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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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david: if cam newton wins he will be good friends with cam newton. interesting he has his pick. >> if they don't win interesting to see how he explains it. it would be a disaster. david: stay tuned, tonight, folks. this will be nail-biter right to the end. >> "risk & reward" starts right now. ♪ >> if your doctor says you can not leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. get up and caucus. >> mitt to come out tomorrow night caucus for us. stand and speak for us. if we stand together we will win. >> i'm asking to you caucus for me tomorrow night because if i'm our nominee, number one i will unite this party. >> please go out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty time to caucus. >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. we can make history. i urge you all to come out to
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caucus. dierdre: iowa caucuses start today. it is official kickoff for primary voting for the 2016 presidential race. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. coverage on fox business of the iowa caucus begins tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the potential reward? fund-raising dollars and a greater national spotlight. at risk? a lack of support that may force some candidates to drop out. fox business managing editor and host of "cavuto: coast to coast," neil cavuto on the ground in iowa with the latest. so, neil, what is the tone there like? is it more intense than other years? >> well certainly more intense by my examination because some of you are supposedly undecided. we're told half voters are. furthermore we're told almost half that many. first time of them voting in caucus at all. when we went out on the street, talked to a lot of folks what is required of them in caucus vote,
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knowing your precinct and knowing where to go, waiting up to two hours or more to finish the process, some were surprised. it is news to some but it is sort of an iconic right of passage for voters in the state to get that chance. we're told that just early registration, remember you can register right up to today, right up to getting to that precinct is running very, very heavy. dierdre: so, neil, i know you're speaking with all the candidates. we want to play part of your conversation with senator rand paul for earlier today about his expectations. >> how important is this state for you and what is doing well? >> very important. unless you're overwhelmingly frontrunner and people say you can lose two one or two races for everybody it is important to do well here. momentum from iowa carry on and i think we'll be 2/3, 3/4, outside chance of winning. >> really? dierdre: you spoke with him.
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what happens if senator paul doesn't do well tonight, will he have to drop out? >> well no one is wrong before everyone votes. you heard possibility he could win and place very well. when you try to pin the candidates down, deirdre, what is a good performance, a lot tell you placing one, two, three, four. rick santorum spoke to a few minutes ago, placing in top half would be fine with him. how you play the expectations game. a lot of candidate if you can't deliver here, finish top three e or four here, say evangelical vote divides and ted cruz picks that up, marco rubio picks that up, what if you do your donors are getting tired and you are not putting up numbers? what does that mean for mike huckabee? dierdre: points well-taken, you had ben & jerry's cofounder ben cohen on earlier today.
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>> yes. dierdre: he built the business in vermont, home to senator sanders. ben cohen gave you colorful explanation he developed called bernie's yearning. we're going to the clip. >> a huge disk of solid chocolate, covers the entire top of the pint. and below that is just plain mint ice cream. and that huge chocolate disk represents the major majority of the financial gains since the end of the recession that have gone to the top 1%. dierdre: so, neil, i want to know what people are telling you in iowa about senator sanders because his critics are calling his plan a wealth redistribution plan? >> well, you know, mr. cohen's point there, he said that chocolate disk on top, you smash it, into a mill pieces and stir it around with the mint
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chocolate ice cream, you have to smash it for the 1%. dierdre: revolution in a pint, right? >> exactly. sort of like high calorie metaphor but having said that, that is really the theme of bernie sanders. now, give bernie credit where it's due. he has been consistent about this he has not packed away from it. recently a lot of programs he is espousing paying for kids college and all of that, you can't get that knocking blood out of just the rich. he wants a middle class tax hike as well. he is pretty honest how he wants to pay for it. he posits that, even though i raise taxes on middle class, doesn't define how much, they will get a lot more bang to the buck, and a lot more sweet stuff, to the ice cream analogy, even bad stuff, i'm for bigger government that helps more people and splashing that 1% to bits while i'm at it -- smashing that 1%. dierdre: i have to ask you now, what did you eat this weekend? did you have pork chops on a stick?
