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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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think. look at locate your house. look at your money. who will give you the best chance for success right now in america. maria: good to see everybody. that will do it for us. bonnie and company begins right now. stuart: they give very much indeed did drop leads the republican field. hillary consistently tied. good morning, everyone. this is the start. i will caucus face to face on the issues and caucuses. a billionaire business guy leaving the gop and that clinton would be fighting for her political life. it may affect today's iowa voting. the world indictment lurks in
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the background. awarding medals for capturing american sailors. those pictures tell the story. muslim migrants are attacked in sweden. civil strike. the rise over there. varney"varney & company" is aboo begin. ♪ would you look at this, please. that fire is a miles from downtown l.a. this is a large industrial building. that is a helicopter pilot.
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local news covering this, of course. that is a huge fire. we will keep you up to date on that. of all things, the weather. a blizzard could hit i was tonight. that could affect the all-important turnout. >> a big storm. a blizzard warning. the good news is it should not affect the caucuses. all the last votes being counted. the candidate's candidates trying to get out the next morning. right in the middle of where the blizzard will hit. up until midnight, just a few flights around. it could affect people from going around if they do not want to be out late. stuart: i know iowa reasonably well. they will not be put off by a blizzard or two.
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>> there could be quite a few people tracked tomorrow. hillary is statistically in a dead heat with bernie sanders and iowa. the state department has declared 22 hillary clinton e-mails talk under top-secret. they can never be revealed at all. the state department has begun its own investigation. katherine harris says the fbi does not like the way the white house is handling the whole thing. world tape. >> they are super pissed off. they say josh earnest has absolutely no clearance or visibility into the fbi investigation. they say it really seems like part of a troubling situation with the white house. he did not see any implications. he had never been briefed.
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the issue here is indictment. let me just follow this through. if the fbi recommends indictment, catastrophe, to hillary clinton, if they recommend indictment and the president does not indict, that is another big deal. >> that is a huge deal. clearly, hillary clinton should be indicted for everything that she has done. you see the president coming in here. he wants to head that off. he does not want to have that political issue. i think it's hands a democratic nomination to bernie sanders. i think it is handed to the republicans. >> if the fbi decides not to indict -- >> you have had a series of lies here. she used one device.
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no classified serial. we deleted 30,000 e-mails. there was classified information on their. now he found out that it was to top-secret to be released. will the justice department move ahead. >> the indictment. either it goes forward or it does not. either way, hillary clinton loses. >> you have seen them in the polls. there's really no other reason that hillary clinton should be in a dead heat with bernie sanders. the only reason it is a race in iowa is largely due to this issue. >> let's get to the markets. it is monday morning. the dow down in the neighborhood of 100 points.
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what we are seeing is a repeat of what we have literally been seeing for months now. look at the price of oil as of right now. we are up 3%. $1.79. that is $0.20 a gallon lower than one month ago. the cheapest date is oklahoma. what a state. $1.48 a gallon. that is average in oklahoma. this. the economy growing at less than 1% annually. that is according to numbers for the last 13 weeks of last year. we still came in with a miserable growth rate. art laffer is here. i think that is very bad news. the democrats saw hillary
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clinton and bernie sanders. surely not w way. there will be a lot or
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three months. you have a terrible situation. democrats have to own it 100%. stuart: we are assuming that the economy is going to be issue number one. >> but is it? we are talking politics. they look at their jobs. they look at their positions. it is economics.
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it really, really is. it always is. stuart: about 30 seconds. i want an answer on view is 201a pretty good year. people are going to expect a change in politics. you have the obama policies still locked with no chance of change. you have a pretty tough year ahead of you. you guys are loads of fun. i wish i was there with you.
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stuart: at some point you will be. i am sure. thank you. elon musk. he says less than 10 years. how about that. lauren simonetti. >> that is right. 2025. he added i do not take it is that hard. honestly. spacex will reveal its next spacecraft this fall. sending humans to mars even sooner. the cost of the super bowl 300 them in the million dollars. that is more than all the ads spent on the big game in 1950s 70s and '80s combines. it will cost a record $5 million. if you look out, first 50 years of the super bowl, $4.5 billion has been spent on advertisement. a surprise announcement from
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calvin johnson. retiring at 30 years old. right after the season ended. johnson is the all-time leader. reportedly says he does not want to feel that anymore. thirty and done. >> take you very much. eleven minutes past the hour. we have colored the wever. we have covered sports. the national campaign. that is a news broadcast. the iranians. captured and detained 10 american failures. being awarded metals. ralph peters says the worst from iran is yet to come and he is next.
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stuart: we are looking at about an 80s point loss. the price of oil is down about 3% as we speak. how about that not. it is going to open 2% on that particular stock. iran's supreme leader awarding medals to leaders for capturing those 10 u.s. sailors last month. ralph, you say that the worst is yet to come from iran. spell it out. >> very straight forward. iran keeps pushing and pushing and we keep retreating and retreating. it is going to do something so outrageous. the obama administration in that whole set, utterly misreads our enemies in general.
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it is a principle that if we could competed, if we do not confront iran, that will strengthen. on the contrary, by refusing to stand up for elementary international law for the rights of our sailors, we empower the revolutionary guards. the others i do not want any. i tell you, they look at the last year of obama's administration at a time of great opportunity. none of us want an obama confrontation. it is hard for me to see how we can escape it. stuart: do you think that it comes this year? the election comes in november. the confrontation comes this year with iran. >> i do not think that iran is
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planning for violence. they are so convinced now that they can get away with anything. even something by local commander is escalating severely. a bully keeps something you and taking your lunch money and knocking your books out of your hand, though bully just beats you up more. i do not want and international war. my god, the humiliation of our sailors carries a response of thinking the iranians of how they handled the situations was a real low point. >> is this coming to our attention. attacking migrants in stockholm. this is in retaliation. it looks to me like this crisis is exploding.
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it's civil unrest. it has arrived in europe. your comment, please. >> problems and finland. and throughout europe. they are not vikings anymore. this is a peaceful touchy-feely world. suddenly, problems they have never anticipated. trouble with rapes of swedish women. two juveniles raped a swedish woman. one of them is away from the detention center. to us, the level of violence is one thing. for the scandinavians, this is a real shock.
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hundred 65,000. up to 35,000 of them unaccompanied. teenagers. kids. that is a formula for absolute chaos. their popularity is plummeting. stuart: ralph, thank you very much indeed. we will see you again soon. the first visit to an american mosque in his presidency. first, look at the price of oil. we are down 3% on the price of oil. the dow opened about 80 points lower. more after this. ♪ i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again?
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: 4:00 o'clock this afternoon eastern time google report is profits. apple has beaten up. google searches by $25 a share. they become the most valuable parties of all time. a u.s. mosque for the first
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time. that was on wednesday of this week. visiting mosques overseas. reportedly from the white house to celebrate the contributions. by the way, having been tied to terror groups in particular. a couple of individuals belong to the group have seen this mosque. they have been convicted of sending money to hamas. >> this is a very political president. the timing here is important. to draw explicit comparisons to trump. >> going to a mosque. >> there is a connection. >> it is political.
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how important it is to reach out to our muslim brothers and sisters. he is not just doing it to do it. >> check out the dow futures. ninety points lower. the price of oil is down. we are in this situation. the first primary day. it is a caucus day. they are very american. altered democratic. the opening bell is next. ♪ i have asthma...
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>> it's a principle with kerry and obama that if we continue to capitulate. if we don't confront iran, that will strengthen the moderates. on the contrary, by refusing to stand up for elementary international law where the rights of our sailors, we empower the hardliners. stuart: you don't want to miss ralph peters. he's always got something to say. sharp as-- edgy, how to describe it. if you want that kind of stuff, tune in every weekday morning
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at 9:00 because that's when we start "varney & company." 15 seconds to the opening bell and they're beginning their applause. that means it's getting ready to ring-- the bell is ringing, haven't started trading yet. five seconds left. we see the price of oil down more than a buck. that will probably take the dow industrials down at the opening bell. not by that much. maybe 70, 80, 90 points. we're off. we're running already and i can tell you now the dow is 50 points. commenting today. ashley webster, keith fitz-gerald. my first question. do the results of the iowa caucuses have any impact of any kind on wall street? scott shellady? >> i don't think so, no. we have our monetary schools and i think it gives a better stance to see if we can get
9:31 am
anything started. >> how about you, any impact on wall street at all? >> i'll respectfully disagree with scott a little bit and here is why. they say iowa is about narrowing the field. here is what's happening, you're going to look at sec. in huge swaths, a big win for trump, and a big win for hillary for dole outs. i think it sets the tone for mergers and acquisitions and i think the effect is not immediately, but 12 months from now. stuart: 12 months. what do you say. ashley: i think that if trump has a handy victory, it could be seen as business friendly and could have a jump, but we have a long ways to go now. stuart: 12 months, i think a big impact on the stock market and economy. take a look at microsoft. they are providing the technology to help tally up the
9:32 am
iowa caucus results. yes, i am a shareholder of microsoft. jo, this is a big night for microsoft, if they mess up, not saying they will, if they mess up, they'll look terrible. jo: they're sending their elite team of software engineers to make sure it goes well. sanders and clinton have backup systems. and sanders complaining that microsoft has given money to the clinton campaign. but this is a big moment, when you think about how you innovate voting. these tech companies will have a big hand in that. they're no longer going to phone in the results from the precincts. it's an app. jo: it's an app and through a verified double-checking system. they will be able to submit and tally them faster. ashley: what if there's a discrepancy between what
9:33 am
microsoft says and the backup systems for clinton and sanders? >> apparently they check through the precinct captains and there's a double, triple check there. i'm sure there will be questions, turnout expected to be a little more on each side-- >> it's where the future is going, and why microsoft continues to do relatively well. they're innovative. stuart: let's check out the big names we've followed for you. the takes making the running. 574, that's 100 odd dollars less than a couple of weeks ago. how about facebook, a huge rally last week and now it's up higher. and netflix, where are we moving on netflix, $92 a share not much movement and twitter, i believe that stock is up 5%. i'm not sure, maybe that's a
9:34 am
bounce from the $16 level. i'm not sure what the reason is, but it's up 5% today. still, down in the doldrums. look at google, it's very close to overtaking apple to become the most valuable company in the world. how close is it? >> it's give or take 50 billion dollars. that's cash on hand. apple has been the biggest company since it overtook exxonmobil and you're seeing google establishing dominance as far as smart phone technology and that's for all of us users. stuart: i've done the math, and alphabet, google, is at 768 now, if it goes to 786, it surpasses apple and becomes the most valuable. >> we're expecting a profit of 8.09, what the street is looking for after the bell.
