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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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party, there are not enough delegates up for grabs for sanders to overcome the deficit. 699.57 for clinton and sanders 699.49. just delegateses left. two campaigning suspending race last night. the remaining candidates moving onto new hampshire. we are watching market this is morning. futures are pointing to a decline at the opening of trading. take a look at where we are stand. oil prices once again weighing on markets this morning. crude oil trading near one week-low, 30.56 a barrel. that sets the tone. we also have the job's numbers this week, remember. getting a check on global markets, in europe, decline across the board.
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sharp quarterly lost for bp in london. crack quarante and dax index each down almost 2% and 1 and a quarter respectively. gaining of 2% after chinese bank injected in the bank. florida senator marco rubio coming in third. billionaire finished can 24% in iowa but the confidence was certainly in tact. peter barnes staying by in des moines with the latest. peter peter trump supporters cleared very quickly after second-place finisher in iowa. trump in his remarks did not express any regrets or dis
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ordisappointments. >> iowa we love you. >> he loves iowa so much that he might come back and buy a barn. [laughter] >> maria: joining us now geneve wood. >> one of the things that people thought trump was going to come away with this, he lost by fairly significant numbers, 3-4 points behind cruz. the biggest surprise is how cruz did with the large turnout and how well marco rubio did. at the democratic side, i'm not surprised.
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this is much tighter than what hillary wanted it to be. >> maria: do you think new hampshire looks the same on each of these sides? >> well, for the democrats, bern say sanders is doing well. that's going to be a tough spot for hillary. the numbers may not be good for him as he thinks. it's going to come down to see how well rubio does among kasich and bush and the other candidates there and will cruz get the momentum he needs, new hampshire and south carolina are going to tell us even more than we saw out of iowa last night. >> maria: for sure. dagen, what do you think. >> dagen: second place is first loser and i actually saw the headline and how does trump react to because of low-energy speech last night. how did his supporters react to that? evangelical, 62% of the caucus
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goers last night, increase from 2012 went for ted cruz, 33% of them. also this is very critical, your late deciders 35% of caucus goers this is according to fox news polls. 35% of caucus goers were late deciders who recollects did they go for, rubio 30%. cruz 25%. trump 14%. you missed that debate by choice, you skipped it and maybe that's what happened. >> maria: so you think that him missing the fox news debate gave the others an edge? >> dagen: yes, rubio. >> maria: i think i agree with that, rubio as well as cruz. >> dagen: cruz -- he was in every single county. that's the difference between iowa and new hampshire. >> you know, we are reporting that in some of these caucus there were no people at all there who were placed on the ground for the trump.
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if he can't do that in iowa, he can't do it in other places. >> maria: did they focus more on new hampshire than iowa? >> this becomes a big race for him. >> huckabee won in '08. this was cruz country right here. the question is what happens in new hampshire. trump seems to have a huge lead. can rubio bring the maybe -- mainstream from other candidates? that's the big question. can rubio get the endorsements and start surprising people. >> maria: what do you think about that before we go live to jo ling kent who is in des moines right now? >> rubio is a third-place candidates. i think he's going to get big endorsements from south carolina. what's very interesting, maria, 90% of the vote, over 90% of the
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vote last night went to folks who either never held elected office or only been in since 2010. still, i would say an outsiders race, that's a good thing for the gop. great turnout and great energy and it wasn't just because of donald trump. >> maria: good point. stay was. we want to get your take on new hampshire because with iowa in the books, candidates are racing to new hampshire. that's where jo ling kent is. jo, good morning to you. >> jo ling: good morning, maria. bernie sanders just landing and he says he is in it to win it. >> when we began this campaign i think it's fair to say we were considered to be a campaign, i would hope that most people no longer believe that.
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>> jo ling: now, senator bernie sanders has a very good position going into new hampshire. he leads senator clinton by a fair margin. he has the home field advantage being right next door to home state of vermont. on the republican side trump continues to win in the local polls here but senator ted cruz got some wind out of his back coming in first in the nation primary and he says he has the organization to do well here. this is what he said. >> we've got this army on the ground in new hampshire. one of the things that we are seeing in iowa but also new hampshire and across the country is that old reagan coalition coming together of conservatives and reagan democrats, that's what it takes to win. >> jo ling: now, cruz, maria, facing a different kind of crowd, more conservative and much clean voters, known to wait till the last second to make decision. eight days to go and a lot of
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things could change, maria. >> maria: thanks, we will be back. what. >> r your predictions for new hampshire? i think it's interesting the comment that you made earlier that, you know, many of these people were first-time voters, they came out for the first time in iowa. that would lead one to believe that perhaps they came out for trump, but in fact, cruz won it. tell us your predictions in new hampshire. >> i don't think it was all for him. i think what cruz has going for him in new hampshire, again, he does have ground game, good campaign. he is also clearly the number one conservative and that means trump will get some, rubio may do very well there. i still think we are going to see a three-person race coming out of new hampshire. >> maria: wasn't this way too close for hillary clinton's comfort? >> dagen: yeah.
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she looks weak in iowa. they're really betting their game on the south. >> maria: vermont is next door, sure. >> dagen: the age of the voters is going to be a problem. how do the trump voters and how do the clinton supporters react to the relatively poor going. >> jon: the two people coming vulnerable are hillary and trump. it's one of the talking points. he's a winner. well, he wasn't a winner and hillary looks like she can be challenged by bernie sanders, can she be challenged by any of the republicans. momentum is cruz and rubio. >> dagen: everybody talked, i think i even said it, the record-turnout is going to sell trump. it didn't help trump. what hurt him is all the talk about trump is unstoppable if he wins iowa, headline after
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headline. you heard that over and over again and people who are not fans of his maybe got out and said, hey, we are going to take a stand and we're going to build a road block. joe joe if people are -- >> jon: who become it is magnet for all of the voters? rubio becomes stronger. >> michael: it's going to be interesting to see if rubio can pick up some of that support. >> dagen: kasich has double-digit support in new hampshire. tied with cruz. >> maria: carson he's around 10%. >> dagen: he needed to be up third place. >> maria: final word from you. >> he will be right back in it. but i think he benefits from a larger pool of folks and as this
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narrows, whatever just said is right, those people will start consolidating behind somebody, i think it's probably rubio but we don't know yet. >> maria: all right, good to speak with you, thank you so much for joining us. we will see you soon. we will continue our conversation. up next two presidential contenders calling it quicks. which candidates are now looking at new hampshire or bust? that's next, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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[bassist] two late nights in blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. >> maria: welcome back t world health organization declaring emergency over the explosive spread of the zika virus. cheryl casone with the details. >> cheryl: a lot coming out on the virus, maria. it is something else. the world health organization
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has declared that the explosion of the zika virus is extraordinary event. poses as a public health threat as other parts of the world, basically an entire world. critics are saying that the outbreak could have been sparked by the release of genetically modified mosquitoes back in 2012. insects were engineered to combat denge fever and other diseases, we will keep you posted. meanwhile move over apple. alphabet is the world's must valuable-public traded company. $565billion topping apple 535 billion and ending apple's nearly four and a half year rein as number one. and finally n the wake of poor showings at monday night's
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caucuses, huckabee and martin o'malley calling it quits. this calls the question who might be next. we will hear from soon, carson, kasich, bush. >> maria: the question is where do those supporters go? do they go to trump or cruz or rubio. >> cheryl: huckabee is going to endorse donald trump. >> dagen: he was standing on the stage with him last week. >> maria: showed up at his event. >> john: kasich, bush, these are candidates and i would think that rubio would benefit if any of them drop out. >> maria: you think they would go to rubio then? >> cheryl: quiet conversation
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behind the scene, okay, guys, we need you to go, that is rubio. who beats the democratic -- it's all about the presidential election. it's not -- sorry the caucuses or the primary. >> maria: who is going to beat hillary clinton? >> jon: if he can't make any grounds in new hampshire, he won't have viability in the south. >> michael: i'd be surprised he wasn't focusing most of his energy right now. seems to be where he has the best shot at making some noise. >> dagen: if you get behind trump you like the spotlight. you still want to be within the warm dplow of the media attention. >> maria: you want to -- hoping for some kind of position in cabinet. >> jon: maybe you get on the next show of the apprentice. >> dagen: that's not out of the realm of thinking, is it? the next season has been cast.
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i don't know how you can be so antiabortion and so pro-life and get behind a candidate who was for partial birth abortion. >> cheryl: it would be a huge shock, i think because what you said because of conservative believes. he went let's band same-sex marriages. >> jon: republican insiders are not close to cruz at all. if huckabee would go to trump instead of cruz, what does that tell you about cruz's comtariots feel about him. >> maria: race is getting
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started. the latest from the campaign trail. the focus shift now to new hampshire. we will be back in a minute. ♪ ♪ [ music and whistling ] when you go the extra mile to help business owners save on commercial auto insurance, you tend to draw a following. [ brakes screech ] flo: unh... [ tires squeal, brakes screech, horn honks ] ooh, ooh! [ back-up beeping, honking ] a truckload of discounts for your business --
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>> maria: welcome back t u.s. economy the top issue discussed last night. 70% of iowa voters revolved around the economy following same-sex marriage.
