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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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coverage starting 8:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. in iowa only right here on fox business. also let us know what you thought of the show. head over to my facebook and twitter pages. you can like my personal page at and liz is taking us into the close. liz: i was just looking new and then i saw the s&p turn positive for a second there. the nasdaq is moving higher, trish, thank you so much. will it forever be known as the buyer wisker caucus as iowa becomes the center of the political universe tonight. the latest polls, folks, are showing extremely close on both sides. billionaire businessman donald trump and ted cruz battling out on that republican side while former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders are neck and neck on the democratic side. we're the business network, so let's talk money. all the candidates in total have spent more than $200 million on political
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advertising in that state. they're going to find out if that paid off later after iowaians go through their unique caucusing process. former candidate lindsey graham is describing it as the jesus and ethanol race. yeah, jesus and ethanol race. meaning if you want to win, you have to show big love for both. but much more than that. we've got big coverage in this hour. neil cavuto on scene in des moines and who helped engineer the surprise win joins us along with democratic consultant we'll ask. is everyone under estimating iowaians and what they really think and what they're really going to do? so we're going to take you live to the iowa headquarters of donald trump and bernie sanders. we've got fox news and fox business reporters on the ground live for you. peter barns, john roberts, james rosen, team coverage. on wall street a new month looking a lot like the last month. dow jones industrial average losing about 17 points. we had been down more than 100.
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another major drop in oil prices. by the way, it's getting worse in the aftermarket session here. we've got it all covered for you. investors took a beating last month as u.s. equity markets showed a paper loss of $1.4 trillion. will the new month truly mirror the old month or should you be changing what you have or haven't been doing? we've got our traders on the floor with less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ . liz: breaking news. even though we're seeing at least some red, also seeing a come back of sorts. yes, the dow jones industrials now down just a measly 12 points, it has been down 100. the nasdaq punched into deposit territory stayed there for more than 2.5 minutes. so we're watching that closely. 12 out of s&p 500 names are hitting -- not just highs of the year, lifetime highs. lifetime highs. consumer stocks like mcdonald's, we have ross
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stores, constellation brands, jn smucker, all trying to pull the s&p back into the green here. looking pretty healthy at the moment. so if you own any of those names, there may be the leadership names at this moment. but oil doing anything but leading. it is slashed again. at this hour look at oil. 6% chopped off the price. lower now than where it settle add the $31.62 and energy names so surprise here are losing heat right and left. leading the s&p and keeping it from going even, hi. s&p just flat right now. why? because of those names. neighbors, whiting, kinder morgan, all of these names look absolutely horrible right now and that little bluebird soaring today. shares of twitter -- well, it's chatter that there would be a potential type of take over. but guess what? now we have a bunch of people like silver lake partners hitting the wires and saying not us. we're not interested in twitter. twitter still up about 6%. i think the highs of the session it had been up about 10%. so we're watching this very
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closely at the moment. is the coast clear? can we get back in line for the burrito bowls? the c.d.c. saying officially today that the e. coli scare at chipotle is finally over. so as you sit there and wonder whether you should get back in line and celebrate the burrito bowl, the investors are celebrating. jumping about 3.5%, at $468.80. to politics now. we are less than five hours from the start of the iowa caucus. doors close at 7:00 p.m. central time. 8:00 p.m. eastern. what is fascinating about iowa tonight? you know, you have to admit this is that it's really different and unique process in american politics where voters get together and actually talk about the candidates before casting their votes. they have to listen to all of the representatives who happen to be at the precincts where they are voting before they get to vote. now, many factors will play a role in determining the winner. turn out of course is key. you've heard that already. experts say a big turnout actually plays in favor for two candidates.
