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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hour and all the way through the results. >> meanwhile government officials telling fox news there are details in hillary clinton's personal emails that have put lives at risk. catherine herridge will join us with her exclusive report. [closing bell rings] david: former u.n. ambassador believes isis and iran will take advantage of president obama's last year in office. he explains. melissa: stocks sinking in the final moments of trading. the dow and s&p just turning negative as we go into the close. here is where we're ending the day. the dow down 21 points. s&p just barely dipping into negative territory. nasdaq staying positive while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. here we go tonight, first votes are cast in 2016 election after months of campaigning, debates and polls. the nomination process kicks off just a few hours for the next president of the united states. fox business es peter barnes is in des moines with the latest on the campaign trail.
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peter? reporter: hey, melissa. i like to look at this the way silicon valley looks at new entrants, they cull them disruptors in the technology space. well we have a couple of disruptors out here in the political space in iowa, in the form of donald trump and bernie sanders, both trying to disrupt their parties, taking on more establishment candidates and establishment organizations. trump in particular without a big organization here or a big ground game as they call it. so both sanders and trump in their closing hours here have been exhorting their followers, their supporters to get out and caucus tonight. it is critical for their victories here for them to get victories here in iowa. here was trump today earlier in waterloo, iowa. >> we all say more people go out the better we're going to do. i don't say me, i say we.
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it's a movement. it is we. you have got to go out. i kid when i say in bed, you're sick, doctor says you can to the leave, i don't care, get out of bed and caucus. reporter: we also have one other possible disruption out here in the whetherrer. brings ard starting midnight tonight. should not disrupt turn out which is so critical to trump and sanders. should not interrupt caucuses. we'll watch for disruptive flakes. melissa: peter. thanks for that report. i'm jealous. which i were there. david: we have a good team here, including lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight." what is your general overall take in iowa. >> my general overall take it
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will be quite a night. david, if the so-called experts are correct this turnout could be extraordinary. we're talking maybe as many as 150,000 folks on republican side, moving out there. it's, it could be quite fascinating to see as peter talked about, the does are uptors in this. i mean -- disruptors. the bernie and "the donald" indeed that. they may be paired up here, capturing the imagination of voters certainly in iowa, certainly in new hampshire. david: well, let's talk about bernie for a second. we're looking at him on the screen right now. what is europe take on the fact he has such popularity, particularly among the young, when he is avowed socialist. he calls himself a democratic socialist, even among democratic socialism there are extraordinary failures in the 20th century you can point to. very few successes, correct? >> correct indeed.
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avowed socialist, i david, we could say he is card-carrying social it but he is really appealing to young people. and i tell you, he remind me so much of eugene mccarthy. david: yes. >> way in which he has taken the top issues, he is appealing to young people and exciting their interests in politics. i think it's really remarkable to the point that we're watching, obviously hillary clinton, who is the she is the icon of the democratic establishment, she is trembling tonight. david: she is indeed. you started talking about the republican party and they are the ones that are really energized tonight. of course in 2012 they only tied the number of caucus-goers that came four years previously. you're supposed to increase the numbers, not to tie them. tonight they will clearly bust through the numbers in 2012, because, let's face it because of the trump phenomenon, no? >> no question, without donald
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trump in the race, excitement, energy, on republican side would have resembled the 2012 with mitt romney as the standard-bearer. i truly believe if nothing else, donald trump has excited the base and indeed energized the entire party, whether that degree none of us knows. it portends not only well for the republicans in iowa tonight but across the country. whether marco rubio. whether it is ted cruz, they have much larger audiences and greater energetic potential supporters and followers than they otherwise would have had. david: it will be extraordinary night tonight. lou, thank you very much. >> great to be with you. david: lou dobbs, catch him so night. don't miss fox business's all-star live coverage of iowa
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caucus, hosted by our very own neil cavuto starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. breaking news, alphabet, which is parent company of google is out with the fourth quarter report. lori rothman with the numbers. lori? reporter: this is game-changer, david and melissa up 8% on earnings and re knew beat. bid/ask over $828. that is lifetime high for google. reporting first time under the new parent company alphabet. 8.67 versus $8.10. that is the fourth quarter earnings. revenue looking at 21.34 billion. ex-traffic acquisition costs. blowing away street estimates on both. let me quickly sum for you from the cfo of alphabet ruth porach vibrancy of business driven by mobile search as youtube and
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programmatic advertising. we know youtube's ad growth upwards of over 40% the last year. we know google split out its businesses, reporting for core business, search, mobile advertising. sort of, its enterprise businesses things like nest. those likes the non-google is things. it worked out really well because the stock is soaring to new lifetime highs in extended session. this sets toniesly for tomorrow i might say. david: $836 for one area. like berkshire hathaway. frankly makes me kind of nervous. lori, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: more information surfacing from hillary clinton emails. sources telling fox news exclusively some of the 22 emails being withheld by the state department contain, quote, operational intelligence, putting lives at risk. fox news's catherine herridge has the details on this incredible developing story. catherine what is the latest? >> thank you, melissa.
