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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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neil cavuto. get me out of here. >> stuart, that was 10 years ago. you have to let it go. stuart: it is all yours, neil. neil: still here in des moines iowa. they were right. it is going to snow and it is still snowing. they do have this great breakfast buffet. from des moines, iowa. minor political earthquakes last night. hillary clinton. just think of that. a woman not too long ago was going into a tie with a 70 some-year-old socialists. nevertheless, a win is a win. on the republican side, the
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focus seems to be increasingly not so much on ted cruz who won, how marco rubio snuck into almost second place. donald trump and the pressure on him. you know the drill. every time oil falls off, stocks fall down. it is not as bad as it was earlier. the selloff that 239 points is not as bad as it was earlier is. to some politics. former marco rubio chief of staff still putting his sights on jeb bush, representative, it is very good to have you. governor bush it i was. he is putting a lot of his marbles, maybe most of them on
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new hampshire higher. jeb bush has to win in new hampshire higher. he is in a world of hurt. >> basically in the first five minutes of a football game. i think new hampshire has been proven here in and year out in presidential races. i think at the end of the day when pilot is done, jeb bush will be the one that most of the pundits are talking about. he goes on to south carolina. i think that you are seeing it now. i have met some of the top officials. i think jeb will certainly finish in the top tier in new hampshire higher. probably very different than the
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dow i am looking out. i do not feed see jeb bush in the top tier. what does your data tell you? >> i think he will be in the top three for short. they are live free. people appear, they do not make their decision. it will break towards jeb bush. he had excellent attendance. he did fantastic job with a sold-out crowd. they want someone, they are the people that they proved to prove to me that you are the guy that says you are. you will not govern the way you campaign. that you truly have the -- there is no one on that stage it has a record back and say i did this on the campaign and i govern this way. a proven leader. that is what the new hampshire are people are looking for.
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i think jeff is a perfect fit for a live free or die state. i think you will have an excellent performance. >> you seem to think that jeb bush will finish one, two, three in new hampshire are. if not, it you'd be worried. >> no. the next day to south carolina. bush has never lost south carolina. all the pundits will be saying, hey, is this race over four jeb bush. it is a very volatile situation. neil: you are saying jeb bush -- you're talking about his brother or father. neil: we will see what happens. a slightly different view. former governor scott from the state of wisconsin. you may have had a chance to
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hear a little bit of that. you are a fan of marco rubio. almost second in iowa. do you see marco rubio finishing one, two or three in new hampshire higher? >> i thought coming out of iowa there was a tear of the people. all very close. the important aspect is that it is almost like demolition derby of who will survive into will drop out. the field narrows each step of the way. who has the fundraising, who has the resources to continue. coming up with momentum. i think he will do well in new hampshire. that will put together the resources. neil: what is well? >> obviously, when you are in
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the top tier, i do not know how it will play out. it is a different political climate in new hampshire. i think that rubio will be one of the top people. what is top? top three, top four. if people are clustered, if you can be within the top tier cluster, you are doing well. you need to start to think what it will do with your fundraising and where that place is you. neil: maybe the strength is underestimated. really hitting him hard. certainly by donald trump. in a way that startled even some of his supporters. a strong second place showing. maybe something that is not
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being appreciated by its opponent. >> it was a very good game. iowa is a different type of phrase. much more targeting. it is very important. a smaller population. to be able to sustain that will be the important aspects. that is part of running a campaign. we will be able to see whether he can sustain that and whether he can continue to raise the funds. >> look at a ticket. a presidential ticket. would that just be too redundant? >> i think it is way too early to look at things like that. looking at so many things that will go into it. neil: you just do not want to entertain my question.
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frankly, i cannot blame you. >> i would say rubio haley. neil: oh, all right. very well put. governor, thank you for taking the time. now to a woman who has single-handedly botched my entire life. my cruz life. a lot of them could be on a nice warm plane. because of janice dean, here we be. >> why are you mad at me this time? neil: because you were right. it snowed. we are lucky to get home this month. neil: i am just glad that you played it safe if you did not try to travel. that is the main thing. neil: do not give me that.
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what is happening now? it still could be. it is just making for hazardous conditions. it is not as bad as some may fear. let's do this outside. a lot of them are holding up their fingers. we are here. how bad does this get? >> at des moines was on the northern side of what we were dealing with. north and west of des moines is where we are getting the blizzard conditions. even though, neil cavuto, it looks like a little snow and not too bad at all, folks in the north and west are part of iowa are going, we are in a blizzard here. i am really glad that the caucuses are not today. there is some brain. that is where our neil cavuto is. you know, north and west, that is where we are still getting
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the snow in the blustery conditions. that is why travel is very difficult, if not impossible. still dealing with some blustery conditions. we will start to see the storm moved northward and out of the state of iowa. potential for blowing snow. we are not out of the woods just yet. things will be calm her and we will make it back on time. real quick, blizzard warnings here. people are urged not to travel. we're we are still dealing with six-12 inches of snow on top of the snow that we have rdc. talk about the warm side of this story. tornadoes will be a risk across the mississippi, tennessee and ohio river valley overnight tonight. a severe weather outbreak. long-lasting, very dangerous tornadoes. people across the south need to
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pay close attention to your local weather or officials. i hope you get back in time and safe and sound. neil: do you mean that? >> i do. of course. neil: i just feel vulnerable. >> how was the jell-o shot? neil: it got bad. already for the press to show up. we do have pictures. right now, well, you do not want to see them. all i am going to say. janice dean, the weather machine. darned if sellers are not right. major selloff right now. i think you know the drill right now. oil tumbles and stock tumbles as well. at least one major investment.
