festival a 4 day drive to bring numbers down. this time visiting all the vaccination centers in my area and congratulating the people being vaccinated and the health workers including doctors nurses paramedics and everyone involved we are doing this to encourage vaccination but what i wanted in india is an occupation campaign have been relatively successful but several states
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are reporting vaccine shortages prevention measures across india very lock downs are in force in many areas including maharastra the hardest hit state it's also home to mum by india's economic powerhouse. books i think shows the failure and incompetence of the local government not a solution to anything businesses have been suffering for over a year i have a business myself and can tell you how much i've lost. just like the holy festival india hopes its vaccination festival will attract the population. for more on the story let's bring in a usenet misha was she standing by for us in delhi hina misha on the one hand we're seeing a strong magic surgeon covered $1000.00 cases and at the same time millions of people seem to be gathering so why are there are no restrictions in place. there are supposed to be distractions and be good at the who. are supposed to show up
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with well when they get excited forgets but the spinners on the backs of to look down people are also expected to maintain social distancing from family on the eurasian of the festival it is usually it looks he wants and it's been reduced to a month because of global search but of course it will be pretty sufficient that's what i'm trying to do is have come here if i think this is just not possible or believe florists with crowds this massive didn't create did it not if they go about finding people meeting all stampede similarly in detail actions going on i don't do country we have seen massive political realities headquarters by opposition parties as well as the. party prime minister that it will the massive rallies today itself so why the country is imposing other restrictions that often so on specially monster tips that such events and that allows us as humans will as the spike even
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for them and the michelle we heard about the south 4 day vaccination drive what could that achieves. now to me it looks like and all the effort by the prime minister to do you want to utilize his white or black beauty to appeal to the people to drop out at high not less to get vaccinated get is not you'll get vaccinated restless dave it has had over 2 decades now but of course i didn't come to the good vaccine miley has impressive number one up over 100000000. i don't $1000000.00 have been just but once again you look at the sites of population it's not that large and it's still $99.00 talk it's and despite the countless it is vaccine hesitancy so the festival is an effort to counter that. have not seen it just slip uptick in out and in the meantime what other measures are authorities using to try to curb the spread of the virus now there's still no national measures
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that have been announced yet some experts believe that this. these announcements may come after the election season is over but still prostate i don't understand since depending on the situation with john in each of these teams and in some districts not putting somebody tons to do my gosh up there have been done so to enforce its own districts the leaders the leaders have also announced the need why you don't lock don't ask us is continuing to search all the 60 county cases yesterday just from that state on the other hand state like denny's and the markham pools and by be have already night because there are distinctions on bars restaurants and any kind of off gatherings but of course you high in guest will stink in p. d. in the number of cases countered it distorts that these. may be. our correspondent mr dyce while they're reporting from delhi thank you very much.
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let's take a look at some other developments in the pandemic now germany has passed 3000000 infections the robert costa public health institute says more than 78000 people have died from or with coated 19 china's top disease control officials as the country is formally considering mixing covert $1000.00 vaccines to offer greater protection against a corona virus that's after data show that china's domestically produced vaccines were less effective than some alternatives in australia has scrapped its target of an ocular leading the adult population by october health authorities say the astra zeneca vaccine should no longer be given to people under the age of 50. coronavirus restrictions are being eased further in england today and what prime minister boris johnson is calling a major step towards freedom some people headed for a drink just after midnight as pubs and restaurants reopened for outdoor customers gyms hairdressers libraries and shops can now also open their doors again for the
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1st time since angle of went back into lockdown in early january the openings come after a fast vaccine rollout and falling numbers of corona virus cases and deaths but authorities are still warning against complacency. and some tell us following the story for us from london hi charlotte as we mentioned the prime minister boris johnson saying this is a major step towards freedom i imagine the people are pretty excited about these opening so what's the atmosphere like in london today. absolutely samy as i'm sure you can imagine there being queues outside some shops people best but desperate to get back inside those stores also among. rather we've seen images of people lifting up that pint in celebration off to midnight last night we're also hearing from number one strong winds and the hospitality. rain is that bed for weeks in