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donald trump and bernie sanders. and remember that storm brewing in the hawkeye state people were really worried about? here's the latest radar right now. friday everybody was terrified. yes, snow is in the forecast but it supposedly will not hit until after midnight. who gets help then? we've got fox business team coverage, james rosen is at bernie sanders hq also in des moines. we're going to start with peter barns and the gop battle and, peter, you were just outside a second ago. so i see sunshine behind you in the glass doors but let's talk about this battle and where you see it 3:05 p.m. eastern. >> well, let's talk about the blizzard first and given that the snow is not going to come until after midnight as you said, liz, that means that should not affect turnout. and turn out is one of the keys for donald trump in particular. the polls show that he is more appealing to newer voters. those voters that have not gone to a caucus before.
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so good weather will help get them there. and over traditionally more veteran caucus goers who have done this before. trump is not as favored. now, this of course all gets to how people get to the polls. they get themselves there, walk, drive a car. but organization is the big. making phone calls, knocking on doors, sending cars to pick people up and give rides to the caucus site. and there even marco rubio admits that ted cruz appears to have an advantage, which has donald trump a little bit on the defensive. >> you've got to get out. and i joke. i say if you're sick, if you've got 104 temperature; right? i've been doing this. if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. [laughter] get up and caucus.
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>> and as far as the blizzard goes, liz, they say there are three tickets out of iowa with the snow coming tomorrow, and it could be up to a foot. i'm not sure any of us will be getting out of iowa tomorrow. liz: yeah, three tickets. they say three tickets, first class, coach, and stand by. so the top three people are the ones people will be watching. peter, thank you very much. and i know you see on our screen, everybody, james rosen who is right there in the thick of it bernie sanders headquarters with the latest on the democratic side here. james, we found something that apparently they're handing out there. the bernie sanders cookie. now, if you have a cookie -- and we can show this to people. if you have a cookie that looks like in your image, clearly people are really behind this guy, aren't they? >> yeah. i don't have a bernie sanders cookie. but even if i did, i would regard it as inappropriate to
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consume it without the complimentary bernie sanders milk. good afternoon from des moines, iowa, liz. where the vermont senator is calling the iowa caucuses tonight right now a tie ball game. predicting victory for himself if turnout is high. but warning voters we will struggle tonight if turnout is low. in a sense sanders' entire campaign has trailed that of the frontrunner hillary clinton by as much as 50 points. now stands dead even leads her by three points. according to quinnipiac likely caucus goers. all focused on pocketbook issues. the socialist has largely left foreign policy to the former secretary of state. indeed in his remarks to campaign staffers and volunteers at his des moines headquarters this afternoon, site of the cookies, sanders did not mention once the world beyond america's borders instead emphasizing again his plans to help the middle class and impose higher taxes on the
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upper class. >> i know some people think it's a very radical ewe taupian idea. no, it's not. raising the minimum wage to a living wage. you know what? that's what the american people want. [clapping] creating millions of decent paying jobs. by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure is what the american people want. the polling has shown that as in connection with rise, voters in iowa tend to shift from sanders to clinton. he trounces hillary clinton amongst voters that earn less than $50,000 a year. he has a slight lead six points to those who earn 50 to $100,000 a year. for the last two weeks, hillary clinton was getting bernie sanders by 24 points among those who earn over $100,000. but just in the last two weeks, bernie sanders has kept his lead among the lower income and lower income groups and chopped hillary clinton's
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lead in half amongst those voters he didn't over $100,000 a year. the important point about this is that those affluent voters are more likely to turn out and vote. liz. liz: james, i think you can no longer say what people were saying about bernie sanders before and that he was a fringe candidate. the people that were standing behind him in the video you just showed, were not just millennials. everybody talked about kids want the free college. well, perhaps a lot of these iowaians whose children did go to college and saddled with debt. they're looking at this and thinking it's an opportunity. what are you hearing from people that you grab and say what is it about bernie that you like so much besides the cookie? >> it's really -- some would say cynically a promise of free stuff. people like to hear that they're going to have their college tuition paid for free and so on. but it really has to do with income inequality. bernie sanders whole campaign is really a response to the great depression. barack obama's was a response to the iraq war. things have changed. liz: they have. thank you so much.