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did you have fried snickers, i need to know? >> i didn't have that. one of those pork sandwiches. the thing is five times larger than the bun. dierdre: okay. >> which is interesting because i didn't know there was proper he had at thisket for eating it. -- etiquette. i would say you chow down like fred flintstone which i did. dierdre: thank you very much. your coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. neil cavuto on the ground. presidential candidate mike huckabee will one of neil's guests, former attorney general john ashcroft, former obama fund-raiser, real estate mogul don people peltz, former arizona governor jan brewer. a huge guest lift is with neil cavuto starting 8:00 p.m. eastern. senator cruz is holding a precaucus rally. it will happen at the grace baptist church in in nair union
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iowa. the texas senator said he could be part of the countri' solution. >> we know the threats and we know the challenges. i am here with a word of hope and encouragement all over the country. all over the country people are waking up and help is on the way! [cheers and applause] dierdre: representative mo brooks is with me now. congressman, you're a supporter of senator cruz. he has a strong following in iowa. do you think he will end upbeating donald trump in iowa? and what does a second place mean if it happens, for senator cruz? think think it i will within very close in iowa. very premature to who will win with any accurate degree of confidence. whoever wins will have momentum effect carrying over in subsequent states. it is important to score either second, or third place. in terms of delegates, iowa is only distributing 30 delegates
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that will determine who the nominee is at the republican national convention. that is out of over 2,000 delegates. iowa is only generating 1% of the delegate count. keep in mind this is long process that goes through 50 states and places like american samoa, guam, puerto rico and other territories. dierdre: and other territories. as far as being a true conservative, congressman, how do you see trump versus senator cruz? we know senator cruz has attacked donald trump on this point. >> well, i think, looking at donald trump's track record, keep in mind i've been in elected office off and on roughly three decades. i've seen a lot of campaigns and i've seen a lot of candidates. it is one tinge to hear candidate say something when they want your vote. when they parrot back to you what polling data says they know what voters want to hear. it is another thing to have track record how they will actually act in the heat of the battle, often the case when in
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legislative fights over public policy issues. with donald trump there is no way to know if he will be a liberal or cone serve tiff because you have a pass that is very liberal. you have him having contributed substantial sums of money on policy basis to very liberal candidates. more recently as candidate he is saying things that are more conservative. contrast that with ted cruz. ted cruz has a proven track record of being conservative during the campaigns but also being a conservative when he is public office. to me, that's a big contrast. that is what is causing me to favor ted cruz over donald trump. dierdre: i hear what you're saying about a proven track record in service. i appreciate the point. congressman brooks, we thank you very much. glad to have you here. >> thank you. dierdre: speaking of donald trump, billionaire trump supporter and backer ernie bach is my guest later on. his take how trump is doing from one businessman to the other. looking at the other side of
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the aisle democratic contender, senator sanders under pressure to beat hillary clinton and win in iowa tonight. >> i promise you this. if you stand up for me tomorrow night, i will stand up and fight for you through this campaign and into the white house every single day! >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. we need tens of millions of people to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough. dierdre: with me now, former congressman dennis kucinich, thank you so much. congressman for joining me. who do you think is gaining the most traction? because even donald trump, just anecdotally said i see the most people near my spots and i see the most people near sanders spots? >> well, senator sanders has conduct ad brilliant campaign which has attracted people all
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over the country, particularly in iowa to his banner. he should be given a lot of credit for that. he touched deeply on economic issues that really bother people. what their wages are. health care costs. whether they have retirement security. whether their children can go to college. these are things people think about every day. senator sanders talking about that relentlessly for his whole career. dierdre: senator, you know, congressman, you served the state of ohio. you ran on a national platform a few times. what do you think about his message, senator sanders's message about taxing, raising income tax to about 50%? >> well, you know, first of all i don't, i haven't heard that about the 50%. i don't really know if that's accurate but i will say this. that i think the inflection has to be on how much money people will save. let's take health care for all. if we had a single-payer system which was not-for-profit, people
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would save, average american family would save maybe, 5, $6,000 a year instead of paying premiums to private insurance, premiums would be paid through the medicare for all system. on education, one person going to school will cost most families about 20 grand. thousand if somebody could go to college free that is money that family saves. so, you know, we're looking at a system here which shouldn't be about taking money away from wealthy people but, giving opportunities to our system, to give more money to people struggling to survive. dierdre: congressman i should have been more precise with that figure. that was targeting a certain percentage. say top .01% of earners. from what you're saying it actually makes sense to you to pay for other services you think are important to offer? >> well, what i'm saying, if people are having cost saving but simply adjusting the way the system presents itself.