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advance over the weekend people so excited to get back a pub and restaurants had to be pointed out an outdoor areas that are right at the moment in areas on still restricted but people here are going to really do feel like this is the step towards the end here of this pandemic the business isn't. so much over the last year with tens of thousands of jobs gone many businesses are closing they are on the roof to be reopening again and the prime minister boris johnson has said very clearly that this is a cautious but civil rights matter with the end of restrictions at the same time charlotte we know that health officials are warning that people should not become complacent there are still concerns about the very end for example spreading quickly so what restrictions will remain in place. right well this is absolutely a moment to mock and i mean to celebrate to some there are also these restrictions
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in place as i mentioned indoor dining for example still isn't out there still and then it's on how many people can gather outside which will of course have enough on effect for the funeral of prince philip which is. this weekend a number of people as well will you know people won't be allowed to meet and told me the mixing of household is not out so this is a cool shift anything over strict with it being told is part of a multi step plan with gaps in between gaps we find we gaps in between to ensure that the authorities here are able to analyze the data and make sure that as the criteria is still being met the case is on rising to see much of the vaccine program is still going ahead as planned but the prime minister has said that this is a one way road to freedom. w charlottesville simple reporting there from london good to talk to you. let's check in now on some other headlines from around the world
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ukraine says russia has not answered its request to start a dialogue over the buildup of russian troops on its border kiff says moscow has amassed more than 40000 forces on its eastern border and the same number in crimea russia says the troop movements are defensive. protests have broken out in the u.s. state of minnesota after police fatally shot a black man relatives have identified him as 20 year old 20 right the state governor says he is closely monitoring the situation tensions are high in the state as the trial of a former police officer accused of killing george floyd takes place. a tropical cyclone has damaged several towns on australia's western coast leaving tens of thousands without power tropical cyclone hit the coast around 550 kilometers north of perth an area that rarely experiences tropical storms there are no reports of injuries or deaths. iran is blaming israel for
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a sabotage attack on the country's largest nuclear facility and says it will retaliate israel has not directly claimed responsibility but media reports there say in israeli cyber attack was behind the incident the natanz enrichment site suffered a large scale blackout on sunday just hours after you graham enrichment was restarted at the plant it comes barely a week after the u.s. and iran held indirect talks in vienna aimed at reviving the nuclear pact that former u.s. president donald trump had abandoned. let's get some perspective on the story now we have to buy indecl garfield's and iran analyst thank you very much for joining us what do we actually know about what or who was behind this cyber attack. at this point obviously we have to make some educated guesses and i think the fact that attacks like this have happened before and that it has always been an open
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secret that that any israeli operation was behind it we can assume this time that this is the case again but as you already pointed out a lot of speculation is going on and nobody has claimed responsibility so far but it would be the most likely scenario and mike ok so let's talk about what happened because iran says that the state centrifuges were damaged tell us some more about this infrastructure and why it matters why it's important. that stands as a key nuclear enrichment site in iran and obviously a key target for those who assume iran is in fact pursuing a. nuclear program that is supposed to produce nuclear weapons in the end right now there are talks going on in yemen as you already hinted to and we have over the last week seen in the tend to tack on and on slack tanker that has been supposedly carried out by the israelis and this nuclear facility is critical for
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you want enrichment and its progress in enriching and it can be assumed that this progress and. the development of new centrifuges was supposed to be. undermined and that's what this attack i assume has been about well iran says this is also israel's effort to sabotage these negotiations in vienna they mentioned where do those talks stand right now. there has been in fact some promising signals that the u.s. and iran in particular in directly conveying messages to each other through europeans the chinese and the russians who are also party to this issue the nuclear agreement that they are trying to find their way out to reste or the nuclear deal that was signed in 2015 and israel has been an explicit opponent of this and with criticism coming from the prime minister but also other parts of the israeli
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leadership that this deal should not go ahead and this is why everyone assumes that israel has been behind these operations to halt these diplomatic talks going on and as you said and on still a lot of speculation what and we're not sure but it is not the 1st time that iran has claimed that its nuclear plant was sabotaged so how vulnerable are their plants for to outside attack. well we have to say that on the one hand obviously the security detail in all of these nuclear sites is by the fans but at the same time cyber operations. carried out by for example are obviously of most high tech quality one could think of and i don't really think that any security set up can in fact protect. against these attacks and that's also the reason why one can assume that mossad has been behind it because of the high advance operations skills that are necessary to in fact conduct such an operation