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good afternoon. a u.s. government official who reviewed these 292 top secret emails confirms they do contain operational intelligence and sending them on mrs. clinton's unsecured personal email account exposed sources methods as well as lives. operational intelligence can be real time information about intelligence collection, source, as well as movement of government assets. this government official who was not authorized to speak on the record and limited in what they could discuss because of the highly classified nature of the emails emphasized the top secret documents were sent over extended period of time from shortly after clinton server installation in 2009 until early 2013 when clinton stepped down as secretary of state. mrs. clinton's campaigning in iowa and she said republicans are using emails like a punching bag, the same way they attacked her over the benghazi terrorist attack. member of the house intelligence committee says the email controversy is the real deal. >> anyone with capacity to read and understanding of american
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national security 8th grade reading little or above would understand the release of this information, potential breach of a non-secure sim presented risks to american national security. reporter: clinton is also being pressed on the signed 2009 non-disclosure agreement where she acknowledged as secretary of state that markings are irrelevant, quote. classified information is marked or unmarked including oral communications. and national security legal experts say that security clearance holders including a cabinet secretary are required to speak up when classified information is not in secure channels as was the case here, melissa. melissa: catherine undermining the thing she says again, i never sent or received anything marked classified. you guys keep making the point that is not what it's b thank you so much. >> just a small example, if you don't mind. say you and i both had top secret briefing on north korea and the location of their nuclear arsenal. if we went out to the beach and drew a map of north korea and
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placed rocks where the nuclear weapons were, that sand map would be classified top secret. because it is the content that matters, not the format. melissa: that's right. thanks for that example. really illustrates it. appreciate it. david: of course we would go to jail for that. other people are not. meanwhile hillary's democrat rival bernie sanders betting on high turnout in iowa. attracting big crowds across the country is cautiously optimistic pulling off a upset in the hawkeye state. fox news's james rosen is in des moines. you can breathe history happening as we speak, can't you, james? reporter: although since i'm in parking lot i'm breathing a fair volume of exhaust fumes, david. good afternoon from des moines where vermont senator bernie sanders is calling iowa a tie ballgame an predicting victory for him and his team if turnout is high, stopping by his des moines headquarters a short time ago to thank roughly 100
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campaign staffers and volunteers who were on hand. sanders warned them we will struggle if turn now tonight is low. "quinnepiac poll" shows i am leading hillary clinton in hawkeye state by three points. other polls showing former secretary of state holding a narrow lead of their own. a reporter asked sanders in brief availability on his bus, not sending a negative ad against hillary clinton, saying he couldn't do everything to win. sanders said, we don't smash other candidates. >> in my state in vermont, i believe here in iowa. people don't want to hear candidates are ripping apart other candidates. what they want to know is what you will do to improve lives of middle class. not doing ugly negative ads the right thing to do. you know what i think? it is good politics. reporter: sanders also dismissed what he called media mythology that he can not build his
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political revolution he talks often about if he doesn't win in iowa tonight. he said it wouldn't be the end of the world if he trails in hillary clinton popular votes but puts up equal or near equal number of delegates to the democratic convention. he is talking about a national campaign, david. david: james as resident historians short quiz in 2008 hillary clinton came in third in iowa. we know barack obama came in first. who came in second? reporter: oh, my goodness. i can't believe you're playing stump the chump with me. melissa: this is so unfair. how can you do that? >> oh, my gosh wait a minute. david: he knows. >> if you give me. david: initials are j. e. >> john edwards. david: john edwards. they're giving me a wrap. john edwards. >> this is like what eisenhower said of nixon, give me a week i will think of one. i will not forget it. david: couldn't resist, james. see you soon.