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on the ground right there at the sanders campaign and speaking of cookies and ice cream. neil cavuto is going to be your source for the iowa caucus on fox business tonight. all of the action starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. neil is going to join us in just a second because he had an unbelievable interview -- not the cookie but the ice cream side of bernie sanders. if you can't stay up to find out who wins tonight, you've got to tune in tomorrow morning. we've got you covered on fox business. fbn a.m. getting up earlier nicole petallides and lauren simonetti, we'll have all the results starting at not 5:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. eastern. i told you we had you covered. we always do. closing bell is in 49 minutes and the markets are trying to trying to make a run for the green at the moment. dow is down 18 points right now with the s&p flat. nasdaq holding onto gains. will the markets focus on february? we've got our traders on the floor show, they're gearing up to tell you what to do
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countdown on the closing bell. stay tuned. we've got you covered on politics to money thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out.
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>>see you tomorrow. ♪
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liz: look who is emerging in seared rapids, iowa. this is donald trump speaking, do we want to dip in and listen for a little bit? let's listen. >> we're going to win with our military, we're going to win
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with our trade, we're going to make it big, strong, powerful, and nobody is going to mess with us. it's the absolutely cheapest thing we can do. it's the least expensive thing we can do. it's going to be big, strong, powerful again. i've got a friend who has a young son who is a great, great young man. he was over for two tours of duty. and he said how was it in the middle east? how is it over there? he said it's so sad, mr. trump. we have old equipment. the enemy has the good stuff. i said what are you talking about? he said we give equipment to people that we think are on our side, a bullet is fired in the air, they run, the enemy goes and takes the equipment. and i talk about it all the time. liz: donald trump speaking in seared rapids right now and any time we just want to let our viewers know, any time the candidate gets in the fox cameras, we'll deep in. we're in fair balance. clearly donald trump is going for that heavy duty push for spending more on military. again, broad strokes but not a lot of detail we've seen from
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many of the candidates on how they would pay for the military budget, which is already of course gigantic. but, you know, something that you need for a protected nation as we look at the closing bell, 44 minutes away. look at the markets and what's interesting here is not exactly what you see on the screen but when you see the dow is down 13 points, that is more than 175 point swing you're looking at. because we had been down 167. so we're watching that, watching the s&p, which is still flat. we'll see if it can punch into positive territory like the nasdaq has, and we're watching google. want to know the abcs of google's company alphabet and how much it has spent on moon shot ventures? well, don't move because alphabet, which is trading higher for google right now by 1.5% is set to report after the bell. but what's interesting here is that for the very first time the company is going to break its earnings into two categories, youtube, android, and then the other bets such as nest and google venture. so this way you can get a sense of how much they are
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spending. and you can put into your mind exactly how much value you put into the moon shop ventures versus the actual soup to nuts business search. trending higher, and after the bell going to have complete coverage of alphabet earnings 4:00 p.m. eastern immediately following countdown. what you see with the markets? now the dow check it. about to go up positive. half if we keep our iowa on this. there it is. dow jones industrials has now just jump one and a third points right now. let's bring in our traders to see what's going on. steven at the cme, at the -- sergeant, this is a big deal i would think because that's a big come back here. what's it work? >> this is good. i mean the gust of this market are kind of all right. we're moving in the right direction, just hit 1942 on the s&p, which is a technical level i would love to see us close would have above. the vix is good, we have he
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didn't season, not on the earnings side but the eps side. i think that the market is as comfortable as a wall worn slipper right here at these prices. liz: but what incidents uncomfortable? oil at a fall of about 6%. that was really holding back what the s&p was trying to do because of, you know, the 40 energy names were really -- i guess down for the count. but right now we do have the s&p punching up by about two points. >> yeah. and i'm kind of surprised with the correlation we've had in oil in the markets. but this morning we had china pmi come out. it wasn't that good. oil went straight down. and also coming off a bit of a rally last week when there were rumors that opec might cut back and the russians and all of that has washed away. so right now we have some inventory numbers coming out later this week. but i know we're a little bit away from 30 -- we've got to hold 30 or i'm going to become very pessimistic on the market and global growth. liz: scott, we have data points here, consumer changing is unchanged.
