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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 1, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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bully, a threat to liberty. i won't vote for him. that's our show. see you next week. good night from new york. >> we'll have so much winning if i get elected you may get bored with wing. >> same-sex marriage is the law of the land in all 50 states. >> an historic climate agreement was reached by almost 200 countries. no agreement was reached on terrorism. what does this known for america. be ready to send your sons and daughters to another war in iraq. >> no, we have enough to worry about at home. >> race still plays a significant role in who gets ahead in america. john: this year she is favored
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to become our next president. but she got unusual attention. i don't want him or her to be my president. and i won't vote for him. i want a healthy economy and security. and liberty. what are the lessons from 2015. that's our show tonight. john: in the news business we rush to cover events after events. not's time to take a breath and sway happened, what did we learn? it seems americans have not
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learned a lesson about big and reckless government. >> i'm running for president. >> i'm officially running for president of the united states. john: trump and clinton are leading in the polls. but one thing i have learned is polls don't known squat. but before we get to that, we have lots to cover. terrorism, racism, the economy, political correctness, obamacare's problems, gay marriage, global warming and more. let's go to our all-star panel katherine mangu-ward, and deneen borelli and dean mitchell. >> i'm voting for anyone because i don't vote. john: because? >> maybe don't want to encourage those guys. if i did vote i like rand paul. i like him as a counter point to
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trump and the hawk i -- the has of both parties. john: he's disappointed me. what would you say about the presidential race? >> donald trump is a surprise. everyone those wouldn't get in. then they thought he would fade. he's still there. what's frustrating even though i don't have a choice myself, there are small government candidates in the race. rand paul, marco rubio, ted cruz, they may have views i don't agree with, but whether our welfare state will metastasize into a greek-style today tras to fee, i think they -- catastrophe, i think they would do the right thing. >> i can tell you who i'm not going to vote for.
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that's hillary clinton. she is not credible. 60% of americans don't trust the woman. she has a lot of issues going on in her camp. john: in the betting which is more reliable than the polls, she is above 50%. >> the news is not focused on her. she is getting a free ride. do i like her, do i think she should be president, they capture she'll be president and the betting markets say yes. john: it does she she is way ahead. on the republican side marco rubio is the frontrunner. why is he behind trump and cruz
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in the polls? >> ultimately until we get to the caucus in iowa and the new hampshire primary, we won't know. at this time in 2008 and 2012, the people who were ahead in the contested caucasus in iowa didn't win. john: people have lives and they are thinking about food and sex and food again. you say who are you going to vote for and they say who's running? >> we are not living through the giuliani presidency. >> i talk to a lot of people, even those in my church and they are asking me all the time, did you see what so and so said? did you see what's happening? what trump has done has galvanized americans to be focused more on the primary and what's going on. people from working and raising their families and they are busy. but they are also looking at what the candidates are saying. where they are standing on
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certain policies. i think there is a different dynamic to this. this is different election and not politics as usual. >> i'm not sure trump would do the right thing he got elected, but he is channeling a lot of dissatisfaction with the status quo. i am gleads' raising a raucous. john rrp whatever you have think of him, and i think he's an arrogant bully, he has made the race livelier. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. john: you all agree with that? got to go with trump on that. i'm not being led. i want some one to preside over the government, but he's not my leader. >> i don't think we are led by stupid people. i think we are led by smart people with terrible incentive
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to the grow government and go to war. trump in his way is a smart guy. if he winds up in the white house it won't be a stupidity issue. it's a lack of continues season toughs to do bad. a leadership issue. that's how i see it. i think that's why so many americans are frustrated. they are tired of politicians doing and saying whatever to get elected. oncer in in office we don't know who this person is. john: do you want to be led by your president? >> a person to be a leader. to be a leader and stands if you for americans. stands up for a small government. personal responsibility. >> trump don't come across as an alpha male. you do need someone with a powerful personality to make the kinds much reforms that we need.
