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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 20, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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lou: thank you, ladies. we are out of time. 78% say donald trump's support t recent poll. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: i'm watching hillary get giddy because she has a new boyfriend, and it's not huma. it's president obama. hillary's chief you are got william jefferson clinton has failed to swoon the base pinning the predatory tail on the past president. now hillary is like sharon stone? "casino" look for a new sponsor. she should try that air cut. sit would be awesome. what caused this level of clumsy
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adolescent adoration. she was fall foliage all over him. >> i personally believe president obama's work to push through the dodd-frank bill and seen it was one of the most important regulatory schemes we have had since the 19330s. so i'll defend dod d-frank and obama. >> i'm not froirng my husband's third term or president obama's third term. i'm running for my first term. ken require sounds like she is running for desperate lady-in-chief. back in 2008 she and obama hate the each other. >> if your candidates i is going to be about words, they should be your own words. that's a simple proposition. and, you know, lifting whole
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passages from someone else's speeches is not change you can believe in, it's change you cann xerox. >> while i was work on the streets, you work on the board of wart mart. -- the board of walmart. >> it was like two awkward teenagers. we've sat and cleared the air between us. >> did you have a glass of wine? >> a glass of wine helped a little. kennedy: they still hate each other. who are they kidding. with this level of obsession it will be hard walk the pony back in the barn. those fall foliage words this sunday, an inauthentic as desperate as they were, will
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come back to hang her. the supreme court with an immigration showdown. the high court will rule on president obama's amnesty orders. f.b.i. agent who disappeared in iran. kt mcfarland will break it down for us. spike lee and others say they are planning a boycott of the oscars. hillary clinton snuggling up to potus. the bernie sanders still gaining ground on her, and the newest monmouth mol, hillary has a 15-point lead over sanders, less than half of what she had a month ago. a lot can happen in a month and a lot can happen with our party
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and when we decide to party. julie banderas is here, a fox news correspondent, and andy levy, the father of her third child and co-host of red. >> i. so julie banderas. am i right? bill obviously got thumped and thwarted, has she moved on? >> i don't understand why? he hasn't even endorsed her as a frontrunner. he hasn't endorsed her as a potential president. his obama care, she says it's the greatest thing. his involvement in syria and bashar al-assad and how he wants to continue to support hip. his deal in iran which make america look weak. all of these three things. probably three of the biggest issues coming up in this election she is back.
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why would people want four more years of obama. and yes it's like a third term. >> you have to ask yourself under this president, do i have more money, am i better off than i was? am i more free? >> no, we have isis now. kennedy: is it surprising to you that she is being so opportunistic? >> are you trying to tell me hillary clinton is going to exploit a relationship with a powerful man for political gain? is her voice coming out of her forehead. it's beyond nasal. her thoughts are being projected out into the audience. kennedy: it the the most unattractive voice i have heard in a debate. >> it's amazing how she tries to be everything. she changes her positions like she changes the baseball team
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she is rooting for. >> you can't peak out of hour forehead with it many filled with botox. kennedy: is this her fourth strategy? she tried so many thing this campaign. she is doing the nay-nay. >> she'll probably ultimately be the democratic nominee and i'll have to move to guam. kennedy: again. >> it's masochistic to watch her flounder from strategy to strategy that only someone with no soul can do. if you like your obama you can keep your obama. but next week who knows what it will be. kennedy: this is why young people like bernie sanders. he's authentic. he has the same voice, the say message. it's so embarrassing and clumsy.
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>> in bern christmas defense it worked for george mcgovern for it should work for him. kennedy: donald trump and ted cruz continued to bloody each other on the campaign trail in a fight that quickly escalated teen all-out war. the candidate are weakened enough that it opens a lane for an establishment candidate to rise like yeasty bread. maybe on some level this was ted's strategy. i'll be super nice. i won't poke the bear. so right before iowa. >> if he's going to have a personality test, at least trump is a loveable jerk. where cruz comes off as a jerk. i think the better strategy. i hope this is what rubio is going to do. don't hit trump from the front. let him bull through and wait until the field sorts itself out.
