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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 11, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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web site really be with fixed by the end of this month? former seeior adviser to president bush brad blakeman on what needs to be done. lori: and primed for delivery, amazon cuts a deal with the u.s. postal service for sunday delivery, its latest effort to chip away at brick and more far stores' -- mortar stores' advantage, immediacy. adam: free from nsa-style snooping. lori: and money falling from the sky. in the form of an asteroid? yes. we will introduce you to the man behind the plan to mine asteroids for astronomical profits. planetary resources co-founder and co-chairman eric anderson on his company's efforts and big money backers like google's eric schmidt and sir richard branson. of so let's get things started with a check of the markets, let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange and nicole petallides. are investors taking a wreath --
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breather here? >> reporter: five straight weeks of gains here, ticking it off here in fashion with up arrows. all three of the major averages do have up arrows, however, none of these three are gaining more than one-tenth t of 1% at the moment. so you are seeing that the momentum is leaning to the upside. however, not bursting out into crazy new highs. what we are seeing, though, is that we have the retail index, the drug index pulling higher, the banking index pulling back a little bit, the vixx also taking a breather here. as i speak about the banks, i want to look at bank of america, a stellar perfor year, up 24% this year, almost 52% in the last one year. but now today we are focusing on bank of america as you do have the u.s. government seeking the maximum penalty allowed, over $863 million, and this is in connection with the countrywide loan program dubbed hustle, so not good news there.
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the bank had said they previously were looking for options to appeal this. in the meantime, this is all about loans that date back to the tougher times during the financial crisis. but we'll continue to follow that story for you. lori: wonderful. thank you, nicole. see you in 15 minutes. adam: fresh off his re-election victory in new jersey, republican governor chris christie took a victory lap around the political talk shows sunday. the gop darling wasted no time hammering president obama's handling of the health care plan. >> anybody who's run anything in their lives could see this coming a mile away. and that's why we didn't do a state-based health exchange. we didn't do it because we could see that this whole program was going to be a problem. and so the president's biggest problem right now is he's got to tell the truth. and we've seen this in new jersey. i've told lots of hard truths in new jersey that people didn't necessarily agree with, but they give you credit for looking them in the eye and telling you the truth. adam: but are these hard truths enough to get him elected in 2016? brad blakeman is the former
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deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thank you for joining us on "markets now." so as governor christie likes to say, get the job done. will this still be resonating in 2016? >> i think it will be if he's as successful as a governor in 2016 as he is today. he's certainly going to give republican field a run for tear money. but remember -- for their money. remember, adam, you have to be selected by your party before you're elected by the people, and that's where you have to have your bone fee d.c. to have that nomination to then go to the people. ss christie's got a long way to go, but he's certainly off to a good start if he chooses to run for president because what he's delivered to the people in a blue state. lori: how is he doing in terms of his reputation with other republicans which you know all too well, party fractured coming off this debt ceiling vote. is governor governor christie a binding force for the party? >> i think he is. look, for republicans to be successful, lori, we have to
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remember that we're vastly outnumbered in a lot of the states we need in registrations. we have to appeal to democratic voters. we have to appeal to women. women played a crucial role in virginia and new jersey. we have to appeal to hispanics and african-americans and asians. and if you look at christie's win in a blue state, look at the inroads he made since he's governor in this these minority communities and with women. look, christie, there's a lot to look at in his numbers and other republicans should be looking at it because to be effective, good politics is good governance. look at what christie's done, try to emulate that as best you can in your states. adam: well, he talks about transparency and the voters hear what wants -- what has to be done and then they want results. that was one of the hard decisions e made, the tunnel, but i don't crunch political numbers. if he alienates the tea party, the ultra conservatives, can he attract enough democrats nationwide for a victory?
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>> well, again, you have to be selected by the party before you're elected by the people. when you're talking about the tea party within the republican ranks, they are a supeeminority within the republican tent. now, do you need them to to win? i don't believe you do. but what you need to do is go beyond new jersey and attract those voters in mississippi and in missouri and in florida and new hampshire and iowa. and if christie's numbers are good there, if he dips his toe in the water, look to him to go within a year or so to iowa, if his governance resonates there, then i think republicans need to look at him extremely seriously beyond his own borders. also look for him to raise money for house members in 2014 and senate members. if they're asking christie to come in, the handwriting's on the wall with. lori: how effective is governor christie on getting obamacare back on track? clearly, he asked the president to apologize, and the president did. he's so critical of
1:06 pm, as so many ohs are, of course, but do you think his direct, authoritative demands over the weekend on the talk shows will help expedite this mess to improve it? >> one can only hope. i happen to believe that the 15 senators, democrats who are vulnerable, are the ones who marched into the oval office last week and told the president to do exactly what governor christie said, and that is tell the american people the truth, mr. president. let it all out there. it's not only the web site, it's the people who have lost their insurance, it's the youth who are not signing up. the math isn't working, the deliverables aren't working, and the real hard part of obamacare's coming in the delivery of services -- adam: brad, very quickly -- >> i think christie has the a lot to say. >> fiscal problems, you've got to find the money for billions in the transportation trust fund in new jersey, that could hold him back, couldn't it? >> it could, but christie, again, is a politician of tough love. he's going to tell the jersey people exactly the way it is, and he's going to do the right thing. and if he does, i think people will respect him for it.