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john: gay marriage. now legal. >> everybody talking about it. suddenly it's gone from the public debate. >> i think it's been very interesting. we had many of the front runners in the republican race saying would i go to a gay wedding, then waiting to see what people would say. and i think not seeing a negative reaction to that. john: now we have that global warming deal. >> all that hoopla in paris doesn't have any teeth in it. it's all voluntary. the obama administration was fighting to make sure it many voluntary. they knew if it had veal teeth tonight it would blow up and be
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deep end arrival in congress. >> this was obama's pet peeve early on. he wants to promote renewable energy sources. it's outrageous. we have a president who was pushing this initiative and harming americans and harming our economy. >> obama promised electricity rates would sky rocket if he got his way. he wasn't able to because natural gas replaced coal. the refugee problem it breaks my heart to look at these pictures and see these people. i assume mostly innocent, helpless. we could help them and they could have a better life in america. but some of them might want to kill me. >> we have to have a better vetting process in our country. we have to have a better process
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before we allow these individuals to come to the united states. we hear this rhetoric with all of immigration. first we've have to solve an unsolvable problem, then we can let the people in need come in and the vast majority will contribute to the bottom line our country and the health of our culture. we can't say build a giant border wall, then let them in. we can't say perfect the vetting program then let them in. john: because when can't build the wall, they will go around the wall? >> it's an impossible claim. and the economic claims are real. there is vast good done not only from the humanitarian perspective by those people. john >> you have people who want to kill us and they are using our laws against us, they are using our sympathy against us. it's p.c. gone wild.
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meanwhile we have 14 americans who were slaughtered because they have happened to go to work that day and went to a christmas party. >> we can't say low pressure a big wall and keep everyone out. >> we need a better vetting process because right now it's not working. >> the facts that one of the san bernardino terrorists was on social media saying she favored jihad. certainly a little rudd i amry check would help. john: the department homeland security said we are not going to look at your social media because we don't want to offend you. but there are similar reports from somebody at cato saying i have contacts saying people were checked. it channels a lot of these people into welfare dependency.
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we have seen thatf with the somali community in minnesota. and they have been sending people back to fight for al-shabaab. you trap them in welfare dependency. young men with nothing but time on their hands is a recipe for trouble. john: i asked you what are the important le sorns from 2015. when we continue we'll cover racism, socialism and terror.
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john: 2015 brought plenty of bad news like new forms of terrorism. in paris there was the "charlie hebdo" attack. then the bigger massacre. 130 people killed. the french president is declaring a war which will be pitiless.
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john: then isis attacked in america. >> the single deadliest terror attack since 9/11. john: what did we learn about islamic terror? >> i think we learned a lot of the islamic terror we'll be seeing next year is somewhat autonomous. people who are self-radicalized and operating somewhat independently, which makes the task for those who would argue for more security even harder. >> we need a plan for what our goals and objectives are. we can't stick around head in the sand. >> i don't get what the plan is. >> listen to our military experts. i don't think the president goes to the briefings like he should.
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waste is, we need a goal. they need to meet the objective. in order to do so you have to start with a concrete plan and take it from there. john: a lot of my colleagues at fox want america to respond much more aggressively. >> it's time to stop use footing around. time to stop this politically incorrect nonsense worrying about other people's feeling. pull out all the stops and start fighting for the survival of this country on our way of life. john: pull out all the stops. >> if it means killing people who are trying to kill us, yes that's a function of government. maybe if we concentrated on what government should do. who got fired after 9/11? who gets fired for any of these crewups where we let people come in who are trying to kill us. for obama to try to use the
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terrorist incident as an excuse to push more gun control, what i would want is more armed americans around. katherine made a good point. we don't have the ability to stop everything in the age of youtube and twitter. he can get a gun even in europe where there is gun control. bad things probably will happen even if we have the most competent government in the world. if those bad things are going to happen, i want to make sure other people are there as quickly as possible to shoot back. >> we have a president who says that he was happy about the climate change agreement and saying that that was a bigger achievement and bigger issue versus getting the terrorists and what we need to do with terrorism. reporter: judge pe pirro said bb
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them, stop the refugees from coming, close the borders. >> i think we have to put everything on the table. we are talking about terrorists who want to harm and kill americans because they don't like our way of life. this is america. john: they hate our way of life. but the people killing us say the reason they are killing us is because we are in their country. >> i think that's part of it. if we weren't intervening as much in the middle east, i'll bet fewer of them would want to kill us. >> but there are probably some of them who think western society with classical liberal values is them. idirks -- irks them. france doesn't have a long track record.
