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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 2, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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with former congressman darrell issa and donald rumsfeld, you starts at 6:00. and you never know what's going to happen. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you. maria: are you cool. stuart: am i what? don: cool. stuart: born cool, baby. maria: we're talking hip-hop. i don't of to ask you, i know you're cool! . [laughter] >> thank you, maria. [laughter] how is this for analysis, trump lost, hillary lucky in a virtual tie. rubio has the momentum of a winner. the pollsters got it wrong again. how about all of that. maybe he should have shown up at the debate he was 6,000 votes behind ted cruz for the republicans. hillary clinton 49.9%, bernie sanders, 49.5. and she only won the delegates because of six coin toss winds.
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that was not a resounding victory. marco rubio came in third, but he's getting a lot of attention this mornings, he beat expectations and he has momentum going into new hampshire. is he the moderate who unites the republicans and maybe the country? big winner, in my opinion, democracy. huge turnout. voters are engaged. do not bury this business headline. alphabet formerly known as google is now the most valuable company in the world, move over apple. yes, it's a very big day. another one. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ put your little hand in mine, there are mountains we can climb ♪ ♪ babe, i got you babe ♪
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>> that's sonny and cher, by the way, a song synonymous with groundhog day. by the way, phil, punxsutawney phil didn't see his shadow, that means an early spring. and the markets are doing the same thing day after day after day. and oil is down, stocks are down. read it and weep. we're down 157 going into the opening bell and crude is back to $30 per barrel. that's the markets. let's get to iowa, shall we? the results from last night, cruz won, trump second, rubio a very close third. next, ben carson, then rand paul and jeb bush, all the way down there. and then carly fiorina and john kasich and mike huckabee. by the way, huckabee dropped out. it's on to new hampshire for the rest of them kat is here. this is opinion on my part. i say that rubio has the momentum, the moderate guy who could unite the republicans and maybe the country.
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i say he emerged as the winner last night and you say what? >> i think so, too, but also, you have to keep in mind. someone like rubio talks about his faith a lot would do well in iowa a place where santorum won and huckabee won and cruz won, which is why, look, i've been saying since cruz surgeded he would win in iowa an and i know that trump said his favorite book was the bible, but he's supported partial birth abortion in the past. if you do well, people want to hop on the band wagon. stuart: and it's a moderate band wagon, i think. how trump. let's focus on him for a second. roll at that tape from last night. >> we finished second and i want to tell you issisomething,m honored, immateri ai'm honored t to congratulate ted and all the candidates. >> he's not exactly humble, but
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here is something else we're picking up, that the trump bubble is bursting. what do you say to that? >> i don't really know about that. the people here, i know we are-- >> like i said, in iowa i'm not surprised trump didn't win, i never thought he would win because the voters are religious and those are the important issues to them. i don't think that iowa will determine the rest of the race. and he lost something, my poll numbers are the best, i'm the winner. he didn't win. he didn't win. ashley: i think that trump not showing up for the final debate allowed marco rubio not to look so small when trump is on the stage and he picked up extra voters. >> everybody got a chance to talk more and talk about the actual issues. stuart: i think that rubio has the momentum going into new hampshire. ashley: yes. stuart: he's clearly got it. trump does not have the same momentum that he had before. >> no. stuart: because he came in second last night. >> and his whole thing is i'm a
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winner. stuart: look at me, look at me, i'm a winner. all right, perhaps lost in the rubio momentum as i'm calling it and the trump loss was the actual winner, ted cruz, roll that tape. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. stuart: all right, that was last night. rick tyler is with us right now. he's spokesman for the campaign. i want you to deal with dirty tricks with carson. and some said carson dropped out so vote for ted cruz. how do you respond to that challenge? >> some people on the campaign repeated what dr. carson said. after the iowa caucuses, he was going to florida and the
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national prayer breakfast in d.c. and that's a news worthy item he's not going to new hampshire and not going to south carolina. so things were repeated, but only repeated exactly what he said. there were no dirty tricks and the allegation is not true e okay. now, your guy, ted cruz, he won in iowa, but if you look back historically a lot-- >> and noted by your opening. stuart: a lot of the republicans who win in iowa do not go on to get the nomination. why should ted cruz break that mold? >> well, i tell you what, it's different than 2008, 2012 where the evangelical land was mostly open. we had a lot of competitors the single governor singled us out for defeat and three lobbying groups for reformed gasoline standard and ethanol lobby ran lots of ads against us and had the establishment come down on us and we had a lot of people competing in 0 your lane, but through that-- and the brash billionaire criticizing us and through that we won iowa, but the reason it's different is because we are organized not only here in
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new hampshire and also in south carolina, but also organized through the march 1st, march 8th and march 15th states. and we've raised $50 million and that comes from small donors, so that money will keep coming in and more cash on hand than governor christie, governor kasich, governor, jeb bush and marco rubio combined, 19 million, that's the difference. stuart: are you peeved and out of sorts because, look, this is my opinion, okay? i know you laugh, but it's my opinion, i think that marco rubio is getting a lot of attention even though your guy won last night. are you a bit upset about that? >> i'm not upset at all. this is a great day for celebration. we went into this race yesterday with the des moines register poll at 5 points down and we finished 3 points up over 6,000 votes over donald trump. i think that's a turn around and i think that's where the momentum is. by the way, stuart, you've got six candidates vying for the moderate vote here in new hampshire and only one conservative vying for the
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conservative vote. and the six realize and put together the pro gun, pro-life, pro growth groups into one group have gotten behind ted cruz and saying they're turning out the conservative vote for ted cruz. i'm looking to do well in new hampshire. i think we have a lot of momentum here. stuart: a fair point, rick tyler. thank you for joining us. get some sleep. >> appreciate it. stuart: a guy needs sleep. all right. i want to turn now the focus to the democrats. hillary clinton narrowly, and i mean narrowly edged out bernie sanders. remember, please that democrats in iowa do things differently. the overa you will winner is the candidate who receives the most state delegate equivalents. that's why we're not quoting actual votes cast. here is hillary what some thought was a premature victory lap. >> it's rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas, to really think hard about what
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the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. stuart: all right, i know you've been building up to this, pass judgment on the near tie for hillary. >> well, she was very excited about this. it's great to win, obviously, but the fact is, she was so excited about narrowly defeating bernie sanders, kind of shows that, i don't know that things are going as well as we expected. ashley: i think the ghosts of 2008 haunt the hillary campaign. by all analysis, she, bernie got 21 delegates, almost half with hillary and he needed 31 or more to keep up with her on a national basis and-- >> when he first got in the race do you expect he'd be doing well. she probably didn't either. stuart: i've heard some leading democrats suggest that hillary don't even compete in new hampshire because she's going to lose so badly. ashley: so far behind.
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stuart: that's something kat. >> never expected this with bernie sanders. 2008, she's not likeable. and putting bill back there like a weird cardboard figure. remember how likeable he is. . ashley: he looks old. >> looks old and she's a sexist. stuart: viewers and voters are engaged. let's get to business, a headline, google is going to be the stock of the day. but look at that, $40, straight up, making it the most valuable company in the world all over again, beating apple. tech watcher, rob is with us, what is the significance of google's win over apple? >> well, they're a near monopoly in the ad space on the internet and when you get to that much after power level. much like microsoft in the late 90's, you pretty much become untouchable. apple and google are different companies.
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apple is a product company that lives on success and success and hasn't had another hit since steve jobs has passed. you've got google, the equivalent of a massive trust fund based on when they first game to market. their other businesses haven't been successful, but they own so much of the internet and the internet is a power with regard to information and look at amazon, they're representative of the new wave of firms. the revenge of the dot-comes. google is a dot-com that made it and the only competition is facebook. stuart: google reminds me of amazon, they've got all of these experimental projects that may turn out to be moneymakers in the future. thinking drones, self-driving cars, all of that. >> robots. stuart: robots, thanks very much. i mean, that's all futuristic stuff which i guess is good for the company because some of them might pay off? >> exactly right.
