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tv   Child Slavery in Myanmar  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2022 11:15am-11:59am CEST

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allen, c, g, tahiti, arc meadows from dw sports. they're talking to me a little earlier about the big world cup playoffs this week. this is dw news from berlin coming up next, we've got a documentary film for you showing how poverty and adoptions can result in child slavery in myanmar. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news information anytime you want or a website that's d, w dot com for me and all of us here at the w. thanks for watching. ah, it happened 175 years ago and start up entrepreneur at a specific goal. 1 build the best article instruments in the world. good size
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indeed his wish has become a reality. 175 years of size starts june 19th on w. ah. said away by their parents for work or adoption, beaten and abused by their employers. they hit me with metal chains and used tires on me. the plate of many child servants in me and mar, is only now being exposed. and the economically stripped the child naked total and beat viciously. yeah. it's leslie, very the condition, the way the way to eat it. what is what you call under cover asia delves into the murky trade of me and mars invisible and fung. oh, how young can we get that around 12 or 13 as good? yeah. and we expose the risks and the suffering faced by those children who have
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been adopted into slavery. ah, ah, ah, in september 2016, a shocking story hit the headlines and me and mar 2 teenaged domestic workers were freed from a tailor shopping young gone. where they had spent 5 years being beaten, stabbed, and deprived of sleep, and fooled big sway when a well known reporter from a new site called me and mar, now brought the story to the public's attention. i never apologized. they
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exploited the children without remorse for the 2 girls, sand, k kind and orphan tarzan had endured daily physical and emotional abuse for years. dante kind had been so badly tortured on her arms and hands that she became permanently disfigured. much of the abuse took place in the famous avo tailoring shop in young, gone, where the girls were in the shop as well known among locals in the city. this combined with the shocking pictures made social media pay extra attention. the ella, the case was posted on a forum for journalists by the news agency. me a ma, now the find, the patient said they were going to the children's village and invited the media to go with them. i saw rights and went to long that i did oddly via by why
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jim morning, reports on issues concerning women and children. so she was eager to follow the story. ah. and you know, when i arrived, i met with the girls and apparently i saw some k kind 1st. she's the girl who's 10 fingers were broken at 1st. i didn't notice her hands up, but i just noticed her behavior. they'd be on them. yeah. she was in total shock and couldn't talk you. i've never seen anything like that before. joseph, later we saw her hands and her fingers were bent over and broken. let the general. it was very shocking that i shot you. i level battalion lay stabbed me on my neck, my back in my arms as i am i am this was from a lighter from a slice to my nose with
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a knife and hurts me with an iron tail. yet she broke all 10 of my fingers because i spoke back to her mother. they broke my arm when i gave her sister a massage because they said i didn't do it properly. so they grabbed me from behind and pushed down until it broke. i will tell you stories of maid abuse in me in mar are not uncommon. thousands of children from poor villages are routinely sent to me in mars, booming cities to support their families. as the economy develops, there is growing demand for domestic servants and middle class households and helpers for home run businesses. first and foremost, that parents or caregivers are not aware of those risks, all where on the right to either myself that you and i. ton dodge works for the
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child protection program at save the children myanmar. she says that despite the risks, birds continue to send their young children away. parents think it's free, bought in food, as well as that, then their salary is the net. at the same time, the child will have a better chance of fly spooling as well. so those and leaves or assumptions pushed their parents to send their children to our domestic se factor, they think. but after they arrive at the employer's house, many of these children are cut off from their families and exposed to miss treatment. one former domestic worker who wanted to remain anonymous, agreed to share her story with us. oh, i was living in the countryside and some people came for a donation. ceremony saw me and took me back with billing. my mail was on there. they said they were adopting me and took me away from my father another for the 1st
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couple of months. they were nice to me, but then they started to hit me when things didn't go that way. i needed that. so i asked her nicely if i could go home because i was unhappy, nippy. and she said, who are you going to live with? if you leave your father gave you to us, they didn't let me go. this girl was only 9 years old when she was told she was being adopted. but when she arrived at her new home, she was forced to work day and night, starved and abused. ah, the girl continued to suffer horrific abuse for 5 years before she finally escaped her life as the so called adopted child. there are 2 types of alike. there are families who send their children are and like a professional, you know, like domestic worker expecting a certain level of i earning out of the child. and there are
