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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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they say that sounds great, maybe it will help me or help others. but nobody has a concrete idea if it will affect them or if it's part of that group or not. for coverage coming your way, "making money." charles: nasdaq leading in the the way back. are the koch brothers reat ready to -- are the koch brothers ready to go to war? should we admit it's too late. there is an election taking place right now in iowa. "making money" starts right now.
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the first votes for the 2016 election being cast through iowa caucuses all night long. the big question is who will win, who will have the momentum. christopher, a lot of people started second guessing themselves in the last 24 hours. i know iowa is notorious for some of these late charges. how do you think things are shake out so far? >> none of the campaigns had any idea who is happening. 2012 set a record for republican participation. 122,000 people came out. they are going to watch closely to see who has got momentum. if they start to reach the mark,
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135,000, 145,000 attend the caucus, you will know donald trump has sent out his people and he may take the night. charles: mark i know you are a trump guy. but i have been hearing anecdotally and other reports when chris says trump sends out his people. there aren't that can people are organizational structure. these people will have an army on the ground and seem to be a lot more organized. >> the precinct captains ultimately have the power over this thing. they can persuade votes and deliver the people for the votes. ultimately i think trump has organized especially well, especially in the last month. i know their phone bank has rammed up dramatically.
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i think the negative attacks that have been white noise over the course this weekend will have a huge effect. i think precinct captains will also have a big effect. charles: do we need a big turnout? >> i think so. plus the split of evangelicals. you take a look at that split. those are the indicators. trump * there is a trump event today. there were to some empty chairs in a back couple of rows. tammy, i don't know what this means, if it means anything at all. by the many the first time i have seen a donald trump events with a couple empty seats. >> i think people may be getting tired and everyone is ready to do their thing tonight. regarding the new voters, what
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we know is the republican registration is only un1,000 in -- only up 1,000 in iowa. in 200880,000 new democrats were registered. for the republicans you don't see any new push. so the "new york times" a few days ago note for the democrats. there is no real new registrations indicating a new surge into the party to support a particular candidate. that's a bad side or sanders and trump. but that doesn't mean the people who are already registered wouldn't be voting for one of those individuals. but technically it means ground game will matter and that comes to ted cruz and whether these people have been registered and so far they haven't. >> sanders and trump, a handing
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lead in almost all the polls. what i'm curious about. when i look at these polls and the stock market analyst. i try to apply my an political hat to it and it appears one person broke out and that's marco rubio. is it fair to say he has a shot at second or even first? >> i would put marco rubio second place, maybe 50% chance. he's been surging the last week which is when iowa caucus-goers make their decision. i have been to a marco rubio rally and a trump rally. they have different crowds, but they all have massive crowds. rubio has been going up and up. either a strong third which he can still claim as a win over the establishment opponents or possibly even a second place
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win. charles: the trucksters on twitter get -- the trumpsters get upset when someone says rubio will win out. >> if trump doesn't win, i think the race is wide open and they will have to go state by state by state. i think ted cruz who is a great advocate for freedom and liberty. they raised expectations way too much and way too quickly. so anything below a close second place will appear to be less. so for me the difference between cruz's numbers and rubio's numbers is what's going to matter.
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how much space is between cruz and rubio will be the big difference. charles: it feels like cruz full bold the ball in the last couple days whether it was the mailer thing that seemed to be an embarrassment. his performance at the last debate. it seems those two things would have bean lay-up. >> barack obama sent out a mailer like that. it's about the media and how those stories are moved. we know bernie sanders is getting huge crowds for the democrats. the enthusiasm rate for hillary is higher than for sanders. we have the enthusiasm gap between the democrats and republicans. charles: how do you register that? >> "the des moines register"
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poll looks at amount of passion. whether you are solid and whether you will change your minds. the number of people who are willing to change their minds, the level of soft support. that's why you have 45% saying i'm likely to change my mind by the end of the night tonight. that's why it's fluid and exciting. if donald trump wins this could set off a domino dynamic. so it's going to be fascinating evening. charles: chris note at the beginning the top three candidates were unsure. it feels like the bottom 5 were sure. it will be their wake enough call. all i have heard all day is i'm off to new hampshire. >> we are just 8 days after new hampshire. most of these campaigns have the funds to carry on that long.
