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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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variables that change in a snap. $19 trillion, folks. even here in the middle of iowa someone is giving awe snow job, i'm just telling you. all right, trish regan. take it away. trish: neil cavuto, i'm so glad you said that i have always said that as well. shouldn't measure percentage of gdp it is going up, right? it is goings up. neil: the whole figure. trish: good to see you. see you back here at home base very soon. breaking right now, everyone, we do have a massive selloff underway, down more than 300 points, oil plummeting. particular effect on overall market. energy companies getting slammed today. we'll have a whole lot more on this market. we're all over it, coming up, including a look how you can protect yourself, given all volatility. votes are in. candidates are turning to new hampshire. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." republicans ted cruz and marco rubio both having big nights in iowa.
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they're ready for a fight in the granite state. ted cruz first place. donald trump second and marco rubio a very close third. it is shaping up on the democratic side to be long, drawn out race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. edging out bernie by a tiny margin. in new hampshire, trump and sanders are way out front in the polls. jo ling kent in manchester, new hampshire. conservative commentator gina loudon and democratic strategist marry an marsh for analysis. first go to jo ling. hightailing it there to the granite state. are we expecting any surprises between now and tuesday? >> well the big race that is very few people are actually talking about here are the three governors and what they're actually going to do here. you know trump has lead, cruz in second, rubio in third but rest of the field and how they will survive. we're talking about jeb and
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chris christie and governor kasich of ohio. governor christie is here pulling no punches, going after every single candidate including senator marco rubio just a few minutes ago. listen to this. >> i saw marco give an interview last night on television. they asked him his accomplishments. he couldn't come up with one. he talked about fighting against this and fighting against that. they said, were you successful? well, no. i wasn't successful, but i fought against it. just because we agree with marco rubio and ted cruz philosophically, much more than we ever agree with barack obama doesn't mean either of them is ready to be president of the united states. >> meanwhile jeb bush is also canvasing the state. he is drawing 300-person crowds. we went to town hall last night. he is going after trump and cruz as well. they have to distinguish each other from the rest of the pack.
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governor john kasich is experiencing slightly smaller crowds but building poll numbers over the last week. i got on the campaign bus with him on way to a town hall. he will not throw any hail marys in the last seven days, trish. he is sticking with strategy and get second or third place and get ticket out to south carolina and eventually on to michigan. trish: we'll watch him. they do like him a lot in new hampshire, kasich. jo ling kent, thank you very much. reporter: they do. trish: donald trump ending twitter silence, second place is not terrible. his experience in iowa was a great one. jeff flock with more on this one. jeff? reporter: pretty dreary day in iowa today, trish and kind of a dreary night for donald trump as you pointed out he ended his twitter silence. got up to is a -- 15 hours are so he was silent. kind of untrump. i quote him now. because i was told i could not do well in iowa.
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i spent very little there. a fraction of cruz and rubio. came in a strong second. great honor said donald trump. he called his performance, nice. you have to be careful what you tweet though. we found one from 2014 where he quoted the great golfer water hagen, who said, i quote, no one remembers who came in second. we'll see if donald trump gets back on the beam in new hampshire but, somewhat disappointing performance though he clearly tried to put the best face on it. better performance than the day today. trish: that doesn't look so nice. jeff, you're lucky, at least it is not snow, right? reporter: 10-4. trish: thanks a lot. marco rubio didn't leave iowa with a win but considering his performance last night as victory. >> more and more voters come to realization, not only are we strongly conservative, we give the party a chance to come together. we have to unify the republican party and conservative movement. we can't continue to be fractured. but we have to grow it.
