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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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democratic front runner hillary clinton. straight ahead i will talk to one attorney that says there's enough evidence to indict secretary clinton right now. take a look at what we are looking at. 60 points on dow jones industrial. manufacturing index out this morning, data points. we are seeing weakness out of europe and data and china are weighing. take a look. fractional moves in europe to the downside. both weaker this morning. in china the manufacturing sector showing construction for the six-month in a row. news weighing on the shanghai composite down nearly 2%. nikkei showing strength due to
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move. the world health organization meeting today on the zika virus t group will determine whether the outbreak should be declared a global-health emergency. finally some good news for chipotle, the e. coli outbreak is over. investigators still do not know the cause of what went wrong in last six months. super bowl 50 less than a week away. denver broncos and carolina panthers arriving in california today. [laughter] >> dagen: whoa! >> maria: all right, the race to the white house. the big day is finally here. the first votes of 2016 election will be cast today. both parties, blake berman on the ground in des moines with the very latest, blake, good morning to you.
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>> blake: good morning to you as well. democrats have chosen the last three nominees, obama, kerry and gore. since '76, one nominee has finished outside the top three. mccain in '08. even then he was outside the top three but just a few hundred votes. the top three on the republican side believed to be the ticket in iowa. in iowa candidates were begging, pounding, asking their supporters to get out on caucus night later tonight, turnout is the key here. that's the way those at the top feel. they feel if they can get their supporters to the polls they will certainly have a chance tonight. there's one potential x factor in all of this, after all the months, millions of dollars spent t weather, this state is supposed to get drilled by a know storm later tonight starting at just about the time the caucuses open.
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here is what donald trump implores to his supporters last night. >> you've got to get out and i joke, i say if you're sick f you've got 104 temperature, i've been doing so, if your doctor said you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter, get out and caucus, get out and caucus. so you have to get there. >> blake: and looks like there's a storm, you know f there is go on and get out. one thing i cannot stress enough being here in iowa still just how many indecided voters there are speaking to a woman. how are you still undecided. she said to me i have friends that have seen a candidate eight times and they want to see him a ninth. >> maria: amazing, what a day the weather creating drama. >> blake: can you see that? >> maria: yeah. we will check back. as candidates fight for the final votes ahead of the iowa
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caucus hillary clinton is dodging a tax over this morning over handling of classified emails during time of secretary. the state department is now saying that for the first time that top-secret emails were sent using clinton's private server, refusing to make those public because of information contained. yesterday morning, rather, here is what he said about it. >> you know, there's no one left to lie to in the case about no, there were no classified documents. yes, there was classified material. even the president who said he learned about it on do -- on the news seems to not have an answer about 18 of these communications were back and forth with him. >> maria: joining us former prosecutorrer, law professor john, john, good to see you. >> good morning, maria. >> maria: what's your take on this in. >> it's all going to come back what's in the emails that are
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redacted, so you really can't see them. in the letter of the law it doesn't say that you have the transfer top-secret information. in practice, you usually don't see a prosecution unless someone knowingly transfers or mishandles information which on its face is top secret. once content comes up we will know better such as identity of intelligence agency, agent in one of the emails. >> they're not going to release that. 22 emails will not be released to the public. we will never know what's in those emails. that's the point. >> we my know not the identity but the fbi certainly knows. they're going only to move forward if the e-mail has anything on its face is top secret. in reality a lot of the documents never have any classificoccasion on them until after the fact, if something is blatantly top secret on its face
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-- >> david: she's the secretary of state, everything is top secret, her menu, when she picks up her laundry. everything that comes to her is top secret. you get that training when you're a member of congress, whether you're a member of the state department, whether you're the secretary of state or some low-level at the secretary's office. the fact that she was has continuously denied and blamed as was said earlier, i think is real, i think it's relevant and dramatically affecting the outcome of this election, the thing that she's losing to a socialist is unbelievable. >> maria: so you think that's the reason? >> scott: absolutely. >> in any of the cases where the person in possession of the information, it was those cases where the information was blatant obvious top secret. absolutely. no doubt. >> maria: it feels like you're
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not including the latest information. the latest information is that there's 22 emails that the state department says they cannot release to the public. >> no disagreement, but my point is some of these documents get classification after they're read. >> there's an issue here, however, there are documented cases of soldiers being prosecuted for accidentally having information. u.s. code states that is having the information, her lawyer had to drive in and say which was unsecured contrary to say pertrelluis. soldiers that have been prosecuted for accidentally bringing something home, shipped home after they're wounded. also when it comes to the sap programs, for instance f that plays out to be true -- >> maria: special access programs. >> david: special access programs. whether she strips it away or someone strips ahead the header, the information is the same.
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to the senator's comments, yes, you are trained, it's about a six-month process. you are read into these programs. you use code word and there's no way that the political narrative outweigh what is the law says which is possession not markings. >> no disagreement. i don't think the fbi moves forward -- >> david: the law doesn't state blatantly top secret. it's classified information. >> dagen: file criminal charges against presidential candidates, has that ever happened in history? what's the likelihood of that happening? you have to have the guts to take that step against a fellow democrat? >> maria: the fbi would like to
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indict hillary and aid. >> they may very well. i'm not defending hillary. agencies have employers all of the time who are being reprimanded for mishandling information. in this case to move forward, fbi is going to have to have something blatantly and they may have something, but i think that's what's going to be required to move forward. >> david: ihi yu i a ryoo pnt onllary clinton or huma, anywhere that reach it is state department, you will see an investigation carried out. there may be an employee that doesn't want to go to jail or take the fault, that may roll on this and this is how investigations play out. could be that hillary clinton says, i'm not taking the bullet for you. >> maria: the one thing that keeps coming out is the focus on jim comey head of fbi.
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anyone who brings up jim says the same thing, a man of integrity, he will do the right thing. >> scott: we will soon find out. >> maria: the whole political pressure is there. do you want to indict? do you want to push forward in the middle of a political election. >> scott: interview hillary clinton, that's the next step. >> the safest route for the obama administration and democrats is for a prosecution to move forward. if there's no prosecution, there's going to be lingering questions that she got favorable treatment and history show that is the sitting administration or party that has someone who does not get prosecuted actually suffers later on. >> maria: and then you've got the fbi in question. >> that's right. >> maria: so we will see how it plays out. john, thank you. don't nice complete coverage of iowa caucus with niel cavuto. he is live this morning all day and tonight from iowa.
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>> maria: welcome back, deadly attack in nigeria as islamic group killed dozens of people. cheryl casone with the story and the other headlines. >> cheryl: good morning, maria, good morning, guys, this brutal attack taking place over the weekend in a village of delori, witnesses say that boca haron blew themselves up while others set fire to buildings burning
6:15 am
people alive including several children. well, a powerful storm hitting southern california killing at least one person and leaving thousands without power this morning. the national weather service expects to drop with 1 inch of rain and wind 70 miles per hour. a lot of concerns about those homes. the cdc is expect today make the announcement as early as today, open the door for the fast-food chain to begin discouraging customers back to restaurants. it's been more than two months. we should say that they're planning major ad campaign for the month of february and huge social media campaign to try and get customers back, earnings come back tomorrow for the company, maria, estimates cut in half for the fourth quarter for chipotle for the numbers. >> maria: we were talking about earlier in the break, senator
6:16 am
brown, the stock has been cut more than half. >> but that being said, can we just go to boca rajon makes isis and al-qaeda look like little kids. >> maria: really? >> terrorist organization, she choose not to. it took john kerry of all people -- >> maria: why would she not deem them terrorists? >> scott: here you have the number one terrorist organization that's kill it had most people in this world right now and they're finally obviously being recognized by john kerry of all people. that's another area when you talk about hillary clinton and foreign policy and failures. this is the number one failure, i believe. >> david: there are questions of the clinton foundation. there's also a great deal of
6:17 am
corruption with good luck jonathan and other officials in those countries in nigeria, boko haram acquired territory and they continue to expand. what's in danger now is what happens with africa merge, you have isis operating in southern libya, biggest tragedy on the globe is the loss of africa. 30 something out of 56 countries in disarray. radical islam. it's a failure. >> cheryl: where has the administration been? everyone was making this big push to save our girls, remember that, that was michelle obama, where have we been on the story? >> scott: same place. we are in the backseat.