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cruz -- no one like him. what you say about trump, he has people who are crazy. kennedy: isn't it important to be likeable as president? >> yes. america want a president who flies off the handle and uses social media. kennedy: everyone else want world war ii t iii to start on l media. >> one day you are best friends with somebody and the next day you are mercilessly attacking them. kennedy: being an 8th grade girl. >> not on was cruz not attacking trump until recently, he was calling him things like terrific. and now he's attacking him on eminent domain. that's something libertarians and conservatives have been hitting trump on for a while and
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raising the red flags and cruz was utterly silent about it. but now the best thing to me is trump is now saying cruz is not likeable. and talking about how you can't call people liars on the floor of the senate. if you are getting a lesson in civility from donald trump you are not doing well. kennedy: how is this going to end? >> it's annoying to hear republicans fighting amongst each other and the behind party bickering. what they should be talking about is obama's plan. if there is some concern about immigration million immigrant who will be legalized, given social security and medicare benefit and further burden our tax system, that's what i would like to hear trump and cruz throwing spars at each other about. kennedy: all that on add to the national debt.
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basically we are screwed. everyone go on twitter and we'll commiserate there. foot and of bernie sanders snubbing debbie wasserman-shultz. the supreme court says it will rule on president obama's amnesty orders.
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kennedy: chalk up a massive fail for cnbc. many americans were furious at cnby for their buys and unfair questions in the republican debate. the republican party is giving nbc the cold shoulder. that cnbc debate was such a disaster. >> i think crapfest was the word pundits were throwing around. >> it's not a shock the rnc did this. they have been talking about it for a while. they are keeping their partnership with telemundo even
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though it's owned by nbc universal. i understand why the rnc wanted to do that but i'm surprised telemundo went along with it. kennedy: the happy birthday song is owned by nbc and universal. they own the patent to the automobile. i have to ask you, should political parties be forced to hold their debate on networks that are not necessarily going to be -- >> no. i'm glad gop did this. it's like going to play in an away game. if you look at the fir debate, they asked harder questions here on fox news. and it's just absurd they would have to be -- i not' a debate. but we save the in the previous election. kennedy: it was a mutiny on cnbc. not on were they bad questions,
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but they were poorly researched. the candidates got together it was an uprising. what do you think of all that? >> i see what the rnc is doing. i do, however, have problems with the politicians having problems with tough questions. i get the gotcha questions. but you have got nbc that turned its back on donald trump for his comments on mexican illegals and drugs and crimes but they are still wanting to do business with him. it's a taste of their own medicine. kennedy: dnc chair debbie wasserman shuttle has done a terrific job scheduling the democratic debates when no one will be watching. one on a three-day weekend and another computing with the nfl playoffs. bernie sanders apparently thinks
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she is purposely fumbling the debates so nobody will watch. all right. so do these two hate each 0 other? >> if you think the handshake was awkward. you should have seen the makeout session afterwards. >> but ways the next debate going to be scheduled at 2:00 a.m.? it's ridiculous. if anyone come plains about the gop trying to move their debates. she is trying to screw over bernie sanders. i'm glad he called her out on it. kennedy: martin o'malley was wearing a shock collar and any time he spoke he got a bolt of electricity.