6:23 am
jon hilsenrath. how do you think that played into things? >> jon: if you look at what was behind it, same-sex marriage, state department emails, religion, if you add those three up 26% of people were looking at social issues, moral ethical issues as being more important than the economy in iowa. maybe that tells us about how well the economy is doing in that part of the country. >> maria: it tells you how ted cruz did. >> dagen: absolutely. it goes back to ted cruz. he is not in favor of ethenal. it didn't hurt him. it didn't hurt him in iowa. 62% of the caucuses were evangelicals. that was up 6 percentage points and they went for ted cruz. >> jon: he might have broken a real taboo. people have to pledge support for ethanol.
6:24 am
he said no, and you have to give him credit. >> maria: unemployment in iowa is 3.4%. they are doing really well. >> michael: i was surprised to do that. perhaps that was rubio picking up the concern about the economy. they they he'll be more of a fair arbitrator. that's one thing that i'm thinking. >> jon: i think the economy becomes a bigger issue in other parts of the country. that doesn't sound like a big number to me. >> maria: in march? >> michael: absolutely. >> dagen: you have an american consumer, the spending has lagged income growth in six out of the last seven months in savings rates.
6:25 am
people are not out -- there's something going out in the country that they are fearful. >> maria: they haven't seen wages move. >> dagen: medical expenses are going up. >> maria: that's it. >> jon: how bad that americans are saving money when ten years ago all anyone ever talked about the americans don't save enough money. >> maria: i think it's a good thing. consumer spending is two-thirds of the economy. have to see -- >> dagen: shoves a huge saver, i'm not. it speaks to the mood. >> michael: maybe the bar got too high here. lower gas prices, i think things are fine. they are fine. >> maria: by the way, let's stay on the subject for 30 seconds. a couple of headlines in business and the economy this morning, google parent alpha bit
6:26 am
beat bp earnings, oil sector continues to be the drag. what's your take on the big stories in the morning? >> michael: oil companies like bp, chevron, investors focused on dividends, everyone is nervous, are those dividends going to go away. the companies say they're not going to. the doubts remain. how does a company like bp ride this ship? so there it is. >> maria: bpi can see but i don't think exxon will hold -- >> michael: sure. youtube, android and the core ad business and it's doing really well here. it's looking great. >> maria: google is up big this morning. >> jon: one of the reasons that
6:27 am
i wasn't too alarmed about the selloff, they were the tech companies that did really well last year, early in the year investors and institutional investors had been selling their winners from last year. they're going to turn around. >> maria: more on iowa vote and what is expected in new hampshire. back in a minute, straight ahead. ahead. ♪ ♪ call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. maria: it is tuesday thirty-second. michael block and the wall street journal's jon hilsenrath. on the east coast the ilo caucuses and the books, the results are in and on democratic side breaking news overnight hillary clinton beat out britney sanders in what the iowa
6:31 am
democratic party is calling historically close caucus. based on estimates from a party not enough delegates are progress to better assist overcome. it is 699.57 for clinton and sanders with 695.4 noshing colleges two delegates left. thinking iowa for giving it the joy over bernie sanders. >> as i stand here tonight breeding a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. [applause] >> i want you to null i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will be standing up for you, i will be fighting for you, and will always work to achieve the americas at huckabee beach in. maria: big part of the story was
6:32 am
record turnout. ted cruz b donald trump 20%, after donald trump scored the final the. futures inductee lower opening, the dow jones industrial average down 100 points, oil prices with a non markets down again. now and $30.72 a barrel, the is trading near a one week low. global market leaders this morning, in europe declined across the board, sharp, and the course -- loss for bp, bp is going to be down big after reporting an earnings plunge on a drop-in oil prices comedy isn't the 100 is down 1.5%, at cac quarante on 2% in the dax index in germany down 1% lead in asia mixed showing, shanghai composite was up in a better than 2% and the and since and, as the weaker.
6:33 am
in the financial system helped stocks in shanghai, the 2016 presidential primary season is officially kicked off. last night and iowa results in the books, rich edson has the latest. >> reporter: the story is turned out 180,000 republican caucus goers according to the iowa republican party and of those, 56% last time were identified as evangelicals, 60% this time, that carries ted cruz to a victory, 28% for him, 24% for donald trump and marco rubio right behind at 23%, ted cruz taking a victory lap last evening and taking a shot at democrats. >> democrats here seem to be in a virtual tie. between one candidate who admits he is a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she is
6:34 am
not. i wish them both what. but i will tell you this. as margaret thatcher observe the problem with socialism is eventually run out of other people's money. >> trump took the second place finish graciously thinking iowa voters. also he says he will win the nomination as does marco rubio who finished third. maria: thanks so much. we will get back to you, markets this morning stocks look to rebound in january after the worst monthly beginning to your ever. we want to bring in chief investment strategist raymond james, good to see you, thanks for joining us. exciting morning. we have seen heavy selling early january, new month, new day, do you think we will see more volatility or is the worst behind us? >> she and low last thursday, the highs, no short-selling since 2009, we had zero it ands
6:35 am
since january, all but earmarks are there, the economy is stronger than surface figures suggest and if you look at the low print we made and the leaders in the's bottom of earnings estimate, we are trading 13.6 times earnings. >> we are putting new money in stocks, and the year the stock picker, it is the correlation. it is going to be a stock picked and put money in. >> what is the argument. they are running of of room to it simulate more, china is slowing down. why would you argue that stocks in this environment? >> stocks, at dividend paying stocks are inexpensive.
6:36 am
the only metric icy did shows stocks, and i don't have stock use for an indicator, and dividend yield on the dow and s&p 500 for stocks is higher than a ten year treasury. >> historically is that men stocks were a bottle. at 74, dividend yield on a number of stocks, 22% -- maria: is interesting. >> talking dividend paying stocks important for clients. energy stocks with bp, as a rough year, oil inert general, one of the big sectors you like in terms of income. >> midstream, and downstream, polltakers down from politics
6:37 am
and transportation companies. it you combine an investment-grade portfolio, and and returning capital, >> don't have skills sets. dagen: only problem with the stocks is individual stocks have gotten so burned, go back to the bank stocks in 2000 the particularly the energy stocks because yields are so low and fixed them income people opposite professional advisers into the energy stocks and they rode the mall down. >> that is the third point. they pushed them into upstream master limited partnerships which had price sensitivity to crude oil, midstreams don't have that much price sensitivity and
6:38 am
midstream 7 sucked down because of what happened. they met nobody cares what the reason was even if it was the baby with the bath water. >> that is why this looks cheap by some measures. dagen: try to convince individual who lost money to double down and put more cash into them. >> if you didn't own them prior to now. >> best time to buy bank stocks was in 2009. >> 14 times earnings. >> that is lower than we saw. dagen: a lot of people sold these things year-ago. ought that involved bank stocks but people got wiped out. individuals got wiped out and did not have more money to invest. >> they did not adhered to benjamin graham's essence of portfolio management as a management risk, not the management of returns. it is all about managing risk
6:39 am
and avoiding the big loss. >> we have economic data. in the unemployment, 10.4% use still see troubled situation when you look at fundamental backdrop of japan and the central bankers are continuing to put that stimulus, bank of japan taking rates negative. >> i have a hard enough time investing in this country, i don't tend to -- >> yes. exactly right. >> doesn't matter what is happening, they have an affect on the outlook for stocks. biggest economic centers in the world affecting your outlook for the u.s. economy. >> i talked to portfolio in europe and asia, with the strength of the dollar, up until january, markets coming into the
6:40 am
u.s. markets. >> have to read data, we talk about small caps versus large caps, do you see opportunities? >> small caps i think are still kind of expensive here, large gaps make more sense to me. maria: thank you for joining us. more bad news for marissa meyer, nicole petallides on that. nicole: absolutely right. wall street journal is reporting yahoo! ceo marissa meyer will unveil a cost-cutting plan that will include cutting up to 15% of the company's work force, 1600 jobs. the announcement which is expected after the company's earnings call this afternoon is aimed at cutting costs for the struggling internet joy it. yahoo! is expected to close several business units which we talked about marissa meyer and
6:41 am
the company overall being under intense scrutiny of the activist investors and planning to close businesses and cut jobs as well. maria: ongoing story. don't forget to start your day with nicole petallides and lauren simonetti, catch it right here on the fox business network right before "mornings with maria," see you later. up next, one of the closest caucuses in history on the democratic side. we had a breakdown next.
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>> donald trump finishing second, cheryl: ted cruz edging past donald trump with strong support for evangelical and conservative voters. a late surge, and on the democratic side, the democratic party declaring hillary clinton the winner of the caucus that just happened in the last couple hours. and vermont senator barry sanders. uber driver is not happy with rate cuts across the country. they gathered at the new york
6:46 am
city headquarters, this is the video, it demanded full rates. and rate cuts at 15%. i look at this stuff, people show new ways to use the round, the kid being fooled, and breaking speed records, you might get more videos. >> i like that use. maria: bill gates, stephen hawking and elon musk are three bright minds to expressed concerns about artificial intelligence moderne next guest says they shouldn't and he was just named general manager of one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. joining us is watson general manager david king. good to see you. look out the next ten years in terms of artificial intelligence. what does the world look like? >> it relates to the internet of things.
