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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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>> i hope not. neil: did you know i took her off my screen saver. >> in favor of pat cadell. neil: do you know where this is going. >> the interview? neil: trish, when adele calls it is usually hello. take it over, kiddo. trish: thank you, guys. field narrowing to six days for first-in-the-nation primary. donald trump wants a recount in iowa saying his rival ted cruz stole the election. president visits a mosque for first time in his presidency on a day that house homeland committee issues a report saying isis infiltrate the refugee system. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." the kentucky senator ends his campaign. he suffered because of further
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attacks in san bernardino and paris. voters were worried he was too weak on foreign policy or isolationist. who are the fans in the live free or die state going to support now? our political experts will weigh in. donald trump setting stage for very big fight in new hampshire. trump hurling another grenade at rival ted cruz. >> you watch, the democrats, they have already said they will sue him. if he get the nomination they will sue his ass off. trish: now accusing him of cheating and stealing the race in iowa. donald trump is demanding a new election tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. that is why all the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. that exclamation point. trump goes on to say, based on fraud committed by senator ted cruz during iowa caulk curbs either new election should take place or cruz's results nullified. trump is referring to the controversy around the cruz campaign suggesting to ben carson supporters on
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election day that carson was dropping out of the race. trump is pointing to deceptive flyers sent to iowa voters accusing recipients of voter violations which may have affected voter turnout. does trump have a case? will he be able to pick up any rand paul supporters in new hampshire? joining me with analysis, senator scott broken from new hampshire, long-time person who is rumored to be a vice-presidential pick for trump should he get nomination. plus katie pavlich from steve sha. il former campaign director for obama in florida. blake, start with you, trump is he asking for a recount in iowa? >> yeah, no, he is learn -- certainly is in you believe the tweet. the back and forth is back on between donald trump and ted cruz. trump laid off cruz for last couple days or so and unleashed series of tweets earlier today, half a dozen or so. you ran through the reasons
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trump is upset about the voting violation flyer sent out in iowa the cruz campaign did not apologize for, but also the dirty tricks dr. ben carson talked about, essentially spreading resumes more carson would drop out of the race election night. the cruz campaign apologized for that. because of that, trump essentially says there was fraud that took place. he thinks, according to the tweet, that there should be a new election there in iowa. certainly not going to happen though. we are here in new hampshire. ted cruz just spoke at roby's country store. see it here behind me. cruz left a moment ago. he did not address this at all earlier today. that can't be said for his national campaign spokesperson rick tyler. here is the statement he released. i will read it into full. reality just hit the reality star. he lost iowa, now nobody is talking about him so he is popping off on twitter. there are support groups for twitter addiction. perhaps he should find his local
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chapter. mentioned ted cruz was here at this country store. he was just asked by a reporter to comment on this. cruz is headed half an hour down the road. he will have a media availability then. you can bet that this will be brought up in some sort of a response will happen there. trish: i believe it. i believe it. you know, you got to say, got to hand it to him his ability to feed the media machine because this is a big story that everyone is talking about. blake burman live in hooksett, new hampshire. i want to go to katie and steve joining me for analysis on this. i will start with you, steve. how do you think this will play in new hampshire right now, this idea that trump needs a recount for iowa? >> i think he is just wasting time. it is really kind of crazy. nobody lies a sore loser. he has -- he is in good shape in new hampshire. should be focused turning out his vote, winning new hampshire.