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that doesn't look good, the institute for supply management, which is a read on manufacturing for january. sub 50. that means, like, contraction. and yet these markets seem to want to go higher, at least today. >> well, i mean i would say slowly rolling. don't get too excited now. we also have nonfarm at the end of the week. so you're not going to see these equities go too far from home until we get something out friday morning. but that's the third read in a row we've had that go out. you've already heard about the chinese pm i's. all the economic details we've gotten this year so far have not been good. so i'm not getting too excited here until i see some fundamental growth. and it's still not there. watch everybody flock to these bonds, and we've got five -- four, five countries in europe that are already in negative rates for the five-year. the ten-year could be next. that's not good to see these things kind of go lower as far as reeled go, that's what's making a lot of people worrie. liz: ten-year yields at 1.96%.
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that activity has confounded me why anybody would put money into the bonds. just for the safety if for it. but there are other companies paying 6% dividends. why not? it's great to see all of you guys and, by the way, when we started the show 20 minutes ago, everything was red. so steven, scott, luke just gave you an indication of where things are the way they are at the moment. but now the dow is up 21 points, i have told you guys over and over again. it's not how the market opens, it's how it closes. speaking of which, the closing bell is 49 minutes away. tonight's iowa results could have a big impact on how much money the 2016 presidential candidates are able to raise. big time donors especially down on wall street will pass the hat. but charlie gasparino coming down to tell you if there's pressure to pony up for the favorite candidate. not the employees. charlie breaks it down. a fascinating story. the inside deal of politics and wa strt mixing. that's next on countdown
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liz: cash, the name of the game, and you're on the fox business network the campaign going to get a whole load of cash and in particular from wall street. but where does that money come from? well, take a look at this. here's a list of the top five political contributors on wall street right now. steven schwartz topping that list with half a million dollars. but does that put pressure on employees to follow the boss' pick. fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino. you know the mind-set of wall street. >> yeah. we needed point out all those names right there were basically to bush; right? republican faq. i don't know what that means. i don't know that pac and that may go to whom ever becomes the nominee. but if you look at the bush pac, goldman sachs has given halve heavily to bush and so
3:27 pm
has bank of america. but here's what we do know about the banks themselves. it's generally the bank chiefs and the c level people. generally set these -- liz: the c-suite. >> yeah. the c-suite, coo, cfo,. >> vice chairman. and you see that beginning in this election cycle. and we should point out is a very crowded republican field. so no one has dived in full, you know, full on for anybody just yet. but there are certain things, trends that are emerging. we should point out, again, no clear front-runner on the gop. a lot of people giving to rubio, jeb, and we don't know what's going on. on the democratic side, it's a little different. the c level ceos are redirect money mainly to hillary. not to bernie sanders or martin o'malley. liz: what message does that send to the under links? >> well, give to these folks. and if you look at it.