6:18 am
we are not leading. a hash-tag is going to scare these guys, really. >> maria: terrorists as well as the connection to the foundation has not really come out. >> scott: sounds like an issue for you to investigate, maria. >> david: a business side if i could, please. >> maria: yes. >> david: could be benefit to residents and to the globe. this is, i again, one of the greatest economically, socially. >> maria: we will take a short break. what is zero ipo january means to the market, keep it right
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>> maria: welcome back, nigeria respectedly asking the world bank for three and a half billion dollars in emergency loans to fill a growing gap in the budget, this coming amid concerns of mile prices. phil flynn in chicago with the details. phil, good morning to you. >> phil: yes, president needing some money. he's not going to be the first one. the world bank is getting concerned about the impact of low-oil prices on the economies
6:23 am
of oil-producing nations. even in the place of saudi arabia their bank stocks are hitting the lowest we've seen in a decade. low oil having impact in a negative way. >> maria: sure, nigeria, africa, largest economy, david was speaking about economy. >> dagen: the reasons that people are buying it just get shot down. opec came down and said we are not in talks about production cuts despite russia and saudi arabia. so, there's still a glut, they don't want to remove production and then you have the worry that demand could start falling. you want to talk about 20-dollar
6:24 am
oil. that's where you go if demand starts drying up. >> maria: oil stays around these levels. >> scott: we were talking about 2-$3 a barrel. what's the end game? they need to be stable in the region specially now with iran getting $150 billion. they don't want to be the leader and say to opec, by the way, we have to get our act together and slow down a little bit, get some stability. what's the end game? they're not participating at all. >> david: not only are they not participating, opec has been a cartel and can't control world affairs. it's not one or the other and we need to look at the total picture of what's happening. europe -- >> maria: oil is a global market.
6:25 am
>> scott: would trigger the market. they are doing nothing. they've had many opportunities to do just that. >> david: there's also l&g increasing. >> maria: shell production, sure. >> david: what happens when europe starts to rebuilding plans to reliquidfy? >> maria: when you look at the supply output -- >> dagen: absolutely. it's going to take about a year to work off. the end game is to see how many companies in this country, energy companies that saudi arabia can bankrupt in the next year and how much production that would remove from the market unless something happens that's catastrophic. >> maria: testing the limits. coming up, determining the
6:26 am
winners of iowa's caucuses, we will tell you more about it back in a minute. ♪ ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪
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burst your top stories in 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the 2015 election votes will be cast today. i will caucus is under way tonight. this takes her hand the size of the race. candidates make their final appeal to voters because turnout could be critical to the outcome.
6:30 am
the latest from des moines. no questions from democratic front-runner hillary clinton on the private e-mails handled. the state department refusing to release 22 e-mails of her top-secret information. whether this will affect voting in iowa coming out. futures are indicating a lower opening for the broader averages today. we are expecting the isn index this morning. we are seeing weakness in europe. out of china and oil above 33 weighing on sentiment once again. in china the manufacturing sector service traction for the six month in a row. the news of the shanghai composite down almost 2% as you can see there. the nikkei average was higher in japan showing strength following the of -- bank of japan's to cut into negative territory. holding an emergency meeting today on the zika virus. we will determine whether should
6:31 am
be declared a global health emergency. find the good news for chipotle this morning. expected to announce the e. coli outbreak effectively over. this coming as early as today. investigators do not know the cause of it in the last six months. sadness for detroit lions fans. calvin johnson reportedly retiring. he gave his coach the news after the season ended. he played nine seasons and is only 30 years old. turn it to markets right now. a nice cold start to the year with your ipos in january making it the first month since 2011. the broader markets to rebound the beginning of the year since 2009. joining us now come the chief strategist phil orlando. good to see you. >> thanks for having me back. sure into the worst or to any year. it was brutal. are we going to see the performance? >> it is going to be a challenging year.
6:32 am
a month is sort of the tale of two months. the correction in the first couple weeks with a 6% pop in the last seven trading days. the thing that has occurred, the ecb wednesday before last very accommodated. our central banks seem to back away from this for hikes over the year in japan with the negative interest rates on friday morning. suddenly the market thinks there is a little bit of a central bank put in place again and a little bit more confidence. from an economic standpoint boy still got challenges out there. maria: what is that say that it's all about the central bank again. the federal reserve inc. of japan, no fundamental backdrop. no fundamental economic that shows things are better. just more monetary policy. >> friday we flash for the quarter gdp. that is terrible. we should be growing to 4% to 5%
6:33 am
in the economic cycle. so our view of what is going on, we will be bumping along at 1% the next couple quarters. investors are legitimately concerned the economy is a lot slower than it should be. >> my question is can the banks, to various point, continue whether it is the ecb or the fed ,-com,-com ma can i prop up and the economy and talk about china manufacturing going down in part because consumer participation drops in their markets. the product is obviously less. the banks can master client for so long. maria: this is effectively my question. you're exactly right. >> what he told the average investor looking at the 401(k). getting through all the high-end stuff, would he tell the person on the treadmill right now, whether they do. >> our view is that we were going to be in for a little bit of a rocky road.
6:34 am
we thought we would have some support levels lower. as i said, we dropped 11% in the first three weeks or so. i don't know that we are completely out of the woods yet. we are hoping for better economic news based upon developments. obviously we've got a couple tough quarters to get through before we see some stronger march of nine economic growth. dagen: what about the impact of it being an election year and the possibility of the democratic nominee who is a socialist i want to take the top tax rate. it's not 90%. it will be about 54.2%. tax capital gains and dividends for wealthier people as income regardless to how long you hold the stock. certainly it would make people nervous at home. what about how they act with money in the market? >> as we sit down to what's going on in the market and what has investors concerned, everyone is talking about china and oil prices and one of the
6:35 am
six things we're focused on is the election for this reason. but economic growth limping along at half-price, the fiscal policy approaches of the various candidates are critically important. starting today with iowa and working our way through the year, and voters and investors will be interested in what the candidate senator shane from the standpoint. i am not a fan of a senator sanders is talking about from a fiscal policy standpoint. that is for voters to decide. maria: did anything change since the bank of japan went negative? i seem to be a catalyst for market. does that show anything different? >> you have the 6% balance over the last seven trading days. we had a 2.5% move in the u.s. here. what happened with china -- i'm sorry, with japan is that was the third major developed economy or central bank that
6:36 am
made a positive supporting statement. the ecb a couple weeks ago, the fed the middle of the week in japan. from the days we've now got a central bank if you will. we need better fiscal policies to coordinate with the monetary policy and we made better activity within the economy based upon what individual consumers and corporations are going. >> we are not out of the woods yet. you feel like over the short-term the central bank action is positive. >> it is certainly supported. we may see a retest lower and we are advising our clients to be cautious and we were better opportunity to put the chips back in the table. >> how about the ipo market? that is something you need for the market to move higher. again, there were no ipos in the month of january.
6:37 am
>> it started last fall. maria: that is not necessarily catalyst as much as an indicator. there are no ipos because why would she go public in a tough market. >> exactly. bankers are not going to bring their stocks forward if they think it is poor. >> they need to step up now and do it in order to send a signal to the broader market that we are comfortable enough. >> if they are not doing a command that suggest they are not comfortable enough. maria: and they're probably not. >> to your point, junior when they did make the decision. the decision was made after the last two or three quarters last year. >> neiman marcus was the signal there with stink to high heaven and to god if they did know for the holidays. one of the things -- two of the things we are looking not just a lot of the smaller independent energy companies are announcing
6:38 am
layoffs with a lot of brick-and-mortar retail companies. our model for this friday's low content is. consensus in the 190 neighborhood. they filter into the economy. it was circuiting poor labor data, one of the economy will create some additional concerns for investors as well. >> 185 is what i was looking not for the number in terms of jobs created. so good to see you. sailor lando joining us. space-bar change in its policy on the role of guns. >> good morning, maria. facebook updating policies banning the private sale of guns on it i do not answer graham. the company says it will have systems in place to detect gun sales to buy since will be able
6:39 am
to post about products for sale fattening up the site. it bans the sale of illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals. you can see the retailers advertising and the like but this does have to happen does have to have been does have to happen off the side and obviously to promote more background checks and you know that god does have been soaring background checks. all worries about regulation of blood coming into play. maria: thank you you don't forget to start your day with nicole and lauren simonetti. tomorrow, lauren and a cold start early at 4:00 a.m. eastern for full coverage of the iowa caucus results. be there. cybersecurity one of the top issues of the 2016 election. which candidate has the best way to keep your data safe. we will talk about it next. ♪
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cme group: how the world advances. maria: welcome back to it as if carried out a bombing attack near the syrian capital of damascus cheryl casone with the story in the headlines now. cheryl: a triple bombing killed at least 50 people there predominately shiite suburb of damascus. secretary of state john kerry said in a isis attack is another reason the political solution must be negotiated. the u.n. trying to mediate talks between the syrian government and rebels.
6:44 am
new york attorney general eric schneiderman has reached alleged improprieties involving a dividend from private trading venues known as dark pools. lightly regulated stock markets. fox business charlie gasper rainout reported last summer it was over charges they gave to the high-frequency traders who bought installed under the terms of this deal and not today we think will pay about 85 million. barclays will pay 70 million for charges. as of this morning decline in the comment. finally in sports, novak yoko victim of the world's number one beat andy murray 61, 75. i can't believe i'm saying this. went over serena williams. serena had not last before going
6:45 am
into her match with kerber. she is still a great player. >> what a match cheryl, thank you to the tax reform headed into tonight's iowa caucuses. our next guest says national security significantly -- specifically cybersecurity taken center stage in boardrooms across the country. the ceo of proof point. thank you for joining us. what is the biggest concern when you speak with fortune 500 companies? >> everyone shares a common concern which is their brand. if they have a bridge, it can destroy their brand. >> we are in a world where the landscape has changed. organizations need to prove the posture and there's a lot of time on proving the security posture to better defend themselves against a hacker.
