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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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you ever have a childhood? i seriously doubt it. you're an idiot. his name is sam. the cavuto, it is called "the force awakens." may i suggest you are your movie be called, permanently dead. really? really? the movie stinks. take that. trish: wow, you're not supposed to mess with "star wars" fans. it is all-out war. neil: i'm finding out. all right. to. trish: breaking this hour, everyone, president obama ramping up homeland security tour, insisting his plan to fight isis is working. welcome to "the intelligence report," i'm trish regan. president obama speaking to the american public from the national counterterrorism center in virginia about his victories in the fight against isis. listen to this. >> we're hitting isil harder than ever in syria and iraq. we're taking out their leaders. our partners on the ground are fighting to push isil back and isil has been losing territory.
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we're sending a message that if you target americans you will have no safe haven. we will find you and defend our nation. trish: despite mounting criticism from top military officials on the shows the president is refusing to change tactics. his job approvals numbers are at the lowest level they have been in a year. today just 34% of americans approve of his plan to fight sissies -- isis. what needs to change and i'm joined by american war hero and chairman of the armed services committee, senator john mccain. nice to have you back. >> thank for having me. that is my amusement of the day the clip you just played. trish: why? >> isis is metastasizing he is failed to mention that they are now established in libya, in afghanistan, they're in egypt. they're metastasizing throughout the middle east.
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we will probably get ramadi back now after about a greer -- year of fighting there. is no in sight the time we'll take back the second largest city in iraq, mosul. the other at worse is there is no strategy whatsoever to retake rack can. raqqa is the caliphate base. raqqa is the place where all these activities are eminating from. when you see what they're capable of, in raqqa we have information they are developing chemical weapons. it is just, it is delusional to the ultimate and by the way, now john kerry is saying that russia and we will work together. i mean it is beyond anything i ever heard. trish: you don't like the idea of working with vladmir putin to fight isis, senator? >> vladmir putin's objectives
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are three. one to maintain his base there. the second to be a major player in the middle east. russians were kicked out in 1973 by anwar sadat. third, to prop up bashar assad, the guy who killed 240,000 people, driven millions into refugee status. he is the godfather of isis. are we going to help russia prop up a guy that slaughtered innocent people including with chemical weapons? trish: because we're that desperate, senator? we allowed this terrorist group to flourish and it is gaining size and power that we're at such disadvantage we need to look for russia to help? >> that is the state were in although i would never want to do that. russia is bombing the daylights
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out of our moderate, only ones we can rely on to form some kind of a government that is not radical islam. they're slaughtering them. john kerry goes over there and tell us them they're great partners. that is orwellian and betrayal of what everything the united states of america stands for in terms of morally is concerned. trish: upside down world. senator, a major security story breaking today, defense secretary ash carter admitting to use his personal email, his own email for personal work-related matters. here ask what he said. i would like to get your reaction. >> what i did, i shouldn't have been doing until a few months ago, occasionally use my send administrative messages. no classified information backed up as records to my immediate
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staff. eastern that i shouldn't have been doing. trish: come on, senator, what is going on here? how is it that top members of the administration continue to put america at risks a security risk by using their own email for work stuff? >> i wonder what planet ash carter was residing on when this whole thing broke about hillary clinton. wouldn't a normal person say, hey, she is in trouble for doing what i'm doing and maybe i should stop? we asked for all the emails. we'll get them one way or another. trish: i know. you asked for ash carter's emails? >> which asked for ash carter's emails. i will get them and report to you what they contained hard to have a email in dod that is not classified.
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trish: one would think in any line of business. if you're ceo of a company you're not sending work-related matters on personal email. a ceo of public company has to worry about that. naturally members of government would also worry about it. let me ask you, sir, about the visa waiver program as it currently stands. we're seeing efforts being made to try to screen out anybody that has been to four countries that have terrorism flourishing in them. but the reality is we would still be accepting people into this country from 34 other ones. you know as well as i do, senator, you don't have to have a passport from syria to be a terrorist nowadays. >> two points. the i'm totally confident that baghdadi is sending people to live with the refugees. why wouldn't he? obviously his objective is to
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attack america secondly the fiance program is one that has to go. third of all, most importantly the department of homeland security was not checking their social networking, what they were doing on social networks. that is truly incredible, some form of political correctness. trish: i understand you have legislation to change that. senator, does it take a bill to do something as check a person's social media profile when they come into the country the same you would do to get a job? >> the any other administration i have known, the answer is no this administration? probably. trish: it is incredible. out on the campaign trail, donald trump continuing to see upside on poll numbers.