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could reset the race, instead wasting time to talk about this when there is no validity to it. trish: i wonder about that. i got to say. i'm from new hampshire. i can tell you growing up we didn't like iowa. we didn't like iowa so much because eye was trying to intrude on our thing, first-in-the-nation primary. katie, i wonder he is playing to the crowd in iowa is messed up process with you will at caucuses. really new hampshire is doing it right? calling for a recall he may be on to something in terms of striking right note with new hampshire voters? >> no. i don't think new hampshire voters are worried about who won the iowa caucuses. if theyer they would be polling ted cruz at the top. what donald trump is accusing ted cruz is absolutely ridiculous. yes the cruz campaign apologized for questionable campaign tactics but that doesn't equal fraud. edthe idea donald trump saying election was stolen is ridiculous. has no evidence to support that
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claim. and iowa's ancient history. we're moving on to the next primary. that is new hampshire. once new hampshire is over we go to south carolina. nobody will be worried about what happened in iowa starting this weekend with the debate when new hampshire voters go to the polls on tuesday. trish: do you expect him to talk it in new hampshire? >> i don't. donald trump in his own words he just found out what a ground game is. he maybe should have had one in iowa. if he doesn't have a ground game in new hampshire, even though polling high as he was in iowa he will not win. john kasich has a good opportunity to win there. i think marco rubio will have a good opportunity to win there but in donald trump doesn't have volunteers going out and knocking on doors to get people to the polls, then he is not going to win. that is exactly what we saw happened in iowa. trish: he is so far ahead in the polls right now. he mass this sort of maverick mentality which in the live free or die state does hold some appeal with resident, steve. i mean, katie's predicting
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someone else comes from behind. i don't know. 34% is a pretty big margin. >> yeah i think you're right, trish. as you know from being there, a lot of times the polls move really quickly in new hampshire after iowa. trish: true. >> it is the kind of state where it feels like he should do well but kasich has been living there. marco, who i know pretty well from florida. i think will probably surprise some people. i think for trump i think he has to win new hampshire. if he loses new hampshire it is pretty much over for him. trish: katie, i've been hearing kasich's name over and over and over again every time i go back there and what is interesting to me holds a lot of appeal on both sides of the aisle. i've heard from democrats and republicans alike they really like him. what's different, would you say, about the new hampshire conservative versus other conservatives that we see out there, including iowa? >> well iowa, there is a big difference in iowa in terms of iowa is evangelical state, more socially conservative state, farming state.
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new hampshire is not necessarily a farming state and voters are not so concerned about social issues but rather the economy and how government can work best for them. and so there are just different types of people who live in these two places. john kasich is moving forward. new hampshire has scott brown of course there ands that's kind of moderate republican they like and john kasich fits into the mold. trish: scott brown who has come out for donald trump. we'll talk to him in just a minute. >> we'll see what he has to say but in the live or die state i find it ironic people are polling for trump considering how much of proponent donald trump has been for big government, progressive policies that actually limit peoples freedom. trish: we'll talk to you guys in a little bit. soon you soon. on tuesday it is first-in-the-nation primary. i will be there joining neil cavuto live from my home state for complete coverage starting 7:55 p.m. eastern time. donald trump snagging a key
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endorsement in new hampshire last night one week before the state presidential primary. the endorsement coming from a moderate republican who ran for senate in that state two years ago. former senator scott brown. >> the best person to help us address the dysfunction in washington, the gridlock that just permeates the halls of washington, get our economy moving again, to change that status quo, is donald trump. >> scott brown, for him to come up and all and say i love what you're doing, i love where you're going, he loves this area and he loves you people. for him to endorse me is a very important thing. so wherever the hell scott is, right? trish: well, now there is speculation that the former senator could become trump's vp pick. here is what trim said after new hampshire audience member asked if senator brown was contender for the slot. watch. >> vice president? hey, that sounds like -- [cheering] hey.
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solid pick. you know what? and he is central casting. look at that guy, central casting. trish: central casting indeed. here to set the record straight is fox news contributor senator scott brown himself. he is joining by phone. so we can't see you, senator but we do know you're right out of central casting. welcome. >> so are you. my goodness. you don't want to see me now because i'm painting my mom's house, believe it or not. i have paint from head to toe. trish: you say you're painting your mom's house. what a lot of viewers may not realize about you, when you come on set you're all spiffy dressed in your nice suit you're a pretty regular guy. you drive a pickup. you work assembling bikes at gus's bike shop in northhampton which i know very well the how important, senator, is being just a regular guy in new hampshire to voters there? that you're teaming up with the new york city billionaire? >> well, what you see is what you get with me certainly. let me just explain a couple of things.
