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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 21, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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the newsmakers. lis weihl. thanks for being with us. and join us here tomorrow evening same time, same network. good night from new york. kennedy: it's upon us. it's finally our time. i'm watching hillary clinton get devoured by a three-headed monster of her own creation. one has to wonder when the franken-hi are you will eat her -- the franken-hillary will eat her once and for all. >> i think the question on he reader's list do you consider yourself a feminist? >> yes, absolutely. kennedy: dunham, according to
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the "new york times" reportedly expressed repull shun to the way would even were treated by her husband. young women who don't remember first-run cosby episode are having a hard time processing the number of victims. the tolerance for celebrity predators has never been lower. but young if he tonights, there is never room for what young bill has been accused of. don't forget feminists hate talk. on top of that hillary's email is filling up a fresh hot cup of deep yogurt as the inspector
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general found information so sensitive it's beyond top secret and double secret. agents had to have special training just to read it. according to reports from primaries in florida and iowa. the ground gape is weak and bill i starting to poke his red nose back into her business. he's getting hamsy. you would think she would be sung and drunk. but sadly this isn't the year for rationale and logic. the monster that should turn her into a big pile of losing even trails might be the thing to insure her presidency. danna perino is here to say what not to do when endorsing a candidate. it might bring down a hand new
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of politicians. governor gary johnson is running for president as a libertarian. he joins me soon. i'm glad you are joining me now. i'm kennedy. kennedy: hillary clinton' cakewalk to the nomination is getting slippery. julie roginsky, and guy benson and the federalist publisher. given where we are in this political dynamic, it doesn't prize me the young feminists are repulsed when they actually hear what bill clinton has been accused of over the decade. will the clintons overcome their
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disappointment? julie: it's hard for even those of us who are not young feminists. you can support hillary clinton without supporting her behavior toward her husband. or her treatment of the women accusing him. kennedy: it's not what her husband did, there are a lot of dillydallying polite coats out there. but hillary clinton was so bent on destroying reputations in political life. >> they will say it's hillary clinton's fault for not divorcing her husband. the reality -- kennedy: that's not the horrible part. julie: when they start to overstep and start accusing women of not leaving their husbands, that's when it gets problematic and that's when the
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clintons will be able to flip it around. i suggest republicans cut it out before they overstep. but they never do. but they always go overboard and the clintons will prevail. kennedy: are the clintons going to prevail? >> maybe. in public she is a huge fan. she'll get over it. liberals will get over it. i think between the email scandal and influence peddling is the bigest problem she has. it reinforces so many stereo types and views about her. this decision by the clinton campaign to come after the inspector general, to claim that he's colluding with republicans to attack her using information in they are emails. kennedy: inspector generals --
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there is a major defect. >> the philanthropist. here is what which interesting with this. i'm far for sceptical of hillary clinton's chances at this point than other people in part because of what we saw in 2008. i think that hillary clinton is a much more flawed candidate this type around than she was 8 years ago. in the context of this larger discussion about where the party and the country is going, there is a lot of appetite for bernie sanders and there is that moment in 2008 where the party wanted obama to be able to win. they didn't think he could. when he proved he could -- kennedy: in that sense i had a conservative coworker, we were talking about bernie sanders and
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he confided in me, i like a lot of we had to say. it wasn't me. i can't say how it was, but it would surprise you. ted cruz is casting donald trump as the establishment candidate. >> right now the washington establishment is abandoning marco rubio. and they is -- the washington establishment is rushing over to support donald trump and he's welcoming the support. kennedy: even bob dole says trump would be better for the party than cruz. ways going on with ted? i think ted thinks he's taking a nice stab at rubio and trump. but i think trump is trying to consolidate as many lanes as he can.