6:47 am
we will understand what is going on with our bodies, our logistics'. being able to attract all that data through multiple computers will help us make better decisions about our health, we we use energy to heat our buildings and transport ourselves. maria: it is the new mentality, way of thinking about your life. i feel like it was 20 years ago that bill july moreoy an articl wired magazine -- >> it will reduce some jobs and creates the opportunity for new jobs. i think some basic tasks, we can ask the computer to do for us, that free people what to do more creative things, use the data to make better decisions and invent new things.
6:48 am
they need to be invented. >> there is a debate in economics, why isn't all this technology showing that in a stronger economy with more productivity and faster economic growth? tell us where it is showing up. where's artificial intelligence showing up in ways that making us better off right now? >> it takes time as they get adopted summit will take -- take one thing we did which was to use machine learning to predict turbulence on airlines, reduce wear and tear on planes and increase -- it saved the airlines time and helps make money. in number of people, you can get the right products to the consumer so she can buy what she wants, a vast inventory turns and more revenue. >> what jobs does this create? >> we are hiring, creating computer science jobs. maria: the jobs we haven't seen in the past, new jobs. >> absolutely.
6:49 am
>> we saw the kabul to protest going on on the news update. how viable is the car concept? how do you see it rolling out and playing out? >> we are working on driverless cars. it will happen in our lifetime. you have to work the system but in places we are working it makes a difference it makes the air cleaner. >> how do you get over the lack of trust people will have even more so in years to come? nowadays is like my credit card debts compromise, my digital information, personal information is stolen. that is where the law is for a lot of people in terms of artificial intelligence. >> critical is security, another big part of ibm focuses on security to make sure we protect people's personal information. we can encrypt and divide this up, certainly no person can have the data. maria: a few job you are taking up. what is the biggest opportunity you see with what some?
6:50 am
>> what i am most excited about is to open our platform so thousands, maybe millions of other companies can build their applications using our machine learning or cognitive computing platform. maria: health care is a big platform. good luck. coming up a triumph in the republican caucuses. is the death of support for donald trump being called into question? stay with us. bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry,
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>> tonight is a victory for the grass roots. tonight is a victory for
6:54 am
courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> senator ted cruz rallying supporters after last night's big win over donald trump been iowa. we will see if it was the performance at the last debate. everyone is talking about it this morning. here is the cover of the new york post, crucified. cruise missile. dagen: i am troubled by edward humbled in reference to donald trump because i can't get my head around that, i have seen that in that headline more than once this morning. marco rubio, that debate held marco rubio a lot. i point again to those laid deciders of more than a third, 35% of caucus goers, these were entrance polls that late decide is went for marco rubio and ted cruz, marco rubio got 30%, donald trump got 14%. marco rubio release said out.
6:55 am
that was not a good debate it ted cruz because donald trump pleasant there, didn't have a full oil and nemesis, marco rubio really going after hillary clinton and bernie sanders. maria: affected donald trump skid the debate held marco rubio. dagen: numbers bear that out. >> a lot of other factors which with donald trump had gone to the debate and bond? then we would say he should not have participated. he had a lead and lost it. dagen: donald trump never loses. maria: not if he didn't go to the debate. that was unprecedented. not like -- >> look at the attention he got by not going. i am not convinced at this point. they didn't help him win iowa. we will see if it helps in new hampshire. >> can't wait to see the new hampshire polls, donald trump plus pulling really well. let's see if marco rubio, ted cruz or anyone else picks up the pace. i predict they will, the first two guys, let's see what happens. will be interesting to see.
6:56 am
maria: what does the general election look like? ted cruz/hillary? is it bernie sanders? >> marco rubio has the most momentum right now. hillary is most vulnerable. we have a marco rubio hillary the election, that becomes interesting because she is the establishment candidate and he is the upstart. dagen: too or little donald trump has not tweeted since last night. he has been very quiet. >> we will see what he tries to do with marco rubio who is now a threat to him. talking about all iowa and new hampshire, every four years, we need to look beyond that. we would talk about hillary clinton or ted cruz look to south carolina and supertuesday, looking ahead here. it will be interesting to see what lead he holds.
6:57 am
>> a lot of nervousness in the clinton camp when they were not sure it was bernie winning or my winning. >> we have not talked about does anyone else emerge in the republican field or is it just least three? maria: leave that question for the underside of the break, a lot more "mornings with maria," sitting down with presidential candidate newt gingrich next. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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maria: i am maria bartiroma, it is february 2nd. with me this morning is dagen mcdowell, trading partners michael bloch and wall street journal's jon hilsenrath. top stories at 7 am on the east coast the iowa caucus in the books. breaking news hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders at the iowa democratic party is calling a historically close caucus. based on a statement from the party there are not enough delegates up for grabs for bernie sanders to overcome his deficit. 699.7 for burnt -- clinton and
7:01 am
sanders, 695.49, there are two delegates left. clinton stepping up pregame thinking iowa for giving her the edge over bernie sanders. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a sigh of relief, thank you iowa. [applause] >> i want you to know i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will be standing up for you. i will keep fighting for you, and i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in. maria: record-breaking turnout, ted cruz beat out donald trump with 20% to joy to 4% just days after donald trump skipped the final debate before the caucuses. marco rubio moved ahead finishing third 4 races with 23%. we are watching markets this morning futures point to decline at the end trading 120 points lower oil prices way nonmarket
7:02 am
once again, crude oil now trading near a one week low, $30.45 a barrel, global markets under pressure in this morning, declined across the board, the s&p down 2%, sharp quarterly loss for bp weighing on markets in europe, that cac quarante is down 2% and the dax index in germany down better than 1% >> reporter: a mixed story, shanghai composite was up better than 2% after china's dental bank injected more cash into the financial system. others on the downside. our top story of the day with iowa in the books, we find jo lin kent. good morning to you. >> good morning, a candidate of landed, a christian nation primary state hitting the ground, and marco rubio, surprisingly close third-place finish in iowa said he had momentum going his way in new hampshire, this is what he had to say in iowa last night.
7:03 am
>> they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. [applause] >> but tonight he inert in iowa the people of the great stage send a clear message. kabul seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> the question here is what is that momentum will be enough to lift him out of his third place in the recent new hampshire poll and he is joining a lot of candidates, centered all of their attention in new hampshire including john kasich, governor of ohio and when asked why he didn't take his game iowa this is what people greta on fox news. >> we have an ability to see as many people as possible. i'll let is so big and define the nominee i will spend a lot of time in iowa but spend a lot
7:04 am
of time in new hampshire, i finished my 89th town hall meeting and we are happy to be here but we will spend more time in iowa if we can get the nomination. maria: john kasich is not alone in his strategy, we're talking jeb bush and chris christie at the outline hall in manchester, jeb bush taking jabs at donald trump who leads in the latest poll in new hampshire, donald trump that 30 points, ted cruz well, marco rubio and 11, i will be going on the bus with john kasich today at 11:00 a.m. on "varney and company" asking what his campaign is doing and how he is planning to use the final seven days of campaigning but new hampshire voters try to make their final decision. maria: we will look forward to that and he has been doubling down on new hampshire. we will watch who is coming up, exit poll data it providing insight into why the results showed up the way they did. on the republican side data
7:05 am
shows those caucus goers who were deemed, quote, leaked designers made a strong push for marco rubio and ted cruz. look at the most important issue, government spending and the economy took the top 2 spots. on democratic side entrance poll data shows as a huge advantage for bernie sanders among independents. i want to bring in rick davis, good to see you. we should point out martinelli and mike huckabee suspended their campaigns. we are expecting on who it will go for donald trump or ted cruz or marco rubio. what is your reaction to last night? >> a big night for republicans, not only the story of the big turnout, probably close to 45,000 new participants and that is amazing for a state like iowa that is pretty traditional in its turn out models. that had a big impact on the outcome. you saw really phenomenal in by ted cruz, it was large and deep,
7:06 am
he won in every sector of the state with every sector of the electorate. wasn't just elected the winner in the caucuses by evangelicals, it was broad based and on the flip side, underperformance by donald trump and overperformance by marco rubio, we saw three lanes of the republican party in action, the outsider lane represented by donald trump, sort of movement conservative, evangelical by marco rubio, by ted cruz and by marco rubio i think he is emerging as one of the go to guys within the mainstream republican ranks. >> the non evangelical vote going to ted cruz, what was that based upon? how to build upon that for new hampshire, that is an interesting point looking at the state that is not as socially conservative as iowa but how is ted cruz going to use that? >> ted cruz did a phenomenal job
7:07 am
of organization. he feels he has the best organized campaign in the field. what he was able to do was off of the base of evangelical voters but from a grass-roots perspective technology, manpower, people on the ground, put out a lot of folks on election day to get his teams to the caucuses. new hampshire is a primary, much more momentum kind of play, it is important but as he moves south you will spread this pretty thin. they are not used to organizing a collection teams in every state, donald trump noticeably has not fielded teams in any of these later on states in the south so the question is does marco rubio's organization, the investment he has made financially in manpower in other states enhance your ability to turn out the vote? >> we are talking about marco rubio, ted cruz and donald trump as it relates to republicans. if there is one person who could
7:08 am
emerge in new hampshire or elsewhere outside of those three who is a going to be? >> john kasich you're just talking about has put his chips on new hampshire and he is getting some reward for that, he has the old john mccain strategy of not going to iowa or be distracted, go to town hall after town hall, i will go in my bus around with the press and the people of new hampshire and try to win new hampshire, he is in the middle teens, is considered basically a dead heat for third place and the question is is this going to pay off for him? we will see what kind of bump marco rubio gets from his performance, we will see what kind of downturn the sky high from numbers, do they come back down on little bit and if so could be really competitive. maria: did it hurt donald trump that there were so many
7:09 am
headlines, if donald trump wins iowa he is unstoppable, and people came out and said i am going to stop him, the anti trump vote, there are limits to this social media insult driven campaign that he has got going? >> it is institutional, and iowa loves a trip, the people of iowa say we can change that. they traditionally love to put the guy who. dagen: ted cruz said he is unstoppable -- >> that was part of the device of saying we need to pay attention, this could be a problem for the conservative movement, he is not a real conservative, he is -- his ideology is winning, that is not real and they used that aspect effectively. maria: winning the debate heard him? >> missing the debate heard him. the conclusion was if you skip a debate and you win it is irrelevant but if you skipped the debate and you lose, you
7:10 am
have to say you made a mistake skipping that debate. >> even if he doesn't when the republican nomination, he has potential to mobilize millions of people to get behind. >> assuming to sustain a campaign that has a black eye. the question is without an organization, without the support of the grassroots network he is a media inspired candidate with a following that is not a traditional republican primary voter, can he hold that together in non-traditional campaign fashioned? campaigns tend to reward people who are well-organized and well funded. that is what we saw with ted cruz. it is not yet clear whether or not donald trump can sustain our campaign especially when you get into states that are winner-take-all and winner-take-all states you don't get credit for number 2.