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he said that we should go after terrorist family members. do you agree with that in any way? that is something israel has done for many years? >> i think we have to look at all connections of people engaged in these activities. we heard from san bernardino that a guy sold him the guns. you have to look at associates and their families. it doesn't mean that they're guilty. i think they have to be examined if they have any connections or any of those leans. that is common sense. trish: they have to be examined and potentially punished then if something was going to happen and they didn't report it? >> i think it depends on the degree of involvement, trish. for example, we know now that a neighbor of theirs procured weapons for them.
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he didn't take part in the attacks but he facilitated it. obviously this guy should be charged. not so much family members, associates, people who might -- we hear more and more of attack in paris people involved in the plot. doesn't seem to end. and so you just got to make sure. but i think the biggest thing is we have got to be careful to make sure we have every step necessary to prevent a terrorist from coming into this country and that means careful and thorough examination and more than what we have today. trish: and we have 10,000 refugees from syria scheduled to be coming in beginning in just two weeks time. senator, i know you have talked a lot about having a better vetting process for them but let me ask you about the christian component of all of this because a lot of conservatives have come forward and said we should admit christians. do you agree with that? or you think you basically can't vet anyone here?
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>> i mean if you're one of baghdadi's guys what would you tell them when you arrive at port of earnedtry? that you're a muslim extremist and that you're part of isis in other words, how does that work. christians are probably the most persecuted people in the middle east today. they are isis's first target. what they did to these children is just horrible. obviously we want to do anything we can to help them. i'm not sure how you identify them to tell you the truth. trish: that is good point. i'm not sure how you do either. would you find some way to keep them there, to protect them but keep them overseas? >> i don't, look, the best thing to do is feed isis, to get rid of bab scharre assad who -- bashar assad, who slaughtered thousands of christians. get rid of this whole disease
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from the middle east and also get rid of bashar assad. don't do what we did in libya and got rid of gadhafi and completely walked away. you have to begin nation-building but that should be done by sunni-arab countries. trish: senator john mccain, thank you very much. i appreciate getting your analysis and have a wonderful holiday. >> thank you, trish. same to. >> all right, everyone, also breaking this hour, senior homeland security official admits last year 118 syrian nationals came to the united states and overstayed their visas! >> i can tell you that those were overstays that have been identified as having come from syria. of that 10 -- 118, 11 were administratively arrested. the remainder were closed with the exception of 18 on going investigations. trish: this coming less than 24 hours after homeland security secretary jeh johnson admitted, admitted terrorists could try to
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infiltrate the refugee program to get into the united states. >> we do have to be concerned about the possibility that a terrorist organization may seek to exploit our refugee resettlement process. trish: so why is our president standing firm that we should be staying the course here and admit thousands more syrian refugees? you just heard senator mccain, there is no way we can possibly vet them. dr. sebastian george can. you studied terrorism. in your view is jeh johnson correct when he says they could try to infiltrate these refugee populations? >> absolutely. it is not a question of if. it is exactly as the senator just told you. in the military we have a concept called, red teaming or
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red celling, where you try to think like the enemy, to test whether your defensive plans are adequate. what would you do if you were isis? if you, you know, opened a newspaper in raqaa, if you switched on cnn in your cafe in dib i.q. and see reports again and again of hundred thousands refugees leaving the region going into europe and the west? naturally what you would do is use the situation to salt your operatives into the refugee stream. it is not clearly if, but it is a question of how many. trish: so why is the president insisting we do this? >> i think it is again it is a function of living in a bubble. whether it's the statements that were made the day of the san bernardino attack or the day before where we have the commander-in-chief saying that we've contained isis.