9:35 am
stuart: what is it $8? >> 8.09. stuart: expectations, don't like expectations. google, long-term, you like it, keith, is that correct? >> absolutely. i think the secret to google is not necessarily what they're doing now, but the fact that they've got companies with artificial intelligence, the car, the phone. the move of alphabet is breaking out a lot of value. my take, if you're an investor interested in a long-term performer and something you into is going to be there, that company is worth looking at. stuart: when you talk to your clients do you call it alphabet or google? >> depends on the day, stuart. stuart: all right. then we have aetna. their profits are getting a boost from selling medicare and medicaid plans. the stock is up? >> that's right, they had membership of medicare and medicaid grow in the latest quarter. the earnings per share top in the latest quarter. as a result we see the stocks
9:36 am
up 2%. beware because their guides is tepid and the obamacare public exchanges and as far as the individual health plan business, the guidance is somewhat weak, but looks like wall street is taking the latest quarter because it's up almost 2%. stuart: yes, it is, thanks, nicole. how about this from chipotle. the e. coli outbreak that sickened what 50 customers last year, it may be declared over as soon as today. it's up 22 bucks. ashley: that would be the c.d.c. that's been conducting the investigation. and they declared it over. that's a big step for chipotle. 20 people had to be put in the hospital. what's disturbing is the investigators have been looking at this closely. still cannot pinpoint the ingredient responsible, but if they do declare it over,
9:37 am
chipotle, hopefully, you know, moving forward for them. stuart: 21.50 it's up today after a huge-- i really want to spend a little time on japan. those negative interest rates they came up with last week. that's extraordinary to me. you put your money in a bank and you don't get it back. doesn't earn any interest. they keep some of your money, that's a negative interest rate. keith fitz, you watch asia for us. that looks to me like desperation, is it? >> oh, this is not the logical order of things. this is a hail mary pass of the most desperate proportions. what the banks are telling you, your savings don't matter. we're going to make it expensive for you to save. better take your money out of the bank or we'll keep it. and what they do as an investor, they want you to spend money.
9:38 am
toyota, some of the big exporters in japan, that's where you want to concentrate. don't want to look at the domestic economy because those are going to bet on this. >> scott, negative interest rates, you pay the bank for them to keep your money. what's that about, scott? >> i agree with fitz, it's desperation. i think it should be much more alarming than it is. that says to me there's no other way to get your economy jump started than to penalize your savers like that and charge them to keep the money in the back. that's a bad thing to do. let's not forget, their quantitative easing by percentage terms much larger than ours anyway. and that's a dangerous thing. i looked up, there are five countries in europe that have negative interest rates and a five year bond and that's something to be-- we are not talking about it that much and we're seeing the yields tick lower and lower and lower. 192, 1 #--
9:39 am
193. everybody is lowering interest rates. stuart: summarizing, it ain't a plus. i think we've got that. jo: i think increasing more consumer spending, what the bank is trying to do. and then you have them telling the bank, lend as much as you can for big products. the idea here is to try and push it. if the question is whether or not this will actually work. ashley: and they've done this and is not working well. this involves a small portion of the commercial banks. what i find interesting, quantitative and qualitative, and get the buzzer ready, it's q-q-e. [buzzer] >> i think are two buzzers. stuart: what i find interesting, you put the money
9:40 am
in there and they give give you all of it. >> and also in, especially in japan, some encouraging fighting deflation, there's a lot here. stuart: i hear your voice, scott shellady, what do you want to add? >> i want to add another word to the buzzer. we hear all the pundits talking about the fed needs to normalize rates. i say this, you can't normalize rates in an abnormal world. until we get the fed and the central banks out of our back pockets, we can't normallize. when they're done and normal there's no normalization in an abnormal world. stuart: we hear you. how about apple. we have one saying that tim cook acts like he's insane, an analyst saying that. and the stock is down a buck, explain. >> he says that tim cook and the cfo albert einstein's definition of doing the same thing over and over again. continue to incur debt with
9:41 am
hopes that the stock will perform better and the idea here is that you do the comparison apple stock hasn't done that well. 7% through the last trading session and compare that with the s&p 500, that's up 37%. so for investors, cook and not necessarily doing the right thing and global equity-- so with the stock buybacks, quit with the dividend and bring out new products. >> i'm sure it's easier said than done. stuart: all right, everybody, we thank everyone for coming on board this monday morning. we're 11 minutes in the trading session. the dow industrials are down about 100 points. now this, a whole lot of masked men, a mob of them in sweden attacking migrants in the station, for the murder.
9:42 am
and very much against migrants in europe and towards civil force, violence. and the judge will be here, his reaction next. ♪
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>> you're watching this live, what an extraordinary scene. a huge fire in los angeles. eight miles from downtown l.a. wind gusts making it very difficult for firefighters to get at this thing. 145 emergency responders are on the scene. no injuries, this fire started
9:46 am
at what, 5:18 local time, 20 past 8:00 eastern time. it's a huge fire still in progress, that's l.a. check the big board, we're down over 100 points as we kick off this monday morning. why is it down? the price of oil is down almost 3.93%, that's a big drop for oil. that's why you've got a drop in the stock market. exxon oil, cheap oil taking shares with it, the biggest loser, and clearly it's down. the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. more on it. fox reports the 22 e-mails the state department determined too damaging to release ever. they contain operational intelligence. their presence on the unsecure e-mail system jeopardized sources, methods, and individuals. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here.
9:47 am
you're the pointman on this. you spell out the legal problems for hillary because of this. this news is just breaking and being added to. >> you know, i've been characterizing her problems as grave or worse than grave and this reinforces that characterization. so, there are two, two take aways from this. she has been saying for eight or nine months now since the scandal first broke that she didn't send or receive anything marked classified. now, nothing is marked classified it's marked confidential, secret or top secret, she then has been saying nothing was classified whether marked secret or not and the state department has been agreeing with her. this is the first time that the state department itself disagrees with her and says we-- the state department found 22 top secret e-mails, highest category. what catherine herridge revealed a few moments ago and what you alluded to and described in the introduction
9:48 am
of this section is, not only were they top secret, they were operational. what does that mean? that means they were characterizing and they were about intelligence projects that were going on as the e-mails were being written. they weren't historical e-mails, they were real-time e-mails from or about people involved in intelligence operations. stuart, this is absolutely the most sensitive material the government has. this is so sensitive that the fbi agents investigating mrs. clinton themselves lack the security clearance to read these e-mails. stuart: they jeopardize individuals, that's what i just picked up on. >> the individuals. stuart: if her server was hacked and if it was, it was unsecured, if it was hacked, our enemies could have read who our intelligence operatives are and what they're doing?
9:49 am
>> absolutely. remember, the crime here or potential crime, failure to safeguard state secrets. it's not necessary that the secrets have fallen into the hands of evil-doers for this crime to occur. it's the placing of state documents in an unsecure venue. what might that venue be? the server in her husband's barn in chappaqua. stuart: extraordinary. >> one wonders how this happened for four years. some of these e-mails are between mrs. clinton and president obama. did he not know? and, some of them you can see, there are 1300 out there, 33,000 in nonsecure that have been out there and they say they do not say so you know this is going to a nongovernment venue when you hit send.
9:50 am
stuart: and this is breaking right as the iowa caucuses begin. >> two things happened, the state department announced the existence of these 22 on friday evening and catherine herridge learned from her sources just a few moments ago that these are the highest category of state secrets because they pertain to ongoing intelligence projects. stuart: you're the point man on this, please return in the next couple of hours of the program to update anything on this. >> yes, of course, she has more to worry about from the fbi than she does from bernie sanders. stuart: judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. stuart: the world health organization holds an emergency meeting to discuss concerns of the zika virus. ashley: it's unusual for them to hold an emergency meeting. it's going on as we speak in geneva. the issue is whether it should be classified as an emergency of international proportions that threatens public health essentially. if they decide that's the case, more money will be put to combatting it.