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adam: we appreciate it. brad blakeman, thank you very much. lori: thanks, brad. all right, it's amazon to the rescue. the post office making a deal to deliver amazon's packages on sundays for the first time ever. this is a win/win situation for the struggling usps. here's elizabeth macdonald and e-mack's bottom line. >> it is a win if you listen to what the post office is saying. good to be with you guys, saying, you know what? we're very happy to be delivering on sundays for amazon. we know that they've been running a $16 billion loss, the u.s. post office, so now los angeles, new yorkers, if they are paying $79 a year to be amazon prime members, they can get deliveries on sundays. adam: how does the post office pay for this? would they lose money by having people work -- >> interestingly enough, they did not disclose the details of the deal, but package delivery for the u.s. post office, the revenues from that are going up, and they're set to be about a
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fifth of the post office revenues. they want to get a piece of that nearly $200 billion e-commerce market. and be i'll tell you something, if the u.s. post office and am von link up and then if walmart and amazon link up, what's going to happen to ups and fedex? adam: sunday deliveries. [laughter] >> there you go. hover hr. higher postage costs? things like that? >> reporter: they're not saying yet, the post office isn't saying if they're going to increase -- in other words, who is swallowing the hit in amazon's been known to take the hit just to do it on volume, to make money off volume, and if people are happy, they're saying they're going to make money off of it. and it looks like the u.s. postal service will not be charging higher for package deliveries on sundays for now. lori: free shipping is the one, main tool these e-chers sites have, especially this time of year. >> reporter: that's exactly right. i'll tell you, 90% of mail that
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comes to your mailbox is junk. adam: yes. >> reporter: interesting. adam: elizabeth macdonald, thank you. today is the world's biggest online shopping day. it's sort of a modern twist on valentine's day for china's biggest e-commerce companies. ally babb baa saw a record $5.7 billion in sales just today. in 2012 it was $be 3.1 billion in sales and $1.25 billion back in 2011. compare that to cyber monday here in the states which only saw $1.9 billion last year. lori: japan airlines says a cockpit indicator showed trouble with the battery connected to an auxiliary power unit, the airline also says the battery did not overheat or emit smoke. it was relaced and s undergoing
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further inspection. adam: transocean is agreeing to pay a $3 per share dividend and lower the number of seats on its board, icahn saying, quote: great news for transocean and activism today. transocean also announced plans for an ipo of a master limited partnership. shares are jumping on all that news. lori: path of a disaster. the destruction from the super typhoon that may be the deadliest natural disaster on record. adam: keeping yourself safe online, it is guaranteeing e-mail the nsa cannot read, something google, yahoo!, apple and microsoft cannot promise. we talk with its founder. lori: and speaking of apple, the rumor mill heating up again. what may be coming up, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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♪ i see a world rstingwith o, with ideas, with ambition. i'thinking about china, brazil, india. the world's a big place. i want to be a part of it. ishares international etfs. i want to be a part of it. emerging markets and accesingle countries.kets, find out why nine out of ten choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 100-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objective risks, charges and expense read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. adam: worried about government spyinge nsa, a new messaging service encrypts your e-mail and texts making then virtually unable to
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decode. the founder and ceo of przo, about 6,000 people signing up in the first day. what is this? for a simpleton like me, for instance, i have a gmail account. if i were to open an account, i could scened an encrypted e-mail to someone with an account, and nobody could read in between? clarify what's going on here. >> thanks for having me today. yes, absolutely, that's the case. we launched last tuesday, and we have over 6,000 users signed up, over 50,000 messages have been exchanged. and exactly, if you sign up, and you authenticate your identity and put a very secure password with, we have a mechanism that guarantees every message is encrypted independently with a different key. so not only we do that, but we also connect the messages to the
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path to the server and the server to the recipient, and there is really no racket cay way to go -- practical way to find those keys -- adam: so let me stop you there. i send the message be, it's encrypted, nobody can read it. if i send it to somebody who's not part of my business or is a friend but is on przo, how does it get decoded? do they have a key, or do i have to send them the key for that particular e-mail? >> so there are two ways to do it. yes, they have to go into perzo, and you can select the level of privacy you want. by default, the privacy is extremely high. but, you know, for people who sneak behind your back in business -- adam: you can, you can create a process to wipe it out? right? >> that message will not be read neither. adam: so, but my question is specifically do i have to share a way to unlock the e-mail with the recipient, or does perzo do
1:16 pm
that automatically, and it's only between two perzo clients this can occur? >> yes, perzo will do it automatically. adam: so if the nsa comes knocking, you would turn over gibberish to them, but nothing prevents the fsa from saying -- the nsa from saying we want the encryption key, correct? they could issue a subpoena. >> absolutely. and we designed perzo that messages can be intercepted, and there might be legitimate warrants for us to deliver day the to the -- data to the government agencies. and we designed the system so that it is on you and not on us to deliver those keys to the agencies. adam: so you raised a million dollars in your first round of fund raising. where do you stand at this point, looking to be acquired? is anybody knocking at the door? >> actually, we already got an offer which we refused, and we have several interest, but i think we are on something very unique. there's a growing need for
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privacy and confidential messaging for any legitimate discussions, and i think we're on a good roll, and we are about to raise our next round of funding, and with that we think we can bring to the market something very unique and very big. adam: all right. it's called perzo, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you very much. the pleasure was mine. lori: and let's update everyone on the markets now as we do every 15 minutes with nicole petallides live at her post on the new york stock exchange, and, nicole can, you're looking at some stocks moving on upgrades today. >> reporter: right. we're taking a look at household names, everybody's familiar with these, priceline and also at best buy. so let's take a look here first at best buy. you do have best buy up almost 4% today, positive comments from jeffrey's and ubs, putting a $52 price target, upside potential. down 4% right now, best buy, a great run s. they continue to have demand, so much so they say
1:18 pm
they're going to open on thanksgiving at 6 p.m. year to date up 270%, so your electronic retailer is doing great. priceline, new high for priceline, all-time record high hitting 1109 and change today. it's still up 2.5%, so certainly a great run for riceline as now you have janney raise their rice target to 1050 from $925. lori: william shatner must be so rich. thank you, nicolee adam: apple's joining the party on curved smartphone screens. the sketch features an iphone with a larger display that unfortunatelies downward -- curves downward. while apple is still dolling two models, samsung has debuted its publicly and even demonstrated how flexible the screens are. the talk is apple will debut
1:19 pm
products during the third quarter of next year, shares of apple trading lower in today's session. lori: honoring our nation's veterans with jobs here at home, many have come back looking to start life all over again and are doing so with the help of corporate america. adam: and how about this for a jog? the co-founder of planetary resources joins us with his out of this world idea, to mine asteroids. ♪ ♪ (vo) you are a business pro.
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problems breatng while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation where applied, increased red bld cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. where applied, increased red bld cell count, ask your doctor abouaxiron.
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>> i'm lauren green with your fox s minute. rescue workers in the philippiies are struggling to help find survivors of one of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit land. officials estimate at least 10,000 people have been killed by typhoon haiyan, and thousands are still missing. u.s. military aircraft have been helping to bring relief to areas affected by the storm. more than 90 tons of ready to eat salads and sandwiches are being recalled after 23 people or were sickened by e. coli, recalling salads and sandwich wraps containing cooked chicken and ham sold at trader joe's and
1:24 pm
delish. president obama paid tribute to america's veterans today by laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery. obama said in his veterans day proclamation that the country's obligations to those who have served our country endure long after the battle ends. now, those are your news headlines on the fox business network. now back to lori and adam. lori: many thanks. so it is, of course, veterans day. thank you for showing us the wreath. while the day's focus is on honoring their service, there's another battle that vets are facing, and that is unemployment. peter barnes is in washington with more for us. >> reporter: corporate america stepping up to help hire more veterans as we celebrate the veterans day, and many veterans need the help. the up employment rate for all veterans was 6.9% in october, about the same as the general unemployment rate, but for men and women who fought in iraq and afghanistan post-9/11, the unemployment rate is 10%.
1:25 pm
and with the war in iraq over and the war in afghanistan winding down and more cuts in military spending, the problem could get worse. >> they're relatively inexperienced. in cases their first job is with the military, and so they haven't had the benefit of going to interview school or multiple interviews, so their first time dealing with civil wan employers -- civilian employers is now 8 or 10 years after they've been to school. >> reporter: and the pentagon has estimated anywhere from 280,000 to 300,000 service members will be departing the military over the next five years, and they're all going to need jobs. so a lot of them are hitting the job market with marketable, desirable skills in leadership, teamwork and tech, but many of them as our guest said may not have worked if the private sector before, may not know how to do a resumé or find a job or how to do a job interview. as a result, they're getting
1:26 pm
help there groups like hiring our heros, eric's group. that's a campaign from the u.s. chamber of commerce foundation with a goal of hiring 500,000 veterans. it's placed about half of them so far with more than 1400 employers through jobs fairs, employment workshops and more. lori and adam. lori: a great story, peter barnes. adam: several big retailers and restaurants are honoring the nation's veterans and active duty military with free giveaways and discounts all today today if you have your military id. veterans can score from denny's to a free entree at hooters, and here are a few other spots honoring our military. olive garden, krispy kreme, golden corral and the boston red sox are saluting the nation's troops with free fen beway park tours -- fenway park tours all day today. enjoy, and thank you from everybody here at fox business for what you've done for our nation.
