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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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more from you. thank you very much. that will wrap things up from here. trish regan to take you through the next hour. trish, anyone's guess. anyone can be accurate at this stage of the game. trish: i thought becky had interesting point how the trump fans are used to standing in line to get to see him. maybe they have stamina. neil: right. trish: you need stamina in these caucuses? neil: by far. they can wait long lines for waiting to appear at rally. maybe they can wait this out. maybe we're missing that. trish: neil, a lot of people are a little confused by this whole process in iowa. not like new hampshire where you get to go to voting booth and cast a ballot and calculate the results. iowa is whole breed on to itself, yes? neil: right. it is because i think to jackie's point you just don't walk in, vote and leave. first of all you have to know where your precinct is. a lot of new voters, we're told up to half, trish, voters who
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never done this before, never voted before. so they have to know exactly where to go. if you recall they they have to know when they go there they're not leaving anytime soon. there is sort of norman rockwellian element. you wait it out, talk with the neighbors, caucus with them. on democratic side, in order to come out with precinct with a pick, if it is below 15%, say, martin o'malley, get shortened of the stick, his backers are being caucused to go with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. this process takes time and could run quite late. trish: they're looking forward to party and you will be all over it, yes? neil: yes. we're awaiting blizzard janice dean says is coming. right now it is 88 degrees. i'm wearing this coat to fake it like i need it. jackie gave it away showing up in a sun dress. the point is, she's still here i'm told it will get really bad
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but i feel like yukon cornelius, waiting, waiting. sure it is going to be bad. trish: we're holding out hope it is not that bad. i bet a lot of candidates hope it is not too bad. you can handle it. you can take it. neil cavuto. neil, see you tonight. tune in for complete coverage. neil will be there, no matter the weather. neil: adele and i are doing jell-o shots. don't forget. trish: starting 8:00 p.m. eastern time. neil: get a picture of that. you got it. trish: after months of campaigning are mon that $200 million spent on advertising, the first votes will be cast tonight. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." i am trish regan. turnout is expected to be very high at the iowa caucus. democrats expect a strong turnout. though not nearly as well record-setting 240,000 people caucused back in 2008 electing president obama. meanwhile, republicans they expect turnout to top previous
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record of 120,000 people in 2012. it does come down to turnout as we were just saying with neil. you have to have people show up. you have to have your supporters caucus for you. joining us with perspective fox news contributor, megyn mccain, knows all about politics in iowa. ohio senator capri fargo. you've been around politics your whole life. tell us about the iowa. >> it is named place where evangelical voters go and knight the next leader of the evangelical movement in the united states of america. this caucus is a complete game change. now could be first time in a long time where they start the winning process for the next nominee for the republican presidency. so this caucus specifically today is more fascinating than usual. trish: talk about evangelicals, power of evangelicals there, we see mike huckabee, rick santorum do well.
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when we see what happens as of this evening, does trump have the appeal that he would need to have to be able to win something like iowa among the evangelicals? >> i mean the tide is completely turning. traditionally rick santorum and mike huckabee would have won. trump's numbers are so strong he is almost neck-and-neck with ted cruz. almost anything in this election cycle, people want to win. republicans want to elect a winner. rick santorum, mike huckabee nice men but didn't do anything tearily important after the iowa caucus win. evangelical voters maybe give up a bit because they're caught up in the trump momentum. it is not as meaningful as it was four years ago. trish: he in church in iowa over the weekend. there is funny anecdote. they were passing communion at the church, he thought it was offererrer to, pulled out a few
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bucks, put it in the communion. no, no. it is communion. you wonder, evangelicals he is trying to prove to them he is one of them, but not clear how much message is getting through. here he is trying to drive it hem on facebook. watch. >> i really appreciate the support given to me by evangelicals. they have been incredible. every poll says how well i'm doing with them. you know, my mother gave me this bible, this very bible many years ago. in fact it is her writing right here. she wrote the name and my address. and it is just very special to me. and again i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. trish: capri, in case you had any doubts whether or not he was religious, he wanted to make sure that you knew -- capri will join us shortly. we'll bring peter into the conversation. peter barnes in iowa. peter, if you had any doubts how religious he is, he still keeps