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>> the dnc buried bernie sanders. it's clear they want hillary clinton. what if she is buried in criminal charges. then they have bernie sanders and he can save the dnc from losing? kennedy: between hillary clinton and ted cruz they could be tide up in court for so long. >> i'm fantasizing about hillary clinton being tide up in federal charges. of course bernie is going -- i'm ignoring you -- of course bernie is going to give her an awkward handshake. she is actively working against one of her own presidential candidates. she is awful. she is oh lucky that she has chosen the one profession where being an inveterate liar is an asset. she is no good at lying. kennedy: it's the definition of
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the word maximize. >> the dnc won't debate on fox. coming you have later. the panel returns. are the oscars racist? i'll tell you have the details of the story being left out. president obama's amnesty orders could have trouble. judge napolitano will explain everything and he will not deport you. he's on deck next. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients
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the obama administration says prosecuting immigrants is under executive discretion. but others argue it's unconstitutional. we bring in judge napolitano. our senior judicial analyst. ways he's doing constitutional? judge napolitano: the first said of federal judges who looked at it said no. the second set agreed with the first set. so the three federal judges that looked at this. of the 40s federal judges that looked at this, three have said it's unconstitutional, one said it is. when the supreme court says it wants to hear something, it doesn't might's going reverse what's below. it could mean they wants to refine what was decide below. the reason i emphasize this is this morning when the supreme court said they are going to take the case, they directed the federal government and the 26
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states suing the federal government to address something called the take care clause. kennedy: how is that important? >> the take care clause, you do a great job. you do a better job than the president does take care the law is being even forced. the take care clause of the constitution says the president shall take care the laws are even forced faithfully. sow the supreme court is zeroing in on this. is he enforcing the lawyer or change it. never minds i that his heart tonight right place and the requirements are good requirements. he made them you have, that's wait appears the court is zeroing in on and that's his weakest grounds. >> it seems the supreme court has to clarify some of this stuff and it seems important enough. >> the timing is almost off the call. the timing is the end of june, three weeks before the republican convention in
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cleveland. kennedy: do you think that bodes well for republicans or democrats? >> it depends on the outcome. even though the supreme court reads election returns like the rest of us, they don't care. they are going to rule way they think the constitution was intended to mean and they will ruler respective of the politics. if the republican nominee is unknown by the end of june, this might give impetus to one person or another. >> the strange election could get stranger. not on is hoik embracing the president's policies. she may have trouble getting the nomination if her legal woes continue. last week we heard the f.b.i. is also investigating the foundation and the pay for play charges. but now she had secret emails
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above top secret, a december designation. there are no charges yet. judge napolitano: we learned she had a half dozen emails on her home server. she shared a lot of see krets with her friends said blumenthal. en we know these six emails were special access emails that are even a more secretive characteristic than top secret. one can only speculate what this is. it's probably names of foreign agents cooperating with american intelligence. the highest category of protected assets that the federal government has. those names should be put into a non-secure location is a clear direct profound violation of the
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statute she took an oath to uphold on january 22. >> i think she will be indicted. i think she'll never be the democratic nominee because of the indictment. >> is this more problematic for her than the clinton foundation? >> this just adds to her legal woes. she laughs of -- laughs off her legal woes. it mocks the f.b.i. agents investigating her and it mocks the laws she took an oath to uphold. kennedy: it seems there is a direct correlation between the information that comes out and her sagging poll numbers as if the democratic electorate is getting wise to her shenanigans. clarity in all areas. we love it. snoop dogg married in planet earth.
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kennedy: welcome the truth, justice and the only news you need to fit into your eye holes. topic number 1. this dog take the pain away when you are hurt and he's fun to party with when you want to feel good. he makes a perfect narrator for the discovery channel "planet earth." this is how it's normally voiced. kennedy: i have got a lot of fur. the man doesn't need a ph.d in
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biology. all he needs to do is call it like it is. here is the snoop version. >> the mongoose's, wow. it's about 126 them back to gator up. i never saw no gator punked by man gooses. back up. that's a swamp. get your nut on. now he's running up a tree. now he can really get his nut on. there he goes. kennedy: i want to see the unbleeped version. the animal kingdom has universal element. animals are driven to eat, meat and protect these nuts. topic number 2. if you are a trampoline owner
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you know how annoying it is when a stray washing machine juan ders into your yard and jumps on to your blanket like this one. that's like what would happen if r2 -- 2 chased nose candy with three pot of candy. it's a -- eaf punk concert gone horribly wrong. slight off next to the driver. it bounces away. such a tragedy. my whites will never be their whitest. even laundry has white privilege. it's been a rough few years for american workers and their families and wages stagnate and good jobs evaporate.
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there is a correlating spike in depression rates. humans aren't the only ones affected. look at this sign from i now. it's not some photo shopped internet hoax. deer are throwing themselves into cars helping to end it all and only your village lens can help. these friend of bambi feel there is no other choice but to end it all and face another day on the bread lines or in the forest looking for bugs or something. here is video of a suicidal bear who thank god didn't succeed on his depression mission. he runs off. he says i'm going to do a springy flip-around then just run off. when you see a suicidal deer, don't hit it, hug it. thank you. topic number 4.