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thanks very much. melissa. melissa: james is never doing another report. david: yes he will. we love each other. melissa: he is never coming back. iowa supporters are prepping for tonight's caucuses ahead after big snowstorm. we'll ask the head of the iowa republican party how this weather could affect a record turnout. david: a super-pac is out with this ad. >> everybody has to be covered. this is unrepublican for me to say. >> universal health care. >> i will take care of everybody. >> who pays for it? >> the government will pay for it. the government's going to pay for it. david: we'll ask its chairman why they're aiming to take down the republican front runner. melissa: have you missed those burrito bowls? i don't even know what that is. why is may be safe to return to chipolte. david: you're safe. melissa: i'm not going. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away.
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david: just a few short hours until caucusing begins and with close races on both sides of the aisle voter turnout is key in iowa. earlier i spoke to jeff kaufman, the iowa gop chair about expectations for big night. there is a winter storm heading for the hawkeye state. here is what he had to say about that. >> i think we're okay. it will be after caucuses and people have ability to speak. david: people seem psyched. i cover these things from a long distance for a long time but i never seen iowans so psyched, have you? >> the energy, you can feel it. it is hard to put into words. we're getting up at the republican party headquarters about 130 calls an hour, which those numbers are just unprecedented. the energy's there.
4:18 pm
the momentum. this is going to be high drama tonight, that's for sure. david: now i've been told that some of those phone calls are from democrats wanting to turn into republicans for the caucuses. tell us about it. >> that's correct. the secretary of state's report came out two days ago, january 4th, to january 24th over 3,000 democrats and no parties that had changed their registration to republican. david: do they say why that is, jeff? do they say it is because of trump? or they're unhappy with hillary or what? >> all of the above. we hear a lot of, a lot of those calls quite frankly are mentioning trump. we have some that mentioning cruz. and rand paul. and then have some we had it with hillary. so it is kind of a two-edged sword. i like idea of one-two punch, growing the party, at same time recognizing in hillary what i already knew. david: speaking of punches, no secret a lot of non-traditional
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candidates, people like trump and dr. carson have been taking shots at establishment of the republican party which you represent. have you noticed any of that? >> you know, we really haven't and here's the thing about the establishment. first of all i don't even know what that means. sometimes people use that more of a tool to kind of pound you over the head with than anything else. the iowa, typical iowa republican doesn't fit very well in category. it meaning to to have iowa republican identify themselves as libertarian, christian, evangelical and business all at once. i think sometimes those categories are a little manufactured and i don't know they make a whole lot of descriptive sense. david: finally, is there one issue that really energizes iowa voters more than anything else? >> i really think being safe, feeling safe against terrorism. you can lump into that isis,
4:20 pm
iran and its nuclear capabilities. i think the feeling that you have a leader that is going to take a hard stand to keep us safe within our borders. and you know, a more generalized sense of just frustration that our folks in d.c. are not doing what they have told us that they would do. david: our thanks to jeff kaufman. melissa. melissa: a lot of insight there. david: yeah. melissa: alphabet reporting major fourth quarter earnings beat sending the stock soaring after hours. it is now the most valuable american company beating out apple for the top spot. after the bell alphabet's combined share classes were worth $568 billion. more fuel for the islamic state. ambassador bolton tells us why he think the terror group will take advantage of the president's last year in office. plus iran's supreme leader turns a routine incident into an act of heroism against the united states. details on that coming up. ♪ announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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then, a brutal act of terror here at home.