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does not see things getting much better. we have hillary clinton already addressing the troops and the supporters. she pulled out a victory. some are very theory to call a victory here. many within the party, in iowa, remember, this is controlled by the democratic party. there is no such thing as a recount. it looks like she caught the slimmest of leads. this is at least a victory for hillary folks. continuous, as it is. she could go into the southern states where she think she is very strong, with at least a 1 m 1 record. it is still early. anything can happen. we will stick around. missing our flight. doing it because we love what we are doing. we all love what we are doing. right, gang?
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there we go. thank you, paul. we have a lot more coming here. it is getting colder. stick around. ♪ ♪
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neil: i do not know if my next guest is from iowa, but he is showing off in just a suit jacket. the director endorsing one bernie sanders. good to see you. >> i am from chicago. neil: whether you agree or disagree with bernie sanders. one thing, he was 40 points down in the poll. a loss in this state.
12:17 pm
coming back and saying, well, we won. what do you make of it? >> he took on one of the most powerful political apparatuses that we have ever seen. and a lot of folks in the obama campaign did getting where it is virtually a tie. neil: i do not want to take away. it is the pursuit of delegates. they may not be exactly reflective of the popular vote. bernie sanders -- >> especially in some of the college communities. you saw huge swings of voters. neil: when you saw those huge crowds, telling bernie sanders. neither seem to be the case. closing the gap with three or four points. did you expect better? >> we thought that this would be a three to five-point race.
12:18 pm
again, you know, to get where we are today, it is kind of incredible. we were almost speechless. we had to come out early with a statement because it almost did not know what else to say. neil: obviously, martin o'malley hillary clinton did not do that. a lot on her mind. people remember stuff like that. >> i think she did say things about martin o'malley and her speech as well. >> we are told that a lot of caucus sites, both sides were trying to win over the o'malley voters. >> we saw a lot of the supporters. martin o'malley talked a lot about the needs of taking on wall street.
12:19 pm
neil: he hates wall street. i do not think -- they want to make sure they get their fair share. neil: i try to ask what is their share. >> the american people bailed out wall street. right now, the american people -- neil: what do you think it is? what do you think? >> i think if you are making billions of dollars a year, it is not unfair for you to pay this percent. let's talk about doing things in the financial markets. we can use that to pay things for debt-free college. neil: taxing the rich. the american people with their own money. >> frankly, we have not seen the
12:20 pm
american money in these businesses. we have to go elsewhere. making sure that we have real income equality in this country is a good thing. neil: i cannot deal with this nonsense. i think as a patriotic american, one should be happy to pay their taxes. they should be happy to build up the economy from the bottom. neil: the reward for that would be to bailout. >> nobody pulled himself up from there all bootstrap. they needed it in the first place. neil: who got them up. who got them going. >> they were on public roads to get there. we all did. we want successful. neil: it is resonating. we will see what happens.
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i know you have a long ride. out to new hampshire. very good seeing you. very good seeing you. we have a lot more coming up. we have a selloff in suing here. interest rates are coming down. a 10 year note. a popular place. putting money under a mattress. bond yields are going down. a lot of people are seeking out a safe haven. you are not going to get much for that. they are going in the middle of a stock rally. that is exactly what is going on. more from a very snowy iowa right after this. ♪
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literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. neil: all right. just a quick peek at facebook shares. that is a new all-time high for
12:25 pm
facebook. mark soderberg how he would feel about ernie sanders saying you have to pay up. actually, he is a big supporter in the rich paying more taxes. they are happy to pay more taxes. whatever. in spirit and cash. our own charlie gasparino. keeping track of all those donors. how they play favorite. >> who called it last night -- mark i did. go back to univision. neil: wait a minute. wait a minute. who called the rubio surge last night? me. when was the last time you heard this. neil: you are so worth it. the whole world.
12:26 pm
charlie: when was the last time you heard this eschenbach. [laughter] neil: i wish i could say that i miss that. where do these guys go with their money? on their march. charlie: plugged into the rubio campaign and the very established republican. here is what is going to happen on the establishment side. probably in new hampshire. there will be a lot of fundraising pressure from the big donors. crews, trump in the establishment. right now it looks like marco rubio. he is feeling pretty good.