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gorillas are highly intelligent capable of understanding 2,000 word of spoken english. and they are capable of using sign language to communicate up to 1,000 word. but not all of those word are warm and fuzzy. look what happens when one ape accused the other of liking nickelback. oh, no. there is on room for one silverback. take that. i know that was violent and disturbing and i'm sorry, but please don't worry. not on did the apes make up, they pulled their entire troop together to work toward a common goal. watch.
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topic number 5. snow is weird if never seen it before. it's hard water that falls from the sky. it's like cloud dan duress. one little girl didn't believe that when her dad tried to explain. >> snow falls from the sky. and it blanket everything. >> daddy's funny. >> it's a true story. you don't believe it? >> hah, hah, hah. kennedy: she is so adorable. apparently -- it's important to teach your kid about snow early so they can prepare themselves pore potential attacks like the time the abominable snowman came after my family in aspen.
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y white privilege. it's just gross. i have yet to see your weird stories in the "topical storm." you can tweet me @kennedynation. use #topicalstorm. and you can find pictures of me and my cute dog on instagram. jake lee and will smith's wife ♪
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kennedy: we are doing very
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serious work here and i'm glad you are here to observe. for a second year in a row all the oscar acting mom please white prompting spike lee and jada smith to boycott what they think are skewed nominees. >> friend, there is a lot of [bleep] going not world that you all don't seem to recognize. people are dying, our boys are being shot left and right. people are hungry. people are trying to pay bills, and you talk about some [bleep] actors and oscars. and i just think -- kennedy: if only there were an award for spontaneous social media video presentations she would win. or maybe she would be left off the list. our pant is back. are the oscars too white?
12:41 am
i know you are passionate about this. >> they are too white. i hate that whole there are all these important things going on. you can in the grand scheme of things being nominated for an acad michigan award isn't important. if you are an actor and that's your today right' important you have to. so stop with people are getting killed somewhere else. we know. our theory as to why there are no plaque actors or directors. hollywood loves to nominate people who make those kinds of movies because it shows they get. you can have michael b. jordan and creed dean album. all three of them were worlds better than ryan cranston in trumbo. but he's playing -- he's playing
12:42 am
and old socialist who is screwed by washington. ken require' not just african-americans, you are talking about latinos. >> i'm only talk about african-americans just to be clear. >> i agree there is a problem there are 20 white actors nominated for oscars and no black. but i have a problem with them calling on chris rock who is black to say he should boycott it. chris rock will have a voice. he tweeted the oscars, the white best d. awards. they do have an awards show that gives away only black awards. i think think should be no such thing. the awards shows should come together. kennedy: i have been nominated for best t. four times.
12:43 am
should chris rock step down? >> of course not. awards shows in general are stupid. >> even the nerds, to mention martin luther king. the wealth irrich people get together party it's nonsense. sighs cube saying right along, too, to knock star wars off. kennedy: "star wars" was snubbed. but i'm not going to show up at the oscars. i don't have a ticket and i was point in right. valentine's day is coming up. your favorite restaurant is booked white castle is taking reservations. if they are booked you can drink a gold of wine and cry while you
12:44 am
are watching "love actually." >> people are going on social media and asking people to tweet white castle if they go there for valentine's day. >> as anyone who has ever eaten at white castle can tell you, the biggers are amazing. they do things to your stomach that are decidedly unromantic. >> on second thought i'll go to white castle. >> it's under the hashtag champagne and diarrhea which is my least favorite prince album. kennedy: the guitarist is on track four. thank you very much. full heart.
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kennedy: welcome back. iran freepped several hostages in a prisoner swap with the united states. one of the hostages not released was former f.b.i. agent robert levinson. he went missing in iran in 2007. while the iranian government claims to not know his whereabouts, his family is furious the administration has
12:49 am
done nothing to bring him back. >> the same thing secretary kerry said in december they said the other day it won't be enough. they have had almost 7 years. the obama administration and the last two administrations it's ridiculous he's not home by now. kennedy: the white house says levinson is no longer in iran. >> we have reason to believe he moms longer in iran. that's why we continue to press for information about his whereabouts. and we are going to continue to do that and we secured a commitment from the iranians to use the channel that has been offed to secure the release of those individuals we know were being held by iran unjustly. to use those channels to gather information about mr. levinson's possible whereabouts. kennedy: josh, shove it up your channel.