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iran analyst joining us from to saddam thank you very much my pleasure. to germany now and the race for who will succeed chancellor angela merkel germans go to the polls this fall to elect a new government and after 16 years this chancellor angela merkel is not running again now her christian democratic union party and its bavarian sister party the christian social union are very close to deciding who will replace merkel as the conservative candidate for chancellor and these 2 men here are in the running on and on the left has already succeeded machall in one respect he is a christian democrats a party leader and also the state premier of north rhine-westphalia but rock asserter you see on the right of the screen here also wants a job he's the bavarian state premier and leader of the christian social union so it is national profile has grown mightily during the pandemic now after
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a meeting of both parties leadership on sunday both men said they are ready to take on the americans mantle. of we've announced that we are ready to stand this candidates for the chance of the ship. and we've agreed it should be a good process. as we set off towards the shared goal involving both parties and of course together with the parliamentary group. in your face because we have established that both as a suitable and both of us are ready it's important that we share respect to one another i can say 1st off regardless of how the final decision turns out we will work together very very welcoming. let's go right to our chief political correspondent linda crane for the latest on this story hi melinda we're hearing that the christian democrats and i'm going to party that their executive committee has reached a decision tell us more. indeed the executive committee said
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a short while ago that they are throwing their full backing behind armey lash it who is also the head of the party as your report noted and the fact is this was not unexpected the c.d.u. leadership the executive committee is known to support mr lasher not least because they're concerned about the shift in the balance of leadership power toward the various so question is is this the last word and that is not clear because the executive committee said explicitly they did not. agree to a formal resolution in favor of mr lasher it rather this represents the opinion of the executive committee and when mr souter said yesterday that it would be the big sister city you think the bigger of the 2 conservative sister parties that ultimately decides and that he would agree to their decision he did not refer
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to the c.d.u. executive committee he referred to the broader c.u. the membership and the fact is that amongst the broader meant better ship pretty early in the parliamentary group but also in some of the regional associations there are many who actually would prefer mr circa ok so it's not entirely decided yet but who is more popular of these 2 men. in broader opinion polls it is definitely mr surtur with 54 percent of those surveyed say they believe he would be the better candidate for chancellor with just 19 percent supporting mr lasher that's a poll from early april and the fact is that if we look at the standing of the c.d.u. at the moment they have been dropping in the broader public support and there are many who believe that mr surtur would be the man who could perhaps help the c.d.u.
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again and fresh went what about the fact that i'm unless it really has been the one to position himself as the one to uphold on the americans legacy does that help him . that potential strength could also be a weakness he's same as very much in the in the style of underland now call a pragmatic moderate politician not given to bold moves he's not a great deal older than mr setter but it's almost as if there were a generation gap between the 2 with mr sir to definitely looking more innovative bolder recently expressing a lot of support for environmental issues very close to the greens who are gaining in broad support so for anyone who's frustrated at poor leadership during the pandemic for anyone who has the feeling that the c.d.u. has lost its way definitely they would probably tend to prefer. our chief
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political correspondent linda crane with the very latest thank you so much. you're watching t.w. news still to come on our show 60 years ago today it was an event that changed the world so get cosmonaut yuri gagarin became the 1st human in space. that's coming up in a moment but 1st sports and golf. has become the 1st to japanese man to win a major title after claiming victory at the masters matsuyama started the final days play at the augusta national course with a 4 shot lead a shaky style in the back 9 on sunday almost put the win in jeopardy but he held his nerve on the 18th hole to finish one stroke ahead of his closest challenger and claimed the famous green jacket. in bundesliga football minds of their survival chances with a late victory against cologne the 32 win continues their climb up the table but
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the result means the end of the road for cologne coach mark askew still has been fired with the team stuck in the relegation zone. marcus gives dos cologne had a one in 7 games at home coach would have feared the worst when mine scored with their 1st shot on goal john paul put the finishing touches on a neat new. close one handed the way back into the game one half time penalty the verdict on 3 to do is equalize a just reward for cologne's efforts domination continued in the 2nd half the free kicks finding its way to elliott skeery headed to host since who deserve to lead. the football can be a cruel game when you're fighting for survival cologne barely had time to enjoy that goal as minds hit back with a sucker punch. but devastating council rounded off by kareem.