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julie: if it's true, he can't win the no nation by being the anti-guy. what cruz is trying to do is win iowa by saying i'm outside washington. the governor didn't endorse trump but trashed ted cruz, which is unbelievable. it's not like governor brand brd to do. >> hip getting blasted by branstad is a positive in my view. kennedy: have rhode island and
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hawaii first i don't care. >> ted cruz is good at making arguments with a straight face. for him to say donald trump is the darling of the establishment, that's silly on it face. >> that is true. >> it's absolutely not true. it's a harder argument to advance two seconds after -- kennedy: i did not anticipate this friction. sarah palin endorsed him. >> you can talk to members of congress and they will tell you this explicitly. the conversation that's happening is this. this is a crazy cycle, we don't know what's going happen. hillary will probably be president. we would rather loan the party to donald trump for five months. and then normal i can reassert itself. kennedy: no one in the
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republican party has that kind of foresight. no one -- they are so terrified, they are not willing to sell out the party. everyone wants to be president so bad because they know she is beatable. >> they are allowing their personal animus toward ted cruz to color their perspective on this race. kennedy: color my animus is one of my favorites. a blizzard baring down on washington. sarah palin has endorsed trump. dana perino joins me to say the big mistakes politicians often make when giving and getting endorsements. at every turn...
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when you're engineered to literally to drive circles around the competition. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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kennedy: it's time as the neon sign tells you for dana's dos and don'ts. donald trump dominated the news cycle when he was endorsed by sarah palin. oh, gosh, what the heck was that? she is the proud owner of a new graphic on the kennedy show. >> i'm proud of that.
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kennedy: let's talk about how important it is to choose wisely. let's talk about some of the dos in picking your endorsements. how critical is this? >> choose wisely. i would be strategic. i think trump did that. he said i need a boost in iowa. because i'm neck and neck with cruz and i want to win this. i thought sarah palin for him was a pretty good choice. that's a net plus for him. kennedy: is it really? will it get a few more people out in iowa? possibly. does it you are in the long snrun possibly. but what he cared about was winning in iowa. kennedy: he's going to use her and discard her before he gets to ohio. >> democrats will use clips from her endorsement of him.
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kennedy: you have say start your courtship early. >> they are not going say yes on the first date. you have to court them for a while. you have to make sure you start way back when. if you think of somebody like jeb bush, he locked people down very early. some of those people are thinking, wait, why did i get locked in so early. and he neutralized them. kennedy: there was an inevitablity about his candidacy. >> one of the things you want to do, if you have someone, especially a celebrity that's going endorse you, make sure they keep their speech short and sweet. you don't want to stands there next to them. her speech was quite lengthy at 21 minutes. because it's inevitable. you are going to make a face and
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it will be misconstrued. i would ask them, keep it short and sweet. they didn't come to listen to your endorseee. i'm ready for trump to talk again. i thought her speech was entertaining. kennedy: for its own reasons. you are a tactful person. let's talk about some of your don'ts. dana's dozen and don'ts. don't rely on them. and don't count on an endorsement helping that much. a lot of people think when you start rack them up it pushes voters over into your category. >> if you get the main local paper that everybody reads and trusts. having that is very important.
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the thing is, you look count democratic side. hillary clinton brought through every celebrity in the book, and katy perry did a big event and lena dunnham. kennedy: i won't download any more of katie peary's music. >> you can't rely on the endorsee to get you across the finish line. kennedy: i don't flow wait is about sweet, sweet ted. but he has a way of getting people squarely against him. they are saying whatever you do, don't vote for ted cruz. >> trump had his palin announcement. ted cruz is following that with glenn beck. if you are a neck and neck in iowa, that probably neutralize the other endorsement. that was smart.
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kennedy: it's very interesting. when do you have deploy your endorsement? how important is that timing? >> i think the element of surprise really helps. in the last two weeks when you have need to make sure that enthusiasm about your race is starting to lock in so voters will show up and be there for the caucus in iowa. but there is something to be said about getting some one early. i do think the endorsement jeb bush got from lindsey graham in south carolina, the military based state,. kennedy: and lindsey graham loves to bomb stuff. i hope jasper feels better. >> i'm sure he will. kennedy: libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is joining me. is he the lib dwrairn overt conscience.