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when we had the secretary of state saying we're winning in war. there seems to be especially in the last few years, as isis has gained strength, an impermeable layer between the white house, administration and reality on the ground. working with the military as i do, working with federal law enforcement there is reality they say that our operators who are proteching the republic see and statements coming out of washington. there seems to be a giant gulf, a delta between those two versions of reality. trish: look, i think we all get, we're sympathetic to the idea that if we antagonize the situation by saying islam is the problem, and you know, look to a certain extent, we talked about this before, to a certain extent it is but we'll save the conversation for another day, if the president is out there saying that and you hear tons of rhetoric he is worried that muslims maybe around the edge suddenly become extremists. we don't want to push anyone in
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that direction but at same time, you got to come out, you know, call a spade for a spade, right? you can't live in a delusional world where we can pretend that everything is good? >> look, the first thing in winning any war is talking honestly about the enemy. we called the soviet union the soviet union because that's what they called themselves. when an enemy calls themselves jihadist, you don't wipe that out and censor that and say it has nothing to do with religion. let's understand the sensitivities. say, okay, there are people we don't want to annoy, which is weird way to plan a strategy. let's take religion out of it for a moment. talk about war zones. talk about countries. how many sense does it make to focus on refugees from active war zones where jihadis are recruiting? so, take religion out of it for a second and say, okay, let's have a reassessesment and a pause on anybody coming from syria, on anybody coming from
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iraq, anybody coming from let's say afghanistan. that diffuse this is criticism and is really a very common-sense approach. trish: dr. gorka, we thank you for all your comments and approaches. good to have you back here. >> thank you, trish. trish: donald trump, everyone, doubling down on his belief that we should hit terrorists where it hurts, their family. >> when a wife knows exactly what the husband is going to do, and husband goes up and knocks out 200 people with a bomb -- >> you arrest her. >> i would do pretty severe stuff as far as i'm saying. >> all right. so does he have a point. israel knocks down houses of families of terrorists. should we? oural star panel will debate it. see you right back here in two. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader
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who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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trish: okay, we've got some breaking news i want to get to today. house of representatives approving $650 billion in tax cuts. the house will reconvene to vote on massive $1.1 trillion spending bill which will prevent a government shut down. the plan? marry the tax package and giant, i mean giant spending bill into one megabill. here is our own blake burman. blake? reporter: trish, there is one down, one to go, and there is consternation surrounding spending bill vote. the house passed $600 billion bill that make many tax breaks permanent. that sailed through with 318 votes. however could comes the $1.1 trillion spending bill. congressional negotiators had verien them together, but there is question whether the tomorrow's vote is the one slam dunk it was thought. hear nancy pelosi, if she asked democrats could carry vote total
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across the finish line tomorrow. it was. >> no. we just have to, talking it through. reporter: no, she says. however house speaker paul ryan is taking a more optimistic tone. trish? trish: all right. thank you very much, blake. joining me more, dan mitchell, senior fellow at cato institute. dan, this has lots of spending, special interest groups free bibs. i know you look at it. give us most egregious examples. >> to push shuns are playing santa claus. i will dress up in the red jacket. get in the christmas spirit. they are playing santa claus with our money. fiscal discipline was busted with the spending caps. this spending bill, 1.1 trillion-dollar, this is the consequence spending more money. everyone is getting lots of
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goodies. defense, domestic. every program gets more. good for washington. bad for america. trish: as speaker ryan says, with divided government, no one gets exactly what they want. there are though, it seems to be a lot of wins here for a lot of different groups but if you have to size it up, who actually comes out ahead the most in your view? >> well it is bipartisan. in the sense that the democrats got more domestic spending and republicans got more defense spending. yeah it is divided government. something had to give. what gave was fiscal discipline. remember, the spending caps that we had as a result of that 2011 debt limit agreement, those were supposed to give us fiscal responsibility. they busted those caps in 2013. they busted them in 2015. and so, if you're one of these people, these old-fashioned people who thinks maybe government shouldn't spend money it doesn't have and maybe we shouldn't spend money on things that don't do good things for the economy this is not good news. it is not the end of the world.
