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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 1, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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stocks up about 100 lines. all of this despite poor to ricoh defaulting on some debt. everyone seems to think that that was a given. you know what, i am not inclined to raise interest rates right now. that could be the beginning of something big. trish: ash carter announcing that the united states will escalate its war on isis by sending additional forces to iraq. taking down islamic terrorists. welcome to the intelligence report. one day after the president was criticized for saying his climate change agenda was the best way to fight terrorism. ash carter and a specializing force. conducting raids, freeing hostages and conducting intel. >> deploying a special targeting force. assisting iraqi forces him put
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even more pressure on i -- on isil. they will be able to conduct raids. free hostages, gather intelligence and capture isil leaders. this will also be a position to conduct unilateral operations in syria. >> this is important. the united states has a real problem with our rules of engagement. we do not want to take on anyone that is not a real target. we warned them. can they get out of the way? the former head of the cia told us. >> well over 100 tank trucks sitting for a long time full of oil which is about $1 million a day that went to isis. they had dropped divers.
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isis truck drivers. trish: all the more reason why troops are needed. breaking analysis right now from jack keane. first blake bergmann joins me. could could we be witnessing a real change in policy from the obama administration? >> a lot of questions about the force. and expeditionary targeting force. these are additional forces that will be headed to iraq to help in the fight against isis. just how many is still uncertain at this hour. defense secretary carter would not get into details. they will conduct raids in they could consist entirely of u.s. forces or be mixed with local soldiers. the october raid of an isis prison that freed around 70
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hostages is one example of the kind of roles these forces will fulfill. >> window occasions arise, intelligence bed to conduct raids like that anywhere in the territory of syria and iraq. that is what we are talking about. a new way of achieving our objective. there will be more. >> the army's elite delta force was behind that veered they have been training for more than one year. this will be on top of the special operations forces being dedicated to serious as well. trish: any idea of how the people you would be sending? what kind of numbers are we talking about here, blake? >> that is a great question. we do not know. we believe we will get that answer somewhat soon.
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as of this hour, keep in mind, this hearing was early this morning in a nonclassified setting. trish: as soon as you know, you tell us. i want to go to general keane. we do not know how many people will be sent over there. what are needed to get done what we need done. >> it is not just a numbers issue. it is all the capability that they bring with them. we are ready have capability like this on the ground. we announced one month ago that there is a joint task force that they are forming. the truth is that task force has existed there for well over a year. now they are adding additional capability. the missions will be expanded. raids that we have been advocating for quite some time.
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targeting leaders on the ground. capturing and getting the additional intelligence that secretary carter is telling them about. >> you do not want to be killing by drones indiscriminately and getting people that you do not intend to get. one of the issues that we have had, general, is our ability to engage here. different rules that we have. i think we have some video that we can share the viewers. video of and underground network of tunnels. they are looking at it right there. they have 30 or 40 tunnels. as soon as they get word that something will happen in the way of a drone strike, they can move underground into these tunnels. they are out of harms way.
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i am curious to get your view on this, it seems to indicate that we need to be doing more than just drones. you need to have someone there that can go to these tunnels and other places to get the bad guys absolutely. we found the same pattern in iraq in the same time in afghanistan. using civilians to protect them. they will use the ground to protect them, as you just described. this capability is very important. this is a step in the right direction. these are our classified special operation forces. they are the very best that we have. they will work with iraq eight commandos. sometimes, because of the complexity of the operation, they may work on their own.
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they will be supported our aviation. a lot of other enablers to help them. trish: all right. we are watching. we'll be interested to hear more. i want to thank you for joining us with your analysis today. president obama wrapping up his time at the climate summit in france today. expressing confidence of a major agreement. >> all of this will be hard. getting 200 nations to agree on anything is hard. i am sure that they will be having moments over the next few weeks. i am convinced that we will get big things done. >> does this feel a little off to you? talking about climate change. waling from the recent terrorist attacks.
