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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 4:00pm-4:26pm CET

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stories from the future starts february 14th on d, w. ah, this is the w news line from berman b u. s. warrens, a russian invasion of ukraine could come at any time secretary of state and to the blank, and calls for more dialogue as president biden tells americans to leave ukraine. now, as things could go crazy quickly, also on the program, a post for africa and it's battle against kobe 19, and the continent gets its 1st vaccine manufacturing plant. the head of the world health organization tells us it's a promising start. an international summit on protecting the oceans wraps up in
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france, will assess progress on tackling the most urgent threats to marine life. ah, i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. you are a secretary of state antony blank and has urged more dialogue to resolve tensions between russia and the west. over if you had invasion of ukraine. he was speaking in melbourne following a meeting of the quad alliance. it includes australia, india, and japan. it may be clear that tensions with moscow have reached a dangerous level. simply put, we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation, including new forces arriving at the ukrainian border. ah, and as we said before, we're in a window, ah, when an invasion could begin at any time. russia now has an estimated $130000.00
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troops position close to its board with ukraine. some people living in east and ukraine, the soldiers presents means the re living the trauma of 2014 and russia. annex crimea, leading many in the region to leave. this is not the 1st time i taught over has feared for her life. born in eastern ukraine, less than 30 kilometers from the russian border. she was forced to flee when peace abruptly ended 8 years ago. is small gunther, i'm from no hands. i was born and educated there. i lived there all my life until november 2014. that of the so called russian spring came to us that yes to footer. no, no, since then i have a very negative attitude towards our ration neighbor. many of us were forced to leave our homes blue. you could to see them wolf. what little scott, august, 1 of more than one and
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a half 1000000 eternally displace ukrainians of routed by the conflict in eastern dom bus region where key of loyalists have been fighting, brushing back separatists. like many others ogre found her new home in hot give ukraine 2nd big city. but many here now worry they may soon have to flee again. with an estimated 100000 russian troops matching in ukraine's border experts, one hot gift could be one of the 1st city to fall ship hooton's forces invade. despite military aid from countries like the u. s. ukrainian army is no match for russia's firepower. so many here prepare for the worst, like if heaney and alexi who run an aide organization in hark, if with 0 issue, you will be hello logisticians, gustavo. first of all, we're providing logistical support plus marketing loans. we've bought fuel and repaired vehicles that could be less fiesta finished as he if we bought basic
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hygiene products that will be not go from there. we'll then we'll probably stock up on food to ensure every one has hot meals. as we have a place to cook, the only one of the product as a cookie, but august says she's done. fling from the russians. he yes, li, in the case now taught the situation on the board as were since. and the russian troops attack again silver or, and i know how scary it is with us to rush the bombings and the russian more tarzan missile simon. i mean, it's really very scary. i that we won't leave it, not just her son of the chateau with a motion said perhaps at the fed latasha. that's the sentiment many here in hard gifts share. well, as russian troops and ships in circle ukraine, nato has been bolstering had se eastern flank. but since ukraine's not a nato member is unclear what the alliance would do if russia does invade the secretary general of the alliance. yes, dalton burke visited the black sea puerto for cassandra and romania as
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a 1000 us troops arrived at the military base there. we continued to reinforce our eastern flank with more shapes, with more plains, with more a troops up. and we also ready to quickly reinforce if needed, or we have increased the red. and so the nato response force on, we can deploy more forces on short notice if needed. let's take a closer look at nickos at nato's. take on this last go to an attorney, schultz and brussels. welcome terry. so we're so again, stoughton burger there, as us forces arrived in romania, what did they therefore fill their part of nato's effort to reinforce it's eastern flag. they are not sent there. the u. s. forces as a nato mission. that's something that's not taking place at this time, but they're just one of the elements that's being built up in light of the threat