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a copy of his mom's bible. is that -- is he resonating enough with the demo so to speak that needs to get him elected? >> right. he is getting his share of the evangelicals. he is head-to-head with ted cruz among evangelicals according to some of the latest polls but as you guys have been discussing turnout here is going to be the key to victory tonight for donald trump. he tends to do much better among newcomers to the iowa caucuses, new voters who will be caucusing tonight, where as more traditional regular veteran caucus-goers will favor other candidates like ted cruz. but the votes of course, voters can of course get themselves to the caucuses, themselves to drive themselves or walk to them if they want. this is where all the organization stuff kicks in. the staff and volunteers, making phone calls, knocking on doors, giving rides to people to get them to the caucuses. and on that level, it looks like
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even marco rubio acknowledges ted cruz has the advantage here which appears to have donald trump on the defensive, take a listen. >> you got to get out. i joke. i say if you're sick, if you've got is 04 temperature -- 104 temperature, i've been doing. the doctor says you can't leave your bed, you won't make it. it doesn't matter, get up and caucus. get up and caucus. [applause] trish: now that's great. we saw that from you, peter. here with megyn mccain joining conversation. he is saying get out there, get up and caucus for me. infrastructure is critical. >> yeah. trish: you heard peter say, ted cruz has got it. what are your sources telling you about trump's ground operation. >> ted cruz has most formidable ground game in iowa by far, but
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this is outlyer in so many different ways it is hard to compete or analyze trump's momentum. as we've been talking about with turnout, young voters, blue-collar voters. i think ultimately goes to trump. if weather is good and people turn out it is great day for trump and bernie. trish: you it is emotional reaction from the voter base when it comes to trump and bernie. if he doesn't have the infrastructure there. there is not in new hampshire door-to-door campaigning today but there is groundswell of population. >> he is know no liesing media in every conceivable way. maybe this is era we're living in and doesn't matter anymore. he is completely changing things we'll see better or for worse. hard for me at this point, i said on your show, i'm not a trump senatorrer, it is hard for me not to see him going on to be the nominee.
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trish: you made a good point. things are changing. door-to-door campaign style in the small states will matter or media blitz to bring in the most people. i want to bring in democratic senator from state of ohio capri cofri. from iowa she is joining us. >> from iowa, not ohio. trish: in terms of democratic side is hillary going to get this or bernie sweep away? >> it will be one heck of a squeaker. i had opportunity last night to attend both a bernie sanders rally and hillary clinton rally. i got to tell you hillary eclipsed expectations for me. it was a pretty large crowd. the question i had for the crowd how many of these people are actually from iowa which was unclear. and the folks at bernie rally, they were certainly feeling the bern. it will be a tossup. five people in iowa for martin o'malley may actually make the day here because in this process
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that we have on democratic side. trish: all five of them. what happens if hillary loses tonight to bernie sanders and we know she will lose in new hampshire? >> right. she will lose in new hampshire. trish: does that mean her nomination is in jeopardy or do you think she can fix things come south carolina? >> i don't necessarily think her nomination is in jeopardy. we talked about the quote, southern strategy before, about south carolina and strength of african-american community. but, bernie sanders is also gaining traction there, gaining traction with african-american community, picking up endorsements even from some of my colleagues like former state senator nina turner, african-american from the state of ohio, being a surrogate, just got to iowa today for example. i would assume folks like that will be traveling the country whipping up african-american vote for bernie sanders as well. while i do think that barring some sort of a legal calamity on side of hillary clinton, more likely than not she will be the nominee but i think she will be pretty badly bloodied regardless
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through this primary process because it is a heck of a lot harder than she expected. trish: certainly is. meagan, in terms of the republicans, if donald trump succeeds getting nomination, as republicans look at the landscape, who is easier candidate to beat? >> bernie all day long. trish: i would say that because he is a socialist. >> he is so vulnerable in so many different ways. right now he is enjoying popularity as folk hero in some segments. population. once he starts talking about taxing people 90%, looking into his background i don't think people know, when i talk to bernie sanders supporters a lot of times i say this with as much respect, they are low information voters wearing t-shirt, feeling the bern, free everything all the time. the problem with socialism, at certain point, margaret thatcher said, you run out of other people's money. >> democrats may not show up for bernie sanders at general election either. trish: very interesting.