9:51 am
the zika virus exploded, to use who's, the world health organization's term and the question is we've had many instances of birth detects in pregnant women affected with this virus. they're trying to get a handle on it and stop the spread of it. stuart: 4,000 cases in brazil. >> in brazil alone and some countries are telling women don't get pregnant in the next year or two. stuart: all right, ashley, we hear you. donald trump imploring his supporters to get out and caucus for him no matter what, even if your doctor says stay in bed. more on the first vote of the 2016 race coming up next.
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> >> to iowa, of course. donald trump trying to rally voters ahead of the caucuses tonight. listen to this. >> you've got to get out and i joke, i say if you're sick, if you've got 104 temperature, do this, if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter, get up and caucus. get up and caucus. stuart: anybody else would be sued. getting out there with 104 temperature.
9:56 am
neither of us, i don't think, has ever seen interest in an election like this election and iowa is right in the beginning of it. >> it's the walking dead, clearly. he wants the walking dead to vote. it's a hydraheaded caucus. i mean, there are so many moving parts to this, right? first of all, will the crowds translate into votes for him? >> answer the question. >> that's to be seen. i'm not sure that -- i wouldn't bet on that right now. stuart: all right. >> second, his organization, which is traditionally counted there, you have to go to all 99 counties, he hasn't done that. cruz has, that may be a win for cruz. then you have the turnout of the first time caucuser, that's a win for donald if donald-- if they turn out.
9:57 am
but it is not going to be cruz's waterloo because regardless, we're talking about 30 electoral votes and-- >> but it's momentum. >> momentum is important, no question. >> that's why rubio could be the winner. if he were to come in second tonight, that would be a huge-- >> if he comes in second rubio, it really does become a two-man race, i don't see that happening. i see him coming in third. however, that third will take him well on to new hampshire. stuart: you didn't-- you're reluctant to this say this, but are you coming on strong and now getting behind trump? >> you've been asking me that for two months and have i been telling you for two months to take him seriously? >> so you're getting behind him. >> look, i mean, unless you're a fool and don't believe any of these polls, yeah, you -- it's time for us to embrace him because-- >> all right. we hear you, out of time. how about that, a critical
9:58 am
moment. we'll be back. a mob of 200 plus attack migrants in sweden the europe is on the verge of falling apart. and this is a very big deal. the second hour of varney is minutes away.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> precisely 10:00 eastern, it's 7:00 on the west coast and los angeles is waking up to this. that is a massive fire, close to downtown, about eight miles away. we're told it's a large industrial building. loads of firefighters and equipment on the scene. no injuries reported, but the massive flames shooting way into the sky, you can see it from almost all over los angeles fueled by combustible materials stored in that building, including propane cylinders. wind hampering the efforts of firefighters to knock it down. it's still going. that's video from earlier today. it's still in progress, we'll keep you up-to-date on that one.
10:01 am
that's what l.a. is waking up to. fox news reports those highly classified hillary clinton e-mails that the state department deemed too sensitive to release ever, they could contain operational intelligence. ashley: the state department says this is too damaging to release even in the public. they were present in unsecure personal e-mail system jeopardizing sources, methods and individuals. one woman is saying how she could say that she was unaware that this was damaging is beyond-- >> catherine herridge is reporting moments ago that those 22 e-mails contained stuff, material. ashley: operational intelligence. stuart: jeopardize individuals, our guys. ashley: yes, the very basis of our intelligence. stuart: jeopardize so that the enemy if they hacked that server could know what we're up to. >> give them everything they need liz: we report that they've
10:02 am
likely hacked and 7,000 pages of e-mails are still to come. stuart: this is brand new liz: this is brand new stuff. stuart: okayen that private server jeopardized our guys on the ground. ashley: absolutely. stuart: and our intelligence. ashley: in the worst possible way, exposed them. stuart: check the big board, no relation to what's going on in iowa, what's going on with the e-mail scandal. the dow is down 157 points. and it's taken a leg down because of the manufacturing list liz: it's in line and that's the read on manufacturing, and the lowest since 2009 though, so it's not just the oil patch, it's also a strong dollar making it rough for our guys overseas and-- >> the bottom line, manufacturing is very much in the doldrums liz: it's very week. stuart: hurt by all kinds of factors and that's now hurting the dow industrials liz: government spending, when
10:03 am
you take that out you've got to wonder and worry about recessions, talk of wall street right now. stuart: last week we found the economy was growing at less than 1% and that's miserable liz: you've not got government spending, there you go. stuart: and check the price of oil, that's a factor in the dow decline. it's nearly 5% lower. 31.97 on oil. no wonder the dow has fallen by a few more points. because as oil goes, so goes the global economy, so goes the dow industrial average. steve moore is here, you're the economist of the day. looks to me like we're really sliding on the price of oil, the global economy, the u.s. economy. i would have thought that was bad, bad news for the democrats in this election, what do you say? >> let's first talk about where the economy is right now and i think that liz just nailed it, stuart. when i looked at the gdp
10:04 am
report, a lot of people aren't paying attention to what you just said, that government spending is up. if you look at private sector spending, stuart, it was pretty close to zero, it was like 1/2 of a percentage point. that's close to private sector recession territory. i'm not saying we're in a recession, but the first quarter as the first month ended isn't looking so hot. the economy is stepped and there's a chance of a negative quarter or so in 2016. what does it mean for the election? i'm not rooting for this, i want the economy to be -- if we have a negative quarter in 2016, it's hard to see any path to victory for hillary clinton or bernie sanders or joe biden for that matter. they're running as sort of the third term for barack obama, something people won't want if we're in a recession. stuart: the premise is that the economy takes center stage as the key issue.
10:05 am
>> i don't think there's any question. some of my friends who concentrate on foreign affairs say it's terrorism. one and two, those two, it's terrorism, the compli and jobs, by the way, i think that republicans did a poor job in that last debate, they didn't concentrate enough, stuart, to me as a growth guy, where is the growth going to come from? i think five or ten minutes about growth and the economy and tax cuts when that's what the american people want to hear about. how are you going to get us all of this doldrums? >> fair point, but the democrats will press fairness. they will say it's not fair what's happening in the economy. we will fix it by being more fair. that's the counter to the argument we want growth. and i'm not so sure that the argument for growth is going to win this election. are you? >> look, if the economy is poor, then growth with trump.
10:06 am
and if the rich and redistribute, i don't think that message can carry the day. what have we heard the last seven years? that's been the major issue for barack obama. if you look at obamacare, the minimum wage increases, tax increases on the rich and dodd-frank, all this have has had a redistribute bewkes redistribution to it. and you know what city has the most income unequality is california and that's one of the most liberal states. how do you explain that one, stuart. stuart: you got me. cry uncle on that one. [laughter] >> i knew i would get you on that one. liberalism doesn't create fairness, it creates more income inequality. another point, if you look--
10:07 am
i'm not going to try to confuse you too much on that, something called tgenie could he efficient. and the higher the income, and do you know what hasn't happened to the genie, it's gone up every year. stuart: we hear you, steve. we hear you. you're lucky you didn't get the buzzer there. >> if you want fairness, you need a flat tax, that simple. stuart: you've got it here. look at the markets, please, the big board, we're down 148 points as of right now. the oil down some. pro providence financials and you think we're in for a long decline on the stock market, know the a correction crash, but a long slow decline? >> hi, stuart, i'm a little stronger than steve where the market is going from here. the bottom line, with ism numbers coming in that you just pointed out. with a lot of the fortune 500
10:08 am
countries expecting slower growth and the revenues are going to be down. manufacturing down, industrial down, oil down, all of that needs to the fact that the market has nowhere to go, but down. unfortunately, it's very deceiving. the market generally in historical terms has fallen over a period of two or three years. it doesn't fall like a rock in the ocean. it's more like a feather falling out. stuart: that's what you-- >> absolutely, absolutely. stuart: three stocks that you like, i want to go through them fast. number one, verizon. make a case why i should buy it now. >> well, first of all, if you're going to own stocks at all, you need to have the dividend companies. verizon, they're dumping money back into video and continuing to add subscribers, 4.6% dividend, i think it's a good hold while we're waiting for the market to recover. at least you don't get bombed out if the market crashes and recovers. i like it.
10:09 am
stuart: you like verizon, like microsoft, exxonmobil. i'm out of time. apologize for that, but you see us again. thank you for the details. >> thank you. stuart: i've got to bring you the story from sweden, this is have he important. a mob of 200 mostly masked men attacked migrants in staockholm apparently in retaliation of a 22-year-old health worker who was stabbed allegedly by a migrant. joining us now from the american islam forum for democracy. zuhdi jasser. this is serious stuff, it's arrived in europe. your take, please? >> it is. and the cancer starts with the spread of hundreds of thousands from syria, from assad's regime, from isis and that cancer now has sort of a newtonnion culture, for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction.
10:10 am
the violence is beginning to erupt as we thought it would and hopefully the rule of law will prevail. these mobs don't represent sweden or the west, but unfortunately where there hasn't been a concerted efforts of their society to figure out how to weed out the jihadists, as a result you have the vigilante groups trying to take it under their own arms and it's going to create more and more chaos. stuart: it's a numbers game, isn't it? there are so many muslim migrants, well over a million in germany last year. it's a numbers game. do you think they almost certainly crossed the tipping point, just too many for that society to absorb? >> that's the fear that they accepted so many so quickly, that the population might help them assimilate and accommodate. and now they're releasing manuals, to be nice.