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first of all, i think anybody running on our side would make a better president than hillary clinton and bernie sanders. let's start with that. i have tremendous amount of respect for eve and everyone of them, number one. number two, after barbecues, we had 10 people show up, grill them literally, listen to them, see how they interact, their spokesman throughout seven-month process. said i would endorse. one thing came shining through, tremendous amount of gridlock in washington. get things done. they don't likes each other. you need a change agent. that will change things up not like the others. that is number two. number three, many people have not had private sector jobs, certainly not experience donald trump has. i know for a fact he will surround himself with brilliant people to help get the economy moving again and debt and deficit under control again so we actually move forward as a nation. so in all of the other things, border security, immigration issue, isis, i've been saying that long before donald trump
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and so that's why i'm supporting him and you know, we'll see what happens. trish: want to back a winner too. did any of that go into your calculation in making this decision, that you thought he was that far ahead in the polls, that he really had a shot. >> no. i think everybody who is running on our side is winner, quite frankly. the fact he is only doing this six months came in second with iowa is huge, with no ground game? perp who was on, i wish i was there to debate it, there is a ground game. we had rally. there were 5,000 legit, energized people from the area. you know what that is like. up in milford they -- dome area and there was waiting line. trish: this that is a lot of people. 5000 people in new hampshire is a lot of people anywhere in new hampshire. >> when people said he didn't hold town hall? he held a town hall for 5000 people last night. i'm excited for the whole process to begin. i wish everybody well. but after due diligence i'm
2:13 pm
going this way. trish: senator, vice-presidential nominee, potential, would you consider it? they have talked about it there? >> no, listen -- trish: complimentary things to say. have you guys talked about it at all? >> no, of course not, no. he is focusing on winning, really winning his first primary. flattered certainly but highly, highly unlikely. trish: last question, is he really going to push for recount in iowa? >> is he? trish: is he going to push for recount in iowa? >> no. i don't know. you would have to ask management team. he moved on from iowa. he is very thankful for the second place finish. he will move forward and hopefully do well in new hampshire. he will run like he is down 20 points. that is important. that is what new hampshire expect. he has good people, some of my former folks. trish: talking about it on twitter saying this wasn't a fair vote and -- >> yeah, well -- i wouldn't put too much, i didn't see it. i haven't been briefed on it. haven't been told about it.
2:14 pm
i know he is putting all his eggs in new hampshire and working hard for this and moving on to south carolina. trish: senator brown, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. back to the paintbrush. boeing paint. you can come on and help anytime. trish: thank you so much. my next guest, congressman darrell issa says, that fbi wants to indict hillary clinton for her email scandal. he is going to be here to explain his predictions. do not go away. that is coming up next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree.
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trish: will the fbi indict hillary clinton? my next guest led the
2:18 pm
investigation into the benghazi scandal, congressman darrell ice say. congressman issa, welcome. >> thanks for having me on, trish. and, yes, go ahead. >> the what are your sources telling you about this? is an indictment coming? >> well, the director is somebody who care as great deal about national security and with the body of evidence he really has no choice but to refer this for indictment. it does appear as though the administration continues to push for, if you will, double and triple and quadruple measuring but as you know, we have communications back and forth, the president from hillary clinton's private email. we have 1300 sensitive documents. 22 classified at the highest level. this is well past anyone claiming that they didn't know. trish: you seem to think that the fbi will move forward with this. can you give us a sense of timing? because people have been expecting this for a while, nothing is happening. she is saying look, this is all political theater.
2:19 pm
>> i understand she says it has no more relevance than benghazi and she's right. it is just as relevant as four people dying unnecessarily because of her mismanagement. in this case she made a choice, she made a choice to have a private server. she made a choice to use it, with highly sensitive material. she made a choice to receive and retransmit documents that should have been classified when they came to her and later been classified. these choices are really what the prosecution would be about. you know, as somebody who has a head full of classified information, hillary clinton has an obligation to be able to not disseminate that information, to know the difference and to know when she sees material that should not be transmitted in the open. particularly in such a risky situation that she created by her choice. trish: so, let me ask you this, congressman, in terms of process, will the fbi be looking at those 22 emails that can not be released because they're so heavily classified and will they be in part making some
2:20 pm
determination based on those? >> well, no question at all there is a standard of proof that director comey has to have along with the u.s. attorneys. and one of the questions that he has to answer is, is this material that on its face somebody with intelligence and experience would know is sensitive? that determination has to be made. but it is pretty obvious that you can't have 1300 documents that are all or partially redacted and 22 at highest level in which nothing is being released, and have somebody say, well i didn't know it was sensitive. the one thing about hillary rodham clinton i know having worked with her, she is smart and she know what she sees, that works well for her in her job but also makes her very much responsible when she traffics in sensitive information that should not be in unclassified server, should never have been on hers. trish: if this happens, sometime in, again, any estimates on
2:21 pm
timing? next couple weeks, next couple months? >> it's important that the director act sooner rather than later. he is in fact a non-partisan appointee. he is supposed to be and historically they have been above being influenced by the administration. the later he acts looks more like he is influenced. to be candid, not as a pro-hillary person, but this is something that primary voters should know that either she has been cleared of or indicted for. they shouldn't be choosing between two candidates. trish: political process from here on out, how does she run as democratic nominee if she is indicted? >> how does she run with cloud of suspicion when 22 documents that above top secret level were found on her server? these are documents not only highly classified she took them from government.