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we're tracking about an extra $50 billion in spending in a $17 trillion economy but these are the decisions greece made 20 years ago that led them to where they are today. trish: well you know, i'm not making this up. there is actually provision in this bill that would allow for sledding on capitol hill. dan, you can dress up as santa now and go sledding on capitol hill. enjoy! >> well i guess i will go out and do that if we get rain, i mean snow, instead of rain. trish: that would be nice one of these days. dan, thank you so much. glad with your red jacket. all right, gloves coming off at this week's gop debate. trump and bush getting into it while cruz and rubio battle it out. how will this all shake out? that's next.
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2:27 pm
battled it out over who was the toughest on terrorism. listen to this. >> if you think this is tough and you're not being treated fairly, imagine what it's going to be like dealing with president putin or dealing with the islamic terrorism that exists. >> oh, yeah. >> this is a tough business. >> oh, i know, you're a tough guy, jeb, i know -- [laughter] >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way to the presidency. >> so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> you started off over here, jeb, you're moving further and further, pretty soon you're going to be off the end. trish: all right. we also heard a good exchange between ted cruz and marco rubio. how is the in-fighting sitting with voters? howard kurtz joins me with analysis. food to have you here on set -- good to have you here on set for a change, here in new york. we saw that back and forth, also some pretty serious back and forth between rubio and cruz.
2:28 pm
but your analysis that i've read thus far is that, you know, this was okay. this was good. this was an important discussion to have. why? >> they're called debates for a reason. you want to get the contrasting views of the candidates. the bush/trump dust-up was more like a schoolyard fight. trump has a big lead, and he didn't need to get in the dirt. as for rubio and cruz, those were very substantive exchanges. got a little wonky for a while about nsa surveillance, immigration policy, which bill, the amendment you offered, but people actually could learn something from seeing these two cuban-american senators going at it. trish: i think that was important as well. i think the moderator did a good job in terms of allowing that discussion to be had. you saw the contrast between cruz and rubio on that. when you look at all of these debates and, of course, another network came under some pretty
2:29 pm
serious criticism -- >> the one you used to work for. >> really? [laughter] we don't talk about that now. but encouraging fighting or trying to actually goad them to fight in a way by making the questions so aggressive and so provocative. this, however, enabled the candidates to do that as effectively on their own? >> here's the difference. if you ask questions that say you're a comic book character or are condescending or demeaning in nature, then you as a moderator are making it about you, and they can do much about. the las vegas debate, they said senator cruz, you said this about donald trump. donald trump, you said he was a bit of a maniac with chris wallace so, therefore, why are you considering him as a vp? trump didn't want to get into that, so he danced away. when you make it what the candidates say about each other or at a private fundraiser, then you're forcing them to engage each other, which is good.
2:30 pm
it's also good television, which everybody wants, but you're not debating the candidates yourself. trish: it's the way to do it. you have a big interview coming in. >> donald trump is a challenging guy to interview, i've done it twice. he's from queens, i'm from brooklyn, i know how to speak his language. he has a tendency to filibuster, but we've had some good exchanges. trish: i know you'll get him on at interesting stuff. good to have you here. thank you. >> same here, trish. trish: do not miss fox business' gop debate on january 14th to hear the substantive questions i know you want answered. that's coming up on the 14th. all right, here on "the intelligence report" coming up, as we all know, hillary clinton has big plans for your money. she's out with a brand new plan to raise taxes, and so far her long list of spending proposals is adding up to nearly $1 trillion in new spending and, you know, you know she's got even more plans for all your money. american voters, are they going to say enough?
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stay with us, that's next.
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trish: all right. tax the rich and spend and spend and, hey, while you're at it, maybe spend a little more. it seems to be the theme of hillary clinton's campaign. the democratic front runner out with a new plan to hike taxes on the wealthy. take a listen to this. >> one thing i will tell ya, i'm going to fight hard to try to implement what is called the buffett rule.