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a different types. our family is our okey least take my child as adopted. you know, like foster child bad today, where kate says that the palm is, is not kept at all adoption rules in myanmar or anything but clear cut. there is no state legislation for adoption. formal adoption is covered only by the buddhist customary law, which means any registered adoption must be between buddhists. alibaba in me and my customary law adoption comes with inheritance rights under the kid to my adoption axis. that actually adoptive parents must give inheritance rights to their adopted child. but a parted. her adoption doesn't include these rights that had the practice of a potato or casual adoption. though not technically legal is widely accepted. a child can be taken in by a family and cared for without any paperwork or official monitoring them or on
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their might in me and mar. there are people of all religions and fates who take care of a non related child at the homely, the apple with another kid, the a because they feel sympathy for the child. what i, there are no regulations, legislation or legal provisions for these circumstances. a bow there is also no specific law to protect domestic workers. many children who are hired to live in work in households far away from home, fall completely under the control of their new family. is almost like the employers on your life. of course, some would say that new disease humanitarians intervention that i can do to the poor, low family. but in some they would also see it is, is an opportunities to take advantage over the poor family where they're completely depends on me to hide them. and i can offer them even little money. they are happy already because they start from 0 didn't have money, right. the bad case started to come to the surface. now,
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where the employers take for granted that you, you work for me and i help you. and perhaps i o, i own your life. not that i thing it is my right to punish you very badly, but it is my right to make sure that you are obedience to me. no matter how, what i am in the aba tailoring case, the children's families had at 1st received a small salary for their services. but after about 2 years, the money stopped and all contact was cut off. the girls were trapped into bonded labor. ready ah, asleep very the condition, the way they were treated. what as what you call your a child you, i'm some money by you never touch that money. so you never see the money and allies you were treated as an object, not even like a human being. what kind of situation would you call it? unless it is likely very seeking justice in me and
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mar, can be tough. a police report was filed with the police failed to bring charges. but this time influential journalist sway when was following the case and was not going to let it go sway. when is an award winning journalist and me and mar, he continued posting updates about the story and kept the case in the headlines mentation for their suffering. and why do you think that was the option they chose? and i me, if we didn't tell them to choose one or the other, we take all of the love and the other one was in the press conference further, inflamed public opinion, bringing national attention to the issue of parliamentary investigation was commission and for the commissions members were forced to resign
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this case at highlighted widespread tolerance of the mistreatment of underage domestic workers. tonda. george says that often people in the community, no abuse is happening, but they don't speak up in yet my people say believe that physical punishment on btr slapping is nothing wrong. and so it's different happen. people usually don't want to go to the police station and report the case in ok, like are tailoring case as it has been going on 5 years, the torturing of children to that degree. and nobody has come forward in may 2012, a 15 year old domestic gilbert, a u on escaped from the house of a judge in the bogo region. her employer, the judges wife, had allegedly tortured her with a hot iron. a you august mother filed a case, but the family was too poor to hire a lawyer or attend court. oh,
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the police didn't take further action from the perpetrator. never faced trial. i because but betrayed her. it's web connect it l or. and i, while the influential sol, usually the victims, are for online poor and vague around. and if you are going to live prosecution process, who's going to support their child and the family, the victims family who are very poor people who have housemaids are often from rich and powerful families. and the maids relatives are sometimes intimidated into dropping charges, policing me and mar, rarely try a case without a plaintiff. this means that it is often left to the families who are too poor or too intimidated to go to trial. many cases like these don't even make it to court. when you leave in that society, that is no rules of law. anything can get you into trouble. so the best you can do
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is to mitigate or liske by just my being mindful of your own business. and not your neighbors business. you never know the next door neighbor, you saw abusing somebody to have visa, friend of somebody, big. however, social media is changing the way people react to abuse in society. in november 2015, a photo emerged on facebook. a young girl tied up naked outside a house in an affluent neighbourhood in young gong. a driver working for the family next door had taken the photo no where? oh, but she missed that one. i was hearing these screams every morning. the child was crying out in pain. i don't even know, but i know i looked over the wall and saw something that made me so angry. don't you know? the child had no clothes on, told her she was stripped naked and they were beating her viciously. goro choked