10:11 am
and when they're trying to give them western mores. unfortunately, unless we hear moments within the muslim community to try to moderate and lead reform against this you'll see equal and opposite reactions and i hope the rule of law will prevail. stuart: you think you're close to the point where there's serious violence? >> this may be a sign of that, but we can only pray that it's not headed more to that direction. stuart: thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: as everybody knows it's caucus day in iowa and the evangelical vote, we hear, is split, it's not monolithic. it's who can actually beat the democrats and-- back with more in a moment.
10:12 am
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension,
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10:14 am
>> all right.
10:15 am
we've opened up on a monday morning on the down side to the tune of about 100 points after 45 minutes worth of business. we're down because oil is plummeting. i use that word advisedly. 4% lower, a buck 38 down to 32 a barrel. look at this, look at facebook, went on a tear last week, carrying on today. 113 is the facebook price, that's up a buck 57. 1% higher. to iowa, please, they caucus tonight and listen to this, a blizzard is expected. peter barnes in des moines, wait a minute, peter doesn't the blizzard hit midnight ap after, isn't that the story. >> that's right, that's good news for the parties and kndz, the national weather service a starting around midnight and up to 12 inches of snow around the state. it shouldn't affect the
10:16 am
turnout. at least one candidate was playing meteorologist in chief. >> please, go out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. >> but the governor said in the lobby of the hotel, that he was concerned about the snow coming in, the blizzard. he said absolutely not. if anybody wants to go out and get food and supplies they've got plenty of time before the caucuses begin. he said there's no excuse not to go to the caucus tonight. it's going to be great. >> not a problem for the caucusers, but the blizzard is a problem for you getting back to where you're at. >> they say there are three tickets out of iowa, i don't know if we're going to be getting them tomorrow morning. >> peter, thanks very much indeed. >> you bet. still on the campaign, the battle between donald trump and
10:17 am
ted cruz in iowa demonstrates the divide among evangelicals. and robert jeffers, welcome to the program. very good to see you. i think that a lot of people believe thalt ev-- that the evangelical vote is monolithic, that it's all one big block, but it isn't? >> no, evangelicals come in shapes and sizes. in terms of this election, stuart, they're divided into two camps. these are evangelicals wants a strong believer in jesus christ whose faith is in every part of his life and cruz, carson, rubio, appeal to the idealists and then what i call the evangelic evangelical pragmatists. but they look like we weren't
10:18 am
able to elect them and into the white house. they're following the william buckley act, let's get the person electable and headed toward donald trump. stuart: whose side are you on? are you on the side of i want to win, winning is the most important element here or on the side of principle? . as a fox news contributor, i'm staying objective with this, i have been with donald trump last weekend in iowa, introducing him. i like ted cruz. he has spoken in my church as well. they are both good men, but i believe, stuart, i'm afraid this company may have moved so far to the left, even in the last four years, that it may have to be more pragmatic approach and again, the idea was that -- maybe would say let's allow the clutches and individuals to articulate. stuart: that's interesting, i
10:19 am
can't remember a time in the past where evangelicals would say i'm going to vote strategicically. because i want to win. i can't remember a time like that. i think the last seven years of the obama administration have changed the nature of the evangelical voting. do you go that far? >> i would and i say this is the way, look, they just don't want a president who hates them like the current occupant of the white house seems toment. so i think the threshold is altogether different. the fact is, a lot of evangelicals say let's just depend on the president to keep us safe, fix the economy and we'll let the church and individual believers in the physical values in the world. stuart: can you define the evangelical voter?
10:20 am
is it just someone to goes to church on a regular basis and that jesus is my savior and that's it? >> it's interesting you mentioned that. the national clarified what an evangelical is. it's someone who believes that jesus christ is the only way to heaven, that the bible is god's inspired word and authortative and they believe in eadvantagelizing, that is sharing your faith with other people. stuart: thank you for elucidating. it's of prime importance in iowa. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: iowa votes tonight we're going to say all the time today. and democracy, this it in action i think it works. it's terrific, that's the nature of my take after this.
10:21 am
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>> now, here is a shift. twitter stock up 9%, apparently there are some weight street heavy weights who had considered a deal to buy the company, something may be in the works, that's what is seconding twitter stock up 9.6%, $18 on twitter. the world health organization is holding another meeting today, they are going to address the spread of the zika virus. ashley the latest. ashley: some contacts they're deciding in geneva, deciding whether it will be a -- something that affects the public health. and there were critics on the ebola virus. and they're already being criticized for not going getting. in brazil who says the virus is
10:25 am
exploding. zika virus and birth defects, you cannot have the explosion of zika virus and the explosion of birth defects. they believe that el nino is believed to help this because it keeps it warmer. stuart: hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, new information emerging, turns out some of those e-mails contained operational intelligence which puts our intelligence people at risk. tonight, all across iowa, in 1700 precincts, the presidential election starts to move, voting begins. what a terrific example of democracy in action. there are no back room deals in iowa, far from it, this is wide open political discussion at the most basic level. in about nine hours thousands of people will brave the winter
10:26 am
weather, head out into the night and spend showers debating the aurs of the candidates with their neighbors. it is direct discussion, nothing is hidden. it's not a media debate, it's on the ground back and forth and almost a throwback to the pre-tv era. it works. it's not a question of your candidate winning, it's the pro gr he is by-- the progress by which elect. we the people line up our preferences, this is the way it is and ought to be. grass roots democracy and iowa gets the ball rolling the most basic way. yes, the iowa caucuses are steeped in tradition, but this is a tradition that works. ordinary people face-to-face politics from the ground up. that's american democracy in action. you've got love it.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
we are with down 110 points on the dow coming backs at and so is the price of oil still down about 4% but coming back just a little. not much but that's how we start this monday. with me now is former president of shell oil. john hofmeister take me on if you will but i can't see how price of oil this calendar year goes back to 70 or 2k4r-r8 $80 a barrel a and world economy is slowing down too much. are you going to go after me on this one? is -- >> i don't agree with you, stewart, and i think that what we will see after we get through this treat theatrical period and
10:31 am
what we see with the pushout of capital spending, what had we see with shutting down of drilling rigs, 50 shutdown last week in the woke alone in the u.s. but i think we're going to see shortages particularly in the u.s. shale formations in april, may. >> i don't get it. i'm told there are 495 million barrels of oil in storage in the united states. more than at any time in history. it's going to take a long time to work that down. there's the shortage with a supply line like that? >> when we see one or two million a barrel a day offline it won't talk very long. world needs 93 million a day. 348 million sounds like a lot but when you're consuming 93 million a day, it doesn't last long.
10:32 am
so i'm not too worried about price recovery in this year, and certainly next year even more harshly. >> i don't see it john. i just don't it. there's so much oil that you can go and get if it looks anything like a shortage but i don't think a shortage will appear. maybe i'm wrong, but you have to make your case again . ittell me why it's likely that t goes back this calendar year. go ahead. >> all right in the first instance we're reach price level 50 in the u.s. will shut in when shipper sale will go down. on top of the 600 thousand had a day that we saw in the normal shale formation with the loss of drilling rigs. also when oil price starts recovering there's not going to be a snapback of operators because they don't have any money and supply chain is broken. and so the idea that they can
10:33 am
quickly respond and start drilling and producing more oil again it's just not there. but take months and months to brung bring back u.s. industry. >> demand side surely that's not strong is it? with the world economy sliding? rmingts here's an example of the demand side yes china is weakening its demand. in 2014 cheen china grew 23% in oil nandz. in 2015 they grew 18%. i mean that's a weakening of demand yes but 18% in one year in which the economy is sagging if in china. i think that demand side is actually growing worldwide maybe not as fast as some would like but still growing, not shrinking so i think i come from an operator's perspective what's it going to take to keep the business going? what's it going to take to keep the oil flow going and i'm
10:34 am
worried about it shrinking. >> we hear you, we have like 100 bucks bet something like that? >> we doubled it stuart. i'm looking forward to the $200. [laughter] >> i haven't received your $100 payment to me young man. so i'll be knocking on your door. john hofmeister thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we have the latest on hillary e-mail scandal. state department won't release them -- [laughter] too sensitive and listen to this. just found out that they contain operational intelligence. which exposes sources, methods and individuals. listen to what john napolitano had to say about this last hour. >> they were want historical e-mails they were real time e-mails from or about people involved in intenls operations. stuart this is absolutely the most sensitive material that government has. this is so sensitive that the
10:35 am
fbi agents investigating mrs. clinton themselves lack security clearance to read these e-mails. all right serious stuff indeed kristin is with us conservative commentator and former miss america. can hillary clinton you're a conservative so i know where you're coming from here. but do you think america can elect hillary clinton president with this in the background? >> that is the question and even though i'm on the qirvetive side of the aisle this is something that people of all stripes -- exactly should care about. logical question. exactly because when you see potentially some of our greatest men and women from members of the cia to members of the u.s. military might have been put at risk and their operations put at risk and all of our national security because of the lack of security of regarding e-mails that's scary. i think that all americans at home should really evaluate this based on that security of information. but also what does it reveal
10:36 am
about hillary clinton's character. you can't argue both sides that she's one of the most qualify, educated, experienced in government, yet she didn't have the common sense to realize hey, there's a lot of information that is going to pass towards me that might be classified laughter later classified let's be safe and not sorry and go to whatever length to make sure that information and people -- >> it's a question of uphow can first lady for eight years a senator from the state of new york or for i think four or five, six years, how can that person then run our nation's secrets through a server in her husband's backyard on a private server? >> it somes unbelievable to you and i and so many americans at home. but if that is what happens when you live, work and life is in washington for so long, those kind of questions they don't pop anymore. you feel as though you're an exception to the rule. i think that the case is there.
