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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, the u. s. warrens of a russian invasion of ukraine that could come at any time. secretary of state lincoln calls for more dialogue, even as president biden tells americans to lead ukraine. now, can diplomacy still be the answer to this crisis? also coming up australia declares koala to be in danger, warning their numbers have dropped dramatically in the past decade. protecting the world's oceans on the final day of an international summit and france,
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delegates look for answers to the most urgent problems threatening marine life and a figure skating controversy in beijing with gold medals hanging in the ballots. brush us teen sensation caught doping. the international net, the committee goes to court to banner ah, i'm see me so much gander. glad you could join us. you are a secretary of state. antony blanket has urged more dialogue to resolve tensions between brush. as we said before, we're in a window. when an invasion could begin at any time, there are now an estimated $130000.00 russian troops and positions close to the cranium border. for some people living in the eastern part of ukraine, their presence means reliving the trauma of 2014. when russia's annexation of
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crimea led many and eastern ukraine to flee their homes. this is not the 1st time i told the robber has feared for her life. born in eastern ukraine, less than 30 kilometers from the russian border. she was forced to flee when peace abruptly ended 8 years ago. if small guns sca, i'm from no hands, i was born and educated, their fish. i lived there all my life until november 2014, that of the so called russian spring came to us that year to for now, since then, i have a very negative attitude towards our russian neighbour. many of us were forced to leave our homes. will you, could you see the movie? what was good august, 1 of more than one and a half 1000000000 eternally displace ukrainians are rooted by the conflict in eastern don bus region where key of loyalists have been fighting, brushing back separatists. like many others ogre found her new home in hot give
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ukraine sick and big city. but many here now worry they may soon have to flee again . with an estimated $100000.00 russian troops matching and ukraine's border expert, one heart gift could be one of the 1st cities to fall ship hooton's forces invade. despite military 8 from countries like the u. s. ukrainian army is no match for russia's fire power. so many here prepared for the worst, like if heaney and alexi who run an aid organization in hot giff with federal we should be with be hello. just this is crystal, a 1st of all were providing logistical support across but more than willing to we've bought fuel and repaired vehicles as a could be less fiesta finished as he, if we bought your usa hygiene products will be when you look up from the will and will probably stock up on food to ensure every one has hot meals. as we have a place to cook, the only known as a product as it could be. but august says she's done, fling from the russians e easily as in the case now,
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both the situation on the board as worse since. and the russian troops attack again, smola oval and i know how scary it is with us to rush the bombings and the russian . more tarzan missile simon. i mean it's really very scary. i that we won't leave. it's not just our son of dish, i think with a motion said perhaps at the fed latasha. that's the sentiment many here in her kiss share. let's go to the ukrainian capital now kia where are correspond at nick connelly is standing by for us. hi nick. it's good to see you. we heard there from people in eastern ukraine as they're preparing for the threat of russian invasion. how is that potential threat being perceived guarantee as well? sue me, it is an extra situation. you have the world media, basically focused on just this topic for the last best part, 2 months, making headlines every single day around the world. and for most of that time hearing ukraine, there was a strange disconnect people here getting on with their lives,
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talking about restaurant openings and new jobs kind of it. so incentives, disbelief that this was somehow just another of the escalations that they'd seen time and time again since russia and it's crime in 2014. this was just another diplomatic blip. some showmanship by the criminal, but nothing more than that. but now you get a sense people are really starting to worry. signals like to product staff being withdrawn, investments being delayed. now the russians announcing exercise in the black sea, basically blockading ukraine's ports during the of so you see people delaying decisions, not taking mortgages withdrawing their cash from the banks, converting its to foreign currencies, a small denomination so they can leave in a hurry. so all these kind of small preparations that say to you the, even the people are trying to keep calm and not panic. at least outwardly, they are preparing for the worst and are very conscious of their invulnerability, if something would happen. and how is that military preparing to defend the country? it's very difficult. i mean, the,
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now you have rusnick sizes in western bella roost basically on the borders of nato . there in the are the far west pillars, northwest of ukraine. russia is also present all along the, the 2000 kilometer long border and in an ex crimea. so basically, ukraine's military would potentially be stretched too thin. if an invasion were to happen along that whole line. at the same time, m rush hopes he has huge superiority in the air and at sea. on land. ukraine's army has got strongest as 2014, when rush was basically able to walk into crimea with not much resistance. now ukraine has received weapons from the u. s. from the u. k. from other nature, allies and especially entertain weapon, something they been asking for for a long time and haven't received up till now. for the most part. obviously, germany, notably in its absence in giving weapons, saying that it doesn't want to give lethal weapons or potentially exacerbate tensions. but there's also the prospect of a hybrid woods doesn't necessarily have to be a traditional campaign. ukrainian officials warning of russian support for protests and other forms of up unrest here within ukraine. things could
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t stabilize the country and provide a pretext for russian invasion. also talk of a cyber attacks, other things that could bring ukraine to its knees and economic and social term. so a very nervous time here and also a sense that whatever happens, these kind of tensions will distract ukraine's from getting on with real life distracted from developing their businesses and building a future here. and that is a takeaway for the lot him did have his nick connelly reporting there in here. thank you. meanwhile, the diplomatic process continues. let's bring in our chief political correspondent, lender crane here in berlin for more on the story. hi, melinda. so germany hosted diplomatic talks yesterday aimed at jumpstarting, the peace process for eastern ukraine, which we know has been stalled. did that meeting produced results? well if 9 and a half hours of talks and a commitment to continue them amount to progress, then yes, after a 2 year pause. this was the 2nd round of normandy format talks between russian and
