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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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witness iowa. next, new hampshire. we thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: you better believe we are back. donald trump and hillary clinton are incapable of spinning their way out of iowa's hearty gut punch. the night belonged to ted cruz who gave a long, rousing extended speech fit for a new emperor. >> iowa sent notice the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. will not be chosen by the washington establishment.
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will not be chosen by the lobbyists. kennedy: all right. slow down, ted. it's only iowa. by and bernie sanders were definitely using the same speech outline. >> i think the people of iowa sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and to the media establishment. kennedy: bernie! even though hillary apparently squeaked it out. bernie take out the delegates and that is a huge win. but don't tell hillary that, she is busy planting rotten seeds of victory she'll never reap. >> as i and here tonight breathing. >> big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. kennedy: more like huffing paint thinner.
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is she high? that's not a win. let's check back in with ted. i think his speech is still going. >> weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. tonight iowa proclaimed to the world, morning is coming. morning is coming. kennedy: so lock it up, ted. the one great joy to be gleaned from the madness i knight i are donald trump nor hillary clinton were coronated. it's just the sad don juan trying to sound humble. >> iowa we love, i thank you, i think i might come and buy a farm. i love it. kennedy: let's check back in with ted i'm sure he's making sense. >> a man who came from cuba at age 18 with nothing.
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with $100 in hi underwear. he carry doesn't -- he doesn't carry any money in his underwear anymore. >> jeb and kasich and christy will do something to put themselves back in the road. it's the end of the road for governors huckabee and o'malley. we'll see who they endorse on the long endless road to the presidency. marco rubio finished a strong third in iowa. i this the rights of rubio upon us? judge napolitano has a look at what this means for you. mary katharine ham walk us
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through the senatothrough the t. ted cruz smashed the donald last night in the king of corn. is the trump train finally deraised? let's talk about it with our party panel tonight. ebony which a.m -- ebony will y. is cruz a bigger winner or trump a bigger loser. >> the fact that he didn't win kind of hurt him more than anything else. i think cruz winning was you be
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remarkable to a lot of us. he had the best ground gave in position. that was sort of a liven. kennedy: in the most recent fox news poll cruz has seen his big lead sort of evaporate. and he's been trailing trump which has been very curious. are you surprised that jeb had such an awful night? >> no, jeb is terrible. he got 3% from the 1%. that's not a good return on their investment. kennedy: he spent $2,400 per vote. jim gilmore finished below others. he's coming in below anyone is. i think the winner is rubio. i think trump is already starting to plant the seeds how
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he's going to sneak out. he is going to say i think i proved my point rather than i won the nomination. kennedy: rubio came within 1%. this was a close race for second place. what did ted cruz mean by morning is coming? >> i don't know. i have never seen anyone outside of a vampire movie say "morning is coming" and sound that menacing. rubio coming in third is a big deal. i haven't seen a cop petter that happy about not finishing first. he gave basically a victory speech. it was smart and he also by speaking before -- at 10:30ish, i think he got a much bigger crowd for his speech than anybody else did.
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but after a while, dude, you came in third. you didn't even get the silver. kennedy: speaking of marco rubio finishing a strong third in the iowa caucuses just behind donald trump's ego predictability, the other candidates are already trying to cut him down to size. poor marco, he's tiny already. >> he never answers your questions. instead of rubio, i hope you guys answer the question. kennedy: how did marco do it? he has been trailing by double digit behind cruz and trump but he was within striking distance. if he had had one or two more percent we would be having a different strategy. >> he just had to wait it out until people got tired of trump
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or trump got tired of people. these caucuses don't mean that much. so if they can hang in there and people see hip a -- see him as a guy we dock something with. he doesn't have the support of the establishment. i think the bush money will go to tubio. >> that's the crux of the race. the second tier race because jeb is so silly with money. his investors, 3%. it's not like jeb ignored iowa. but i did hear donald trump was so upset with rubio's third place finish he filed an executive order to have hip deported. how he did it? trump not coming to that most recent fox news debate, it put marco rubio in a light where people weren't really paying attention to him. before that debate it was
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cruz-trump and now marco got to sit at the big kids' table. people that weren't thinking about him before that were thinking about him after. >> he is the kind of person that "national review" slobbers all over. do you think that helped? >> i think people are overlooking the fact that iowa is farm territory. i think a lot of people in iowa recognize the importance of having normal sized hands and not stubby little fingers and freakish baby hands like donald trump does. and i think the people of iowa recognize that this is not the kind of guy you want winning your state. kennedy: final thoughts going into new hampshire. >> if rubio can pull another solid third-place finish i think he will do all right. trump might win that one to further complicate things. rubio has to hold steady and he will do well going into south carolina.