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it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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david: continuing threat of isis on u.s. soil, concerning new warning that the terror group could take advantage of president obama's weakness in his final year in the white house. here to weigh in, u.n. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. ambassador, how could that happen? we've seen sort of attacks inspired by isis but could isis actually have command-and-control of an attack here in the u.s.? >> well i think they're relying on their extraordinarily successful use of social media and the internet to recruit an advise terrorists all over western europe and united states. with that kind of success they may not need to go beyond that. i think isis has its eye on the calendar just as friend and ad very terries around the world do as well -- adversaries. they don't know who will win
4:25 pm
november anymore than we do but they know they have one more year of obama. that is critical to their calculations with respect to the isis heartland and syria and iraq and cross north africa and throughout the middle east and in this country and elsewhere in the u.s. because the possibility of demonstrating how successful they can be without much fear of retaliation from the united states is something i think that is very much on their minds. david: hasn't isis had some setbacks in their region, in syria, iraq region? >> well they have lost some territory, that's true but they have lost it where we have aided the kurds in particular. and where the united states has provided both advice and air cover. but the fact is, that isis continues to consolidate its control over the territory it holds in both syria and iraq. in syria, the russian intervention on behalf of the assad regime has undercut what's left of the moderate opposition. david: right.
4:26 pm
>> i think actually given isis a little bit of a lift there. nobody really believes that the administration is going to materially increase its aid to the anti-isis forces or materially step up the bombing. david: ambassador, we've got to go. this has to be the final question. over the weekend we saw awful awarding of medals to the revolutionary guard in iran for having captured our sailors last month. first of all, your reaction to that? secondly are we going to see more of that because it is the last year of president obama? >> yeah i think this is a clear indication the supreme leader himself has nothing but disdain for the united states under obama. we'll see nor in effort to condition the united states to not do anything that could jeopardize the nuclear deal. david: former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. good to see you. >> thank you. >> a few stories on our radar, the world health organization meeting to form a response to
4:27 pm
the spreading zika virus as companies scramble to find a vaccine. it has spread to 23 territoryies and countries in americas. fight between two flight attendants was forced a landing in las vegas. it was grounded over an hour. said they did not display their best behavior. sound like cupped garth own note i would get from school. cdc is closing investigation on e.coli out break that caused more than 50 chipolte customers to get sick. investigators could not find answer to what ingredient made it responsible people getting sick. you doesn't that make you feel great. you can go back. we didn't figures out what it was. david: it isn't keeping up at night. melissa: i haven't been there lately i have to say. david: my daughter loves it.
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iowa caucuses, a night held many big surprises in the past. what is at stake for the candidates as they make the final pitch to voters? that's next. >> our country is really at a crossroads. >> this isn't reality tv show. show time is over. it is game time. >> what this campaign is about is a political revolution.
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david: all eyes on iowa. just a few short hours until iowans head to caucus stations to choose the presidential nominee. which candidates come out on top? here to weigh in david drucker, washington examiner senior correspondent, hadley heath manning of the independent women's forum. good to see you all. david, you're there in iowa. who is really catching fire in these last couple hours? >> right. so there is a couple ways to look at it here. i do think cruise and trump are competing for first place. it will be either one of them. somebody who caught a little fire heading into caucus day is marco rubio. i expect him to finish third place. will it be a strong third? 15% or above? i think that is possible. we're trying to figure out does trump's fame and energy factor outdo ted cruz's phenomenal voter turn out operation. david: hadley, look at trump-cruz. you think cruz will beat out
4:33 pm
trump. why? >> well, let's look back at history. in 2008 and 2012. candidates won in iowa, who are very conservative and appeal to the conservative base. we can't discount senator cruz had a strong ground game in iowa. for very long time he had pre-sent captains in every county, working to turn out the vote. ultimately i have to call into question as many other political commentators has the support donald trump has. passionate group. are they a type that will show up on caucus day and see that support all the way through to the end? that said i think it will be a photo finish in iowa, with three finishers out distancing rest of the field, those being cruz, trump and rubio. david: evan, we heard about the ground game for trump being not near as strong as for cruz. but you still think trump's going to do it. why? >> i think trump will be way up there. i think so much anger within the voting establishment right now, at anybody who is remotely perceived as insider.