2:35 pm
the buffett rule says that millionaires should pay at least 30% income tax rates instead of 10 -- [applause] 15, 20. and i want to go even further. because warren is 100% right, as usual. [laughter] you know, i want to be the president for the struggling, the striving and the successful. trish: she was joined by billionaire supporter warren buffett who has been saying a whole lot about the importance of taxing the wealthy. listen to him here. >> the game has been stacked in their direction, and that's a primary reason -- there are a lot of reasons, but there's a primary reason why i'm going to be so delighted when secretary clinton takes the oval office. trish: joining me right now are two political strategists, let's just = what warren buffett -- quaff what warren buffett is
2:36 pm
saying by reminding people he doesn't pay a whole lot of income taxes, he doesn't pay himself. he lives off of his investments. how, in your view, are what hillary and buffett misleading the public on this issue? >> well, because setting aside the economic stupidity of the buffett rule, millionaires and wall street are 10,000 times more scared of bernie sanders than they are of hillary clinton. if she wanted to sock it to the rich, she'd come up with a corporate tax reform, individual tax reform and close a lot of loopholes. she's trying to astroturf progressives on this because progressives aren't sold that at this hillary clinton's in their camp. trish: well, you know, yeah. he's got a point, chuck. i mean, wall street has been lining up to donate to hillary clinton's campaign. those are some of her most important people as we go into 2016. so how is she supposed to say she's going to tax them more? >> all i can say is ford is one
2:37 pm
of the smartest republicans that i know, and he's exactly right. what's hooping is you're in -- happening is you're in a primary. you see bernie sanders running to the left and donald trump running to the right. you need to figure out a way to get the core constituency to vote for you. bernie sanders has raised money from over 200,000 individuals, and hillary clinton needs to give red meat to the base, and that's what she's going. when you -- she's doing. >> but, chuck, this economic charade for a second, you're going to have a debate on saturday. if the mainstream media wants to expose this, they'd ask hillary clinton one simple question: why is warren buffett your front man when you disagree with him on climate change, corporate inversions and net metering? the bottom line is, you don't agree with him. she's using buffett to assuage fears about her, and guess what? a lot of people aren't going to catch on to this. she's leading bernie by a great
2:38 pm
margin in the polls, but bernie has two million small dollar donors, and that's a lot of enthusiasm, and wall street and the rich are going to give her as much will the tuesday as possible to stamp out bernie. trish: you know, bernie sanders is a socialist. bernie sanders wants very much to tax the rich, and bernie sanders is captivating the imagination of the very far left of the party, chuck. how difficult is it going to be for her in some of these critical states like new hampshire, for example, where there is clinton fatigue and bernie sanders excitement? >> i'll tell you this cuts across party lines. i've been doing politics for over 24 years, and i've never seen an undertow of anxiety from both sides. you see old people worried about their or college debt can -- young people worried about their college debt, old people worried about their retirement. unless you have a really good job, nobody's advocating for the
2:39 pm
regular working man. trish: they feel like donald trump is though. >> you know, chuck, i actually agree with you, and this is a great opportunity for the gop to be pushing tax reform and talking about the debt particularly with interest rates going up and with corporate inversions. but if we don't do something about this fast, which won't really happen because, basically, the american people have yet to feel the pain, we're going to start having personal inversions, and then 10% of the people in america are paying 70, 75% taxes. if they start leaving, guess what? who's going to pay the taxes? trish: yeah. that's a good question. i've got to leave it there. thank you so much. good to have you guys here, thank you. >> thank you. trish: all right, everyone. if you're worried that there could be terrorists among the thousands of syrian refugees heading to our soil, are you islam phobic? harvard university's office for equity diversion and inclusion sure thinks so, and it is warning students that racial justice includes welcoming syrian refugees.
2:40 pm
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2:42 pm
dropping below $35 a barrel, settling out the day nearly 2% lower, below $35. shares of pandora, we're watching them, they're surging right now, up about 13%. the copyright royalty board ruled that internet broadcasters like pandora will have to pay 20% more to artists starting next year, but executives have been planning on this for a long time, and investors are cheering the announcement said to, perhaps, balance out this rate hike. the intelligence report is going to be right back, and we're going to have my very latest on harvard's pc play and why it's crossing the line. we'll see you right here. ♪ ♪ anncr: when the attacks come here...
