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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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ah ah this is the w news life for the u. s. wards, a russian invasion of ukraine could come at any time. secretary of state and to me, blank, and calls for board dial august. president biden tells americans to leave ukraine now. as things could go crazy quickly, also on the program, international summit on protecting the oceans wraps up in france, will assess progress on tackling the most urgent threats to marine life. and australia's kilometers are endangered. government warms that numbers have dropped
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dramatically over the past decade. ah, i'm fil gail. welcome to the program. you are a secretary of state antony blank and has urged more dialogue to resolve tensions between russia and the west. over fed. innovation of ukraine was to blank and was speaking in melbourne following a meeting of the quad alliance. that includes australia, india and japan. he made it clear that tensions with moscow have reached a dangerous level. simply put, we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation, including new forces arriving at the ukrainian border. and as we said before, we're in a window. when an invasion could begin at any time, russia now has an estimated $130000.00 troops close to its border with ukraine. for
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some people living in east and ukraine, the soldiers presence means rig living. the trauma of 2014, when russia annexed crimea, leading many in the region to leave. this is not the 1st time, okay, toddler, over his fear for her life. born in eastern ukraine, less than 30 kilometers from the russian border. she was forced to flee when peace abruptly ended 8 years ago. is small gunther, i'm from low hands. i was born and educated there, fish. i lived there all my life until november 2014. that of the so called russian spring came to us that year to for now, since then i have a very negative attitude towards our ration neva. many of us were forced to leave our homes, will you, which is free. the move over to little scott, august, 1 of more than one and a half 1000000 eternally displace. ukrainians are routed by the conflict in eastern don bus region where key of loyalists have been fighting,
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brushing back separatists. like many others ogre found her new home in hot give ukraine, 2nd big city. but many here now worry, they may soon have to flee again. with an estimated $100000.00 russian troops matching and ukraine's border experts won't hack if could be one of the 1st city to fall ship hooton's forces invade. despite military aid from countries like the wes ukrainian army is no match for russia's firepower. so many here prepared for the worst, like if he knew and alexi who run an 8 organization in heart give with peter, wish it was be hello, just this is gustavo, 1st of all were providing logistical support across marketing loans. we've bought fuel and repaired vehicles that could be less fiesta finished as he if we bought use of hygiene products reunion must go from there. we'll then we'll probably stock up on food to ensure everyone has hot meals. as we have a place to cook,
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the only known as a product as it would be, but august says she's done. fling from the russians. he ye asleep in their case. now the situation on the board as worse since, and the russian troops attack again, smola and i know how scary it is for the stuff, the bombings and the russian more tarzan missile simon. i mean, it's really very scary that we won't believe it's not just our son nish, i think with a motion, sometimes latasha. that's a sentiment many here and heart give share. well, let's look at the big picture with alexi, mandy cruz co direct her foreign relations and international security programs with the resume coffee center as a think tank based in care. welcome to d. w. a. do you believe that russia is about to invade ukraine or? well, we can't that we have different opinions about the boat, russia,
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russia in pain, it rushes iams. but there is, there are certainly such plans and that i, so please studied such intentions by this girl to happen. and mine is going to happen is a big question. and so what is the end game then? what will success look like for president to put in this conflict? oh, well, it's just the same question like 2 or 3 months ago. i would say that the game and the cooking objectives was ukrainian independence to get to claim as a satellite to get in here of employees. but after he's to madams sent to me and the united states. and regarding the latest statement it like low. busy is he has much visions. he wants to be respected, he wants to be hurt, but unfortunately, his demands simply are not acceptable by the way. so it's
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a big geopolitical game. and ukraine, unfortunately, is in the center. ok. nato's providing reassurance to it's eastern members by bolstering true numbers there. but what do you think the alliance will actually do if russia does invite? well, certainly, if the alliance will keep supporting ukraine and on political, diplomatic, and even military technical level. but also certainly elaine's not going to sams boots on the ground and what is more important. ukrainian l already never asked for soldiers. and so we have plenty of a really high level for us to defend the country. but we do need international support. right. and if you talk