4:34 pm
right now ted cruz is even being perceived as insider because of donald trump. who would have thunk it. i think marco rubio might actually break 20 points given momentum he is getting. david: wow. who do you think will drop out furs as a result of this evan. >> mike huckabee and martin o'malley, i don't see how he on democratic side can continue with amazing debt. david: weird to see huckabee at trump rally right after his initial debate. david, sarah palin, was a lot of fanfare when she came on board for trump. have you seen a lot of her or any of her in iowa? >> i think they were bringing her back out today for sort of closing rally, closing argument. my sources told me that sarah palin was good for earned media which trump of course has been the master at controlling but at end of the day it wasn't going to sway a lot of iowa conservatives. i wouldn't discount what trump has been able to do in the closing days of the campaign, trot out a couple names that
4:35 pm
could give comfort to conservatives. i mean idealogical conservatives that have been thinking about supporting trump but wavering because in fact he is not a idealogical conservative. cruz and rubio are really two candidates in that field. david: david, evan, hadley, great to see you all. thank you very much. melissa? melissa: we're less than four hours away from the iowa caucus. democrat u.k. frontrunner hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are in heated battle for america's first vote who will take the democratic presidential nomination. fox news's peter doocy is live in iowa with the latest on the final push from the democrats ahead of tonight's caucus. you're just seeing red there behind you. >> yeah. we're here at iowa state university and, melissa, the race for iowa is officially in the last leg. if you needed further proof of that, hillary clinton folks told us that their final batch of volunteers, big batch of volunteers that were going out
4:36 pm
to kansas, rather canvas in iowa left at 3:00 local time. they left about half an hour ago. they are out there. now the focus becomes seeing who needs a ride to canvas sites. and then figuring out what time to pick them up. here is how it will work though. this is the most unique process. folks come in, democrats, registered democrats. if they're not registered democrats they can register at the door. they sit with other folk who is have the same presidential preference. for example, tonight, the clinton folks sit over here. sanders folks sit over here. the o'malley folks will stand over in the corner. if nobody gets to 15% or so, which o'malley is in danger of doing, then the folks from these groups try to, try to woo over the o'malley people and give you a sense also just how every caucus is different, they're in different locations. firehouses, schools. living rooms this one is at an agricultural center. yesterday, they had a cattle sale here.
4:37 pm
so spot in iowa state where people learn about animal sciences or about agriculture. sunday cattle sale. monday a cattle call for iowa democrats that want to learn or want to pick the first winner of the cycle. melissa? >> wow. i love it, dues. i bet is smells really good. let me ask you, making o'malley people or person stand in the corner? >> it is going to be different everywhere. they have room for about 300 people here. hard to tell what the turnout will be. there are two giant buildings of student housing across the street. a lot of students are expected to be motivated to go out for senator sanders. there could be a lot more. for now the plan is at this spot. it is different everywhere. every single caucus spot is unique. what happens inside will be different everywhere. that is why this is such a complicated process. have no idea how late it is going to go tonight. melissa: it is all up for grabs. peter doocy, thank you very much. very cool. democratic race to the
4:38 pm
white house are heating up so are bernie sanders attacks on hillary clinton. the vermont senator is going on offensive calling attention to clinton's wall street donations ahead of first votes in the 2016 presidential race. here to weigh in, steve mack man, democratic strategist. we keep hearing about the sanders surge and how much momentum he picked up. at same time i'm watching reports through the day, we've glued to the television, talking about how hillary clinton's ground game is so dramatically stepped up since 2008. she has had people on the ground since april. who do you think will come out on top for the democrats? >> well, i mean bernie is certainly surging. his support, however is primarily built on three cohorts, one of whom is, one of which is, folks who never caucused before, another is younger voters and a third is independent voters. those are not typically the kind of people who show up at iowa caucuses. so bernie sanders's best hope he
4:39 pm
changes composition of the caucus, bring in those new people and score a surprise upset but hillary clinton has been preparing for this for really eight years or longer. melissa: like 40. >> yeah, she got burned once before by barack obama who not unlike bernie sanders in the sense he brought in new people. i think they have modeled for a bigger turnout. think they're ready. i would give the edge to clinton. melissa: okay. >> but i think it is interesting what happens with these o'malley supporters because the way the iowa caucus works, if the o'malley supporters doesn't number 15% the people in the room, then they have to either not participate, go home or join another group. and if those three or 4% join the sanders group, then sanders suddenly picks up three or four points and it could go either way at that point. melissa: or like the example we just saw, making them stand in the corner what is more appealing, taking a seat or just going home you're making me stand. i don't care about this. it is very interesting process. let me ask you about one