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that night, my blood boil, i couldn't stay out of it any more. so i took a photo and reported it to the police. i won't, i will. yeah. you know? yes, and then it appearing yet while the driver had listened to the sound of the 9 year old girl being tortured for days before he went to police, even now he doesn't want to be identified for fear of repercussions. jelic elder law, i knew it was dangerous to get involved in this era. there may be a lot of people who wants to harm to me because of this. only those hellish sounds them torturing the child every day. we're getting worse and worse than we are. yeah, and i couldn't ignore it because they said there were, you know, in her there is our design on my pin home for real before any police actually was taken, the photo was shared on social media. it caught the public's attention immediately . mimi works for
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a political organization that fights for democracy and human rights. when the photo appeared on social media, she started to investigate the head. yes. can you go to the police station and behind township announced that the victim was the niece of the lady who owns the house and she was being punished by her aunt for her misbehavior that he talked. yeah, i think i need money on that day at about 7 p. m. i got a call from an unknown number on me to you i. i was told that the information from the behind police station was wrong. hang jessica and i need your they took, they took our my me the call was from a whistle blower who had been told that the child had been adopted by one of his superiors. a member of parliament from the military. me managed to contact the parents of the child who admitted that they had given her on way that he said she wasn't sent to a stranger's house, but to the house of the 2nd in command of his battalions in
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a while and that it wasn't an official adoption but they had made a contract. when she saw the agreement, mimi realised to her horror that she was not looking at adoption papers. but a sales contract was are all. ah, lou marie, i had the agreement says that $1000000.00 kiara at $800.00 us dollars has been given as an act of generosity. it also specifies that they must not make contact with the child again or ask for more money. so it's obvious that the child was sold for 1000000 kiara, but they say they may yet have high estimates. albano it is common and not illegal to create private contracts for the guardianship of a child. under myanmar law, the contract only becomes illegal when there's money involved, a legal way, it's a contract. it states that you paid for a child is automatically invalid. you can't buy a child about buying and selling children violates the onset human trafficking. no
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. and the older maid who had been allegedly abusing the girl was arrested, charged with child abuse and sentenced to 2 years in prison. the military officer who had bought the girl was removed as a member of parliament and discharged from the military. however, no criminal charges were filed against him or his family. but the aba case said a new precedent in man mark, media scrutiny and public pressure lead to the police filing charges on behalf of the victims. the case was moved to a higher court, and human trafficking charges were brought by the trafficking police. i don't say not angle, the defendants in the avo taylor shop case pleaded innocent in court to abuse of domestic workers. did i said the only young lad as will i buy? let that happen? they're charged under a section of the human trafficking act that carries the death penalty eliana is on
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the might. i mean to on is a defense lawyer and the other tailoring family kicks to that is she thinks the defendants are being unfairly persecuted because of media pressure and because they are mostly okay for them. man, mar, as a majority buddhist country and anti muslim tensions have grown in recent years. saw you mean me and my law multiple charges are seldom filed for one case, would it? but in this case, for a problem between housemaids and their employers that they were charged under the human trafficking act, the child law and for causing bodily harm to lack of it. i'm all, it's the 1st time i've seen this. even the senior lawyers and judges haven't seen this before. move, although the girls in the avo tailoring case had not been bought for the contract. they had been forced to work for no salary and with no way to get home. contact with their families had been cut off and the neighbors were keeping quiet. they
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were trapped. ah, you, you mean tom is a photographer who focuses on issues that affect women. she has documented subjects such as human trafficking and domestic abuse. she has been visiting san k kind in hospital and is now working on a project about her life before abra. they were treated badly because they were invisible behind the dawson. it makes me angry. whenever she visited sank, a kind, the girl would ask about going back to her village you, you decided to go to the village to take photos for the girl. ah. as soon as sign arrived, this village, my 1st thing that i noticed on the road the roads are very maddie is even difficult to go find motorcycle and also the, the whole village. um,
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does it have electricity in the area or the property is very, very obvious. and the poor condition of the people living that make the situation like sending their kids to the other family to work as a housemate. color, sometimes my husband's income is enough to survive on that, but sometimes it's not. and it's very distressing. we have to borrow money sam k kinds mother noon you a when says they were forced to send their daughter away because they needed the money. a woman from the village who had moved to work in young gone, came back to recruit others planning. she told my daughter it was a good job, so my daughter told me that she wanted to go because it was good money and it would help our family all it. we got one month's salary in advance on her 1st day that we were told, the pay was $15000.00 key art, which is about $11.00 allowed,