12:50 am
if he's not iran, where is he? kt mcfarld. where do you believe bob levinson is? >> i think he's probably dead. for the white house to keep each plying he's somewhere else, he's left. what's that supposed to mean? i talked to one man with close connections in iran. he said there had been proof of life or reports of proof of life several years ago, then a year or two after that said he was dead. he was not a young man, an had health issues. chances are he's probably no longer alive. for the iranian government, for the white house to spring everybody along i think is pretty amazing. kennedy: it's sadistic and cruel. >> no longer in iran? what's that suppose to be snow's in another country? i think it many a bizarre thing. kennedy: if you have got some intelligence don't be so vague
12:51 am
with it. and talk with the families. his wife christine has been vocal. >> when i was in the reagan administration a man was captured by heads bow la, no one knew where he was for over a year. it turned out he was held, tortured and killed. but to, his wife and daughter for that period where they didn't know what happened. the big question mark is often harder than the ultimate conclusion. kennedy: was levinson a spy? >> no one knows. there are reports he was freelancing for the cia give had a long background in intelligence. kennedy: he was in iran, he was in the good health. why wove put himself in that position? >> so many unanswered questions. for the administration to say he moms longer in iran put a bigger
12:52 am
and sadly worse question. kennedy: he said efrain out of medicine. now let's go to the moderate and the election coming up next month in iran. this administration is banking on the facts with all this new money some how the voters in iran will get a whiff of it and change their regime. >> the idea was they will give everything at once, it will strengthen the hands of the moderate, they will prevail in the february elections. threat get in -- they will get in office and change their evil ways. guess what happened in the last 40 hours. the supreme leader of iran said no, none of those moderate are going to run. then the second thing that happened is the release of the videos of the american sailors
12:53 am
on their knees. when secretary kerry announced we have this great, they are release our people. he didn't know about that video. the iranians snuckerred him again. the two early warning indicators? is this a new relationship with a new and reformed iran? doesn't look good so far. kennedy: kt mcfarld, thank you so much. keep an eye on the world so it keeps spinning. kt's job. we have new information on america's debt bomb. is america barreling toward if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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kennedy: i need you. there i news out of washington
12:57 am
about the national debt. guess what? it's horrendous. the deficit, i'll give you the row cab glossary sheet. the deficit projected to be a whopping $544 bi. higher than it's been in the last six years. the overall debt is close to $19 trillion. is the economy going to turn greek on us? here is peter suderman. welcome, peter. >> the worrying sign about this year deficit is not just that it's up in dollar terms. by the is up as a percentage of the economy and the congressional budget office projects it will keep going up so that by 2022, just a few years away we'll see trillion dollar deficits. the deficit is the annual difference between spending and revenues. it's basically the difference
12:58 am
between what the government spend and wait take in. that gap. you can fix that gap by bringing in more money through higher taxes or fix it by spending less. we are doing both wrong way. we are getting less money in and spending more. kennedy: the cbo says you can't cut taxes and raise spending. that's a recipe for disaster. the people in washington, d.c. can't help themselves. they want to cut taxes to make them popular but they want to keep spending. >> they love throwing money in a giant hole. $19 trillion debt. he time we run a deficit like this we are adding to the debt rather than paying down the debt. that debt we are carrying with us all the type create interest we have to pay. interest is up this year. when interest rates rise. it's going to be a problem.
12:59 am
kennedy: that is the disaster. it's the debt looming over our head. that's the money we owe to everybody else. it's like a credit card. you are not just paying for the stuff you bought. you are paying that 29% a.p.r. and that's going to hose us down like wet dogs. >> we are spending $4 trillion a year. revenues are down, spending is up. when you continue this over the long term you end up dragging count economy not just because you are spending more on government services but you are spend morgue to carry the debt. that's one of the big thing floomg front of us, paying for interest. so the's a big part of this. kennedy: we need to offer all-day breakfast. that's the only way to right the ship. thank you so much for watching the show tonight.
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