4:40 pm
indicator though, some numbers. bernie sanders increased his total $33 million alone. 33.6 for the total. hillary clinton at 37. for him to get 20 million, a huge percentage of that in january i alone, marks a lot of new confidence. when you're talking about new people have to come out, a lot of that money is coming from people putting in 200 or less dollars. that is not a few donors that is a lot of people saying sign me up. do you think that materializes in iowa? >> the question, it is a lot of people. he actually broke barack obama's 2012 record getting most donors online to contribute which is pretty remarkable. melissa: right. >> they are mostly not from iowa. one of the things from iowa caucus, there will only be 120, 150,000 people in the whole state show up on democratic side. even though bernie sanders has
4:41 pm
2.million small donors on line, he needs 80,000 people or 70,000 people at those caucuses tonight in order to be successful. melissa: there you go. steve, a lot of people, thousands of people we heard so far democrats have switched over to be republicans. we'll drill down a little on that. david: very confusing process that the democrats have. republicans is kind of simple. democrats are kind of bureaucratic. republicans want anyone but the frontrunner to get the nomination. >> why are you joining reform party. >> i think the republicans are just too crazy right. melissa: in the face of candidates is resting in microsoft's hands today, coming up. we'll tell you what the tech giant is doing in iowa today. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horse power, torque ratios...
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melissa: candidates and super pacs have been taking iowa airwaves by storm. one ad is different than the rest. >> trump can't handle tough questions why he would let millions of illegal immigrants stay in america and even support as pathway to citizenship. >> you have to give them a path and make it possible for them to succeed. tough do that. how do you throw somebody out that lived in this country for 20 years? you just can't throw everybody out. melissa: unlike most pacs the creator of this ad, principles pac, doesn't support a candidate. it is message is anybody but trump. joining me, katy packer, principles back chair and former romney deputy campaign manager. thanks for coming on. let me ask you out of the gate, why attack a republican who has passion and momentum behind him if you are a republican? >> because i don't think donald trump is a republican. i think donald trump has every right to run for president and his supporters should support
4:46 pm
him but i don't think he should be running for republican nomination. he has clearly taken issues, taken positions on issues on both sides over and over that are at odds with the core positions that republicans are concerned about. melissa: i hear what you're saying, i know a lot of people share your thoughts. isn't he more of a republican, and isn't he better than anyone on the other team? doesn't he share more of your principles than hillary clinton? >> i have no idea because this guy has literally changed his position every several years. he was a democrat. then he was reform party. then he was republican. then a democrat again. this guy has been all irvthe map. he has recently, this isn't ancient history, he recently said he is for the largest tax increase in history. he has said he supported partial-birth abortion. he has said he is for government-run health care, a la with we have in canada. those are not positions that republican positions. doesn't really matter how you slice it. melissa: maybe that is one reason, we had jeff kaufman on our show moments ago.
4:47 pm
he was talking about a lot of democrats to come over to vote for trump. listen to this. >> january 4th to january 24th there were over 3,000 democrats and no parties that had changed their registration to republican. we hear a lot of, a lot of those calls quite frankly are mentioning trump. melissa: if he is bringing people over from the other side, at what point do you say, he has to share more of our values than say, bernie sanders? >> well, i take issue with what mr. kaufman said. we haven't seen evidence of that, when you look at the secretary of state's numbers. even if we had there is no evidence of who those people are coming over to support. reality, if we don't stand for anything as a party, then we aren't really a republican party at all. so republicans shouldn't be kowtowed into supporting somebody just because they call themselves republican and happen to be leading in the polls. that is what elections are about. melissa: what if they support him they think he will win. they feel like republicans
4:48 pm
haven't won in a long time and finally somebody out there with passion and a following who could win and beat the other side and that is why they're behind him? >> well, one they're wrong because all data indicates that he would be very weak against hillary clinton with women, with hispanic voters, with young african-american voters. and so the data doesn't back that up. but even so, people have the right to make that decision if that is what is important to them. we want to make sure they have all the information before they make that choice. melissa: absolutely. katie, thank you so much for coming on. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. david: the deciding factor in tonight ace iowa caucus could come down to first-time voter turnout but will millenials show up? who will they vote for? we'll ask our own panel of young voters coming up. ♪ if a denture were to be