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so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. kennedy: nearly two years ago flynt, michigan switched its water supply to the flynt water. water is 19 times as corrosive as the nearby lake and researchers found elevated levels of lead. >> i wouldn't let my child chew on a chinese-made toy, i don't think would let my child bathe in water where we know there is
8:23 pm
high levels of lead. >> you would let your grandchild bathe in that? >> we don't know there are necessarily high levels of lead in every bathtub. we have been told about it experts that is by the self. you want to watch the child. >> you see the irony in that. >> you don't want to leave them by themselves. you want to monitor them to make sure they are not drinking the water. you have to look at what some of the facts really are. kennedy: joining me from "the americans," it's charlie leduff. kennedy: we like to see the fresh beard. governor snyder, i thought he was slippery in some of your exchanges. he said he was taking responsibility but kept giving excuses when you asked him questions.
8:24 pm
was that frustrating? >> that's my job, but it was frustrating. but it's a deer in the headlight moment. he thought it was going har havg marvelously. before we found out about lead there will be was feces in the water and general motors refused to wash their parts tonight because it made them rust. go ahead. kennedy: you are right. it was rusting gms automotive parts. so residents started bringing these jugs of dirty water to politicians. and government did what governments do when they create problems and don't want to take responsibility for the consequences. they were trying to down play it saying the water was perfectly safe when not on was there a lot of chlorine. they were trying to pour bleach in there.
8:25 pm
the residents in flint were testing positive for lead in their blood. >> the bureaucrats manipulated today the ra. the republicans who run the state were hearing what they wanted to hear. the epa and the democrats they kept it quiet when they determined there were lead problems. it's a failure all across up and down. he american who watches your show feels this in some way whether it's local, state or federal. kennedy: they have no choice where to get their water from. it's not like type warner where you can go to directv. >> it many the one thing government should be doing well. the first thing is make the water safe. everything after that. everything, roads, national security. first thing is the life source.
8:26 pm
we put our babies in it. they are clean and healthy. kennedy: we let our babies drink that water. now, you see the failure of government. of course, the reason they are skirting the issue is they know erin brockovich will come in there with lawsuits. if kids have lead in their blood, you have to watch them. >> next time i'll have a happy one. kennedy: i'll take it. coming up. find out why the spaniards are pelting a ribbon monster with turnips. "topical storm" is next.we you don't want to miss it. got i. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers.
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>> when the saloon is surround and you are out of ammo, crab walk to me and while ride away on my stallion of news.
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people pelt him with 18 tons of turnips. can you manage being hit with 18 tons of root vegetables. it doesn't end until an church elder screams, stop, you are hurting him. topic number 5. good basketball players make half court shots by themselves. excellent basketball players use their teammates for the greater good. but epic players use their teammates as obstacles to achieve the goal. smashed in the face, it's hard to beat. but that kid actually played lots of different sports.
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here he is throwing around the old frisbee. never gets old. if you have any weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" i have a recepticle for them. it's called the "topical storm." and you can find me on instagram. coming up, the panel returns. a blizzard threatens to immobilize washington, d.c. and jeb bush says donald trump is scared of him. we'll discuss that as well as other kernels of wisdom barbara bush told him.
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kennedy: what? hello, welcome back. take a look at this photo. it has gone viral. you can see a car so obscured by
8:38 pm
snow that its 80-year-old owner was ticketed while driving. it's belching snow hither and yon. will the capital shut down when the snow gets as thick as mash mall oh fluff? what are they using to melt the ice in d.c.? other than hot talk and silk pajamas. >> beet juice. the enzymes. the thing about living in d.c. is every year there is some sort of snowstorm and every year the city freaks out as if they have never seen it before.