3:28 pm
morgan stanley is a perfect example. tom, good guy. vice-chairman. that's the contributions. they're the number ten contributor to hillary clinton. okay? so they're right up there along with jp morgan. liz: so if you're a trader and you want to curry -- >> tom is a vice-chairman at morgan stanley; right? liz: uh-huh. >> he used to be hillary clinton's number two at state department. so clearly when he holds a fundraiser, the word is out and that's why you see that going on. now, we should point out that goldman sachs, a little different story going on. again, the gop field is still a huge question mark. but at goldman sachs, and we should put up the chart of what goldman sachs is giving because it's interesting. here we go. lots of money to republicans. particularly to jeb bush. jeb bush is super pac has gotten a lot of money. now, this comes even though the ceo and gary the coo, the number two, the president are both big time democrats. now, since the passage of to
3:29 pm
do frank, that has swung heavily to republicans. they supported mitt romney and jeb bush or whoever the republican nominee is going to be this year. why is that? because of frank. more than any other form, they screwed goldman sachs. so in 2008 goldman sachs went full on for obama. 2012, different story and that's going on today. but really what we have to see is we have to wait for the republican field to go out. see the ceos will direct where the firm is backing up and we can see the beginnings of that right now. liz: aren't you glad as a journalist we don't give? >> i don't -- i don't have -- you know, that's one thing. i don't give to anybody. no one -- liz: never. never. >> i'm notoriously cheap when it comes to stuff like that anyway. liz: i just don't want the focus. thank you, charlie.
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and look at this, the dow holding onto gains and building, up 38, had been down 167, the closing bell ringing 30 minutes away. it's as close as it can be in iowa. pretty much a four horse race. the holsters are right. donald trump and ted cruz on the gop side, hillary clinton, bernie sanders on the democrat side. but is iowa on the right side of history? ed and hank gearing up. they're coming up with a greenroom in just a second to tell us usually gets it right in the hawkeye state and who will get it right this time around? countdown coming right back. stay tuned there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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liz: breaking news. we are getting closer and closer. the race for the white house takes its first official steps in just hours as voters of
3:35 pm
iowa form their caucuses. now, i want to tell you this. in the past two presidential cycles, former senator rick santorum and former governor mike huckabee won the republican caucuses. but both candidates were out of the race before the snow even melted. and it's something frontrunner donald trump says he is dying to change this weekend. he pleaded with iowaians. listen. >> you haven't had a winner in 16 years. you pick people. i mean what are you doing? you haven't had a winner in 16 years. i love you all, go out and caucus. let's have a big, beautiful victory on monday night. liz: only trump. you guys can't pick a winner. but guess what? i love you all. john roberts live at trump headquarters in cedar rapids, iowa. >> that's called tough love, liz. i'm outside the room of what he thinks will be the winning party tonight.
3:36 pm
you can bet he has some balloons in the dressing room. the big question evolving around donald trump, he's got all these thousands of people that come out to these rallies but is his support real? will those people come out and caucus for him? donald trump is relying on younger people who have never gone to caucus before to come out for him. they are considered to be the holy grail of iowa voters because typically they're not political. but donald trump really has touched a nerve with them. listen to these folks we talk to in cedar rapids who say they're definitely coming out tonight. >> i do want to support trump, and i don't believe i would be caucusing if it wasn't for him. >> i'm sick and tired of these politicians lying. i had never done it before because i think they're all a bumble of crooks and lie. and we finally have a businessman that tells it like it is. >> a lot of them are towards trump and. it's interesting to see how people are going for each candidate. >> you know, another big
3:37 pm
question with donald trump, liz, does he have the ground operation to be able to turn out these people on caucus? having a big ground operation is a important part. we've never seen his ground operation. we've never seen a hint of it. we've asked many times to go to his headquarters or follow his door knockers around. we're told, no, they're too busy. you can't go in there. but it may come down to these big rallies that he has. they may be the get out to vote operation. listen to his daughter just a couple of hours ago in water lou, iowa. >> people want to see change and he's going to have that change. it's been what he's done his whole life. so my father will undoubtedly make america great again, and we appreciate your support. so come out tonight 7:00 and caucus for donald j trump. >> and just to sweeten the celebrity pot a little bit. the two trump sons will be at a caucus locations in and around the des moines area. and the donald himself is going to go visit the two caucuses tonight, liz. though, for security reasons they're not telling us which one.