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about the ukraine being ready, it's obviously it's going to be outgunned by russia. can they actually defend the country? so well, a ukrainian defense reforms, re sure, been progress since 20 at least 2016 is more to reach military balance or to, you know, get man, man power. similar to what the russia, as our aim is mostly defense and deterrence to the price for possible any possible invasion to the level that the school's been. if you calculate to change the kremlin scores benefit calculations, right? if, if a invade, it has to cost them daily, because russia now has about $130000.00 troops that ukraine's border there war games going on in. they bring about a rose and i'm naval drills in the black sea,
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effectively blocking ukraine's ports. so as you see this unfold, i you actually worried oh whoa. is it? it's not a pleasant feeling. believe me. to understand that you and circled by the russian troops from bella, 1000 kilometers more than one, follow them from the east. and the last couple of days, russia actually closed the entire as o. c. and the, the part of the blake c actually access the cranium ports to the blacks. and you can understand that this is not very pleasant. at the same time i lean to you, i haven't noticed anything unusual. i don't dispute on the supermarkets on in conversation in my is my friends and colleagues. right. so that's, it looks like right,
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like the other. com. but again, it is something that you really feel is not even thinking about under. so life goes on that actually mel nick from the rsm. cough a center. thank you so much. thank you for having me. what i can look now and some of the other sources making use around the world french president emanuel macro refused to take a covey 19 test. when he met brushes that vladimir put in this re, reuters news agency says the french leader wanted to prevent russia getting a sample of his dna. the 2 men held talks at opposite ends of a fairy long table in order to maintain social distance. contact the u. s president joe biden is expected to sign an executive order allowing 3 and a half $1000000000.00 a frozen afghan reserves to be used to help the african people without allowing the countries taliban rulers access to the funds of the frozen assets will be used to support us victims of terrorism and the u. s. is urging candidate to use federal
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powers to end the truck is processed. that is blocked 3 major border crossings. and i was on the canadian government to scrap vaccine mandates. blockade has forced factors on both sides of the border to slow production because of a supply shortages. this is d, w. news live from balance still come. burleigh and berlin international film festival is back live and in person will bring you highlights from the opening night. featuring a new film film from french director francois for so france on the united states adjoining forces to push for a global agreement to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. i announce the initiative on the final day of the one ocean summit, the gathering of research as a business leaders on francis atlantic coast. the world is warming in the painter ice caps and melting nations. they are melting into filling with plastic review.
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but the w. w. f one, the substance is reached every part of the ocean definitely reach the point where the system is overloaded and where we enter or where we will be edge. because the problem seems to become, or will grow bigger over the couple of a coming years. because the producers of plastic already stated that they will produce more. so we fear that more plastic will enter the oceans and the commission in the, in the oceans to micro anaplastic, which grades the biggest problems the temperatures across the oceans pose. yet more problems. us researchers found out the hottest temperatures recorded in the oceans between 18701919 look to how often the sees around the world beat that range in the years that followed. they found that in the year 1900,
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the oceans hit that peak less than one percent of the time. but by 2019 temperatures across the world sees be that record 57 percent of the time. animals like polar bears are watching their habitats disappear. the birds could bill, but last, by the end of the century, the heat is pushing species such as great white sharks into new waters. this means they other animals like theaters causing their decline, increases in the heat of the ocean. this is the main cause of cold bleaching. bleach reefs are more likely to die. the outlook for the oceans and the creatures living within them is a troubling one. vladimir benin is executive secretary of the inter governmental oceanographer oceanographic commission. enjoys us from the breast where the a one ocean sandwich has said, just ended a walk. would they w? is it too late to reverse the disastrous picture?