12:27 pm
we believe that trump supporters are more like a personality. even a two way race. they would not necessarily go to cruz. they may just go nowhere. they can pull this out even on a two way. the trump supporters are so -- they will not jump into cruz. particularly, if there are no other establishment candidates in their. there will be a tremendous amount of pressure for jab, k 6 of all those people that do not finish. dropping out immediately after new hampshire if that is what happens. on the fundraising side, you will see money going to rubio. they like this result. if you look at the delegates, he is actually number two. what the private numbers show. they think for all intents and purposes, they want. it is a minute robbie like 2012
12:28 pm
victory in their eyes. he did well enough to show that he could take everything else. that is the way they are sitting right now. you heard it here first. this story broke here in new york. neil: you are right. it did rake in new york. like eight weeks ago when i said it. i know that they are here. neil: charlie gasparino. they are here. we will find them. you do not even want to go there. do not even ask me. a dark stormy night. crazy. look at the time. look at the time. 272 points on the dow.
12:29 pm
it could be a lot worse. treasured yields are going down. since the federal reserve raised short-term interest rates, all mortgage rates, some adjustable's, have gone down. in a possible 15 year mortgage. a half full glass. a look to new hampshire and what it take. next. ♪ oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
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because you can't build the business of tomorrow at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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connell: welcome back to cavuto coast to coast. mornings with maria. the embattled former ceo, margin shkreli defended his raging 5000%. he faces charges not related to the raising of those drug charges. he says he is not the only drug company ceo to do this. >> pfizer raised prices on 100 different drugs. >> not 5000%. >> their drugs are so large that they are way bigger. the average consumer in the average employer. >> shkreli will be court tomorrow. he says he will plead the fifth
12:34 pm
at that hearing. he has nothing to say. he does feel the government is unfairly beating him up. it indicates that shkreli sent an e-mail to and investor when they raise the price. it said quote we raise the price to $75,000. it could be a very handsome investment for all of us. now more neil cavuto. neil: okay. thank you very much. the best defense is a good offense. where does this go? this is an interesting move. defending what is being called hedge fund pharma. immediately raising drug prices. that is different from what pfizer is doing.
12:35 pm
5000%. they have been going up 15%. 20% for patented drugs. strength being shown by the pharmaceutical companies. his security charges are separate from that drug price gouging. it dates back to 24th team. where does it go from here? hillary clinton has been talking about biotech stock. fifty congressmen sent a letter to the nih saying when the drugmakers effectively raise the prices. we will see more talk on this on the campaign trail going ahead. back to you. neil: we certainly heard of
12:36 pm
that. he has provided them a convenient weapon to do so. thank you. after every close contest and every caucus primary, something comes out that rattles the campaigns. something was not right or something was a little achy. it was the ben carson vote. raising questions. not only by the carson folks, but others. fast and loose with established and political law. after this. the opportunity to direct. local smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow.
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neil: did the tech cruz folks play fast and loose with some of that campaign etiquette? about what they were doing last
12:40 pm
night at polling sites around iowa? we will talk a little bit more after-the-fact. >> still talking about that, neil. it is the centennial bridge behind me. you will be traveling over this bridge later today when all the flights are canceled back to new york. heading to new hampshire. they began to talk that carson would drop out of the race. the campaign sent a note around to the precinct guys. said that ruse and carson is heading back to florida after this. he will have a big announcement. encouraging his supporters to caucus for ted cruz. here was his reaction.
12:41 pm
>> i was reasonably happy today until i, you know, discovered the dirty tricks that were going on. people spreading rumors that i had dropped out and that people should caucus for somebody else. do you think that that is something that is successful? >> this took place right during the caucuses. right in the middle of them. everything is so transparent. it is great to see. we walked up and looked. there were a lot of those votes. pieces of paper for the rubio box and the cruz box. the carson box. not so many. what will doctor ben carson have to say about this? you will hear it on the fox business network.
12:42 pm
carson will be a guest for david and melissa there. he will have more to say on this topic. neil: thank you very much. >> it is not nice. there were a lot of complaints about his components. the word is going around. carson will drop out. head to florida. do not waste your vote. who is more like carson. three or four or 5%. it could have moved a couple percent. it is not nice.
12:43 pm
i am appalled. those ads where they are in violation. you've violated the tracking more voting. i do not care who does that. i think that that is offensive. neil: cruz campaigning. he does build this image. fast and loose. it makes resentment. it just high in them. the time will come. i guarantee you when they do not last much beyond the way it looks. >> who is next?
12:44 pm
>> he needs to reassess. it is not very viable. i do not know what harley is going to do. you had jeb bush who paid $2000 a vote, i understand. that is pretty expensive. >> it is simple. they drive again more modern established voters into rubio's camp. that is the question. you were wonderful. i hope you realize -- i do not
12:45 pm
really want, you know, whatever happens in dublin should stay in des moines. >> absolutely. neil: i want to leave joel lynche had with that image. she is in new hampshire. have added. jo ling: no body shop candidates here in new hampshire. they are busy blanketing the states. really focusing on the economy for the first time. looking at declining attacks on bernie sanders. he is going to be taking this after o'clock. there is a lot at stake. especially for the governor.
12:46 pm
they are putting all their eggs into the new hampshire basket. i just got off the campaign bus. they said, what is his plan for the final seven days. >> what needs to happen in the next seven days? what would you do to push yourself? >> nothing is going to change. it will keep doing what i have been doing. i do not need to throw in the hail marys. >> he says that he does not need to throw any hail marys. he virtually is tied with ted cruz for second place. significantly behind donald trump. if he does well here, he is onto south carolina.