3:38 pm
and one other point just before i go. the weather today has been absolutely beautiful. it's the iowa winter equivalent of a beach day. supposed to be a storm out there somewhere. been talking about that. but if this weather holds for another three and a half hours, we could see record numbers of people flocking out to the caucuses tonight. because it's basically t-shirt weather if you're in iowa. liz: let's rename it malibu, baby. great to see you, john. john roberts giving us that real feel of what's going on on the ground at trump headquarters. so important to take a step back, what are we missing when it comes to iowa voters? are we under estimating iowaians? i'm joined now by ed rollins, fox news analyst and former advisor to reagan and democratic strategist also who served on the team for president bill clinton's reelection effort. >> thank you. liz: everybody assumes, ed, that they know what iowaians are going to do. are we under estimating them right now by naming it down to four people?
3:39 pm
hillary, sanders, trump, cruz? >> well, four years ago is an do you remember was the frontrunner at the point of the day and third of his vote made up their mind the day of the election and the third of that vote was his vote. so obviously things can change. and i assume it's between trump and cruz with rubio making lots of progress here. if it's like malibu, i would be out there. unfortunately, i've been in iowa many, many -- liz: not malibu. >> cold nights. not malibu. i think the people take it very seriously. i think there will be a lot of people turn out. 121,000 is the record. the vote record is huckabee at 41,000. anything above and beyond that is new voters and obviously new voters are more inclined -- i would bet on cruz, the organization anything less than 130,000, he wins it easy. liz: one thing about new voters. maybe they're not used to the
3:40 pm
process, hank, and the process involves people showing up and having to listen to a dozen different representatives of each campaign speak anywhere from three to five minutes. and you know once they have the mic, they grab it and it's a hostage crowd there, and they will try and pitch for their person. and after two hours, you're sitting there saying can i please vote already? i'm out. >> headaches can do some democracy necessarily. but what we do know young people are going to be coming out and voting for bernie and what bernie sanders on one side. and for donald trump on the other side. but there's nothing to indicate that that would actually occur. would have to be a revelationary move because both parties have kind of -- nonstatus quo candidates. can they get the numbers up? it's questionable. liz: you brought up what rick santorum was able to do. trump's campaign is led by chuck, the man who engineered -- >> one of the great pros. chuck put santorum in a pickup truck and drove to all 99 counties.
3:41 pm
i don't think trump has been outside his big airplane. so my sense is a different campaign. liz: a live picture of him, by the way, in cedar rapids and obviously he was in water lou earlier. is that enough? >> historically people have -- iowa isn't very much like new hampshire. they want to shake your hand, meet you more than one time. liz: uh-huh. >> he has gone and done big events, and i think we'll see it's a different game than hank and i grew up with, and we'll see. liz: bernie sanders. >> sure. liz: what do you think is the real feel of how iowaians feel. >> sure. liz: and everybody as lindsey graham talked. jesus and ethanol. first of all, 50 or so% iowaians are evangelical, feeling very christian in their heart. but another 50 aren't. >> yeah. liz: so you don't really know how either side is going to feel. >> well, it's not that evangelicals have dominated the republican voting partner patterns. but the voting patterns on the democrat side, but they have. so let's take a step back and
3:42 pm
generally it will go to the -- the person perceived the longest term relationship with those unions and that would not be bernie sanders but bill clinton. bernie sanders has to count on a vote. >> as high as 57, 60 perverse, but no one gets the majority. last two huckabee and santorum and at the end of the day the biggest was women voters. both huckabee and santorum carried men voters. trump's strength has been men voters. liz: a poor showing in who's campaign? >> trump's strategic move was to see, look, i'm going to win iowa. and if he gets close, what he should have done was laid back and hope he got within the shot -- liz: who's out? >> the bottom of the group will be gone. >> huckabee, santorum, the ones that don't have a chance in new hampshire, and i would say those are the nongovernor. liz: good to see both of you. really feels like an exciting time. at this particular moment
3:43 pm
because, again, the races are so close. closing bell 18 minutes away. the glad handing, baby kissing, out-and-out pandering. this is the dow jones 30 points; right? we keep you all honest about that. but all coming to an end tonight. iowaians done shopping for a candidate or really not? all comes down to when they fill out the piece of paper. what we don't know about the minds of people in iowa, is that neil cavuto is standing by with answers ahead with our fox business special coverage countdown to the closing bell is coming right back and neil's right there. stay tuned at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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liz: well, color of green and, again, with the closing bell ringing about 13 minutes away, dow is up 27. we have a new high up 45. so we're watching this closely. we've had a big turn around.