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john: he screamed, this is for syria. >> bin laden said i don't like the u.s. bases in saudi arabia. isis doesn't say that. they use a much more universal rhetoric and something like we hate your way of life. john: a lot of the strive and fighting is between sunni and shiia muslims. why we weren't to step in the middle of that. we are fighting against -- we are fighting as a side of isis in syria and trying to knock out assad. then in iraq we are fighting against isis. we have a completely incoherent strategy. we are going to go home. if you leave us alone we'll leave you alone. it won't solve all the problem because some of those people i think do hate us. but i think that's probably the safest strategy.
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john: i agree. but i think we are in the minority as is rand paul who was instrumental in getting the nsa to stop its mass data collection. >> if that program were still in place the feds could have taken the cell phones of those terrorist animals and immediately connected them to their contacts. ladies and gentlemen, the jackals are at the door. john: rand paul and the people i talked to said we haven't caught anybody through this program. >> there is a cycle of hope and despair about surveillance. the first moment is okay, this type we can read everyone's email, we can monitor he social media feed. we are going to get them. then somebody said, that may not be constitutional. in the end when anything happens. when we are scared.
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the people who said let's think think about this. they have a finger pointed at them. john: this is a painless way to keep an eye on someone. it's not as intrusive as following them. you support this? >> no, why intrude on all americans when there is only a subset of who they are looking for. it didn't work for the boston bombers. the information they have is too much data. why include all americans when all americans aren't the problem. >> always ask this of the people have much into government surveillance. give me some evidence what we are doing is work and maybe i can be convinced to do more of it. john: it's secret, we can't give that evidence. >> we tights catch people who buy and sell drugs. >> there is a brother net cast.
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but terrorists, not so much. john: one closing note from social media. jamie tweeted terror and murder are declining. that is true and a good point. we'll have more on that. and what the panel would say is the best stories of 2015 later in the show. if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um..." or "no comment". then there's esurance - born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save: hassle, time, paper work, hair tearing out and,
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>> the release of graphic police dash cam video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a 17-year-old man. >> people are justifiably upset the officers shot that boy 17 times. he may have been walking in the other direction. chicago officials wouldn't
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release this video until the court forced them to. there was more fuel for this year's black lives matter movement. advocates say things like this. >> the lives of black folks and black people all over the country have been unfairly targeted for demise. john: targeted for demise. really? >> this whole move. is doing a disservice. they are trying to make any minority out to be the victim and make it the us versus them. this goes back to the michael brown and hands up, don't shoot which was a lie. >> otherwise don't they have a point? haven't there been a lot of police officers? >> that's two different dynamics. they are trying to paint the picture that this is something that is police all the time. but the police is always wrong. when you are looking at these
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urban community, a lot of them are on fire. i know a lot of police officers, they are hard working men and women. they are not setting out on a daily basis thinking how many black guys they are going to shoot. john: dan, cato institute where you work has the worst national police misconduct report. >> if we weren't increasing fines andf do you think the guy garner who got killed in new york city in it was because cigarette tax were so high. stupid government enforcement collection tactic. that's outrageous. >> progressive policies are failing these community.
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you need less tax and better schools so people have a better future. i think one reason there is violence and a strong reaction against what we perceive as police brutality, now we can see it. what we are seeing is probably this behavior was if anything more present lengths in the past. but they protect their own but police unions have long gone out of their way to stop discipline. john: black lives matter disrupted speeches given by presidential candidates. here they interrupt hillary clinton.
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>> using the power of the feelings that come forward. yes, they do. john: she smiles and continues her speech to pander to the hecklers. >> race still plays a significant role in who gets ahead in america and who gets left behind. john john: deneen, i ask you as a black person. >> get an education, work hard. go to college, learn a trade. it's contents of character. the protesters interrupting these big name, big time politicians. it's the weird up surgeons of donald trump. john rsh i think it's rude and obnoxious. next, this year's economic lessons.