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i give us the best chance to take our message to people who haven't voted for us in the past, convince them conservatism is better for them and better for america. trish: he came in third. people say that was pretty good. ted cruz, he now seems like the guy to beat, at least coming out of iowa but donald trump is still really ringing in the numbers polewise in new hampshire. i want to go to gina loudon and marianne marsh. how do you interpret the second place win for donald trump last night? >> exactly like he did. cruz had everyone on the ground. he needed to win it by really much larger margin to feel this victory. i think what conservatives can take away from this, number one, as i said on the show and i think you pointed to, trish, conservatives really have fired so much at one another and forgotten who they're firing at with the $19 trillion debt you're talking about. right now talking points, by the way 60% of those who voted in
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gop caucus yesterday voted for minorities. 0% voted, 0% in the democrat side voted for minority. who is party of freedom? who is party of equality and inclusion? these are talking points conservatives should be hits. with a little bit of optimism. trish: happens over and over again. we see it, gina, every single election cycle where everybody is attacking each other as opposed to attacking the opponent. >> yep. trish: momentarily donald trump elevated himself. going after hillary clinton pretty hard. as we got closer and closer to iowa he started sinking his teeth into ted cruz. do you think that backfired? >> i absolutely think that the conservative -- it's even just out there, nobody's talking about trish, the people on the internet, supporter of these candidates, instead of attacking the opposition, the top conservatives out there have been attacking each other's candidates, not understanding
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the fact that this was going to give a nice, you know, reaffirmmation to the establishment, hey, this is our time. that is why we're seeing rubio claiming a victory and the establishment is coalescing around him. watch for more confidence in jeb bush and chris criminality and other so-called establishment candidates as well because of what the conservatives have done to themselves. trish: marianne, isn't this again what the primary system is about? this is not exclusive to one party or another. we're seeing exactly same thing play out with bernie and hillary where they're attacking each other as well? >> but i think two very different races, trish of the fact ted cruz won iowa is not a big surprise. iowa picks on republican side most conservative evangelical, that was ted cruz. he had better organization. great gop organization on caucus day is worth 3 to 5 points. that is difference between cruz and trump. on democratic side hillary clinton was not expected to win iowa. it was bernie sanders.
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she was able to sneak up by skin of her teeth. trish: literally. literally. there was actually a coin toss in six places. wow you have to hand it to her, somehow managed to win each of those coin tosses. >> trish. you're from new england. patriots win those coin tosses. always good to have the coin toss on your side if you get it. she has to cut into huge, sanders is 15, seventeen, 18 points ahead in new hampshire. that is big hill to climb. she could cut into it this weekend. trish: it is a big hill to climb. i'm surprised this is such a big hill in new hampshire. marianne, he is a social it. at end. day no one agrees with the economic principles he wants to put forward. so is this about personality? >> no. i think what you're hearing from, surprisingly ted cruz last week on the fox network, donald
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trump, bernie sanders, is more populism. that is what you're hearing here. there is a lot of anger out there, economic anger about people who feel they're finally back to work but their wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. there is real populist movement on all sides of political spectrum. that is what is driving politics now. trish: there is big difference, gina, perhaps the populism donald trump is putting forward and populism bernie sanders is putting forward. you never hear donald trump say we'll give you this, we'll give you that. he is saying i'm making america great so you can work for this or that. that is different message. >> gop candidates, trish, gop candidates want everybody to be a billionaire. that is difference between what the gop is parading around and what democrats are saying they want to do. they're talking about taxing everybody to death when we already have a $19 trillion deficit. democrats are not addressing, thank god candidates on the gop side at least addressing these
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matters. trish: thoughts on that marianne. >> yeah. i will note to gina's point, it is democratic president, barack obama who has been cleaning up deficit that was spent after surplus of bill clinton by george w. bush. and has cut the deficit every single year he has been in office. that is fact. not politics. trish: new hampshire, marianne who will win for democrats? >> democrats you have to say sanders but two big debates this week. look for hillary clinton to try to change the dynamic. she shouldn't go off to nevada and put new hampshire behind her. she needs to stand and fight and change the dynamics of this race. trish: agree, 100%. only way you win new hampshire if you're there on the ground. >> right. trish: gina, thoughts republican side, who will take it. >> trump takes it. up 25 points. sanders on other side. both have to look forward because southern states are coming at them. a must-win for both anti-establishment candidates. trish: gina, marianne, good to have both of you here.