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thank you so much. good to have you guys here. >> thank you. trish: reining iowa caucus champion rick santorum what it takes to win over iowa voters. he is joining us. a little later on our own john stossel says betting markets, people putting money on candidates is way better predictor than the polls. it is because people have their own money on the line. you don't want to miss it. see you back here in two. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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he said with god of course, we know in the bible over and over again all things are possible. trish: former senator rick santorum on campaign trail in iowa voters. he is defending champion who won the iowa caucuses four years ago. former senator taking time out of his campaign schedule speaks with us now. welcome back to the program. >> anytime, trish. great to be with you. thanks for having me on. trish: tell us what's different this time around? what make this is campaign cycle different for you? >> well, i think the biggest thing is, just the fixation on the celebrity in the race and i said, i feel like i'm running a marathon breathing through a straw. it is just very, very difficult to get any kind of oxygen to get your voice out. these last few days, thanks in part to the debate and to a lot of the activities we've been doing, a lot more people covering what we're saying i feel like we're starting to pick up a little steam here. as the idea that if it ain't broke don't fix it, the fact is,
2:17 pm
that iowans voted for us four years ago because we were the conservative everybody trusted. now you have a lot of confusion, according to the polls, half the people still haven't made up their mind here. i have a recommendation for you. someone you voted for four years ago who didn't change when they left, didn't change their positions to come here, didn't change after they left and has a track record of shaking up washington and getting something done. we hope we break out of the pack a little bit and surprise some people tonight. trish: how do you convince them they should vote for you even if they voted for you before because you didn't win the nomination? they want to pick a winner. people want to pick a winner. >> sure. trish: how do you sell that argument, that okay, you should do this again, should vote for me and i'll win the whole thing? >> i would say that, last time around we actually, as you know, we didn't win the iowa caucuses on caucus night. that was huge blow. romney went on to win new hampshire, for most of the media the race was over. he won iowa, new hampshire, and
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no one ever lost iowa and new -n iowa and hampshire had lost the race. we had to come back and scratch and claw. we ended up winning 10 more states. if it wasn't for the fact, candidly a few candidates stuck in the race longer than they should have, splitting conservative vote, that will not happen this time. many more folks who are moderates running than are conservatives. you have a opportunity to highlight conservative who can win. person running as conservative, he was given a huge, huge, huge hole in the line to run to the end zone. he fumbled the ball. he hasn't been able to get anything going. his numbers are starting to come down because, people are questioning his conservatism. i tell you other thing they're questioning -- trish: talking about donald trump. >> i'm talking about ted cruz. all the conservatives have rallied around. he has got all the conservative support you can possibly imagine in the state, everybody.