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is he misguided in this right now? is it not the appropriate time to be talking about this? the accountability project. in some ways, it feels insensitive to be talking about climate change. we have some real problems out there. dealing with a country and city that is still trying to recover in the aftermath of those pairs attacks. >> for him, this is not about the pairs attacks. abject failure to secure our nation. under his power. honestly, not at all about saving the planet. a lot about leadership and wealth. the transformation. trish: let's talk about that for a minute.
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essentially, if you are a poor country, you should be getting some kind of a subsidy from a rich topic name like the united states. what is wrong with that in a global economic environment? >> the problem with that is we have a lot of domestic issues we should be using. instead of throwing more money. let's not forget, there is really no such thing. we can go right back at that. islamic terror deniers. that is a real problem. trish: we could spend all day on this. we really could. i do want to keep staying on this issue. the best use of our presidents time.
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it will be out there pushing climate change when we have a serious problem. i just want to share with you, americans, they know what the problem is right now. 35% of americans say isis is the biggest concern to them in the election. followed by jobs and the economy. going on down the list here. climate change. coming in at the last issue. does this guy have his priorities straight? should the president be focused on what american voters are concerned about? >> we live in a representative democracy. we elect leaders that have more knowledge of information did the president know that the department of defense issued a report last year. climate change threatens global security.
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whether it is drought or water wars or infrastructure problems, this is where isis and other terrorist groups harbor terrorism. trish: we are blaming terrorism. we are blaming isis. we will blame climate change, i should say. >> i am not blaming it. look at syria. a massive drought in syria right now. the major migration from that drought. this is the department of defense. >> it will suddenly equal. i would like to think better of human nature than that. >> these are things that people think about.
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they theorize about these things. going back to others before him in the 1970s, they never happened. they cannot even say whether it is getting hotter or colder. they have no science here. >> over 99 -- >> thank you so much. >> i will see you in a little bit. a former top homeland security advisor will tell us. plus, political correctness. just about enough of all of it. taking a stand. posting a sign that says merry christmas. in god we trust.
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trish: a new batch of e-mails from hillary clinton revealed more classified information. let's not forget what hillary clinton from missed. >> i never sent classified material on my e-mail and i never received any that was marked classified. trish: except that she did. 999. hillary clinton never told the public what she really knew about what happened in the ghazi.
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she told her daughter that two of our offices were killed in the ghazi by an al qaeda like group. three days after the attack, she was blaming a youtube islamic video telling the public this. >> we see rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. trish: why is she not being held accountable for these inconsistencies? donald trump gets it. like this. >> i saw. so many people. why would i take it back? i am not going to take it back. even yesterday i was in sarasota florida. people were saying that lay lived in jersey.
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based on re- tweets. based on hearsay. >> the united states. your words matter. >> take it easy, chuck. just play it cool. >> holding anyone. trump or anyone else running for president. that is our job. so far other than our very own ed henry. check out this soft ball. >> can you satisfy democrats that may worry about in other shoe dropping? >> i think after 11 hours, it is pretty clear. actually getting to laugh about the anxiety.
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>> what does a person do? the only human being. what did she do after? >> came over to my house. we sat around eating indian food. that is what we did. >> we were all talking about sports, tv shows. it was great. just to have that chance. they did a terrific job. >> not others. back with me. also joining me radio host leslie marshall. they will go after. >> the insensitivity that hillary has demonstrated is beyond what i think is even
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mentally stable. i cannot imagine talking about eating indian food and drinking wine after talking about something that is so fundamentally upsetting. the tackling. the line. why is she not doing interviews with you? if the democrats care at all about a candidate that is not a liar, god knows what other problems she may have veered why isn't she doing interviews with you? >> i will not laugh with her. leslie, there seems to be a theme throughout the campaign. it is one of the reasons he actually beat hillary clinton way back when. it is our job to hold everyone
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accountable. >> i don't feel that they are giving him a pass. a lot of media people really do not have a positive feel despite the fact that many of them may vote for her. >> to recent times. members of the media. having no follow-up questions. she said sam laugh about what she did after 11 hours of testimony. a lot of people are critical of her in the media. she is taking place is to do her interviews and reporters to do that with that are basically going to fuel her language. >> that is typical of any candidate. whether they are on the left or the right.