12:47 pm
neil: did he say what it would mean to do well? third-- first, second or third did did he pick out a spot there or what? >> he did indicate that he may not expect to win here. the advisors are all telling me. they just want to beat expectations. you would have to be bad to continue the march forward. neil: we are looking forward to joining you. can you imagine how great that is going to be. i am going to help you with this. it is fun. not so fun, selling off on wall street today.
12:48 pm
you know the drill. in the middle of this, facebook. it is going up. record highs. charlie brady. he is to markets -- >> wow. that is a man i want to know. neil: more than you know. zuckerberg is worth $50 billion as of today. a desperate attempt of one of the guys trying to get pete. if only i'd thought of this. he did and he is worth 50 billion. we have a lot more after this. ♪ you both have a
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neil: it happened pretty much like clockwork. i know i sound like a broken record. there are a lot of other nuances to all of this. i can tell you one saving grace in this middle of a selloff here is what has been going on specifically with other investments that have been doing better. what is remarkable is what is going on with bonds. we will bring in the call petallides here at the new york stock exchange. connell, to you first. we cannot get out of oil's way. that is the ringleader one way or another.
12:53 pm
connell: i think the overall price action in the commodity at self is still your big story. a lot of people got worked up in recent days. somebody, do something. the governments would get together and do something with oil production. now, that has gone on for some days. we are back to a selling mode in oil and a selling mode in stocks. >> they were better than expected. >> that is right. it is basically right on target. we are seeing that under pressure. oil is dragging down the entire market. it is all 10 seconds. everybody is running to bonds. a 10 year bond.
12:54 pm
1487%. you really do see that flight to equality. they are saying the price of quality and they are selling into every rally. charlie brady, the dow's 24th day of triple digit rates. increased volatility. right now, down 253 points. neil: you know,, to that number, charlie had a lot of time on his hands. >> too much name recognition. i get a little bit worried about this. >> charlie brady -- neil: exactly. [laughter] you do not want to go there. connell: you are right. i don't. neil: nicole. one thing we are picking up on is how much is volatile markets are creeping in.
12:55 pm
the iowa caucuses and now onto new hampshire. a man and a woman seem to be saying. just up little cove fallout. >> you are right. you put it all together. where wall street means meets main street front and center. that is because what we have seen here is wage growth being somewhat dismal. they are nervous. that is the big picture here. the isn manufacturing numbers. it was really tepid. that could be a preview to friday's number that we are getting. >> rubio did well.
12:56 pm
i was surprised with the economy. the number one issue for republicans is government spending. a and a lot of people were worried about that yesterday. >> its famous line on that. good point. nicole: just to note. you are an investor. just this quarter we will are already seeing american express among morgan stanley down 20% already. i am not going to look at my 401(k) and my ira. >> easier said than done. >> yes. neil: thank you very much. is it still going to snow? yes? he is so focused on the camera. we will continue here with weather updates. with snow.
12:57 pm
it is not a bad place to be stranded. some phenomenal barbecue places. more on that after this. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. .. built so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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neil: from des moines, a iowa, we are still here, there are some great restaurants, great barbecue. it is crazy. anyway, we are glad to have you with us, talking about the impact and fallout from what happened, we saw some big surprise wings not so much in the winters but a little bit underneath. marco rubio getting a great deal not only for his strong almost second place showing but the widespread and support and momentum it represented new the end. he has to start winning some. may be that happens that he was telling me a couple days ago it is about clearing the decks, the other guys go or fall and purport to fallout, and emerges
1:01 pm
on top, congresswoman from utah, you are -- more so now. >> i always talked about this being at marathon and not a sprint and the person who can in dur and get to the end of the finish line will win, not just primaries but the finish line of the general election to the white house because we cannot survive another seven to eight years of obama policies, we just can't do it. i am going for the person who can get to the end. neil: lot of ted cruz fans were wincing at the attention marco rubio was getting. i was getting e-mails last night and it's typical of e-mails something like this, he didn't win, we did. he finished third, we finished first so marco rubio is seizing the moment, the first to speak to the press, what do you make
1:02 pm
of that, that this is the underlying tension between the two camps, the ted cruz and marco rubio camp are itching. >> ted cruz worked really hard in iowa and you concede results of that but one of the things i want to point out is his speech yesterday, has everything to do with the american people, everything to do with a conservative policy moving forward that is inclusive. i heard from that speech someone who did not come from wealthy means, the family work hard like my family to achieve their american dream and policies are for everyone and he is going to unite the conservative tuna americans. we dealt with the divisive policies for the past seven years and it was inspirational and that is what people like. i am glad he took that moment and seized it so everybody else can see a glimpse of what i saw and what i see in marco rubio
1:03 pm
and i think we need some inspiration, some positive plans moving forward and, we are going to fix this country and in the ratings. get back the reins. neil: thank you for taking the time, we appreciate it, be well. watching the freebie can, you know, it is interesting, before you came up here, ted cruz is positioning himself as someone who can reach across the divide, bring across the reagan democrat, in a way that has not been done in presidents since. now all you have the likes of bob dole and others, with a minute, he is not the guy, he doesn't even have his own aisle, so use your lot from the so-called establishment republicans to don't find ted cruz their cut of tea. is this a tempest in a teapot?