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this company had a contract to build keystone's pipes. now they sit in this warehouse. now they sit in this warehouse. the owner calls it ♪(banjo) ♪ooooh ♪i hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow♪ ♪and each road leads you where you want to go♪ ♪and if you're faced with a choice and you have to choose♪ ♪i hope you choose the one that means the most to you♪
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♪and if one door opens to another door closed♪ ♪i hope you keep on walkin till you find the window♪ ♪if it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile♪ ♪but more than anything ♪more than anything ♪my wish for you ♪is that this life becomes all that you want it to♪ ♪your dreams stay big, your worries stay small♪ ♪you never need to carry more than you can hold♪ ♪and while you're out there gettin where you're gettin to♪ ♪i hope you know somebody loves you♪ ♪and wants the same things too♪ ♪yeah, this is my wish ♪may all your dreams stay big
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>> this campaign is going to send a message to the billionaire class. you can't have it all. john: i'm struck by how today's news often makes us forget what was big news just a few months before. early this year the big news was something no one was talking about now, the greek financial crisis and the surge in popularity of socialist bernie sanders who wants to turn america into greece. >> as president i will fight to make tunisian public colleges and universities free. john: free stuff.
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people like that. everybody likes free stuff, nobody wants to pay for it. when you have -- an entire society based around that. the problem hasn't gone away. the demographics are there. and the long-term prognosis is very grim because you are eating away at the capital of people destroying their independence and self-reliance. john: the rich have gotten much richer than the poor so the issue of income inequality. >> it's true there are disparents in wealth and you look next door and see the next guy has a bigger house or bigger car you will feel bad about it. but there was a pew report that came out showing the middle class was shrinking. but the upper class, the top was
12:39 am
actually growing and has been growing the last several decades. the middle class was getting richer. some rich people were getting poorer by the way which is something nobody talks about. >> americans want to be able to work and raise their families, and they don't want the boost government on their neck. john: democrats say the government isn't a boot on the neck. it's there to help the poor hence the minimum wage. >> ask yourself, do you want to give each other free stuff like italy or do we want a society you have get is some people get better off faster than others. john: one big environmental issue was on steroids. some of the president's plans
12:40 am
were squelched by congress or koarts. but he did kill the keystone pipeline, thereby destroying jobs and money. this company had a contract to provide keystone's pipes. >> there is probably $3 million to $4 million sitting here. john: why any company would want to build in america when you wait 7 years then get turned down. >> it's amazing how this president was able to kill the coal industry. he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry. and he has met that objective. >> we have a chafort how the stocks have gone down. >> the government has killed an industry. john: so what, it's a filthy industry and we can get energy
12:41 am
from natural gas. >> tell that to the coal miners. they have been december made it and it's heartbreaking to see them when they lose their jobs. what else are they going to do in these community? these community are ghost towns. >> and at the same time the administration is schizophrenic about the airline industry. cutting even just the smallest most obviously correct crony capital institution did happen. that's just giant chunks of money take from the american taxpayer and dumped into the hands of boeing. john: when i asked what story should teach us something. pearl says the failure of
12:42 am
obamacare. i think this is great news. not that people's healthcare plans are growing. >> obama is teaching the entire country that big government doesn't v very well. now that we know it doesn't work very well will we ever get people in washington who will roll it back? >> i wish i heard this idea, oh, this time. the pony is coming. the idea people look at obamacare after having witnessed similar failures. this time, i got it now. john: coming up, good news. plus ... ugly lessons in political correctness.
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john: if you follow me on social media, what did you learn from news stories in 2015? berks rnel wrote, we are way too
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sensitive to issues of race and ethnicity. paul wrote this was the year being offended. the university of tennessee student were told don't use hip or her, use gender neutral word. even president obama told student to stop trying to shut debate down. >> you should have an argument with them but you shouldn't silence them by saying you can't come because i'm too sensitive. john: some student are so self-righteous in their demand for safe spaces. at yale when a professor said people shouldn't censor
12:48 am
halloween costumes, this happened. it's about creating a home here. yawn * what's yong with being nice? >> as a proud yale graduate that video gives me the chills. there is something very wrong with favoring niceness over intellectual debate on a college campus. >> this kind of stuff doesn't have any implications in the real world. in the real world if you are mean and nasty and bigoted the company will fire you. but there is no safe space. john: these are our future leaders. >> if these student grow up and have an influence on society, it's time to move to australia.