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the visitors had found their way and it was another break down the left that won the game in injury time. play on very very the might see here are you taking a shot pasta motionless t.-mo for. heartbreak for the hosts who seems not to believe what they were seeing but the reality came quickly after the game given the sack with cologne in big big trouble. meanwhile shall come at the bottom of the table earned their 2nd victory of the season as they beat out spoke one nail the only goal came after just 4 minutes once what set out took advantage of some sloppy goalkeeping set that was celebrating his 24th birthday it was felt his 1st win in 13 games but they're still in hot water just so russia is celebrating 60 years since the cosmonaut yuri gagarin made
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history as the 1st man in space the city of st petersburg put on a laser show on sunday to mark the anniversary the guard. it's achievement made him a national hero and handed moscow a victory in its space race with washington. and that 1st flight still captures the imagination of russians 6 decades later. with the ousting off into the unknown and a place in history. inside the vostok one rocket was eureka garren as soviet air force officer. he became the 1st man in space orbiting the earth for 108 minutes and the 1st human to see the planet from the heavens but i'm watching the forest the rivers the clouds by the time get darren objected out of his space capsule and parachuted he was
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a soviet hero. he was celebrated by people and leaders alike. corralled crammed into moscow's red square to cheer him. 6 decades later homemade tributes skybound. hundreds of space and p.c.'s gathered to launch cardboard and plastic rockets into the air in st petersburg celebrating cosmonaut extent a pantry living memories flooded me across him was part of the ground control team at the launch 60 years ago. we had a few sleepless nights before april 12th so on the day we felt anxious to be honest i really needed to sleep but i was so tense i couldn't even close my eyes we had
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to keep working. the mission showcase the soviet union's technological lead 1st into space before the united states. would go with the launch of eureka garren had a colossal propaganda effect. they became so important because suddenly we were kona of the united states are you sure you didn't. get our and success supercharge the space race i'm cemented the soviet union as a space superpower a position that russia still holds today to the international space station anywhere near good performance calls a quick look at. our love to remind her of our top story india has recorded a new surgeon covert 1000 cases authorities are hoping to stop the new wave by pushing for more vaccinations but many states say there is not enough vaccine to go
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around. coming up next to ali baba defies chinese antitrust regulators after beijing slapped a record fine on the chinese tech giant. monica jones has the details up next ended up your business thank you.
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they are defining climate change. in bangladesh have water up to their neck. they're growing in haiti with. it's been a regional tradition but is touted as a model for the entire country. to fruitfulness the idea. 3000. and 60 minutes.