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>> the polls may have been off, but they weren't way off. it's good we are going to talk about them in just a little bit. hillary and bernie a virtual tie in the hawkeye state. who's the real loser besides you, america. judge napolitano is waiting in the wings to weigh in on what iowa means for liberty lovers.
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kennedy: i love that song so much. welcome back to you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders reached a virtual tie last night in iowa. the plucky socialist says he will slug it out until the convention. the panel is back to discuss this. eboni williams, joe devito and andrew levy. was this a surprise sanders doing as well as he did in iowa? thank god we have democrats to put white people back on top. there was a piece in the "new york times," if sanders was
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going to win a state was tailor made for him. it's white and a lot of young people he had months to get their vote out and it's not as affluent as on thered states. the thesis is bernie didn't do that well since it was a virtual tie. but he showed some people that this is a race. he showed it's not inetchible for hillary and that might drive some people on the fence to take a look at him. kennedy: i will say this about bernie sanders. i love the passion that he inspires. i wish i agreed with him on anything. but i have so little area of agreement with the guy. but i love how people turn out for him. i love that people who like him are anti-authorize tearian. but that's as far as i go. >> he will consider tying a win because he's socialist and doesn't know how math works.
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does he leave the hangar in his jacket when he puts it on. he's hunched into himself. i think it's nice to put the heat on hillary. primaries always go towards the extremes. the further they move left the worst it is for her. i like to see her crack and i like to see her sweat. even though i don't agree with bernie sanders, at least he's an honest person. kennedy: it's like betty white in a miley cyrus video. hillary clinton had this in place since 2008. she should have won in triple digits. >> i think this was a loss for her. the point is nobody knew who bernie sanders was a year ago. this guy doesn't have the money or name recognition.
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now he's not ridiculous the same way he was six months ago. even though he tide, this was a good fundraising opportunities for him. if we look at the age demo. he was killing it with the young ones. it looks recommend any sent of the barack obama grass roots campaign. kennedy: these are true believers that aren't going to be ripping their bernie and materials posters down in 8 years. they feel for the guy until they start paying taxes. but i think considering how it went on both sides. considering how many people showed up for the caucuses. i think the home whole thing is a refused yaition of the obama administration. am i wrong? >> probably. i'm just glad it's all over and hillary and cruz are co-presidents and we don't have to deal with this for another four years. spch joe biden was sitting at
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home watching this going, oh, man. >> that's all it took? >> she can't beat a socialist and he can't beat this corrupt unethical machine? queen were mechanical harpy. i'm thinking of biz beth warn. where does she factor in? bernie sanders 74 years old. >> i think it's amazing -- people actually thinking this could be the moment for block tboarg jump in. that's how pathetic this lineup is. kennedy: unfortunately it's larry bloomberg. the panel returns just a little later. the democratic candidates came down to a coin toss. did hillary clinton put lives of
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spies in danger by using her private server. it keeps getting worse for her.
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kennedy: we are going to talk about marco rubio and rand paul. what does it mean for liberty in this election. let's welcome judge andrew napolitano give us a frank assessment. is there any good news for liberty? judge napolitano: yes, it means
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his candidacy is alive and he's still recognized by republican voters as the only person on the stage so to speak who stands for maximum individual liberty and limited government in domestic and the foreign sphere. the more he begins to distinguish himself from the others the bert he does. as much as i have such affinity for him, i would have corrected the campaign had i been running it. but they corrected it on their own in the last week. that's when he decided to do a lot better. he did a lot bert in the last debate, the one donald trump refused to go to. he started to sounds like his father in the four or five days before the iowa caucuses. he started campaigning with his father. if he can do the same thing new hampshire it will be remarkable. look at people he was ahead of. chris christy, john kasich, jeb bush.