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but we only got about $7.00 that day. i did 111 year old t, as in an orphan who had been living with an elderly relative in the same village, went together with sanitary con for over 3 of the 5 years. the girl spent at the avo tailoring household. they were completely cut off from their families. the families received no salary and the girls had no contact with any one from their village. but what i learned whenever we called, they always said they were away, the latter. we told them to call us when they were back because we wanted her to come home doable. mm. the girls families are illiterate and have little education or experience in dealing with the authorities. when they lost contact with the children, they didn't know what to do. then one day the village head came to town. yo yo when to go to young, gone to bring the children home unaware of what had happened. she went to get the
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diet. when i went there i saw something had happened to my daughter's fingers that she would then i saw those injuries when she took her shirt off today. and i said, how did you get those injuries? what happened? she told me they had stabbed her with a pair of scissors and oh, when her mother saw the extent of her injuries, she was distraught full of it. i have the law of why luncheon on a day of gang of kind, i just wanted to hurt them the way they hurt my daughter, jenna. i couldn't think about anything else. i even wanted to kill them like i was so sad to i couldn't bear to look at my daughter. will m g o y and i received him of oliver gladly. younger housemaids are more vulnerable to exploitation. it is harder for them to speak up against their employers and they are more likely to suffer physical abuse. families keep the young kids because according to the jamar
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culture, it's kind of like negative things to order the older burson, in the culture. the younger is supposed to give the respect to the elder people is that concept makes more family to half the younger kids. as the housemates they have less power. you can't cheat. an adult liking tina chop is in your complete power f as in and sanjay kind were only 11 and 12 when they were sent to live with the aba tailoring family. although the minimum working age for most labor sectors in myanmar is 14, there is no minimum age or wage for domestic helpers under mia mar, la. some children are sent away to work when they are as young as 8 or not. in ryan mar, it is not difficult to find some one to arrange for an under age worker. people even advertise openly for young domestic helpers on social media.
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one of the more common ways for women and especially young girls to be recruited as domestic helpers is to ruin aim paul poyser or housemaid broker. so we arranged to meet one such broker to see how easy it would be to buy an under age may. oh, how young can we get? so let it around. 12 or 13 is good. more. yeah, they were manju, our families are too scared to sent that kids away when that young to look after themselves. a 9 by 12 or 13, it's easy to get them to walk. they're not so emotional a restless society and they become so difficult to manage when they're 15 or 6. stackable brokers tend to be from the same village or even from the extended family they recruit from. but sometimes they extend the search elsewhere that will get some clients don't accept helpers who live in young gone.
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they asked me where i get them from, and they don't want maids from young gone because they can run away easily and it's really cheap for them to get home. when i bring them from my own village, they don't go back. if i tell them not to keep their id cards as well, i've only had it with her. now we get orphans to hear me. i'm not feeling it. yes, i can. i was an orphan. it's, there's no charge for the arrangement. you just make a donation. when the girl doesn't keep her pay, it gets donated to the orphanage. for example. it can be better that way. levels of yellow dog e n v is the head, none at this nunnery school and orphanage. oh, here are 180 young nuns as well as another 80 other children living here. orphan's children, seeing the civil war, or those whose parents are unable to care for them to live on an,
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even though it is not perfect, like a normal family, at least they can eat, they can study and live safely. only this is what we can provide, at least i feel that their lives are safer here and they agree with that there bucklin. but none reason monasteries are also a commonplace for people to look for young children. they say they will adopt, but end up treating as unpaid domestic workers. door a thing, he says they often get such requests, but they don't let the children go lower lobby are down. there have been people including a police officer who have requested to adopt children with a contract that we buy. but because of our love for the and concern about what would happen to them, we don't allow them to be adopted and we keep the children here. i don't if we did allow people to adopt, it's possible they could give better support because they're only looking after one child, but we don't feel it's safe for them. so we don't allow them to be adopted in
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me and more. many of those who do adopt young girls see themselves as doing something generous. lou take a runs a close shop and young gone. a few years ago, she took in a 14 year old girl to help with household chores and errands. she says she took this girl into her home to be charitable, and she treats her like one of her own romania in alam debrel. now she's in a very sorry state because she has no mother to rely on and she never went to school while she worked with other employers before she worked for me a year later that she was slapped and became deaf ayana grandma are now my daughter with her eyesight is also not good aluminum gum, maloney lanier, so he would accept irish, we didn't do well man, she has a good life with us now living with welcome am. i treat her like my own daughter