2:22 pm
when she left government, she didn't take a copy. she took it all. i know it didn't say top secret on them. that is part of the problem. they should have. trish: thank you for talking to us, congressman issa. >> thank you. >> was winner declared in iowa. not just donald trump is questioning but the bernie sanders camp is questioning the legitimacy of hillary rodham clinton's victory. both sides demanding a recount? we'll explain. why bernie sanders's tax plan is a form of economic slavery, where we would all be working for the government whether we like it or not. that's next. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan.
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>> rich and large corporations should start paying their fair share of tax. >> i want to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share which they have not been doing. >> we count the billionaire class.
2:26 pm
they can not have it all. for a start. they will start paying their fair share of taxes. trish: all sound so good, right? make them pay their fair share. we'll all be able to kick back and live high off the hog on the wealthy. well, what about people making that money, i'm not talking about billionaires. i'm talking about people that earn salaries, the middle class, the upper middle class and working rich? what if they just said, you know, i'm tired of this. i don't want to work so hard. i will get a job at local surf shop and hang out, not be so stressed. hey if you're paying upwards of 70% of what you make to the government, which is exactly what you would be paying in some states if bernie sanders gets his way, you might say forget this. i'm going to get a no pressure job and make less money. if you did, would bernie tell you, that it is your moral obligation to go to work and pay more taxes? i'm kind of betting he would.
2:27 pm
don't forget he is a socialist who in 1974 told the burlington free press a newspaper there in vermont, no one should ever earn more than a million dollars. when you hit a million, rest goes to the government. isn't his proposed system of onerous taxation, of penalizing prosperity, isn't this a form of economic enslavement, one in which anyone who is able-bodied, skilled, capable, productive member of society would be required to support and take care of masses of people that allegedly can't take care of themselves? i think it is. that's just like the world described in the i flew wednesday book, "atlas shrugged," the makers versus takers. it is a system that is not sustainable. people will revolt. remember, it is not the moral obligation for the few to take care of the many. yes, we want to guarranty some basic needs, and we certainly want to guarranty opportunity
2:28 pm
but as americans, we should not or should we ever guarranty outcome. as the bible said, you are not your brother's keeper. that is today's intel. coming up, hillary clinton the real winner in iowa? >> to tell you the truth the iowa caucus is so complicated it is not 100ers we didn't win it. >> would you contest those results? >> we're looking at it right now. trish: wouldn't be the first time the iowa election results were reversed. you got both sides looking into this. that's next. we'll see you here.
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makeup ....
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trish: we have oil closing out the day here. it has been on a tear here today. surprising in some ways. the inventory suggest we have a bout of oil out there. you would think that the price would decline. update percent. shooting up quite a bit. closing at 230 just a couple of minutes ago. traders coming in and taking advantage of these low prices. putting in a bottom. the market likes it. i want to go to jeff flock. he is at the cma for us now. look at the oil surge. jeff: huge rally into the close. it was crazy right at the end.
2:33 pm
i got 3228 for the close. up over $2.45. an amazing run. take a look at the inventory data. saying we were going to get a build of 3.8 billion barrels. the forecast going into today's news from the government. no, it was 7.8 million extra barrels. coming out at about 1030. and then bang. up to the races. the oil stock. maybe a bottom there. the oil stocks rallied today as well. they were up even when the stock market, the broader market was down. i do not know. it has the feel of the bottom. who knows. one wild ride.