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at the end. if you look at their spend on the new projects, spending nearly $5 billion and only making about half a billion in revenue off them right now with you they're o all on the horizon or over the horizon, if any of them kick in, it will create a monopoly. remember, rca and google is next in that frame work. when they came on the market, they were anti-microsoft and anti-monopoly and the end result they'res much monopoly as microsoft ever was. stuart: thank you. how about chipotle, it rally after the c.d.c., centers for disease control, said the e. coli breakout is over. the cause is not known. the c.d.c. says it could happen again. we'll deal with that. hillary clinton's win in iowa,
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a tiny fractional win is decided in some precincts by a coin toss. six times the coin was tossed, clinton won all six times, what are the odds? judge napolitano will pass judgment on this in a moment. that's unusual. >> if i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> how is this for an understatement? hillary clinton edges out bernie sanders. it was so close. but six of the caucuses were so close they had to be decided by a coin toss. would you believe this, hillary won all six. judge andrew napolitano is
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here. thanks. >> i don't know how you're going to put this. stuart: what a strict constitutionalist make of a coin toss to decide an election? >> a strict constitutionalist recognizes that the caucuses are run by the democratic party, which is a private entity. they are not run by the government and the democratic party can establish its own rules and those rules provide that for an insoluble tie will be broken by a coin toss. i say insoluble. you can haggle and try to get somebody to change your vote. it's not like you and i are accustomed to go to the voting booth. you argue with people and try to get people to change their mind. at some point where the mind changing is impractical, they flip a coin. unless you think those in iowa made up three months ago, a seat in the lower mississippi legislature came to a tie and it was decided by pulling a name out of a hat.
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stuart: where do you get this information from. >> i know these things because i never know what story you are going to assign to me. stuart: all right. tell us. [laughter] >> what are the odds of six times in a row, no, it wasn't six times in a row. six independent occasions, hillary winning all six. >> v. ashley: i'm not a mathematici mathematician, those are extreme-- >> if the odds are so extreme? >> i smell a political organization desperate for some sort of a victory. as kat pointed out she couldn't use the word victory last night when she gave that speech because she was uncertain about whether she would stay ahead. at the time she gave that speech she was head by 2/10 of 1% and now ahead by 4/10 of 1%. bernie sanders was behind her by 40 percentage points six months ago. what happened in those six
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months? the state department released evidence of her criminal behavior while she was secretary of state. stuart: you think that moving away from the coin toss issue, you think that her, say weak performance last night, was a direct result of the e-mails gathering on which you have been the point guy? >> i believe that and the most devastating information came out friday, just three days before the iowa caucus, which is a recognition by the state department itself that she had 22 top secret e-mails on the server after she had been saying for ten months she neither sent nor received anything of that category. stuart: extraordinary stuff. judge, come back in the next our or two. >> i have no idea what the assignment will be. stuart: hold your breath, lad. 2.6% down. ford down in january over january of last year. and the stock is going to be just a tad lower. that's it.
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jeb bush spending big in iowa, but he did not place in the top three. wait till you hear how much he had to spend for each vote that he won in iowa. meanwhile, dr. ben carson outraged over what he calls dirty tricks and lies. we've got more reaction to the iowa caucuses coming up for you. >> i was reasonably happy today until i, you know, discovered the dirty tricks that were going on. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> now hear this, apple fans. the company reportedly is planning several new products to launch this year. ashley. ashley: yes, at an event to be held on march 15th, reportedly they're going to unveil a new four-inch iphone, 5-se it's going to be called. it's going to have the small four inch screen and the power of a 6. and apparently bigger isn't always better with the bigger screen and ipad and band watches, not watch, but band options. opening a little lower. and dr. ben carson accusing ted cruz of foul play, roll tape. >> i was reasonably happy today until i, you know, discovered
9:25 am
the dirty tricks that were going on and people spreading rumors that i had dropped out and that people should caucus for somebody else. i mean, can you think that that is something that's acceptable? >> all right, that was ben carson. here is the headline from jeb bush. he spent $2800 per vote to win-- that he won in iowa. new hampshire, obviously, crucial for him. same for john kasich and chris christie, it's all about new hampshire. they desperately need a good showing. kat i want to draw your attention to chris christie, almost at the bottom of the pile last night and left the state without making any comment on his performance. >> grumpy, i feel he gets grumpy. iowa was never his thing. he's putting all of his eggs in the new hampshire basket. so if he doesn't do well there, he's got to get out. he's somebody we expect to be better. america's dad like the tough,
9:26 am
but lovable at the core dad and for some reason, not catching on anymore. stuart: he's new jersey's dad. >> yeah. stuart: thanks very much indeed. once again, oil down, stocks down, groundhog's day. it is in punxsutawney and wall street, we're on it next.
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him to almost bear appeared almost about to start trading 10 seconds from now. this is the morning after the iowa caucuses. i don't think were expecting any impact on politics on today's market. we are going to be down in be down and here's the proof. it is 930 club cicely. the market is up and running. up 43 points. basically we will follow oil all over again. oil is touching $30 a barrel and going lower that the dow industrials down 65 in the early going, probably down 100 within a couple minutes. the stock i want to start with is google. it is that company, look at it go. opens at $800 a share, up $28. that means that google -- alphabet is more valuable than apple. they change places in the world rankings. ashley webster, liz mcdonald,
9:31 am
mike murphy, all of them with us today. first of all, google is involved basically an cutting-edge stuff that makes its money as an advertising company. would you buy it at 800? >> i wouldn't chase at 800. 55% of global ad spent last year was either facebook or google. these two guys are clearly figured out they are the massive companies in the space right now. think about this. google has seven different companies. google maps, google chrome that are billion-dollar enterprises. seven different, separate billion-dollar companies. it is tough to say the stock in key moving. stuart: suppose there is a 20 or 30-year-old and i'm putting money away and the ima. if you've gotten a sense you are starting an ira. i would buy google for the very long-term. >> my question is facebook is our largest holding. i prefer facebook over google. how big can it get?
9:32 am
allows large numbers makes it. >> i break in for a second. general motors sales coming in off a half percentage point. that was in january compared to january of last year. ford sales were down 2.6%. chrysler up 70%. bottom line. >> with our sales coming out on top of 10. 17.4 million other than 18 million a couple years ago. stuart: i will call this groundhog day for the markets. it is actually groundhog day in punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. he didn't see a shadow so is forecasting an early spring. oil down, stocks down. that is the theme. come in, please. oil with a handle as you say.
9:33 am
are we headed for a 20 handle. >> good morning. i don't think so. you'd certainly think under 30, but we are going higher. look out into the future. even april oil is trading 5% above which is the expiring contract. i think we are going higher. goldman sachs help me with their goal of 25 because in my mind because they are trying to get the market down to buy cheaper prices. in this groundhog's day. what would it be without the financial engineering by some central bank by china last night. stuart: i saw that, too. oil at $30 and the dow industrials down very close to 200 points. the line at the bottom of your screen is accurate. oil down, stocks down. we also have what i think are huge losses at british petroleum.
9:34 am
>> earnings collapse down 91%. bp continuing to lay off workers. we will continue with the dividend. it could go down further because member states of opec are going to take a wait and see on whether to cut production. >> cheap oil costs bp by $5 billion. stock is now under $30 a share. an 8% loss this morning. >> in earnings collapse. stuart: knockabout transocean. another oil story. cheap oil down 5%. transocean is below $10 a share. how about mattel? they got some help from sales of barbie dolls which went up 1% worldwide. lower sales and higher profits. how does that translate?
9:35 am
2% gain. disappointing outlook from pfizer. you go. not much. 2973. let's see michael kors, a winners today. why is that? >> verse about, they particularly well with their sales overall. they sold a lot of leather. 40% of sales for another. the forecast is a little bit weak. they expect mall traffic to drop some, but they've seen growth in international brand. the digital flagship doing well. revenue climbed in the demand for products overall with 17%, the biggest jump in a couple years. >> who knew? just like that. thank you very much indeed.
9:36 am
then there is chipotle. the center for disease control says the e. coli outbreak is over. the stock rallied yesterday on that news. cdc does not know the root cause of the outbreak. >> the ingredient that was tainted. could they still be sued? they are the one that sold it. even though we can't help down exactly where that contamination came from, they came through chipotle who sold the product to the customer. >> the stock is all about liability. how can they be sued and for how much? >> the neural virus is separate contamination. >> when they report sales, they have to be a lot lower. i don't think a lot of people were going in to do that chipotle. stuart: how about facebook. we just learned that the messaging service has an alien
9:37 am
monthly users. facebook is that $114 a share. barbara lash a billion. stuart: is meant mostly outside of america? >> we chat is still strong. this is the size of the twitter user base. it is suspended and 99 cents annual fee so the question is how will facebook make money? the user base more than doubled since face the body for 22,000,002,014. >> i can't wrap my arms around his numbers. >> we always question facebook years ago on whether they would monetize and they figured out how to monetize it. 250 million videos being sent every day over the platform. facebook has a very clear plan. they haven't disclosed to get, but they will monetize. liz: 42 billion messages a day.