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iowa seeing heavy evangelical voter turnout. heard marianne talk about. they came out big and strong for ted cruz. cruz captured 33% of the evangelical vote. trump with 21. carson trailing with 12%. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country, to believe this crap. >> when we go in church and when i drink my little wine which is only wine i drink and have my little cracker i guess that is a for of asking for forgiveness. trish: was part of trump trim's problem with evangelicals, the way he played his religion? you heard him there talk about a little bit of wine, a little bit of cracker? we know over the weekend he went to a church there in iowa and they were passing around come i don't know. -- communion. he took out bills from his pocket and put it into the
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communion platter. he said he is religious but not really, really religious. will that catch up with him at all? probably not. there are not a lot of evangelicals in new hampshire. here is analysis. kellyanne conway and republican pollster, senator ted cruz fund raidser. we know where you're coming from, kellyian. he cruz, did well with evangelicals. he will not have them there to be wind at his back in new hampshire. how will he combat that? >> first of all, thanks for having me, trish. us ted cruz had pretty broad based coalition. a third of evangelicals. he beat marco rubio in 17 to 29-year-olds. they can vote in the caucus as long as they're 18 byth. conventional wisdom going into it rubio and trump would do one-two punch get all the first-time caucus-goers. 30% trump, 23% cruz.
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when you look at this, also entrance polls, cruz won three of the four issues, who do you trust most on terrorism, immigration and national security? on jobs and economy he split the vote basically with trump and rubio. trish: what does all that mean. >> it is not just one religious block vote. it is about the pro-liberty vote. big story coming out of iowa that hasn't gotten enough attention, the collapse of rand paul. his father ron paul got 22% of the vote in iowa caucuses in 2012. he wasn't able to capitalize. trish: i totally agree with you. i don't think he was ever really able to get that, generate that much attention. he seemed more of a fringe candidate as opposed to mainstream one. >> voters, pro-liberty voters. some of them went to trump. many went to cruz and couple other candidates. when you look at new hampshire, trish, that is very pro-liberty state. not as much a church state as perhaps iowa. trish: live free or die.
2:14 pm
>> if you see in the polls emmen domain issue there. jobs, certainly taxes. this is new hampshire of course. people move from tax a chews et cetera to champ champ. new hampshire. his stance on illegal immigration is taking away wages and jobs from workers. put him even with jeanne shaheen at some point. trish: there are seven days until new hampshire. trump is way out in front. >> yes. trish: can cruz really chip away at it with issues like eminent domain and pro-liberty stance on things? >> i think he can. i think polls mr. trump will be ahead in the next poll, post-iowa poll but not by as much you probably see cruz and rubio fairly even. here is the best answer to your question. it's how much of the fighting spirit will donald trump take into new hampshire? does he feel badly beaten out of iowa or go into new hampshire looking like the leader and
2:15 pm
frontrunner again. that was one contest. i got some delegates. we're in a trump-friendly state. he has to first get past all the guys battling there, kasich, christie, rubio, bush. their super-pacs spent gazillion dollars in the tiny state of new hampshire. trish: kellyian conway. thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: been called the most hated man in america. martin shkreli in interview with fox business just a day before he is headed into court. says very interesting things. selloff on wall street, almost down 300 points. energy getting hurt. having effect on broader market. we'll have more on this and how you get involved in the market. quick break and i'm back.
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trish: sitting near the lows of the session off 300 points. oil really having another tough day. it is having effect on global markets you see with the dow off almost 2%. s&p off almost 2%. oil down a buck, a buck 59, as it gets ready to close out the day, hovering around 30 bucks a barrel right now. we'll continue following markets for you. more coming up. meantime he is been dubbed the most hated man in america, martin shkreli, pharmaceutical ceo who hiked price of popular drug for hiv patients by 5,000% overnight is headed to court on security charges. first he headed over to fox business for exclusive interview. our own adam shapiro joins us live with the details.