10:37 am
there's a scandal waiting around every corner and that these are people that feel they might be above the law. do you have any sympathy for her had a woman pushed in, hillary clinton pushed into a corner, any sympathy is? >> no, because when you're a public leader, and you are interviewing to be the president of the united states, you are held accountable, and you're held if a different standard. she should be in every person who is candidate for president should be held at that high standard. >> stay there please because i want to segue away from it here, i have a -- next story actually. it's a new study. it's from harvard. it says women who are more successful feel less healthy. what? lauren simonetti asked people of fox. >> more money you make better off you are in terms of your personal life and how healthy you are. all women especially successful women so much to do in one day. so what do you cut ?irs is your
10:38 am
health, time you spend on o the job, time with your kids we asked successful women at fox. here's what they had to say. >> i don't know what the definition is of having it all. >> i know, i think there's that word settle. i don't like that word settle. >> having it all to me means being happy. >> look we can't be 100% of doing everything for everyone all of the time. that's just the reality . trying to squeeze in so much every single day and still be the absolute best at whatever it is that i'm trying to do. not married, no children of course trying to climb that corporate ladder. i can do this, i want to do this. now i want to do this. i feel like -- now i feel good. i feel good in the shoes that i wear. rng sometimes people don't ask themselves not what is society standard for having it all. but what would make me happy? and you know that's -- sort of making sense to strive for.
10:39 am
: when i'm at work i'm giving 100 pobt to my job and not 100% to my kids. but when i go home guess what fox, i'm giving 100% of my time to my kids and not to my job. >> the best mother. the best anchor whatever it is the best debate moderator. whatever is on my plate at that given moment, if you're not making mistakes you're not trying hard enough. i had a great boss who showed 80% of your energy into 20% of your life that's the the most important, and for me that's, obviously, my family, and my job. and the other things have to support that. >> it seems like they said focus on the task at hand. 100% to right there and there and you'll do the best you can. >> former miss america -- the study said women who have it all do not feel well. they feel ill. >> that was juxpose so a
10:40 am
different between reality and what they feel. the difference in the video they feel, you know, that they are pulled in a lot of directions. they may have a greater awareness of how healthy they should be. you be, have high standards for their own health. every one of the women high standard for their performance. they want to be the best at everything they do. their family, jobs so many of these things that's in their health too. more aware and more anxious. but maybe that means they're going to take better care of themselveses prioritize that as well to be the best in jobs and good moms. >> former miss america former usa. nondonald trump. [laughter] so we're all clear. push for family leave. paid family leave men and women. >> i understand that puts businesses in a difficult position but conserve family
10:41 am
unit and understand that's the best preparation for society that there should be businesses that want to give families that precious time that they have for kids to be better in the work place and raise kids. >> work or for them because they're nice to you. >> exactly. absolutely. >> they want that -- >> great employees that way. comes from business not from some government mandate. you know there's a place for you on vashny and company. [laughter] lauren thank you very much. back to oil -- >> got to get become to it that's the focus of the success or tore report $32 per barrel. it is down a buck 48. look atsd big oil companies. shortly they're coming off some of the gains that they made last week when oil was going up. yeah, down again, look at that exxon is down 2.5%. 3% down for bp. never recovered from the oil spill now down to $31 that's your sector report. there are 49 convicted
10:42 am
terrorists in u.s. prisons. discovered for the next 25 years did you know when they get out, they can collect welfare? efforts to close that loophole. we'll deal with it. is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
10:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief dow jones industrial average down 97 points at 16,368 a loss and a half of one percent. s&p 500 also down over half of one percent as well.
10:44 am
this after a 400 point gain for the dow on friday. right now we're looking at some of the do you laggers some are related to oil including exxon and chevron shale prices under pressure. week weak data out of o china, twurt on the other hand been a real winner today this is as silver lake reportedly considered a deal some sort of deal for twitter. that is pushed twitter up 9 and a half percent right now. no comment from any of the participants in that. and chipotle mexican grillers moving to upside winner here today. up 3% as cdc says they're going to declare an end to concern about e. coli. more fox news is coming up. start your day at 5 a.m. on fox business. see you there. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live.
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the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived.
10:46 am
>> we're looking at cisco as an sysco not hardware company of computers that had is the biggest winner on s&p 500. they got better profits that t that are up 6% no new this. my next guest is imbruing a bill in congress he said will prevent convicted terrorists from receiving welfare benefits like food stamps what they get out of prison. welcome to republican from maine, congressman bruce, welcome to the program. okay, i get the point of your legislation. some of these convicted of a terrorist offense they go to
10:47 am
prison about they come out of prison, you don't want them to get any kind of welfare at all. now, i can see that person going to court saying wait a minute, wait a minute, i qualify and i paved my debt to society. give me the benefits. what's wrong with that? >> well, i tell you what's wrong with it in my opinion stew and those are people that i have second district. if you have a individual convicted a terrorist attack on u.s. soil and they have killed and maimed people in america it is a different type of attack, different type of crime and it is my opinion those are the people that represent i'm sure that should be no welfare benefits for terrorist period. let me give the you an example, stew. three years ago just about flee years ago there were two bombs detonated down in boston a few hours south of our district up in maine. at the finish line of the boston marathon during those bombings three individuals were killed including an eight-year-old boy. there were 264 individuals that
10:48 am
were injured. 16 needed amputations incoming a 7-year-old girl. so those that say well when individuals who are performing those attackses or accompany those or help those that perform those attacks get out of prison, they should still receive public assistance. inthat's an insult to every taxpayer in the country. okay that should be no welfare for terrorists period. >> what do you say welfare question of to define that, that will be food stamps, earned income tax credit unemployment benefits, rent subsidies that kind of a thing. but you're not talking about social security are you? because that's not welfare. >> no, that's correct. we're talking about public assistance programs in the biggest program stew is our food stamp program. our s.n.a.p. program with 47 million people in the program that's the loophole we found and trying to close. >> it is politically attractive to some degree -- >> yeah. common sense. >> i understand but people say
10:49 am
the guy is being harsh he wantses to win votes as an easy vote get or you're familiar with that argument i'm sure. >> yes, i am and my response is simple go talk to the parents of that eight-year-old boy that was killed in the blast. go talk to the parent of the 7-year-old girl who has a leg missing now because eve these terrorists. these are vicious and they are here to kill us and if they succeed, when they get out of prison, they should be no welfare for terrorists period. >> we hear you i'm sure your bill will pass. i don't sigh any way that that thing will not pass. >> i hope you're right we drop it tonight and submit it to the house tonight, stew and then get as many sponsors as we can republican and democrats. you know, one thing i should remind viewers today as you mentioned earlier we have 49 home grown terrorists in u.s. prisons right now. and they start being released over o the next 25 years including the first of them next
10:50 am
year. we need to make sure there's no welfare for these terrorists. >> we hear you republican in maine. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> you bet. "the new york times" endorsing hillary clinton for president. no surprise there. what's surprise maybe are reasons why the "times" made that announcement i'll cover that in my take, top of the hour. these germans in my tree.
10:51 am
i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
10:54 am
>> food and football, they are two of america's favorite past times, one charity is aims to combine them to help combat hunger. wayne founder of the taste of the nfl is here now and wayne, thanks for being here. you're celebrating your 25 president an verse anniversary with this program. explain to me how it works. >>tist of the nfl is a party with a purpose that turns 25 this year and silver an verse by with the anniversary of super bowl. bringing in again over 40 chefs, 40 players, hall of famers throwing it all at it. the reason this event exist at all is to raise awareness for hunger to distribute to food banks in 50e67 of the nfl cities. we've been a the this sips 1952 i'm a restaurant tourer in
10:55 am
indianapolis and colder than it is in san francisco and two years when we bring it back to minneapolis. but it is one of the most exciting most sought-after and sold out events at super bowl not sold out yet but it's a party with the purpose where everyone wants to be on saturdays night. >> how much money and food can you generate in the 25 years? >> well it's amazing through generosity of players, chefs, nobody is fade to be there. they want to be there because the dollars go back to even their hometown or team where is they played so it's important for them to have family it is in their own local communities. so far we've distributed 4 million that equates into over 190 million new meals just because taste nfl existed. so it's an exciting it thing, it's a grat party. but it is the reason we're doing this had is to help families across the country and everybody can help anywhere. whether you're going to the game or in san francisco and sitting in eugene oregon .