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plus carson has been at 10% in number 4 position. i think carson could surprise because of that evangelical vote. he carried it for many months. not that he will do more than 20%. he can surprise us and carry on, especially in south carolina. >> you could see dr. carson's support go to ted cruz. charles: christopher, what do you make of the notion you have a lot of folks after tonight will be really going on fumes and ego. if someone pulls their coat and says, hey, it's not going to work. >> we saw rick santorum earlier. he said he's going to look how ted cruz does. he says if ted cruz is carrying
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the solid religious vote he's the not going to be in it. jeb bush, if he doesn't do well tonight and doesn't do well in 8 days. his donors ask permission to start defecting to marco rubio. >> huckabee and santorum are the ones likely to step out if they do poorly tonight. charles: i was going for stewart friday and asked huck go. he was look for v.p. he said trump was you have a digs for his v.p. >> let's not forget chris christie. it could be a definite swan in there making a difference. and don't break our heart if
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mr. gilmore decides to leave. i'm not sure if we can handle that. charles: we have been talking about this for so long. it's finally here. and i just kind of sense -- i don't know, i'm not an expert at this part of the game. i just started watching it closely. you have been doing this for a long time. i know it's easy to say if he wins, if he comes in second, no big deal. but if he wins is there a chance for anybody? could someone come in and win south carolina and rechange the dynamics? >> every candidate will regroup after tonight. i watched the snows of iowa and new hampshire at campaign time. tomorrow at noon we are not talking about iowa anymore. we'll look straight ahead to new hampshire. it's again the margin. by how much if trump wins, by
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how much will he win. if it's only a hair, you are right, jeb bush may think he has got a chance in new hampshire. there has to be plenty of life in some of these campaigns. >> not one nominee has lost both iowa and new hampshire. but bill clinton lost the first 10 of 11 contests. he lost iowa and new hampshire and became president. it's doable, there is a precedent, but not for republicans yet. charles: keep it here for our caucus coverage. neil cavuto will have the coverage for you at 8:00. super pacs are trying to help their candidates. but are they effective anymore? we'll be right back.
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charles: i know you can feel the electricity in the air. we are just a little over an hour away from the iowa caucus. hillary got a big chunk of change from a guy named soros, $6 million. the koch brothers powered $8 million into the last republican elections. they refrained from endorsing a candidate during the primary but now there is scuttlebutt they may step up and take on donald trump. what do you make of this?
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does the era of big money be almost over or less influential? >> jeb bush was the guy with all the money, his super pac blew $50 million and he's almost dead last in iowa. you are talking about somebody with all the money and resources in the world. the kochs tried four years ago, 8 years ago and it didn't work. i'm not sure they will be successful this time around. charles: donald trump brings a unique dynamic to this. so is it -- can we say the super pacs don't matter or not just this time around? >> donald trump is his own super pac. i don't care how much money you raise, if you run a horrible
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campaign you can go through it very quick. joe lieberman says money is the mother's milk of politic and i think that will always be the case. i don't begrunge people in the donor class participating in politic. people know they are king makers and they can raise quick big cash on a moment's notice. i'll tell you what, a guy like soros and people like the koch brothers they can get 10 people in a room and raise that in a half-hour. charles: a lot of voters are turned off saying if they raise that money for you in a half-hour, you are beholding to them. >> one of the interesting statistics is it's the person who raises the most from small donors who typically wins. small donors are tied to votes,
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large dollar donors are not necessarily tied to votes. donald trump is the anomaly because he's not raising money. but ted cruz has the most small dollar donors. he has a lot of ground game support. democrats having complained forever about the citizens united decision from the supreme court that enabled that sort of giving. it's proven to provide chaos for the republicans. keeping candidates alive a lot longer before the rise of the super pacs. >> i think the democrats may have had second thoughts on that. they talk about getting rid of the case. if they can appoint 3 or 4 supreme court justices. it worked out well for the democrats, too. >> people who have money, of course it worked out for them.
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it work out well for those who are connected. but it allows people to buy elections. literally. charles: you are just mad because they say corporations are people, too. we have a couple hours for the iowa caucuses. forget about the bluster. who is the best candidate for the economy. we'll discuss it next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. charles: the iowa caucus are upon us. we haven't heard lot about the wallet but we ultimately know when we cast our ballot we think about that. the question is who who's got best policies for the economy.