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these are all very, very good signs. why? because he's different from all the others. kennedy: there is a lot that remains to be seen in this race. hillary clinton didn't have a stellar night. election iowa, the caucuses have been called for her. judge napolitano: i think it caused the democrats to leave her in drove. last friday the state department revealed it found 22 top secret emails on her server. kennedy: that were labeled top secret when she got them. the first time she opened those emails they said plain as day top secret. >> it puts the lie to what she has been saying all along. we know nothing is marked classified. it's marked secret, or top of
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secret. the cat was out of the bag, the state department was persuaded to lie for hillary clinton's people, it had a disastrous consequence for her. she was ahead by 40 points four months ago. she won by .4 of one points against a socialist who isn't even a member of the democrat kick party. kennedy: it's an incredible story. we have a february 9 hearing coming up. you have clearly stated that's where the deepest yogurt is for her. what happens february 9? judge napolitano: the judge will say where are the rest of the emails and by what authority are you holding this back. there are four freedom of
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information cases, this is the one that keeps producing the drip, drip, drip. if you have bad news relights on a friday, they think we'll forget about it by monday. kennedy: we have an active election process right now. >> you have a judge who will say where's the rest of it and what's the holdup. kennedy: you have f.b.i. agents who don't have clearance to read the most confidential information that crossed her server. so how is this going to play out to her detriment? judge napolitano: i think the fine will recommend indictment. the f.b.i. has another investigation which is independent of the emails. that's whether she used her official position as secretary of state to give favors to foreign entities and foundations that gave money to the clinton foundation. that's called corruption.
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it appears she did. the f.b.i. has 100,000 document to go through. they want to make their recommendation at once. i think they are ready to make their recommendation on the email scandal but not the clinton foundation and they want to make one recommendation at one time. kennedy: who is more corrupt, hillary clinton, rob blagojevich or don king. judge rrking. judge napolitano: rob blagojevich and don king are not seeking the public's trust. hillary clinton is. kennedy: why is jack black on a south korean game your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied
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kennedy: how you doing? iowa candidates lick their wounds. we lick our lips at the thought of scarfing down juicy news. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. you think you had a hard time at the beach because you burned your muffin top. this man succumbed to a five-story * wal-story wall of . look at that fall. he's in free-fall. that wave is so huge i expected the andrea gayle to pop out of it. oh, there we go.
12:31 am
he just toppled over. i always want that movie to end well. topic number two. let's continue with the mother nature theme. we'll travel over to australia where some brave lads were filming an hic thunderstorm. their skulls were almost cracked with this hot hammer. watch in slow motion. watch it. there it is. did you hear that, one guy warned the other, don't go outside. to which almighty zeus replied ... kennedy: consider this crack and release. that's not great. topic number three.
12:32 am
when you visit egypt you can do the standard tourist thing like rent a team, take a photo and steal a part of a mummy in your purse. or you can climb a pyramid when no one is looking like this guy. steps way high up there. scealg that artificial mountain. he was released on the condition he delete the footage. clearly he didn't. when you consider aliens built all of this building slave labor and flying saucers. all of this and more will be explained on the next episode of stossel. cool video. and he will give you a break. topic up in four.
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from the mouths of babes. the post organized a group of kidos to watch this year crop of presidential candidates so the young ones could weigh in. >> what did you think watching him? >> i think his teeth are real clean. >> he look like my grandpa except my grandpa has more dark hair. >> i'm the granted daughter after factory worker and the grandmother of a child. >> i don't think she'll be a good candidate because what does have it to do with her being grandmother. >> it look like donald trump doesn't have no hair. kennedy: those kid are so cute. the candidates love them. hillary clinton says she hopes nothing more i happens to any of them and their families which she knows the addresses of.
12:34 am
if they ever say anything bad about her again. make sure mom pumps the brakes on the volvo and bernie sanders is letting them write his next budget proposal because they are just as rational. good comedians get spots on late-night talk shows. but legendary comedians appear on south korean game shows. jack black speaks fluent south korean. not all comedians are so lucky. i'm sorry, i don't speak japanese.