8:39 pm
oh, my god, what is this, what do we dough? people strand for hours. get your stuff together. you see this happen every year. >> yesterday the city shut down. why are these people so dumb? julie: on this issue? they are going to come out with cherry blossoms. the next time a federal worker shows up for work will be when the cherry blossoms are out. >> i have a costco size bottle of bourbon to take me through. i don't mind it d.c. does this freakout because everything shuts down and as jesse helms used to say about the government, every day these buildings are closed the republic grows stronger. i wish d.c. would enter a new
8:40 pm
ice age and nobody would be able to go to work. kennedy: if bernie sanders is elected president with a republican congress that will happen. kennedy: i should come to d.c. >> come visit. kennedy: yesterday jeb bush said the reason donald trump continues to attack him is because it's insecure and afraid of bush as a candidate. he also released this video. >> with almost the all the vote now counted, we project hillary clinton will win. >> i'm watching hillary clinton receive the victory tonight. >> they will look at donald trump as the greatest gift from heaven, an easy person to beat in a general election and she'll become the next president of the united states.
8:41 pm
kennedy: has someone gotten the psych or graphics correct on his motivation? julie: he's scared of jeb. kennedy: you have more attractive feet than she does. julie: you have never seen my feet. so the ad is enter tank. but will it work? >> no. trump voters believe with all their hearts. i disagree based on the data what i discussed with democrats. but i believe trump would lose badly to hillary. i do think there is something to the idea of donald trump being an insecure person based on just
8:42 pm
look at his twitter feed. this an insecure man at some deep level. the notion that he's scared of jeb bush is laugh out loud funny. kennedy: what gets jeb back in the conversation? >> jeb is hang out there burning money the waive he has the entire cycle. kennedy: i watched a homeless man set a $1 on fire. is jeb like that? >> i think donald trump is a very insecure person about one particular thing. one thing you can't make fun of him about without getting i are 8 and that's the suggestion he has less money taken in claims to. i would be running ads nonstop saying donald trump isn't as rich as he claims to be. julie: also the sex prowess. he plant stories about women saying how great he is in bed.
8:43 pm
kennedy: since we are talking about bourbon and stockpiling. north korea claims to have invented a super alcohol that will not cause lang d caused hangovers. but don't get too excited because they have claimed to have cured aids and cancer. do you want to take back that gallon of bourbon? >> maybe because i'm not old enough to have really bad hangovers. but i enjoy the process of getting the greasy food the next day. i don't think different sounds too good to be true. kennedy: i think we should undo all the sanctions and welcomeback them tbiengt international community. julie: if this is true kim, kim
8:44 pm
jong-un is forgiven. and mission to worse than when you wake you have the next day and you smell like an ashtray and you haven't been smoking. >> i'll go out on a limb here and say kim jong-un is lying about this. and he's a terrible person. here's the thing. if you are going invent something, how about some food for your people. kennedy: you have threw the brakes on the fun here. suffering people tends to upset me, kennedy. kennedy: but does it drive you to drink? if you were really just set we would have to take care of those worries. kennedy: what happened the other day. >> i watched a certain speech. kennedy: all i can say is i think it' true. i think they cured aids.
8:45 pm
they cured the cancer that is dennis rodman and north korea, they will be endorsing a candidate here soon. julie: it's buzz kill. kennedy: bernie sanders, it will be the dual hermit kingdoms. hermit crabs. that's a disease you get. coming up, gary johnson is running for president as a third party candidate. will he wind up being the spoiler. viewer mail like this one from tom. you talk faster than i can listen. [ female announcer ] it can creep up on you. dry skin.