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can manufacturing be saved? we had a manufacturing number out today, spotty at best. the important part of the number was shock. i think it was the worst level since 2009. are we dliewgd ourselves. can we even bring manufacturing back? >> i think we can. i'm shocked by that number. i said who is the biggest winner in the low energy prices, it should be manufacturers because they use so much energy. and we have the lowest price energy. i think they are systemic problems with the global economy. absolutely yes, we have the best-run companies in the world. manufactures can't compete and -- can compete and win if this global economy comes back. when you talk about the tax plans of these candidates.
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i like ted cruz's plan, rand palms plan and i like the one by ben carson. they are for a flat tax and i'm for a flat tax. manufacturing, only 14% of the american population works on manufacturing. for corporate america the s & p 500, 15% of their profits come from manufacturing. that's a gigantic obstacle from bringing it back from china and india. how does a presidential candidate do that and make sure everybody is happy from workers to businesses so they keep pumping money in? >> the key thing is bipartisanship. when was the last time we had bipartisanship and a balanced budget? it was william jefferson clinton. i think hillary will be the most
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bipartisan of anybody on either side. bernie sanders, absolutely not bipartisan. ted cruz. charles: she is bragging now about the obama economy to a certain degree, trying to draw a distinction between her and socialist bernie sanders. her tax bracket, there is no way you could bring manufacturing back with her taxes. >> i have been wrong about a lot of things base thought the most knowledgeable republican about balancing the budget would be john kasich. i wrote an article for fox about it and look where he is. is. charles: we bring manufacturing jobs back and forget about the rest of the world. for a lot of people going out to vote today, for them it many between free trade and open borders. and the reason why we lost these
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jobs, ross perot said it best. hear that sucking jobs? that's american jobs going abroad. >> two of the most free trade presidents we had were ronald reagan and william jefferson clinton. we had a nice renaissance under reagan. if we get pour macro economic policies right, tax policy and regulatory policies, talk to the businesses and manufacturers. you do all the time. what is the first thing they say to you, regulation is strangling my business. i would also make the case, hillary is talk about raising tax on small businesses. how is that going to help our manufacturing state? if i thought hillary would govern the way bill clinton did, i would be open minded to her. i don't hear one thing she is saying that is new democrat. charles: the top secret emails,
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children on emails on her server. they have actually put lives at risk. this is what a government official has found. catherine herridge is on top of this with the latest explosive revelations. that's next.
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. charles: got a news alert for you now. those highly classified hillary e-mails the government deemed too damaging. well, they contain operational
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intelligence and that -- well, that puts lodge at risk. fox news chief intelligent correspondent captain heritage is with us with the details. all right, katherine, what are we learning now? would you have been breaking that all along the way and it gets more complicated and a little bit more worrisome. >> well, i would say more serious if you will because we're learning more about these documents that are being withheld in full, which means the public will never see a version of these top secret documents, even with entire sections of blacked out for security reasons. we spoke with u.s. government official who has been able to review the 22 top secret e-mails that were identified on the clinton server and what they told us is that it involved operational intelligence -- operational intelligence is like realtime information about sources and methods and individuals. an example of that would be navy seals moving to a part of the world to execute a mission. that's the kind of information that we're talking about as
6:33 pm
well as this special access program information, which is even beyond top secret, charles. charles: kathryn, what about the notion some of these e-mail exchanges were directly between hillary or her office and president obama himself? >> we asked the state department briefing today what the classification was of those e-mails. a little shy of two dozen that are also being withheld in full. the state department none of them classified information but they were with holding them because the white house feels they don't want discussions from the executive branch released. in other words, setting a precedent that they don't want to see in the future. so when mrs. clinton says i would like to have all of the e-mails released, it's really somewhat a disingenuous for two reasons. one the white house does not want her components with the president released. and number two, the share of the e-mails contain intelligence from other agencies. and the rules of the road in
6:34 pm
the intelligence community is that the agency that generates the information is the owner of the information and has final say on the classification and whether it's ever released. so in this case she can call for the release of these e-mails, but the state department has no authority to do so, charles. charles: thank you so much, katherine. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. charles: you've been spot on. now joining me jamie colby, and jillian is back with us as well. sheriff clark, let me go to you first. because a lot of people are saying forget about the political ramifications of this. it's becoming clearer that intelligence sources are people out there may have been exposed. and if they are exposed, maybe their lives have been put at risk. >> charles, this thing doesn't pass the spell test. these things are mutually exclusive, the white house, state department cannot be all telling the truth. ms. bill clinton says nothing was classified that came over the e-mails, the white house