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we've just painted, melting ice caps and seeds overloaded with plastic and rising water temperatures. you know, you painted, painted the picture that is given us the different facets of what is happening and you know, you probably already saw that the picture is complex. indeed, certain things are already either simple and scientists call them kind of come meet that, for example, to level rise. we are committed to sea level rise, you know, so we are committed to acidity cation of the ocean and some other think some other things can be diverted. and that is exactly that, that this of the terrace agreement trying to reduce the emissions of carbon to reach the temperature 1.5 degree over the pre industrial values by the year to 2100 . so some of the things we can reduce are some we cannot be committed to this but different the emission should fall, understood, and what must governments and businesses do that in order to reach the goal that
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you have set. a safeguarding 30 percent of the world's oceans by 2030 i think to david each the or i would say milestone it least in lorton governments and shown to, to many governance of the or the other governments are committed to that noble gold 30 by 30. you know, but i would like to say we have to explain why this is needed. that money protected is actually enabling also use of the ocean and then benefiting people benefiting fishers feeding people. so we need to explain the benefits of this. so that selfish behavior is really not thing in this particular situation. on top of that, they have to create an understanding of what the sensitive data is that needs to be protected 1st. so this is not just a political game, but really, science based exercise, finding the right place to protect and finding the right ways to. and so what are
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you hearing the right things of what we're national represents is making the right noises at this meeting. you hopeful that you can not take this forward to the march meeting wed, give you've been decades of negotiation could end up with a treaty being signed. so yeah, the march meeting got you referring to is actually called in the mental conference on consideration sustainable use of money in by diverse to be on it is of national jurisdiction sort of for this long time. but basically, this is how perfect life in the high seas, which do not belong to the national jurisdiction. and this treat it in the hope it will be moved forward. i can't guarantee you that it will be signed, but you know, we have to state a significant i think step forward to the concluding the text over that agreement. that is almost ready. but we were basically held up by
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a corporate and we need to see people's eyes to, to just conclude on the text. and just just to end on the slightly negative note. what's the biggest to block then to agreement when, when everybody is agreed that the asked if i, the oceans are a bad thing, what, what's holding back agreement all this agreement and it has been discussed for more than 10 years, probably around, around 20 years. but i would like also to the cold that united nations convention below the sea was conceived after the 2nd world war. and then it was only signed in 1982. so i think the responsibilities of conscious, you know, they're the negotiations because they lead to an international legally binding him cancer really would like to know what will be the abbreviations on that commitment to understand what it means. and then they have to agree on the common, the common accepted test text. so this is indeed a big negotiation process like
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a government review, but even even even harder than, than normally. thank you so much for joining. it's not outlining that so clearly vladimir area being from the ocean, a graphic commission of your asking to thank you. thank you so much for having them yesterday. and government says officially listed, koala says, endangered. the native marsupials fighting to survive. bush fires, land clearance, and drought conservation is fair that now fewer than 100000 kilometers left in the wild. it was the defining image of australia's boost fires in 2019 a koala encircled by flames. before a quick thinking bystander comes to the rescue. thousands of callers were caught up in that year's devastating fire season. left homeless or treated for dehydration and burns. it was a clarion call for action. we'll get. so coming out of those fires,
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i asked my scientific experts to really examine whether the qual is listing. as you said on the endangered spaces list, needed to move up a notch. and today's announcement is that it has, which is all about priority conservation for this extraordinary marsupial. on top of the fires, the creatures are threatened by disease. half the population has chlamydia, growing towns and cities to have eaten away at their habitat. the endangered classification means to get more protection under planning laws. conservationist t, it's critical. we tighten in over 810000 animals and well over 10000 of those are co islas. they're a very specialized creature and an animal that is unfortunately under unprecedented threat. last month, the government announced $43000000.00 euros and additional funding to protect them
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. we're investing in the world leading science in looking after our kuala populations. and we are also investing heavily in education, so ensure not only the public and understand how they can care, but also importantly, veterinarians, right across the country. environmental groups have welcome the endangered species recognition, but they accused the government of ignoring a decade of warnings. nonetheless, they hoped less will now be a turning point for these iconic creatures. are going all about the winter olympics in beijing, where 3 time gold medalist assured white was unable to make it 4 in a row. and the final of the snowboard, half pipe, the americans dominated the event, but this time couldn't come up with the tricks needed on his last to run. 35 says this is if he plans to retire from competition. the gold medal went to young
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japanese star. are you mo, here on the 23 year old god silver at the 2 previous olympics behind white, but 96 points out of a 100 on his final run, secured victory this time. meanwhile, switzerland at laura. good. better army and one the gold medal and the women's super g austrian mariam portner, one silver. the briefest of moments it looked like the world champions. time might be good enough to make the top of the podium the near, flawless, run from good. the harvey saw her make history. she becomes the 1st swiss skia to win and then pick super g gold. meanwhile niels found the pole of sweden return to his board that he doesn't particularly like and he won his 2nd gold medal at the 40 speed skating, which she said, and i quote, it sucks these pictures of the 10000 meters events and see him they're wearing blue,