1:27 pm
lori: absolutely. adam: turning now to the concern in the mideast, there is no deal on iran's nuclear weapons. world powers unified on a plan, but the iranians balk. lori: and space, the financial frontier? is mining asteroids a deplete pie in -- complete pie in the sky idea? live long and prosper. i can actually do it with both hands, anyway, we are going to talk to the company, the ceo that's making hard to -- working hard to make this a reality. ericenederson is next. ♪ -- anderson is next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] wh if a small compy
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adam: we've got you covered on market action today. keith bliss of catone and company is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. phil flynn from price futures group is in the pits of the cme. phil, we want to start with you, and dow is up more than 17%. where do we go from here? there is article in the journal that retail investors get into stocks that it is time to get out? >> that article in the journal terrified me from the standpoint where the market go on here. rrtail investors jump in with both feet at exact wrong time. they put their money in. all of sudden we get a 10 or 15% correction. i thought it was an interesting article. i actually know the author of the article and e-mailed her today and maybe the title of the article should have been the top is well and truly here so, who
1:32 pm
knows where we're going to go from here. we're certainly meeting some serious resistance points when we get to all-time highs. you can't really tell anything with the bond market and bankers on vacation today. i would wait to see what earnings from big retailers like walmart and coles do from end of the week until we get assessments from here. adam: we'll take your advice, keith. turning to commodities no deal on iran's nuclear program driving oil prices higher. phil flynn, what is the reaction to all this? will they ever get a deal? >> i think there is some hope maybe down the road they could. if you look at action, rumors came on friday that talks were not going well we rallied on brent crude. the spread between the brent and wti exploded. brent crude was up very high. even the wti was joining in the party but word that iran signed a deal with the u.n. international inspectors to allow them to come in at least look what they have got going, seems to suggest that there's still some more politics behind
1:33 pm
the scene that they still could get some kind of a deal. right now believe it or not we're pulling back those highs we saw early in the day. brent crude pulled back 50 cents from the high. there is another story coming out of libya right now that protesters it from libya stopped gas shipments to italy. there is violence and other things putting brent crude and european natural gas at risk right now. that is another reason why the brent crude continues to stay stubbornly strong right now. adam: phil flynn at the cme. thank you. >> thank you, adam. lori: sounds like a crazy science fiction movie. sending robots into space to captureing ater 'roids. our next guest is working hard to make it happen. set cofounder and chairman of planetary resources to mine
1:34 pm
asteroids. welcome to you. >> thank you, lori. lori: you are famous you pioneered the space tourism industry as well. tell us more where you got the interest and exploration and space development. >> thank you for the opportunity. space in a simple statement everything but earth and for humanity to continue to grow and reach prosperity for future generations we are absolutely going to have to learn to explore, develop and live in space. we all want to see that future. the question is, whether it happens in 100 years or 200 years or whether it happens in the next 20 years. and so it turns out after having built space adventures for a dozen years and launched, you know, several people in space to the space station my business partner and i studied history and it turned out that resources are what drive exploration. lori: what kind of resources are on asteroids? >> so the good thing about
1:35 pm
asteroids they are actually chockful of resources. they have volatiles, things like fuel, water, methane. otherwise known as natural gas if you can believe that they have very valuable metals, platinum group metals that sell for $1500 an ounce and they have industrial metals like nickel, cobalt and iron. so they're really an amazing find. almost like a gift from nature to have these near-earth asteroids so built up with resources. >> describe for me how you will go from detecting the resources on these asteroids to then bringing them back to earth. >> so, okay, great question. what we're first doing, the first thing of all is to actually use the fuel on these near-earth asteroids to build a network of propellant and fuel stations throughout the earth-moon system which will drastically bring down the cost of transiting in space. can be used for things like satellite refueling and space station operations and human
1:36 pm
spaceflight to and from the moon. but we're going to bring down the cost of getting anywhere from lower earth orbit. then once we have these fueling stations ww'll be easily able to bring stuff to wherever we want it. back to the earth, to a moon base, to mars. i know it sound like science fiction, lori, but it is absolutely, really going to happen. our investors include people like larry page and eric schmidt and richard branson and, i mean, it's an amazing privilege to be working on this frankly. >> i can imagine. those are some top-notch names you just mentioned to us. what kind of invests, what kind of commitments are they giving you? millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars? what is it taking to literally get this program launched. >> we're basically at the stage where we have all the capital we need for the next four years. we're a team of 50 people. we're launching our first spacecraft in about nine months.
1:37 pm
lori: are these manned spacecraft? will astronauts ultimately go on these asteroids or all be done robotically? >> this will all be done row about the i cannily. not that we couldn't send people later. lori, are you a "star wars" fan? lori: "star wars," "star trek", 100%. >> you remember "the empire strikes back" the imperial droids. >> are the one that is captured hans solo and froze him. >> no, they found him on the ice planet. >> in the beginning of the movie, right okay. >> think, we're sending out imperial probe droids to the inner solar system, dozen of them. lori: gotcha. >> we're finding the best asteroids right now. lori: can any of this technology prevent a near-earth hit from one of these asteroids because there is lot of talk about that too, right? >> absolutely, absolutely. given what happened in russia in february it's scary. lori: yeah. >> we live, it is a classic case
1:38 pm
of opportunity on one side and threat on the other. to turn those threats into incredible opportunities. one asteroid, one small, 100-meter diameter asteroid has like $500 billion worth of resources on it. lori: wow. >> it is mind-blowing. >> talk about impact to the global economy down here on earth like small potatoes to what you're describeing. >> tell you one other thing real quick. lori: okay. >> the places where we mine platinum on earth came from asteroid impacts. platinum doesn't occur naturally on earth. we've been mining asteroids for a long time. people don't realize how valuable they really are. lori: you certainly spread the word, eric. pleasure to talk to you, eric anderson. adam: speaking of space -- lori: who is going like this. adam: you're a trekie. you're a sci-fi fan.
1:39 pm
speaking of space, russia making ehim big history -- olympic history with a no expense spared triumph. lori: senior correspondent charlie gasparino. circle of power around new york city's incoming mayor bill deblasio. ♪ my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pa that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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>> i'm cheryl casone with your fox business brief. the liquidators of two failed bear stearns hedge funds are suing the three major ratings agencies for alleged fraud. the lawsuit seeks one billion dollars in damages and accuses standard & poor's moody's investment service and fitch ratings assigning inflated ratings for securities held in the fund. fitch downgraded chicago's credit rating by three steps. cited chicago's more than $8 billion of debt and warned about the city's growing unfunded pension liability. office depot $1.2 billion acquisition officemax is complete. taxes could decide where the headquarters will be. if illinois comes through office depot may move from boca raton, florida, to the former officemax location in napierville, illinois. latest from the fox business, giving you the power to prosper. dow is up 17.