1:04 pm
>> the reagan democrats for the most part what we consider establishment republicans, the democratic party whether intentionally or not over the last few years has really sort of courage a lot of these moderates from their ranks and that has to do with very unpopular policies under president obama and the team after ejection rahm emanuel made an effort to reach out to them. a lot of those people have migrated to the republican side and you see them backing ted cruz's competitors for the most part. i am not sure he is talking to because these are the folks who are putting up a fight for his nomination. neil: in the end, parties rally around the nominee, ted cruz became the nominee, and they would be bumping, doesn't always go down well, and in 1976 the battle between gerald ford, ronald reagan, they were kisses and smiles and the end but there were burned feelings and hurt
1:05 pm
egos and that did not go down well. but in the end the nominee supported at least in theory. do you think ted cruz would be a divisive nominee? as you don't like what campaign that hardwoods in their hands? >> i don't think it is necessary division driving moderates to the party in one direction or another and your evidence for that is donald trump actually won moderate vote, people who consider themselves moderates last night so i think presenting it -- neil: excellent point. >> ted cruz has a message he said be pushing, he doesn't need to tailor it to one side or another because he will come off looking like he is pandering little bit, needs to stay on message and what were or won't work. neil: well put, thank you very much. switching to the other side what is going on. there was a battle last night,
1:06 pm
given you these results, republican results expressed in individual votes, popular vote, democrats, percentage of the 1471 delegates going to the party's state convention and that is where it got a little in the weeds for a lot of folks walking because there was the feeling among the bernie sanders folks that all wasn't on the up and up. a lot of these precinctss were called by a flip of the coin literally. gerri: these are not votes the state delegate equivalence, hillary winning as they say, 699 furnaces 695 for bernie sanders, just a cat's whisker between those two scores so how do they decide? something like 6 and teen hundred precincts, if the votes
1:07 pm
were superclose and they tossed a:and this is what happened dco days you see in des moines, and so how likely was it that hillary could win six:flips? 1.6%. we should change name to hillary mcclinton, the luck of the irish on her side. the likelihood of the show being called coast to coast connell not too bad. stuart: remind that guy. go-ahead. thank you very much. it is very interesting. first of all that you would have
1:08 pm
a coin toss for six large precincts so obviously whoever wins the precinct wins the delegate, part of the precinct mentality, and split the coin toss you could conceivably have bernie sanders winning. it is way over my head but that is a crazy clothes it was here. the executive editor bottom line the sanders voters said it is a tie, that against a political dynasty is a pretty good thing. >> they are very happy, this sends a big message that he is an electable candidate to the rest of the country. if anyone is sitting on the fence wondering why would i throw my support behind a guy who will run against whoever when the leaves inert that is going to be the nominee of the democratic party, this is the moment you are finally second-guessing it. bernie sanders started as a message candidate, told people i figured i the only way to get my
1:09 pm
message out is to run for president so all he wanted to do was say here's the issue i care about. i want to change the way politics is. neil: you can flip it around and say hillary clinton people won iowa and argue about the details, it is better than going in and potentially losing new hampshire, going into southern states, she can argue we won, shut up. >> could argue that the disease of the first early votes and the reason hillary spent upwards of $11 million in the state of highlight is she really cared about whether or not she was going to lose. she ran against obama, didn't take iowa seriously. neil: what happened to the big surge in voting to we saw it on a democrat and republican side. that was going to help bernie sanders and clear the did but didn't put him over the top technically but it did. donald trump this same argument, and it didn't so once again the
1:10 pm
pollsters were wrong on that. does that mean a surge in voting benefits anyone else as well? >> i think so. enthusiasm will bring people out no matter who the candidate you support. first-time voters was the big thing, donald trump and bernie sanders were looking for, their support especially bernie sanders. neil: first-time voters have to put up with a lot. >> it takes a little bit of research and why candidates are pushing so much, figure out -- neil: less than an issue, you go vote, in or out, a surge there could benefit who? >> in new hampshire, right now you would really have to have hillary's surge to overcome bernie sanders. bernie sanders, we just saw a new poll suggesting there's a 32 point lead for bernie sanders.
1:11 pm
neil: the clinton campaign in new hampshire, he is like the third senator of new hampshire because he is from neighboring vermont so they say syria's representatives struggle is in the south. >> there is something to that. certainly i think hillary's campaign manager has known for a while that bernie sanders will be likely winner in the state of new hampshire but the southern contests will be so big as an indicator for whether bernie sanders could be the nominee. neil: could you see him getting the nomination? winning the right states? these are proportional voting states, not winner-take-all. that he emerges, gets to philadelphia with enough delegates to be the nominee? >> there is some chance, don't know what the numbers but the biggest indicator is the way the minority vote is breaking. the clinton campaign is relying on the black vote. they think we're going to seventh stage and will pick up
1:12 pm
the black vote and win this thing but you're beginning to see black leaders turning toward bernie sanders saying this is the guy who understands the civil rights struggle, the guy who will represent us if he becomes president of the united states and i don't think that is an accident. you'll see more over the last month and the clinton campaign will sweat more than they were in iowa. neil: i always notice weird things under the surface, some developments, win party types tell me given hillary's problems we can see bernie doing this and we could be ok with this. has gone from -- oh my god -- to this could be okay. >> we could be talking about a socialist being the nominee of the democratic party. at some point you have to start seeing institutional democrats easing up on the attack that he is a socialist because they were using that as a hillary clinton -- neil: with the spending the goes on in that party socialist might be a compliment.