2:19 pm
plus he has enormous amount of money. he has every advantage he should be lapping the field. should be close to 50% right now given demographics of this state and he is not. the reason he isn't because people look at someone, my claim to fame is, everybody, moderate, conservative, liberal, they all hate me in washington. well if conservatives hate you as well as everybody else how do you expect to get anything done? people are starting to figure out that is not a wonderful moniker to go into the race. trish: what is different? you're likeable guy. you can work with both sides of the aisle? >> i got things done. i was a conservative, welfare reform, sank schuss on iran, health savings accounts, partial-birth abortion. list things from every aspect of government. from the culture to foreign affairs to economics and we were able to make big changes, not little things. those bills i mentioned are not little things. they are big things. they are all live bills and all things we were able to pass and got bipartisan support to do it. if that is what you're looking for, looking for someone who can
2:20 pm
fight and win, someone plays well in the sandbox but gets the toys he needs to get conservative things done that is what we bring to the table. that is why iowans voted for us four years ago. trish: what is key to success for you tonight? making sure your supporters are there caucusing? people talk about the importance of getting out the vote here. >> i have no doubt my people are coming f you're for rick santorum now, there is no reason, we're not talked about. we've been ignored, been in quote undercard debate. we haven't been given a whole lot of oxygen to get our message out. if you're for me, you're for me and you're coming. we know our folks will be coming out tonight no matter what the weather is. we know a lot of people will be speaking for us. 36% of the people voted for us four years ago, decided on caucus night. i think it will be bigger. i think more than half people will be very much undecided going in there. we'll have a team of people
2:21 pm
there to help convince them that, like i said, if it ain't broke, fix it. vote for the guy you voted for last time. trish: what are you doing in iowa? >> i have been heading home. i haven't been home in couple weeks. i have to get new clothes all that kind of stuff. we're heading to south carolina. trish: unlike donald trump who apparently we're told sleeps in his own bed. >> i haven't schlepped in my own bed in a long, long time. so, trust me you want me to go home and get, if you will see me on the campaign trail you want me to go home. trish: are you hitting new hampshire? >> i will be in new hampshire hopefully for the debate on saturday. probably spend a day or two there. but we're going to cast our lot down in south carolina. we know we, i have two boys go to the citadel down there. i have a lot of family in the state. we spent a lot of tile there four years ago. we spent time this time around building those relationships again. once this race settles out a little bit i have no doubt that we'll be a very strong and be
2:22 pm
the alternative a conservative that can win and govern. do you want a bomb throwing conservative that can't get anything done, republican version of barack obama. we have a candidate you can vote for. but if you want someone to shake things up and get things done and win elections -- trish: i hear you going after cruz pretty hard here. i don't hear you going after trump quite as hard. why? >> the way i look at it, republicans are ultimately deciding on a conservative and i think that the person who can rise and be the conservative challenger to the outsider donald trump or the moderate marco rubio, or jeb bush, whoever it is, i think that's the position that is the important one to gain right now because i think, this time around we're going to nominate a conservative. i hope to be that person. trish: good luck to you, senator santorum. thank you so much for joining me. >> my pleasure. thank you, trish. trish: when we come back, everyone, more damning headlines
2:23 pm
for hillary clinton and private email server as bernie sanders nips at her heels in iowa. next we're following money and good predictor will come out on top and who the party wants to win. don't go away. we'll have results.
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>> he didn't start with much money in the bank, and he didn't need it to get his message across. trish: how much do you think that he has cost hillary clinton off guard? >> hillary clinton and everybody else; right? if i
2:28 pm
recall correctly last year, the politics in the democratic side, hillary clinton had 52% of the support and bernie sanders had 3. so we have come quite a ways that from those early days. trish: and likewise donald trump catching everyone by surprise. again, he's got plenty of money, but he ha but he hasn't had to use a lot of it and got those mines up there and he gets a lot of coverage outside. >> yeah. trish: of the traditional advertising space. >> no question. i think that has been one of the real stories of this campaign so far is just how much free media they call it, earned media, free media that donald trump has gotten. it would have been inconceivable to have a presidential candidate be able to phone in and do phone interviews on the sunday morning talk shows on the network. it was just never done and trump because he brings ratings has been able to do it.