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1:43 pm
lori: bill deblasio may have given aid and comfort to the sandinista rebels but no stranger on wall street to thanks to baking insider. charlie gasparino has fascinating piece in "the new york times," talking about his inner circle. not a lot of conservatives in the group. >> a lot of acorn and community activists. one name stood out and i knew this from behind the scenes but when you looked at it really stood out. it was michael sline. i don't remember the name of it, microfinancing firm but what is interesting he is bill deblasio's access liaison to wall street which seems at odds what bill deblasio was his campaign two new yorks. rich again, getting away with murder. guess what, they need to pay more. but he is reaching out to wall street and from what we understand he is doing it through michael sclein. it was mentioned who he was in the chart but to get a real
1:44 pm
flavor we'll give it to you. michael was one of the top executives at citigroup for many years, something like 2005 essentially to 2008 when the thing blew up. he worked for chuck prince. he worked for sandy weill. he also was, this is sort of ironic and shows you where the media double-standard and bias is when it comes to bill deblasio and covering liberals, when citigroup, needed the feds for all the sleeze that occurred, jack rudman inflating on stocks and kickbacks on deals and enron, worldcom, all this stuff citigroup was mmred in, michael schlein was the mouthpiece. it would be tant at that mouth being the mouthpiece for the nixon administration for watergate. this was corporate parallel. i'm not saying there is anything illegal but there is no doubt what practices michael schlein were wrong and bad for small investors and bad for average
1:45 pm
guys, the same average guys bill deblasio purports to support. that is where we are. his wall street advisor a flak, rose higher than a flak. from what i understand before he left head of government relations at city group. he was a major player at citigroup. citigroup was populated by a lot of democrats. michael is long-time new york democrat. i think he has family ties to the democratic party. bob ruben worked at citigroup for a long time. jack lew worked there for a while and larry summers. citigroup is most left-leaning wall street firms. lori: spoon feed us. so what does this mean for average investors. >> i think it is this. if you're looking to make money off of this story, don't, it has nothing to do with average investors. what i think we need to do in the media point out conflicts of interest. lori: okay, bingo. >> bill deblasio claims to be this man who is going to stick up for the little guy. we should point out his wife wrote speeches for chuck prince.
1:46 pm
the guy, that led citigroup down the hole of near bankruptcy before the, before it was bailed out. one of the ways she got to be, one of the ways she got in at citigroup was mr. schlein. he worked in the dinkins administration in early 1990s. that is where i first met him. he was number two in the new york city department of finance and then he went to citigroup from there to be, i think he worked as a municipal bond banker. he kind of worked through the ranks. he was very close with jamie dimon. jamie dimon was fired by sandy weill. he kept him on because he thought he was a savvy political operator which of he is and was. if you say anything about michael schlin, when citigroup was mired in a lost sleeze, this was precursor to blowing up, there was almost a scandal that citigroup was not involved in. michael was there defending them
1:47 pm
every step. way. this is bill deblasio's liaison to wall street. we put calls to him and he hasn't called me back and calls to citigroup and deblasio's office. no calls. lori: fair and balanced. >> no return calls. adam: going back to the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is there and you're taking a look at some tech movers, is that right? >> that's right. do you tweet or are on facebook? we'll check out how the stocks are faring. twitter off the high last week, ipo day when it moved above 50 bucks. now at 40.78. it was off the lows, at $39 and change. that is great news. twitter has about one-fifth of what we see from facebook as far as users and the like but let's see how facebook is faring now. facebook has been a great performer this year, up 75% this year, though today down 1.6%. one of the directors sold off some shares but holds 4.2 million shares.
1:48 pm
this is someone who invests a lot in tech. both of these we're watching very closely. as i noted twitter, if you were in the ipo at 26, you're doing great today. if you bought it at 49, you're bummed to see it at $41. adam: there is one person or people that bought it at $50.09. nicole petallides, thank you very much. lori: be patient everybody, don't forget the facebook story, right? adam: the facebook went really down before it went up. so we don't forget. lori: all right. one small step for man. one giant leap for olympic history. the olympic torch is safely back on earth after two russians carried the torch on a spacewalk over the weekend. 2014 the is third torch to orbit earth but first one taken to open space. now it was not able to emit flames because there is no air in space of course, but a three-man crew took the olympic
1:49 pm
symbol up to the space station last thursday, that cost 15 nations about $100 billion. the torch as been to the north pole and nuclear powered ice breaker. it is expected to visit the bottom of the world's deepest freshwater lake too. spare no expense. adam: does it get frequent flyer miles? lori: it should. adam: wallets across the country are geting a lift. gas prices falling to the lowest in nearly two years, just in time for the holidays. lori: from snowblowers to power washer. we'll go behind the scenes at briggs & stratton. the company puts the horsepower in your home goods. ♪ welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my ife easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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lori: all right. more good news for drivers. the national average price for
1:53 pm
regular gas falling overnight to $3.18 a gallon. that is the lowest level in about two years. last month it is down 16 cents problem. a year ago it is down a full quarter. missouri has the lowest average price of $2.82 a gallon. one of six states with prices below $3. no surprise, hawaii, the highest gas prices topping $4 a gallon. adam: winter is coming, maker of small engines for generators and blowers are hoping for lots of know to make up for the lack of hurricanes this fall. jeff flock was standing by live for us. we have lost the connection. lori: check the markets, why not. see if we recheck with jeff. stocks are slightly higher. the dow is up 14 points. interest rates will -- adam: interest rates are -- lori: interest rates holding off pushing yields higher. last check at 2.57 yield on the
1:54 pm
10-year. >> we've got jeff flock at briggs & stratton. hey, jeff. >> it could be because it is snowing in wisconsin, maybe, i don't know. we're ready forfeit it is. you're looking at the world's largest manufacturer of small engines, briggs & stratton is the company. that's a standby, generator right, todd. >> yes its i. >> live and exclusive on the fox business network. these standby generators, we're visiting your friends at generac. these standby generators are huge. >> they have been especially after the hurricane a year ago. there is numerous power outages, people need things like this. >> i want to look at your stock versus competitors. we talked about generac, based on the hurricane because they're focused on generators. look at other companies like toro and husqvarna, if you're focused on lawnmowers, it is a big hero.
1:55 pm
you're very diversified. >> we're very diversified, one of the things we want to do is get more geographic diversification and maintain product diversification. >> you don't want to get caught for waiting a hurricane to come or for example, a snowstorm to come as i look at couple latest, newest models of snow throwers. >> if you have a lotlot of volatility if you're so focused depending on what the market does. by having multiple product categories the chances you get slammed all at once with every category is unlike lie. >> look at that like the husqvarna, they make great chainsaws. they make a few other things but make so many different things, no volatility in your stock price? >> well husqvarna is a great customer of ours. we sell them lots and lots of engines. one of the things that have been driving both our companies is the fact that the u.s. lawn and garden market has been down. we saw recovery this last year and we think with housing it will continue. >> 44 new lawn and garden
1:56 pm
products coming out this spring at folks at briggs & stratton. might be a stocks you want to look at. in a snowy wisconsin. i return it to you. adam: two things i don't miss after leaving cleveland, jeff flock, cutting grass and shoveling snow. i don't have a snow i'm sure i had one of those engines. >> new york, one great reason. adam: thank you, jeff. lori: thank you, jeff. keeping your 401(k) safe with markets near all-time highs individual investors are piling back in stocks with mom-and-pop getting back in is that a signal for you to get out? tweet us, a debate and your responses coming up in moments. tracy byrnes and ashley webster take you through the next hour here of can not miss, "markets now." thrusters at 30%! i can't get her warp.