2:34 pm
you are there. thank you, jeff. good to see you. >> shares of i was still in play. the winner of the democratic caucus is. senator bernie sanders. the democratic socialists. his campaign is looking into reviews. not to mention the coin toss. >> there were six precincts. it was a coin toss. we want to speak to the i would democratic officials. >> you do not really want your decisions coming from the coin toss. do you know the odds of actually getting six times in your favor with a coin toss less than 2%. that is one lucky gal. he has a sizable voter support.
2:35 pm
a double digit lead over hillary clinton. who needs iowa more? bernie sanders or hillary clinton? democratic strategist. all right. you know. it was awfully close coming down to six coin tosses. we know that the author pretty slim for winning all six. could something else that happened here? >> here we are with this situation where we're thinking there may have been a little voter fraud with the clinton campaign. >> describe to me what you mean. >> it is against voter identification laws. they claimed that it does not exist. it is funny that they have been claiming that voter fraud does not exist and now we we're
2:36 pm
questioning the validity of the iowa caucuses. in the end, it will not really matter. hillary clinton needs iowa. pretty much has all the delegates walked out. hillary clinton is going to win this nomination. however, it was very embarrassing for her this week. she has done this before. suppose to have more of a campaign structure. >> you thought i will was embarrassing. with that said, i think that to what she did eight years ago. went to that diner in new hampshire. she got very emotional. a little teary-eyed. all of a sudden, people came out to her in droves. it did not happen. could she pulls some kind of last-minute trick that may actually bring people in for her.
2:37 pm
>> i think that it is tough. new hampshire has a tradition of supporting the hometown guy. crushing bill clinton in 1992 being a neighbor. i do think that there is some evidence that she does pretty well when she gets her back against the wall. she certainly got better. i think it is a pretty good conclusion. once they get to south carolina, it gets pretty tough on them. trish: there is a number there in south carolina. recently coming out in favor of bernie sanders which surprised a lot of people. maybe she does not have this lock. they will say, hey, bernie sanders is offering something that we want. >> we are talking about hillary
2:38 pm
clinton. really, we are talking about delegates here. she has all the numbers. going to be impossible. overcoming that number with her. the biggest issue, really, is whether hillary clinton will be indicted. what are the democrats going to do then? >> there will be a plan there. >> i have to tell you, they did really thought that he was electable. very disappointed that he did not get into the race. is that what it would take, steve? what would actually bring joe biden into this. >> i spent four months on shows like yours. i think at this point, there is
2:39 pm
not any math for him to get him. basically the delegates are already past. it would take something that nobody expects to happen to change at this point. i do not ache spec that anyone thinks that hillary is likely to get indicted. >> they are very seriously looking at this. this comes down to timing. is it weeks, is that months or will they say forget about the whole thing. >> they do have to do with. this is the thing. the administration and the country will have on their hands a situation. not prosecuted by the justice department. james call me could resign. that would look very bad.
2:40 pm
there is 150 fbi agents looking at this case. i guarantee you, this is an indictment. we are not even seeing this at this point of how hillary should have been indicted. there are people that have gone to prison for far less. it is up to the justice department to decide. trish: and as if you thought this campaign season was not interesting enough. new evidence. isis may have already infiltrated our breath ug system. crime does not pay. it will now start paying ex-cons to not commit another crime. convincing these criminals not to commit crimes. it is government done wild. next. ♪
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you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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[so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. trish: i want to check these markets for you here. a lot of this has been attributed to oil. the dow is now triple digits. negative territory. not doing a whole lot. triple digit gains. after hours.
2:43 pm
continuing the upside. this is despite reports. lots of inventory. maybe setting in your. we will see in the coming days. reporting this for traditional cable tv. cable tv. we will be right back. a new plan in washington. not committing crime. ♪
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> government gone wild. that is what we are calling this. paying them not to commit crimes. apparently, not. apparently, a paycheck helps. our own gerri willis is here. your taxpayer dollars go to the people that committed the crime against you. that is the idea here. the district of columbia talking about paying folks $9 million not to commit violent crime. the money would come right from you. they are up 54%. they are using the model of the lot that apparently worked near berkeley california. richmond california.