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feeling more comfortable with a certain reporter or anchor. that is very, very typical. >> she answered the question. by the way, really coming from the hearing in the committees which we have had a plethora of. no handcuffs being put on this woman. yielded no smoking gun. yielded no blame. >> you had me at 999 classified e-mails. that is not true. >> i do not know how you say there is no cover-up. she said that there were no classified e-mails. she obviously lied about the ghazi. the democrats are comfortable with a blind nominee.
2:23 pm
otherwise, they would be fleshing this out themselves. >> she never sent or received anything that was classified. you may have it right then and there. thank you very, very much. militants making an islamic extremist group isis. a group that is flushed with cash. half a billion dollars a year off of oil. shouldn't we be able to figure that out? shouldn't we be able to stop it? the answer is next. ♪
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trish: chicago police superintendent being asked to resign today by mayor rob emanuel. protests in the city. over racial tensions. the release of the dash cam video that shows in africa and
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american teenage boy shot 16 times by an officer in just 15 seconds. jeff flock is in chicago for us. how are people they are reacting to this news? >> i do not think that anyone is real surprise that this. we have pictures of the press conference that took lace in the last couple of hours. gary mccarthy saying that he was confident the mayor had his back. well, today, the mayor said that superintendent mccarthy had become part of the story instead of the solution to the problem, essentially. he asked for the resignation and got it. the 12,000 officers now have a new leader, and interim leader, though. determining who the new chief will be. you are right. this has has been building over the last several days.
2:28 pm
multiple protests calling about super mccarthy who alternately indicted the police officer, but took 13 months. she cannot be forced out. the mayor, a lot of people want him to. trish: thank you so much. jeff flock out there. who is funding isis? the hold on the oilfields. only growing. someone out there is doing buttons eq we will tell you who after this. ♪ it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. ♪
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>> isis is much more dangerous than al qaeda. they have tens of thousands of members. up to 65,000 members and isis right now. they have more money than al qaeda ever dreamt of. $500 million a year. that is between two and 4 million. >> counterterrorism analyst providing a sobering reality on the financial power. where exactly are they getting their money from? we know there has been a lot of money coming in from oil sales. this compares to russian president vladimir putin
2:33 pm
accusing turkey of this. we have received additional information confirming that a whale controlled by islamic state militants enters turkish territory on an industrial scale. turkey's president is firing back saying that turkey would never buy oil from terrorists. one name keeps coming up. he is the son of turkey's president and is believed by some that he could be the one acting as a commodity broker. 835-year-old man that earned a masters degree from harvard in 2004. as many are suspected of being family ran organizations. he allegedly signed a contract to sign iraq is stolen oil two countries over to asia. the white house is pointing fingers elsewhere. two serious. the white house has gone so far
2:34 pm
as naming names that will pose further sanctions on anyone doing business with the syrian born businessman. including many high-ranking officials in russia. this blame game continues here. we do not even know the source. joining me right now is jim phillips from the heritage foundation. good to have both of you guys here. shouldn't we be able to figure this out? >> i do not think that there will be any question. waiting way too long to focus on the oil revenues. we know that they really did not start bombing until after the pair's attacks. shortly after bombing 116 trucks. why don't we know more about where those trucks were going. they were worried about civilian casualties. certainly watching these
2:35 pm
convoys. i think we know that they have not been very aggressive about closing their border. their actions have been inconsistent. trish: what is the role of the turks in all of this? it seems to me, if you follow the oil truck, you should know where it eventually winds up. not to mention, we have been extraordinarily successful in the past at rooting out terrorists and following money and knowing if there were any americans or foreign banks doing business with terrorists. should we be able to do the exact same thing on the commodity style with oil? >> easy to follow the trucks to the middleman. once it merges into a larger oil tanks, it is difficult.