1:13 pm
we are chattering here, a teammate official among other news organizations that hillary clinton did indeed win iowa, by the tenuous margin. hillary clinton, the state behind me here, victory.
1:14 pm
1:15 pm
1:16 pm
neil: welcome back. where have you been? the white house press conference, josh ernest talking and addressing something we were reporting on extensively, the debt has gone over $19 trillion, he is saying although that is a large number as a percentage of the gdp is actually quite small and we are quoting here, succeeded in driving the deficit
1:17 pm
to gdp ratio below 3%, that is all good and true, but i cannot stress enough, don't like what republicans or democrats do it, when you minimize the number itself answer as a percentage of life on pluto is not that big a deal, you are on earth, $19 trillion debt regardless of volatile gdp that could go up or down depending on the snapshot and the moment, it is a big deal and neither party seems to have gone its arms around this one or seems to be dealing with the seriousness of that figure. a figure that congressional budget office estimates in the next ten years could balloon to $30 trillion so that me tell you something. i could argue my weight on pluto is it tentative is here. what counts is my weight on earth and it is not good. this $19 trillion debt is not good and don't let any politician, of any party frame it any other way. charles payne not only on that but other market developments.
1:18 pm
hall often have we chatted about minimize the debt figure by saying as a percentage of economic activity you and i know goes up and down. not much to worry about. when i hear officials minimizing that i get worried. charles: absolutely. it is a red flag and kind of rationalization that has driven europe to win it is particularly a place called greece. you can find all kinds abouts but it is a huge red flag, something we should address. at some point we will be paying a one trillion dollars a year just on interest alone and the know you don't have to be a scientist or mathematician to understand that impact ordinary lives. that is your military budget, education budget, you talk about at safety net. just to pay the interest on that alone will be more than the gdp of every single country except four or five. to minimize it from a political point of view is extraordinarily dangerous no matter who is doing
1:19 pm
it. neil: i want to get into technology developments, one final question. mark cuban was with me yesterday and we talk about candidates who are not addressing this, they think they can waive the tax cut and things like the debt issue go away or democrats who are very adept at coming up with ways to raise more money but not save more money so more or less a not pox on both these guys. what do you think? charles: take for instance bernie sanders to calculate the stuff he wants to give away he can't even give it away, he wants to give away $13 trillion worth of goodies, because of gdp would collapse so harshly and so dramatically under his economic regime he can only give away $10 trillion at best, same with some of these republicans lose their tax plans, what we know of them have been scorned, they have not been scored greatly. there are different ways of scoring these things including making certain assumptions. you should assume lower taxes
1:20 pm
will have a spark in the economy. eastern entities don't do that but i am shocked this is not a bigger issue. it ranks really low in los single-digit in terms of importance, this was the key issue that created the tea party. this very issue sparked the tea party which is now driving the national narrative. neil: i think they will spur growth but if we don't really in the growth of entitlements, the third rail of politics we are not going to get anywhere but switching gears to what is happening in the markets they're down a lot, oil is a big reason. what else is doing this? before oil anxiety, you did hch have one of the fed heads, the descender red light was hot. take your medicine, wall street but there is a lot of
1:21 pm
nervousness. i watched bernie sanders speak for the first time outside of the debate. not only was he very powerful but if enough people believe his message, sessions like today's session will be commonplace, talk about giving away the store. he took on fossil fuels, the big oil companies, bp has a big mess, you have chevron with the big miss, guess what they're doing, they're not cutting their dividends, they will stop production, they will fire people but won't cut their dividends and that is the divide, class envy stuff that is echoing a little bit in today's session but could become a larger issue. neil: bernie sanders could be the democratic nominee and have a shot at the white house, never say never. could be weighing on the this. there are a lot of other factors, thank you. thank you, charles payne. back to the white house, john turner still addressing what
1:22 pm
happened yesterday, we are monitoring that and comments on the debt. i seem like a nerd obsessed by this but we have not $19 trillion bill, my friend, it is on us. we have to pay it, we have to do something to eradicate it. we have to come up with a plan, republicans, democrats, shout out to both of you. what you going to do? at the rate it is growing it gets $30 trillion in ten years. you want to leave that to our kids? it depends what you like your kids on a given day but let's say you do on most days. that is a problem. a two party problem. after this. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
1:23 pm
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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1:25 pm
neil: at the white house as we continue reporting from the mollen, highway snowstorm is keeping us here and we hope we will be , highway snowstorm is keeping us here and we hope we
1:26 pm
will be finished soon, mitch mcconnell and there's not a great deal that they will get done but there is a chance to iron out some details, regulations, environmental policies, hard to say what happens but republican congressman mark mendez joining us from north carolina. on this meeting and what you want to hear you wear a very stern on holding the leadership to the of fire and sticking to principles and spending restraints. when it comes to paul ryan, your speaker and what you want to hear and see out of him what would it be? >> it is coming up with a conservative solution to the problem and you just mentioned it.