9:38 am
stuart: show me the dow. we look at that? we are up 207 points. is this another case of oil down, stocks down? >> that is a lot of it. the market is going in line with the oil right now. when i look at the earnings come even exxonmobil, the reported earnings which is a dow component. they actually become the top become the topline and bottom-line stocks trading lower because of guidance. i think this is just a simple reaction to oil being done in the market correcting the rally over the last few days. stuart: how about politics? go to last night's election results come in here is the question. those results mean anything for your money in the future. i am talking down the road. and the impact in the future from last night's election
9:39 am
results? >> absolutely zero. nothing to do with what i will look forward to in the future. stuart: live, what do you say? liz: of marco rubio whence we may get it back. generation jobless came up big for sanders. he still lost to hillary clinton. stuart: i am focusing on marco rubio. he's got momentum. he is progrowth, cut taxes. he straddles the middle with left and right, i say that could have an impact down the road. >> sherbet clarity. >> the key from last night as the market wants clarity. the market doesn't want indecisiveness. the sooner we get to the main republican candidates we whittled the field down to the top two or three. stuart: rubio versus bernie sanders.
9:40 am
market goes up in my opinion. >> have you any doubt from this issue? >> i would clearly vote for him. a lot of people are behind sanders for some reason. stuart: $19 trillion. we just hit that mark. it has risen at up know how much. a .4 trillion i think it isn't president obama walked into the white house. we are in record territory obviously. >> that that was 10.6 trillion. it is now 19 trillion. he has added $8 trillion in debt and seven years in office which is quite remarkable. >> i know todd horvitz is very big on dads. what impact on you when i comment any impact on us from
9:41 am
$19 trillion worth of debt? >> i think there's going to be a lot of days. at the end of the day the middle class will have to pay the tab eventually. we will have to pay that just like we financed the entire collapse for the fed to put in $4 trillion into the system. the government, all they want to do is put more money to allow them to get reelected and stay in office and keep the same policies they have been fed a free show in the country. it's pretty simple math but they can't figure it out. >> i am a todd on this one. we need a president who knows how to be fiscally responsible. $8 trillion we can do over the course of the next eight years or i don't know what would happen. >> was close it all out by looking at the big board because we are now down 220 -- 230 points and falling. largely because the price of oil is right at $30 per barrel and
9:42 am
threatens to go down to 29 or lower. that is the trend at the moment this morning. again groundhog day. oil down, stocks down. next case, the zika virus spreading. the world health organization declared a global health emergency. ted cruz may upon iowa but momentum is getting a lot of attention this morning. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix,
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. stuart: we are heading down. oil is down. look at it now please. 227 on the dow, the price of oil is back low $30 a barrel. he had 29 and change briefly. dirty dollars as of right now.
9:46 am
bad news for stocks. disappointing profit forecast or moral caribbean cruz line people. 11% off. back to iowa, please. ted cruz beat donald trump of marco rubio's third-place has a lot of people talking this morning. from the "washtington examiner," iran york is with us. let's get this head-on. it is my opinion that marco rubio emerged from last night with momentum and could be in a winning position. the >> first of all, the winner is the winner. a lot of credit goes to ted cruz. there is no doubt that marco rubio really over performed expect nations in this race. the last one register poll 48 hours before the caucuses had him at 15%. he comes in a percentage point higher than not. maybe 1.2 percentage points away from donald trump. very very close to stealing second place.
9:47 am
a very big night for marco rubio. stuart: is rubio the moderate around to the establishment can unite as being the man in the middle between the extremes of left and right? >> seems to be the case. first of all we have to remember rubio is polling fifth right now. polls in new hampshire will have to do better than that. the other so-called establishment candidates jeb bush, john k. kasich, very important to them to do well in new hampshire. they are going to get their share. we'll have to see what happens. if rubio emerges again, the strongest by far the group, who began to consolidate the support. >> "the new york times"'s trump falters and i've been hearing a lot of talk that trumps bubble is bursting.
9:48 am
>> there is no doubt that trump underperformed expectations going back to that des moines register poll has been an ad 28. he came in four-point lower than not. serious problems apparently with his round game. i went to a caucus last night and the campaigns will arrange to have somebody speak up on the candidate's behalf and give their final case for voting. there was no one who rose to speak for donald trump and then at his event in west des moines i talk to supporters who said they had gone to their caucuses and there was no one to speak for trump fair. that gives you an idea that the ground game we all talk about, it was nowhere to be found. stuart: did you see the report that in six precincts among the democrats, the decision went according to a coin toss and hillary clinton won all six coin
9:49 am
tosses. i just throw this out because what are the odds. >> they play the odds of each coin toss or 50/50. what that tells you his voters are going to be the democratic race is a tie. the democrats just announced delegate totals which they split up to the 100th of a delicate level. and yes, hillary is a little bit ahead of bernie sanders. i think everybody is going to come out of iowa saying the democratic race with a tie, which means vendors over performed and then he's going into new hampshire were at the moment he has an 18-point lead and so we will see if he can come through with that. stuart: byron york, thank you for joining us. good stuff. next case, europe's migrant crisis has reached a tipping point. violence in sweden, austria paid refugees to go elsewhere please. ambassador john bolton next is the crisis is only going to get
9:50 am
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9:53 am
stuart: -- he does. off to under 50 points. 1.5%. all of the dow stocks taken together, only dupont is up 29. why is this happening?
9:54 am
oil below $30 a barrel. 2990. it is groundhog day. oil down, stocks down. oil down stocks down. something serious now. but migrant crisis in europe. austria offers to pay migrants 500 euros for over 600 but to leave the country and austria proposes the use of citizen militias to protect the border. in germany the government estimate the cost of migrants will be $60 billion by the end of 2017 to finance the influx of migrants. the numbers attack migrants as we reported yesterday. ambassador john bolton is with us now. ambassador, if there is a tipping point downhill from here? >> i'm not sure the tipping point didn't already occur when well over a million asylum seekers from the syria conflict
9:55 am
and elsewhere in the middle east came into europe last year by the u.n. commissioner for refugees testament almost certainly low. i think this idea of austria paid people 500 euros to leave is the kind of thing that could backfire. what if they decide to come to get the 500 euros and go back out. as you indicated, it is happening the populist parties. people are worried about jobs britain faces a referendum likely sometimes this year i'm actually exiting the european union. the establishment politician badly mishandled the refugees and it's coming back to haunt. >> with gun violence popping up in scandinavia. we've got all business to keep them out or play them out. where is it? what is it? when is that? there is every prospect that things can get worse.
9:56 am
the situation in and around isis controlled territory or frankly across the north african and middle eastern region as a whole are going to grow worse table. if anything, terrorist threats will spread and that means the population of people on the move will grow. europe has not shown any ability to get a handle on this to keep them out or to handle those that are there. i would say another year of continuing problems with no endgame in sight. stuart: briefly, what happened here? there is a proposal to buy the north african muslim migrants. what happens here? >> i think there should be a debate in congress over this. they're kind of people who could demonstrate, but not a general increase simply of anybody who happens to be able to raise their hand and say i'm syrian. that could be a flashpoint politically for us. >> thank you on the european migrant story.
9:57 am
there's a very big deal. appreciate it. look at the big board as we are down roughly 250 points. after 27 minutes for the business down. former nfl antoine rendell says if he knew at the game is doing to his body he would play baseball instead. we've got them on the show at 10:15. the democrat race in iowa so close to six precincts decided the outcome was to point out. he won all six. who would've thought. back in side is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
... >> the mashth market is off and running to the down side. oil is doing it, oil is down, stocks down. down 247 what we've got for you this morning. google, however, a big winner on a down day. big profits from ads. it's now more valuable as a company than apple.