6:46 am
>> one of the ranking members on homeland security felt cybersecurity was the next frontier and one of the biggest challenges was not the government hacking but the private businesses both in their trademark and value and their secret to other bad actors. it has taken a dramatic toll on our economy and innovation. what do you provide? what do they do to make sure that doesn't happen? >> the reality is today that most hackers target individuals in the company. they target the way they work. phishing attacks on e-mail, target them on mobile and social, or individual workers today are spending their time. >> they know someone who was an avid or runner they will hammer an athletic type things. >> find something to get you to be compelled. >> once you click on, that is their opening.
6:47 am
>> that's correct. still credentials, information, ip. >> your something not being paid attention to the cyberworld. we think of companies that isolated environments. these are portals to other companies. information, companies that do business with government entities. you possibly have a backdoor. how many companies have air or maybe not the companies, but the cyberprotection environment are they looking at the tentacles of how this can work. frankly educated employees. as sirius xm we have an upcoming cybertraining for all employees because they've got to look at the information we have the subscribers in the tentacles out to other companies. >> definitely security awareness is a huge issue. you have to have the individuals understand what is happening. it is really not uncommon for a
6:48 am
hacker to go after some partners, some other organization with access into the organization. you have to think about the cyberworld in a different way. these are bad guys motivated financially making billions of dollars they in and day out. you have to have a security posture that allows you to defend yourself. >> we talk about tens of billions a year versus a bank robbery. you get over 47 billion a year. >> this is unlimited then. a corporation today is one of the things that offend our budget. it's not going to be cut. >> security as a percentage is increasing. >> exactly. >> my entire family thanked entire family sick inmates have been compromised obviously to the government hacking and their responses give us a bunch of numbers. won't happen again.
6:49 am
my wife does the marks i've got to figure that out. maria: is any candidates in the right in the right things that they listed the subject or is this not fixable? you can only get in front of that? >> if you look on the republican and democratic side, this has to be a top issue. >> there's no discussion with democrats. in the top 10 items in the wish list command not only is national and world security not initiate -- >> not for nothing -- it does someone does. people are concerned about job security and not making enough money. >> i believe this is on the minds of every consumer. they don't want to have identities but it's a complex problem.
6:50 am
more investment needs to be made. maria:@you brought up both parties. dealing with the situation at hillary clinton. coming up, a blizzard set to hit iowa. what effect will that have on caucus goers? presidential candidates. we will take you live to des moines.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
maria: welcome back to other candidates will be pulling out all the stops to secure areas topside tonight. donald trump's daughter even decided to pitch in. watch this. >> figure first at 6:30 p.m., show up at your caucus location. it will start at seven sharp and will it take half an hour.
6:54 am
it is a secret ballot. right down the name trump and you are done. that is it. very exciting. >> very exciting for ipad could trump. >> has run 13 races not including primaries and today is the day where you are just did not. i remember going to church and getting on my knees and praying that it would be over. or just start because the anxiety is not the chairs. they all handled themselves very well. do i see any surprises? everything says donald trump will win. we are talking about second third, it is a tad cruz or reveal. once again, it is not over until it's over. bernie wins not only dared that in new hampshire. i was in new hampshire this weekend. obviously i lived there. i saw massive amounts of hillary clinton people going door to door. maria: mayor doug lazio and
6:55 am
charlene bavasi over to a bad. dagen: at the seven subway slashing in recent weeks. >> he offered to go to iowa and hillary said no to that. here's the thing, i would doesn't pick republican presidents. south carolina does. since 1976 iowa hasn't predicted a republican president. donald trump increases the field of caucus goers and has the possibility. there is a core of 40,000 -- 40,000 to 50,000 people who go to caucuses. they have got to get through these 99 counties. if he doesn't get his people there, it will be trump, cruz in the second tier two don't come out carson. carson spent a gear in the state. dagen: i bet rubio comes in second but she needs because
6:56 am
he's not that strong. bernie sanders finally running a negative tv ad in iowa against hillary clinton. that shows how he has been missed. maria: when you were in new hampshire, did you see a lot of kids they can bruise? they basically said forget about ohio. we made 10 of them matter no bs backyard barbecues. that being said, i see a fair amount of chad and christie signs. going for the massive rallies in getting people to focus that way. the others with a more traditional way. maria: you think bernie sanders be donald trump. >> now. i didn't say that. it's just starting. i think hillary ultimately comes out. dagen: if you don't think she
6:57 am
gets indicted. >> if she gets indicted, that is the only reason o'malley is staying in. then you have joe biden. he is ready now. maria: he is ready. we will be right back. our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: occurred monday morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 1st. with me fox's dagen mcdowell, scott around and fox news contributor david webb. the first most of the 2016 election cycle will be cast today. the iowa caucuses get under way at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. stakes could not be higher in both sides of the race. candidates make in their final pitch today making sure they go on caucus because turnout will be critical. >> the doctor says you cannot be dear bad, you won't make it. it doesn't matter. get up and caucus.
7:01 am
>> stand and speak for us. if we stand together, we will win. >> a lot of caucus tomorrow night here at this it's not is not coming until after midnight. >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. >> yes, the new question this morning for front runner hillary clinton and her private e-mail. the state department refusing to release 22 e-mails over what is called top-secret information. futures are indicating a decline at the opening of trading. expecting the data to decline 50-point. weakness out of europe as well. we are waiting on the isn data. we did have data out of china and oil this morning is once again weigh in on sentiment. the shanghai composite down because the manufacturing sector has shown contraction for six months in a row. bad news weighed on stocks in china down 2% on the shanghai composite. japan rally began showing strength following the jacob --
7:02 am
bank of japan to cut into negative territory spirit in a camp 2%. the world health organization meeting today on the sunday virus. it will determine whether it should be declared a global health v. good news this morning for chipotle. the center for disease control to announce the e. coli break is effectively over. investigators do not know the cause of what caused all of this sickness still. super bowl 50 less than a week away. denver broncos and carolina panthers reading california to prep for the big game. kim newton drawing attention with his first thought she cedra print pants. >> at least we can see the legs. come on. get with the program. >> the iowa caucuses finally here. the first vote will be cast today. kicking off a highly anticipated process for both parties. like berman on the ground in
7:03 am
iowa right now with the latest. reporter: caucused morning here in iowa. the stakes are certainly incredibly high here. on the democratic side, the eventual nominee has won the last three times to obama, kerry, gore. on the republican side, only one of the eventual nominees have finished out the top three. john mccain in 08 and even then a few hundred votes outside of third. been in the top three is considered to take it of iowa. at this point, only one thing matters. for all of these candidates who have been canvassing the state in the last 4872 hours and that is turnout. to get up and go out to a precinct and caucus for that. here a tad cruz a final plea last night. >> i want to ask everyone here to vote for me 10 times. if everyone here gets nine other
7:04 am
people to show up and caucus to mermaid, you will have voted 10 times. >> there is one potential x factor and that is the weather because a major storm of six vector to roll through iowa. at some point later tonight and into tomorrow. tomorrow is the worry. you have to question the psyche and whether or not i could have an impact. after months of campaigning, that the dollars spent is certainly one more thing to keep an eye on as we head into caucus night. just hours away. maria: hillary clinton earlier said the storm is not coming until mid-night. reporter: i was excited. is she a meteorologist? how does she know? maria: david, you've got the news on the weather. >> the new weather girl for the democratic primary. she says that not coming till
7:05 am
midnight. ago a mouse has no in the meeting. she is selling sunshine. dagen: at his weather person. it is not weather girl. maria: that is a whole another topic. thank you very much. we are noticing everything this morning he thank you, blake burman. skinner scott brown. questioning truthfulness. >> politics is a blood sport. if you don't like it, get out what it's referring to that he is the most conservative. not every iowa caucus goer number one. not every voter in new hampshire are conservatives. it kind of falls on ears.
7:06 am
maria: i like how marco rubio said it in the debate. he said everybody is a rino. >> that is their thing. i don't put too much stock into it. maria: when you were running and you were in iowa come explain what it feels like why this is so important. >> i can tell you in iowa and new hampshire they go after the hard cores taken amendment pro-life conservative group. there are other voters out there. you have carson, cruz, rubio splitting and huckabee splitting the conservative vote in a lot of these areas and therefore adalat somebody like chris d., jeb bush and potentially marco rubio, donald trump especially to come out on top. >> here's a question. you've got a modified primary in new hampshire that makes a difference. the independents can blame new hampshire versus a caucus where
7:07 am
you got to go in a room and hopefully if you have dagen mcdowell in the room to convince you to vote. but really, there's a difference in the voting. the peer pressure is very important. and new hampshire the republicans play and in the republican primary. that is why bernie sanders will win with the republicans and the hard-core left democrats. >> is nothing budding about them. did you see the bernie sanders fund raising numbers? 33.6 million in the final quarter 2015. 20 million in january alone. a record number of donors. 1.3 million people made 3.25 million donations. bernie sanders. maria: there you go. will prevent cruz campaign and congressman steve king.