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ukrainian representatives under franco german auspices in just 2 weeks. these talks and the 2015 minsk agreements, that that is the focus are aimed not to address the current build up of russian forces, but to resolve tensions and ongoing fighting in eastern ukraine between government troops and pro russian separatists. no concrete outcome was reached yesterday, but d. w has been told by those involved, that the talks were difficult, that they revealed divergent positions, but that all 4 parties definitely want to keep talking and plan to do. so in march and ukraine's negotiators said that this, the, at the last round produced a complete ceasefire for several days, which he called a very strong result. so here in berlin, where there's a conviction that only diplomacy can reduce the tensions in ukraine, that is seen as progress. and she has all the shots will be heading to kia than to moscow next week. but does diplomacy really stand a chance when the threat of war really has not diminished? we have so many russian forces close to the border sto will chancellor shelf has
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been criticized for failing to play a more pro active role in efforts to resolve the crisis. and also for what some observer see as a naive insistence on diplomacy to the exclusion of deterrence. so short as recent outreach, not only hosting those normandy format talks, but also meetings yesterday in berlin with the leaders of the baltic. republics, as well as the trip this week to washington, all show that at least the 1st message has been heard and that germany's eager to demonstrate pro active followed arity with nato into you partners. and the recent announcement that germany will send $350.00 additional troops to lift away neo where it is the lead nation in a $1200.00 strong multinational nato battle group does count as deterrence, since it's aimed at strengthening data, is eastern flank. so will all of that make an impression on protein? that is extremely hard to say. he plays his cards close to his chest, but certainly the russian president responded favorably to recent diplomatic efforts by french president macross. and undoubtedly,
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chancellor schultz is closely coordinate with his own visit with the alias, a palace as well as with brussels and the e. u. r t political correspondent melinda crane. good to talk to you now to some other headline from around the world. us president joe biden is expected to assign an executive order later that would allow half of $7000000000.00 in frozen african reserve to be used to help people without giving the taliban access to the funds. the rest of the assets would be used to support us victims of terrorism. the death toll and madagascar from cycling busted. i has risen to 111 from 92 reported earlier this week. the storm leveled homes and left about 30000 people living in emergency shelters. agencies are worried about supplies of queen drinking water and the risk of water born diseases and french president him, i don't want my call refused to take a russian cove at 19 tasks. one meeting president vladimir,
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put in for talk this week to prevent russia from getting a sample of his dna. according to reuters news. instead they held talks at opposite ends of a long table to maintain social distance. when you come up with the australian government has officially listed koala as endangered. the native marsupials are fighting to survive him at bush fires, land clearing a drought, one conservation group estimates. they are now fewer than a 100000 qual as left in the while. it was the defining image of the various boost fires in 2019 a koala encircled by flames. before a quick thinking bystander comes to the rescue. thousands of co dollars were caught up in that year's devastating fire season. less homeless or treated for dehydration and burns. it was
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a clarion call for action will get. so coming out of those fires, i asked my scientific experts to really examine whether the qual as listing, as you said on the endangered spaces list, needed to move up a notch. and today's announcement is that it has, which is all about priority conservation for this extraordinary marsupial. on top of the fires, the creatures are threatened by disease. half the population has chlamydia, growing towns and cities who have eaten away at their habitat. the endangered classification means they get more protection under planning laws. conservationist t, it's critical. we tighten in over 810000 animals and well over 10000 of those are corollas. they're a very specialized creature and an animal that is unfortunately under unprecedented threat. last month, the government announced $43000000.00 euros and additional funding to protect them
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. we're investing in the world leading science in looking after our kuala populations. and we are also investing heavily in education. so ensure not only the public to understand how they can care, but also importantly, veterinarians, right across the country. environmental groups have well come the endangered species recognition bought. they accused the government of ignoring a decade of warnings. nonetheless, they hope this will now be a turning point for these iconic creatures. france and the united states are joining forces ahead of the upcoming united nations environment assembly to push for our global agreement to protect oceans from plastic pollution. the announcement comes on the final day of the one ocean summit, a gathering of researchers and business leaders, which has been taking place in france. the world is warming, and the polar ice caps are melting and the oceans. they are melting into filling
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with plastic review by the w w. f one. the substance has reached every part of the ocean. we definitely reached the point where the system is overloaded and where we enter or where we walk the edge. because the problem seems to become, or will grow bigger over the couple of a coming years, because the producers of plastic already stated that the food was more so we feel that more plastic will end with the ocean. and the commission in the, in the oceans to micro anaplastic, which grades the biggest problems the temperatures across the oceans pose yet more problems. you, as researchers found out the hottest temperatures recorded in the oceans between 18701919. and look to how often the sees around the world beat that range in the years that followed. they found that in the year 1900,
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the oceans hit that peak less than one percent of the time. but by 2019 temperatures across the world sees be that record 57 percent of the time. animals like polar bears are watching their habitats disappear. the bears could build, but lost by the end of the century. the heat is pushing species such as great white sharks into new waters. this means they other animals like theaters causing their decline, increases in the heat of the ocean. this is the main cause of cold bleaching. bleach reefs are more likely to die. the outlet for the oceans and the creatures living within them is a troubling one. for more in the story, we have our environment reporter. i just the engine with us. hi, i did. we saw there that things don't look good. our oceans are warmer and more polluted than any time in recorded history. so how bad is the situation?