10:00 am
how about that? ted cruz wins in iowa, donald trump comes in second. but the story could be marco rubio right on trump's heels in third place, he's got momentum. special guest this our antwan randall-el. he threw a touchdown pass in bell 40. he said maybe he should have played baseball instead. hour two starts now. ♪ we were going to play you the groundhog day music, but we thought you'd heard enough of that. but it is groundhog day. same old-same old. stocks down, oil down. liz, what's the j.p. morgan news on this? >> steven smith, a top strategist there. he's saying that stocks will continue to move in tandem with oil until the markets can get a clear direction on the global
10:01 am
and the u.s. economy. there are fears now, that they're saying, recession worldwide. so they're saying, yes, it's lock step. oil down, stocks down. >> right, you see exxonmobil, their profits are down in 4 q. stuart: ouch. and something totally different is google. the stock hit an all-time high earlier. now, ashley, they're more valuable than apple. give me the numbers. >> yeah, well, they opened-- when the market opened, they were up 545 billion in market cap. that's up to 551 now, based on that, so that means that they are 22 billion dollars more valuable than apple. stuart: what's the significance of that? >> this is a moment for google. it's sort of like when microsoft outstripped ibm in 1996. google has more futuristic projects than apple. and space satellite balloons. robots, driverless cars. even in the 6.6 billionment--
10:02 am
billion. . ashley: although they said they gave little information and explaining where the money is going. they lost 3.6 billion on driverless cars liz: and the like. ashley: and smart-- altogether. stuart: that's an investment, isn't it? >> they could pay off down the road. stuart: it's like the democrats, they don't lose money on education, they invest money. [laughter] i knew i was going to get to politics somehow and here it is. the results from iowa, rich lawrie from the national review is here. >> a good segue. stuart: trying, trying. now, you wrote the article or you helped write the article about trump and he's not a conservative, don't back him. you must be pleased with last night's results. >> we destroyed him in iowa. stuart: i keep hearing that last night's results for trump
10:03 am
were the bursting of a bubble. i'm sure you'd agree with that? >> well, we'll see. he will clearly have a downdraft in new hampshire. we'll see how much of one. he's built up an enormous 20-point cushion there. no doubt it's devastating loss in iowa trumpeting how he was going to win there and part of what happened conservatives stood up and look what he's saying now, he's not a conservative. stuart: how much do you say, look, he didn't have a ground game? he didn't have people in the precincts, didn't have those people standing up for him? and that is important in iowa. could it be just one-off shot and bounces back in new hampshire? >> that's a part of it. clearly, yes, people want something different, but maybe not quite that different. you look at ted cruz, ran an utterly conventional campaign in iowa, all about the grass roots organizing, visits to the 99 counties, appeals to the social conservatives and evangelicals and wins.
10:04 am
now, that's a traditional blueprint. what is not traditional blueprint. skipping the debate and calling one of the moderators a bimbo and saying you can shoot someone and no one would care. if this caucus would be held tonight, he probably would have finished in third. stuart: i'm saying that marco rubio could be the guy who could be the centrist candidate, because he's divided hard left and right and he's the guy in the middle. >> it's a key part of the message, do you care whether your candidate with win in november, on that rubio bested trump and cruz. he says i'm a conservative that can win. he needs a strong win in new
10:05 am
hampshire to finish off the other so-called established candidates, jeb bush, chris christie. stuart: if finishing them off maybe he picks up their vote. i hate to call him the establishment guy, but he's the centrist guy. >> they're all insurgents, basically. look at iowa, 90% of the vote went to either people who have never held elected office or weren't federal office holders before 2010. that's extraordinary and rubio twice in his career has been an insurgent when he ran for senate against an incumbent governor and when he ran into this presidential race although everyone said you can't do it because you have this florida governor who has crowded you out and raised all the money. would you stay there for one moment please? >> absolutely. stuart: i know you love politics, stick around for a second. i want to bring in congressman brian babin of texas. congressman, you're a ted cruz supporter. he was the winner. can he carry the momentum into new hampshire?
10:06 am
>> i think he can. you know, i'm from texas, i know ted cruz. he's a man of his word, he's a very learned constitutionalist and expert and this is one of the big issues, this administration, that we've had has been trampling on our constitutional rights for many years now and i think he's just the man. i think the folks in iowa woke up and said, hey, this is a man that we would like to have leading our nation and i certainly hoped that this will continue in subsequent elections and new hampshire is the next one. stuart: how do you feel about, maybe like me doing this, a lot of attention is going to marco rubio, your guy won, but the media, not just me, paying a lot of attention to marco rubio. what do you say to that? >> well, just as i've said all along, we have an extremely deep bench, highly qualified individuals running for this office. it looks like we're boiling
10:07 am
down to a three-man race here and you know, i think it's good for the republican party. we're looking forward. we have-- the republican vision for the future is such a great contrast to what the democrats are offering. i mean, look, a guy won 50% of the vote in the democratic primary in the caucus last night who is an avowed socialist. you couldn't have more contrast between the two parties and so, i'm have he -- very happy and elated that we have the good choices. i happen to be a cruz man. stuart: congressman, i'm smiling because of the way you said an avowed socialist, with that texas accent. i mean, that. [laughter] say it again. >> avowed socialist, born and raised-- the only way i know how to say it. stuart: that takes me back. congressman, thank you very much indeed for joining us, we appreciate your input. >> great to be with you, stuart, thank you. stuart: let's get to the democrats, shall we? hillary clinton, well, she won,
10:08 am
but it was a slimmest of slim victories. listen to what she said in her victory speech. >> it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas, to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. stuart: rich lawrie is eager to go on this. hillary clinton said a contest of ideas. it sounds like it's a discussion about socialism, actually. >> yeah, we've been calling democrats avowed socialist for a long time and rarely has anyone fessed up like bernie sanders has. you can imagine hillary clinton in 2008 against barack obama, what is the excuse for barely beating a 74-year-old socialist
10:09 am
the way he did who has gone out and inspired people. his numbers among young voters. stuart: incredible. >> 70, 80%. unbelievable. stuart: what we're seeing on the screen now is a delegate count. 700 hillary, 695 to bernie sanders, what you're saying about the young vote, it was astronomically in favor of bernie sanders and i find that extraordinary. what about president obama? what's he doing in all of this? >> he's sort of tipped his hand to hillary and in fact, the entire democratic establishment is with hillary. this race on the democratic side is one man against the machine, bernie sanders. he goes into new hampshire and wants to run up the score big there against her. he needs a political earthquake though to shake her support among minority voters when the race departs from these overly white states in iowa and new hampshire. stuart: do you hear the words
10:10 am
joe biden being said in connection with hillary and indictment. >> if we hear the i-word, we might hear the j-word, joe. stuart: appreciate it. the world health organization declaring the zika ovirus outbreak a global emergency. ashley: they say this virus is spreading far and fast. they now put it on the same level of the ebola virus. it's being linked to cases of micro cephaly although scientists say there's no definitive link between the zika virus and babies born with birth defects. but put it in the same category as the ebola. there are travel warnings and pregnant women in 20 or more countries being told you may not want to get pregnant in the next one to two years because of fears of birth defects. stuart: let me get this right.
10:11 am
it's a statistical association between birth defects and the zika virus, no scientific link. ashley: no, there isn't. when you have an outbreak of the zika virus in brazil where this really cropped up last may and now we have more than 4,000 cases of encephaly in brazil. even the experts are saying, there has to be a connection. stuart: thank you, ashley. ashley: sure. stuart: check the big board, we have a selloff and a big one. we're down 237 points as we speak. the price of oil dropped below $30 a barrel and that is fueling the stock market selloff. check the banks. they're getting hit hard today. all of them, the big ones down 2 or 3%. when you start talking percentages, you know you're down. next case, a super bowl hero who recently said maybe he should have played baseball instead. we're talking to randle-el about what football does to your body.
10:12 am
it's super bowl week.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> we've got to keep you in touch with what's going on in the market. because we are down and sharply so. the dow industrials down 245 points. the price of oil is down, look at that, that's the dow 30, only one of them is up. oil is down almost 5%. by the way, oil is down 10% in the last couple of days, it's the biggest drop in over a year. ashley: yes. stuart: in that two-day period. what you're looking at is the oil stocks really tumbling, especially bp, because of this dirt cheap oil. despite the overall market selloff though, there are two stocks that are surging. liz, what are they? >> kohl's and mattel. kohl's is up on speculation that it could go private. that it could sell itself to a private equity shop. mattel is up, barbie sales are up first time in the fourth quarter in four years. christmas sales coming in strong for mattel and barbie products. stuart: let's not forget google, alphabet, sorry.