2:29 pm
but he's also done something that i think is remarkable which he deserves a fair amount of credit. he's turned the idea on politics in its head because it used to be a billionaire would have a tough time relating to everyday people and would be raking in campaign contributions from other billionaires. what trump has done is, look, i have so much money i can't be bought. i've played these games, i've given to politicians on both sides. i know how the game works and i won't pay it because i'm wealthy. trish: the other thing that's interesting, and i would be curious how to get your thoughts is the republican party for a variety of reasons over the last several years really seem to be identified with the elite. i mean mitt romney certainly had this problem. >> yeah. trish: he was the wealthy guy that was totally out of touch. average everyday americans. i mean real working class blue color americans, they like donald trump. they see him as being much more in touch with them and who they are than a lot of the other candidates out there,
2:30 pm
you know, of whom. >> yeah. trish: probably more in common from a financial at some point with average americans than donald trump would. why? >> no question. i think trump has done two things. first, he has spoken the language of those voters who he says haven't been represented in years past. and i think he's done it very successfully. i think the thing to note about donald trump, however, is that he has managed to avoid the kind of paid media campaign that have hit many of his rivals. there have been $25 million spent against marco rubio's candidacy. virtually nothing to this point spent on donald trump. now a super pac out that's running against donald trump but hitting him mostly on issues. nobody has done to donald trump what did to romney in 2012. trish: why is that? are they scared? >> and barack obama's campaign i think there was a cavalier
2:31 pm
attitude that trump would just disappear. that he would crumble. and while i certainly thought that six, eight months ago, it's been pretty clear to me at least since the beginning of the faux that this guy had some sustainability and was not likely to go away. but they spent all their money beating each other up. ted cruz had this defacto nonaggression tact and then jeb bush super pac with $58 million cash on hand specked a ton of money on marco rubio, rubio spending money on chris christie, they've tried to beat each up and what it meant is that donald trump scathed through unscathed. trish: amazing. where do you think the money is going here once we get through iowa and new hampshire? >> to the winners. this is exactly why iowa and new hampshire matter as much as they do in many respects. whoever comes out of iowa with at least a story if not numbers to support them, can go to don't eveners and say
2:32 pm
this is why i remain a plausible candidate. here's my path to victory, you should now give to me. i think the real request he is the question you raised at the very beginning, though. how much will that money actually matter? we're now going to a stage of the campaign where one would think that money would play a bigger role because you're not able to do sort of the retail politics in the manor that you are in a or new hampshire or south carolina, nevada. but once you get to march 1st, you're talking about a national campaign, expensive media buys and ming i think will play a much bigger role going forward than it has to this point. trish: that's fascinating. steven, thank you so much. >> yeah. you bet. thanks for having me. trish: coming up the state department saying 22 e-mails contained information so top secret they can't be released were found on hillar hillary clinton's private e-mail server. and should she be more worried about the fbi than bernie sanders? that's next. we'll see you here
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trish: explosive revelations are emerging in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal just hours away from iowaians starting to vote. fox is reporting that the 22 e-mails of hillary clinton's that the state department have deemed too damaging to national security contain quote operational
2:37 pm
intelligence. and that intel on secretary clinton's unsecure personal e-mail system jeopardizes sources. the state department said they will be holding back the top secret e-mails has bernie sanders changing tactics. do you remember when sanders stood next to clinton and said this? >> the american people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. trish: yeah, well, now he's saying this. >> in terms of what people are going to get slapped, look at the front pages in terms of what secretary clinton getting slapped with. >> here is the point. it has to do with e-mails. >> i think this is a serious issue. i am not going to attack the hillary clinton, the american people will have to make that judgment. trish: okay. so he's leaving it up to voters he says. but that issue is out there in a way that we did not hear him talk about earlier. here wit analysis on what it
2:38 pm
means host leslie marshal and brad blake man. great to see you guys. >> thanks. trish: leslie, i'll start with you. hands off for a while. we're seeing a different bernie. is this what he has to do if he wants to win iowa? >> i think it's sad that he may feel he has to do this to win iowa. also telling of how much he wants it and how much he could even lose it. but at the end of the day i think bernie sanders really does believe who cares about those darn e-mails, and i honestly think that most of the democratic voters feel the same way whether they're pro hillary or pro bernie. remember this is a primary. and a general election, very different answer i would give you, trish. but i don't think to this sick group that it will matter. maybe quite frankly to some people that are undecided, it might. but i don't think it's going to be an end all for him. trish: that's what he's playing.