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2:00 pm
markets all-time high. individual investors piling back into stocks. with mom-and-pop getting back in, is it time for to you get out? hmmm. tweet us. debates and responses coming up in just moments. >> hashtag, how low will it go? twitter trading earlier below $40 a share. ahead we have a branding expert who says the successful debut of the social network stock on nyse is a really big blow to the nasdaq. ashley: in tech minute, curves are in but were they really out? working on the next generation iphone. we'll fill you in on all the details. tracy: on a serious note. is a national disgrace, 750,000 veterans looking for jobs still. we have a former vet who has solid tips on how to employment if you're one of them. all that and more on this veterans day edition of "markets now." ashley: time for stocks. let's go down to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange, with
2:01 pm
the dow inching ever so slightly higher, nicole. >> with these moves we could be posting record closes again of the we may not break through the intraday record highs. three up arrows, the dow, nasdaq and s&p all posting gains. however, these gains are minimal. less than .1 of 1%. the dow is up 11 points at 15,772. much like the s&p up half of one point at 1771. we're watching major market averages with upside. we see gold pulling back. we're watching news happening. momentum to the upside. janet yellen confirmation hearing in the week. looking to transocean, get to my stocks. rig, ubs raised price target, up to 59 bucks up from 53 bucks. that is a gain of 3.7%. they reached an agreement with carl icahn there, giving it a boost right now. back to you. tracy: thanks, nicole. total returns for the s&p up over 26% this year the equity
2:02 pm
market clearly has its groove back. one of the reasons for the market's gains, huge flows from equities, from retail investors, maybe not so huge. wall street's term for mom-and-pop of course is the retail investor. so in the past extreme bullishness from retail has been a signal of market tops, leading us to our twitter question of the day. so with everyone piling back into stocks is it time for you to get the heck out? are you selling? tweet us your responses. we'll show them at the bottom of the screen. here to debate the issue, blackrock chief investment strategist, russ koesterich and our own list mcdonald. russ, send it out to you first. a lot of retail people have missed the run and looking at it and saying i got to get in but is it really that many people we're talking about here? >> well, we are seeing flows back into equities and a big departure what we saw back in 2009, 10, 11, 2012. i think it is important to put
2:03 pm
this phenomenon into perspective. between 2008 and 2012 retail investors did one thing. really two. they bought bond funds, $1.5 trillion worth and they sold stocks. we've seen very strong flows back into equity this is year it is important to put that into context the fact that four or five years investors were selling stocks and buying bonds. we're only starting to reverse that trend. ashley: liz, let me bring you in on the point russ makes. there is still awful lot of cashing on the sidelines. we're seeing a lot more retail investors get involved but i don't think it is to the point where you say for others time to get out. what do you think? >> they piled into bond funds, russ is right. what they put back in is 1/6 of what they pulled out since 2009 and 2008. i think the important question is where we've headed and what weave seen and what we can expect, excuse me if the federal reserve pulls out. what we're seeing is, we know what the markets will do.
2:04 pm
we've seen it in the past. in 2000, march of 2010 and june 2011 when the fed said you know what? we'll end helping of market. call it that. i hate quantitative easing. that is the expectation right there. if the fed stops what it is doing you could see the market dip, 5, 10, 15%. it will only do that by, what it is saying is it could still buy bonds. what it is saying is that the jobless rate does improve, the jobless rate does drop, it will basically start raising the fed funds rate t could continue to raise the fed funds rate in slower increments by quarter basis points which it did in 2004. in that instance it could still buy bonds. that is what the market is liking right now. you're hearing more buy on thedy, right? bullish calls. we're seeing big news last week was, the vanguard total market, equity fund replaced the pimco big bond fund over there that bill gross managers. tracy: russ, savers have gotten burned over last couple years.
2:05 pm
there was in hindsight, no incentive to save at all. liz points out we get a little bit of increase in rates. should i keep my money? still five or sitting on the sideline? >> i agree they are. i agree with liz. we'll have bumps along the road. volatility is too low. earnings estimates for 2014 are a bit high. we have to deal with the eventual start of tapering. these are all issues in the next three, six, nine, 10 months. if you look out 10 years i have to look at alternatives. cash is yielding zero and likely to yield zero for next couple years. you will have bonds in your portfolio but arguably a bit less. not as if equity cost go to the moon, but looking at the relative opportunity set where could i put my money? stocks particularly outside of the united states are reasonable enough over the next five years,
2:06 pm
i believe i will do better in stocks or bonds, or cash. ashley: liz, let me ask you on valuations because that is the big issue. warren buffett is saying this is a market now fairly valued. others will say no, there's still lots of opportunities. >> yeah, still lots of opportunities. and what he was, buffett red flag that market signal we talked about last week. ashley: yeah. >> that is the broad-based wilshire 5,000, value of thattis more than the vailing you of the entire u.s. economy. the companies, basically earning and not say hey our valuations not worth more than the u.s. economy. we're seeing slightly higher valuations on a forward basis. 17 times earnings. history is about 13, 14 times earnings. slightly higher for the s&p 500. earnings recessions is what we need to talk about. earnings and interest rates. the fed is determined to keep rates low and earnings recessions don't announce themselves on a thursday, like all of sudden the dollar will plunge on a thursday.
2:07 pm
you tend to see them coming. with the vast exposure to overseas markets you have to say, and russ is right, really microscopic savings rates of 0.5% at banks that is why you see also that floor provided by equity investors coming in. tracy: you have to wonder to russ's point maybe the expectations of 2014 are a little too high. >> a little bit. 1900 is what credit suisse is saying by end of next year, wow. tracy: you guys are awesome. russ koesterich, liz macdonald. we'll have to do it again. >> thank you. ashley: the week is finally here. the obama administration will release the numbers how many americans registered for health care through the obamacare exchanges. hmmm. rich edson live from washington, d.c. with more on the ongoing saga. rich. >> this is the week. we just don't know which day it is going to be. we've been asking for enrollment numbers. people in congress are asking for enrollment numbers. how many people successfully
2:08 pm
used and through the entire process and got health insurance. those numbers are expected to be very low. outages this weekend. outages overnight so they could work on this the last status report from the administration as they're clearing problems off the list they find more problems. they say they will get this worked out for the vast majority of users by the end of this month. there are more congressional hearings on this, testimony coming on wednesday. the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee, darrell issa he wants the chief technology officer for the administration to come testify, todd park. todd park says he is little too busy fixing the website. darrell issa is not happy about that, writes in response. they deserve your sworn testimony the american people before their elected representatives, what went wrong. simply media outlets that white house officials deemed an appropriate use of your time away from working on the website project. as we talk about and problems persist and people are having trouble signing on to the
2:09 pm
website, having trouble getting insurance, poll numbers continue to dip for the administration. president overall right now according to pew 41% approve the president's job performance. 53% disapprove. break that down to health care, 59% disapprove of the president's handling on health care issues. approve, only 37%. so certainly taking a hit in the polls from the problem that continue to playing sometime this week according to the administration we'll get those numbers. back to you. ashley: we shall see as they say, rich edson, thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> goose prices below $3 in some parts of the country. -@i saw 3.303 by me in new jersy the other day. oh, yeah. sandra smith in the pits of cme. she will tell us whether iran is about to ruin the party. ashley: can amazon save the u.s. postal service? we'll tell you about a plan for sunday package delivery. tracy: orange juice prices are well, set to go higher.