10:16 am
they're up and makes them more valuable than apple. ashley: by more than 20 billion. stuart: they're surging in a very down market. our next guest, wait for it, he won a super bowl with the pittsburgh steelers. he recently made hit lines when he says he's lingering from the if exhibits of football, and if he had to do it again, maybe he would play baseball. >> thanks for having me on. stuart: i have a technical question. you're a wide receiver. i don't know much about football, but i can't understand how a wide receiver could throw a touchdown pass in the super bowl. what happened? >> well, it's a blessing, first of all, that it happened. being a quarterback all my life and having an opportunity to throw the pass throughout my nfl career, but to do it on the stage in the super bowl off the reverse was certainly great and i enjoyed every minute of it. stuart: it was a trick play, wasn't it? >> it was a trick play, but
10:17 am
part of our offense, just what we did. stuart: okay. i'm backing right off on that one. now, you've got some lingering problems, health problems from playing football through your years. and you recently said that if you were going to do it again, you would have played baseball. >> yeah e are you standing by that? >> yeah, i'm standing by that. i don't regret playing the game in any way, but if i had an opportunity to go back and do it again, i think i would have chose the less violent sport, in terms of playing baseball and at that time i just couldn't make the decision on my own, i was 17 at the time and obviously, i needed the best guidance from my parents and my parents said look, it's best to go to school and get your degree and i did, and if it's my choice, i would have chose a different path than i could have. stuart: you're an administrator at, yeah--
10:18 am
plug in your ifb. >> okay. stuart: you can't live without them in this business. >> not at all. stuart: you're an administrator at the virginia academy, which i believe has cut its football program. did you have something to do with that? >> i didn't have a whole lot to do with them with the program, but a couple of incidents to do with that, resources was one and down to 16 players at one point and trying to go out and play a football game and going actually to the varsity schedule that year, and it would have been real tough. so the heads of the school made the decision to cut the program and here we are now going into our third year with just basketball, soccer and volleyball. shah was a part of the issue we didn't have enough to really continue on that path in determines of playing the game of football. stuart: we're seeing a lot of this around the country, parents reluctant to have their sons play football. >> right. do you share that reluctance. >> well, i think there's a couple of things you have to look at. a lot of parents are taking
10:19 am
kids out of football and putting them in flag football, if you will. i have a one-year-old son now i'm not going to push him into football force him or even put a football in his hand. i'm going to start off with a soccer ball. i'm going to tie his right arm behind his back and be a left-handed throwing baseball player, but not a focus on this idea of, you know, let me-- let's go out in the back and start playing tackle football. a lot of parents won't let their kids play football. if they do do, they don't allow them to play until 13, 14, not a bad idea. one of my great buddies, drafted by oakland, he himself didn't play high school ball in-- i mean, football until he was in high school and a lot of different guys in the nfl now took the same route. that's a route you can take as well. stuart: i can't let you go in super bowl week without a super bowl prediction. >> okay. stuart: everybody asks you this, like people asking me for stock market predictions.
10:20 am
who wins the super bowl? >> i've got to go with carolina. stuart: okay. >> obviously denver is playing well and i just think when it comes to carolina and the defense, what they've shown in the playoff thus far and nobody's been able to stop cam all year in that offense so i think i've got to go with them from that perspective, i've got buddies who play on denver,' manual sands who i played with in 2010. but i see the defense of carolina taking over the game. in the end it's a defensive battle because you've got two great defenses, but i think carolina pulls it out. stuart: i don't know what you're talking about, but you made a lot of sense. [laughter] antwaan randle-el, thank you for being with us, and wish you the best of luck. >> thanks for having me. stuart: sure thing. look at twitter, back to the stock market for a second. look at twitter, a wall street firm cuts its rating to a sell. you don't hear that often, sell that thing.
10:21 am
they're worried about twitter's stock price and strategy. $16 on twitter. ted cruz takes iowa, you know that now, but i think the candidate who came in third, marco rubio, he was the real winner, that's my opinion and that's my take coming up next. you both have a
10:22 am
10:23 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> why don't we call it groundhog day for the markets? stocks still moving in lockstep with oil. oil down, stocks down. by the way, crude is off more than 10% in the past two days, that's its biggest two-day drop since november, 2014. michael cors, that stock is up on a down day. the stock got a boost from demand for high end accessories and footwear. how about this? can you believe this? six coin tosses deciding hillary clinton's victory in iowa. hillary won all six of them.
10:25 am
what are the odds? that's how she won the delegate count, she won all six. in our next hour, governor john kasich making a push in new hampshire, we'll hear from him 11:50. who won last night? in my opinion, marco rubio, and you may take issue with that, but the senator from florida emerged as the moderate who could win the big prize in november. the g.o.p. winner was ted cruz. he's considered hard right politically and widely disliked personally among his colleagues. donald trump, the ultimate outsider, beat rubio by less than 2000 votes. for the democrats, bernie sanders is way out on the left and he has dragged hillary clinton to the far left, too, and she still has to deal with a possible indictment. that puts marco rubio at the
10:26 am
center of the political stage and not too far from the center when it comes to policy. it's the moderate center that tends to win presidential elections. at this point that's rubio. here is the calculation the republicans are making. winning is a must. for eight years, middle america has endured a sluggish economy at home and retreat and humiliation abroad. the urge to win, to turn things around, is very strong. one more point, rubio now has momentum. he came on strong in the closing stages of the iowa race and his speech last night was widely covered and very well-received. sum it up. marco rubio holds the political center, a good place to be in a divided country. he has momentum, as he moves on to new hampshire, and he had the look of a man who could win, very important to republicans tired of losing. that's why i say the candidate who came in third was the actual winner. next hour, my opinion on who lost.
10:27 am
10:28 am
.... cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
10:29 am
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10:30 am
stuart: the pegboard shows a loss of 241 points. that is about one and a half percent. it set off the latest towable in the price of stocks. oil getting cheaper. all of the dow. bp down a percent. the big banks are taking a hit as well. two-3% drops they are. google at 805. weight up on a down day. a brand-new. that makes outlook that more
10:31 am
valuable as a company band apple. facebook is an all-time high. 115. a new all-time high on facebook. 1 billion users for what's up. we will go back to politics. you heard my take a few minutes ago. marco rubio the real winner and i what even though he came in third. welcome. >> thank you, stuart. i say that rubio is the winner. he is a guy who holds that center stage. he has the momentum of a fine performance. what say you? >> your analysis is very sound. people hate it when those of us
10:32 am
played the expectations game and do not give due credit to the actual winner. ted cruz won the iowa caucus. donald trump was in second. as we move forward, marco rubio has the opportunity to consolidate various winds of the republican party. potentially to be called the compromise nominee. will all of that happen? let's wait and see. six territories to go. stuart: i take it gracefully. >> i salute you while tripping you. exactly. [laughter]
10:33 am
stuart: i have to bring this to your attention. the democrat race was so close. all six of those okay should, hillary won the coin toss. >> she should have entered the lottery. do not get me started on the procedures. you'll have to cancel the rest of your show. i am very critical of them. hillary clinton was lucky to tie with bernie sanders. i do mean lucky. everything that i saw that was happening in iowa was favoring bernie sanders. she will lose in new hampshire
10:34 am
higher. we are seeing the balance. she won the coin tosses. she will not do very well in the credit: new hampshire primary. stuart: the turnout was fantastic. i just loved it, myself. you are the expert here. i like the fact that they have a good solid turnout. too many should get -- too many should shenanigans are played each year. stuart: i hope you bought tenure at your university.
10:35 am
stuart: thank you very much, indeed. i have to move on. he came in second. it seems like the trump topol may be bursting. katie is here on that story. >> i would not count donald trump out too soon. i think that donald trump went into iowa thinking it would get him over the finish line. we still have to have some kind of structure in terms of the campaign. they are not seeing their people at the debates. you do not see them out in neighborhoods knocking on doors. new hampshire there will be another test of that. donald trump has a huge lead there.
10:36 am
however, polling does not necessarily mean voters. we will see if they up their get out the vote. stuart: the des moines register showed rubio at 15%. he ended up with 23% support. what about going into new hampshire higher. would you project that forward to new hampshire as well? >> we see that this is not just a three-way race when it comes to iowa and new hampshire. there is more competition there. a different set of voters. i was more evangelical. new hampshire are, i think, will be a little bit different.
10:37 am
when you have john cusack and even marco rubio who looks like he could be a moderate candidate, going into new hampshire higher, he threatens that. we will see what happens. >> republicans want more than anything else, to win. maybe marco rubio can bring the two sides together and be the candidate that wins. >> i think that people are probably looking at the general election and say, look. they want to win. the primary process is always interesting. this is far from over. i would not count donald trump out.