6:35 pm
says "yes." someone is lying here. i'm sure the fbi will get down to the bottom of it. but this will be very damaging going forward the security -- national security of the united states. not only from the damage from the information that was. but what countries in the future are going to trust us with their secrets when they know that mrs. bill clinton was handling these things as she was exchanging baking recipes with somebody over an e-mail server? . charles: julie? >> well, first of all, i don't think a woman running for the president of the united states should be referred to as mrs. bill clinton, her name is hillary clinton, let's refer to her from her real name. charles: some people think it just gets worse. she'll be referred to as numbers. >> well, maybe but still better than referring to her as her husband -- >> she has been married positive bill forever. >> but i never understand this e-mail secrecy, there was no excuse for the server. she has tried to explain it, i don't think those explanations hold water and as a democrat,
6:36 pm
it is concerning to me -- charles: yeah, it has to be concerning. >> sure. charles: jamie, you're an attorney. this is complicated for a lot of people, particularly because there's a lot of codes of conduct and regulations within the military and the federal government. but to -- >> no. it's not complicated. charles: it's not complicated. >> where's the indictment? . charles: okay. >> our analysis by catherine herridge is spot on. hillary clinton saying release the e-mails, she knows that they can't be released except by these agencies. i worry every single day about homeland security, and i worry every single day about what's in those e-mails and the ones we don't know about. how many do you need to uncover in order to protect our country. charles: right. >> and process the proper charges against the people responsible for something that is so against our interest. charles: well, do you vein to open them? >> someone has to examine them to build a case. you would have to take a look. and we're getting all of these classifications. i really don't want to know
6:37 pm
what the classifications are. charles: right. >> i just want to put a stop to the information getting out. and referring to her as mrs. bill clinton is not a problem when mrs. clinton, hillary clinton is on the campaign trail. bill's right there by her side. >> she can be by her side the same way she was by her side and she is her own woman. let's give her some credit. she's running for president. come on. charles: there's speculation that maybe someone already had access. some entity may have already had access to her server. it was a sitting duck up there. >> yeah. charles: and this is what the american public will never buy. no matter what happens, how much they block this, i think in a court of public opinion, she has already lost to a large degree. >> absolutely. she jeopardized our national security. potentially jeopardized the security of navy seals. these are significant charges. and if you look at what she's said so far, she's lying. she has lied through her
6:38 pm
teeth. said there was no classified information. and now she's blaming in an overclassification problem within the state department. she's the person that could have fixed that. >> if bernie sanders wins in iowa, and we may not know tonight but folks are going to tune in and they'll see and hillary clinton doesn't, i bet you things move a little bit quicker on this. charles: and i bet you a guy named joe biden starts to clear his throat just a little bit, julie, you may agree with me. jamie, you've got two new episodes, strange inheritance at midnight. that follows neil cavuto. he's got special coverage for the iowa caucuses. all of this stuff starts at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox business. well, the pressure amounts candidates make their final push in iowa. which candidate is going to win this thing? it's up in the air really. i mean i know everyone's passionate about their person. it's up in the air. we'll be right back you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years,
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charles: the moment we've been waiting for. iowa. everyone's made their final push, the votes are going in right now. who do you think is going to win? plus the market may be ready to turn around. we'll be right back and why stop to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. and for a $200 savings card, go to . charles: breaking news our national debt just crossed $19 trillion. congratulations, america, teach your kid survival skills in mandarin. that news didn't halt the market today. interestingly there were 75 new 52-week highs on the new york stock exchange. only 37 stock at lows. we saw the exact opposite on nasdaq. 23 stocks at new highs vs. 96 at new lows. here's the thing. nasdaq actually finished higher. and i have to tell you there's a good chance that momentum carried into tomorrow. alphabet/google beat earnings by 57 cents. the stock is soaring in the after mark and move over, apple, you are now the second most valued company in the
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world. a lot of confusion in the economy and how well the fed will be able to manage the removal of accommodations. don't forget also we've got that job support very large on friday. so this week there's going to be a whole lot without a doubt. take your lumps where you have to. you have to take losses, have your cash, amazing opportunities out there. i still love the action of cracker barrel, love the action of auto zone, a lot of the tech names like trade. cyber security up higher, mayor cuda may be for sale. well, the 20-year-old hacker given isis the names, e-mails, addresses, and locations of more than 1,000 federal employees and members of the military. we've got those latest developments. next feel a cold coming on?