7:08 am
good to see you. thank you for joining us to >> thanks for having me this morning. true to what is the sales pitch? why is ted cruz the right person for iowa? >> i am a full spectrum constitutional christian conservatives. that is to the caucus goers are. at least two thirds, probably more than that. we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put on the springboard to launch to new hampshire and individual that matches the description has been in the foxhole with me every time and stepped up and then a courageous fighter to defend the constitution and innocent unborn human life, defend marriage, religious liberty to keep and bear arms. that is a fiscal conservative that will bring us the argument from the white house to bring forth and pass a balanced budget amendment or constitution to get our fiscal house in order and a strong national defense to defeat isis and any other caliphate around the world.
7:09 am
that is just a short list of all the things i think are great about this. repealing obamacare, securing our borders of the two most things that work done. ted cruz has always been a strong win both of those two. >> congressman, good to see you again. we talk often and i ask you some hard questions. my question, ted cruz gets people out to the caucuses and now they have to deliver and convince their supporters. this is not an easy task. how does his supporters get it done into the endorsements really matter when it comes to it? >> the endorsements have mattered as people make decisions moving up to us the day. now that we are on caucus day, the ground game is for kicks in. you thousands and thousands of volunteers and have come into the state. it is competitive without ted
7:10 am
cruz. on top of that, if you look at trumps numbers, he is sitting there by the polls. when you look at those as a second choice, only 6%. ted cruz wins the competition on this and my message to the people who have supported people like anne carson, rick santorum, mike huckabee's and others and also marco rubio, your choice is to come vote for cruz. send a thank you card. >> we appreciate them. >> the governor has come out. is there a ground game against them in the caucuses? >> there has been a ground game on ethanol since last summer. it grabbed him fall into cruz
7:11 am
bustamante. i don't know how much impact it has. it does make a difference and i know people bring that up in the polling. don't fall for cruz because he's not good for ethanol. i spent my life working in that industry and i've had the full support and to put together an ethanol policies are better than any other candidate's policy in the long term over his tenure window. we will be built in ethanol plants. i say to the governor, open your ears, have a cup of coffee and run the tape of this conversation. >> or is it her life group run in an attic in donald trump. how much is that her 10 or helped other candidates who have been lifelong supporters of basically the right to have a life? >> well, i haven't seen the ad or heard much about it.
7:12 am
i was a there's a lot of concern and trepidation about mitt romney coming to the pro-life position later in life. donald trump has been essentially caress of late pro-choice when he had said he is a strong supporter of pro-choice and he will accept the idea of partial birth abortion and accept the idea of gay marriage. the longer this goes, when people go to caucus, especially the evangelicals conscience will kick in. they will think of donald trump's luster in the oval office. how can we have a country with a president who doesn't have a moral standard. they remember what bill clinton did to our moral standards in that era and they will see what president obama has done for our constitution. they are not going to push somebody who doesn't have a constitutional concept either. >> the reason they like him is because he's not like everybody. the gridlock is off the chart and because he's not like the typical politician, that is what is so attractive. >> is principled.
7:13 am
>> he says what is going to do and does it. >> we don't know which principal donald trump will operate off of. that is why we sleep well at night. maria: i was talking about senator cruz actually. >> thank you. absolutely. >> there are principled. the reason people go for donald trump is because he's the one that cut through the gridlock and he will not be like the others. there's been decades of gridlock and he will get in there and get it done. that is why people like him. maria: congressman, good to have in the program. thank you very much. don't forget to tune in for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses tonight. neil cavuto kicks it off at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we are live with neil in des moines so stay with us. we will be right back.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back to dozens of people dead following attack by
7:17 am
boko haram in nigeria. cheryl: thank you a memory. 86 people were killed by refugee camps. one survivor hidden in the trees heard the screams of children as extremist firebombs. the attack or the radical as climate groupboko haram included three suicide bombers. a headline this morning. a second virginia tech student was arrested in connection with the death of 13 on the cole madison level who disappeared last week replacing natalie helped dispose of the little girl's body in north carolina. her arrest came after virginia police charged 18 euros virginia tech freshman david eisenhower abducting and murdering a 13-year-old. finally, in barclays has agreed to pay a total of $154 million to settle investigations by regulators of alleged improprieties involving entities and their private training bad
7:18 am
news. lightly regulated stock markets. fox business charlie gasparino reported by some that they overcharge and gave preferential treatment to those who bought and sold stocks. the spokeswoman now saying the bank was pleased to have resolved these matters with the regulators. not as many wrongdoing. also saying it was leased to have recent agreement with the sec in the new york attorney general's office. the initial charges off from the sec say and it is a disservice to to institutions in europe and a fading and not being open about the orders. you are hurting everyone else by allowing the dignity. we don't really know what is going on. that is the point if other people go ahead of individuals come of individuals come and they get better prices.
7:19 am
>> institutions are potentially losing out. this is 401(k), pension, america. >> they watch what he means that you made that point earlier. but it is made to your 401(k) investments or your staff ira? what does this mean to your money, how you will survive? we lose dollar value every day as we screw with the money in this country. you're not getting a raise. you're actually losing value as a person in this country. it's got to stop somewhere. goldman $5 billion in fines before they release earnings. what does that tell you about what is going on investment? >> this is very similar to the book. dagen: absolutely. but if it had iran? her ties to wall street. >> in new hampshire and iowa because of ties to wall street.
7:20 am
maria: he taught me something. i did not realize she was paid $600,000 for a speech from goldman sachs. dagen: she got asked about it on the campaign trail. she walks off. >> there's only one hillary laugh you get in the morning because one is enough. maria: the polls are set to open. the nature is storm threatened chances in iowa? we will be back in a moment. ♪
7:21 am
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we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
7:23 am
maria: welcome back. nigeria asking the world tank
7:24 am
and the african development bank for $3.5 million to the lily growing gap in the budget. concerns over the impact of low oil prices on petroleum exporting economies in the developing world. phil flynn at the cma group and africa, one of those developing economies when it comes to oil. thirty-two dollars a barrel. >> it is. the pain is felt all over the place whether a developing nation or a more mature economy or producer is hurting and everybody. even in saudi arabia the banks are under pressure right now hitting the lowest prices in 10 years. it is about to fall to my many loves the energy industry has taken. even in the u.s. if you look at last week's gdp was struck down by the drop in energy company earnings which has lost almost $18 billion already last year and they are racking up more losses every day. the question is where does the
7:25 am
world bank's top if they come to nigeria's aid, there'll be a long list of energy producers looking for a handout. it will be a very difficult situation to do. oil prices down again today. there will be more pain to come. back to you. maria: thanks, phil. we should point out that miss. the pmi indexes in asia and europe. it looks like the eurozone were okay. they were in line with expectations, but the january pmi for asia was down across the board and obviously the china index was among the worst. dagen: contracting for the sixth month in a row. again, demand slows more -- demand is still a growing great still. if this was even more in the next year or a couple of years, that will put even more pressure on the downside of crude. >> yeah. you've got to have the police
7:26 am
demand will stay where it is then that is the missing component. we know production is getting close. we see it here in the u.s. and elsewhere. if demand falls we will never get through. maria: we also have australia down. the pmi came out over the weekend. thank you. forecasters say a blizzard and i will not hit the states until after caucuses. maria molina with the details. give it to us because some people won't go out and caucus if it is snowing out. >> unfortunately, we could see some isolated rain showers and snow showers across western part of the state. it will be quite isolated throughout the evening hours. the overnight hours then through the day on twos day. some welcome you in terms of: writing across iowa. it is going to be a cold day out there across most of the state even though some numbers will be above average reaching across
7:27 am
the southern half of the state. you can see the numbers quite chilly out there. this is what it will feel like out there as we head out the door. you could be looking like temperatures in the 20s across the state. it is going to be impact in the central plains throughout the day today. eventually you can see a band of rain in no mixing and by 9:00 p.m. tonight across enterprise of iowa and western parts. it could get quite messy out there. not forecast to hit iowa and till tonight. very, very late tonight and into the day on tuesday. we have lizard warnings in effect across northwestern parts of the state and winter storm warnings because they could pick up anywhere between six to 12 inches of snow and expect to get very strong winds as well without. barbary. maria: thank you so much. maria molina, we'll keep checking back. they hillary clinton e-mail scandal widens this morning.
7:28 am
why one lawmaker is predicting an indictment. we will be back in a minute. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. this monday, february 1st grade with me, thoughts as ms. network dagen mcdowell. former massachusetts senator scott brown and contributor david webb. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the election cycle will be cast today. the iowa caucuses get underway tonight and the stakes are high on both sides of the race. candidates make their final appeal right now because turnout could be critical to the outcome. the latest coming up from des moines. new questions mean well. the front-runner hillary clinton and her private e-mail scandal. the state department refusing to release 22 e-mails over top-secret information that is contained in them. whether this will affect voting in iowa will take a look. turning to markets, futures indicate a lower opening at the
7:32 am
start of trading this morning. we have the purchasing managers index in asia come out over the weekend and what we saw was the european indices were in line better than expected although italy fell short. the asian purchasing manager indexes were weaker. in china did manufacturing or shows contraction for the sixth month in a row. it fell about 2% overnight. the nikkei average showed strength once again higher by about 2% on the move on friday the bank of japan to cut interest rates into negative territory that fans into japan once again. the world health organization is holding a meeting this morning on the zika divers. they will determine whether severe global health emergency. good news this morning for chipotle. they're expected to announce the e. coli outbreak over. investigators do not know the cause. the stock is up 5% this morning on the news.