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coming from russia very near to nato's borders. the french have also offered to lead a new battalion that would go to romania and be more of a not permanent presence, but a. 6 long standing presence like we've seen in the baltic states in poland. and that's something that nato defense ministers will consider next week and are very likely to approve. this is something romania has been asking for for a long time, to have not just us troops, but a more solid and a larger nato presence on its board. sorry on its territory in order to, to bolster it against russian threats against all of the eastern allies and has nights are spelled out what his response would be if russia did invade ukraine, which of course, is not a night member. that's right. you crane has no guarantee of of mutual defense as, as a nato ally would have at the same time as we've seen, allies have been providing support for ukraine. there have been trainers in ukraine
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. there have for years been a funds to help ukraine improve its own armed forces to improve its own ability to fight back. and you know, this has been interesting in the last few days, we've heard many speakers, the secretary general, we heard a british prime minister boris johnson yesterday, remind russia that ukraine would fight back and that it has capabilities to fight back. and that those capabilities are being increased all the time with support from nato allies. but there will not be a nato mission to go into ukraine and, and fight if there is a russian incursion. and that something also that u. s. president biden made clear, there will not be troops in ukraine fighting a russian incursion, and that's not good news for ukraine, right? so in this world of hybrid warfare where countries can be attacked without a shot, being fired will sending troops and tongue. so the eastern border, i hope, are cheaper it nato or ukraine for that matter safe. this is the bargain. this is, this is the gamble that everyone's taking that, that in moscow as they watch nato allies build up their defenses on their borders
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on, on the area which they are bound to defend. that he will make the calculation russian, russian president vladimir putin, that this would not be worth it, that it would be no walk in the park to invade even ukraine, but certainly to come anywhere near a nato border. and so they're very much hoping, as nato says, it's a defensive alliance that this deterrent effect does change the calculation and the kremlin, of course, as we hear every day, there is no sign yet that that's happening. that terry shows amendable capacity in capabilities, but it is also an entity that has a long term view on the design and development and production of novel vaccines. new vaccines essential for the burden of disease in london, middle income countries. companies like biotech have been critical about that approach as they have been about the idea of way, wing intellectual property rights for vaccine production. but south africa and the
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world health organization are supporting this initiative. because the only option we have is to section so we will and it's in good hands. the babies in good hundreds, we have seen that. and we have identified also some of the challenges we will have this this and then move on this and that will be a center that rings almost everybody together. so we will work together and it's not either or we can use all options by the way, to make sure that we have all the tools to fight this fund them, but also prepared stuff that you can for the future. what is keela? this is a long term project that will probably not have an impact during the current pandemic . clinical studies are likely going to take yes spot, so far africa's only producing less than one percent of the vaccines that are also used here. the w h o is backing an initiative that wants to bring that number up to 60 percent white, 2040 other increase. let's take a look at some more of the developments in the pandemic starting in australia. and
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the government says that people will now need to receive, receive booster shots in order to be considered up to date with their vaccinations . and the evidence is able to drop most of its restrictions by the end of this month. the government says record infection levels are only led to limited hospital admissions and protests against the vaccine mandate. and tough corona virus rules have occupied the grounds of new zealand parliament for a 4th day. this is dw news life from berlin still to come to your berlin international film festival is back live and in person will bring you highlights from the opening nights featuring a new movie from french director francois was all for so a france from united states adjoining forces to push for a global agreement to protect our oceans from plastic pollution. and on the initiative on the final day of the one ocean summit, a gathering of researchers and business leaders on frances atlantic coast. the