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if you right now paying $12,000 a year for health insurance and you could get it through another system and have more coverage, have dental care, mental health care, prescription drugs, long-term care in addition to basic health care who wouldn't take that kind of a deal. i know about that because i'm the one who write the bill more than a dozen years ago. that is health care. in every area americans need to start looking at how can we not create less people who have wealth but how can we create more people who have wealth. dierdre: okay. well, that is a point and a question worth asking. i'm glad you were with us. former congressman dennis kucinich joining me there. thank you, sir for the time. new report says hillary's top secret emails contained operational intelligence. democratic candidate said the email controversy is just like benghazi. >> this is very much like benghazi, george. republicans will continue to use it, beat up on me. i understand that that is the way they are.
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dierdre: colonel allen west says, it is nothing like benghazi. he is my next guest. four americans died. that my guest next. that is the difference. >> was it decided some guys wint out for a walk and decided to kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? i have asthma...
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>> this is very much like benghazi, george. the republicans continue to use it, beat up on me, i understand it. that is way they are, but after 11 hours of testimony answering every single question in public which i had requested for many
5:18 pm
months, i think it is pretty clear they're grasping at straws and this will turn out -- >> finally -- dierdre: that was hillary clinton comparing the investigation into her email controversy to the investigations into the 2012 benghazi attacks. the state department says it found 22 new emails deemed classified and top secret on friday. the state department also said it would not release them. democratic rival senator sanders trying to keep out of the fray. >> i think this is a very serious issue. i think there is a legal process right now taking place. and what i have said, you know, i get criticized, bernie, why don't you attack hillary clinton? there is a legal process taking place. i do not want to politicize that issue. it is not my style. dierdre: with me now former florida congressman and ceo of the national center for policy analysis, colonel allen west. colonel, great to see you.
5:19 pm
do you think it is strange that clinton compared the investigation into her email controversy to the actual investigation into the benghazi attacks? it seems like an odd link. >> yeah, it's a very odd link. really only thing that makes both of them somewhat common are the lies being told between the email scandal and what happened in benghazi. for hillary clinton to sit and compare the 11 hours of testimony that she had to undergo to the 13 hours that those security contractors had to undergo with a vicious and heroic actions in the face of incredible attack by islamic jihadist in benghazi it is unconscionable. the fact, yes, she was in public sitting there before that hearing but we also know that she and several others were saying exactly what was happening in benghazi. they had a live feed. they came back and told everyone it was about anti-islamic video. i think her credibility is even more shot.
5:20 pm
dierdre: okay, creditability shot. senator sanders sauce he doesn't want to politicize the investigation. do you think he is striking right political balance? that is to say he is not attacking here but saying this is still a pretty serious issue? >> i think that is up to his campaign. obviously he is focusing more on himself, his vision. although i don't agree with some of his tax policies which will ruin our economy but he is letting this process play out. let's understand one thing, deirdre. here is a person, hillary clinton wants to be the commander-in-chief of the united states armed forces. if anyone in the united states armed forces died 1/6 of she has done, would be kicked out of the military and probably facing charges and ending up in fort leavenworth. in fact, jason bressler, from there in new york city, sent emails to save marines who ended up losing their lives because of an afghan police chief that was associated with the taliban. and marine corps brought charges against him.
5:21 pm
that is far, far less than what hillary clinton is accused of doing. dierdre: your point is well-taken. colonel allen west, thank you so much. glad to have your input. tonight our coverage continues, 8:00 p.m. eastern, fox business on the iowa caucus. neil cavuto is there. he is going to be bringing you the results as soon as they come in. in meantime, brian kilmeade is going to be taking us on a trip to the various political camps in iowa. he will show you the difference between a primary and a caucus. gerri willis is here for that. trump calling senator cruz a liar. billionaire donald trump backer that is, ernie bock here to respond to ted cruz's attack. >> if you look at his financial disclosure he owes at least $480 million right now and it could be billions. and by the way, with loans, when heidi and i take loans, we pay them back. donald declared bankruptcy four times. so for him to sit there owing hundreds of millions or billions
5:22 pm
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dierdre: candidates make final push for votes. fox news anchor brier an kilmeade traveled around iowa to see how candidates are trying to win -- brian kilmeade. >> on the ground in iowa. candidates everywhere. my goal to see as many as i can on stage in action, see what their supporters are like. first stop, rick santorum. he is having, i think a house party, a private party. i have no idea what to expect. after all, last time around, four years ago, he won this thing. we're here in west des moines. this is the home hosting rick santorum. what do you get out of this you wouldn't got out of major event or big arena. >> the one-on-one questions.