10:56 am
>> think of it as richest country in the world but hunger is a e real problem, isn't it? >> it is thee problem. if you're not properly nourished but with kids you can't learn as well. you can't pay attention. you don't have a meal in you. you also don't feel good. particularly with seniors they're more susceptible to get sick as well. if we can focus on hunger in america, just do -- your own that i could, just get the call that says look there are people hungry in your community, find a way for you to spend a few dollars, volunteering this is most important issue in america as far as i'm concerned because it all starts. take a meal away from you or my child or anybody's child or anybody's parent and you've got a pretty ugly situation, and
10:57 am
it's solvable that's the difference for all of us to find a way. >> thank you for efforts along those lines founder of the taste of the nfl. congratulations, and good luck on your 25th year. a high school in maryland sued by two parents. varney on that and more, next. ...
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> it is precisely 11:00 eastern time. 8 in california and 10 in the all important iowa where they caucus tonight. the dow is off the lows, but the price of oil is tumbling. we're at 5% there and that's back to $31 per barrel. bombshell. new revelations in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. those 22 e-mails the state department does not want to release or will not release because they're too sensitive. yes, they're very sensitive and contain quote, operational intelligence. big deal.
11:01 am
the judge is back and he's fired up on this one. special guest this hour, former green beret taught him to long snap. that's a football term. and he made the seattle seahawks and he's on the show today. "varney & company," hour 3. count them. starts now. ♪ so the new york times has endorsed hillary clinton for president. no surprise. to the times ideology and identity politics are all important. the times wants a woman to be president. the times wants a crusader to beat up the banks, wall street, and speculators, and on foreign policy, the times concludes that hillary as secretary of state, quote, worked tirelessly for the nation's benefit. the times supports mrs. clinton with confident and enthusiasm,
11:02 am
got it. to me, there are two big virtually unmentioned problems. first, hillary's economic plan. she wants a vast increase in government spending along with huge tax increases. the economy is slowing down. we may be approaching recessi recession. job one for the economy is growth. you cannot return to prosperity without growth. the times ignores this. hillary clinton's judgment. with her experience as first lady and senator, why did she put the nation's most valuable secrets on to a nonsecure server lodged in her private house? we could talk all day long whether the e-mails were marked secret. that's not the point. the real question is about her judgment. do we want to put someone in the oval office who has played fast and loose with our
11:03 am
nation's security? now the times are in the position, they are desperate to defend president obama's leftist agenda and scared to death of endorsing bernie sanders. even the times realizes that tax and spend on steroids with a socialist label intact is not electable. and with hillary clinton at times exposed its desperation. this election like no other in decades shows an intense desire for real change and that's what the times is inviting. and that's why they've endorsed a candidate with yesterday's ideologies. in about nine hours, the actual voting begins. more on that in just a minute. first, an update on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it's much, much worse. fox news reports that those 22 e-mails the state department recently deemed too dangerous to release, dangerous indeed because they contained
11:04 am
operational intelligence and their presence on the unsecured personal e-mail system jeopardized sources, methods and individuals. all rise, napolitano is back. this is a step above the friday document dump. this is an implication on that server were the nation's-- that the names of our intelligence community people in the field and what they were doing. >> key in the field and what they were doing. so they were not historical documents about events that took place prior to the drafting or the writing of the e-mail. they were real time documents about events that were happening at that time. if i may, from the new york times, times seems to have a shorten tied memory. it wasn't fox news, but it was the new york times itself.
11:05 am
and for months they did their own work on that and now they seem to have abandoned it. and so this has so irritated and terrified members of the intelligence community and imagine if your own name had been in there, you risk your life to gather secrets for the country to keep us safe. you still risk your life. you learn now in february of 2016, that your name was on e-mails that mrs. clinton used and failed to safeguard, notwithstanding the oath in writing to safeguard those secrets. >> what you're doing is, you're pinpointing the extra intensity of this new development because if the names of individuals and what they were actually doing in the field as part of our intelligence work, if that was revealed. if that was on the private server, that's a whole notch
11:06 am
above the seriousness of all the other stuff that's come out in the past. >> that's right. if you refer to it as a new development. for us it's new for the media it's new for the public awareness it's new. i suspect the fbi has known about it all along. i suspect the fbi is ready with its recommendation. remember, they're also investigating another area, whether or not she conifered favors for the foundation on the basis of contributions to the foundation. that's 100,000 pages of documents, going to take them a while to go through it, but i suspect they're ready to recommend already on the e-mail scandal and that's for the justice department. >> recommend indictment. you're not using the word, but recommend indictment. >> yes and then the question is do the rule the laws prevail or politicians protecting their friends. stuart: i could tell you as a newly minted american, and you
11:07 am
could tell, to. it's time to bring in fox news senior analyst, brit hume. >> stuart. stuart: and is this a notch above the other revelations in seriousness? >> yes, and it's very important for several reasons. one is that they're arguing, are the clinton people now, this is all about massive overclassification of materials. this may be massive over classification of material, but certainly that would not apply to these sensitive bits of information found in the 22 e-mails which the state department resisted for a long time characterizing the documents or e-mails as containing classified information. now it says that this is highly classified sufficient and starting its own investigation. in the meantime, mind you this, stuart, hillary clinton is now saying that these documents should all be released, these 22 e-mails should be released. if you doubted that she was reckless with the handling of
11:08 am
classified information with a server before and listen to her now that this information should be made broadly public. i don't think this is a tenable situation for her. >> this is, the democrats would take a huge risk if they nominate someone under this kind of pressure, whether it's the pressure on the fbi to indict her. the democrats are taking a huge risk here. >> i don't think there's any doubt about that and of course, they look at the other alternative right new is bernie sanders whose entire campaign basically is built on the conspiracy theory that our lives on economic well-being is dictated by wall street billionaires and overlords. when you think about it seriously, you might argue those people have too much influence and too rich at the expense of other people and argue those things, but the idea that they're controlling our society i think is way over
11:09 am
the top and something that american public would surely not favor in a general election. so they've got no good options. stuart: you've got a very, very busy day on your hands. thank you for taking your time out for joining us on "varney & company." >> glad to do it, thank you. stuart: thank you. there are concerns about the weather in iowa tonight, so we have janice dean in the studio with us. the machine, the weather machine. look, janice iowans are tough. >> they are. stuart: i know the state particularly well, actually. i can't see them staying home and not going to the caucuses unless there is one gigantic blizzard that hits the whole state and that's not going to happen. >> imagine that, there is a gigantic blizzard that hits the state. it's overnight tonight into tomorrow. had it been 24 hours earlier, i think i would be concerned, but, you know, doing research on weather and caucuses, especially in iowa, what i've found out is that weather doesn't deter voters or caucus goers because especially if
11:10 am
they are really passionate about the person that they want to caucus for. >> so this blizzard, whatever it is, strong winds and lots of snow and freezing ice, the rest of it. >> at least six to 12 inches for much of the hawk eye state and the blizzard warning in effect starting at 3 a.m. overtime tonight, all day tomorrow. the only thing i'm concerned with is the fox folks out there right now. they won't get in. i've told neil cavuto, hope you brought a change of long underwear. stuart: they know it's winter. they're used to it. not going to be discouraged. >> i heard on twitter when i warned there was a storm coming. we're going out there. if there's a blizzard, 12 inches of no, doesn't matter, hearty folks in iowa. thises going to be one for the record books, i think, people are fired up and want changes. stuart: the record books now
11:11 am
and blizzard later. thank you, janice. >> it's wonderful to be in the studio, by the way. stuart: sitting right there. do it again, okay? >> of course. >>. stuart: check that market please. we're not as bad as we were, down 83 points, that's all. we were down 130 at one stage. price of oil tumbling and we have the dow holding down 80. look at mcdonald's. they've touched a new lifetime high. 124-52. dare i say that all day breakfast is a winner? >> ding, ding, ding, ding, yes, it's a winner. check the share prices of lumber liquidators. trading halted earlier and now reseemed. the news was the company will pay a $10 million fine for importing banned wood. 10 million, we can take that. up 14% for lumber liquidators. the price of oil is sharply
11:12 am
lower. down to 31 a barrel. ashley: chinese growth and gdp expectations being lowered which hurts the impact for demand of policy. stuart: again? >> slight from 7 to 6 1/2% on the gdp and the opec cut between russia and saudi arabia going out the winter. it's not going to happen. hopes for that fading fast. that's not good for oil. it gained like 4% last week. >> check out aetna, please. the ceo just had some, i think, negative things to say about obamacare on a conference call. what happened? >> first of all, they posted our names, and great profits up 38%, outlook for the quarter, not good. he did make some comments about obamacare, he's concerned that the new-- that the government needs to institute new rules to stabilize the number of people na are enrolled. we have serious concerns about the sustainability of the
11:13 am
public exchange. the recent changes that they made were not enough. there are concerns there. one of the biggest health care in the country. >> and brings it back to obamacare. and he did say that it sold on them to the exchanges was better than they thought. operating losses were narrow. >> something completely different now. health care and football, how about that? and i'm talking football, ladies and gentlemen. from green beret to the nfl. he served overseas and when he came back he almost made the nfl as their long snapper. nate will join us in just a moment.
11:14 am
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> from green beret to the nfl. our next guest taught himself
11:17 am
how to long snap while serving in the army. he's with us now. nate, welcome to the program. first of all, you're with a guy who was not born in america here. what is a long snapper. >> really? i was going to ask you if knew what a long snapper was. stuart: that's all right. what is it? >> so, you know, there's a guy who is called a center on the football field that snaps the ball between his leg to the quarterback. and this guy, the long snapper, long snapper as you call it, he comes in on punts and field goals and extra points and he snaps the ball to the holder or punter when you're about to kick it. it's a specialist, because you only come in on special teams. stuart: that's you, you want into the nfl as a long snapper. i put it to you, nate, i think you're in your early 30's, 30, 31 something like that, is that correct? >> i'm in my mid 30's, i'm 35, on the wrong side.