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world is warming in the polar ice caps and melting nations. they are melting into filling with plastic review by the w. w. f. one. the substance is reached every part of the ocean. we definitely reach the point where the system is overloaded and where we enter or where we will be edge. because the problem seems to become or will grow bigger over the couple of a coming years. because the producers of plastic already stated that they would use more. so we the fear that more plastic will enter the oceans and the commission in the, in the oceans to micro none of plastic, which great biggest problems the temperatures across the oceans pose. yet more problems us research is found out. the hottest temperature is recorded in the oceans between 18701919 look to how often the sees around the world beat that range
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in the years that followed. they found that in the year 1900, the oceans hit that peak less than one percent of the time. but by 2019 temperatures across the world sees be that record 57 percent of the time. animals like polar bears are watching their habitats disappear. the bears could build but lost by the end of the century. the heat is pushing species, such as great white sharks into new waters. this means they other animals like sea otters, hosing their decline, increases in the heat of the ocean. this is the main cause of cold bleaching, bleach reefs, and more likely to die. the outlook for the oceans and the creatures living within them is a troubling one. fullest. okay, closer look at this with martin vers back. he's a climate scientist with the helm, hold center for ocean research. she focuses on the development of oceans overtime. enjoys us from the one ocean summit. welcome to d,
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w. m. a very blink picture that we painted in that report. where is it too late to reverse all this damage? no, i don't think it is. it is indeed high time for action. we see climate change is affecting the ocean. it's warming, we heard about at sea level is rising. we see ocean us edification, even loss of oxygen. on the other hand, we see the biodiversity is reduced dramatically in the ocean, and also pollution is picking up. but we can still turn the tide if swift action happens. and that means that all the governments around the plan have to come together to agree on ambitious agreements and reverse the decline. and, and given that most of us now assigned up to the idea that climate change is a bad thing. but what are the, what are the hold ups? why are we not? why i mean your, your goal is to say got 30 percent of the world's oceans by 2030. why such a low bar? it is not actually
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a low bar because protecting the ocean at least 30 percent. this is quite a high bar because many parts of the ocean i use for example, by commercial traffic, by fishing, also tourism. and what we're aiming for is not only to protect 30 percent, but actually really protected at means no take. so that means no fishing, no other activities where we are making good progress. even here today, a couple of states announce that they're going to expand protection areas in the ocean. that is a very good thing. is it enough? well, not only, we also need to change our energy systems. we need to stop the pollution or land that ends into the ocean, but there's progress made and good announcements were made today. but these are just announcement words. now we need to see action, right. and where's the push back coming from? if we're all agree that the, the ocean warming is a bad thing. why is there not more? unanimity is, is this because a commercial interest or what's going on? i think there's a couple of different things. yes, indeed, as some of the things that we would all like to see go against commercial interests
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. for example, the shipping industry is very helpful for fueling the global economy, but it's also a big source of pollution and changing the propulsion system to is c o 2 free system is by no means easy. although big shipping companies, you're made announcement that they're going to make it even more urgent, maybe by 2030 already large parts of the fleets will switch over to trying to fools at least low emission fuels. but there are really impediments, and there's also the big impediments on the fishing industry once free access. and so there's a lot of reasons why some actors are much moving slower than those are more than on the environmental side. it was great to see president mccork really urging other governments to really get on with it. right. and what we see from not particularly your conference, but all of these climate conferences. we see lots of announcements, lots of people saying this is very important. we often say we say we often say very little in the way of progress. so what do you want to see actually happen as a result of the warnings coming out of this summit?