7:11 am
maria: he doesn't have liquidity, donald trump has billion is assets but doesn't have liquidity to keep it going if he starts paying for it. >> it is an expensive proposition but one thing people are not talking about is he is not going to fund his campaign in a general election, you are talking billions of dollars and one of the things you have to consider is why he is not building a financial organization to support a campaign he claims is going to win. maria: thanks, appreciate it very much. republican voter turnout at the iowa caucuses broke records last leaving donald trump defeated by ted cruz at overwhelming interest throughout the state. details on the other side of the break and before he testifies to congress this week, we will talk about an exclusive interview coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern right here on "mornings with maria" on the fox business network.
7:12 am
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cme group: how the world advances. for maria: tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, maria: this is the story of the morning. hillary clinton beating the vermont senator in a historically close caucus. bernie sanders says he has taken a big thumbs-up from iowa because the razor thin margin means the campaign and ultimately prevail. the race moves to new hampshire where bernie sanders is far ahead, coin tosses decided the winner and a handful of greasing/night, it happened where supporters of bernie sanders and hillary clinton disputed the results after caucuses disappeared from the
7:16 am
proceedings. as a result of low:toss clinton was awarded an additional delegate meaning she took five of the precincts's eight and sanders got three and coin tosses happen in five other precincts. to give you a sense how tight that was, we brought this, uber drivers not happy with recent rate cuts in cities across the country weeks after these announcements of drivers gathered at new york city headquarters of uber demand in return to for rates, drivers in san francisco protest as well, announcing 50% rate cuts, a price war between left and uber, uber response to protest is saying january is a slow month of february, new york city, we will get you more rides by cutting these raids and drivers i say we won't make as much money so is -- maria: i am done with these high
7:17 am
rates. that will be massive traffic jams, they raise the rates. >> uber very destructive and these drivers were disruptive to the potential tax industry, lift is disrupting them kind of like you reap what you so. >> what is interesting about the protest yesterday was head of the unions of taxi drivers was there. trying to get uber drivers. >> supply demand is great. it works really well and that is what the market is dictating, let's not gloss over this coin toss thing, like rock paper scissors bernie hillary? what is this? >> this shows how close and divided democrats in iowa where between sanders and clinton and
7:18 am
why? it was a very small margin. >> not enough delegates instead of the election going to the senate, a gain of racquetball, what is this? >> this is how we do in iowa but at the same time, what hurt hillary clinton in iowa? fact that those conservative voters, christians don't believe her family values were questioning on a democratic side? is it because they are just as frustrated with president obama as the rest of the country? and -- >> the anti-establishment window, she is the establishment. joy and college students with their college education for free, your college education is still going to stand even if you didn't have to pay for it won't help you get a job. >> why say that? dagen: all these college kids -- >> the reason people have such
7:19 am
trouble with employment is because their college education is not worth anything. they pay $160,000 to go to college. >> people want advanced degrees. dagen: they want free education from bernie sanders. look at these read in sane college kids who were caucusing for bernie sanders, they want free stuff. that is it going to work is what you are trying to -- >> won't work. there is no free lunch. dagen: these youngsters with free education and my point is it will be a lousy degree even if you intend to pay for it. >> a lot of this was a vote against hillary. >> sheet is not getting our message across saying i am socialist too. it doesn't work. maria: i feel like it is groundhog day. because it is.
7:20 am
the world famous groundhog forecast, the onset of spring in a few minutes. is going to come out and see his shadow? are we going to see six more weeks of winter? come on. let's listen in. >> 123, get my man of. >> winter! winter! winter! >> we see him. he is feisty. he is feisty. look out. maria: here he comes. here he comes. here he comes. come on. >> ladies and gentlemen,
7:21 am
punxsutawney phil! >> who decides. maria: they really have fun with this ceremony. dagen: ever see a ground hog out in real life? scary as jesus. >> there have been a few bloody marys going on. >> was bill deblasio back from staten island? >> winter is! >> you ready? i got you. that is one. he is feisty.
7:22 am
>> more organized than the iowa caucus. >> he e here ye hear ye, the second day of february 2016, the 130th annual punxsutawney groundhog club, up punxsutawney phil, prognosticator of all prognosticator, the cheers of his thousands of faithful followers. he directed the president and inner circle to the predictions scroll which translated reads the inner circle grows to great ends to keep me abreast of the latest trends. john in my borough i never get bored riding on my overboard. and i sure have fun flying my drones but the weather forecasting is my comfort zone.
7:23 am
is this current warming trend more than a trend? para chance this winter has come to an end. there is no shadow to be cast. my forecast. >> the ibm watson guy who used to work at the weather. maria: bring on spring the. >> we don't get six more weeks of winter. that is that we are a strange nation. we caucus in iowa and look to a ground hog to tell us if winter is over and we loved every moment of the ceremony. >> at least we didn't flip a:. joy of the caucuses? the democratic side couple
7:24 am
>> reporter: you concede is not over here. none of them thought the results would be disclosed and hillary clinton expressed confidence but did not like claim to victory. listen to this. >> breeding a big sigh of relief. i congratulate my esteemed friends and opponents and i am excited about really getting into the debate with bernie sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. >> reporter: the fox news entrance poll, a 55% of democratic caucus goers want the next president to have the same
7:25 am
policies as obama, the person with policies most like obama is clinton, 76% sought bernie sanders as a more liberal alternative indeed in the margins in iowa are razor-thin bernie sanders is casting himself as a big-time underdog for the rest of the race. he landed in new hampshire and there was a whole crowd of his supporters to stay up all night to greet him. >> i really honestly came tonight. [applause] >> you cannot believe. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: not often you see a crowd like that before dawn but bernie sanders has got it and he told supporters he feels great. maria: great stuff. thanks so much with republican senator marco rubio placing third in last night's iowa caucus. why that is good news for the
7:26 am
republican establishment next, stay with us. all the coverage you need here, back in a minute. there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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. . . . . . . . which are
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7:29 am
welcome back. here are your top stories. iowa is in the books. hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders. it's the iowa democratic party. based on the the statement from the party there were not delegates up for grabs for san sanders to over come his deficit. there -- clinton is stepping up her game thanking iowa for giving her the edge over sanders. >> as i stand here breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. i want you to know i will keep
7:30 am
doing what i have done my entire life. i will be standing up for you. i will keep fighting for you. i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in. >> and on the the republican side record breaking turn out ted cruz beating tennessee -- beat donald trump. . 28%-24%. oil is 66 -- the mar sket lower in -- the market is mostly lower. we have 10.5% not good. we have a sharp loss from bp.