5:26 pm
just the personality, really see what they're like. see him up close and personal. >> i'm undecided voter. i'm looking around to see which candidates i love moist. >> idea of big rallies and big events and celebrity status that donald trump brings has really altered landscape here. the question is, how will that be reflected at caucus. >> so that was my first caucus house party. that was great. small intimate affair. rick santorum moved on. so we should too. next stop, bernie sanders. i think i'm at the right place. bernie sanders. not even his bus. look at the size of this line. are you for bernie? >> yes. >> so you have decided? >> yes. >> will you caucus? >> yes. >> caucus is a few hours away. if he is worried about turnout. one thing for sure, they turned out today. for us we have a busy night still ahead. we're off to see chris christie. what are you looking for. what will you listen for? >> i like president with a
5:27 pm
backbone to be honest with you. i think christie has that. >> i don't have my mind made up yet. reporter: so he, chris christie has a chance winning over lisa? >> sure, absolutely. reporter: do you know what you will say? knife an idea what i will say. you know me long enough. i'm not rubio. i don't work off prepared script >> governor chris christie from new jersey. [cheers and applause] reporter: why a pub? why is that perfect place? >> i get much better looking and more charming when people are drinking, brian. reporter: one more stop to make, ted cruz, having a rally. have to leave the bar. here we are at fairgrounds. this is a side of ted cruds's late-night show. you have a ton of great candidates. why ted? >> he is pro-life. stuck to his message on that. he is pro-marriage and so constitutional. reporter: cruz win it all or come out like a loss. question how many people are here from iowa and how many will
5:28 pm
actually caucus. dierdre: brian, you are looking at a live shot of ted cruz's precaucus rally. this is happening at the grace baptist church in marion, iowa. since understanding the caucus process takes a little work, donald trump enlisted his own daughter, ivanka to explain. >> on february 1st, at 6:30 p.m., show up at your caucus location. it will start at 7:00 sharp. should only take around half an hour. so very, very quick. secret ballot. just write down the name trump you are done. that's it. very exciting. dierdre: gerri willis is with me now with more. so, gerri, it's a little complicated and republicans and democrats do it differently. >> of course they do. you're on to something there. start with the gop, okay? they will check in just 20 minutes from now at 5:45 p.m. here's the deal. whether you're actually member of the republican party or not you can register on site. there is some 1600 locations you
5:29 pm
go to throughout the state. the caucus actually convenience at 7:00 p.m. here's what happens. there are representatives of the candidates who come in. they present for a few minutes. they say three to five minutes. bet it goes longer than that there is a vote by secret ballot. so people scribble down their names on a piece of paper and people count the papers. and that is the vote. there will be 30 state gop delegates aloe -- allocated proportionally. democrats, forum, physical way, presidential preference groups. if you're hillary supporter, on one side of the room. if you're a bernie supporter you're on the other side. any group that is less than 15% of the whole is declared non-viable. those group members can be wooed by the bigger sides. dierdre: so if you're urn decided and you're a stragler, someone is going to scoop you up? >> could be martin o'malley will not probably have 15%.
5:30 pm
so his delegates will be scooped up by somebody else. no secret ballot here because you're standing in front of everybody you know, voting who you want. there are 44 state democratic state delegates allocated proportionally. seven of those are at large. dierdre: thank you very much. gerri willis there with all the details you need to know. appreciate it, gear -- gerri. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern fox business coverage iowa caucus starts. neil cavuto is there, will bring results as soon as they come in. we're all about iowa. chris christie is doing his best donald trump impression here. >> i don't care how beautiful the wall is, it is big and beautiful wall, we'll it across iowa. wall looks fabulous. the door will open and close and good people go in and bad people come out. will have my name on it. everybody will love it. it will be a great wall. dierdre: one backer very long-term trump supporter, earn any boch will be with me.