7:33 am
sadness for detroit lions fans. calvin johnson reportedly retiring. he gave his coach the news the day after the regular season ended. johnson played nine seasons in the nfl and he saw brady at the ripe age of 30. retiring. hillary clinton e-mail scandal head of the iowa caucuses. i spoke with house oversight chairman congressman darrell i said yesterday about the plan to release all the e-mails have questioned this wrong. >> i don't want it all made public. the information that is sensitive i would like to select intelligence committee to see it. i want to make sure it's not public because that is what she's got to be held accountable for. when you fill and appointed officials had full of highly classified sensitive information, they are not required to do but to what he to what it says secret or top secret out of the document. they are required to keep secrets for life, not save them
7:34 am
on the air, not put them in a boat and candidate not take them with them when they leave government. maria: joining us now is the senior adviser during heller clinton's time at the state department and author of the new book industries of the future. i like ross joining us now. congratulations on the book. is the issue coming up in your interviews? >> not yet. for most people, most of the working-class and middle-class americans are worried about their household finance is. there hasn't been any fire that come up in the e-mail said. most of america has moved on to be blunt. >> for people in new hampshire, the things they are saying. >> don't interrupt me. excuse me. the e-mail scandal is real, especially now when you have what is happening. when you were there, did you advise her not to have a private
7:35 am
server and not do things her way she did? >> i was involved in it. sorry. maria: you said you were the head of innovation? >> the projects i worked on our national security projects. for example, restoring communications and territory during the revolution would be a worthy anonymized encrypted crime reporting program in northern mexico has taken on the leadership of a couple cartels did that's the kind of work i did. maria: do you think that workers in those 22 e-mails? is anything you talk about his top-secret and that's why they don't want to release them? >> nope. maria: wasn't top-secret? >> why work, no. >> her as a problem that counters what you say. you go across this country for the first time in the presidential cycle. our security, our national security and domestic security is a bigger reissue. there's more awareness now than
7:36 am
there ever has been. >> 2004 after 9/11. >> right now between 9/11 and now there's been a hundred% increase, tens of thousands of people being killed. it becomes a bigger reissue. >> sounds like a good reason to elect hillary clinton president because she's the most competent. >> i spoke to ambassador, the libyan ambassador of the uae who came here and talked about the mistakes made in libya pre-and post. the american people don't buy it from the political class on both sides frankly who tell them their national security is as important. they look at domestic security. do you feel safe? if you don't feel safe, you want to know why. >> the more people focus on security, domestic security and international security, the better of hillary clinton will be.
7:37 am
i think she's trusted. maria: she is not trusted. >> tummy three specific accomplishments of the clinton attack that it benefited the american people in her work as secretary of state. >> that is easy and then i hope we can talk about my book. of course. the restoration of respect for america abroad. >> tell me the accomplishments. that is the subject is. >> anything you can't put a number on is going to be -- are we better render gadhafi? >> the region was better off. >> we were more stable under gadhafi. >> yeah, that you are dismissing the idea this revolution were propelled by people in the region. barack obama and hillary clinton didn't sit together in the white house one day and say let's overthrow half a dozen government. it's not the way it works.
7:38 am
and you know that. you sound a little silly. >> i love your patronizing tone. her missteps with russia in the area and libya. >> what is the misstep with russia? maria: the reset. we were supposed to have this whole reset. >> under medvedev -- maria: it was prudent. >> breccia is prudence country. i have news for you. under hillary, things did not necessarily plummet to the degree they did after the election in 2012 around the time she was sleeping when putin was it. there is a brief period where things are relatively stable. i wouldn't pin it on the secretary of state with our bilateral relationship with russia as i do think there is a guy named vladimir putin was something to do with it. if the alternative is just not go up with vladimir putin,
7:39 am
then -- >> no one is saying that. >> i'm glad she run the show. i don't want to feel like your back is up against the law because we are talking about the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. don't you think that having a private server or having the government business, many of which were top-secret makes the country vulnerable? >> no. maria: how can you sit there and say this? >> i will tell you. i haven't read the 22 and also i will reserve judgment on 22 i haven't seen. what i have done is i've read a tot of else is out there. i am like already. there's nothing in it. >> let me understand this -- maria: that is why the top-secret e-mails are a big deal. >> we will see. this is a hypothetical based in
7:40 am
the theoretical may be. >> state department has stated they cannot be released because they are sensitive. the menu has special access programs. did you ever -- >> i can't tell you. maria: maybe this is not an issue that is important to you. >> i think it is an important issue. i grew up with in a night janitor on a truck. we are in this beautiful, fancy new york studio. i spent most of my time in middle america. when i middle america, but they care about is their economic future, their kids will be in the world, global. and the stuff we talk about in new york -- >> eyelet dovetailed visitor book. industries that the future. hillary has criticized the economy and is criticized the
7:41 am
very companies, the most innovative. >> now, what she said is it draws on important questions about the future of labor. and explain what that means and tie that to my book. what that means, for example, in a world without things like workers compensation insurance, parental leave and other such things, protections that are historic employer-based will now follow the burden of following government. so the question is -- >> or the burden should fall in government? >> this is the question then is to be raised. i don't think you should fall in government. oftentimes what we need to do -- maria: you are talking about economic issues. when you speak to most people all they care about is jobs and economy and financial lies. but their lives are worse off today after hillary clinton's leadership. we just haven't moved in seven years. the economy is stuck in the mud.
7:42 am
last week the gdp growth is seven tenths of a percent. durable goods orders down 12 months in a row. 5.1% last week telling you businesses are not in testing. you are trying to make a case where the e-mail stuff doesn't matter. what matters is her record on jobs. but i don't see the record. >> fascism versus socialism versus hillary clinton. maria: who is a fascist? >> we're in big trouble, folks. >> ted cruz and donald trump. i don't mean that as an insult. i actually mean it as a technical matter. >> hillary was government run. >> what is her idea? her ideas idea? or ideas or governments insertion into your lives. governments insertion into business, government controlled
7:43 am
by regulatory means of my business. you can't tell me of the future she's not involved. maria: fascism is imminent halt and you are from west virginia. list your heart. we all know. >> i mean it as a technical matter. do i find fascism offensive? i absolutely positively do. the leading candidates for the republican nomination are fascist. they are mussolini ask. >> with all due respect they are americans. they may not think like you do. they have a different vision than you and hillary clinton ever one else. that is the beauty of america without throwing names in demonizing and dividing. they are americans and they believe very strongly in this country. each and every one of the people on both sides are all good americans. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, o'malley, everybody. it's insulting to hear these people be called fascist.
7:44 am
>> we do get to decide what her political affiliations are. a couple of them have chosen to go so far to the right that the most apt accurate -- maria: hillary is all the way to the left. because the bernie sanders. >> i think that she is a socially liberal pro-market democrat who is well suited to our next president. maria: good to see you. thank you so much. sorry you got into office defending hillary clinton. alec ross, the former senior advisor for innovation to hillary clinton. back in a minute.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
maria: welcome back of the world health organization with an emergency meeting today to discuss the zika virus outbreak. cheryl casone with not. cheryl: the world health organization is meeting to decide whether it's how they should be a global health emergency. the virus spread by mosquitoes is linked to birth defects and is a danger to those with weakened admin systems. it is spreading at a civilly and could affect as many as 4 million people in the american people each year. it is now 25 countries and territories that health officials say 31 cases have been reported in 11 states and the district of columbia. as google has it way, cell
7:49 am
towers may become a thing of the past. google has been testing solar powered wireless pipe g drone aircraft to replace the current cellular-based network. the technology uses millimeter to send and receive data at speeds up to 40 times faster than current 4g lte services that most of the world providers use right now. the millimeter wave technology has been considered the key to opening up the future of wireless communication. finally, cuba is launching its first broad and home internet service. the cuban government announced in last night it will allow people to work or home servers through fiber optic connections. general public access to broadband internet again last year in cuba with the opening of dozens of public wi-fi spots. this is the first in many developments when it comes to technology in cuba. back to you. maria: cheryl, thank you so much. is that taking a stand on the republican and democratic
7:50 am
candidate. jo ling kent with the story. jo ling kent with the story. twitter is on the move in the premarket. we will bring you the details next. stay with us. or stop to find ? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back to facebook than a devastating blow. >> a big development. facebook can imprison a person can fill some facebook announced a grant. the social networks have the updated policy aligns more closely with the policies around commerce and advertising which plays similar restrictions on advertisements of regulated goods like pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs and firearms. gun buyers could circumvent to be fair already bans the use of the term.