7:31 am
the dax in germany all down between 1-2%. after china's central bank injected more cash in the financial system, the rest of the market in asia mostly lower. back to the morning's top story. than is ted cruz celebrating victory in iowa last night. >> tonight, is a victory for the grass roots. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across this great nation. >> the winners of the night ted cruz and hillary clinton. we want to bring an outsider eyes the to president obama, robert wolfe. also we want bring in newt
7:32 am
gingrich. >> great to be here. >> good to see you. who won last night? >> i think hillary is a winner because with democrats, iowa matters. gore, won, obama won and now hillary won. and cruz over cane and tough words over trump. rubio showed himself to be an establishment. debate mattered. oh those who came late as republicans voted rubio and trump didn't get near hi as many. than would be my big four. >> newt, what do you think about that? you to believe that trump skipping that debate gave rubio a chance to shine. >> i said last week when he was making that decision. it created a vacuum. marco rubio filled it. it slowed the momentum. ted cruz deserves a lot of credit.
7:33 am
when trump did not go to that debate. i think the deanyone the register, a headline the headline thought he would be hurt. ted cruz fought back. he had his base. he turned it out. it's a very big victory for cruz and gives him a lot of momentum going in to south carolina in the super tuesday. i think rubio now is head and shoulders the main stream candidate at ternive and if somebody -- alternative, you will see a three-way race. i saw before the results you tweeted out that it would have ban cat -- catastrophic night. i am assuming the opposite is a huge win. >> it's fair to say that she has by the skin of her teeth. >> a win is a win. >> one t democrats refuse to are
7:34 am
release their vote totals so all you get are these delegate totals. you have no idea if bernie got more votes than she did. two, in a number of precincts they flipped a down pick the last delegate. she probably won them. >> i know how smart the speaker is. i'll say if we were only looking at popular vote and not delegates, then we know gore would have been president over bush because he won by 50,000 popular votes. secretary clinton had 29, bernie sanders 22. you would rather leave the iowa with 29 than 22. this is an important race for the secretary. everybody said if she doesn't win then she must do well in south carolina and nevada. i think it will be much more clear sailing. >> how scary was that for the team, robert?
7:35 am
when you are looking at the votes and momentum that bernie sanders had, what was going on last night? i think it would have been a tough morning to come on today. i'm happy i'm coming on with a win. i think bernie is way to far left for me. i think we should be more in the center. >> you say this proves that the american people or those voted in iowa wants to see more obama president. >> i did. 56% of democrats want obama's policy to continue. that was important. i think as the speaker said s secretary clinton learned from '08. she had 1,681 captains in every precinct in iowa. the in different than what the speaker said about cruz. >> zero percent of the
7:36 am
republicans who wanted want to see the continuation of the policies. if you blend the two together it's a smaller number. second, this is the largest republican turnout in history. this is clear lay 50% increase in a republican turn out over 2012 and i think that is very well for the republican party. >> good point. >> when obama ran it was over 240,000. so this year the republicans have won 85,000. they beat the first time in a long time the democrats. >> can cruz win a general election? >> sure. i think if the choice is four nor years of obama in the supreme court and the policies and confuse that hillary had as secretary of state the democrats are going to lose.
7:37 am
i think trump or rubio can win. >> i think as a democrat we would love to see a hillary versus cruz. >> more so than hillary/trump? >> i would welcome either. i think of the three candidates, i think the establishment lane is always tougher one. i think the country is not far left nor far right. >> we have new hampshire next week then south carolina. >> it tells you how much trump has changed things. marco rubio was the tea party candidate for the u.s. senate against the establishment former governor and won the seat as a tea party candidate. for marco to be the main stream candidate tells you how far things have changed. >> come on, now. >> so schumer lined up with him. >> they are on the same side. >> in the general election that
7:38 am
will not hurt rubio. he has to get to the mom facing but will not hurt him. >> i don't think this plays in to new hampshire. you have been there with the whole momentum game. how does this look for the republican side going in to new hampshire? how much has cruz hurt by losing this. two, does anybody tells e stpherpblg if bush can't e emerge, this is going to be a three-person race going into south carolina. >> are you expecting huckabee to support trump or cruz? >> i have no idea. mike is a very broad-based guy. under some circumstances the he would go for rubio. in many ways on issues on social security or caring for people.
7:39 am
>> you can't have a repeat in new hampshire. what is the clinton camp now going in new hampshire. >> i think she will close the gap going in new hamshire. i think the gap will be closed. we could see a surprise like we did 8 years ago when the secretary beat obama. i think for super tuesday, i think it's going to be a strong month for the secretary. >> hillary should spent next month whistling dixie. she will not win. >> south carolina is going to be a good one. >> robert, newt gingrich, thank you very much. >> coming up, it's lebron james
7:40 am
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welcome back. the zika virus has spread so fast that the world health organizations that declared a global emergency. >> that's right. the virus has been linked to berth defects in the americas and the world health organization declaring the virus an extraordinary event. it. poses a public health threat to the world. a doctor took a rare step despite the rare evidence proving the virus is causing a surge of babies born with bane defects. >> a video company getting hit over a depiction of tattoos of kobe bryant. they should paint damages for
7:45 am
incorporateing 8 tattoo designs which it licensed from various arters. the mayers wear them. >> and new york times square is going cat crazy. starting at 11:5 7:00 p.m. every night. 15 billboards are will show a video of a white cat drinking milk. it all starts night for the entire month of february. the video is actually part of a times square of midnight moment series and the see -- i'm a cat person, last month it was dog video. >> where are the puppies? >> last month. >> thank you. corporate earnings driving the action for the stock market. another still thrar quarter google surpassed apple as the biggest trading company in the world. the stock is getting bigger. investors now shifting focus to yahoo! . want to bring in managing
7:46 am
director tony dwyer now. sit all about earnings? oil? or central banks around the world? >> all of above. for example, you look at earnings, they are negative. but you remove energy and all of a sunday, the financials are positive. i think that's where i diverge from some of the bears that are out there is to get a lower market you u need a recession. in a recession you need financials to really do poorly then that's where your earnings leverage is going to be. this the financial stop lending which your interviews have suggested say this are not. they are okay from the broad credit spectrum. >> there are some expect taeugs that we could see a recession this year. >> were are in an industrial recession. you can't tell anybody in houston you not looking at a recession. let's date back to 1986.
7:47 am
you had a 69% drop in oil because saudi arabia announced that they will not with the -- will not be the swing factor. oklahoma and texas went from single unemployment rates to double digit and the market went down 15%. it looked like you were rolling over after that huge rally. so, what do we get out of that? we had a commercial real estate bubble which ended up becoming a bubble in five years. >> if you look at what every pension fund in the country is doing, they are moving none commercial real estate. if there is a bubble going anywhere it's going in private equity as well as commercial real estate. >> if you had that could cause the recession and given the numbers that we've stphaoepb -- that we seen in december. income growth has outpaced spending, did that not worry you?
7:48 am
>> it does. it found the nominal disposal personal income is underestimated by 8.4% per year. way they calculate data is insane. they have a 1965 on thousand do the household employment report. in 2011 when the market is way worse, 30% t s&p 500 down 20%, why didn't we go in a recession? >> so people aren't spending their money. they are saving their money. what that means, is that's a shock absorber, people have more saving to draw down on if there is some kind of shock. i don't think the economy keeps going very fast because of the oil prices are declining. it gives what we've got some sustain ability. >> i agree on that. there are some bright spots there. >> our investment team for this
7:49 am
cycle has been and continues to be at this point, you want to be exposed to household formation. there's been a shortage of household formation for those who went back to their parents with two kids in the basement. >> now we want to go to household formation? >> why is there a real estate bust coming? >> what creates household formation, you back to home ownership rate, you are back to the lows. >> i was 25 years old. i was dehr*eubg -- -- i had no intention on building a family or household. that changed when i met my wife. >> you come a long way, baby. i feel yeah. >> great to see you. >> great to see you, maria. >> hillary clinton came out
7:50 am
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welcome back. crude oil down 3%. oil giant down bp after the company reported its worst annual loss in 20 years. the group in chicago. i guess this is one of the first big energy names to come out. are we going to see more energy names given the price of oil pill? we are. there's going to be nor doom and gloom. when their company falls 91%.
7:54 am
you know there's more pain to come. we got a downgrade yesterday on s&p 500 yesterday and they will put 15 others in a negative energy watch. not only is bp talking about coming in the another 3,000 jobs on top of another 4,000 that they cut last quarter. we are also talking about countrys the around the globe that are running out of money. producers don't have much cash and it's taken its toll. >> it has. thank you. the head turning story of the morning using coin flips to determine whether hillary clinton or bernie sanders won delegates due questions of missing votes. the odds of winning a coin toss are 50/50 but the tosses to come out six times in a row is one in 64.
7:55 am
this is an odd way to make that call. what are your thoughts? >> i think it was two-headed coin. there had to be a better way to settle this. they could have had a dance off. that would have been awesome. can you imagine? >> that's qualitative not juan juan. >> the wall street guy wants to attach it. >> how ridiculous that everything is about science. coin tosses as well. there are interesting odds there. i'm wondering who oversaw that. >> i'm wondering how close this race was. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i think they want see the bernie keep pho*epb momentum. i want to see him on snl.