5:31 pm
he will tell me what he thinks of chris christie's impression. liberal billionaire investor george soros announcing he is get giving $6 million to hillary's super-pac. he just made that announcement. three-time presidential advisor, former ubs americas chairman robert wolf is here whether or not the timing will help or hurt hillary. >> i promise you this. if you stand up for me tomorrow night, i will stand up and fight for you through this campaign and into the white house every single day! >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. we needs tens of millions of people to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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>> you haven't had a winner in 16 years. you pick people. what are you doing? i love all, go out and caucus. let's have a big beautiful victory monday night. dee will be winning iowa has not been predictive in term of nominations.
5:36 pm
bob dole in 1996 and george w. bush in 2000. al gore, john kerry, and barack obama in 2008. former republican new hampshire governor judd gregg is with me now. why are we focused, and we are, on iowa if it's only been right a handful of times as a predictor? >> it starts the process and it's a small state, and i think that's a positive. the candidates have to got it and meet people. but a caucus is by definition, marinalized states, you have people disproportionately influencing the outcome. new hampshire is clothes on a general -- close to a general election.
5:37 pm
i suspect 35-40% of the vote in our primary will be representative. deirdre: do you have any predictions from iowa from what you have heard? >> i haven't been there to make a prediction. they say cruz and trump are fighting it out and i presume that's true, but i have no idea. dee governor judd gregg joining me there. deirdre: . senator sanders continues to attack clinton for being too much in wall street' pocket. >> i think our campaign is the campaign generating excitement
5:38 pm
and energy that will result in a high voter turnout. our campaign is raising the issue of a corrupt campaign finance system. hillary clinton just announced her super pac brought in $45 million. i don't have a super pac. deirdre: former ubs ceo is with us. what do you think of the timing of the soros donation to hillary's super pac. is that going to hurt her as bernie sanders talks about redistributing wealth. >> i think at the end of the day george soros is a philanthropist. i don't think wall street regulation impacts him at all. deirdre: you see hem as an outlier, you are saying he's
5:39 pm
more than 80 years old running a family office. >> a lot of these billionaires who are giving are very philanthropic, regulation doesn't move the needle on a lot of what they do. they have a view democrat or republican. it's not like hillary clinton can be involved with who is in her pacquia per pac or not. dee * some people feel this isn't fair. there are tons of students, whether it's the university of iowa or iowa state. young people seem to want to believe in sanders. >> there is no question he's doing a great job resonating with the young vote and the anti-wall street. but at the end of the day we should be clear. there is a comparison this could
5:40 pm
be like a barack obama election. it's not. bernie sanders is no barack obama and we won't have a quarter million people voting tonight in iowa in the democratic party. bernie has a narrative that resonates with a slice of the democratic party. the secretary has policies and a vision that resonates with a majority of the democratic party. dee * sh -- deirdre: she is taking a shook up credibility hit. >> i spoke to the campaign today. i think for iowa it's always -- it's tough to understand how a caucus works and who ends up working and where the votes for o'malley go to. at the end of the day, this is not 2008. she has 268 precinct captains over 8,000 people. they are ready for tonight.
5:41 pm
they are confident but you can never be overconfident. anything can happen. i think hillary is ahead 3-4 points. but either way iowa and new hampshire won't define the democratic election. deirdre: robert wolf, thank you for coming in. stay with us. 8:00 p.m. eastern time, fox business coverage of the iowa caucus. neil cavuto will bring you the ruts as they come in. chris christie break out his best donald trump impression. >> the wall is a beautiful wall. the door will open and close. the good people will go in and the bad people will come out. it will have my name on it and people will love it. it will be a good wall.
5:42 pm
>> 2016 is a referendum. a rerve even duffel on our i'd -- a referendum on our identity as a people and a nation. the choice is do you want to remain special or are you prepared to be a once great nation in decline.