2:36 pm
>> you got me there. i get it. the middleman who has taken that all ale and is selling it around the globe. asia, china, maybe us. at some point, it gets very murky. it is a commodity. it all becomes one. can't we start by going after whoever is working a deal in between? i will tell you, it ought to be easier. having destroyed many of the refineries, they can still refine some. the ability for somebody to take crude and have the refining capacity tells us something about who the end-user is. now sort of restricting the number of buyers it could possibly be. both the intelligence, law enforcement and international
2:37 pm
aid. >> that part of the problem. a large problem when it comes with isis overall. willingness from the administration. recognizing this threat. is this part of it? >> we have been watching them pretty closely. because of the sanctions, many of our european partners. hopefully, they have this deal. resources can be devoted more to isis. trish: do you suspect turkey in any of this? are they not the best of actors here? could it be the president's son?
2:38 pm
>> it is possible. there is a certain amount of corruption. i am not sure about the role. turkish middlemen are making money. the border that they have is very porous. i think they are turning a blind eye to it. people benefiting from lower oil prices. also selling oil to the other side government and damascus. as long as it controls territory, it also taxes the people estimated up to 8 million people under its control. it is not just oil, it is also the taxation. >> this is one massive monde are -- money laundering operation. turning around and selling it.
2:39 pm
you cannot rule that out. it becomes laundered. it really is a massive money laundering operation. it needs to get fixed very soon. thank you very much. coming up. we will talk about president obama. math shootings do not happen in other countries. you know, france is trying to heal and restore normalcy after 130 people were gunned down just a few weeks ago. we will talk about it right after this.; ♪ you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one.
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that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. trish: we have another rally underway. leading the gains. united health is rising. reiterating that concern. the company may not anymore come 2017. shares of merck are also on the rise. bank stocks are in the green there. investors held higher interest rates. theoretically higher interest rates. they would benefit from it. november auto sales.
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black friday commotion. started well before thanksgiving. nissan sales. 25%. intelligence report will be right back. whether or not done should be allowed in buildings. ♪ the pursuit of healthier.
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it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. >> i say this every time we have
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one of these mass shootings. it just doesn't happen in other countries. trish: president obama earlier today. outside a planned parenthood in colorado springs. he made that comment saying shootings do not happen in other countries. of all places, france, paris, two weeks ago, terrorists using guns killed 130 innocent people. why is he making a statement like that right now. good to see you and have you back on the shelf. it was kind of startling to see that from the president. talking about the lack of sensitivity right now. he is out there touting climate change as a solution to terrorism concerns we face in this country.
2:45 pm
you heard him they are. other countries do not have these mass shooting problems. he is saying this while in paris. your reaction. >> after the oregon shooting on the college campus, president obama said this is getting to be routine. i do not even think he is paying attention to what he is saying. right after we have a mass shooting in mass shootings do not happen in other countries. i truly believe that the talking points, as he said, routine. >> a new study that just came out. just about a week ago. these mass shootings, rather, shootings in general, have killed far fewer people in general. in other words, the homicide from shooting has actually
2:46 pm
dropped pretty significantly. >> sure. anytime you have law-abiding citizens, you will see a genetic decrease. all of these shootings happened in gun free zones. that is why i do not go places where i cannot be armed. that is why was anxious to talk with you today. trish: let's get to that. yes. let's get to that. lifting this band. at least retired or off duty law enforcement. would this be helpful in the prevention of problems? >> absolutely.
2:47 pm
you know how to feel about that. while biding citizens. lessening fatalities in shooting situations. that is a fact. anytime that conceal carried citizen is present in a shooting or violent situation, fewer lives are lost as a result of that citizen being resident. trish: you know, look, people are drinking at these games. there is a lot of rowdiness. how do you make sure that you prevent things from not getting out of hand and someone misfiring? >> right. that is a legitimate concern. i've never been to an nfl game. they're pretty angry at those games. however, you have to remember that law-abiding citizens have been through the training. they know. they have been taught that guns and alcohol do not mix.