4:49 pm
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go long™. ♪ melissa: millenials emerging as key factor in tonight's iowa caucus. candidates make final push as the hawkeye state gears up for voters to cast the first ballots if they plan to show up. here to break it down are two millenials. hadley heath man something back. and political strategist sal masters. sal, will people show up, stand there in the corner, we saw the cow dunk and whole thing, will they go out for the whole night and wade it through? >> i think they are. they're passion not about this time. if you look at last cbs/ugov poll, 84% of the millenials will show up in the iowa caucus. that is more than any other age group in iowa. 62% are enthusiastic about their
4:53 pm
choice. they have a lot to lose. we're having trouble economically and they're ready to see change happen. melissa: who does that benefit the most? conventional wisdom that is all bernie sanders and benefit trump? >> that is interesting. it comes down to branding and which candidates created a brand for themselves that will attract millenial voters. this isn't just about issues. but it is about wish candidates millenials want to associate themselves with. on the right, candidates like marco rubio and rand paul done an excellent job marketing themselves to young voters creating a brand attractive and rand paul. talking about new american century. positivetive and optimism from rubio campaign. on left, revolutionary brand belongs to senator sanders that helps him with millenial voters. ultimately comes down to the buzzwords and what brand millenials want to be associated with. melissa: millenials like the oldest dude running. i like that.
4:54 pm
there is real irony there. sal what does tonight mean for millenials for rest of the election? a lot of people say it is iowa, it is small, not that big of a deal. how do millenials view it? >> i think it's a big deal. i think iowa caucus will come down to young voters. they will decide who will be winner on both sides. i think they show up big for bernie sanders on let. i think that will give them ton of momentum already in new hampshire where he will do well and transfer down to the south. i think you see a big waterfall of events happening. melissa: interesting. we have to cut it short. we have breaking news. thanks, guys. david, take it away. david: with a little more than three hours before the iowa caucuses marco rubio's camp is feeling confident. charlie gasparino joins us with exclusive details. go ahead, charlie. >> this is from inside the rubio campaign. take it from the source but i have fairly good sources calling it marco-montum, their latest
4:55 pm
private polls with rubio has surge in last hours. private polls rubio, could, could surpass cruz who is the nominal number two, running number two in this iowa caucus behind trump but he could surpass cruz. he is coming pretty close. at least that's what they are saying private polls are showing f that is the case it is pretty remarkable. donald trump at top and marco rubio number two, that set as stage for showdown in new hampshire of the as you know private polls consistently showed trump number one, cruz number two and marco or somebody else number three but if his momentum is real, as insiders in the campaign are indicating it is real, that is a pretty amazing thing. it will be an interesting night tonight, if you see marco rubio surpass ted cruz as number two candidate in a state incredibly conservative. david: will be nail-biter. will be worth watching definitely. thank you very much, charlie for breaking news. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: art of super bowl pick.
4:56 pm
donald trump choosing one quarterback to win it all. we'll have that coming up.
4:57 pm
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>> making the super bowl great again. it is football's biggest night and donald trump is choosing sides. david: he is indeed. this was surprising. here who he believes will come out on top in the matchup between peyton manning and cam newton. take a listen. >> i very much have always liked peyton manning. he is a very good guy. i know him. and he is a very, very good guy. so i have to go with person i know and i like the other team. i think the other team looks fantastic. probably they would be favored by something but i'll stick with peyton because he is a very good guy. >> tom brady for longest time. wouldn't he is tom braid sy for me and tom brady makes america great which is true but still. david: he knows tom brady very well. good friends with tom brady. >> how about cam newton.
5:00 pm
david: if cam newton wins he will be good friends with cam newton. interesting he has his pick. >> if they don't win interesting to see how he explains it. it would be a disaster. david: stay tuned, tonight, folks. this will be nail-biter right to the end. >> "risk & reward" starts right now. ♪ >> if your doctor says you can not leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. get up and caucus. >> mitt to come out tomorrow night caucus for us. stand and speak for us. if we stand together we will win. >> i'm asking to you caucus for me tomorrow night because if i'm our nominee, number one i will unite this party. >> please go out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty time to caucus. >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. we can make history. i urge


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