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charles: well, in a few hours it's going to be all over but the final push in iowa has finally come to a head. voters casting their ballots tonight. which candidate will they vote for? well, fox business jeff flock is in iowa with the latest. jeff. >> charles, this is one of 16,081 locations and this is where the magic happens. as you can see folks are starting to check in for the republican caucus here at the high school where three separate precincts will do their voting here tonight. a famously republicans and democrats do it differently. the republicans do it with a simple paper ballot. the democrats go and stand in different areas of the room wherever they are and so two different ways to do it. but at the end, we'll have a winner on both sides we think. this is in the eastern edge of iowa. this is scott county.
6:48 pm
it will be very important. we know who the three leaders are in the polls at the moment. it will be most important for the so-called establishment candidates. ones like marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich, they'll need to do well in this part of the state. this is the most moderate part of the state. where else of course more conservative. so we'll see how it comes down. we'll be here throughout the night. but we'll know what the tally is underway. . charles: all right, jeff. we're excited here. i know you're excited there. we'll check on you a little bit later. more threats in the meantime in the middle east a 20-year-old hacker has given isis the names, e-mail addresses, and location of more than 1,000 federal employees and members of the military. and iran now -- well, they say, hey, we've got 100 billion bucks. that's right. they unfroes those assets due to that landmark nuclear deal. those troops who capture u.s. sailors. joining me now dr. judy jasser.
6:49 pm
zuhdi, let me start with you on this. it's just fills like isis no matter what we do, what the news is when we win somewhere or have a good momentum somewhere, they go somewhere else. and it feels so uncontained, it's really frightening. >> it really is. and i think, charles, what's important to learn here is first we heard that it was the data breach a month or year ago. now we're finding out it's isis. we're finding out it's out of kosovo and millio and it's not just the addresses that these individuals could be targets but their ids could be used to given to refugees, could be given to those who want to enter the west. so the exposure here to anyone who thinks that somehow the arab national security is something we can use light budgets on, think again. we are exposed on every front and cyber threat is one of the primary ways for them to get into our network and look
6:50 pm
people differently than the way they do. charles: the old school stuff we may be embarrassed on that. because that incident that happened with the sailors, i'm still a little bit confused. i'm sure most of america is. and of course iran using it for more propaganda, you know, given these folks who are involved in that and things. what do you make of that? they've got 100 billion bucks and more but i thought than ever? >> well, they're on their way that engage in cyber attacks. look, if you've got somebody's date of birth and their social security number, you own them. and it's amazing the damage that can be done when that happens. the thing that bothers me is not just government but these corporations as well that have been hacked, breached. they always under report when it happens. they say it's not that serious. we'll be able to clean this up. no sensitive information got out. and then we learn months later that it was very, very damaging.
6:51 pm
the problem with the government when you have to give them your information. like, the irs i have to give them my social security number, i have to give them my date of birth. i expect them to protect it. but these corporations spend very little in the area of protecting data until they're breached and then they come is out and say we take this seriously. it's too late at that point. >> it is too late. and i'm back in wyoming big military place. military wives telling me that they're concerned they know that the fbi is investigating isis in all 50 states. those girls are packing. don't hit them in wyoming. charles: don't hit them in wyoming? >> no. charles: what about the places like kosovo? we could be vulnerable like the most far-reaching places in the planet where we don't necessarily equate danger or isis or anything like that? >> sure. and this is part of the islamic state getting a technological advance going on. they used social media very effectively to recruit. this is technological warfare
6:52 pm
is certainly going to be a component we see going forward. and if we're in the context of the united states and world affairs, iran is popping all over. charles: getting hit from all over. universally it's a sign of disrespect. thank you, guys, very much. and of course you want to keep it right here for your caucus coverage. our very own neil cavuto is going to be live. going to have minute to minute details for you starts right here on fox business. the candidates are making their final push. who's going to win? tweet me your favorites and then of course it's onto new hampshire. but first we're going to cover more. give you an update on what's happening in iowa. we'll be right back announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven
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leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. . . . .