1:27 pm
we have $19 trillion in debt, gdp actually is going the wrong way. is not going up, it is going backwards. we need to find a way not only to grow the economy the rain in spending and both parties are guilty of it. as you mentioned we have got to find a real plan to put the power back to the people on main street so that their kids and grand kids don't have to pay $30 trillion debt as you were talking about. neil: i know and you think you are endorsing ted cruz, he won a big victory here last night, where does he go? as the addresses crowds in new hampshire has an uphill fight in new hampshire, different environment than iowa but a good ground for the southern states, sort of roll this out, what do you think happens? >> not only at ground game but not just ted cruz but millions of americans who want washington d.c. to work for them so the
1:28 pm
ground game in south carolina, north carolina and superstuesday states is really grass roots, moms and dads in precincts, i am hopeful on the regulations side the we start to roll those back because those are job killers, sending jobs overseas, gdp goes down, and back to the people in washington d.c. because most people know that we can't get much accomplished that is in their best interests. neil: thank you for taking the time. we will let you know how that meeting fares and what if any consensus the gentlemen agreed to in the next 11 months of the obama administration. you don't see a lot but there have been exceptions, moments they have to strike accords here. what if anything comes of that
1:29 pm
we will let you know. more from iowa right after this. [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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neil: earlier we told you about the carson campaign. the ted cruz poll workers here in iowa were spreading a rumor that doctor ben carson was dropping out of the race. might as well vote for someone else.
1:33 pm
the cruz campaign, i should say, ted cruz moore himself, apologizing for that. issuing a public apology. last night, our political team, doctor ben carson was not carrying on to new hampshire and south carolina. leading just as we would with any breaking news story. that is fair game. they should have centered around the following statement. clarifying that he was indeed staying within the race. no responses yet for doctor carson. leaving with the campaign. a lot of people did not know why. it left a lot of people wondering where doctor carson is
1:34 pm
going. leaving some to believe that they were telling the carson folks your guys dropping out. you might as well vote for someone else. no reaction as yet. no follow-up from the carson folks. a former congressman. endorsing jeb bush. it always good to have you. >> pleasure. what do you think of this stuff over what ted cruz or his staff surrogates were doing in iowa. i guess it is a nasty race. what do you make of it? >> well, it is. it seems to me unprecedented the size of the field that we have coming out of iowa.
1:35 pm
we increase the focus. probably no surprise for a lot of people. probably good that they are is is involved when something like this happens. neil: you ever look at this? i know you are on the receiving end. anyone, you can argue that ted cruz, he is a united states senator. having said that, this antiestablishment wave, it still persists, marco rubio is a great middle connecting figure. i know you are a big jeb bush supporter. it may be that bridge to the two extremes of the party. >> first of all, sort of that
1:36 pm
outrage right now. justifiable in many instances. a lot of people are having a rough time out there in this economy. you know, i understand that. at the end of the day, what it takes that what the election will be about his leadership. you mention i am a big jeb bush supporter. that is true. there is only one person that has the experience. laid out the details plan. that is jeb bush. at the end, all of these elections come down to people getting serious when they start casting their votes. it was never jobs in tension. the campaign said they did not spend much money on that. i think that you are were going to see towards new hampshire higher, it is going to be a critical moment.
1:37 pm
better poised to do that. i like to call it the leader lane of the contest right now. >> you always here, congressman, that it is either jeb bush or marco rubio. the two cannot survive much longer. one of the biggest in the country, republican strength as well. only one of them can win florida. that is true. this is a long process here. so much being placed on february. i think that there is only 6% of the votes that are up for grabs in terms of delegates. neil: we talked about florida. that would be a kick if the two favorite sons do not win that state. they duke it out down the road.
1:38 pm
what do you make of that? >> one of the stories of last night that i think is a legitimate take away is the mainstream media has been talking about there is no stopping donald trump. up until a week or a few weeks ago, donald trump was way ahead in terms of double digits in iowa. i do think that this story and unstoppable donald trump, i think that may have been put to bed last night. neil: real quickly. you have been very patient. look, ted cruz, we have to get stuff done. it is one thing to throw grenades. threatening government shutdowns.
1:39 pm
i am paraphrasing here. ted cruz. that would not be the answer. donald trump would be a better alternative. what do you think of that? >> i think the support towards jeb bush, that is where my support is. it is about giving results. again, no one can demonstrate that better than the eight years of the bush administration in tallahassee that jeb can bring to the table in terms of being a real leader. at the end of the day, this election will be about who is best. ready for the job the first day and that is jeb. neil: eric cantor, very good catching up with you. thank you very much. neil: if you really want to know what is the better barometer for
1:40 pm
where you go, new hampshire and that is a state that is crucial for some of these candidates and others i just want to hang on. after this. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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1:42 pm
it is good news overall for the net worth of mark zuckerberg. the all-time high earlier. close to $50 billion. that was earlier today. his stake in facebook. not bad. the last quarter. we will watch chipolte with everything that has been going on. up to 1% today. is it finally passed the e. coli scare? that is it. right now, we still see a dow that is down 280 points. more coming up after this. ♪
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1:44 pm
neil: we can make it official now with fox as well. the iowa state caucus on the democratic side. the closest contest in iowa history. in either party. winning by the narrowest of margins. she did get the final ledge. it is hillary clinton's victory. a win is a win. it was essentially a tie. on the campaign trail now with all the major candidates.