2:39 pm
>> yeah. but in a primary the undecided voters are not going to be the chunk that we're looking at a in a general election. i don't think the undecideds are going to determine. right now it's very close and it's not about indecision. it's about who's going to come out to caucus very different than who's going to vote in primary or general election. trish: okay. let's talk about these e-mails and what they might mean in a primary situation as well. brad, 22 of them are so top secret that they can't be released. i mean i don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out you can't e-mail stuff that's so sensitive that the government can't even let anybody know about it. they can't even redact things. they're just saying, no, we're not going to release this. i mean isn't this effectively that smoking gun? >> well, you would think so. but look what hillary said just yesterday. she blamed it on the vast wing right wing conspiracy. this is exactly take it from the clinton playbook. but, again --
2:40 pm
trish: yeah, but this is the state department. this is the democratic saying it's too sensitive. we can't release this. how can she blame that on a right wing conspiracy? >> but she does. and the other thing is it was her agency now telling her that these are too secret to release and what does hillary say? i want all of them released regardless. this is the kind of contempt that hillary for has states secrets. she has contempt when it was received and now when the state department says it's too sensitive, she demands it being released. >> leslie, go ahead. she's shaking her head. i want to get the other side in here. >> brad, i must have been sleeping when she was blaming this on republicans, although you know she's right when she said they're going to use this in benghazi, and we're going to see that very shortly, especially if she's the nominee. if she isn't, i don't think we'll hear from her ever again. but with regard to the e-mails, look, she has always said -- she has said at the beginning, release them all.
2:41 pm
i want they will all release. >> yeah. but they contain secrets. >> brad, are they marked classified? are they marked top secret? >> it doesn't matter. it matters -- >> it does matter in a court of law -- in a court of law. >> i'm a lawyer. trish: one second. >> i'm a lawyer. >> point that out. trish: leslie, i mean if the u.s. government is saying this stuff is too top secret to be released, who is she to say, no, i want it released? >> well, first of all, she's saying, look, i'm not hiding anything. second of all because it's not released, we don't know what it's about. something top secret today may not have been then. the situation of the world, the situation in the united states and relationships with different countries, plans with different countries, certainly have changed now as opposed to when she was secretary of state. >> i don't know -- >> in those e-mails. trish: this is jeopardizing to sources, to messages, and to individual lives.
2:42 pm
i mean i don't care whether -- you know, how badly i want the president of the united states. if there's information that could hurt someone, potentially put their life in danger and the government's telling you this. i don't understand, brad -- unfortunately, it's all coming down to politics. and this is national security we're talking about. >> that's right. but the fbi doesn't get involved in politics. they are the police department of the federal government. and they don't get involved in personal attacks. they get involved in investigating crimes. and, by the way, there's over 100 agents now working five days a week, 40 hours a day on this all brought upon herself. if she used a government e-mail and a government server, we wouldn't be talking about any of this. so this isn't a vast right wing security spute on the president of the united states. and, by the way, i happen to think bernie figured it out. nice guys finish last. trish: yeah, he's going to use whatever he can. as much as he can.
2:43 pm
leslie and brad, so good to see you guys, especially on a important day like today. thank you. >> thank you. trish: coming up, everyone, the economic pain and reality driving so many voters this year and why supporters of bernie sanders and donald trump have more in common than you may think. my intel on why the stakes couldn't be higher in this election. that's next. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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trish: marching back to the flat line, this market is right now. you can see still in the red, though, by 22 points. the nasdaq composite index a little bit positive. we'll see how this stakes out as we head into the final hour of trading coming up. oil right now let's take a look at that for you. you can see how it's trading on the day. hp another tough one. down about 6% there. 31.62 down two bucks a barrel oil have been an overall affect on the market as well. now, after 15 years u.s. airlines restoring small perks. the return of free snacks in the economy section. how do you like that? and more free entertainment options on some aircrafts. maybe that's the result of these lower oil prices. apple reporting its earnings today. you can catch it on after the bell right here on fox business. "the intelligence report" will be right back with what's at stake in this election
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
trish: iowa and new hampshire they're coming at an important time. our security economically and internationally is at stake. nearly eight years after president obama's $800 billion stimulus package and repeated moves to the federal reserve liquidity in the system. here we are. still stuck in no manning land with this economy. we saw the worst january in stocks for seven years last month.