2:48 pm
i like to have a glass of wine. a romantic dinner with my husband. he knows that i have to make a choice. well i take my gun in here or will i have back glass of wine? you do not mix the two. trish: that is an important point. you teach a class to show people how they can protect themselves. you show a certain amount of respect for these firearms. a point that you just made. not everybody is you. not everybody is taking their class. there are people that have access to firearms. not talking about the police union here. those would be retired police officers or off duty police officers. in general, when you talk about an armed society, you are not necessarily getting someone like you out there. >> i understand that concern, trish.
2:49 pm
times have changed in america. mass shootings of any kind. even law enforcement officers around the country are extremely concerned about football games. knowingly disarms. even police officers on my facebook page today. i mentioned i would be coming on and talking about this. no, we want citizens armed. most police officers would prefer to have citizens armed bandits armed. trish: thank you very much. always good to get your perspective. trish: coming up. talking about a law that is coming to politically correct. now, potentially, threateningry christmas. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. why is philips sonicare the most loved electric toothbrush brand
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>> we like to say holiday. happy holidays. you do not know who you are talking to. then you say happy holidays. there is no war on christmas. try to get it right. trish: whoopi goldberg has not been watching the intelligence report. that was her on the view. we have been all over this war on christmas. starbucks. no reindeer on their cups this year. starbucks is just going with plain red. in the past we have told stories with our holiday cup design. this year we wanted to usher it in with all of our stories. this is the medical center in salem, virginia. banning christmas music in public places. a baptist church pastor told us he was tired of this. pulling a bodice strings just to
2:54 pm
be able to sing christmas tunes at the local va this year. >> no christmas trees allowed. no caroling. you cannot sing anything religious or christ related. you cannot have a blessing before the meal. just completely close it all off. trish: a sheriff is fighting back against all of this political correct this. the sheriff put up a sign outside his apartment building. it reads him all morning, this county is politically incorrect. we say merry christmas, god bless america and in god we trust. we salute our troops and our flag. if this offends you, leave. the sheriff joins being right now. welcome to the show. good to have you here. that is quite a sign.
2:55 pm
sheriff, that is quite a sign. you are telling it how it is and how you feel. what has the reaction been to it? >> 92% of my population and citizens like it. about 90% of the citizens across the county or country like it did of course, there are a few that are negative on it. they do not have to come visit anymore. trish: it is really remarkable how this has created such a controversy. i can think back when you never thought about saying merry christmas. you go places and do see christmas trees. all of a sudden, sheriff, it seems as if this year more than ever it is really being discouraged. >> it is just a different time. we have let it slip away over
2:56 pm
time, i guess. >> everybody said it. as time went on, we just did not say anything about it. i think it is time for the silent majority to just wake up. >> you are calling on them. >> yes, ma'am. trish: to wake up. we appreciate you joining us today. i will happily say merry christmas. thank you so much. we will have more on the intelligence report right after this. ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking
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trish: all right. you know what? the conversation does not end here. head over to my facebook page and my twitter account and tell me what you think of today's show. we do keep the conversation going all day. you can like my personal page at facebook which is www.
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or you can like the show page at also don't forget to call me on twitter and also @trishintel. liz claman is going to take it from here. liz: we are getting disturbing, fresh pictures from the terror attack in turkey. this explosion, here it is, by the metro system in istanbul is at this hour being blamed on a handmade bomb. five people injured, the attack under investigation. clues behind the attack, what do we need to do here at home to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening here? at this hour the big climate change summit is again being eclipsed by isis concerns and questions on how to extending wish -- extinguish the terror group. plus, did puerto rico avoid default or not? depends on your definition of default, but trust us, what's next for puerto rico, outright recession? and 999 problems, but is the


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