2:20 pm
he is trying to defend himself here, adam. how did he do. reporter: he was on with maria bartiromo in maria bartiromo. we found out celebrity lawyer, ben bronfman will represent him. raising price after drug 5,000% is not illegal. that is what congress will look at on thursday. but tomorrow, criminal issues, securities fraud that is more serious. mr. shkreli said, he told maria bartiromo, that his public image is improving. take a listen. >> the world is changing its mind about me. there have been a lot of new positive interviews. i think tide is swinging from, you know this is a bad guy, people listening to me and really understanding who i am. seeing maybe actually the government is starting to beat up on me just a little too hard. reporter: looks a little bit on the government trying to beat up on him but in a statement from the prosecuting attorney from brooklyn, eastern district of the united states, that is the court jurisdiction, they lay out that the activities he engaged
2:21 pm
in when he was a at different pharmaceutical company and with his lawyer, email exchanges between the two, looks like they were running a ponzi scheme. that they will have to prove in court. mr. skelly says this is basically and without merit. trish: maybe this is without merit he looks 12 years old. reporter: 32. trish: 32? >> we say the man people love to hate. he is not hated. he has a huge following online. on youtube he is engaged in, has nothing to do with our coverage, engaged with battle between very popular rap star. he is very popular. now the question that the world will have to answer and a jury will eventually answer, isn't criminal on par with bernie madoff rinning a ponzi scheme? on thursday what congress will do is shellac him. he will not play the game. he will say, i plead the fit. trish: thank you, adam. good stuff. democrats down to two candidates today, one's a socialist and the
2:22 pm
other is under threat of an indictment. what does this mean for the party as candidates hit the campaign trail in new hampshire? donald trump trying to spin his loss last night, saying this. >> iowa, we love you. we thank you. i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay? trish: donald trump, buying a farm in iowa. next eddie albert, "green acres"? was he too confident in iowa? we have it for you. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise.
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hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. trish: okay, i'll admit it, i'm biased. as new hampshire native i can tell you that little granite state has it all over iowa when it comes to selecting presidential nominees, especially on the republican side. we in new hampshire like to think it's because we're smarter
2:26 pm
than those in iowa, but that is not really the case. the reason comes down to process. new hampshire just has a better process than iowa. there are all these group votes. you have to form a consensus, and then, there is a lot of room for error in iowa. think about four years ago, when mitt romney declared himself the winner. >> thank you so much for your help. [cheers and applause] on to new hampshire. let's get that job done. come visit us there. we have some work ahead. trish: yeah. turns out 16 days later once all votes were counted, rick santorum was wayne winner there in iowa. look what happened last night with the race between bernie and hillary actually came down to coin toss in six places. yes, coin toss. amazing she won each much those coin tosses. do you know the odds of that are actually less than 2%. anyway, i digress. the point is, the real race, new
2:27 pm
hampshire, is about to begin seven days from now. folks in new hampshire head to the polls and cast their ballots in the first in the nation primary. john kasich is highly thought of by a lot of new hampshire voters. watch him carefully. he needs a strong new hampshire win in order to stay in this race or at least showing, i should point out. new hampshire voters tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. which is why provided there is good turnout on tuesday, and i think there will be, advantage probably goes to trump. he has a maverick appeal and voters in new hampshire are a little bit like mavericks themselves. perhaps it is in the dna. new hampshire was one of the 13 colonies to declare itself independent from great brit-brit taken. in january, in the 1776 became the first to establish its own government and established it is own constitution. you wonder where live free or die comes from across plastered across the license plate.
2:28 pm
new hampshire has little use for status quo and establishment type candidates which is why marco rubio may have more of a challenge there. may be why hillary clinton is struggling right now. she shouldn't be given her opponent is a socialist. this perhaps demonstrates once again the disdain new hampshire has for establishment. i am done. it is interesting spectacle. now it is crutch time. new hampshire will set the tone from here on out. if trump, cruz and kasich are smart, they put all their eggs in new hampshire's basket for the next week. that is today's intel. coming up, facebook banning sale of guns on its social media site but was the company pressured by the white house to do so? second amendment advocate dan morgan weighs in on this one. democrats down to two candidates. one is a socialist, the other might be indicted. an election like no other, folks. we'll see you book here after this.
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>> you can see that we are off now. more than 300 points. the analysis coming up for you on how you can protect yourself in this environment. one of the reasons we're seeing that dow in session lows is because of the oil today. it has very much been in focus.