7:56 am
>> the price of his hiv drugs up 5,000%. i will sit down with him. in an interview you don't want the miss. join us nor exclusive coming up. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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7:59 am
good tuesday morning. your top storiess this morning at 8:00 on the east coast. the iowa caucuss are in the books. hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders. it's the iowa democratic party. based on the the statement from the party there were not delegates up for grabs for san sanders to over come his deficit. part of her winning may be due good luck. winning six coin tosses.
8:00 am
nasdaq also weaker and part of it is oil. oil weighing on markets once again it's at a one-week low of $30.83 a barrel. we will continue to see the price of toil reverb rate across the whole. one of his drug companies. only toll raise the price of that drug by more than 5,000% overnight. martin more has been arrested for securities fraud. he has been invested on price gouging. more will be headed to court talking about price gouging.
8:01 am
first he joins me in the studio for a fox exclusive. martin thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm happy you're here. let's begin on these charges. you are under criminal investigation for securities fraud. what can you say? >> we made a statement. that refruits the charges. the government alleged a ponsey scheme. all my investors were very successful and usually a scheme someone loses money and the government can't find that. that part of the scheme. we think their charged are baseless and we will be victorious. >> so you went back and looked at different fraud case and you said that the guidelines are related to profits that people made. >> that's right. >> you didn't make any money so where's the money. >> i didn't receive any
8:02 am
compensation in my thepblg fund. i feel -- any hedge fund. my attorneys feel it's a strong coincidence that it comes on the eve of the price increase. >> when you joined me here at the end of last year we talked about this. i was reading an article in news week. they are calling you the most hated man for raising the drug price of that hiv drug by more than 5,000%. why did you raise prices like that? >> to address the most hated man thing, on the walk here i had people stop me for autographs and selfies. at least not in new york city. i raised the drug price far number of reasons. this drug was a very inexpensive drug compared to its peers. a lot like the zika virus. now it's a higher price our pharmaceuticals the company i worked out and founded and ceo of that company can afford to
8:03 am
research the same way that we need new drug for zika. we need a new drug. >> this is what you were trying to create for pharmaceuticals become this specialty company by looking at some of these diseases where others are not focused on. >> there's two or three dozen of these diseases that there's little attention. in the last year we had two major out breaks of ebola and zika. i don't think we sthoupld wait far third or fourth or fifth and while people are dying and far drug company to come in and fill these illnesses. than price has to be high because the cases are so small. we cannot let these small cases become out breaks. >> you say these charges about security us fraud are all about the government being upset with you -- >> i can't comment anymore about the case. i said what i had to say. i this i the charges are meritless an we will be in victorious in court. i will threat courtroom speak
8:04 am
for itself. >> you going to the courtroom. >> i'll go to congress on thursday and i will be taking the 5th amendment. i signed is an affidavit sayingvy nothing to say at congress. i will stick to that. i think it's ridiculous that they would force me to be there in person when i have stated thatty will be taking the 5th. i think it's ton ethical. manual states it's unethical and subpoena to hear them take the 5th. i think it's some congress who wants to get some votes off my name. >> you think it's unethical to drag your butt but you don't think it's unethical to raise the drug. >> only 2,000 people need it and at the end of the day this is medicine that is very affordable. we made it very affordable. 60%-70% is given away for free.
8:05 am
this is a drug that cost less in its peer group now. it bends over backwards to make sure that drug was affordable and newer have being done. what congress is doing is a fly embarrass me. >> you have been quoted as saying if anybody is patient or a hospital needed a drug at a lower cost you can arrange a special one-time discount. >> absolutely. >> did anybody take advantage of that? >> a huge number of discounts. 60%-70% giveen away. vy never seen this discounting and free drug give away. it's like buying a car. there's a discounted price as well. >> since we spoke last time i was able to speak to a number of ceos an health care professionals all who agree with your free market talk. i'm a free market person.
8:06 am
and if you need to see sr*eupbsments in this so you find the drugs that you need for zika and then you need to have investors believe they can make money on it. however, even though they don't believe that, they also have profits here. >> that's up to them. vy done more research than most of these companies all returning profits. go back in to research. i am not with the company anymore as you know. those companies can't stay same thing. >> what you need do to get public to buy into this? throughout all of this you have been on cover mag magazines, as the bad guy for raising price an right after that you get this securities fraud allegation and the criminal investigation, you said to me, maybe i was a little snaryy. my new strategy is to pick
8:07 am
fights request rapers. the world is changing their mind about me. there have been positive interviews. i think the tide is swinging from this is a bad guy to people understanding who i am maybe it's the government who is starting to beat up on me a little too hard. >> i want to get to the rap per thing in a minute. that was funny, a little bizarre. you have a new legal team. this place. we want to break that news here. i know this is a lawyer who is very well known. >> i announced that i was replacing any legal team. my former team did a tremendous job talking about these allegations. they decided to proceed without warning, i have hired ben bratman to represent me going forward and i'm very excited about that. >> this is the man who represented shawn "puffy" combs. what will he do stkpheuf.
8:08 am
>> i think his track reskord impeccable. i think we will put four best foot forward and we have a very good case to make and i think we will win. >> you think that because the raising of the price of the aids drug that it left a bad taste of peoples drug and started looking at your life closer. >> i can't speculate. our official statement -- we definitely find the timing not a coincidence. >> let me get tot the rap part of the story. this a video obtained by tmz you threatened to erase part of a hip-hop album that you purchased for $2 million-dollars. >> don't ever say -- without me
8:09 am
you're nothing. >> when did you do that video stp. >> it was few days ago. >> can you tell us about the conflict with wu tang klan member. ghost face killa. >> mr. killa and i have exchanged some words. this was a one oh of a kind album purchased for $2 million-dollars. it with us the most expensive album ever purchased in the history of recordings. it was to bring a new narrative to the music they have music important and you steen taylor swift pull back for streaming service. music is so important. there's a big part of apple based on music. for me highlighting this piece of music as important is important and part of that comes with a narrative and it's important for people to watch and see and a lot of bravado and fighting in it.
8:10 am
it's a big part of the rap culture. >> in the middle of eufr thing you are going through to do this video it seems a little bizarre. >> i think anyone watching the video understands that it's certainly more than a little more tongue and cheek and this the planned well in advance of everything that was planned. i hope mr. killa and i can reserve our differences. >> have you haeurd from ghost face killa at this point? >> i heard some rumblings that he could be releasing a statement shortly. >> what would you like to see happen with him? >> i expect him to apologize. i'm a businessman and willing to compromise and perhaps shake on it. i have a lot of respect for him as an artist but he had some disparaging things to say about me which i don't agree with.
8:11 am
we are both new york city natives, i think he will wiseen up and decide that i'm not such a bad guy either. >> and not afraid to get involved. this is like a serious group that is out to to get you. >> i think he should be afraid. >> what are you going to do? >> that's all i will this say. >> he should be afraid of you. >> that's not a threat. like said rap music is very tongue and cheek here. there is a big part of rap music about people fighting with each other. got into a fight with a rapper and we have seen the mayor of toronto get involved with drinks music. rap is more through our culture. people love it and people love the excitement and the bravdo. i'm doing my part. >> tell me what your plans are going forward. you will take the 5th when you go to congress. what are you going to be talking about when you get there this week to congress?
8:12 am
if you take the 5th. >> i will not say anything other than 5th amendment. they can ask me anything. >> what about price gougeing? >> i can't talk about it. there is basic defense lawyer council. as you know i'm not a shy person. i would love to talk to congress. i would insult them and try have a discussion. i would do it behind closed doors under immunety. they just want this to be a circus. >> they want you in front of the cameras. >> that's it. >> we talk about the diseases and what you were trying to do by turning pharmaceuticals, there are 50 diseases that are unmet. what you tell people about your moral responsibilities. i understand you are a ceo and want to run public companies. you have to get best price for product. what about the moral responsibility that you have to make sure that you make available the drugs that people
8:13 am
need. >> they do that. they bend over backwards and do it better than big pharma. they don't know that they have these drugs. as you look at more responsibilities, the responsibility rests on our stroeu have drugs on z k*eu a and ebola before the out break not after. after is too late. you had enough people die. and those diseases i know they are working on three or on them to come up with new drugs for the next decade. >> have you seen more increase? es. >> phizer raised drugs. their drugs are so large that their price increases are bigger than the ones we took. the average consumer and employee rather than our price increase does. >> you have a horse in the race in terms of the white house? here were in the day after aye
8:14 am
are you supporting anybody? >> i will probably lean to the right a little bit but i like a lot of things that bernie sanders is saying. he is a specific focus on mental health that i haven't seen any other candidate mention. that's close the to my life and my family and the company they was venturing in has a number of mental health drugs. i'm excited to hear bernie talk about that. >> i am not feeling the bern. i think his economic policys are crazy. i think he's an authentic guy. >> what about trump? >> i don't know. i watched the steven roast with him. i'm not so sure he's an authentic as we think. i'm not a big trump fan. i haven't found a candidate that i love. i found pieces of bernie i like. there's pieces of some of the republicans i like. it would be nice if you can take the best of them and put them in
8:15 am
one person. that's politics. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. martin more there and we will be right back. . ♪
8:16 am
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learn more at appointments available now. welcome back. two presidential candidates calling it quits after testify caucus in iowa. >> form arkansas governor mike huckabee dropping out of the race in the wake of poor showing in the iowa caucuss. on the democratic side martin o'malleyly suspended his campaign as well. so, well the nfl striking the deal thursday night football rights between cbs and nbc for the next two seasons. for the past two seasons, cbs had sole rights to an 8-game package which will simulcast to the network. they can each pay $225 million-dollars to carry five games each. finally, sit ground hog day and
8:19 am
yes in the last hour punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. signals that we will jump start the spring season early. the last time he successfully predicted the weather was 2014 two years go. he did see his shadow. the last successful prediction back in 1999. i hope he was right and actually as we saw here live on the show. people gathering here in punxsutanwney, pennsylvania. that's good. spring coming. thank you. >> cruz, trump, rubio finishing one, two, three in iowa. with new hampshire a week a way. which party can crash it out. that's next. stay with us
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:23 am
>> welcome back. the first votes have been cast and with democrats in iowa, jo ling kent. jo: they're landing from iowa with hours after the caucus results coming in and suddenly, the spotlight is on the first of the nation primary. here is what some candidates had to say in des moines last night. >> iowa, thank you so much, we will never forget you. we will see you soon again and new hampshire, we will see you in the morning. >> new hampshire, we love new hampshire, we love south carolina. tonight and tomorrow afternoon we'll be in new hampshire and that will be something special.