7:54 am
this is another step. craigslist and ebay are banning gun sales as well and retailers can still display products on facebook if they can't complete transactions on the site. base that continues to move towards e-commerce. you can be payments now. the company will rely on 1 billion daily active users to report any violations of the policy. maria: face big serving as an online platform for potentially dangerous people to get guns. >> david, i am a gun owner. i know you are as well. certainly respect the right to carry and bear arms. he's a liberal owner who will do what he feels is necessary to protect his company. >> here is the truth that matters. when you purchase a gun on mine it goes to relicense dealer. you still have to go to license
7:55 am
dealer with an ssl certification around the back row and check. facebook has decided they won't be a portal for individuals. >> terror talk as much as they are policing. >> in the middle of the whole debate, he came out and said don't worry. your information is safe. we are not going to release any of her mission to anybody. so the answer is no. dagen: sadly. >> president obama has urged the limitation of gun sales on media nec facebook making this move. he is urged limitations but social media companies have not responded to that. maria: by the way, twitter was up as much as 8%.
7:56 am
private equity firms subtly considering some sort of a deal for the company. >> twitter is sent a really big low point. maria: thank you. jo ling kent they are. next we will be joined by ron's previous. join us coming up. back in a minute. [ brakes screech ] flo: unh... [ tires squeal, brakes screech, horn honks ] ooh, ooh! [ back-up beeping, honking ] a truckload of discounts for your business -- now, that's progressive.
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7:59 am
maria: good monday morning i am maria bartiromo welcome back monday, february 1, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell form massachusetts senator brown fox nice contributor david webb top stories on east coast this morning, the first votes of 2016 election cycle will be cast today, the iowa being caucuses under way 8:00 pm eastern the stakes could not be admire on both sides of this race candidates a pitch to voters make sureing sure they go out caucus turnout
8:00 am
will be critical. >> if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed you won't make it. it doesn't matter, get up and caucus stand and speak for us, if we stand together, we will win. >> please go out and caucus tomorrow night, the storm is not coming till after midnight plenty of time to caucus. >> monday night, could be an historic night for this country. maria: but, of course, there are new questions for democratic front-runner hillary clinton this morning, in her private e-mail situation the state department is now refusing to release 22 e-mails, they say, contain top secret information to market futures lower opening start of trading we have the so-called pmi report out overnight, that is the purchasing managers next throughout asia europe, europe okay. itly fell short aish was largely weaker than inspected we are seeing weakness in europe data out of china
8:01 am
weighing on markets crossing oil losers weighing on sentiment in issue in china manufacturing sector contraction for 6th month in a row according to pmi news on shanghai composite down nearly 2%, the nikkei average still smarting on bank japan moves japan showing strength sfolg bank of japan move to cut interest rates into negative territory nikkei average dropped % who meeting on zika virus group will determine whether outbreak should be declared a global health emergency good news for chipolte the centers for disease control expected to announce restaurateur schain oe. coli outbreak is other. that is coming as early as today investigators still find it a mystery what exhausted this breakout. from the beginning, super bowl 50 less than a week awoo with denver panthers carolina panthers to brep for game cam newton drawing attention with his pants, versace, hot stuff! .
8:02 am
>> the big day finally here first votes 2016 election cast a highly anticipated nomination process for both apparents blame burmest of your memory blake with the latest. >> welcome to caucus day in iowa there are so many questions, heading into tonight and we will get answers in a matter of hours, among them donald trump, can he take that enthusiasm that he has seen, in his rallies to support that he has seen in polling, and turn that into a victory here to tonight to propel him forward ted cruz has he exceptional ground waim in iowa will that matter be the difference for cruz marco rubio, has seen uptick in polling here has has been polling third but those numbers have been on the climb, those three one, two, three, will it stay that way tonight? we will see. on the democratic said to hillary clinton, she had what seemed to be an insurmountable lead 40, 50 points the latest
8:03 am
polling shows just a matter of a few points. can she hold off bernie sanders, tonight, who has kind of in the same boat as trump, newer support big crowds, will that translate into caucusgoers tonight, just mentioned, five of the candidates to you on both sides, there is another 10 more tonight, the results at least ten mo results coming in at about 9:00, 10k, eastern webrief a new reporting system at that point, the entire narrative changes, who wins what happens going forward, and then the expectations game, coming out of that, maria back to you. maria: great. thank you blake burman the latest in des moines a fox business exclusive reince priebus good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> how do you see it why the stakes so high for iowa what are your expectations which a does the tell us for the rest of the election, once we do get the results out of iowa.
8:04 am
>> well, i mean it is a great test case, i mean all these four states are tests, for each of these and is an see how they do in different environmentalis environments, ultimately -- [no audio] -- >> reince we have a issue we go get back to reince priebus in a moment are you with us. >> i can harry you -- >> great, we lost you for a second, i think you know, what you are saying is in really makes a lot of sense because this is first couple states, a test to see how people are feeling, what do you think is the most important issue for voters today? i know that it keeps going back the and forth national security economy what do you hear in terms of those of what they want from a candidate. >> i think a perspective of what kind of leadership do you want, i mean what type of person you want leading this country in a world unstable, and in an economy that doesn't
8:05 am
seem to be getting on track. and people looked for answers some won going to get this job done, and, i think that is really what presidential elections are all about very different than midterm in fact i think midterms far more issue driven in some ways more candidate driven sounds odd to is that i but when you have smaller electorate that is what happens at some point in this conversation especially after march 1, when so many states go, the narrative is going to get to delegate count because the delegates of the republican party on the floor of the convention choose the nominee. and so, these state contests direct delegates to act a certain way, but ultimately, it is in cleveland in july, when those delegates at any the floor are going to choose who the republican nominee is. maria: based on number of
8:06 am
delegates what states will you looking at cloturest? >> well, look, the first states are really important, we all know that, that is why test cases are so important you look at march 1 superyou tuesday are o er proportional going to tell about strength of campaigns to compete in multiple state type contests then march 15, in most cases a winner take all primary, and i think, and the 16th of march, we're going to have a pretty good idea of the direction of this race tonight first night as you talked about you did it correctly, it is all about who turns out. and with so many candidates, obviously they are all pushing their pockets of people to turn out. >> makes a lot of sense snow scott brown. >> i think after, reince you obviously as well i they've after iowa new hampshire you are going to see few others drop out as we move forward, in this process, you are going to as reince was staying get a
8:07 am
more realistic feeling about the numbers in the specific issues, the lower tier cads out of money can't compete, and the big basis, so you are going to have a shift i think in the -- you know where those folks end up. maria: reince do you agree with that that this now are in aoing down. >> not enough hard money to go around, you actually, in order to compete in new hampshire and south carolina the next state the next state next state you need a lot of cash to pay people, on the ground, and so, what i look for, tonight, or in new hampshire, south carolina, is something that you don't expect. i mean that is that is when things can change momentum moves shifts, so things that happen that you don't expect, is what you look for, out of a day like today. >> bryan good to see you again, the question is a --
8:08 am
the american people -- understand the difference between a contested and brokered convention education we talked before explain the difference for people. >> yeah, sure. well you know there is a lot of words to using the first word he brokered convention just doesn't happen the old days, all the delegates would run in their own states show up at a convention, and they would actually vote right then and there there was no conversations like this about iowa, and new hampshire, just went to the convention and voted, but the brokers people that votes in pocket might be the state delegation chairman of wisconsin, has 50 or she's got a votes in back pocket goes to the candidate and says hey you know, i have got there i've got that what can we get over here just doesn't happen anymore because we have rules that say you can't vote in a bloc like that, so, the real the correct order contested or open convention just means that a candidate is going to
8:09 am
the convention, without the majority of delegates already committed to them. and if that happens then that is when you get to a contested or open convention, about it you never have a situation where you have a brokered convention. so highly ununlikely that is distinction. >> do you feel at this point on republican side, have been able to are aticulate policies to american people the debate seven, have they had the opportunity to be heard on the important issues that are key for america? >> yeah, i think so, maria look we have got 24-hour news, you've got a great program, people can go anywhere to get information on internet, and, you know, through the radio all over the place clearly this is a process that is a long process, there is plenty of time and people have test cases, where if people can't get out to the entire country they can get to new hampshire
8:10 am
and iowa, and make their case and -- talk to people, so this is a great american way, and so, about those what happens tonight is really important in that process we're looking forward to getting this thing started. debates great plenty of them, and we're really satisfied with request where we are at so far in the process. dagen: does it make you nervous with more than seven years with president obama in the white house, lackluster economy slowest recovery since world war ii, wages not growing, however, people may be don't want more of that they want to go -- even to left look at record number of people that have given to bernie sanders, they look at -- obama administration is saying hey he wasn't liberal enough i want more government higher taxes i want you wi-- un sam to take care might have life doesn't that worry you -- >> sure free sounds great except when people realize how
8:11 am
it gets paid for it worries us, and you look at hillary clinton, you know, we have not talked about this, but it just really does tell you a pretty good story about what is happening with her, i mean the fact that you have a former first lady senator -- of state losing to this gadfly from vermont not even a democrat in iowa tied in new hampshire, it tells you a lot about her situation. and her e-mails you talked about that, you know does hero she death indicted a grows negligence charge non knows order part about this not just this but for misunderstaonths p that the democrats are going to have a more unsettled primary in 60 days than the republicans. who would have thoot. >> you are right. >> six months ago but here we are. maria: yeah, it is true, there is a lot of uncertainty there. >> they are adding -- they are adding three debates now.