12:35 am
>> i don't speak japanese. farley, i miss you and your weird stories. go ahead and tweet me @kennedynation. there it i right there. coming up, the panel returns. a lot of people don't realize hillary clinton won some precincts by coin toss. what is going on with that. hollywood celebrities sobers up to sling insults at donald to sling insults at donald trump.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders was so tight that six precincts awarded their decision on a coin toss. hillary won all six flips. the panel is back. so this type of corruption has three word written all over it. debbie wasserman-shultz. >> it's amazing how they tried to load things up in hillari' favor so much that now she has a golden touch with coin flips. course keep in mind this is democrats and the person who donated that coin didn't get their money back. so they socialized the coin. they are doing all this stuff to stack the deck for hillary and she still can't quite close the deal. kennedy: coin tosses at
12:40 am
caucuses. doesn't it to speak for the stupidity of the process? >> the fact that this idiotic system let a coin flip be part of the presidential elect process is unreal except when you think of the fact that it's no dumber than the electoral college. kennedy: i want to give you the opportunity at he turn to rail against that. i agree with you. i share your contempt. >> i only hate it by making that mire vote does matter i hate. as much as i loathe hillary clinton. all these coin flips were videotaped. i don't know how she won all 60s. >> if there were chads to dangle, it was a weighted coin. what are the chances?
12:41 am
this is a bill belichik type thing. kennedy: how are you feel being that oral roberts? in tulsa, oklahoma, they are requiring all 900 incoming freshmen to use a fitness bracelet. student are later grade on the data. this is so odd. fitness is creepy. i love voluntary fitness, but this is disgusting. >> it would have spared me my freshman 15. kennedy: i don't have problems with one know, encouraging young people when they get to college their first year to be fit. but forcing them to wear fit bits.
12:42 am
does prepare tall intercourse count against that? >> i'm the wrong person to ask about that. >> i have forgotten what my talk points were. kennedy: you are so red. >> the fit bit will give you a shock if you are not eating the right food or exercising enough. liberals have become all about freedom from together wrong things and freedom from not making your own decisions. kennedy: i think andy is right. it's a private school. they know what they are getting into. they are adults in charge of their own education. it's still creep ir. and i fear something like this now that they are moving into the realm of socialized medicine, this will be an imposition from the federal government.
12:43 am
>> they actually get credit. it's part of the curriculum. i would like to see them burn calories through exercising. i think this is how they track people having prepare tall sex if they see spikes. when i was in college they would say his data is coming off the charts, and he's been in the room by himself. kennedy: i think you would have flat lined. you tweeted earlier we were going to discuss whether your beard saw it shadow. >> it many going to be an early spring. kennedy: that's great news. so it didn't crawl back up. >> it was nippy. >> ultimately this fit bit thing is -- if they think college kid
12:44 am
won't figure out a way to hack into his or put it on a dog and take the dog for a run. the on reason i like thing like this is it teaches people how to be clever about resisting authority. kennedy: think about what a dog could do. a dog is going to sleep 17 hours a day and get 400 minute a week of intensive activity. >> do you think they take ritalin and spike their heart rate? >> i just think it seep a bit oppressive. but the vanity. a better looking freshman class. they have got to be more active. kennedy: they are completely controlled by an outside force. >> they have the right to be as chubby as the rest of us.
12:45 am
kennedy: thank you so much for being here. tuesday night, it continues with mary katharine ham so we can completely, objectively and without any personal enjoyment go through hollywood's best insults about donald trump and iowa. is the hawkeye state that important in the doosht national important in the doosht national election? there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points
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kennedy: hollywood gloating over donald trump's loss in iowa. donald trump tweeted a quote snieg one remember hospital came in second. oh, that's got to hurt. now that he's in second place
12:49 am
hollywood isn't just retweeting the donald it many piling on its own jabs. one tweet, i hope trump doesn't try standing in the middle of fifth avenue and shooting someone tomorrow. my favorite winner, mary katharine ham, mary katharine, i'm so happy to have you. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> it's a funny, strange day. i get the sense there are a lot of people secretly delighted by donald trump's second-place finish which a lot of people saying is a loss. >> or not so see yetly delighted. hollywood is not particularly kind no republicans in general.