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thank god it's this is the 77 percent stuff up for what office needs to be speech issues and charity. you know just the tell me i'm not the flavor. of the young people you have the solutions good future amongst. the 77 percent now if you m t w o. o's death warrants are good for the. former. drug of the most well god yet. the industry is controlling your
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thoughts on the great bluffs of the 20th century. the present day hoaxes. the trade no more. manufacturing ignorance a 3rd all to double. alibaba defies chinese antitrust regulators she has an ali baba group saw after beijing slapped a record fine on the chinese tech giant we talked to our china correspondent and experts clifford coonan to find out more also coming up trade fairs in times of the groan about this pandemic the world's largest industrial show kicks off digitally in hung over isn't worth it for exhibitors. welcome to do your business and want to get jobs and berlin good to have you with us so shares in tech giant
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alibaba surged on monday closing up 6 and a half percent as investors seem to shrug off a record antitrust fine imposed on ali baba by the chinese government regulators had slammed to the take giant with a $2800000000.00 penalty after a months long probe concluded it had been abusing its dominant market position to sanction comes as beijing cracks down on major chinese take platforms including as payment plan from and groups over allegations of anticompetitive behavior and misuse of consumer data. plenty to talk about and that's why i'm happy that clifford couldn't is here the studio clifford's good to see you. do these chinese regulators do you feel that they're losing that they have no will bite i mean they slapped this record fine on ali baba and investors a jubilation well i think the markets like clarity so maybe they feel that this is
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this. had about it. with with the chinese government's been going on that since october and i think maybe the markets are hoping that this will be the end of the this is a signal that they're drawing a line under us but i think that trust is a very weird concept in some ways in china so i think it's maybe more to do with. its if we had concepts i just. probe in china doesn't mean the same as in the united states that's right i think what you have here i mean china effectively you know the congress party is is the only party so it kind of runs has a monopoly on power you've got a lot of these very powerful state owned enterprises the huge state banks you've got all this you know the state utilities all these different monopolies operated by the communist party where jack ma comes in it was an area that the congress party had no expertise and he suddenly built this enormous empire which they clearly see as some kind of threat so it's more than just an anti trust ruling that like as you get in germany or in europe or in the u.s.
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it's also tied in with the whole with the whole power game that's going on in china as well and particularly the growth of jack as as a tycoon on a powerful political figure so from from let's say from a western perspective dispatching still have a point in cracking down on these tech companies or is it just as you say a palace game i think it's i think it has economic political impact so i think the congress party political you think you have a dish here is the 100th anniversary of the party next year there's going to be a big. to be 10 years of xi jinping in power and he's going to probably stay in power so he needs to politically entrenched himself on account of a threat like that jack but economically it's also a sign that they they're they're trying to unravel things i mean. took on the state parks and that is something that you just kind of to and i think ultimately those 2 issues are what it comes down to so i think we have 30 seconds so briefly clifford will it change anything with these take platforms i think it will i think the
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others have also been fined not by as much like $0.10 and baidu have also come in. i think the government didn't really have a dog in the bowl and i think for a while they just didn't really get what was going on the fact that these are are not really these are tech forms but they're also immensely powerful financial platforms and so i think it will change how they act in terms of the other or operations when i clip it going in there is always a good to have you with us here on this particular topic on the chinese regulate. it is a major international showcase for the latest in industrial technology the hanover fan on this year the world's largest industrial show focuses on official intelligence machine learning and robotics and normally the city of hanover would be buzzing with guests from around the world but in times of the coronavirus pandemic exhibitors and visitors can only meet in the virtual space. hot over airport would be open but who would even want to visit just to go into quarantine for 10 days especially since nothing is happening at the exhibition center anyway
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just 2 years ago 200000 people came to hanover for the world's largest industrial show $6000.00 exhibitors showed off their latest innovations this year exhibitors and visitors are staying at home instead of networking digitally on one of the show's platforms. many of our customers are facing major challenges to the lack of trade fairs no personal meetings to initiate partnerships no new customers and no platform where they can see how far the competition actually yes last year the trade show was cancelled entirely this year 1900 exhibitors have agreed to present themselves on the digital platform for feed they pay up to $30000.00 euros for their participation just a very small fraction of what they used to spend on an exhibition stand it doesn't bring in much for the trade show organizers but they're hoping that visitors will
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be back at the fair in large numbers next year. so let's talk a little bit about this with financial market correspondent chelsea delaney in frankfurt because chelsea just said digital trade fell like this one it doesn't actually make sense for example just of they actually get something out of it. well it's definitely step optimal for a lot of these companies that would normally participate and i fear like this these conventions these trade fairs are actually really important for a lot of companies this is where they strike deals where they find new customers that it's really crucial place to find to find more business and while there is in this case a digital platform it's much more difficult of course to sort of strike these longstanding and long term relationships with the potential customers it also for germany. extremely important economic source so it's estimated that about
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20000000000 euros usually comes from fairs like this as a result of all of the industries that pop up around conventions like this so this these digital fairs have also been a bit of a blow to the german convention industry and of course this comes at a time where the german machine sector german engineering is already having a little bit of a tough time it's very much focused on china how do you go in there. well luckily the chinese market is very strong right now china was one of the 1st to emerge from the pandemic and they've really been importing a lot from germany that's the main reason why germany's manufacturing sector has been holding up so we've heard from industrial giants like foster siemens that china is really their main market right now so that we stop part 4 manuf manufacturers are still quite strong ok to delay new from food thank you so much.