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so thing that used to be considered extreme. now normal, this is normal, is constantly changing is not static state in the future. when temperature, they're even hotter. we'll look back at what we have today and think, well that was actually cool. and that one of the study, the phrase it to me like this, but essentially extreme climate change is not this hypothetical future possibility . but it's actually an observed historical fact in the ocean. something that we can see. and often maybe people sometimes think when you see the image of c o 2 as a title of polar bears. people sometimes think, well, why should i actually care about any of this? and the answer maybe. i mean, some people do care about the animals in themselves, but it's also important to stress that actually this effect people to 3000000000 people rely on fish or their main kind of source of protein. and so this is actually a question of hunger. it's a question of food security as well as biodiversity. candice damage still be undone . some of it can be and some of the com. so the problem is that we have already
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warmed the planets and with the issues with it, and that's already causing problems, it's pushing fish out their natural habitat. it's causing anti ecosystems to change a way that they haven't bulb to adapt. at the same time, those a lot of other things that were doing in the ocean along with the plastic pollution and things that we said where if we were to stop adding the french on top of what's happening then fish, population bugs, beach, the speed would have time to recover. what about the decision makers at the summit and france? what are they hoping to achieve? so the kind of main goal of the summer where to increase the ambition among world leaders to commit to protect oceans, to stop over fishing, to combat kind of plastic lucian and climate change. but what we're seeing so far have been pretty vague. i think the probably the most noteworthy announcement made today with, from the use also on the line who has touched. i think it's so it's 500000000 years in research and development funds to protect conversions. really with this aim of protecting, by the end of the decade,
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this decade is really crucial. one for the oceans. because things happen now will have huge consequences for the rest of the century. it's really about you said earlier that it matters to us, of course, as people as well. so what can we, as individuals actually do to reduce the damage to our oceans? one very clear starting point to what individual view of the home could do is to think about their carbon emissions. and so even though this is a bigger problem, but will of climate change, it really does affect the ocean very strongly because it looks so much of the heat that we're adding to the planet. and so even metal things like reducing the amount of meet the people, eat and flying less to clean rich countries. scientists know that this would have a big impact on protecting your right, an engine from d w environment. thanks so much for your reporting on that story. you're watching d, w still the come on our show, the berlin film festival of back live and in person will bring you highlight from
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opening night to featuring a new phone from french director for a while. but 1st, let's get some other headlines. an unnamed woman has filed a civil lawsuit accusing american rapper snoop dog of sexual assault and battery in 2013 loss. it was filed days before the wrapper is supposed to perform at the super bowl halftime show. representatives for the star have not commented on the accusation. and the u. s. is urging canada to use federal powers to end the truckers protests that is blocked 3 major border crossings. truck drivers want the canadian government to scrap vaccine mandates for them. the blockade is forced factories on either side of the border to slow production due to shortages. and we can check in now on the latest developments in the pandemic. australians will now need to receive booster shots in order to be considered up to date with vaccinations against coven. 19 the netherlands is aiming to drop most of its co would restrictions by the end of this month. the government's had record infection levels, had a limited effect on hospitalization,
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numbers and the south china more morning post is reporting that china will support hong kong and dealing with its latest outbreak. the post reported that beijing would help hong kong testing capabilities and set up another quarantine facility at the winter olympics in beijing, 3 time gold metal, as john white was unable to make it 4 in a row after falling short in the final of the snowboard, half pipes, the american had dominated the event during his career, but this time he could not come up with the tricks that he needed on his last run. the 35 year old says this is it. he plans to retire from competition. the gold medal went to the young japanese star, you know, the 23 year old got silver at the 2 previous olympics behind white, but $96.00 points out of $100.00 on his final run victory. a legal battle is underway at the olympics after confirmation that star russian figure skater, camilla valley ava, recently tested positive for doping. earlier this week,