2:33 pm
closing the day down. it has a lot of people say that, look, we are heading into a global slowdown. there will not be enough demand. we have so much supply. it is weighing on the broader market. first, i want to get over to hillary clinton. a narrow victory. the razor thin victory. that is pretty short lived right now. back on the campaign trail. this time, in new hampshire. one week away from the united states primary. what does clinton's close call in iowa means for the rest of this race? good to see both of you guys right here on set. >> were you surprised that at
2:34 pm
all that it was this close in iowa? >> we have seen the beginning of the rebranding. the democrat socialist party from now on he had they have now embraced the socialist. only 4% a year ago. i am not really surprised. we now see a huge portion of the democrat party wanting to be the democrat socialist party. >> do we know what they are voting for? do they know what they are signing up for? >> i think that they do. voting for bernie and voting for hillary. bernie is a big government guy. he wants free college education. >> being pushed to the left.
2:35 pm
i guess, fundamentally, this is where she is really in that ad spot. the idea of someone getting pushed to one side or the other. because they feel they have to do this to get elected. hillary clinton, it seems to be magnified in part because of this push. >> if you are a clinton, you are a chameleon. it will hurt them in the fall. after seven years of the obama administration. it is really interesting. going to new hampshire. bernie sanders keeps showing up to gunfights with knives. the guy does not know how to fight. he is about to get attached by the clinton campaign.
2:36 pm
he sort of indicate -- >> i think it does. he is trying to play a really clean game here. issues with hillary clinton. i do not want to -- >> new hampshire's going to lose new hampshire. >> he really starts to fight like you have to in a nomination battle. >> do you think he is just doing this because he is trying to push more left? more than the social democrats? >> he wants to win. he wants to attack the 1%. [laughter] >> he believes it to his core. he was the mayor of burlington vermont.
2:37 pm
he had soviet russia. >> a went back to the archives. he did not think anybody should make more than $1 million. once you hit a million, it you are done. this is something that he believed in for so many years. getting at something called authenticity. that is what this voter in this election wants. donald trump has that authentic quality about him. a lot of people think bernie sanders has the same. >> thinking of content being pushed to the left, both by ted cruz and rubio. politicians are chameleons. you get to a junior election.
2:38 pm
>> a lot more authenticity on the republican side. they repeatedly picked the last runner-up from the previous nominations. totally flipped aside. the last year's runner-up. a fresh, bold new face. republicans on this ticket are far more authentic than hillary clinton. that is what makes bernie sanders look appealing. >> it was better sprung up s. >> fundamentally. i think he will have a hard time winning the nomination. why? we've acquired our independence from great britain.
2:39 pm
>> that will get people to vote. bernie sanders should be campaigning in south carolina this week. you can do this in new hampshire are. >> thank you so much. trish: that the white house pressure facebook to ban gun sales on the social media site? oil dragging down. stocks again. what is in store for this market as we look at a selloff. almost 2%. i will be right back in two minutes. stay with us. ♪ then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them.
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and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at nicole: the selloff here under way. this is a selloff that has accelerated. they have been down more. getting further into today's trading. coming up on that bewitching hour, everyone. oil being the culprit here. ending the day below $30 a barrel. too much supply. too little demand.
2:42 pm
all trading down more than 3%. it looks as though goldman sachs is leading the way lower their. coming up, we will have more intel for you. we are talking about the race for new hampshire. ♪ i've been called a control freak...
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i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. >> we are watching the selloff for you. i want to turn to facebook.
2:44 pm
facebook is cracking down on guns. 1.6 billion users from privately selling firearms on its site. illuminating the gun show loophole altogether. what does it mean for gun owners and sellers across the country? dan morgan joins me with more. >> good to see you. trish: how about that. a private company held by shareholders. trying to do what it wants. does this hurt the gun industry or people that were trying to son -- so guns. >> no. for the most part, i would believe that most responsible gun owners are very responsible with two they sell their guns do.
2:45 pm
i am a capitalist. i believe that mark zuckerberg has every right to decide how he wants his private company to be used. transferring guns to people who are felons and may not put the guns in the hands of the right people. they are not too happy about it. it certainly is right. i cannot complain about that. trish: is it a liability issue? >> it is a treasure issue. they met with him multiple times. of course, the new york times says, i am sure that he was feeling the pressure from both directions. financially, it will not affect mark zuckerberg. they can always go to another social media site. >> you become friends with somebody on facebook. you are instant messaging.