12:49 am
>> it's setting them up for failure. in the real world you are going to be told no and you will be told thing you won't like. and that's the real world. john: what's your good news tory this year? >> what happened in charleston, south carolina after that horrific church shooting. they were supporting each other of all races and background it was the polar opposite of what we saw happen on the streets of ferguson. the fact that states aren't moving to to be decriminalized. you don't have to agree you might not like gaze. but people i think are increasingly saying if you aren't hurting me it's your business to do what you want to do. >> my good news in 2015 is the good news of he year. the amazing growth of technology in the private sector.
12:50 am
i want to single out crispr technology. it's great that lettuce is crispier than it used to be. remember when word processing software, cut and paste became a thing and you didn't have to retype a sentence. this is that but for genes. kids will be able to do gene editing in their bedrooms in a lab very soon. john: their own genes? and change their bodies? >> that may be a ways off. but trying out new genetic imings and vanquishing disease. john: won't conservatives say this must be band, this is tampering with nature. >> some conservatives will say that and they will always be wrong. john: dan, something you said earlier. this was the year for the first type i heard presidential candidates talk about financial
12:51 am
responsibility. i used to feel hopeless. they all wanted to give you more free stuff. they all sounded like bernie sanders. now at least some are saying we are going broke. do people have a sense i should be responsible for my own life, i shouldn't try to use the course of power of government to take from my neighbors. i should work hard and teak care of my family and be tolerant of others as long as they are not trying to interfere with me. you do those thing and that's the building blocks of a healthy, prosperous society. john: thank you, and. next, some more good news and something creepy and frightening.
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john: that remind me of a column i read titled "no political guardrail." if you are drivingen fall asleep or make a mistake or maybe you are a bad driver, we hope there are guardrails to guide us back to a safer and better path. kip werel -- kimberly strassel d the term political guardrails.
12:56 am
obama wants what he wants. if it's problematic he unilaterally alters the law. if the senate won't confirm his nominees, he declares a recess and installs them anyway. hillary clinton promises that's how she'll govern. she and her fellow liberals don't like guns. so she promises to unilaterally impose such a system. and if congress rejects her tax on corporations. >> if congress won't act, then i will ask the treasury department to use it regulatory authority if that's what it takes. reporter: donald trump also acts like guardrails are for losers. >> donald j. trump is calling
12:57 am
for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. john: he says he will deport muslims, close mosques and seize oil. can such people be trusted. of course, not says strassel. she also point out the president used the irs to target conservatives. now some republicans are demanding the irs audit the clinton foundation. when did the conservatives go from want to go abolish the irs to wanting to punish rivals. the constitution ordered leaders to stay within guardrails.
12:58 am
and left americans mostly to our own devices and that created the most prosperous country in the history of the world. but now politicians act like guardrails are just an annoyance. the more outrageous trump is the more his numbers soar. the more hillary clinton plans to jam an agenda down the throafts her enemies, the more enthusiastic her base. that's the bad news this year. but let's end the show on some good news. break political guardrails sometimes create some good things. this year some stood children got good news. these seven states passed education choice programs.
12:59 am
that means some kids who were locked in crummy government schools got better options. more state decided to allow adult to get high or medicate themselves. recreational weed was legalized in alaska, oregon and washington, d.c. >> d.c. has gone green. pot legal to smoke in your own home. people who want to marry some unof their own gender now can. >> gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. john: i wish it had happened through popular will and not a federal court mandate. but allowing that choice is a good thing. despite all this year's scary coverage of crime and terrorism. crime continues to drop. despite the hysteria about income inequality, the poor and
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middle class are getting richer. if people are left free, good things usually happen. that's our show. see you next week. ertisement for time life's video collection. (soft piano music) well, hello. i'm carol burnett and i'm here at cbs in los angeles at studio 33. come on in. (tv show announcer) from television city in hollywood... (jaunty theme music) ♪'s the carol burnett show! (carol burnett) this is the stage where it all began. we shot all 11 seasons of my variety show here. you know, we made so many great memories. but no one has seen the first five seasons of the carol burnett show since they were first aired. no reruns, no web streaming, no dvd, nothin', nowhere, zip. until now!


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