2:10 pm
believe it or not my favorite little breakfast place stopped selling fresh squeezed orange juice because they said it was too expensive. ashley: outrage. as we do every time at -- day at this time, see how metals are trading. silver slightly higher. copper essentially unchanged. that is all very well-scripted there. one up, one down, one just the same. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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ashley: oil prices on the rise as u.s.-led talks to curb iran's nuclear program have stalled. sandra smith with today's trade. does this mean the gas prices are about to go higher? >> definitely a possibility, considering how far gas prices have come down over the past weeks and months for that matter, but what happened over the weaken, really moving oil markets, both wti contract here for the united states, it is up about 16 cents in today's session. actually up 22 cents right now, nearing the $95 mark. european bren much mark, up more than a full percent. all of this as talks in geneva
2:14 pm
over the weekend with six world powers and iran basically falling flat, no deal at all. the six world powers, u.s., u.k., china and france, really looking to iran to curb their nuclear program. they were willing to roll back on some sanctions but the talks related in no deal at all. so all those fears of iranian oil being thrown on this to market leading to lower prices went away. that is why we're getting pop in prices. gas prices fall again overnight. gas buddy reported that the lowest price in the country, 2.82, seen in missouri at the gas pumps, the u.s. national average, $3.20, getting closer to the aaa forecast of 3.10 by the end of the year. high is in hawaii, over $4 a gallon. nonetheless, five u.s. states seeing the state average drop below $3 a gallon. that includes nebraska, oklahoma, texas, couple others and many more states expected to see their state average at the
2:15 pm
pumps drop below that $3 mark. something we can appreciate as we head out to do a little holiday shopping over the thanksgiving weekend. prices still expected to be at the lower levels going through the holiday. >> we'll take it. sandra smith, thank you very much. a lot of people traveling for the holidays. go online and click and let someone else drive. tracy: that's what i do. i will take the $3 gas. quarter past the hour. time to check on the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the. >> change. you have a little m&a going on, huh. >> i do. both stocks are hitting new highs. wire row pharma, bphm -- viropharma. you have shire, also hire at the moment off the earlier high. a new hire there. shire agreed to buy viropharma. the deal valued at ruffle $4.2 billion this is care and medicine for treatment of rare
2:16 pm
-@diseases. the purchase price, $50 a share. it is a 27% premium. so right now it see the stock is trading nearly 26% move to the upside. shire is an irish-based company. so we'll continue to follow this. when you look at this one, this is obviously a big deal here in medical treatments for rare diseases. both stocks hitting new highs. back to you. tracy: thanks, nicole. we'll see you in 15 minutes. so happy singles day? i think it is actually cool but apparently a holiday in china. this is a good thing. jo ling kent is ahead on why retail remembers celebrating there i guess because of it. ashley: on this veterans day we will tell you why many women who served are celebrating in our country. we'll look how the u.s. dollar is moving right now on this monday. as you can see a bit of a mixed bag. the euro and canadian dollar leading slightly higher than the dollar. other currencies against the
2:17 pm
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2:20 pm
>> at 20 minutes past the hour i'm lauren green with your fox news minute. rescue workers in the philippines are struggling to find survivors of one of the most powerful typhoons ever to hit land.
2:21 pm
officials estimated 10,000 people may have been killed by typhoon haiyan. 1700 have been confirmed dead. u.s. military aircraft are helping bring relief to the areas affected by the storm. secretary of state john kerry is speaking in abu dhabi saying the u.s. and allies agreed on the framework on iran's nuclear program but the iranians were unable to accept. however, iran did agree to a allow expanded u.n. mon forking at the -- monitoring at nuclear site. talks will resume, november 20th. first time ever a statue after female soldiers stands at fort lee, virginia. only female statue on a u.s. army base. the fiberglass recognizes women from the army's active duty ranks, army national guard and army reserve. those are the news headlines on the fox business network. now back too tracy. tracy: lauren green. ashley: thank you very much. >> sure. tracy: today marks single's day
2:22 pm
in china, a celebration of single life, cool, that evolved into the biggest day of online shopping in the world with all by baba that controls 80% of the on line commerce market there. jojo ling kent looks at the sals day as it prepares for ipo. >> they figured out how to dominate e-commerce by branding november 11th as their version of black friday every single year. products from estimated 20,000 merchants were slashed dramatically. as a result, alibaba shattered its own sales record and doing it year on year. they sold $.57 billion worth of good. last year it only sold 3.1 billion. 2011 was 1.25 billion. compare that with cyber monday sales here in the u.s. last year only $2 billion. not even $2 billion.
2:23 pm
if you wonder what they buy, just about everything, clothes from the gap, shoes from steve madden, food, furniture, auto home. a website that sells cars. great deals on bmws that are more expensive because of the luxury tax in china. one hot chinese company to watch benefited big-time n the first three minutes of sales, a smartphone maker sold 110,000 new phones and 110,000 phones which came out to $11.5 million in sales. according to "the wall street journal" alibaba chairman didn't comment on where he plans to take al by baba public, this would be the biggest internet ipo since facebook's 16 billion-dollar debut last year, tracy. tracy: wow. as it moves towards the ipo, a lot of people call this amazon of china. is that accurate? >> not exactly. alley ball ba t-mall where they
2:24 pm
sell goods like nike and unlike a lost e-commerce in the u.s., alibaba does not collect commission from the sellers. there is no fee to list on. they are encouraged to buy up advertising, this is interesting, to up their rankings and get more exposure on line and unlikely to get any attention unless you buy the ads and look at the numbers. it is working. they're huge. they sold $160 billion worth of stuff. that is according to alibaba. compare that to amazon, 86 billion, and ebay, 67.8 billion. tracy: very cool. we have to ask you, you might not know the answer to this is it single's day, this is ashley's brilliant thought, 11/11/11. ashley: there you go. not really. >> that is why alibaba picked it for this shopping festival. you can't forget it, right? tracy: jo, i love it. >> twitter shares are lower, but our next guest says the nyse should be celebrating anyway. tracy: in our tech minute why curves are in at apple.