3:48 pm
it was all red this morning. now all green. now, with the iowa caucuses being called a nail biter. in these final hours before the caucuses kick off and as candidates are scrambling to make their final pitches to iowa voters. as you bite your nails, throw in a little cookies and ice cream. and that's a nod to bernie sanders and neil cavuto because neil cavuto standing by on the ground in iowa where all the action is happening. and, neil, you have this incredible interview with ben and jerries and a special ice cream named after bernie, and i thought that was interesting even billionaires are focused on bernie sanders as a candidate. it's a possibility. >> yeah. you know where he comes from, you know what his politics are, you know he's a straight shooter about it. and like bernie sanders, we talked to them for many years. you don't have to agree with what they're saying but they have been consistent in what they've been saying.
3:49 pm
and i think that is remarkable. and cohen's case he thinks rich guys like himself should pay more. now, i tried to pin him down exactly how much more. he didn't take the bait there, but he does have delicious ice cream. when i did ask him as to whether it bothers him that a lot of rich people eat his ice cream, he didn't care as long as they keep eating it. liz: yeah, i like the core with the salted fudge and carmel. >> yeah. i'm a chunky monkey guy myself. liz: the latest poll has shown because it's nearly wide open half of the gop voters on the republican side say they may still change their minds. do you believe that? >> you know, i do. and the fact is that four out of ten voters, all voters this will be a first for them. they've never done this before. we went out on the street and talked to a lot of them. when i reminded them -- you know, the unique requirements of participating caucus, first of all, you have to know where to go. liz: yeah.
3:50 pm
>> and exactly what precinct to go to. but there are 1,800 of them and secondly they have to stay a while. up to two hours. i reminded a couple of young people about that, they were surprised. so it remains to be seen whether they will do that, whether they will stick around. a good many of them will. that's big test for donald trump supporters. are they that passionate to stick around and do this? it's a procedure and a long one, so we'll see. liz: exactly. i was just talking about this with ed and hank, you have to sit there and listen to the soliloquy and the monologue. >> right. it was very rivetting, and i think what some had the patients for that, others don't. if you're new and you don't know that, your parents might have told you, others might have told you, or they might think, oh, i just go in and leave. you know, i was surprised the number of people who didn't know that process. liz: and they're probably going to walk in, i'm hungry, now i'm out, get me out of
3:51 pm
here. we'll see. >> they do have a lot of food, depending on the precinct. you get a lot of food, which would close the deal for me. liz: i'm in. >> yeah. liz: show us the food, we're there. neil,. >> done. game over. all right, kiddo. liz: neil cavuto and, by the way, he has all the details tonight. hosting fox business live coverage of the caucuses beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. he will go until winners are declared. remember last time around he went until 2:00, 3:00 a.m. and then went so perfect in the morning because he put the cucumbers on his eyes to keep the swelling down. he's worth to watch. closing bell ringing in nine minutes, the dow up 12 points after down 166 points at the low. what's causing the come back? and what should you be doing? maybe the groundhog tomorrow is predicting an early spring for the markets and your investment. stay tuned. we're coming right back at the
3:52 pm
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liz: we're five minutes away. the dow turned negative. it is the most important hour because you never know what is going to happen. google we should mention is set to report earnings after the bell, under alphabet. giving investors what the parent company is really made of. more transparency the key word. let's go to the new york stock exchange, lori rothman has everything you need to watch on "after the bell." reporter: hi, liz. google under it is brand new parent company alphabet will report for first time. stock is up more than 1% so wall street is optimist i can. we're looking $8.20 per share. we know google will break it its numbers and basically i have gus the core business and new business, more enterprising side of things. some of those include like nest
3:56 pm
and some of their life science section. the real key things to look for are the ad revenue sources. we know youtube has been tremendously profitable, showing growth in the last year over 40%. mobile ads are big. youtube ads and mobile ads for google after the closing bell. liz: lori, thank you so much. is february set to follow january's move lower or are we heading for better picture. i need to know your general state right now on this first trading day of february. is it worry, excitement, something in between? >> it is something in between. if you look at valuations some at sectors are very attractive like metals and some are hammered since the beginning of the year. investor are begin to nibble at certain times much equities especially information technology and health care. liz: where?