8:24 am
>> i'm getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night to new hampshire to knock on doors and sit down and visit with people to ask for their suppo support. jo: senator ted cruz has a victory notch on his belt in iowa, of course, new hampshire is a totally different story. he faces donald trump who is winning the latest wmur poll at 30 points and comes in at just 12 and the infrastructure here for ted cruz is a little different as well. less evangelical and his ground game was weaker here, spent less time than in iowa, an uphill battle. the candidates that we focus on today, jeb bush, governor with kasich and governor christie. these guys spent most of the time in new hampshire hoping to eke out a win through south carolina and florida as well. we'll watch them campaigning in the last seven days of the vote. maria: thank you very much.
8:25 am
jo ling kent in new hampshire. meghan mccain is joining the conversation. good to see you. >> good morning. maria: any surprises out of new hampshire? >> yes because new hampshire, first of all, i'd like to say i feel validated you cannot trust all the polls all the time and new hampshire traditionally they're live free or die state people who take their vote as first in the nation primary status seriously. anything can happen. donald trump is going to visit and a wounded animal now. marco rubio has a lot of time and momentum to get back up and anything can happen in new hampshire. i want today pop champagne, donald trump's loss, a big loser this morning. >> what came out of iowa, what other-- >> you didn't laugh at my joke at all. >> i'm sorry. maria: don't feel bad. no energy in the speech. dagen: last time i tweeted, no tweeting. >> no tweeting, his speech, he was a lot more humble than i expected him to be. have no doubt.
8:26 am
as someone who has petitioned a campaign on the ultimate winner and anything other than winner is a huge loser, this is a big blow to donald trump. >> if he wins new hampshire, the narrative changes all over again. >> the narrative does change, but again, the ground game in the south, you're talking about southern voters, this still may end up being a battle ground going into nevada and obviously super tuesday. and i also think, you know, my father. in the year 2000, thought he would lose and ended up beating bush by 10 points. never underestimate the people of new hampshire. they want one-on-one, personal interaction and donald trump doesn't have the same ground game the other candidates do. and last night i felt validated. ted cruz had the ultimate ground game and when you're blowing off debates and idiots, how stupid are the people of iowa, and these matter and-- >> it's partly he missed the debate? >> completely.
8:27 am
everything happened in the 11th hour. it looks like you're above it all. you cannot tweet your way to the white house. and i still believe that. >> who else in new hampshire? >> kasich's numbers are stronger than people realize. i think that marco rubio has the opportunity. i for one because jeb bush is clearly not going to win anything, i'd like jeb bush to pull back attack ads on marco rubio, i do not want donald trump or ted cruz. if jeb bush wants the good of the whole, he would do that. maria: what about hillary? >> like selena miers, i can't believes they're voting for me, history all over again. and bernie is going to go and smoke her in new hampshire and i'm going to laugh all night doing it and he could end up being the nominee, and he could end up being the nominee and i hope because he's way easier to beat than she is.
8:28 am
maria: as we take a break, check out the kid pulled by a quad copter, not exactly breaking speed records, but you get the idea. drones, new usage for them. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got insurance savvy you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please?
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and click to activate your within. ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ >> welcome back with the iowa caucuses in the books. what does the fallout mean for the rest? jeff flock has the latest, good morning to you. >> finally getting that storm that we were supposed to get during the caucus yesterday. it's now kind of blowing in here as perhaps you can tell, maria. she is the centennial bridge
8:32 am
back there that leads from iowa to the east where the campaign now moves, but first, take a look at what happened last night. first on the democratic side, maybe that's a bigger surprise, how close that race was. essentially, hillary clinton and bernie sanders winding up with the same number of delegates when you come out of iowa. the race was so close, back with the newspaper, the quad city times, the results didn't make it into the newspaper this morning. >> and how can bernie sanders do it? it was largely younger voters. specifically here in this county, scott county, iowa in the eastern part of the state, he did very well here. also doing well here was marco rubio. he actually won this county and maybe he's the headline on the republican side how well he did. even though ted cruz was the winner and donald trump the surprising number two finisher. as we said this county went big
8:33 am
for mitt romney four years ago and went well for the moderates this time. they all head out of iowa now as we said and that storm was supposed to hold down turnout. not so. ted cruz got more votes than any republican has ever gotten in an iowa caucus, a huge turnout here in iowa and now it heads to the east over that bridge. i think they left on planes, actually, not on the bridge. [laughter] >> you'll be happy to know we saw the ground hogs earlier and apparently we're not in for a longer winter. >> absolutely. maria: there you go, although the storm is certainly in iowa. thank you very much, jeff flock. i want to bring in the former ceo of best buy, brad anderson. i want to ask you about a candidate on either side of the aisle that appeals to your business sense. we talk about the economy and most people admit the macro story was slower than thought in 2015 from your world, best buy. >> i strongly agree in terms of
8:34 am
the climate in terms of so many industries. it's driven by very soft retail client and we've got to get some kind of real stimulation in terms of consumer spending, to really start to accelerate this. maria: and everybody was predicting we'd see it because oil prices are where they are. >> and last fall, it looked like it, it was picking up last fall and then boom, the holiday season was-- >> not spending the money. which candidate has the best plan for the economy to get the needle on growth and move things again. >> you've got everybody candidate talking about growth and essentially the same themes in terms of opening up the economy, making it easier for businesses to operate, tax reform. i mean, now, whether tangbly as you get into it, it's hard to do a lot of the programs, but i think you've got-- and you have the polar opposite on the democratic side. it's completely different solutions. maria: so do i hear you say the candidates on the right? >> my candidate tends to be on the center, center right. and i particularly like the
8:35 am
guys who aren't doing well, the governors, because they basically have a lot of experience in terms of knowing how to get something done in terms of the government system. maria: dagen, the reason i ask, we that hillary clinton wants to raise taxes by over a trillion dollars and bernie sanders 1.6 of trillion. and how are the tax increases going to hit the consumers. dagen: you used the word stimulation, every time i hear that i think government. when people think about stimulating the consumer, you're not talking government, are you? >>. dagen: government spending. you don't like what barack obama has done, he didn't do more of it, we're going to take your money because the government knows better and give you free stuff. >> that's going to look like the stimulation france has had. i don't understand if because it hasn't worked over and over again around the world. >> you're talking less government and maybe tax cuts? is that what you're looking for?