2:25 pm
even as you are getting your new iphone 5s i'm told the apple geniuses are about to make it obsolete. ashley: funny how that happens, isn't isn't. amazon coming to the rescue of the cash-strapped postal service. we'll tell you why the postman might ring your bell on sundays. tracy: winners on the s&p 500 as we head out to break. look at jcpenney, up over 4%. best buy up two. dow is up 12 points. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪
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2:28 pm
♪ ashley: 90 minutes until the close. let's take a look at the dow 30. well, 20 of the 30 members are
2:29 pm
in the red right now. big blue leading the gain. on the downside we have american express, coca-cola, verizon moving slowly lower. let's go down to nicole petallides on the new york stock exchange. taking a gamble on the stock, i guess you could say. >> reporter: well, they are. some people have long term prospects for twitter. others may be nervous at the moment because it really has a wide range since that idea last week. let's take a look at what it is doing right now. look at that the bluebird. $42.22. now twitter has had such a range, $39 range today. on the day of the ipo it was so let's say you were a retail investor trying to get in. you could not give in at $26. what if you tried to get at the open. you probably could not. maybe you got it at 48 of 49 or 50. you are stuck right now, but there are long-term prospects that look good, while others may have been in at $26 the feeling
2:30 pm
pretty happy. founded back in 2006. we have acted to have actors, actresses, celebrities. you will see what happens. tracy: we sure will. thank you very much. okay. but there is not the only big win for the new york stock exchange. the big board lead tech ipo listings for the first time ever including twitter, 19 tech companies have chosen to go public on the nyse, nasdaq only has 14. so how have they managed to woo these companies? the big question is can the nasdaq recover? joining us now, branding expert bob dylan snyder founder and principal of the dylan snyder group. and the nasdaq recover? >> of course. the tech companies of the nasdaq a lot because the nasdaq really give them an opportunity when the tech companies were for starting out. and all the big tech companies merged in came together with the nasdaq which was really what
2:31 pm
made the nasdaq work. with the new york stock exchange saw because there's so much money involved enlisting in the trading in all the rest of it, they saw a huge potential going the other way. they saw industrial companies going down, tech companies coming in. they put a serious effort in the way to build up their franchise in tech companies which is what they have done. tracy: you scare me once, it is so hard to bring me back. and so part of it has been the lack of humans at the nasdaq. so how does the nasdaq really turn this around? >> they have to put together, and effect to my selling machine. they have ever had to do this. call those people that have been there for them when they first listed. they should call on people like bill gates. bill gates was the first nasdaq company. find a way that people like that can express themselves and talk about the benefits of an aztec. that is with they should really do. they should also offer significant and keep cash discounts those companies that
2:32 pm
going to lose there. tracy: is a were just talking about how it is costly to list on an exchange. costa a lot of money. so if i'm coming to market, and paying the exchange. >> that is exactly right. you're paying in exchange. the change makes a lot of money. the exchange wants you, they have to say, will give you some kind of accommodation. tracy: gully the easiest way to do it now is undercut the nyse. >> that is one way, will right now the number of tech companies that are coming public is pretty dramatic. the number of tt companies going public, you need to find a way to make the offer and work. so offering those companies' promotional opportunities and advantages is also a huge opporunity. tracy: is used to be pre prestigious. >> they have to get back. think they know that. if i was on the board i would be hammering home the subject. foul was on the nyse board would be hammering. because there's a lot of money
2:33 pm
involved. ashley: -- tracy: sister of the power? >> first of all, they have great topline revenues, no bottom-line profit. they say two dozen f-15 is the first time we will see a profit. the real question i have is to live last. virtually everything, everything in the tax base is being eclipsed within that 12 to 15 month timeframe. so will twitter last? if it doesn't, all people that are making investments right now will be very sad and very sorry. so let's see. can we limit ourselves to one another and 40 characters? maybe it should be 200. i know. tracy: he made the point, the pope is using is. i actually follow the pope. there are a fair amount of people around the world looking at this now. >> a lot of support for you and everyone else around the world. having said that, i think that the tech industry is going to
2:34 pm
try to a invent something that takes over twitter, goes beyond twitter. it would not surprise me if that happened. that has happened to facebook, lot of different take adventures >> ensure has, and the kids are not using twitter. i am going with that. thank you so much. ashley: time now for your tech minute. disasters. apple reported developing a bigger screen for its iphone with curved glass and palm sensors that can detect different levels of pressure. it screens ranging from 47 to five and a half inches. the biggest and most direct competitor with samsung galaxy phones. two new models are planned for release in the second month of next year. the suit for you. big banks like j.p. morgan and credit suisse are considering disabling computerized rooms
2:35 pm
that link their traders. chat rooms are a key way that traders communicate with one another as well as their clients, but the move comes as market manipulation and interest rates are reading investigations , shining a light on these types of communications. the great scandal has already cost banks three and half billion dollars in settlements thanks to those jeff communications. and redefining the stigma. hardwarertup company changing the look of every day wheelchairs' by making them sleek and modern. the chairs have front arm controls that let users steer by leaning forward. engineers from sunny, terrier, outfitted the chairs with four-wheel-drive. of the company strives to improve the lives of disabled people, it boasts that products can be seen as energy-efficient car replacements that can be aware of the vehicles can not. now available for pre orders and will be exhibited, by the way,
2:36 pm
and des in january. it. tracy: how very cool. eighteen days into a black friday. and before you shop, you cannot afford to miss the tips on what to buy and what to avoid at the mall. usually the pretzel stand. she is next. ashley: and national disgrace, 750,000 veterans are looking for jobs. a former veteran coming up who has some solid tips on how to find employment if you are one of them. don't go away. ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
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management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. ♪ >> reporter: hmm i'm laura rothman with your fox business brief. side than $8 billion package of tax incentives for boeing intended to keep tens of thousands of jobs developing the new 77x jet in the seattle area. they will vote on the eight year contract offer on wednesday. meantime, japan airlines says boeing 877 dream liner had a possible glitch in the battery system similar to previous problems. the battery did not emit smoke and was replaced and is being inspected. russia forbidding journalists covering the 2014 winter olympics from using mobile devices and tablets.
2:39 pm
they say a journalist using mobile phones to fellow athletes source dictators will forfeit their accreditation. as the latest from the fox business network, giving it a power prosper.
2:40 pm
♪ tracy: we want to take a moment to think veterans for their comments to our country. we should not forget that 750,000 troops have come home from battle and are unable to find a job. lisa, a veteran and a founding ceo of the value of a veteran, an organization dedicated to helping companies improve their veteran recruitment. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. on a very special subjects. i guess my first question is, why is it so hard for these highly trained veterans to find a job. >> a lot of it comes down to not being able to explain in terms of civilians understand what it
2:41 pm
is that they know how to do. in the military we don't use as a maze, apply for jobs. the military hired as based upon our attitude and aptitude to learn a trade. teaches us our trade. we do that and follow a specific career path. you could spend four or 14 or 24 years in the military never having to apply for that job. when it comes time to leave this service it's like a half to put the rest may together, for the first time when it is that i have been doing for the last 20 years. that is a real challenge for the service members of. ashley: but whose fault is that? the veterans are should companies be more aware of how to understand military credentials in civilian life? >> i find that the companies really want to do better at military recruiting they have to invest in some of the training and teaching their recruiters and hiring managers have to understand the military a little bit better. fairness in the culture commission understand the transition process, if you understand the skills that are available to the military and
2:42 pm
basically have sat helpless adapt once we have left the military and you are our for civilian employer, if companies make that investment and time and training and process improvement within their companies they do so much better recruiting and retaining not -- turning military veterans. ashley: use a new high school diploma, but that can severely impact the ability of the turn to find a job. military training as a whole different ball game. how does that relate to getting a bachelor's degree and what can the veteran bring to the job? >> there are a lot of employers, especially in the last for five years of the economy being downturn, we can pick and choose. you want to set a higher barco have a professional work force. we are looking for basic, entry-level positions even to have a master's degree. i tell them that this is actually aren't hurt them in their village to recruit enlisted members from the military because not all of them have completed the basses' degree at.