10:38 am
of course, we go on to south carolina where ted cruz can have resources they are. to the markets again, please. the story this morning is really the price of oil. we are at $30 a barrel. we are right there. this is a tell both. peter murray c is with us again. sort this one out. if we get a tumble. another tumble below $30 a barrel, i see that as a problem with the world economy. i do not think that that is necessarily a real good day. >> certainly the global economy slowing down is not good for america. i expected growth to pick up as we move through the year. remember, not just china holding down.
10:39 am
that is not a bad name. going on in russia, iran, saudi arabia. they are pumping oil and demanding faith that makes no sense. the price of oil is not wholly economic right now. stuart: i agree with you. it is a politicized market. that is what it is. what worries me is those countries that you mentioned. i have a headline in the financial times this morning. putin is going to sell off a whole bunch of enterprises. they need the money. they are not getting the money. there is a possibility of a real explosion here. >> there are two kinds of countries in this mess.
10:40 am
the price of oil, long-term, will not be anywhere near that. china holding and building islands in the south states. there is russia and crimea. there is iran. the idea of those guys having less money, i feel great about it. stuart: okay. peter, thank you very much, indeed. thank you, sir. democrats in trouble. back in a moment. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> we are seeing stocks under the same pressure today. more than one half percent. the s&p down 25. selling occurs with oil as well. names such as goldman sachs, jpmorgan, some of your financials. chevron down 2%. we are also taking a look at some of the energy names that are selling off. oil. we have not seen that in more than a year.
10:43 am
translating into selling their. technology names hitting you. moving to the biggest most valuable company in the midwest. start your day at 5:00 a.m. see you there. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: look at this. incredible pictures from china. people stuck at a train station. >> over 100,000 people stuck at a train station. 2.9 billion journeys are made during this time. you have them traveling back to be with their families in the rural areas. freezing temperatures, snow, canceled 22 trains. they had to bring in the military to keep it under control. stuart: ouch. of daytime. martin will have to testify before a committee. he says that it is unconstitutional. >> i will stick to that. i think it is ridiculous that
10:46 am
they think i need to be there in person when i have stated, in fact, i think it is unethical. it is unethical to bring someone and subpoena them just to hear them take the fifth. stuart: adam shapiro is here. taking the drug. it went from $13.50 to $7750. >> he will plead the fifth. he will say nothing. there is a hearing on what is going on with the criminal trial. >> the tide is swinging from this is a bad guy to people
10:47 am
really listening to me and understanding what i am. maybe the government is beating up on me a little too hard. >> he said that this is all a coincidence. the fact is, we have seen e-mails. they have been investigating him since 2014. long before anyone knew his name. stuart: let's focus on the democrats, shall we? hillary clinton got a win over bernie sanders. you are in trouble. democrats are in trouble. >> socialism. here is why. [laughter] stuart: don't you love it.
10:48 am
>> called your viewers down. i am not necessarily saying i am in favor of socialism. the voters see socialism now as economic fairness. socialism only favorable back in 2011. that is because socialism just means we grow up in a time. we grow up in a time where our parents were struggling. they did not have health insurance. they struggled with the bills. those are the things that socialism represents to them. that is what i see this as. stuart: do you think that a devout socialist and when? indictment and neo- socialists could win.
10:49 am
>> if you take the word socialism out of the argument, bernie sanders has and amazing -- stuart: do you think that bernie sanders could win the election? >> yes, i do. stuart: do think hillary clinton arch -- >> yes, i do. joe biden said he was staying out because he wanted to do what was best for the democratic party. i think that it is too late now. it is a big if. nobody knows if he will be indicted. sure, there are people leaking things on people that want to attack her. it has not happened yet. they are the ones that are doing the leaking.
10:50 am
i think they want joe biden to run. the fact that she lied about winning is just a pattern. oh, i won. still a virtual tie. it is shocking. stuart: you should have put that right in the front of the interview. >> my socialism defense and then go for hillary. stuart: just grabbed by that. all right. you are all right. thank you for joining us. hillary clinton wins sixth straight coin tosses and takes a victory and i was. what are the odds. back in a moment. ♪ but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> hillary clinton barely getting the win in iowa over bernie sanders. it defies all the odds. flips.
10:55 am
she won six in a row. it is kind of crazy. these coin flips. it should be like an nfl game. let's put a camera on and watch it. >> talking about the turnout. we all thought that it would be good for donald trump. it turns out maybe marco rubio came out the strongest.
10:56 am
ted cruz one and congrats to him on that. marco rubio finally came on strong. >> a huge knife or marco rubio. over 200 people there that are registering to vote that night. this cannot be good for cruz. rubio actually ended up getting oving forward.ct and speaking. i think you are absolutely right. thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. stuart: the big losers of the iowa caucus. top of the hour. three minutes away.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
stuart: 11 eastern. the market is selling off. the dow is off 250 points. falling oil prices. that is what is dragging wall street down. some of the big losers. the banks down percentages. however, some of the big names out there are real winners. they include google. facebook new all-time highs. it is a big day for your money. here calms the third hour. stuart: in my opinion, donald trump and hillary clinton both lost moment of last night.
11:01 am
momentum becomes very important. trump. until last night he had led in virtually every poll since he announced last june. he had momentum. last night, he lost it. trump finished more than 6000 votes behind ted cruz. not good for a candidate. maybe he should not have missed the debate. and then there is hillary clinton. a premature victory speech. she actually suffered humiliation. she tied with the socialists. bernie sanders. six coin tosses that went her way. she would have actually lost the delegate count. some democrats are urging her to ms. new hampshire higher because
11:02 am
she is likely to lose so badly. ballooning e-mail scandal looming over her candidacy. ted cruz was the nominal winner. in my opinion, marco rubio for the political winner. the democrats, a disaster. a tie between a hard to elect socialist bernie sanders and a candidate under. the clear winner will be the political process is working. it is involved. engaged. all good. more on the iowa losers in just a moment feared first, oil. $30 a barrel. biggest to date drop in price in more than a year. that is hurting the stock market as it so often does.
11:03 am
bring in kevin kerr. oil analyst. kevin. you say olio goes all the way down to 2250. i am reading your stock. make your case. >> we have been talking about this for a wild. everything is still in place that we had even over a year ago. we are not quite there yet. everyone bought on this rumor that opec would get together with the non-opec companies. that rumor they did did did news. there is no deal on the table. we have seen that price you wrote it away. we are back now at 30. technically, we are heading lower.
11:04 am
i see 22.50 very reasonable. stuart: how old we get back to 50 or $60 a barrel in the future. i cannot see it this year. demand around the world is pretty well. i cannot see oil getting back. can you? >> it is possible. everything is falling into place. bp, exxon, shell. they are uttering programs. laying off people. we're starting to see all of that production. how fast that bounces back really depends on when opec cut production. it could be impossible in 2016. we are laying the groundwork now. it is going to be there for a wild.
11:05 am
it will creep back up. i agree. it is probably around 50 or 60. the two you know what gets me, where are the politicians? have not heard much of that. thank you very much for joining us. we will see you. there are some winners on the stock work it in a very down day. alphabets hitting a new high. passing apple in total value. focus on apple. they have some new products coming out. >> yes. not one of the mega big iphone sixes. some people like the small screens. they will have a more powerful chip. better cameras. it is a starting price of $450. that is on the low end of new ipads and iphones.
11:06 am
it is going to be a big thing. a new high. now it is 116. consider this. we were just talking about apple and out for that. that is 10%. these are big and popular stocks. stuart: facebook now has 1 billion monthly users of what sap. >> that is what they are working on now. instagram, several other avenues where they are starting to make money. stuart: all right, everybody. i said at the top of the hour,
11:07 am
donald trump and hillary clinton are losers in the iowa caucuses. go ahead. admit it. you are happy. >> it is interesting analysis. the losers were the establishment candidate. jeb bush and kasich latterly were to present. cursing god 9%. i think the big losers of the night were the establishment candidates. i think for trump, considering he is a political amateur and the fact that he did not understand the organization complexity of running a caucus, did really well. now, of course, for trump, it will be new hampshire higher. it is a must win for him.