8:36 am
>> yeah i think to some extent what clinton did in the '90s, was smart. we didn't run up giant deficit and we did control federal spending so you had a kind of good business base to be able to move very fast. not what hillary is running on. maria: that's not what hillary is running on. bernie is pushing her to the left and she's doing there. >> bernie pushed her to the left. and do you think if hillary wins the nomination, and the republican side saying, here comes the general election, do you think she moves back to the center here? >> no. >> you don't think she does? >> it's walled off. i think there's so much language there, and difficult for her and she's going to lose-- the bases moved so far apart from each other she's going to lose tremendous energy with the base. >> it's an important point, because bankers are hearing privately that hillary is not going to do everything she says she's going to do for business. we know her platform, what she's been telling the country, she's going to hold insurance companies to account and make
8:37 am
sure drug prices don't get too high, that they're going to be affordable, and rein in wall street. bankers say they're hearing privately she's not going to do any of this. >> she understands-- well evidence historically she understands the engine of growth in the economy. and all of these things would be toxic to the growth of the economy. i understand politically why she's got to get into this box, but i'm surprised as far as-- >> i heard something hysterical on tv, it was a man talking-- a donald trump supporter who said, i have to pars what trump says and interpret it for my wife. i have to read between the lines to explain to her that, oh, well, he doesn't really mean a 45% tariff on china, he doesn't really. he really-- this is what he's trying to say. is that where we are? 'cause it's the same with hillary and trump, that we have to guess what they're really going to do if they got elected. maria: i don't think she's
8:38 am
going to do anything of it. exactly what she says she's going to do. this is exactly with president obama and he said all of this stuff and everybody said he's not going to do any of it, but he did every single thing he promised. i think she's going to. what do you think. >> i think it's a problem when young people think that socialism is the same thing as social media. they're so removed from the cold war, they don't understand what socialism really means. >> you're right. >> and i know someone who thought it had something to do with social media. i'm sorry, i love you, but really. why do you think-- and i'm not saying her name. [laughter] great! >> when you hear that socialism is so popular with young people, what do you think that's indicative of in the united states right now? >> i think the amazing thing is they write to lose that argument with the young people. it's an argument we want a big state that controls what we do and limits what our options are and make sure it sort of sets
8:39 am
our future in motion at its control and i can't see anything in the experience that makes that attractive. it's certainly, i was an old socialist when i was that age so i guess i can understand it. >> what? >> but makes no sense to me. maria: as a business executive, what does business want to see from the next president in order to actually see economic growth? >> it needs -- it needs to see, first, loosening up regulation and trying to side with, first of all, i would try to side with destabilizing-- growth comes from taking things and moving the economy in a new fresh area and especially with the technology change that we have. i'd like to see emphasis on trying to at least, instead of putting the weight against somebody who is trying to do something different. put the weight on the side of somebody who is trying to do something different. maria: thank you for joining us. exxonmobil reported earnings a moment ago and better than expected. how about that. dagen: get down.
8:40 am
maria: 59.8 billion versus earnings 67 cents versus 63. dagen: as we learned in iowa it's all about expectations. maria: don't forget, mornings with maria starts every weekday at 6 a.m. eastern. before we take a break, take a look at some of the best moments you may have missed earlier in the program. >> it's up, but he's not inevitable. the numbers may not be as good for him as he thinks. i think it's going to come down to how well rubio does. dagen: i'm not, i'm trying to-- >> we'll see if it's the performance at the last debate, dagen mcdowell, everybody is talking about it this morning. here is the cover of the new york post, cruz-phied, cruz missile. >> you have to say missing the debate hurt him. the conclusion was if you skip a debate and you win, it's irrelevant, right, you can't care. but if you skip a debate and lose, you have to say that you
8:41 am
made a mistake skipping that debate. >> and flipping the coin. >> in a number of precincts, they flipped a coin to pick the delegate, i think she won that. >> how smart the speaker is, if you look at popular votes, gore would have been over president bush because he won by 50,000 popular votes. >> can you tell us about the conflict with woo tang crew ghost killa. >> it's a one of a find album purchased for $2 million. it's the most expensive piece of music ever purchased in the history of recordings.
8:42 am
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>> welcome back. former ceo he's testifying before congress. cheryl: had a was a headline making interview, and here is what he said about the current security fraud case. >> obviously, i think that i'm innocent and not guilty, so forth. the government alleges a so-called ponzi scheme. despite that all of my investors were very successful in the funds and usually in ponzi schemes somebody loses money and the government can't find that part of the so-called scheme.
8:46 am
so we think that the charges are baseless and meritless. >> he plans to take the fifth before he goes before congress, that's on thursday. well, donald trump releasing some new information showing that the billionaire has finally begun using his fortune to fund his campaign. so far the total amount spent on trump's campaign totals $19 million and of that, $470,000 was spent on those make america great again hats that you see him wearing along with a lot of other people. and the campaign pays $10 each for the hats, that means there are 47,000 of the hats out there. finally, chris martin joining comedian james corden on the car pool karaoke. the cold play man hitches a ride in the bay area where his band is performing at the super bowl. these are really popular, like very, very popular. jamming.
8:47 am
and that's going to air tonight and gearing up for the intoet and the halftime show coming up. maria: as are we. and move over apple, alphabet is now the world's most valuable publicly traded company. and 565 billion dollars, that tops apple's 539 billion in market value, ending apple's nearly four and a half year number rein. the quarterly results beat, and the company released the profitable of google search engine and other on-line services for the first time, along with how much it's spending on other projects, such as self-driving cars. michael block, a huge win here for google parent alphabet. the stock is going to open up. >> we've seen some mixed results from high flying stocks. amazon after a strong quarter last time didn't do so well. what's exciting about alphabet. in addition to the growth you talked about, maria, a
8:48 am
cost-cutting story. when you look at 2013 versus 2014, spending more on real estate procurement and the cfo has done a great job. she's a rock star in this industry overall. that's a big part of the story. once again, you have some really good stories coming on here and it doesn't apply to the rest of tech. more money crowding into the few stocks, maybe now it's fn and g. amazon and-- >> doesn't that make you nervous though? >> very nervous. >> all of this ownership concentrated on fewer names. >> that's where i was going with that. >> i think that investors can use good news after january they had and this is oxygen-- >> alphabet has a good template. they're in the right places and it's a cost cutting story. can others replicate that? that's the wall we have a climb here. >> the other thing is the tech stocks got sold. last year's winner got sold at
8:49 am
the beginning of this year. this wasn't about the economy, the stock market selloff in january wasn't about the economy, it was portfolio shuffling. this could get them reoriented with buying. >> remove the scare from that. when we had a selloff like this january and last summer, it makes them say, you know what, if everything is going to be okay, i need to take this opportunity, a great opportunity to own the stocks. august could be a great tactical opportunity to own the stocks. amazon one quarter abberation, things are going to pay off. you want to own stocks like alphabet, it could be a good-- >> talking about this, maria, people's bank of china was out putting more liquidity into the market. central banks all over the world are back into fueling the fire of the stock market. maria: that's why the shanghai composite was up last week. bank of japan goes negative on rates. >> it's hard to see the fed raising rates in march when the other central banks are-- >> it's not going to happen. >> throwing more booze at us
8:50 am
and we're still hungover. it's hair of the dog, i don't buy it. maria: and energy companies feeling the heat from low prices. exxonmobil reported better than expected revenue. we'll report the earnings next. before we go to break, the chinese national space administration released high resolution pictures of the moon's surface, taken by the lunar rover, it's the first time the chinese have released these images to the public. ♪
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>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange, stocks have been looking under pressure this morning, oil pulling back and weighing on some of the energy stocks. dow futures down 144. s&p futures down, and we did get some oil names reporting quarterly numbers, bp, worst annual loss in over 20 years, loss of 6 1/2 billion and announcing thousands of jobs cuts. probably 3,000, 4,000 jobs cuts. and exxonmobil tumbled 58%, smaller than feared, but it's the first time a profit below a billion since 2002. that puts them under pressure as well. you'll see alphabet to the upside. much more with mornings with maria after the break. is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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>> welcome back, we're talking about hip-hop this morning.
8:58 am
maria: come on, killa, come on. dagen: you are cool, never any doubt about it. joey ramon wrote a song about her. doesn't get any cooler. maria: thank you very much. and how cool! final thoughts, we've got the jobs numbers out and starting to take a hard right. >> and how are we going-- >> the jobs numbers are out on friday. >> car sales today. let's not get ahead of ourselves, the car sales numbers are coming out and that's going to tell us about the consumer. i'm interesting in whether you're getting a response to the tweet. maria: waiting for ghost face killa. >> we're talking about why the album is not released to everyone. and the if fbi-- wycliff i think would definitely come on to talk to you. maria: that's the one question, is he going to be able to keep the album. >> i hope not. dagen: and to pivot back to
8:59 am
politics, marco rubio needs to play hip-hop and edm when he is making a speech. 'cause last night he was playing some country music song and i was like, you need to-- >> i don't think that's his-- the audience. >> hip-hop and edm fan. >> and on jimmy fallon and phone parties are racy and made me like him more. dagen: in miami and vegas, of course he likes them. >> i won't go to phone parties and will go to parties. >> this morning, michael. >> we had a big job on friday and we're in earnings seasons and let's see on friday if we get wages up and makes everyone excited and who knows, and i'm skeptical and we'll see. maria: taking the show on the road. always a pleasure, john hilsenrath, dagen mcdowell, michael block and meghan mccain. and tomorrow we'll sit down
9:00 am
with former congressman darrell issa and donald rumsfeld, you starts at 6:00. and you never know what's going to happen. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you. maria: are you cool. stuart: am i what? don: cool. stuart: born cool, baby. maria: we're talking hip-hop. i don't of to ask you, i know you're cool! . [laughter] >> thank you, maria. [laughter] how is this for analysis, trump lost, hillary lucky in a virtual tie. rubio has the momentum of a winner. the pollsters got it wrong again. how about all of that. maybe he should have shown up at the debate he was 6,000 votes behind ted cruz for the republicans. hillary clinton 49.9%, bernie sanders, 49.5. and she only won the delegates because of six coin toss winds.


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