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who are immediate. i don't know what the mill of and what i take a says the girl does not have to work hard for her. and her life is better with her than it would have been if she had stayed in her village either me or sally did. now she can do sums and write a few words because she is helping out at the shop. she's improving slowly. only adela little there are no opportunities to improve her life in the village. you most girls, her age, just get married and have children live without. yet many people who have young domestic workers living with them or treading a fine line between an employee and an adopted child. it makes rules regarding punishment, a little murky, jamal little, i've also hit her gemma. when i lose my temper, i hit her on the arm he has wheel cadell, m. o poland. to my alley it under my door, the train i ask her to come to me when i get angry,
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i pinch herrera and ask her if it hurt. you know, you are later and she walked away with a smile on her face saying it doesn't hurt at all. no vila jemma. it's just a mild punishment to discipline her. that a meeting. i think of her, his family did. and i think the discipline should not be harsh to the mild, let them, it's not ok to appeal except in will not him on but how can these girls protect themselves from potential abuse? now gamma human trafficking happens a lot in our country, especially to girls. the minute the high in gummy after several months of hospital treatment, the girls from the of our case were taken into the custody of the department of social welfare and younger photographer you, your mid town has decided to help bring the girls families to visit them in young god ah, sancho kinds, mom and thousands,
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aunt have seldom ventured out of their village. the journey takes more than 3 hours and it would have been very difficult for them to make it to the big city on their own sanitary kinds. mom wants to bring her home, but his unsure if they will be allowed to keeping her there is safer, but i want to go back to living with my child again. they will say we created the situation, but we sent them there because we are poor. we had no choice and hulu, the trip to young gone is unsettling. and the women are very nervous. jello new. i don't want to be in young gone any? no, we're afraid. i don't know. what are you afraid of going to the court police station that we don't understand things. they ask lots of questions that we don't know how to answer better solution sombrero places. people don't want to go to the course at all. they're afraid to go in the black him with it's the result of an old system.
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yet to maria d, a petty vonner lou for both the center sanky time. they were quite overwhelming and they were very sad. even the sin cry. they want to go home. that's what they said, because they haven't been back to the home for a long time. that's what they want. but for now, the girls have to remain in the custody of the social welfare department. nor tower director of the women's development division says they are now looking after several former housemaids who have been abused, yet very few cases are reported and the system does not help through yeah, a to carol, tamara. oh d. and once they're taken into people's houses here, there's often no way back carol, and i guess there's no register or contracts for domestic workers. let me she and
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there's no agency agency peter dallas. so we have no information about who's brought to which house i love that the children are sent by their connections. you say young, if we go so we know only when problems arise to my to be up. social media plays a big role in discovering abuse cases here for, for some cases are reported through our helpline all heavily and some are discovered through social media tomorrow. d, social media need was she the minister of social welfare? asks us to take immediate action and those. okay, so he's not he, she barry official monitoring is only one challenge ingrained cultural attitudes or another big issue. nobody take rule of law in this country seriously. this is there felt a long time that there's no justice. does this exist when you have more money? is your comma. so to have to put up with the come at, lee paid their comma come are done in that previously. and it is to me, is it is
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a very distorted concept of what is of in manner because of traditional beliefs. even some people who work in human rights except what happens to the victims on some level before i, even when i saw the worst of what happened, that may high or low as i'm a buddha stars. why i believe it's the child's fate and punishment for her pass is unusable. now she pin again the eyes on this is the belief that piano hopes to change. if you visit doctor visits, this is not karma. is somebody did something wrong to you and you have to stand up and say something. this is the law, at least as a criminal law at the moment they were punished, the person was slap, you under face. nobody's entitled to slap anybody on the face. even the ard, your employers, even the pe yosemite,
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they are not illegible. if the treated you like that they treat you less, then human being that is not to be tolerate. these are information to we need to spread out as much as possible. ah, josephine is doing just that g is the sports program coordinator for a girl, determined a group that works with adolescent girls and me and mar to help them understand their rights and reach their potential program reaches out to vulnerable communities all over the country. targeting the kind of girls that brokers and employers pray are they are empowering girls to speak up her most difficult things for them to use their own voice. so through the spars, through these volleyball august, we're trying to encourage gauze,