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we took 2 years away from the scores at the last olympics, spend one of those in the army, other cycling around sweden. he's taken home 2 goals this year, so great to have done him. a lot of good legal battles under way of the confirmation that star russian skater camila valley ava recently tested positive for doping. earlier this week, she led the rush delivery committee team to gold in the team event, but the metal ceremony still hasn't taken place. the russian anti doping agency at 1st suspended valley and then lifted batter spence that suspension and allowed her to compete in beijing international olympics committees. trying to reverse the decision by appealing to the international court of arbitration for sport davis next to shed your events is on the 15th of february. and she said the favorites to win gold in the individual event. here in blue. europe's 1st major international film festival of the year has rolled out. the red carpet organizes
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a staging mi bernan ali as a live event. but in person screenings, 18 films from 15 countries, a volume for the top prize, the golden bear. among the contenders, the home growed german director francois also. oh, it almost feels normal walking down the red carpet cameras flashing, left and right. but everybody here is aware of how special it all is this time around me. so i was so excited to put on a suit again to get dressed up and to leave the house to meet reporters, me colleagues and watch a good movie. good. 6 me interested in that movie is oh wow. oh zones peter, on comes. i'm a forceful chamber play about love, obsession and power. starring daniel men oshea impressively channeling the late design of anna fuss binda. reversing the gender roles of the original,
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the movie becomes a passionate homage to the german director. a deeply trouble, genius revered abroad, but according to his own, all but forgotten at home. this is his 8th entry in the competition and he's hoping to win his 1st golden bear. but even if his stellar ensemble leaves empty handed, this surely will be a festival to remember for everyone involved. and what report from d. w reporter, the cold, foolish shoot, joins us now down there among security. welcome, nicole. the festival program kicks off property today. how has it been? well, the root is kind of mixed fill. i have to admit that i've been hearing a lot of complaining, not from the filmmakers of corps and the actors. they are all extremely happy to be here. but from especially the journalist of uncovering the festival circuit for quite some time, they complain about the fact that the opening movie wasn't political enough that the festival lack star power. that it pales in comparison to vessels like,
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like venice who also had pandemic edition. and then there are those who are out right, trying to start a revolt at a screening this morning. there was a journalist who got on stage and called on all of us to complain about the automatic seat allocation program, which is of course, part of the coven protocol which has been very strictly followed here. he didn't get too much support, so no rebellion inside just yet. okay, sounds like so with too much time when he's hands and where are you in relation to the, to the red carpet. what's going on there? i'm at the red carpet actually right now for the movie, a robe of gems by mexican bolivian, a director. and not that yellow beth guy. yeah. though, it's a movie about 3 women who against their will get entangled with the mexican drug cartels. it's interesting not only because of course, and there's a tragic relevance for mexican society, but also because nobody got yet though,
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is the only latin american director in the competition. she's one of 7 women, and this is her 1st ever feature film that might make her sound like an underdog, but she has quite some experience under her belt as an editor. too much critical acclaim. she's an actor as well, and she has directed some short movies. so she's certainly one to watch. ok, i wrote jobs not to today's only premier. what else are you looking forward to? i mean, there's tons of movies you could watch today across all the different sections. but if we focus on the competition, there are 2 major premieres coming our way to day. one of them is, was it on my or is the line a story about a woman with anger issues who violently attacks her mother and then get slot with a restraining order and has to maintain a distance of at least 100 meters to her mother and her home, it's a story of love and separation and very creatively plays on the isolation that we all have grown very accustomed to over the past 2 years. and then at night to day
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it's really zayden z remaining orderly seidel. of course, the master of exploring the darkest corner of ourselves, the coroners that we would ourselves like to ignore and all of that with his very unique sense of humor. rimini tells the story of a singer who has to come to terms with the fact that his best days are behind him, according to zayden. it's a story like all of his stories that explore our deepest longings and out unfulfilled longing. so a lot to look forward to, to day phone, deep, unfulfilled loadings. that's very berlin and nicola further shop via brother international film festival. thank you. is remind about top story this. all. you are a secretary of state antony blank, and it's one that russia could invade you credit, any time russia and better, bruce have been carrying out to live 5 drills north of ukraine. further stroking fears of guy conflict. coming up next in news asia
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born in the usa about winning olympic gold for china. we'll take a look at free styles. skia eileen goose. the overlap between sports and politics. for this channel, we'll have that story on board d, w. news, asia, in just a moment. i'll be back at the top to be a good day with
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to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspective, a chinese leader, she jane paying and russian president vladimir putin joined forces against the west . is democracy under pressure. and how should nato and be you respond to the
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challenge? find out on to the point to the point with d, w. one of the kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach. oh, what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. ah ha. monitors has 28000000 different power blocks. they are peers and rivals with one during goal to help smart nature for a longer,
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healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. down the hatch. more life starts february 16th on d w. you're watching g w news asia coming up today. the breakout star of the olympics, but not without controversy. you take a closer look at resale skier, eileen goop, us born and representing china showing once again the complex intersection between sports and politics. plus a team of one profile india's only competitor at the game and his did for glory and high achievement of a different kind. a store in tokyo showcases the.


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