12:50 am
the donald who employ as personal attack style opens the door to them being mean tore him than they are to even regular republicans. they are happy to step through that door and use that privilege. they will still be mean to whoever is winning in this race. kennedy: they are trying to figure out the metric. the funny think about the quote no one remember hospital came in second. in this case we'll remember who came in second. >> i think we'll. it matter going forward that he came in second. he had a decent showing. he did not win. i think culturally. you know how conservatives split their votes in trying to defeat the other candidates? i think hollywood is splitting its hate tweeting between cruz and trump and rubio is coming out virtually unscathed. kennedy: it's a lot like the
12:51 am
last fox news debate. cruz, it was supposed to be his shining moment and rubio is the one who came through. let's look forward to new hampshire. the primary is coming up very soon. can cruz maintain his momentum and can rubio keep rising? >> i think cruz -- new hampshire has never been as strong for him as iowa was. he's looking forward to south carolina. he has to have a strong showing which he can do coming off this win. but the bigger question is whether rubio can continue h tref em a kckutay blent-pes, christy, jeb and kasich who are looking towards a decent snowing new hampshire. >> if it goes poorly for christy, jeb and kasich, who gets out of the race at that point?
12:52 am
>> it depends how they finish. it's hard to imagine a campaign like jeb bush's spending this much money and ending in single digits and not thinking there is somewhere else we need to be. it's a tough decision we need to make. and he has a war chest i guess he could stay in it for a bit. but it's hard to see the path there. >> you have to say when is it worth it to get out. you really do tarnish a reputation. you look like the guy who had all the opportunity in the world. to have name recognition and it's just not taking hold. at some points you have to save face. cruz is getting a lot of credit for his grounds strategy in iowa. this is a state he has been connecting for quite a while. what is his grounds game in new hampshire and is it comparable? >> this not as much going on there for him. that was part of the plan. rubio did not have a great
12:53 am
ground game in iowa, it exceeded expectations and will have a bert apparatus in new hampshire so he's looking to capitalize on that. cruz will be happy finishing second to trump. things can change quickly. he will be happy finishing second. >> i think you are right. i think cruz if he can maintain, and if it does go trump, rubio, cruz, do you sigh of sit ending up that way or do you see one of the governors break out and making the podium? >> my gut says one of the governors is not break out at this point. i do think the new hampshire electorate is friendlier to a kasich or christy or a jeb. he will be ready to debate there is weekends and hope to have a few more. he's the one who has the best shot, i think.
12:54 am
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kennedy: hello. as we rounds third we are heading home, all eyes on iowa, the first reflects presidential race finally happened. but is the hawkeye state a good predictor who's going to take it nomination. gerri willis is a fox news anchor and personal finance correspondents. this whole election psych many has been weird. every paradigm has been shift. every axiom turned on its head. do the rules you have apply to iowa still hold? >> high what doesn't work very well as a predictor. you have think didn't money mean
12:58 am
nothing i guess not. not in this race. but here's what happened. republicans only one person in the last since 1976 who won the iowa caucus for the republicans went on to win the white house. who was that? george w. bush. three won the nomination but only one won the white house. kennedy: we know a lot of people embraced by iowa go on to lose the nomination. for the dems it's a little more predictive. obama, kerry, gore, they all wouldn't nomination after winning iowa. but they do it with coin tosses. cheating at the margins. kennedy: weird things happen in iowa. one good thing it might be useful for is that momentum. the one thing they can take from this wacky caucus process?
12:59 am
>> who has the most momentum? i think it's sanders. he's on fire. hillary seemed embarrassed last night when she was speaking and talking about what happened to her. i just feel lucky to be here was her basicnessage. kennedy: she seemed angry and anowed to be there. she was really mechanical as she usually is. i think you can wipe the floor with her in new hampshire. what i'm wondering is will that some how create its own momentum. gerri: take me to super tuesday. this is preliewfd. prelude. it doesn't mean that much. kennedy: i'm so happy you are here. keep us posted on the election. strange things have happened. the rules that no longer apply.
1:00 am
non-traditional politics. we love it. thanks for watching. please follow me on twitter and instagram.nnouncer: the followig program is a paid advertisement for the dashcam pro, brought to you by inventel products, llc. yep, they're out there, driving recklessly, causing accidents, and driving up your insurance rates. now protect yourself and capture it all in full high-definition video with dashcam pro, your personal portable security camera. today, we're going to hear from people who have been in accidents and used the dashcam pro to prove their case. learn from essex county sergeant arnold bernard, a law-enforcement expert, to hear the secret to protecting yourself from tickets and lawsuits. you will find out why he calls the dashcam pro the most significant advancement in dash-cam technology and why everyone should own one. we're also going to visit a car show to check out some really cool rides and discover how their owners protect their cars wherever ty


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