2:48 pm
and in the last three months of the year, the economy grew by 0.7%. .7%. that is nothing. absolutely nothing. here we are skating by very close to negative growth. you know two quarters of negative growth and you're in a recession. there's real economic pain out there. and nothing suggests it's going to stop. manufacturing has lost more than 2 million jobs in the last decade and while those losses have been slowing, manufacturing still expected to shrink by another 800,000 jobs in the next years. and 2026 the service sector expected to produce 95% of all new jobs. are we going to get paid for those service sector jobs? many in the restaurant and retail industry? so far we haven't. income for middle income households. it hasn't budged since 1997. okay. -- if i haven't depressed you enough with this economy, we are facing a very real threat from isis overseas and here at home. americans are understandably
2:49 pm
fearful of terrorism. and of the immigration policies that could allow terrorists to come into our country. the president doesn't want us to say that. you know, we're not supposed to just say that because i guess we're supposed to blindly accept people, regardless of them being from isis infused territories around the world. but i will say that happen we're overall deep down fearful because we know what happened in san bernardino. we know what happened in paris, and we know what is happening throughout europe right now with an estimated of 50 isis fighters having emigrated as refugees into berlin and northern european countries struggling with this culture class between my grants and citizens there as migrants have allegedly assaulted hundreds of women in the streets. you know, people keep wondering what voter turnout is going to look like in this election cycle. i've heard it's going to be big. very big. americans know there's a lot on the line. both security and economic and
2:50 pm
international is at stake. we care, and we'll vote. that's today's intel. coming up john stossel. he joins me, and he says betting market -- yes, betting markets are the best predictors of who's going to win an election. we'll explain why and give us intel on who's winning in iowa. that's next equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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2:54 pm
ones in europe because they're stupidly illegal in america have been better at predicting elections state by state, american idol winners, oscar winners, for years, and it's unfortunate in america -- i've created something that at least converts the british odds to something americans can understand. and if you look at this for iowa, what the polls are saying, say, for the democrats, it's close between bernie and hillary. trish: yeah, neck and neck, and they keep telling us that. >> people putting their money where their mouths are say it's 70% to 29%. it's not close, she's going to win. trish: so why is it that these are more accurate and why is it there's less of a spread? less neck and neck? >> because the bettors are smarter. when they -- the pollsters call up and you say, oh, i want to sound smart. who's running, again? oh, yeah, trump. it may not be how you behave. you want to make the right impression on the postura
2:55 pm
ster. and it's not like a lot of us who watch this channel, there's other things. trish: and with your own money you're paying attention. it's your own buck. >> yeah. and if the numbers are off, other people rush in just like with the stock market and over time the numbers get corrected. trish: so who is predicted to win iowa? you've collected all of this data? >> hillary -- and these update every five minutes. hillary is predicted to win the democratic nomination and republican side trump. 62% trum62 cruz -- >> 32% for dr. ben carson. >> yeah. and my guy got even lower sadly. and shall we look at the nomination. bernie might have a chance according to the people betting their own money. not much of a chance. 83% to 15. trish: wow. there you go. very interesting. well, these don't lie. they typically are quite
2:56 pm
accurate. and i guess we'll know for sure tomorrow. >> well, let's do the republican side. 50% for trump. trish: yeah. >> rubio 33, cruz 8%, bush 6.5%. and for the presidency, sadly from my point of view hillary is the big favorite. the republicans are well behind. trish: but these could change; right? >> oh, and they will change. and once a republican nominee is picked, then that person's odds will go up. trish: thank you, sir. >> thank you. trish: make sure you tune in watch stossel every 8:00 p.m. eastern right here only on fox business. we are off about 34 points and need it close of trading. we're going to take a quick break, and i'll see right here
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
>> as you heard me to say earlier, turnout supposed to be high in iowa caucus, watch fox business tonight, neil cavuto is supposed to be there in iowa and we have complete coverage starting 8:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. in iowa only right here on fox business.
3:00 pm
also let us know what you thought of the show. head over to my facebook and twitter pages. you can like my personal page at and liz is taking us into the close. liz: i was just looking new and then i saw the s&p turn positive for a second there. the nasdaq is moving higher, trish, thank you so much. will it forever be known as the buyer wisker caucus as iowa becomes the center of the political universe tonight. the latest polls, folks, are showing extremely close on both sides. billionaire businessman donald trump and ted cruz battling out on that republican side while former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders are neck and neck on the democratic side. we're the business network, so let's talk money. all the candidates in total have spent more than $200 million on political


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