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...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio?
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27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. trish: all right. this next story, everyone, really puts the bias of academia very much in focus. harvard's office for equity, diversity and inclusion -- that's a big job there at harvard -- it recently distributed placemats to students ahead of the holidays like you put at your table. they call the program holiday place mat for social justice, a place mat's guide for holiday discussions on race and justice with loved ones. the placement is a guide for holiday discussions on race and justice with loved ones. interesting. well, the place mat is pull of politically-correct -- full of politically-correct stuff, and one section kind of stands out. it's called islam to phobia
2:45 pm
refugees. if someone says, quote, we shouldn't let anyone in the united states from syria, we can't guarantee that terrorists won't infiltrate the ranks of refugees, they're already done it in france, then you're supposed to have a response, because it's seen as insensitive and perhaps even racist, according to harvard. so the office has a suggested response that you could use which is that, quote, the u.s. has been accepting refugees from war-torn areas around the world for decades. remember the wars in central america, they were extremely violent, and the u.s. accepted refugees from all sides of the war and not one instance of violence. let's back up for a second here because, you know, look, why does a student at harvard need a guide on talking about issues like syrian refugees or other current affairs matters with their parents, number one? meanwhile, why do harvard
2:46 pm
university students need to be told what to think? and how to speak to people about contentious topics? i mean, after all, you are at harvard, right? you are at a university, and you should be looking at all forms of thought and forming your own opinion. i mean, isn't that what you're supposed to do at college? gather information and make your own conclusion? do you really need harvard telling you what to think? those wars in central america are completely different than what is happening right now in syria. central american refugees didn't have among them a radical strain of belief dedicated to killing americans, overthrowing the u.s. government and establishing a caliphate. so who is harvard really to determine that racial justice includes welcoming refugees? i mean, how is this even about race? we heard from the doctor who studies terrorism earlier saying it doesn't have to be racism at
2:47 pm
all. this is about politics and the politics of these jihadists. let's allow our universities to be places where all thoughts are welcome. a diversity of expression, a diversity of thought, that's what's supposed to happen in places like harvard university. and there are other things like reality. realities like this. let's listen to jeh johnson talking about the syrian refugees. >> we do have to be concerned about the possibility that a terrorist organization may seek to exploit our refugee resettlement process. trish: all right. did you hear that, harvard? going on to donald trump, everyone. he's doubling down on his stance on families of terrorists. >> when a wife knows exactly what the husband's going to do and the husband goes up and he knocks out 200 people with a bomb, you arrest her. i would do pretty severe stuff
2:48 pm
as far as i'm concerned. >> well, will this just fuel his poll numbers even more? we're going to debate the donald right after this. we'll see you here. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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226 hyde street. google voice: here are your directions. when does my package arrive? google voice: your most recent order has shipped. thank you. setting new home address. text mom: i really like it here. trish: all right. donald trump talking tough on terror saying not only would he take out terrorists, he'd also go after their families. watch this. >> they care more about their families than they care about themselves, so something needs to be done. >> you're going to assassinate them? >> when a wife knows exactly what the husband's going to do, and the husband goes up and he knocks out 200 people -- >> you arrest her. >> -- or he does the cut, i would do pretty severe stuff as far as i'm concerned. trish: what would that severe stuff be? i mean, and let's not forget is going after women and children even ethical or effective? we have all-star analysis from
2:52 pm
gina louden and emily -- [inaudible] good to have both of you here. dean that, starting with you, he's saying, look, you know, everything's on the table. and we need to be thinking about who's connected to these terrorists that maybe might have known. >> uh-huh. trish: is he going further though? i mean, some have suggested that he's saying he would be violent with them, or do you not see it that way? >> this is trump, classic trump throwing the hail mary pass, right? he does that, he gets all the headlines, and then he explains what he means. i think he'll be talking about sensible punishment for conspiracy which is something that the american public is screaming for, especially in light of the san bernardino shootings where there's just no way, use your brain, that mom knew. everyone knows mom knew and yet she's claiming she didn't, and the other side is acting like they buy it. trish: it's hard to imagine how,