11:18 am
stuart: wait a minute, we've got a guy, calvin johnson, detroit lions,'s 31 years old. >> right. stuart: top star, he is retiring 'cause he doesn't want to get beaten up anymore and here you are, long snapper, you want to come into the nfl in your mid 30's. what are you doing? >> i mean, you know what? if i had the opportunity to play wide receiver from the age of, he probably came in the league about 22, till 31, and i had a solid, amazing career like that guy did and done everything i feel like i wanted to do and accomplish, maybe he's got other stuff he wants to do. i can't blame him there. i didn't play when i was younger now i'm making up for lost time basically. stuart: as part of your training to get back into the nfl, you're going to climb kilimanjaro, i believe, the highest mountain in africa. you're going to do that? >> i'm going to do it, i'm going to do it. i'm going with a wounded veteran, a marine buddy of
11:19 am
mine, a single amputee. we're doing it right after the super bowl for clean water wells in tanzania. we've raised money for a couple of wells and we'll see it dedicated with the villagers and climb the mountain. stuart: i've got to tell you, nate, i claimed kilimanjaro on easter sunday 1967. way before you were even born and let me tell you, even though i was 18 years old at the time and pretty fit. it nearly killed me. [laughter] nearly killed me. tell us how a long snapper is going to deal with a 19,000 foot mountain with no oxygen? you've got 20 seconds, go. >> 20 seconds. well, i'm just going to suck it up and drive on. that's the west way to-- best way to describe how i'm going to get it done.
11:20 am
and i'm going to focus on blake, he's got one leg and i've got two, i feel like i'm cheating. i'll ask you, what is the biggest challenge just the air? >> yes, no oxygen, so you take three steps up and then you've got to stop and [panting] 18 years old for heaven's sake. i was fit as a fiddle then. nate, we're out of time, but i welcome your presence on the show today. i wish you the very best of luck and i think you're a good man and doing the right thing. hope you get into the nfl. >> we're working on it, sir, maybe i'll play for the lions. stuart: you're a good man, nate. in the latest episode of strange inheritance, jamie colby visits a los angeles animal trainer who inherits a dangerous dog. jamie is here to tell us about it. you pay your car insurance
11:21 am
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premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn
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and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> look at this. this is at a lifetime high. i have to tell you back in august of last year, it was $124 a share and 87.50, that's a rally. what would you do if you inherited a dangerous animal?
11:25 am
>> i met him, he's fierce. columbo-- columbo can't be unsupervised by my children and when he's grumpy, i don't want my kids anywhere around him. >> you're kids-- >> we make sure that we train him every day, us as a commitment, we're showing other families how to do it. stuart: strange inheritance is a great show. this is a strange one. jamie colby this is the doing dog. >> named after the detective. >> he's dangerous. >> the funny thing, you can't have the kids play with him, you can't have people play with him, but let's send in jamie colby with the deadly dog. stuart: was there a choice?
11:26 am
the dog was bequeathed. >> it was bequeathed in a will. >> can't have it put down? >> he's a professional dog trainer type that you'll meet tonight and his specialty is taking the dogs that are difficult to train and he promised his best friend he would take care of the dog, but it needs special therapy in order to keep him a nonbiter. $140,000 a year. >> what? >> that's what he says. >> oh. >> now that the friend passed he left the dog, he didn't leave the funds. our message tonight to every dog owner out there, if you have a dog, a cat, a bird, a snake and you love them, don't just leave a name of a person. leave the provisions. the dogs get older, they might need stuff. stuart: it's an extraordinary show. >> it was a strange day and the other one is strange, back to
11:27 am
back, scheduled to start at midnight after the caucus. and don't worry if you miss it. >> shackles that john brown the abolitionist wore. stuart: i will being watching. >> right after the caucus. stuart: serious subject, this is, too, violence in europe, in sweden, migranted attacked. and fighting has begun. the e-mails on hillary's private server contained operational intelligence and that jeopardized our service people and intelligence people in the field. we're going to deal with that in a moment, too. >> what difference at this point does it make? at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
11:28 am
it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. . . . .
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
stuart: we've got a modest loss for stocks. the dow down 50 odd points that is a third of 1%. contrast that with what is going on in the oil market where we have a whopping great selloff, down over four, 4 1/2%. oil back to 32. those two markets are moving not exactly in sync at the moment both by different amounts.
11:32 am
hillary clinton email problems, boy do they continue to grow. the latest emails, contain, quote, operational intelligence. that is a big deal. chris stirewalt is here. chris, seems to me the democrats are now in very difficult position because they may be nominating someone who faces the threat of indictment because they jeopardized our intelligence officers on the ground. that is something difficult to get over, isn't it? >> look, democratic voters out here in iowa may not be worried themselves or think that she did something wrong but she engaged in something that borders on misrepresentation, false advertising, let's call it to iowa democrats and democrats around the country, which she said no, this isn't fine. we didn't send anything classified. this is a witch-hunt. it is normal. she raised expectations among democrats this was not a big deal. now this is nothing. her own administration, democratic administration has
11:33 am
said a very painful truth for her, there is information on her server that was so secret, it can't even be released as part of this foia and part of this discovery. that means in all likelihood russians got it, chinese got it, everybody got it because of the broad understanding her server was hacked and so this means, yes, criminal charges are out there for her, for her associates. she has got a real big problem and she sold democrats a story that just wasn't true. stuart: what is the president going to do? because if the fbi recommends indictment, it will be the president who says yes, indict or don't indict. that's a huge problem for the president, isn't it? >> well, she has put him in a terrible bind because what her campaign says is, we want all the emails released. we think they all should be released because they're not that bad. she can do that, knowing that the president won't oblige her
11:34 am
because he can't blow cover on actual secret stuff but he is the only person or he is the person that can declassify these things that can be released. they're sticking it to him, that assuming his own self-interest and self-interest of keeping, keeping stuart standards high will prevent him from doing what she is telling him to do. that is a really unkind cut to give to a guy on whom you're counting to rally voters for your team. stuart: i wonder if anybody at the caucus tonight will be in favor of joe biden? i wonder if that will come up? i'm not sure. not suggesting that. that name may well be mentioned. chris, thanks for joining us. you will be in iowa all day today and maybe tomorrow. the weather turning against you. iowans caucusing. jo ling kent is here, which candidates lead in iowa on social media? reporter: we're looking at google search because people are preparing to caucus tonight. for the gop, donald trump
11:35 am
winning 46% of the all google searches, cruz, 20, rubio eight 10. paul at six. democratic side sanders winning google search by iowans at 52%. hillary clinton coming in at 42%, row mali robust of 6%. stuart: what is the significance of that? that is number of google searches within iowa of those candidates. >> right. stuart: significance? >> significant because people making final decisions. voters don't decide until they head out the door in the evening to go caucus. they might be thinking about their second choice. if o'malley, what happens if he doesn't win individual caucus where do his supporters go for the second choice? that is the juiciest choice. stuart: the level of interest. >> that is great thing. stuart: i love the caucus idea, face-to-face politics. right there. >> controversial format, for sure. people love it for hate it.
11:36 am
stuart: that is democracy. that is america. now this, this is a story from sweden, it is not good. dozens of masked swedish gang members attacked migrants in stockholm. apparently in retaliation for a murdered aid worker. fox news terrorism analyst walid phares is here. walid this is dreadful development. this is communal violence. it has arrived in europe. i don't think it will go away. think i think is new crisis. an you say? >> it is urban clashes. we warned about it, specifically at the european parliament policy session in copenhagen past october, telling them that if the state, any of them, sweden, germany, netherlands or others would fail in, number one vetting those coming in and number two integrating them, violence would ensue, guess what, this is the alphabet. you will have french forces within the society, gangs in sweden who will conduct counter
11:37 am
violence. really responsibility of the swedish government of the european union for having failed from the beginning in vetting from the start. and that start is not in fact syria. it should have been in turkey. it should have been in jordan or when they, where they were on european soil in greece. stuart: astonishing, isn't it, the bankruptcy of europe, the financial crisis in europe that is not what utterly split europe. it's migrants. muslim migrants coming into the country. that is the thing that's breaking them apart. >> it is because every individual is in touch with this crisis unlike the economic crisis, you would feel it comes to you later, trickles down. here you have neighborhoods, streets, violence. the killing of the young woman in sweden was just the trigger. there are much more bigger tensions around sweden unfortunately. stuart: quickly president obama visits islamic society of baltimore wednesday, a mosque that some say has some ties to
11:38 am
extreme it groups. is the first visit during his presidency to a among. what do you make of this? >> there have been a lot of things said about this controversial mosque, potential links, he needs to vet that by law enforcement and fbi and other law enforcement. my fear this is political move, more than one has to do with extremism. bottom line that the obama administration needs to have a trilateral discussion about this with moderate muslim ngos, the mosque, others to avoid any perception he is endorsing or giving support to people at end of the day have ties to extremism. stuart: walid phares, thanks very much for joining us, sir, we appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you. stuart: mattel unveiling new versions of barbie. different body types, skin colors, hairstyles. after the break supermodel, emmy aronson joins us. here she comes.