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5:46 pm
one of donald trump's most loyal supporters. ernie, thanks for joining me. how important is tonight's caucus for the trump campaign? we saw i va his daughter's torno watch. >> i think she is doing a great job. it's the first test. everybody is looking at it to see -- it's real why it first time we can judge what somebody wants. it's not always right, i think it's a good barometer. but if you come in one, two, or three, i think you are fine. deirdre: you think he's going to be fine. i want to ask you what you make. you see parts of the clip of chris christy's immigration --
5:47 pm
imitation of donald trump. >> we'll have a wall and the door will off and close and the good people will come in and bad people will come up to the. it will have my name on it and everybody will love it. >> first all, it's a giemed precious. not one of the great ones, but a giemed precious. mr. trump has changed the game. in business there always few rules people go by, talking about the competition and things like that. i think the mere fact that he is doing that helps in trump. i really do. deirdre: all publicity is good tubbity. we take your word for that.
5:48 pm
we are going to give you details on who sanders wants to tax and at what rate. reporter: what do you think that march jirnal rate should be? >> i don't know. i mean, you know, to be quite frank, for a person who is wealthy and has enough money to meet all their needs, what's the difference wait is? deirdre: my next guess says bernie supporters don't know what they are getting into. new information that marco rubio could be making a last-minute surge.
5:49 pm
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deirdre: with just hour before the iowa caucus opens. senator marco rubio's cam is saying the candidate is surging in support. here is charlie gasparino. what are you hearing? >> when i reported this earlier i got a bunch of twitter comment. i think they see something here. what they see from their private polls is a rubio surge. they are calling it marcomentum. they believe there are some indications cruz is coming down. he was up in two for a long time and they can match or possibly beat cruz. deirdre: these are emails and conversations you are having with people on the ground in iowa work for marco rubio.
5:53 pm
>> that's the source. there is no way to know until the fine votes are counted. deirdre: what i take your point, why would they overplay versus under play. when you email back and you are chatting with them. what would placing second or third mean to senator rubio. >> if he comes close to second or beats hip, they will declare massive victory. generally it moves in the republican primaries, santorum won last time. ronald reagan didn't win in this state. if he does well and they are predicting based on what they say their intern polls are, they will declare victory and they will say they have momentum
5:54 pm
coming into new hampshire. trump is still number one. but he stalled out. he's not gaining much traction. cruz is losing, they are saying. pulling down, according to these private indications. they think maybe there is an outside chance they could beat hip. deirdre: for all the undecideds it's up for grabs. >> but we don't predict. deirdre: charlie gasparino joining us there with an exclusive, charlie breaks it. microsoft providing the technology to report the result faster. our political panel weighs in on it next. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power.
5:55 pm
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deirdre: theio state gop declared mitt romney the winner
5:58 pm
of the caucus to find out weeks later it was actually rick santorum. so this year microsoft providing an app to track the result free of charge. faster reporting and fewer human errors. i was going through some of the details. instead of a touch-tone keypad. this will be quirk, faster and both sides of the aisle using it? what do you think? >> i think it's great. less human error are better. but bernie sanders and hi are you are doing their own backup systems. it's interesting they are the ones doing it and the republicans aren't because we talk more about not trusting stuff. it's kind of raisey. but why not. i think it will be interesting to see how it impacts it. deirdre: of course you are supposed to have special authorization as well which is something that had not happened in the past.
5:59 pm
i want to ask you about something else. earlier today with neil cavuto, one of the founders of ben and jerri' ice cream brand talked about the plan to tax the rich but seemed unable to define what rich means. >> what do you think the marginal rate should be? what do you think it should be? >> i don't know. you know, to be quite frank, for a person who is wealthy, who has got enough money to meet all their needs, what's the difference what it is. deirdre: i feel like a solid definition is important. >> this is typical when politicians talk about wanting to help the middle class. i asked people what do you think the middle class is? everybody had a different idea or they didn't know.
6:00 pm
they say that sounds great, maybe it will help me or help others. but nobody has a concrete idea if it will affect them or if it's part of that group or not. for coverage coming your way, "making money." charles: nasdaq leading in the the way back. are the koch brothers reat ready to -- are the koch brothers ready to go to war? should we admit it's too late. there is an election taking place right now in iowa. "making money" starts right now.


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