8:12 am
>> now they are adding them yeah. >> because it is not -- >> note working out to, tells us you a lot adding debates in march of and april and may? >> because they have been like debates doing on saturday night. >> playoff season -- >> yeah. >> absolutely, and it tells you when you see these polls, you annoy hillary should be acting like incumbent. and she is behind most of our candidates already. that is pretty bad for her she's going focus a tough sell to the american people when people don't trust you like you that is a bad place to be. maria: reince good to have you on program thanks so much for spending the time. >> thank you. >> we see you soon reince priebus don't miscomplete coverage ofive away caucuses with neil cavuto 8:00 pm eastern on fox business network emergency meeting being called concerns over the spread of the zika virus details, tonight the tonight
8:13 am
residents preparing to see to be first in the nation to cast vote for the next president of the united states will weather affect turnout? the forecast next. ♪ ♪
8:14 am
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sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. maria: welcome back, the world health organization emergency meeting to discuss zika virus outbreak cheryl casone on that headlines now. cheryl: hopefully we get answers today from the world health organization, meeting to decide whether zika should be considered a global health emergency astrayed by mosquitoes blinksed to birth defects a danger to weakened immune systems who saying it
8:17 am
is spreading explosively could affect as many as 4 million people in the americas, each year. officials say 31 cases reported in 11 states, and district columbia. >> a final to salvage a cargo ship adrift five days after a spanish helicopter rescued crew members from the it from aer look at video, officials, say that effort to twooch cables failed ship going to run aground would smash into it southwestern france ofh france tomorrow night carrying fuel could spill into ocean if the ship crashes -- january for ipos fledgling biotech firms, because according to -- the first month long drought since september 2011 to be
8:18 am
clear the one he postponed world financial services companies -- we do have biotechs next week, so that is where the group that seems to be that is the excitable as far as investors, january nothing nada no surprise. >> banks have been getting crushed, and tendency asset managers crushed this year, why would a company take a financial firm public in this market. >> no regulatory -- political as dagen said earlier outcome not really defined they say, we also talked about well you know maybe they should they are not going to because there is a complete lack of -- >> trust in this economy right now, and every time you turnaround there is a new rule new regulation new tax new attack on that industry from not only politicians but regulators. >> this is critically important gets to job creation.
8:19 am
this gets down, to the nitty-gritty of funding available for start-ups, because again, bc's resebt if private market evaluations on companies cut then gets to funding available they won't step up if they don't think there is exit down the road, the vicious cycle if not castle. >> 75-million-dollar ipo out in chump change. >> in other like tech and biotech, the problem that scares a lot of investors, in silicon valley blood testing biotech are you going to take company public in election year you know if you are developing, cancer, cancer drugs you are going to get hammered by people on the left. >> -- something said -- controls prices. >> on the books now i will keep you posted. >> if any group can get us through it is biotech, and
8:20 am
health care. as opposed to banks. >> here we are, we were the most innovative ♪ you have, obviously the medical device area, where you know -- amazing opportunity for jobs and job growth, they are attacked, the medical device tax and host of other things, then you look at the fda a lot of drug approvals, this jointed disfunional he changing ruled midstream know wonder they say we are going to hang tight for a while. >> we got to quickly point out fdwi.a a banningup job getting through a lot of cancer drug approvals pushing through. >> a lot faster. >> cheryl as you short break no matter when candidates win tonight supporters may not have much time to celebrate the state of iowa is bracing for a major blizzard the details next. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
. maria: welcome back forecasters saying a blizzard in iowa that was projected today now will not hit the state until after the caucuses, fox meteorologist with details maria. >> good morning, mar ooh o at home a potential blizzard across iowa worst of conditions forecast for very late tonight, he mostly into overnight hours, also into day tomorrow but ahead that have system looking at cold teldz o temperatures wind chills bad, from teens into low 30s out here throughout the entire day today, and that continues, as well, as we head into the nighttime hours by 8:00 pm could look at, youed chilly temperatures in 20s, in laces des moines farther north a
8:25 am
storm system in place across rockies spreading snow into sporgs of the plains going to be ramping up out there, blizzard conditions first across places like nebraska nebraska, and eventually reaching parts of iowa, not going to rule out a couple isolated snow showersor rain showers this evening, people head out to polls the brunt of the storm into overnight hours tonight into day tomorrow you can see blizzard warnings in effect for the conditions forecast across are not western iowa a foot of snow strong winds will produce whiteout conditions, you. maria: thanks so much, we will check back coming up state department, still refusing to hand over 22 hillary rodham clinton e-mails will it help or hurt her in iowa one decision hurt this video of a cyclist in belgium you thought herun turns out one will have a left. ended up finishing second. >> back in a minute.
8:26 am
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8:29 am
>> welcome back. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal back front and center as voting in iowa kicks off tonight. the state department says it has 22 e-mails sent or received to the former secretary of state's private computer service that are now deemed top secret. i spoke with former house oversight committee chairman darrell issa on this morning futures about the scandal. >> i don't want it made public. the information that's sensitive, i want the intelligence committee to see it. but i don't want to see it go public.
8:30 am
that's what she's responsible for. when you fill their head with highly sensitive information, they're not living up to the documents, top secrets, required not to put them in a book and not take them with them when they leave government. maria: joining us now is former hillary clinton campaign strategist, mark, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. maria: how damaging is the latest revelation that the state department won't release the e-mails because they're too top secret? >> we don't really know how damaging it is or not because we don't know whether there is an investigation, how deep it is, the truth of the matter is, this is not a primary issue. she has an over 80% favorable in iowa. bernie sanders took it off the table. this may or may not be a general election issue. it's played out in some of the general election numbers, but it's not a primary issue and i don't think you're going to see it have any effect in iowa.
8:31 am
maria: here is david webb, go ahead. >> you know, mark, i've just got to get past the election. let's put the election aside for a moment and talk about the security. if, as other intelligence officials and high administration officials have talked about it former that we have been penetrated at high levels, the likelihood of penetrating hillary clinton's servers, we will never see the e-mails nor should we, but if those 22 e-mails can't be released, what about the security of the country? >> well, i think this is really a political issue. >> no, i'm talking about a process in security, not political. forget the election for a moment that it exists. let's talk about the security, penetration and the penetration of the server that's potentially there, as well as-- >> that's what the issue is about, right, mark? >> that's something experts are going to have to look at. i think the voters are going to say, hillary clinton has had a long history and experience served as secretary of state, was--
8:32 am
>> i asked you about security with all due respect. with all due respect. hang on, mark. if any administration official exclusively used their server, their private server, chinese have penetrated, russians penetrated, iran, syria, criminal actors have penetrated our government systems and she has a private server, is this not a security issue? and e-mails on her server cannot be released because they are that sensitive? >> look, i think it's speculative who penetrated what. i think there's a professional investigation looking into what those issues are. i think eventually those will be made public and the public will make the judgment on that. maria: the judgment really is, mark, doesn't this episode reveal something about what a clinton presidency would look like? i mean, the fact that she had this private server in her house, mark, and she has all of
8:33 am
these e-mails sent and received, many of which were so important and top secret, doesn't this tell us or sort of suggest what a clinton presidency would look like? >> look, the fact that her and her aides initiated a process that resulted in a deal that may stop iran from having a nuclear weapon also reveals something about what a clinton presidency might reveal. everything has to be-- >> everything has to be put in perspective. and that's what the political process is about. >> can i put this in perspective, mark? hillary clinton, sorry, hillary clinton and aides strip off classified and send her the e-mail. you want perspective, do you want a candidate or president who decides i'm going to have it stripped out so i can use it on an unsecured server. that was something that was about public information, but the real question here on the e-mails, i think has yet to be
8:34 am
fully vetted and come out. in terms of what's happening in iowa or what we're seeing, the voters are saying, you know what? this isn't an issue for me as a democrat. this is something that the fbi is looking at. there's going to be a conclusion about it and when there is a conclusion about it, maybe it will turn out to be awes serious as some people think, maybe it won't be. maria: that's a fair point. >> we have to wait for that. maria: that's definitely a fair point. there were e-mails between you and hillary revealed in the release, right, over president obama hot mic comment with former russian president medvedev. what was the feeling when he said look, he whispered to medvedev, look, i'm going to have more flexibility after the election, right? >> i think at that time that the feeling was that president obama, i think, dependent always make the wisest comments and i felt free to say so or not. and i think i was pretty surprised actually through this whole process that personal
8:35 am
e-mails, frankly, would get mixed in and revealed. maria: you made the e-mail dump mark, you've got to feel good about that. >> here is senator scott brown. >> i don't disagree at all with your analysis that the democratic voters in iowa and even in new hampshire don't care about what's happening with the e-mails because in iowa especially she does have a large turnout. then why-- are you shocked, as i think many people are, that you have a socialist in bernie sanders who basically is not even a democrat who is actually potentially going to win iowa and new hampshire? what are your thoughts on that? >> well, look, i think sanders has run a strong race. i think iowa voters have typically been voters who go for an outsider candidate. i think as we come down to the end of the race here, i think she is looking like she has a slight edge. she's winning nationally overall, i think, with democratic voters.