11:39 am
♪ go into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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[martha and mildred are good to. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business believer. dow jones industrial average down 36 points sitting at 16,427. we see a loss of one quarter of 1% for the dow and s&p. s&p down five. nasdaq down nine. looking at some of the dow movers. we're seeing household names, nike and walmart leading names on dow jones industrial average.
11:41 am
under pressure, apple, 3m and general electric as well. oil pulls back. concerns about china. jobs report on friday. of course we're keeping keen eye on iowa caucuses tonight. lumber liquidators was briefly halted on wall street. reopened for trading. higher all morning. up about 9%. the company agreed to pay $10 million for some crimes, five-year probation. facebook record high for facebook. forth most valuable company. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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11:43 am
♪ stuart: will you look at facebook? $115 a share now? by the way the company announces it will ban private sales of guns on facebook. who has got this? jo, you have details on this? >> they're banning private sale of guns, owner to owner. not banning sales of guns from stores or gun clubs. the reason they're saying e-commerce is becoming a bigger story for the company. they're regulating pharmaceuticals and drugs. this is where they're buying it. stuart: if a friend wants to sell a friend a gun on facebook, can't do it. >> can't do it. >> facebook is huge forum for debate of gun sales to negotiate. >> they're not alone. craigslist and e may, also same policy. stuart: another one i want more information from. i just become an uber user.
11:44 am
>> oh. stuart: their drivers are planning a a protest in new york. why. >> base fair is cut 15%. uber wants more drivers to get fares. 10,000 drivers are expected to protest 12 to 2:00 in queens over this price drop. there is push towards unionization which is change for uber as well. there is a lot of moving pieces here as they continue to grow their world domination. stuart: whole idea of shared. normally, other cab drivers against uber. >> 10,000 drivers off the roads in new york city, biggest market, problem. stuart: remind me not to go for uber car at lunchtime. look at mattel, they raised it, introducing a brand new line of barbies introducing a small and petite models and, curvy models. emmy is with me. when i say curvy, you are a
11:45 am
curvy supermodel, is that correct? >> yes, indeed i am. stuart: let's get this straight. curvy is the new word for full-sized, isn't it? >> well it's, if you have to define it, yes. it's, you absolutely am not a size zero to two. but i have curves. -- stuart: you were the world's first. you were the world's first curvy, and i will use the right word there -- >> i don't mind that. yes. stuart: you no doubt approve of what mattel is doing here with barbie dolls? >> i really do. i really want to applaud them they're taking step in direction of listening to clients and future clients and customers. it is wonderful that for children to be able to play with dolls of diversified ethnicity and body shape. stuart: the curvy thing, that is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. it is very big deal. stuart: do you think our society is starting to say ultraskinny is not that attractive and a little bit bigger may be pretty good?
11:46 am
>> let me say this, people that are ultraskinny and medium size and larger, all at the table are perfectly normal and buell. >> and healthy. >> shouldn't just be one particular way we all have to fit in. if you have curvy barbies which is really fantastic, you have kids that are naturally curvy, that are going to say, oh, i look like this. i feel better. instead of always going exactly something against what, how they look like, whether skin color or, even petite models. petite models of bashry is adorable. you can receipt to that. >> yes. i have question self-confidence and social media? do you think this helps that, because so much danger of anorexia and eating disorders? true, opposite end. curvy, non-curvy, diversified in color an height all that, it will lessen the opportunity for those that feel so poorly about
11:47 am
themselves to project that on to other people. bully something horrible situation for any young teen or preteen. on social media it is awful. it terrible. stuart: i will lay the law down here. >> tell us how you feel. stuart: the body mass index -- >> yes. stuart: that is a measure of your size and shape, isn't it, basically? >> yes. stuart: i think we should dismiss it to the trashcan. >> amen. i agree with you. i do. >> you had a bmi, a body mass index which was over a certain level, and you were considered, by any other name obese back in the day. you were. >> yes, yes. i was division one athlete at sir cruise university. i was invited to olympic trials. i swim. i am in masters swimming. i love to swim in lakes around islands and stuff. you know to think that i was considered obese, just didn't make any sense. and so i consider any kind of
11:48 am
measurement that is going to clump everybody together, bmi is being used in very different way than it was originally created. when people are being told they're obese in schools, where there is measurements and all that, it's damaging. we got to just really, you know, this is a good step with us. very good beginning. stuart: you youngsters remember twiggy? >> of course. stuart: of course. this was 1960s. >> i was born in the '60s and i remember twiggy very well. stuart: started whole ball rolling. was a disaster. >> she was a twig. stuart: really was. >> social media, a lot of bloggers have been really, really vocal. you have this wonderful opportunity, yes with the hardship of bullying, you also have a really wonderful opportunity for men and women to communicate what really is important to them, what images they want to be sold products to. stuart: well-said.
11:49 am
>> i think very good step in the right direction. stuart: why are you known by one name, emme. you branded yourself? >> this is what i've always been called for 20 years. stuart: don't you have have a last name? >> i do. but i like emme. don't you like emme. >> singular. strong. >> thanks for charting. this was great. stuart: we appreciate it. back to hillary clinton, those emails on her private server contained operational intelligence which deputized our -- jeopardized our intelligence people on the ground and what they were doing. that's next.
11:50 am
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stuart: this development has no impact on the stock but general motors has create ad self-driving car team. you're going to tell me what that means? >> they have actually appointed a new vp of autonomous technology and vehicle execution. i hope it doesn't mean they will kill them. this team will be recruited from across general motors. what it means, signals a move from research product to a product under development. in other words we're getting serious about this now. they already have some of this technology. they will bring out a cadillac with the hands-free, cruise thing, put it in cruise control, take your hands off and i guess text, i don't know. stuart: i never thought it would get there but it will get there. >> another sign this is very real.
11:54 am
>> future is now, stuart. stuart: thank you very much. i want to go back to the hillary clinton email scandal. gotten worse. fox reporting those emails contain, quote, operational intelligence. this is a big deal. democrat strategist erica cluty is here. erica, we're being told, fox news's catherine herridge is reporting that those emails contained operational intelligence. in other words information about individuals and intelligence tactics on the ground. this is a very important development. i'm wondering how can the democrats go forward and maybe nominate someone with this hanging over them? >> well i think this is kind of been the long problem that hillary clinton has had with the emails is that there is a process of kind of i guess retroactive classification at the sate department. multiple people reviewing. some people say we overclassify,
11:55 am
say we underclassify. it is not as clear-cut. no matter what was in the contents of email we would have a long drawn out process, multiple people what is released, what shouldn't. this will happen no matter what. keep that in mind. stuart: it is nature of this development, so much more serious. hillary clinton, according to these latest reports, kept on her private server in her own home, intelligence information which would jeopardize, if that server were hacked, would jeopardize lives of american intelligence personnel and strategies and tactics that they were pursuing. what kind of judgment is that? how can someone who wants to be president keep that kind of information on a private, hackable server? >> well, i think this is exactly, you know to your point what kind of judgment. this is judgment with hindsight. at time this was perfectly legal. at the time the emails weren't classified. to your point about judgment, i
11:56 am
think anybody whoever worked for a company knows that your emails don't belong to you. i have had to carry two phones for years having my work email and work phone used for one -- stuart: are you justifying this. >> no, i'm not. what i'm saying -- stuart: are you questioning her judgment? >> i am questioning her judgment and convenience. i'm saying those emails she should thought even without hindsight that they belong to the state department. they probably shouldn't have been mixed personal and work. should have been separate. stuart: you're stuck with a problem, aren't you? you will possibly nominate someone with this hanging over them. the alternative is bernie sanders a socialist. are you comfortable with this. >> i think one of the problems anybody in her position, if it weren't hillary clinton or would have been joe smith might have done the same thing. many other secretaries kept separate servers and combined emails. stuart: this is here, this is now. this is hillary clinton.
11:57 am
do i hear the name joe biden surfacing all over again? you're laughing. >> you know i love joe biden. you know i love joe biden. you're trying to tempt me on that one, that's for sure. stuart: speaking for him now, can't you? >> well, hillary clinton's strength has always been national security. now it's a double-edged sword for her. i think going forward, as much as she would like to believe the emails aren't a big deal, as much as i personally may believe this is technical administrative issue it is becoming a much bigger deal and it is making people question national security as her strength. stuart: and joe biden is lurking in the wings. isn't he? >> i don't know that he is but, you know, i think this does kind of go to show that having a primary system and having multiple people run and not having preordained candidate is important. we need to have this kind of vetting and have this kind of airing of issues and debate. no party should hand over a nomination. stuart: erica, we see where you're coming from.
11:58 am
appreciate you being with us today. very big deal and very important day. thank you very much, erikka. appreciate it. we will have more "varney" after this.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: quick check of big board shows modest loss. let's go to neil cavuto who is in iowa. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you very much. donald trump is betting most attention speaking to crowds in water lou iowa. big question with republican frontrunner whether that can translate into huge votes? will people commit time, energy and know their caucus site and stay two ours or more? anyone's guess. weather right now still pretty good. expected to remain that way through much of the evening and 7:00 p.m. when the caucus actually formally kicks off. it can to on whenever.


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