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she led the russian olympic committee team to gold in the team event. but the metal ceremony still hasn't taken place. the russian anti doping agency 1st suspended volley have up, but then lifted the suspension and allowed her to compete in beijing. the international olympic committee is trying to reverse that decision by appealing to the international court of arbitration for sport valley of us next scheduled event on february 15th, when she is favored to win gold in the individual event. earlier we spoke to d w olympics correspondent, jonathan crane in beijing to get the latest on the 15 year old skating star. well, after days of speculation, we do now know that camilla valley eva is indeed the athlete that tested positive for a band substance. and is the center of this legal dispute that is delayed the middle ceremony for the team competition in figure skating. but we're still on the rise as to whether she will be able to compete in her individual event next week. now the band substance valley ava tested positive for is typically used to treat heart problems,
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but it can also be used to boost blood flow in the body. the course of arbitration for sport here and basing has an ad hoc panel. it will now arrange an urgent hearing to look at the case. it has to be urgent because that individual competition takes place in just 6 days time. the court will look at whether the provision or suspension should have been lifted. it's not even going to consider when the medal ceremony for the team event can take place or it could well be that the valley eva is not allowed to compete in her individual event, but could still end up with a go to metal for the team event after appeals and all the other legal processes, but the heart of this, let's not forget the valley, eva is just 15 years old that the duty of care over her. but is not a good look for russia. is it, the country has already been bad for a doping scandal? it's not even competing under its real name here. it's competing under the russian olympic committee. and again, more questions, more controversy surrounding russia and doping. europe's 1st major international film festival of the year has started despite surgeon corona virus infections. here
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in the german capital organizers are staging the berlin international film festival as a live event. 18 films from 15 countries are vine for the top prize. the golden bear and around $250.00 films will be screen. ah, it almost feels normal walking down the red carpet cameras flashing, left and right. but everybody here is aware of how special it all is this time around reserve. i was so excited to put on a suit again to get dressed up and to leave the house to meet reporters, me, colleagues, and what's a good moving good. 6 me interested in that movie is oh wow. results pizza on cotton. i'm a forceful chamber play about love, obsession and power starring daniel men oshea, impressively channeling the late design of anna fust. binda. the thing is, was, has been there was a very lonely person. you know, i was an only child, he has a,
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he was broken hearted, very young. so that was interesting to explore and to see how you could put that in how you behave with other people to present that to recreate a family around you and break it again. cathy d. cannuck. the movie is a loose adaptation of vast vendors, the bitter tears of petrov on can't a film than premiered at the barely noah exactly 50 years ago. a post post reversing the gender roles of the original de movie becomes a passionate homage to the german director. a deeply troubled genius revered abroad, but according to his own, all but forgotten at home, safely to jill. and i get the sense that he's not seen as a profit in his own land has been done. i fussed and his work was very strong and will view very violent with that cdc forty's that i may be as difficult for germans
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to see themselves in the mirror that way. but in friday he's extremely popular seat thus. yes, he exclaimed, more pushy! be avenue was all on the other hand is very popular in berlin. this is his 8th entry in the competition and he's hoping to win his 1st golden bear. but even if his stellar ensemble leaves empty handed, this surely will be a festival to remember for everyone involved and been ok before we go, we want to show you the return of blasio. mothers carnival to little guys. capital want to be they. a dentist returned to the city streets after being cancelled last year because of the pandemic. things were delayed slightly this year, but that was due to bad weather. the carnival's name translates as the coals from the ancient practice of beating drums to call the community together. ah, okay, reminder now of our top story,
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u. s. secretary of state entity blinkin says russia has that war forces to its border with ukraine and could launch an invasion at any time. the warning comes as russia and bellows carry out, live fire drills just to the north of ukraine, further stoking fears of a conflict. coming up next on d. w. news asia born in the usa, but winning olympic gold for china. a look at free style skier, eileen goop, and the overlap between sports and politics. and coming out of the shadows, disabled workers in japan, showcased their skills at a tokyo store. those stories and more coming up with melissa channel d w. news, asia stay tooth. ah
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w and online. you're watching v w news asia coming up today, the breakout star of the olympics. but not without controversy. you take a closer look at free sales gear. eileen goop us born and representing china showing once again the complex intersection between sports and politics. plus a team of one. we profile india's only competitor at the game and his did for


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