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microsoft is in advanced discussions to buy new ones communications a specialist in artificial intelligence and speech recognition software microsoft has offered $16000000000.00 once communications provides a i solutions working with governments as well as companies in the hill scum telecommunication and in the retail sake if the deal goes through it would be the 2nd most important acquisition for microsoft after its $27000000000.00 purchase of linked in that was back in 2016. now to some of the other global business stories making news. stocks in emerging markets suffered the worst drop in nearly 3 weeks with the turkish lira further losing ground to inflation expectations for the country have jumped in recent weeks on doubts over whether the central bank will keep policy tight the central bank is expected to make a decision on interest rates later this week. french lawmakers have approved a ban on short domestic flights they want to abolish domestic flights on routes that can be covered by train in under 2 and
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a half hours the government seeks to lower carbon emissions even as the air travel industry reels from the global pandemic. and french water and waste company the only are has reached a merge agreement with its competitors sou-s. the new group plans to create a global champion of ecological transformation supplying power generation waste management and water services to municipalities worldwide it's expected to have an annual turnover of around 37000000000 euros. the pandemic has led to more people in great britain spending more time in their own gardens creating a gardening boom in the country but as a garden centers important any plants from europe breck's it is choking the supply of plant stock. some 3000000 people in the u.k. have suddenly discovered a green thumb they never knew they had and that should be good news for the garden centers demand is 2 to 3 times higher than normal but supply has fallen by around half. and we buy an awful lot of plants from europe predominately holland and
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belgium though the main suppliers with italy and germany as well the main impact has been on the process of importing plants so the administration involved since january 1st is huge and that's causing costs and delays to the actual import as well red tape and added bureaucracy have left retailers and millions of locked down gardeners with scant pickings in mainland europe garden plants are growing on a vast scale in warmer climates many varieties grow more energetically then they're sent over to live out their lives in cold grey britain is rosemary grown in italy and i mean from our telling each her flower tree or shrub has its own european passport but these are no longer valid in the u.k. every plant before it crosses the water wherever it's coming from has to be given a fighter so to certificate that has to come through the plants into the u.k.
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in addition we now have a plant registration process where we have to notify you the authorities over here of everything we bring in before it crosses the water and hits our shores until the process of moving plants across the border is refined the consumer will have to bear the extra cost. and a single poor neighborhood has 2 new robot residents this yeah the pair which are part of a trial looking at the practicalities of using robots to deliver groceries of good heads turning check this out. it could be the future not the carrots but their journey part 10 to the secure weatherproof compartment of a delivery robot. i'm set loose on singapore's our brain environment navigating with the help of a camera 3 d. sensors and a g.p.s. unit once it's arrived the customer unlocks their goods using an.