2:46 pm
it just so happens that they have a gun that you want to purchase. how is facebook going to believe that? >> facebook cannot police that. the cia does in the fbi does. however, i think that it will be interesting to see how they enforce it. gun owners are pretty enforce said. i have rdc and some things floating around. like a can of mountain dew. the article they add, mountain dew for sale. $450 firm. how are they going to monitor and police that? >> how are guns sold to the internet?
2:47 pm
you cannot do it on ebay. you can't do it on facebook. you set up your own website? >> to sell guns over the internet, you have a website. go to gun you want to purchase a gun from that company. they cannot send it to me directly. they have to send it to a federal firearms license facility. i have to pay for the transfer. they have to run a background check for me. there is that protection in there to make sure that the guns do not get in the hands of the wrong people. that is where the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the citizens. selling a gun to another private citizen that is a felon.
2:48 pm
that is a lot of responsibility. good to see you. thank you as always. >> good to see you, too. you have oil taking another tumble here. what else will move lower? i will see you right back here. ♪ ♪
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2:52 pm
recession. you saw the news, now. you will wait until june to do something about iran's oil output. we were going to see production cuts. that may not happen until, you know. they did this. what happened was they did this in 1980. they saw that they lost market share. they continued to continue to flood the markets with the whale. 200,000 is what we're looking out. watch this, trish. this is really important. do not let any analysts say it was a winter blizzard that hammered january jobs. this blizzard was done before the winter blizzard took lace.
2:53 pm
>> we are barely skating by here. 0.7%. that is barely anything at all. nonetheless, we have an economy that is at best anemic. >> you know, before i answer that, i have an official said governor today. the fed is still on track for hiking rates this year. we are not really paying attention to the volatility. she said that, that will not make the market rally. trish: by the way, you heard me say this before, i think they have an opportunity to raise. they didn't take it and they probably should have.
2:54 pm
you get that you see below looking to stimulate. you will be the lone wolf out there. >> at this point, it does not make sense. still not 100%. doing what they say they're going to do. testing the market reactions. they would be crazy to hike rakes in this environment. we are on a deflationary environment here. what will make the market go higher? i think kind of back to basics analysis of the fact that even though oil is below 30, that is a real problem area, you have the new school of leaders. those are the companies that are leading this global economy. the old school is just that.
2:55 pm
the old-school companies are so huge. as we shipped more into the technology focus, those companies will excite people to start buying. trish: look at amazon. pretty lackluster results last time around. i do not know how amazon is really -- >> that is right. making the point that goldman sachs is making. district court just came out monday or friday from goldman sachs. the u.s. exports are trending down because of a stronger dollar. topher for our guys to sell stuff overseas. the consumer is the final homework. it has been scaling back as well. >> where do we go from here?
2:56 pm
do you take money off the table? >> there are places to do well always. there are opportunities. what i am seeing as an opportunity right now is twofold here it you go right back to the basic to get into utilities. >> i have 10 seconds and i have a hard rate. >> alternatives. trish: all right. i have to take a quick break. thank you. we will be right back. i will be back after this. ♪ none of this works. come on in. all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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>> the conversation does not end here. you can head over to my facebook or twitter account and tell me what you thought of today's show. and if you really want to know those utilities we were just talking about, we will be able to tell you those too. just over at my facebook page trish regan or trish intel. and don't forget me to follow me on twitter and trish intel. you can see big selloff here as we enter the final hour of
3:00 pm
trading. you've got a market that is sitting quite near the lows of the session. off 303 points. all related to oil. and too much supply with too little demand. liz claman is taking it from here. liz: yeah, and we also have a federal reserve president speaking. that may be spooking the markets. we'll tell you what she said in just a second. you see the dow jones industrials tanking 309 points at the moment. the nasdaq really getting crushed. groundhog day at this hour, wall street sticking to that same familiar pattern. oil down, markets plummeting, and then you throw in the fed head, not a good recipe here. as oil is dropping 5.5% below $30 per barrel, the price 29.88. oil continues to fall. and of course america's most famous groundhog seeing his shadow this morning to predict early spring. but there's no predicting what will happen next in the markets or the 2016 presidential race. iowa was full of surprises.


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