2:46 pm
yes. i know it well. >> exactly the same thing. they were able to reduce crime. a smaller community than washington, d.c. what the city would do is pick out 200 people that are likely to commit a violent crime or those likely to be victims of them. getting them to agree to go to counseling and be paid $9000 for the privilege. >> taxpayer dollars going to pay for their counseling. >> you may have been the victim of this violent crime. >> that is kind of wild. trish: i have never seen anything like it. government gone wild. president obama. we need to welcome with open
2:47 pm
arms. making a first visit for a mosque. that is next. ♪
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2:50 pm
trish: disturbing new intel coming out. refugees coming to our country. a concern we have expressed for months over and over and over again on this show. the most senior government officials. they are are ready using to try to infiltrate the united states of america. catherine. phyllis then.
2:51 pm
>> the director for immigration and citizen services. a social media account is only going for serious refugees. >> we are doing that in case there are flags of concern. >> uses the high risk? >> we will be moving to covering the entire. >> reviewing her social media account. she was using private messaging. malik came on a fiancée visa. the arabic stance on this passport. it was including that she and her future husband probably never met in person before applying for that piece out.
2:52 pm
based on what we learn from this. that is something that is different now. we will be using those in the next targeted ways. targeting the kinds of issues i know we are worried about. >> there was real frustration. the administration's priorities. >> these policies put americans at risk. i am amazed that an administration wants to stand checks, constitutional rights. refusing to do the background checks necessary. trish: this is all about this. what we heard consistently from the government witnesses. we have to find a way to vet and admit these refugees.
2:53 pm
using this war against their religion. >> president obama is making his first visit to a mosque today. today's intel on the risk of refugees coming from isis. influencing the president. kt, always good to see you. we have that information here at it is a very real concern. isis is infiltrating the refugee program. you warned of this. how might the president agenda be influenced by this new bit of news? >> i do not think that the president will care one bit. the enemy is potential anti-muslim discrimination.
2:54 pm
one of the first go to positions. let's just fast forward where this problem is going. where are we six months from now? it had much bigger problems in europe. they do not have passports. they cannot be vetted. the other half have disappeared. they can move freely around. we will send the bad ones back. no, you are not feared we could be looking at a situation where there are tens of thousands of males were roaming around europe. anyone that gets a piece of paper that says that they are absolutely certified, they can get on the next plane and come to the united states. >> they had been taking in so many males.
2:55 pm
this will affect the german female male balance. bad for society. >> about a million refugees came in last year. what is 1 million to 89. that is not a big problem. that is apples and oranges. it is about 10 million between the ages of eight team and 30. we know the majority of the refugees are young men in that age group. cut that in half. and then you have 1 million muslim refugees with about 5 million german men. whether you want that or not, that is a total change. >> we hope that president obama is looking at what is happening in europe right now. thinking about how those nations
2:56 pm
are dealing with it. >> i really think that this will be the end of the european union. a crisis of economic security. >> what do you want to do in that case? you want to put up your borders. let those people stay in their region and help them in their region. not bring them into countries where they have a very different civilization. >> you have oil to thank for it. we will have more on this market as a headed to the trading. more after this. ♪ but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. . trish: all right, we are just six days away from the first in the nation primary. our special coverage begins at 7:55 p.m. eastern on tuesday february 9th much i will be joining neil cavuto in my home state of new hampshire. live free or die. you don't want to miss it.
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tune in. and before all the candidates head to new hampshire. a lot of them are already there, you can hear from them on fox business, on 5:00 p.m. eastern time, dr. ben carson speaks to deirdre bolton and the man who could be the spoiler, dr. john kasich. we head to liz right now. liz: this is why you have to stay with all of us. trish: you bet. liz: look at the markets. is this a case on buy on the rumor. rallying. we're seeing it with the dow jones industrials spiking up 197 points. what are we hearing? tell you in just a second. it involves the oil world, opec and non-opec nations possibly talking about one particular thing. i'll tell you in a second. oil settled up more than 8%. we're seeing signs that the so-called decoupling of oil and. it's not in the markets, seeing decoupling on the 2016


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