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it makes it easier because i don't have to carry the load but i'm not talking just for myself but for example the elderly with specially use it because they wouldn't have to carry stuff all the way to their home. and part of a one year pilot to reinvent the last mile of delivery and if being a fairly autonomy's courier wasn't enough its inventor says the robot is hygienic to. especially during this pandemic period everybody is looking at you know contact human because in the robot itself it has its own this infection you will see like. throughout the trial the robots will be accompanied by a human to avoid any misunderstandings or mishaps until now though they've only invited the curiosity of onlookers. and a reminder of the top story this hour. the chinese government has had with
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a record antitrust fined regulators charging the company a $2800000000.00 penalty but investors shrug it off shares are up in hong kong. that's your business update here in the u.s. at this hour for me and the team and thanks for watching stay safe. my 1st buy status was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by the social tools even something as simple as learning how to write them by said those isn't me. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and he took me as them until they're. finally they gave up and went on buying young bicyclists and returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more afro creates for girls than writing advice as no i want to meet
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showers for those woman back home who are bones about identities and social rules and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the amount of people homes and i work that's easy to. use. this week on world stories. temp jobs instead of terrorism in belgium. pollution instead of prosperity in nigeria. but we begin in germany. while politicians continue discussing the 3rd lock down citizens are increasingly frustrated with the consequences of the pandemic. the bergdorf family in berlin
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a year after the corona virus pandemic began everyone is at home everyone is busy at their computer well almost everyone. leandro was struggling with his math homework the 14 year old spends up to 9 hours a day at his laptop 1st for his lessons then for homework sometimes leander has to force himself to keep up with his tasks. and look at how if. you just get sad you don't have any energy you almost get a little depressed that's a heavy duty word depressed but it's true. just don't feel like doing anything anymore and. his mother. also spends her days homeschooling she's a teacher and looks forward to the day when she can finally teach inside the school again 1000 back summations could make that happen. then i got a message from my school yesterday that invitations for all teachers to get
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vaccinations are in the mail. that's very good news. and now i know i will have a vaccination appointment. that i mean germany's vaccination rollout is taking a long time so far only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated the 1st to get the job were people over 80 and staff in hospitals and nursing homes paula birth isn't allowed to just go stand in line at the vaccination center without an invitation right now she's looking forward to having rapid testing introduced at her workplace self tests that people take at home will make the school a little safer but in germany these are still not available everywhere paula worries about losing connection to her students. when his comics work you don't hear anything from them not a no don't feel like it or yes just silence. and then of course you wonder where
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are they. the father of the family mark has set up his home office in their bedroom he'd rather work here than take the bus and subway to work during a pandemic he considers that too risky in a europe wide comparison germany only comes in as average when it comes to working at home instead of remaining at the workplace less than 40 percent of german employees work from home mark is finding it quite a challenge to work in this environment as god's will for me it's hard for me to combine my working world and the atmosphere that normally surrounds me with working at home with my child my dog my wife it's quite challenging at times months motorsport was exotic. marc is trying to imagine what the future will be like after the pandemic is over he's in charge of a startup that's developing ideas for a new kind of tourism after coated 19 all in all the bergdorf are very grateful
12:48 pm
that they've made it through the pandemic healthy so far. after the terror attack 5 years ago more than bacon belgium became known as a terrorism hotspot. a young tech entrepreneur wants to show that the brussels neighborhood has more to offer. molen bag 5 years ago after terrorist attacks in paris and brussels the whole world knew that word and this place this district became infamous as the home base of a handful of bad guys the rest of my index almost 100000 residents felt unfairly stigmatised i was really frustrated insides fall but i also wanted to explain to peace. guys. it's nice with people with quality. and this is not. ybor him was also felt last growing up like those mole
12:49 pm
and back men who would become bombers he dropped out of school at 13 but where they turned to crime he taught himself to code and became a successful tech entrepreneur without the fancy diplomas from expensive schools that many top business people have. so yeah. really nothing he did have something the desire to help others succeed in 2015 while nearby the terrorist cell was planning its attacks was a recreated a nonprofit tech incubator so mullen that kids would have a place to go a chance to dream big what he calls a different ecosystem provides trainees everything for free the rest is up to them this place it's not for to give to people. you know it's just people come and take your opportunity. if they have no money it's free if they have no computer to
12:50 pm
computer they have no time we are almost open 20 hours before you know every day from the single room where he started was aris ecosystem now takes up the whole building and had a turnover of 2000000 euros last year google c.e.o. sundar pichai visited recently to make a donation in person the world is changing was a recess the big companies recruiting his students are less focused on traditional degrees 93 percent of graduates have tech jobs or have founded their own companies there are also spinoffs in the netherlands and italy laura hebert a digital marketing student travels in hour each way from. meant to be part of the mall in geek community i think it's the best training center in brussels ucas it's like recognise from big companies what outsiders used to deride as
12:51 pm
a no go zone is now the place to be. the chinese government is ramping up pressure on hong kong. more and more pro-democracy activists either flee the country or end up in court like leecher yet . a small flat in downtown hong kong where the worst only was young dedicated to that 18 i tenement is located the military repression in beijing 32 years ago changed the course of many people in china and hong kong including leecher. i was there during the during for the massacre and i was the pain for free days after my release back to hong kong i clashed that i would spend my life time fighting for democracy in china so that those who sacrificed were not being. st jacques is on a leash again is facing
12:52 pm
a difference fades critics say and i don't massive track now being carried out by the chain this time honest mostly liberal and democratic city hong kong in the wake of anti-government protest here 8 others were charged for all the nice thing and that's handy and authorizes and that's rarely it was over a 1000000 people took part was one of the few without found and questions every one of the defendants are high profile figures apart from media tycoon jimmy i owe a former lawmakers icons of the opposition movement like martin lee who is no this father after all this issue of the charges carries a maximum 5 year choto. right. this case is just the tip of the united states with over $10000.00 adults arrested for the yang is the 1st verdict among the night charges for which he's on trial beijing's recently imposed weeping national security law and his overhaul of the city's electoral system intensify the fear.