1:45 pm
doing their best to new hampshire to put iowa behind them. right now for ted cruz and jeb bush. now for a john kasich. the message seems to be you have to give first, second or third. that is anyone's guess. we will know about one week from today. now let's take a look at what is at stake in new hampshire. very different than this one. former governor john huntsman. presidential candidate in 2012. you put a great deal on emphasis in new hampshire. pretty soon it was time to pack things up. is it that big of a guess or no? who was in that position of having to do well or get out? >> thank you for the reminder
1:46 pm
that we did not do quite good enough. you are absolutely right. we took third. it was a lot of fun and our family loved it. the expectation game will be like this. what amazes me from the very beginning of this election cycle is how many all-star governors entered the fray. you have rick perry, bobby jindal, scott walker, jeb bush who was a highly thought of governor when i was elected, huckabee who used to run the whole governors association. bush last night got 2% of the vote. he was the highest performing. i think the expectation game is probably as follows. trump will have to come up with a big win in new hampshire higher to get the mojo back or things begin to slide backward for him.
1:47 pm
they will have to pull off a second. i am not sure there is a number three ticket out of new hampshire. instantaneous communication. it is not like the old days. i think the expectations are set. issue the bus going into south carolina. i think it becomes pretty tough to pick up the pace. neil: can ted cruz afford to do mediocre? >> given the blowout, neil, the turnout, the record turnout there, the expectation game in new hampshire. it is not great for them.
1:48 pm
expectations running against him in new hampshire. it is absolutely critical. neil: what do you think? >> you know, we will see. so much of this has to do with the theme of the party and the transcended figure. doing what ronald reagan did. it is becoming increasingly difficult within the republican candidate did because of the american differences. he has been in the senate a short period of time. a very gifted politician. i think new hampshire will be in a very good position. i do not mean to go back and forth with you. do something productive. >> thank you very, very much.
1:49 pm
a lot more coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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p 15 this is why we love our iowa. who can rack up these numbers. >> running out of new registration forms. even some places running out of ballots. >> that is a massive turnout here. neil: all right. if this does not work out with jeff, he can certainly get a job with the council. we are in iowa and will be for a wild. stick around.
1:53 pm
it is going to get kind of ugly. all of this is on basic cable. do you have a backup choice? >> you do have a backup choice. >> if he does not make it, i will crawl out. then you can ask again. neil: very politicians in the state. adele has not given her permission. she is very upset. i am very happy that you have taken this on the road with you. neil: i have a curious look. >> martin o'malley. he has an announcement.
1:54 pm
he is suspending his campaign. neil: it pretty much spells it out. all right. on a night where those who pack it up find mike huckabee. suspending his campaign. >> the calm before the storm. we will get the caucus is underway. it is all about the fox business anchors getting home tomorrow. >> things go well for the broadcast. you are right. i don't. trying to draw it up right now. thank you. i was used to this racketeering and the weather. we are perfectly fine with it. a chip shot at some fantastic restaurants. we will just keep expensing this stuff out.
1:55 pm
that is how we roll. i do not want to interrupt you. ted cruz has spawned the iowa caucuses. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> a victory that appears. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> just like me. i have first dibs of the primaries. >> doing what he so often does. >> we got it right. >> that is the way we roll.
1:56 pm
>> we are back at it again. we are still here. we're not leaving. that is fine. more after this. ♪
1:57 pm
. . . .
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1:59 pm
neil: take a look at corner of wall and broad. we have selloff ensuing at session lows over 300 points. oil playing a big factor. i don't think it helps we poo-poo the latest debt figure. $19 trillion in debt. and i can't stress this enoughs as both parties dropping the ball, republicans and democrats, when they say things you know as percentage of gdp it is really not that bad. that is based on present gdp. changes quarter to quarter goes up and down. like you saying high debt load, you have a pretty good job, you assume you will get big increases. what happens if increases stop? what if you lose your job? we're bases a lot on optimism of
2:00 pm
variables that change in a snap. $19 trillion, folks. even here in the middle of iowa someone is giving awe snow job, i'm just telling you. all right, trish regan. take it away. trish: neil cavuto, i'm so glad you said that i have always said that as well. shouldn't measure percentage of gdp it is going up, right? it is goings up. neil: the whole figure. trish: good to see you. see you back here at home base very soon. breaking right now, everyone, we do have a massive selloff underway, down more than 300 points, oil plummeting. particular effect on overall market. energy companies getting slammed today. we'll have a whole lot more on this market. we're all over it, coming up, including a look how you can protect yourself, given all volatility. votes are in. candidates are turning to new hampshire. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." republicans ted cruz and marco rubio both having big nights in iowa.


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