2:43 pm
when you ask the company what is it that the buses agree tells your was someone they say, well, it tells us that someone could start and finish something, that someone has a good time management skills, good communication and presentation skills. tells them that their work under pressure and deadlines, they can work in teams and communicate with seniors above them. a night flight to them, let me show you how basic changes that. admission you have four years of military service shows you that exact same skills that. ashley: i would put money in the military person then someone with a master's degree. of course. where can employers go want to hire a military members, is there one place that they can go? >> i wish i could tell you that there's a silver bullet solution where once he decided you're ready to hire military uses good to this one jobs or this one job borrow this one job fair, and it is not like that. if you understand the military understand was those are looking for because then that will inform where you should be
2:44 pm
looking for the talent. major at the skills are looking for reside within the enlisted ranks. maybe within the officer ranks. are, there are different places you would look for that kind of talent. it is very hard to just give one simple answer and have that work for everyone. tracy: we thank you for your work. we appreciated. >> thank you for having me on. tracy: a match made in mail delivery heaven. amazon teaming up with the postal service to deliver packages on sundays. beginning next week amazon customers in los angeles and new york will have first crack at the service. it will expand next year to dallas, houston, normans. saturday evenings and early sunday mornings animal bring packages from its warehouses to postal service locations where the atom drolen be delivered. shares of amazon up 34% in the last year. i cannot help but think of men in black and the postal service
2:45 pm
people. they must come out on sunday. so i don't know. i would feel afraid. ashley: interesting analogy. that is true. anything that can be done to help the u.s. postal service. tracy: i am all about power is deliveries on sundays. it. ashley: no doubt about that. tracy: and the making your holiday guests on some of the big question is what to buy. just a little over two weeks away. that is crazy. what is a good deal and what is not? here with their shopping guide. >> of retailers would have you left to believe that everything is on sale and is a greater opportunity in you should buy absolutely everything. tracy: you mean out by friday. >> that's what i said. tracy: but not. >> absolutely right. please don't say thanksgiving day instead. >> no, no, no. there for christmas for most things. if you have patience, that is really the way to go. ashley: payoff in the end. grace that is just all the leg. thank you very much.
2:46 pm
thattis just what the men do. i do it. tracy: let's not call out the sexes share. i am all about it. >> you don't want to call out the sexes? >> i can't because i am right there with them. ashley: what should you buy? >> let's start with our don't list. don't buy toys on black friday because that is not the cheapest date. you might get some kind of discount, but if you wait you will give more. high-end tvs, the brand-name televisions, do not buy them on by chronic. on line items, no, cyber monday, that is, is better. winter apparel is not on sale yet france, so don't do it on black friday. the big heavy coat, the code for the kids, don't do it. tracy: the problem. mothers or parents did nervous that they're going to run out of the one hot toy and then you go buy it. ashley: driven by fear. >> insecurity. yet to have some kind of
2:47 pm
confidence. in this year there is no one hot toy. there has not been for a long time. >> said stich on the elmo. this is important. apple one day of the year that they might discount, black friday is it. but not always. so if you like it the website or you go in the store and see that they are not discounting could go one of the retailers and see if they're giving special deals for people who buy multiple apple products. kaj and cookware, this is the kind of thing i love to buy, said chris revealed. and it never goes on sale except black friday. household appliances is another good category. clothing is just not the heavy-duty winters of to be not so yet. we will talk more about this tonight. tracy: of course you are. tracy: don't miss tonight at six and 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network. it's tough. ashley: love it.
2:48 pm
still a classic..3 tracy: there is nothing better. ashley: we have been yakking on. time for a look at the stocks as we do every 15 minutes. that said that to the new york stock exchange. just kind of easing into the week. the fears and the market. we will be the next big mover? >> well, it will likely be some of the economic data that will come out next week and also earnings later this week. there's really nothing in the economic calendar that will push us around. we are trading at a pretty strong resistance point will restate the all-time highs, but look for earnings out of kohl's, macy's, walmart later this week. some sort of signifier. you were just talking about christmas gifts. that would give us a clue on how the christmas season will be. if they fall short on not only earnings would also gross sales as well as the end of the year, and that could take the market down and start to see a little bit of weakness. ashley: quickly, at the top of the show, and other retail investors coming back to the
2:49 pm
market, an awful lot of cash on the sidelines. the question is, is that a sign for others to get out of the market that the minister just how delicate? >> usually is. the contributions into the mutual funds that when the market. >> my pleasure. tracy: i mentioned a little earlier that i stopped of my favorite breakfast place and there was no fresh of -- morris years, none. i will tell you why merchants are getting squeezed by the high price of orange juice. ashley: funny stuff. the number one film of the box office this weekend. four and his hammer. more on the movie. his thoughts as well. don't go away. ♪ [ female announcer ] tide pods three-in-one detergent.
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♪ ashley: hammering his way to go weekend box office wind just as disney snags a bigger piece of the upside. dennis kneale explained. >> reporter: calling in $86 million. a hundred and 80 million worldwide. the disney marvell sequel now nearing 330 million in just two weekends. disney bought the franchise for $4 billion in 2010, but only recently did it gain full control of all distribution and marketing rights the first captain america found in 2012, but disney was smart enough to buy out paramount for the avengers which came out in 2012, an iron man three which came out last may, and those two together
2:54 pm
grossed over to a half billion dollars. second and fifth among the five biggest box office films of all time. now disney is going to get all the upside for the dark world which looks like it cannot do its predecessor which it for under and $50 million worldwide in disney will hold all the upside the captain america, the winter soldier, the sequel due out next year, and the even bigger sequel, the avengers in 2015. ashley: the last part of the lineup. >> lots of people. not only won the top spot but dominated the reid. ashley: some like eight times as much as the number two film this week, paramount's jackass' presents grandpa. new animated film rebirth opening just in time for turkey in thanksgiving. the last thing actually, likely to win the weekend box office again this weekend. no other big films coming out just in time because the
2:55 pm
following weekend here comes under games which will blow for 08. tracy: semi the only one that wants to see that? apparently. ashley: i want to see grandpa. that's why i don't want to see it. tracy, now. it is dogged. your daily dose of vitamin c may be getting more expensive. orange juice futures jumped over 5% as the u.s. department of agriculture reports that the florida crops may shrink by nearly six nap% this season. this is killer coming into place season. the orange crops account for 70 percent of the country's orange juice production have been hit by an orange tree disease which stops the fridge growth. the usda expects the state orange output to drop to 125 million this season down over 8 million from last year. the were smaller. smart little kid. all right. coming up on countdown to the
2:56 pm
closing bell, tesla stalls with investors after another fire causes a to concerns. you look at that. is there a shortage of electric charges stations? would think so. we have the definitive -- bear debate. the dow is up 12 points. don't go anywhere. ♪ you make a great team.
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liz: good afternoon. i'm liz claman. the last hour of trading on this veterans day. u.s. stock market's pretty subdued because of the holiday. the bond market closed. painkillers' attention to events overseas, specifically china. what happenshesulyas prty snicant impac beusef t hel the chinese ony a tharo coupled wi modt inatioin octer is actually a good sign for u.s.
3:00 pm
companies. the dow jones industrial average would desire right now by about 17 points, if a piece 15,761, which we are at least at the moment, we will have another record low. same with the s&p. about to be on track for another record close from the s&p 500. just in time for the holidays. and no there were just talking about this, but you will soon be allowed to receive packages and parcels on sundays as long as you live in new york for los angeles and, of course, as long as you're using amazon. amazon in the u.s. postal service are teaming up to program will packages at no rollout more news as -- more u.s. cities. financial terms of the deal not disclosed just yet. expected to give the legal -- beleaguered postal service a much-needed boost. interesting that it was not fedex are ups. that is how smart amazon is, and this is how smart the stock is at the moment, up about 1 percent at


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