11:08 am
>> he has to win by a significant margin. though paul is saying you will win by a significant margin. stuart: how about hillary and bernie? i am saying that hillary lost. she, essentially, tied with a socialist. >> it is iowa. i do not think that she was a loser. i think that for her, setting a certain number of delegates, i think about 21. she was worried. their campaign was anxious. they were worried they were going to lose iowa to bernie sanders. at the same time, she is looking forward to the southern states.
11:09 am
similar to what her husband did when he ran. i think she is actually one of the winners in this race. i think he will get stuck here after new hampshire higher. >> well said. thank you for joining us. i have to switch topics really, really quickly. five american prisoners that were held were released last night. our next guests guest flew to germany for their official release of one of them. our guest is dan did he is the guy that flew to germany to bring one of them back home. congressmen, use all those. american sailors in a very submissive position. hands over their heads. how do you feel now about the iranians giving medals to the
11:10 am
commanders of the car that got hold of them. >> iran is a bad actor. the americans including the constituent, those are small steps towards the world did we will continue to have to deal with iran and its behaviors. obviously, a problem state. >> you are a democrat. all good. do you feel any different about the iran nuke deal bearing in mind what has happened since we agreed on it. >> no. i think it reinforces the need to have constraints on nuclear capabilities. the reason we needed to negotiate an agreement was to make sure that we can deal with iran and all of that behavior
11:11 am
without them having the threat of a nuclear weapon throughout the foreseeable future. we should leave them alone and let them continue on with their aspirations. i think it is inconsistent. stuart: bad behavior. >> it is bad behavior that we need to make sure we can contain it. stuart: i am sorry to cut the time down so short hair. we appreciate you being with us. i want to update something here. it has been a global emergency. basically on the same platform as the evil of virus. we need a global response. money and resources to combat
11:12 am
this. this is a disease or virus that was detect did and has absolutely exploded in south america. brazil is where it began. more than 4000 cases. stuart: no world health organization travel ban. >> airline saying you are set to go to some of these countries now. any country that is on the cdc. it makes it a very problematic story. stuart: gas. >> people will not go. it will kill to her is him.
11:13 am
stuart: that is a looming threat. awful. we have a selloff on our hands. it is groundhog day. that is oil down. stocks down. global economy is winning. down to 37. a muslim who is fighting radical islam. ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
the price of oil still calling the shots for the stock market. the stocks down $1 for oil. disappointing profit forecast from royal caribbean. it was down 11%. that is stocks. that is market. royal caribbean down 14%.
11:17 am
a campaign event in new hampshire higher. heading to the polls one week from today. a big snowstorm last night and i was. the candidates were able to get out of town. let's see. okay. president obama's first planned to a mosque in baltimore tomorrow. raising some eyebrows. meanwhile, my next guest was on the hill yesterday. the muslim community and what it can do about it. here is muslim -- >> thank you. stuart: how do you spot an islamic radical in a mosque in america? >> isis is recruiting online.
11:18 am
it is on people's laptops and cell phones. it is not the mosque that is the problem. what we need is to help mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends of individuals that may be going down that path. stuart: you identify someone who is tipping towards the radical side of it. provide resources to mom and dad in the community to fix this problem. what do you do? >> mental health experts. social service agencies. we aim to rehabilitate the person first. it is about partnership with
11:19 am
law-enforcement. we are both on the line. community and law enforcement on this issue. we have to spread the theology of life. stuart: use it to identify possible radical terrorists. coming up the chain here. that is your position. >> i want to turn this around for a second. stuart: understood. you get a lot of hostility. you are out front. i am fighting the bad guy. >> even if i do, i am doing this because number one i am a human
11:20 am
being and i believe in the human spirit. the u.s. constitution is my lot that i will defense. what do you think of this idea? moderate guys like yourself should be on the street saying what you think. >> i was there a long time ago. i had a thousand people on city hall steps. the mayor of los angeles. we all came together. the muslim community condemned isis. there was no network. unfortunately -- >> i wish we had seen tens of thousands of muslims. this was done in a day or two. stuart: just imagine the pr value.
11:21 am
the moderate guys like yourself. we do not want any part of this. >> i agree with you. they have to work together. i am telling you, there have been tens of thousands of people in conventions. it is basically a pr problem that you are talking about. let it be clear that the message is resonating throughout the community. we are standing up against violence and extremism. stuart: back to the markets. it is day. it is groundhog day. same thing keeps happening all the time.
11:22 am
next, we are talking real estate. what does $1 million by you in hillary clinton's chappaqua, new york, versus bernie sanders burlington, vermont. we will tell you in a moment. ♪ i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing
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11:26 am
stuart: look at google. the most valuable company in the world. it is now $20 billion more valuable than the old leader. that would be apple. that is happening now. the race is tight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. cheryl casone looked at what you can get. why don't we start with burlington, vermont. >> it is a beautiful home. they have to wine fridges. i will start with that. four bedroom. for five.
11:27 am
it has a whirlpool tub and a tv. in the second wine fridge. into one who puts a wine fridge in a bathroom, i love you. they did a killer job. this is $9 billion. >> $900 million. stuart: a shack in chappaqua? >> this is 999. we are right at that million. it is only three bedroom, four bath. it has a nice job on the decorations. it is a ranch house. >> what about the wine fridge?
11:28 am
the taxes for each year. gone up every year. 2.2%. every single year. i look at that. knocking them down if they are not careful. >> they have to list it legally. >> burlington vermont. >> are you kidding me? stuart: hillary clinton's big problem. how did democrats can nominate a candidate that is under the threat of indictment. we are on it. tell the local
11:29 am
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11:32 am
stuart: against a market selloff. michael kors, for example of 22% on an otherwise down day. sales doing well in the high-end accessory and cochlear areas. barbie sales, the dolls edged higher. first time i've seen that in years. metallica did this dramatic 10% gain. let's go to oil, please. scott shalit a come our favorite
11:33 am
guy from the cma. is there any sign that the bottom has been reached in all of these basic commodities from foods to to oil to the rest of them? >> because of the monetary policy over the lax 60, 70 or his comments are just data called a bottom at all. but if the risk reward of trying to get oil here? you might make for% but you risk losing it% because the moves are pretty bad on the way up rather than bad on the way down. maybe we could go lower here. i could never tell anybody that is a good time to go so oil because it will rip your face off to forget something the other way. >> you are talking technical notes again the marketplace. tell me about supply and demand. it's $30 the right price? >> now, it could go lower because it got hundreds of places storing it right now just waiting for it to come back. you're absolutely right. another great problem of
11:34 am
economic activity. we don't have that coming around the corner. >> on a line here is the world economy is slowing down in some states might go into recession and that is the story. >> somestates? absolutely. bank of japan is a sign of weakness obviously. ecb is in a negative situation as well. why are we so different? we don't have economic data that tells us everything is gray. everything we've seen lately over the past two months is still trending lower. stuart: you bring it all together and played in a way in which we understand. make your last point. i know you've got something. >> you are going to talk about somebody may be running an indictment. i like to say something about the other side because i'm flabbergasted about that as
11:35 am
well. everybody has a name for each generation. he's going to have the supporters are generation participation because this is what you get when everybody gets a trophy. stuart: you got it in. well done. we will be back tomorrow. thanks so much, scott shellady. i am going to send politics. brian darling is with us from the third dimension strategies. let's get right at it. hillary clinton speaks at a very narrow when paired do you think the democrats are comfortable with nominating hillary clinton who may be indicted? >> i can't imagine democrats are feeling really good right now because a good portion of the support for bernie sanders is anti-hillary. he does have a lot of his own support. a lot of college student come in, but it will have that a long
11:36 am
time. the convicted felon -- we know the convicted on kimbrough, but can he run for president? neither will find out. stuart: does not open up the opportunity for a centrist republican and i will suggest marco rubio. does not open the door to some degree? >> it opens the door forever republican. the whole controversy over benghazi in the faction led to the families of the fallen and ben kospi and the fact she is facing investigation, we know she was sending classified information on a personal server to matter what she says because it was a mark in her way of dislike and from the real issues here. i don't think the american people will buy it. she has been intended by the american people and that is one of the reasons bernie sanders is taking off. stuart: brian darling, thank you for joining us. sorry to keep it short but i've
11:37 am
got a full plate today. it's all happening. thank you indeed. rebounds in the markets to politics and now listen to the second largest oil-producing date in america, north dakota. cheap oil has cost it $1 billion gap in that state's budget. north dakota republican senator john poland. senator, i don't know what you can do about this because north dakota relies very, very heavily on oil and the price is probably not going to go back up again for some time to come. how are you coping? >> a couple things. first off, we built a very large reserve fund when the economy was strong and oil was at a higher price. we have very substantial reserves. the other thing is we work hard to build a good business climate so we can compete at $30 obviously it's very difficult. for some upward movement in the oil price to save $40 to $50 a barrel we are very competitive.