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so i think there been 3 areas that we need on the one hand, we really need to make more progress on multi lateral agreements. and i don't mean just saying that we want to do, but actually written the law, customary law or international law that certain things are forbidden. we need targets that people want to be submitting, but also want to be evaluated against. but we also need new partnerships that is not just government announcing it, but also the private sector. civil society is working together to actually make it happen. on the, on my side, on the research side, we're still exploring part of the ocean. we have no understanding to, to really get into action, but we're also working on new initiatives to we called digital twins of the ocean and the environment. and these digital representations allow us to actually evaluate actions and see how beneficial they can be, or may be costly. they can be low as a digital representation of the ocean. we call them little twins of the ocean, big push, big excitement here, the commission of europe announced that will build the 1st one in the next 3 years
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. so a lot of excitement around that area, but really need to work together, come together and turn the words and direction. well, we wish you well with that. thank you so much for joining us, martin. vis back from the hell host, a center for ocean research. thank you for having me. ah, well at the winter olympics in beijing, 3 time gold medalist shore white was unable to make it a 4 in a row. in the final of the snowboard, half pipe, the american has dominated the event that this time couldn't come up with the tricks needed on his last to run. 35 says this is it plans to retire from competition. gold medal. it went to a young japanese star or you mo, herano 23 year old, got silver at the 2 previous olympics behind white, but $96.00 points out of $100.00 on his final run. secured victory. meanwhile, switzerland's laura, good to bear rami a won the gold in the women's super g and austrian,
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a 1000000 proof. now one silver for the briefest of moments, it looked like the world champions time. that might be good enough to make the top of the podium, the near flawless, run from good barometer saw her history. she becomes the 1st riskier to win and then pick super g gold metal. meanwhile, nills fond the pole of sweden returned to the sport. he doesn't particularly like to win his 2nd gold medal at the beijing winter olympics. the sporty speed skating of which she said it sucks. these are pictures of 10000 meters events. he said they're wearing blue. it took 2 years away from the thought after last olympics, spend one in the army and the other cycling sweden taken home 2 goals this year. so the break looks like it did him, a lot of good there are legal battles under way at the olympics after confirmation that star russian figure skater can be level,
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gave tested positive for doping. early this week she led the russian olympic committee team at the 2 gold in the team event, but the metal ceremony still hasn't taken place. the russian anti doping agency, a 1st suspended, valuable band lifted the suspension and an otter to compete in beijing. international olympic committee is trying to reverse that decision by appealing to the international court of arbitration has bought. an ex scheduled event is on the 15th of february when she's her favorite to win gold in the individual, yvette oh, from the other mix. here in berlin, europe's 1st major international film festival. off the years rolled out the red carpet organizes of staging the burner knob as a live event with in person screenings, 18 films from 15 countries are fine for the top price stops, the golden bear rugs the contenders, the star, french director of francois ohio. ah,
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it almost feels normal walking down the red carpet cameras flashing, left and right. but everybody here is aware of how special it all is this time around the reserve. i was so excited to put on a suit again to get dressed up and to leave the house to meet reporters, meet colleagues and what's a good movie and good. 6 me interested in that movie is also out or zones peter. on comes a forceful chamber play about love, obsession and power. starring daniel men, oshea impressively channeling the lay design of anna fuss binda. reversing the gender roles of the original. the movie becomes a passionate homage to the german director. a deeply troubled genius revered abroad, but according to his own, all but forgotten at home. this is his 8th entry in the competition and he's hoping to win his 1st golden bear. but even if his stellar ensemble leaves empty handed,
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this surely will be a festival to remember for everyone involved and then law repulsion, detail the reporter, the cold, foolish shoot, joins us now down there among security. welcome, nicole. the festival program kicks off for me today. how has it been a story about a woman with anger issues, who violently attacks her mother and then gets slapped with a restraining order and has to maintain a distance of at least a 100 meters to her mother and her home? it's a story of love and separation and very creatively plays on the isolation that we all have grown very accustomed to over the past 2 years. and then at night to day it's only zyden, so roomy, early seidel. of course, the master of exploring the darkest corner of ourselves, the corners that we would ourselves like to ignore and all of that with his very unique sense of humor. rimini tells the story of a singer who has to come to terms with the fact that his best days are behind him,
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according to zayden. it's a story like all of his stories that explore our deepest longings and out unfulfilled longing. so a lot to look forward to to day feel like deep, unfulfilled loadings. that's very berlin down dicola frog shot video about an international film festival. thank you. just trying to remind you of our top story, ervish our you are a secretary of state and to me, blank on this morning that russia could invite you credit at any time. and bell rooms have been carrying out live fire drills north of ukraine, further stoking fears for cult oh forget, you can always get dw news on the go. just download our app from google play from the app store and give you access to the latest news from brown. well, this one is push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of a new story, you can also use it to send us photos and videos of the action coming up next here on the w r, environment magazine, not eco,
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india. i'll have more world news at the top of the day. with with
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who o eco. india was the most ingested cities in the wild. spangler, a, groundbreaking company has come up with a practical solution. taken bed conventional, much like into hybrid one. affordable electric vehicles, kickstart for the green transport revolution. next on d w with,
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