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who's use their voice to shout out, and to call for her to call for either of us was to walk as a team to walk together to help each other. so that in a defense situation, if they need help, they can i look for each other, the content, each ada coconut among you and your friends in the 7th grade. is there anyone who's quit school downtown either? yes, there are one we do have for some guys who have gone and became like the last at walkers and other regions to, to their families. financial situations are the chopped off on school. so from, from last year we came up with an initio deal which we call safety and security initiative. and through the program we tried to give each net, each gore a coat number, an inside we call an id card and, and our we have that information. we have them and i, hotline,
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emergency phone number is for and we have some situations examples because i refer to as an oxford health doctor. tell me what you know about human trafficking, yell on that, but that manu by monday. what i remember about human trafficking as not to believe what other sabre to listen to our parents. and we shouldn't just hang around on our own or with friends. i real my wow. only dillinger now ma'am. yeah, i'm glad you've been taught about this yet. you know, it's important for you to know. i could, human trafficking happens a lot in our country, especially to girls. at the awe, 14 months after the arrest of the arbor family, the day of the verdict has arrived. a crowd of journalists gathered outside the district court. police kept media well back from the court house as the
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defendants arrived. the normally empty court room was packed. i nearly when the judge to look at the prison sentence, the relatives in the crowd started crying. yahoo gow. the main accused who woman has in lived with. and the woman's daughter who took in sancho time were each sentenced to 16 years in prison for trafficking child abuse and grievous bodily ha! the daughter's husband and brother received shorter sentences for the same chargers . 2 other family members were quitted. ah ha dia today. this case has changed people's reactions towards incidents involving domestic workers. they don't just ignore them and say it has nothing to do with them. since this of a case, many of the housemaid cases have come to light and all of them have been reported
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by their neighbors. i know. so i want to raise my public awareness about these issues and get more legal protection with better legal protection. there will be few cases like this, you know, even though the verdict is out t, as in sam k kind have yet to return home. oh, they are finishing a vocational training course aimed at helping them with their future. ah echo solution article now got a new job. i don't go sions on it, meaning they're both happy in the school to jeanette in. you know they can now so very well which i will throw. yeah. yeah, yeah. i think we're providing vocational training for them. so that when they go home, people, they can be naturally independent variable, but vertically to my look, i bought it ah, what their home town offers little in the way of job opportunities. the extreme
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poverty does in and st. k kind come from helps drive vulnerable girls like them toward the cities. ensuring housemaids are in continuing supply in b and mar. ah, the girls may have escaped their abusers, but they have yet to escape the cycle of poverty. ah, for me, i feel very sad for her because i feel like so from the start to now she doesn't have choice. when she was dead, she doesn't have a choice because help the situation of the family, the financial problem, to send their kids to the in my family and also in a family. she doesn't have choice, she was kept an even torture in there now. and although she turned into 17 and she's now in social wipers doing the training, but i feel like she wants to go back home still. she cannot. and yeah, i be like, she doesn't choice traumatized and
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physically disabled by their experiences. they may remain prisoners of an imbalance systems ah ah ah ah, the dangers died was worse and henri cosca could hardly believe his eyes when he discovered a pre historic case under the sea in 1985. it's a treasure,
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but how can it be made accessible with a replica now on display in nearby my say, your romance in 30 minutes on d. w. a. treated in his weapon on a former bark fighter. now guided tours over the former combat with violence. due rage is in columbia 60 years after the civil war. pato isn't the only one hoping that the presidential election will bring change global 3090 minutes on d. w. it is a secret war and assume endless one action to the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel in the united states on the other for more than
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40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. there is never been any real dialogue. the israel iran usa starts june 15th on d. w. ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, ukraine's president says his forces are fighting for every meter and the city of city arrow. next. many civilians are sheltering in a besieged chemical plant, but russia's destruction of all by one bridge out of the city means chance of
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chances of leaving are dwindling. fair weed silos are filling up, but ukraine's farmers can't ship their product. the w, his from one.


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