8:36 am
this is going to be a big decision. >> what are your thoughts on new hampshire? >> he was the vermont senator. he has run a strong race and funding base. she's coming out with the edge here and she's got the ability to run the table after these two states. and i think we'll see. if he pulls an upset after tomorrow, he's going to have a little momentum. if she comes through here and i think last night's-- i think the saturday night polls in the des moines register gives her a little bit of an edge going into the iowa caucus today. >> mark, hey, mark, it's dagen mcdowell. in that e-mail that maria was referencing, the beginning of it was this could be the stupidest thing he ever said by a president and even considered resigning, in a response. but to that point, you had president obama who is at least warming up to hillary clinton in the comments he made in that interu he did with politico. does that necessarily benefit her? >> well, yes, i think right now
8:37 am
in the primary, i think democratic voters are aligned with hillary, they're aligned with obama. democratic voters like bernie sanders, they like hillary, they like obama, they like the direction the parties is taking then. >> republican voters in contrast are divided, uncertain about the party and give a 13% rating to congress, they don't like their leadership, they're backing an outsider, they don't know what to do. i think there's a huge contrast between the parties and the leadership of each party right now. >> yeah. >> which i think why the democrats are well-positioned to come out of their primaries in good shape and right now the republicans don't know what's going to happen at all. maria: let me ask you this, mark. i was speaking to a banker the other day, what we're hearing privately about hillary she's not going to do everything she says she's going to do, 1.1 trillion dollars and tough on
8:38 am
the bank, and reining them in. is she doing to follow up with what she's telling voters are doing for wall street. or is she going to get in and say nothing for wall street, these of my buds? >> i think she's going to have a program in terms of wall street. i think she's going to do what she says she's going to do. the campaign policy proposals get refined and i think that's obviously always been true, but i think the taxes proposed for those over $5 million. i wouldn't be supplied if she enacted that, just as president clinton got into office and changed the system the same he said he was going to do. the first hundred day proposals, yes, i think she would take these seriously. maria: you think she's going to rein in wall street and health insurance companies held to account and control drug
8:39 am
prices? >> i think a lot of these things are in line with the mood of the country. remember, 73% are unhappy with the direction of the country and they want to see change here in the issues and they're unhappy with wall street, they're unhappy with drug prices. i really think that these reflect a lot of strains on public opinion that wall street and the pharmaceutical companies failed to address and they're going to have to move quickly if they want to forestall additional regulati regulations here. >> i wonder what the tax increases are going to do to small business. if you're going to squeeze the small business, they're not going to hire workers. i say we're square one with the obama economy. >> i think she's pro small business. maria: you you can say you're pro small business and then you're going to tax. >> taxing over $5 million, that's not small business.
8:40 am
maria: if you're raising on the highest earners, are' impacting small business. >> i think the full effects have to be seen. if she's president, i think she'll look for pro growth, but i think you're going to have to be realistic and revenues have to be raised from a democratic perspective. maria: thank you so much for weighing in, we appreciate it. always good to see you, sir. >> thank you. maria: mark penn. "mornings with maria" starts every day 6 eastern on the fox business network. before we take a break. some of the best moments you may have missed earlier in the program. >> i think everyone shows a common concern, if they have a big cyber attack, if they have a breach, it could destroy their brand. you look across the candidates both on the republican and democratic side, there hasn't been much discussion and this has to be a top issue. >> i think investors are legitimately concern that the economy is slower than it should be. maria: and cam newton is
8:41 am
drawing attention with his pants. look at dagen's face. dagen: i want him to wear a kilt so we can at least see the legs. >> is she a meteorologist? she's selling sunshine and you can sure have the four letters. dagen: it's weather person, not weather girl. >> pc. i've been called a control freak...
8:42 am
i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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8:45 am
>> well, the plans are in places, but ground crews needed extra paint ahead of super bowl 50. cher. cheryl: cheryl this is from my oops file. both ends of the stadium were painted with the denver broncos team and logo. the cameras caught this. and it was quickly fixed with the carolina panthers into one of the end zone. the director of the next "star wars" movie wants to shoot parts of film in space. he was speaking at the panel at the sundance film festival and wants to take authenticity to the next level and use imax technology. and it's been done before. parts of space in interstellar
8:46 am
by christopher nolan. >> a eagn eagle is trained to intercept illegal drones during an emergency situation. the trials are the next few months and they're concerned about the animal's safety and more importantly they don't want them to be injured by the drone. their claws are so strong, it's actually working. maria: i love this story. the birds versus the machine look at that, you go eagle, get him! and back to the campaign, senator ted cruz getting a key endorsement. joining us now is tony perk perkins, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: make the case, why is cruz your guy? >> i think he's best prepared and positioned to come out of iowa on into new hampshire and south carolina to win the
8:47 am
nomination and win the general election. i think he has the -- what many conservatives are looking for, you can see the angst, the anger toward both political parties, that's why trump is doing so well, but i think when you look at ted cruz's record, his political rhetoric matches his record and he'll be able to capture the vote that the last two nominees couldn't get. maria: can he win the election, i feel like he's principled and sticks to his belief, but the other side of that argument that he doesn't have any friends in the senate. had so many arguments with people going against people in the senate, called mitch mcconnell a liar on the senate floor. can he bring people together and win the general election? >> you know, under normal circumstances i would say we need someone who is more of a -- you know, someone who makes everybody feel good, but given the state of our nation, we've seen the policies of barack obama that really has put our
8:48 am
nation in a tailspin both economically and culturally, we need someone who is not afraid to go against the grain. nothing happens in washington much, it never moves, it's the same. change the jerseys and run the same plays and the american people have caught onto that. that's why the outsiders have done well. you don't want somebody who is going to uproot the city and not replace it. you know that ted cruz is a constitutionalist and limit it to the boundaries of the constitution. we don't need somebody who tramples further the constitution as barack obama has done. maria: here is donald trump. dagen: abortion, and partial birth abortion, why do you think that hasn't hurt him more in terms of polling? >> i think in iowa in particular, the latest poll over the weekend with evangelicals, ted cruz is
8:49 am
nearly double the support among evangelicals as donald trump. i still, i think what's happening is that evangelicals, look, they're not monolithic, they're a large swath of voting population, 90 million eligible voters in the evangelical ranks and look, they're just as concerned as everybody else in this country about the economy, about security, so those issues, right now they're at the forefront, as they drill down they begin to look at those character issues. they begin to look at the faith construct. do they identify with the candidate and that's why i think that ted cruz is best positioned going forward to capture that vote as people begin to think seriously who they're going to support. maria: we've got to get in senator scott brown here. >> tony, not everybody is a conservative. what do you tell the moderate and liberal republicans, who have been life long, and ted
8:50 am
cruz is conservative, and i have huckabee and others fighting in new hampshire and allowing others to go in because independents are playing in new hampshire. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, that wider base wasn't enough in the last two election cycles to get a republican elected. you have to have someone who can reach further than the conservatives, i think that ted cruz is best positioned, he goes into the tea party vote, the libertarian vote and clearly has the connections with the evangelical vote. they're 50% of primary voters and a third of the general election voters. they stayed home in the last two cycles and that's why the republicans failed. you do have to go beyond that base, but you have to have that base to win. maria: tony, real quick. >> ted cruz pro growth economic policy, tony, what is it? >> well, he's talking about a flat tax, a tax that would be equal eliminating a lot of the exemptions.
8:51 am
we'll see how far that goes. obviously, he has to work with congress, but look, the thing that he talks about most that's beneficial from an economic standpoint is regulation. maria: yeah, absolutely. >> eliminating regulations that harness businesses and keep them from growing. maria: tony, thank you for joining us. >> have a great day. maria: tony perkins. we'll be right back. to a new . born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future,
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8:55 am
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>> welcome back. i want to show you these pictures. and miles north of downtown los angeles. these pictures are unbelievable. the blaze out of control. we will read the latest as it becomes unavailable. >> income of 3% in december. spending. people are saving. five and a half percent.
8:59 am
that is what you are seeing. expect more of it as we get into this election year. there is going to be more fighting. >> the estimate is 48.1. >> it is great to see everybody. all starts today. next week in new hampshire higher. you will see some folks dropped out. we will get a better read going into south carolina. we have amazing candidates on our side. maria: we want this to begin. great having you. what are your final thoughts. spin that they are all trying to
9:00 am
tell you who to think what to think. look at locate your house. look at your money. who will give you the best chance for success right now in america. maria: good to see everybody. that will do it for us. bonnie and company begins right now. stuart: they give very much indeed did drop leads the republican field. hillary consistently tied. good morning, everyone. this is the start. i will caucus face to face on the issues and caucuses. a billionaire business guy leaving the gop and that clinton would be fighting for her political life. it may affect today's iowa voting.


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