12:53 pm
all denies hong kong's tenement morning vigil every year calling for an end to china's one party who for decades and that to take to make him a prime target and beijing security this year he will likely be absent for the very 1st time in this era in a way they're going to go now i would. buy i think that this is already. of a blessing for me that i would only have to go to jail after 40 years of activism in hong kong. but i'm ready to pay the price and ready to face it having witnessed hong kong's decades long struggle the 64 year old activist is not optimistic but he believes that his success says it will continue to fight for democracy and children finally you've reached a call. the
12:54 pm
niger delta is not only one of africa's most important oil producing regions it's also one of the most polluted places on earth instead of prosperity this black gold brings residents sickness and death. the niger delta once offered to reach spoilers for farmers and fishermen like mike. now it's a trade to humans and the ecosystem go all you spiels have braved people exposed to high levels of cold me i'm the mark you eat. most of them died before the age of 40 . our lives in the pain they're laggy on d.c. . we depend on d.c. i see. today almost all of those seafood have gone you can't find them again because of the oil spill. as lead to.
12:55 pm
a level of poverty i find no if not find a way to describe a study in 2012 estimated that 16000 babies died within the 1st month of their life they died because of oil producing in the niger delta state officials admit that the situation has become even worse since then how many people would do better their last week this week. were dying. because this is i don't want their poverty. in time so food. and even the necessities of life know what i. bust areas of the states would to ways out took sick the u.n. says it could take 30 years to clear up the contamination. residents and activists branded by to national oil company for their plight they
12:56 pm
have pretty sure their government to provide hospitals and schools to improve their living conditions. the hopeless there isn't a law school says and in the very. developed the home. where as that the glue up were cut out on the mothers in measures and also on and pam it all the people that are. jobless through this oil spill is. the region provides most of nigeria's revenues but the communities see they get nothing in return and their government has neglected them and they reft them to their fate.
12:57 pm
defining the furniture. and bangladesh have water almost up to their necks. they're growing unity with. it's been a regional tradition but is touted as a model for the entire country. is the idea. of 3000. and 30 minutes. oh indeed.
12:58 pm
but not all because for laurent the dog whisperer phonetical was a put off exploitation indigo has since become a symbol of sustainability and success thanks to a project at the edge of the himalayas. 90 minutes on t.w. . in the other life of climate change. clothes for most of us. who still. want to do years do they have a father future. d.w.
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dot com for can make a serious film multimedia. click the counter. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for the 9th and. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that. language not enough this gets me and they help us maybe 2 in truck loads of say you want to know their story the muslims are fighting and reliable information for migrants.
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player. this is g.w. news last for lent iran is vowing revenge after it excuses israel of sabotaging a key nuclear site causing a power outage on sunday tehran says it knows the identity of the perpetrator and has the right to take action. also coming up india records a new search in covert 19 cases authorities hope to see.


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