3:57 pm
the nasdaq appears to have strength underneath it. >> today you saw the market come back. one day is not anything important but we're seeing people rebalance their portfolios. what is exciting you're seeing a little bit of positive activity. liz: when you buy on 5% dips, and we've had a couple of those opportunity, there is a real moment where you can then have some meaningful upside. would you be buying on dips right now? >> in general i think we're, we see buying opportunities, not necessarily on dips. but when there is fundamental value and greater clarity what is going on. we're looking what is taking place. energy. ed morse came out with citi's view. prices continue to stay down. for developed economies that is relatively good news and difficult news for producers and energy companies themselves. so that could provide underpinning for some good consumer strength. we think that will be very important here and abroad. david: investor risk tolerance is extremely fragile right now.
3:58 pm
to me, if you're going against the herd and be like buffett and buy when there is fear, isn't now the time in the commodity world? >> for some companies well-company tallized in mining sector yes in general. it is very difficult to predict a trend to rebound. that is very difficult. especially those with a lot of debt. we're showing investors to be clear of that. liz: where do you start where things are beaten down enough? if you steer clear one area where are you going? >> critical thing is growth regardless of the economy. we're looking demographics and people getting older and needs more health care. information technology whether it is storage or actual innovation, areas whether in automobiles or elsewhere we believe there are places where you can find growth. you want to buy growth at a good price. that will carry you through over the next 12 to 18 months. liz: that makes good sense. especially point you say something you have to buy anyway but isn't that consumer durable
3:59 pm
or toothpastes of the world yet some of those names have struggled? >> they have. that's what makes them relatively compelling. >> liz: i'm not going without toothpaste. >> nor am i. we're looking at that. beyond that we have areas grow beyond what i call normal consumer growth like consumer durable company. liz: this is kind of advice i want our viewers to have on daily basis. you can get hyper and hysterical watching all the vacillations there. david, thank you very much. >> look forward to being back. >> liz: david baelin citi private growth management. that is it for "countdown to the closing bell". you have google and caucus. david: toothpaste, you will not give it up? liz: no. david: good. just a view short hours to the voting of 2016. for some candidates tonight's results are beginning of the end of course. we have you covered through this
4:00 pm
hour and all the way through the results. >> meanwhile government officials telling fox news there are details in hillary clinton's personal emails that have put lives at risk. catherine herridge will join us with her exclusive report. [closing bell rings] david: former u.n. ambassador believes isis and iran will take advantage of president obama's last year in office. he explains. melissa: stocks sinking in the final moments of trading. the dow and s&p just turning negative as we go into the close. here is where we're ending the day. the dow down 21 points. s&p just barely dipping into negative territory. nasdaq staying positive while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. here we go tonight, first votes are cast in 2016 election after months of campaigning, debates and polls. the nomination process kicks off just a few hours for the next president of the united states. fox business es peter barnes is in des moines with the latest on


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