2:53 pm
emily, she could have possibly lived in the same house with her son and daughter-in-law where they had pipe bombs, essentially a bomb factory there in the garage, and she didn't know that her son was an extremist, and she didn't know that he was planning some kind of attack? i mean, that does seem hike kind of a leap. -- like some kind of a leap. john john mccain said, look, we need to be looking at everyone connected with these terrorists. do you agree? >> sure. we all agree that is happening. look, we have gone beyond trying to be tough and looking at tough rhetoric and being an apologist for what trump is saying. cruz is saying some very similar things during that debate. they're talking about war crimes. they're talking about bombing civilians, they're talking about -- trish: i mean -- >> -- it's a sanitized term. it's killing innocent people. that is not who we are as a country. trish: actually, i don't think donald trump -- and correct me if i'm wrong on this -- but i don't think he's actually come out and said i would kill the mother, the sisters --
2:54 pm
>> right. trish: you know. he said to bill o'reilly, you saw the clip, i'd be looking at doing some serious stuff. but he hasn't actually come out and said "kill." emily? >> so, i mean, i don't think that we need to get that close into semantics -- trish: no, but that's kind of important. that no, no, no. >> i think it's a really big problem when the leading contender for president of the united states is advocating for something that looks each close to war crimes. no one else is saying anything about it. everybody's considering it to be tough on terrorism. it's a really big problem. trish: he is saying he wants to look at all the people associated, something that, you know, john mccain acknowledged is an important thing to do because you need to be looking at anybody who -- >> who doesn't agree with that? trish: and to be clear, again, he actually hasn't said specifically what he would do, just is suggesting that we should be looking at some of these things. let's look at what we have seen other countries do though, for example. gina, when you look at israel,
2:55 pm
israel will go and plow down the home of a suicide bomber -- >> right. trish: and they will make it extraordinarily difficult for that person to get a work permit to ever work in israel again. does it work though? because you have, you have groups, right? age groups that come along and say, okay, here you go, and build the family a new home. >> within sharia law the most assured way to get to heaven, is to kill for allah. for example, with the san bernardino situation, if the mother knew that that's what her son was planning, it would be -- she would perhaps in her mind think she was being a good mother and helping her son get to heaven most assuredly by killing for allah. so we have a big problem -- trish: so what you're getting at is the religion itself and that fundamentally you've got a problem when islam is advocating for this or the most extreme version, i should say, of islam is advocating for this. >> right.
2:56 pm
i think one of problems and, you know, my background is in psychology, and one of the problems is that we tend to assume western values on radical jihadists. they don't have western values. they have a completely different psychological mindset. and so for that mother, she's going to do everything she can -- trish: but she wasn't an extremist, i mean, that we know of. >> but if she did believe in jihad, she could -- she then absolutely had to believe if her son did this, he was going to go straight to heaven. it's the ticket. and so that's the problem. >> talk about problem, there's two things here that are very big problems whether they're foreign-born or u.s.-born, they can currently buy guns on the terror watch list. that is a very big problem. trish: that's a whole other discussion. thank you so much. i've got some breaking news i've got to get to, the white house announcing president obama will hold a news conference tomorrow before heading to hawaii for vacation. fox business will be there. we will bring it to you live. stay with me, i'm back right after this.
2:57 pm
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>> president obama is meeting with families of the victims of the san bernardino attacks, fox business will be there, we'll bring it to you live. in the meantime we have the market off 162 points, i'm going to turn it over to liz. liz: and, trish, from that breaking news, we bring you this breaking news, the path to end the syrian civil war taking a step forward right now. you're looking live at a summit of finance machinists in the security counsel,, folks, what is happening here? we have jack lieu the chairman, he and that counsel are scheduled to adopt resolution to cut off the flow of money to isis. we will give you all the details here. the u.s. working with of all people russian president vladimir putin, who today held his conference during which -- yeah, he actually endorsed the plan


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