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♪ charles: you just saw jeff flock. everyone is getting ready. iowa the place to be at start of the caucuses. voters will cast their ballots. it is all about who our next commander-in-chief is going to
6:56 pm
be. back with the panel. christopher bedford, mark serano and tammy bruce. we're getting closer and closer. it is nail-biting time what are some. things that you're really looking for. >> turn out will be huge. if you see a human turnout. donald trump pushed his voters turn up. is was at rally two hours aweighing. they were handing out donald trump ads. fill up this form and show up at caucus and register as republican. you can back me. there are also all of the introductory speakers. instead of doing zoo many ever too many mumbo-jumbo how politician was they were giving strict shuns how to caucus. they were new. charles: we have sightings of donald trump.
6:57 pm
he is actually out there showing and asking, telling a people to caucus. putting every ounce. tammy, "new york times" said top search how to caucus for republican candidates. ted cruz, rubio, paul, carson and chris christie some maybe this is unwith the reasons trump and his people are out there, hey guys, we have to have same enthusiasm. you waited six hours in the snow to hear me talk. get this out to happen. >> these are technical things. we're all very emotionally invested in this. it will be very exciting night. there are technical things. how many people are registered as republicans. there is no surge in that. the searching for how to caucus, mr. trump is not leading. and to know these things, this is a marathon. it is not a sprint. this is not the, you vote for president. so if your guy loses tonight you have to look was done improperly
6:58 pm
and how to fix that. meantime, look i called this for ted cruz. i'm sticking with that because of the ground game. people who are trumpets and everybody else out there, they have a chance to learn from their mistakes. charles: just since we started show, i have tweet ad lot during the show. some people are angry. how dare you say that about cruz. how dare you push rubio. how dare you diss trump. anger, animosity, the vitriol is so much that you wonder when this is all said and done, this is just the first date. will the haven't all gop -- eventual gop candidate stand up straight? >> absolutely. that anger is not about you, charles. that is about barack obama. that is about total angst and frustration with seven years of this pitiful, pitiful economy. that is how i read that. the truth is, and i've been on the phone with folks today from the campaigns, they don't really know. that is the fickle thing about the caucus.
6:59 pm
the iowa caucus is not very good at picking gop candidates. it failed last two times. okay? so i think, as we examine this, what is it going to be very interesting, i think the top three finishers, i think it will probably be trump, cruz and rubio. i think spread will be really, really tight. i think bigger story tomorrow will be bernie sanders edging out hillary clinton. and the clinton war room is going to set a new record for pizza delivery in the next several days, i'm telling you. charles: we know, christopher, after, after barack obama pulled the upset in 2008, from what i've read new hampshire is just, all she did was cry on her pillow and it was a nightmare? >> yeah. it didn't start well for hillary in 2008 either. democratic caucuses they, after the first round of voting you have an opportunity to convince people who aren't decided or whose candidates didn't make it to join your side. all the aides say, barack obama's team was busy,
7:00 pm
busy grabbing all the dropouts and everyone they could, hillary clinton's team sat on their hands and waited for it. i don't think they will be like that. charles: no room for error. very exciting. glad you joined the show. thanks for watching every night at 6:00 p.m. here is the man himself. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. breaking news one hour until the beginning of the iowa caucuses. the first nominating contest of this election. months of campaigning debates and political attacks, all coming to a head tonight as iowans publicly declare their support for a presidential candidate. the candidates themselves spending the day making their final pitches to voters. >> we're going to take our country back, we're going to make america great ben. we'll be so happy, we'll be so thrilled. >> we have now been to all '99 counties in the


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