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kennedy: he's here, he's back. and i'm quite happy. gary johnson is the former governor new mexico. he is running for the libertarian nomination for 2016. the governor joins me now. how are you? >> good, thanks. kennedy: let's talk about the race. what strange landscape you have jumped into already. do you get the lure of donald trump? >> yes. i think it' the same pitch i made in new mexico. never been involved in politics before, though donald trump has been on the buy side of politics. but never been involved in politics, successful businessman so i'll bring a common sense business approach. where we differ is i never said anything as are you lik -- anyts
8:50 pm
ridiculous as i'll key port 11 million immigrants or we need to kill the families of terrorists. who is going to be the arbiter of that, the government? apple is going to make their ipads and iphones in the united states but he's all for free trade. kennedy: let's talk about you. you are the first high-profile third party candidate we are seeing in the race. if you spoil the elect, who will you spoil it for? >> i don't think i'll spoil the elect. kennedy: dream big. >> i'm the third party candidate. the libertarian nominee. i hope to be the libertarian nominee. the libertarian nominee will be on the ballot in all 50 state, so the libertarians are the third party. if you enter into the race right
8:51 pm
now, you can't get on the ballot in all 508 starting tomorrow. i can't be done. kennedy: let's talk about rationale. it's all about passion and emotionalism and nonsense. a libertarian is all about argument takes, rationale, logic, reason, those thing that are sorely missing in this campaign. how do you get americans hooked on that again? >> potentially being labeled the spoiler, potentially then you get consulted on all the issues of the day. and, there actually is somebody talking about common sense in this. i'm talking about the eventual libertarian nominee. kennedy: you were the ceo of a
8:52 pm
large cannabis good and services company. did you make a billion dollars in the green rush? >> i have not. but i think that's looming. california is going to vote to legalize recreational marijuana. and i think after that 20 state overnight will legislate marijuana. kennedy: have you had to curtail your own marijuana use in light of the upcoming campaign? >> well, other than just before getting on your show right now, yes. i really have. i think the biggest issue facing this country is the national debt that we face. kennedy: of course. no one is talking about that. rand paul didn't participate in the last debate. so there was no one holding anyone responsible for spending. on the democratic side it's one giant wish list. have you talked to rand paul? >> i have not.
8:53 pm
he watched his campaign. he's a republican. libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. the notion you and i should be able to make our own choices in our own lives and be held responsible for that. there is a very real islamic terrorist threat that i think we are not addressing. what we need to do is differentiate between religious freedom with islam and sharia law which is politic. we cannot allow sharia law to be a part of our lives. it's contrary to u.s. constitution. kennedy: did you dial the back on burkas. you said you would sign a law banning burkas. >> you sign a law to ban full-face you are about kansas. you talk about women who are beaten because they are adhering to sharia law.
8:54 pm
the macy's day parade or disney parades would not be able to exist because of the masks. kennedy: amen. see? smart, rational. i'll rifle through my mail tub and pull out some dandies like this one. the on news my wife will watch with me is @kennedynation. brilliant wife.
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kennedy: years ago when people wanted to tell me what they thought about me, they would have to show up at my house at 3:00 a.m. and write it in grease
8:58 pm
paint. but now they use the internet. i want to decide for you. he's my baby daddy. craig miller writes ... i used to call and talk to you when you were on the radio in seattle. tell seattle to stop being such socialists. ernie long asks what would you say if trump asked you to be his vp running mate? i would say no english.
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hillary clinton can eat my shorts. last week i talked about how the house from silence of the lambs is up for sale. not' good to have grateful viewers like todd anderson who says i'm glad i can change the channel when @kennedynation comes on. please tell kennedy to get a voice coach. her voice is more shrill than hillary's. it's easy to fix. my heart goes out to richard kepler who tweeted me, your show is so bad it's giving me cancer. thank you so much. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can catch all new episodes.
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follow me on twitter at instagram. email that's all she wrote. i'll see you monday night. good-bye. the >> i can remember being a little kid and asking my father what it was. >> a century-old mystery. >> he said, "it's from the white house." and i go, "talking about d.c. white house?" i was just stunned. >> the white house neither confirms nor denies... >> what do you see? >> gold! [ laughs ] >> let's investigate! >> i scrape the paint layers down to the wood. >> and when you heard what it was worth? >> and sold! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and today i'm in boston to meet an heir


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