11:38 am
we anticipated these commodity price things and that's what we say. stuart: the other side of the oil column as agriculture presumably. the prices are depressed there as well. >> we understand if prices go up or down and that is why it so important rebuild the business days and we are prepared for it. stuart: the rest of the country respects and honors at dakota because he built up the reserve fund and you're not whining about a boom and bust economy. last word for you. >> and build a strong business climate so we can continue to compete at lower prices. >> senator john herman republican north dakota. thanks for joining us. thanks, stuart. good to be with you. >> i just wanted to ask a quick
11:39 am
question. to look at the impact of the low oil price and increasing delinquencies and mortgages as a result. what did we put up on the screen? was that also that as in google? $809 a share, $810 a share. cap alphabet much more valuable as a company than apple. apple is valued about $20 billion last right now. google is doing well now i'm advertising. but if they got in the pipeline? if i buy the stock i want to know what they would do a year from now to make some money. what a big? >> to the continue to write their advertising hype is one of the staff they shared yesterday was 30% of online purchases are now happening on mobile devices. i see that increasing in years ahead. the other area of strong growth in revenue numbers are some of
11:40 am
the men shot. they see revenue numbers from google fiber and from not a brand i've heard it before but the health science division. stuart: verily is their health science division? >> yes, wearable sensors that can detect cocos levels. >> what is the other one you mentioned? >> mast. stuart: what is that? >> that is the automated temperature control system you can install in your house. they are selling them at best buy and all over. stuart: the most valuable company in the world your thank you very much indeed. the center for disease control with the e. coli outbreak over. couldn't find the basic cause of the contamination. if you don't know what the root cause is, who is liable?
11:41 am
who takes the lawsuit? the judges next. d proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
11:42 am
>> ims nicole petallides with your fox with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average down 190 points. the dow has been done over 270 points. again, coming off the lows of the day. average is down more than%. the s&p 500 down 21.
11:43 am
certainly watching the automakers closely under pressure for the year. for example, jim found 14% via chrysler down 23% today. no different down arrows at more than three percentage. we come up with a quarterly sales numbers in the winter actually did hit down to a certain extent. the suvs to dwell therein via chrysler with jeep in particular with 15%. good news there. lauren simonetti and i will see you at 5:00 a.m. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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11:45 am
stuart: first of all, take a look at your polling site. crude oil down about. a $30. >> now you know. thanks very much indeed. yesterday we had chipotle up $11. the cdc, center for disease control and not the company's e. coli crisis which sickens 60 people nationwide as over. but the cdc couldn't say what exactly caused it. they don't know. judge napolitano is here. you may find it strangely interview you about e. coli. however, it occurs to me if you cannot nail the ultimately responsible party in the e. coli outbreak, how can you sue
11:46 am
chipotle? it's not their fault. >> well, when you put food into the marketplace, you are a guarantor of safety. so anybody injured and really these cases, i hate to sound crass, worth much money unless there's permanent injury. obviously a person has suffered, they were sick, had the virus, were miserable for a week that their lives are back to normal. the permanent injury to plaintiffs lawyers are in. you sue chipotle. they have to cough up or point to somebody else because they are a guarantor of the safety of their food menu don't have to prove negligence. you just have to prove you are healthy before you went there come you ate their food in your sick after. stuart: detractor make a case but you're wrong because you know what will happen.
11:47 am
>> it's the law, not the morality of it. stuart: the lawyers will get together and say this is a class-action suit and we demand not only damage, but punitive damages. >> i don't think they could get punitive because candidates you have to show a sort of hardhearted indifference to people suffering. number two, i don't think this is a candidate for class-action that so few people injured and the people injured or identifiable. a class presents massive injuries so massive that you can't find out the plaintiffs. stuart: i suffered enormously because i couldn't get my expensive race in interim chipotle. stuart: that is not a measure of damages that you couldn't go there. the measure would be that you went there and got sick. you would not make a good plaintiff. [laughter] stuart: but if i am a plaintiff, your employer. >> you are not a plaintiff and i
11:48 am
don't do that kind of work. stuart: the iowa caucus done. governor john kasich after this.
11:49 am
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11:52 am
campaign bus on the way to a town hall meeting. i asked john kasich was it the right choice to bank everything i new hampshire? >> were absolutely made the right decision. the people of a new hampshire based on new hampshire. reporter: a lot of voters might think it's a three-man race, now. >> i don't rank in new hampshire the voters pay a lot of attention to figure out what they're going to do. historically they have been. i don't think that's the case. maybe it will be. who knows. stuart: do you feel your market viable alternative? >> i don't think about iowa. we are in new hampshire. we will send all of our time working in new hampshire. rivers and is second in the polls. >> the economy is important here and we just got growth numbers out last week. we are teetering on recession right now. if you were to become the
11:53 am
nominee and eventually the president, having the information, what do you do to get the economy again? >> i would do what i've done when i was the architect for the balanced budget in washington and exactly what i've done in ohio has turned around the 400,000 jobs. your commonsense regulations, cut taxes and have a fiscal plan of restraint and you get the economy moving again. the formula always works. stuart: do you think i will work in the global situation where you have china slowing down, the bank of japan with negative interest rates? >> yeah, i do absolutely believe it. it's imperative the united states began to do these things because we can help pull the world out of the slowdown it has. what the heck is going with negative interest rates will not affect our ability to do what we need to do in the united states. >> looking back at the fox business today, you said during our debate that if bernie
11:54 am
sanders were to be the democratic nominee in all 50 states that go to the republicans. bernie sanders did pretty well basically tying hillary clinton. why do you think that? >> i haven't analyzed it. hillary won and i don't think we will elect a socialist. plain and simple. america will not go. that is not our country and not our values and not what we're going to do. but bernie has tapped into the fact that people are frustrated about the system, about wages, job security, their kids to but i don't think at the end of the day he will be the nominee. reporter: working towards your nomination, what needs to happen in these next seven days? what will you do to push yourself to potentially be named donald trump or senator cruz? >> nothing is going to change.
11:55 am
i will keep doing what i've been doing. there's no reason to change anything. i don't need to throw in a hail mary's. i just need to finish strong here, stay focused and nassau were going to do. i am very, very relaxed about where we are. all these things we've done in the best ground game, some people said 40 years. tons of volunteers. we've raised enough money and raised a positive campaign. reporter: presenter volunteer headquarters a couple days ago and a lot of people in support of you. what i was hearing as there is in democrat supporting u.s. loud. how do you think back then? this is a primary where independents can vote for republican. are you counting on any support? >> we're already past the deadline where if you're a registered democrat you can go. last night i ran into a woman
11:56 am
who's a democrat running around telling republican friends to vote for me, which is nice. what it is is i always been in my career and ability to do crossover to get the blue-collar democrats and young people and i demonstrated in the last campaign the ability to attract minorities. i can't describe it to you or explain to you why people just seem to pick up something when they see me at the town hall and they hear me and it's a good thing. reporter: kasich has to carolina next-paragraph to you. >> finally we have trumped routine about last night. here's what he had to say. experience in iowa was a great one. i started without all of the experts and i couldn't do while they and ended up in second
11:57 am
place. nice, second place. >> sound tumble to me a little bit for trump. stuart: more "varney & co." after this.
11:58 am
community ....
11:59 am
stuart: it is groundhog day. i want to take you back to 2014 years new york mayor bill de blasio dropped the groundhog. it died shortly afterward. >> how many weeks before winter before you kill a groundhog. stuart: you are serious about this? you are sad? >> i am an animal lover. you know, winding down "varney & company" for this groundhog day.
12:00 pm
neil cavuto. get me out of here. >> stuart, that was 10 years ago. you have to let it go. stuart: it is all yours, neil. neil: still here in des moines iowa. they were right. it is going to snow and it is still snowing. they do have this great breakfast buffet. from des moines, iowa. minor political earthquakes last night. hillary clinton. just think of that. a woman not too long ago was going into a tie with a 70 some-year-old socialists. nevertheless, a win is a win. on the republican side, the


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